Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tuesday, Crap what time is it?


I thought a little Oliver cuteness would brighten your day.  Here he is with his mom's papa bear.  She drug this bear around by one leg until she was 5. He belonged to a nice set of family bears that Sissie sent us when B was 2.  But she loved the papa bear and she still has him even though one leg is shorter than the other due to a dog of ours. Now he belongs to Ollie.
Can you just say cutest bay ever?  Can't wait to get Kelsa's pictures. I got in a couple of hours of snuggle last night and it was so hard, sniff.

Sewed like girl on fire yesterday, and even got a few things ripped for the camo wedding.  This morning was a fiasco as Hubs was gone fishing and the missionaries called desperate for something to do as their plans got cancelled. With covid they are really limited to what and where. Hubs is not home but luckily he had them up last week when I was out and showed them where he wanted rock moved and he had even staked it out.  So 6 of them came over and moved rock (a job I am thankful I do not have to do) They also pulled all of my geraniums and spikes and vincas and put them into cold storage in the garage.  One less thing for me to do Hurrah!

But they have to be watched and coached so my morning was taken up.  Then I had them make sub sandwiches on the deck.  They were fed and watered, all the while the shop was busy with clients.  It is going on 2 and I have not hit a machine yet, but I plan to.

I have no idea what time Hubs will be home but I think I will send him for blocks this evening as the missionaries are due back for the next two days  to do service work and will need something to do. But at least Hubs will be home to give orders. If we can get this garden wall built with free labor I will feed the bodies!

I need to get to work in the shop.  I want to hem the camo dress, and take in the flower girl dress today and also alter the two orange bridesmaid dresses. Also have three bridesmaid dresses for other weddings to get done today, oh my aching head.

Just got our electric bill for last month  just $83.00 so we are really going to save living here.  I was so excited. In the mean time, I have laundry to do and a house to keep up and a husband to feed.  No wonder I feel like I am getting a headache.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.