Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday, I did something!

     Don't faint but I actually accomplished something yesterday.  It was one of my give a mouse a cookie days.  I have a really bad head cold, or is it a chest cold?  It cannot decide what it wants to be. I just lingers and lingers and I am so sick of it.  But in spite of my nose and head I got my butt in gear yesterday.

     I actually listened to the talk I am giving a lesson on this Sunday.  So now I can formulate things in my mind.  I plan on listening to it again today. Then I will get a typed version of it off the computer to form a lesson plan.  I always do better if I let it roll around in my brain for a few days.

  I did all the laundry and deep cleaned the laundry room and back basement hall.  This means moving all furniture and taking down curtains and washing and pressing and rehanging.  I moved the washer and dryer and cleaned all cobwebs and corners.  I swept down walls and watched the spiders scamper.

    I also spring cleaned the master bathroom, and bed.  I washed bedding and curtains and had to iron and put everything back. Rugs were washed and shook.  I think the wash machine ran all day yesterday.  Lots of sweeping cobwebs and mirror cleaning.  We had leftover fried rice for dinner so I did not have to stop to fix anything.

     Then I continued into the spare room and bath upstairs and gave them a good shake down.  The hall is mopped and the rugs are vacuumed.  I even cleaned the light fixture and fans. It was easy to get over 12,000 steps with all that cleaning. So the only thing left upstairs is to really dust, and deep clean the front room which I can do after the Little's leave today. The dining room is done and I really cleaned the kitchen already this week so it is just a touch up.

     The basement needs vacuumed and dusted, and I can do that tomorrow. It will just be the family room and the stairs, so it won't take long.

     I was pretty darn proud of myself, as I sniffed and sneezed through the lot of it. I even managed to do some ironing of napkins and pillow slips, but I still have about 7 shirts to do.

     Needless to say I feel a little better about my weekend list.  Might bake something tonight to get that choir practice treat out of the way. We will see how the day goes.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.