Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday, home again

     Here is my Easter grass planted in the pot I got at Lil sis's.  I put in some little figures that belonged  to mom.  Too bad I won't have the littles here to cut it when it gets too long.
We were able to work in the yard all day yesterday.  It
was lovely.  We made a trip to the landfill and it was so busy as people are cleaning and doing yard work to pass the time.  How ever the compost dump is closed so we have bags of trash and things all over.  We will just store them on the garage roof until it opens.

     Planted all my seedlings.  I will get pepper starts from the neighbors, so other than potatoes we are set for the garden.


     I spent time cleaning and weeding this patio.  Everything is ready for spring flowers. I bagged up 2 large bags of leaves and blackberry vines from this area.  This area  is lovely when the hostas bloom and I have it planted with flowers, the dirt fills in with moss, I love to sit here as it is shady and read a good book.

Hubs spent a good part of the afternoon with a bastard file sharpening the lawn mower blade,  I would not allow him to sharpen it the way he usually does as his hands shake too bad.  I did not need a trip to the emergency room right now.

   I was able to get the pond up and running.  All the bamboo cut down and several bags of leaves and trash removes.  I still have to clean up all the wet debree pulled out of the pond but will wait until it dries. Then I will bark that area.

     It was so nice to be outside.  The weather is supposed to be cold windy, rainy and not good for yard work this next week.  It is one thing to be socially isolated but another to have bad weather on top of it.  I am feeling very cranky about it.

     Today after we have at home church I am going over to lil sis's to deep clean her basement.  She still has boxes she has not opened since she moved here almost 4 years ago.  This should be a treasure hunt.

Hub's and I are fasting today with our church for a plea to help stop the spread of this virus.  I have been praying so hard for counties like Italy and Spain and I feel like we are going to be next.

What are you doing for this Sunday?  Do you have a project?
Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.