Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, sniffy

     I am developing a sniffy runny nose cold.  Great!  I love these.

Got together with teachers from studio to story board Alice in Wonderland.  Mom has book club today and I need to balance checking accounts.  We have a funeral tomorrow and I need to make a dessert for this.  Have no idea what I will make.

Lil sis and I will get together tonight to do mom's meds.  We are going to take over and make sure she takes her meds as she leaves pills all over and we don't know what they are.  She keeps saying she can take care of herself, but she really can't and this might be part of her behavior problem; the fact that she hasn't taken the right meds.  She as so many stomach problems and takes many supplements.  These might not be necessary and might also be contributing to her stomach upset.  She does not want to take an anti depressant so we think she is purposely skipping these.  Anything she can do to keep herself miserable and punish us is okay in her books.

The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow and get above freezing.  We have now had snow on the ground for over 6 weeks, I don't remember this ever happening in Lewiston.  It has been a killer for my business. A couple of  days of warm weather and melting need to happen and soon.

I am taking Benedryl and it is making me groggy.  But I need to keep my sinuses open to prevent infection. Why does every bug and ism have to attack me?    I am also treating myself for a fungal infection I recently developed.  I am susceptible to these from the auto immune drugs I take. Life is so fun.  I thought I had been bitten my something on my right Butt cheek, no welt or indication of a bite was evident.  On Saturday night when I was getting ready for bed I felt a raised indentation on my bottom.  So as I cannot see my butt I asked Hub's to look at it.  Actually I said, " Will you look at my butt and don't get any ideas."  After all this is what husbands are for as long as they don't get ideas.  Well it was pretty obvious to him that I had an infection.  TMI right?

So what to make?  I have a ton of cake mixes so I think I will do a bundt cake as it is easy.

Have a great and productive day!