Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday, I need a keeper

     Last night after sewing all day I went up and started dinner.  While things were cooking I ran out on the deck to water the plants and decided to put more water in the pond.  As I had things cooking I went into check and the phone rang then I was distracted and left the water running.  Have I done this before?  Yes.  We all have.  So I flooded the basement, primarily the shop and the laundry room.  Thank goodness it was caught in time.  But my heart about stopped as I have dresses hanging all over.  I do not allow anything to touch the ground but it is still so scary.

     Lil sis and I spent about an hour sucking water and cleaning it up.  This morning I have to put everything back together as I tore up rugs and things and moved things to higher ground.  What a mess.  When will I learn, that you must sit by the pond when it fills.  No just a minute I will run in and....  Hubs sets the timer on his cell phone and I will do that from now on.  Crap and double crap!  But the floor in the shop is really clean;)

     I feel like I have control of the pile as there are only a few things left to do and they are easy things.   I will get those done today and also get another bridesmaid dress done.  I have a wedding dress ready to go out and 4 more to get done.

     I was able to get another $500.00 on the mortgage principle and we are now below $12,000.  Yippee! Next month we will get below 10, still putting me short of payoff, so I must be diligent about all extra money.

     Today I will try and quit sewing early as I am doing the flowers for a reception tomorrow and I need to run to the church for a mock up later this afternoon.  I also would like to get some house work done.  Every room needs love and I will spend most of my day at the church tomorrow and I am having my daughter and her new husband and his parents over for dinner on Sunday.

     I don't think I can accomplish this with out a list so here goes:

1. sweep all basement floors for flood debree
2. get all towels washed that were used to soak up water
3. put shop back together.
4. hem pants.
5. hem pants
6. alter black bridesmaid dress
7. call bride for pick up if possible
8. get all silver put away and hung in dining room
9. clean and sweep master bath
10. clean guest bath
11. put away laundry and clean master bedroom
12. change sheets on guest room bed ( daughter coming)
13. Deep clean the kitchen
14. dust and clean front room
15. straighten and vacuum family room
16. clean and arrange back deck for Sunday dinner.
17. get to Albertsons to get flowers
18. cut all greenery and flowers from yard needed
19. go to church for mock up.

     I don't think I have enough to do today, *snort*

What crazy things are you going to try and accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.