Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday, Mom and money

     Mom is throwing a fit about the amount of money we are paying her caregivers.  Too bad.  We contacted care agencies and they charged $22.00-29.00 an hour.  However they only pay their workers between $7.50 and 10.50 an hour and most of the workers are sub par.  She is too far gone for assisted living and would have to go into full care which is 8-10 thousand a month here.  She has the money she just doesn't want to spend it.  Well she will spend it on her sons but no one else. Last month she gave my little brother, who does not work, $1500.00 plus she paid his child support.  It is ridiculous the money she has wasted on both of my brothers and it has not helped them at all. 

    I am done with her selfish mean behavior.  We are taking her into the doctor this afternoon to see what can be done.  But her whining and complaining and just plain old meanness is very hard to bear day in and day out.  So I will leave her with others at sis's house and she will pay for it, end of subject.

     Lil sis took her yesterday at noon and she has someone caring for her over there.  I will pick her up for the doctor and take her home after that.  She will spend the day with me tomorrow as I have the babies and she enjoys them, then back to Lil sis's on Thursday for the better part of the day.  We are not even going to fight with her about her money. On Friday I will have someone come in here to help do light house work and watch her.

     I don't know where my day went yesterday, but I did not seem to get much done, something I will rectify today.  I did get and antique wedding dress ready for a fitting.  But I have piles of things all over the shop that need to be done.  So I will be working on that today.

     It was nice to make beef broccoli last night and not have mom complain.  I don't have her moaning and groaning in the next room while I blog. Just peace and quiet.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.