Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, Calming the seas....

     I actually slept with mom last night as she had not slept the night before.  So she sleeps but keeps me up all night.  I was able to call her other credit card that she had (unbeknownst to her) and found out it had been cancelled in 20013.  That would be about right as that was when we had the big fiasco with my brother embezzling about $35,000 from her.  I sign on all her checking and savings accounts so I will get info on how to keep track of these accounts online.  I will have to check them everyday.

     My sweet Sissie transferred $200.00 into my account and told me to buy mom a new wallet and keep the money and the wallet in my bag so mom has money to spend.  This was unnecessary but something Sissie would do.

     Today we are going out to the grocery stores and to a couple of fabric stores.  I am starting on costumes and props while I am here.  I have a a lot to do.  My grandson and I made a strawberry cake and we are going to frost it later.  He loves to cook and make messes like any other 4 year old.

     There are four different fabric stores to choose from here so I can get a lot better bargains and selections when I am here for costumes. I have 12 penguin costumes to make, but those are the only real duplicates.  There are several old fashioned dresses but the will all be slightly different, so that makes them less tedious.  I would like to have the penguins and the five of the dresses done and maybe a few vests before I leave here.  We will see.

Posting this as I don't know when I will be free to post a gain, things take turns here so fast I am having trouble keeping up!

Have a great and productive day, while I try to stay afloat with mom.