Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday, Oops!

Here is a picture of Sissie and I.  I am not sure who killed who.  She worked herself to death all of Monday and then between jet lag and working like a slave all of Tuesday, I think I might have broke her.

I on the other hand  I had such a great day Monday, I thought I was really on top of the world. Tuesday was just a lesson in frustration.  I had a specialist appointment that led to x-rays of my sinuses and discussions of maybe not taking the drug I am currently on as its side affects are too severe.  The problem is I really like this medication, it is the best one I have ever taken.  I am not traveling several hundred miles to sit in an infusion center have poison dripped into my veins.  I am not injecting myself into the stomach with a needle on a weekly basis.  I am not vomiting or spending days on the toilet.  I do get many headaches from sinuses and exhaustion, but of all the meds I have been on this has the best outcome with the least invasive side affects.  But here I am fighting a horrible headache all day long.  We will see what the specialist says tomorrow about my new treatment plan.

The shop was busy today and I could hardly get anything done.  I was constantly interrupted and I felt like crap, plus I was at the doctor and hospital all morning.  I just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep to get away from the pain.  I just keep telling myself this too shall pass.

Mother was very weak today, but she ate well at dinner.  We are going to pick up meds for her tomorrow  and buy two small wheel chairs.  I am going to look on Craigslist and advertise for a elevette for our stairway.  As the stairs are a straight shot and a standard run, I should be able to find one used.

Sissie was able to get all my backed up ironing done.  But look what I did to her....:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.