Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday, sorry I over slept

This is a picture of the bottom of my notion holder some thread spools and a shelf in my shop.  You get to see this when you lay down by the ironing board after you have sewn all night.  Yes I saw 7:35 this morning when the bride was leaving with a smile on her face.  I stumbled to bed and got up at 10:20 to help a customer and then back to bed until 3:30.  Hubs had to handle the rest.  Now I have a load of phone calls to return and I need to start my day!

Here is a picture of the happy bride taken after sewing all night and all day and all the day before...
She wanted and all lace dress with a scoop neck and a very full skirt.  I think this bugger weighed in at 40 pounds when it was done. Look at the pile of things behind her that need to be done.  Ugh!

This dress is also covered in beads and pearls.

 Here she is with her dress bustled.  The steamer cord adds to the ambiance.

With the full cathedral train.  Also 100 hundred buttons up the back.  Yes 100 I was sewing them on at 6:30 this morning as her mother finished hand sewing the lace around the bottom.  But she was thrilled and they are off.  This dress was not due out until October 5th but with her school and different family things going on they moved the date up.  What an adventure.

     I normally do not make Wedding dresses for anyone but my kids and nieces they are  just too much work.  But this child is one of my dancers that I feel like I raised.  She went on to dance professionally with River dance and now she is getting married.  Her mom and I have been through many an all night project getting shows up and running.  All I can say is it turned out beautifully and never again!

     I threw together a big pot of split pea soup that we are still eating on.  Hub's in in hell week with his show.  One of the cellists is coming over to borrow one of our cello's as hers has developed a crack and is buzzing every one out of tune.  I am so glad I insist on keeping all the instruments ready to play.  As in good strings and bows re haired.  Now we are not scrambling to get strings in this small town or frantically driving 120 miles to get a set in Spokane.

Well I have plenty to do and it is late so I am off.

Have a great and productive day staying  positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, turning cold

     Beside having a cold, it has turned cold here.  So weird as we have had no rain all summer and it has been so very hot.  I have loved it.  I love the heat.  Now I have to go into pants and clogs and socks. ( Oh and maybe a shirt and sweater, this was added after I proof read)We will still get about 6 more weeks of Indian summer.  Right now we have had heavy rain for two days. The farmers are loving it and so are we.  I don't have to water my boxes always a nice break.

     Still a little achy and off my feed so to speak.  I worked all day on my custom wedding dress.  Which means I sat on my butt and did not move anything except a hand needle. I hope to have the dress finished by this evening.  Still applying lace to the bodice, but I think the end is in sight.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  It will also be nice to get the large mess out of the shop.

     We are going to have split pea soup for dinner.  I have everything here to make it and it will be good with the cool, weather.  You navy bean sound good also maybe I will make a pot of that this weekend.  Doesn't fall just say soup?

Here are some of my favorite soups.

navy bean
split pea
chicken with homemade noodles
cream of broccoli
stew ( mans first meal)
clam chowder
corn chowder
German noodle

I have a tendency to like thicker heavier soups and am not to big on broth soups although I will eat almost any kind of soup.  Add a salad and some good bread and wow you ave a meal or the way I cook several meals.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday, pounding head, money saving madness

     When you run a business out of your home you really don't get a day off.  My head is pounding.  But I did get a full 8 hours of sleep last night so nice and unusual for me.  I have a had two customers here one while I was in the tub. Thank goodness Hub's was able to take car of it.   

     I was asked to teach tonight but I am not up to it.  I feel bad turning it down, but I just can't with the vertigo added by this cold I would probably just make a fool of myself.  Which I do regularly but not on purpose.

     I am sending hub's out on errands this morning.  I need stamps and soda a large soda from McD's will make me feel loved I think.  We will have pasta for dinner, with left over sauce.  Now I can just go into neutral and do what I can. Hub's can also bring up the laundry and take down the dirty and take down the baby's crib and put it and the high chair away.  Maybe straighten the kitchen. Hmmm.... change the sheets in the guest room, I could keep going with this.  I even had him cutting out lace motifs last night as my eyes hurt.

Onto Money saving madness:

1. Fed all table scraps to chickens
2. Cooked form my cupboards almost exclusivly
3. Picked plenty of produce from garden and either used or froze for later.
4.  Made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce using my own garlic, tomatoes,onions, peppers, two kinds of squash, and the grass fed ground beef I bought for 1.99 a lb.  Fed us twice last week and also another family and tonight so that is great.
5. Made many items from scratch to eat and enjoy.
6. Helped sister save money by re purposing curtains.
8. Bought more burger on a 1.99 close out.  Sorry Anne I just could not pass it up. Hub's batched and froze it for me.
9.reused plastic containers all week, not one tupperware.  This really works.
10.Made the move to lower an interest rate on an major debt.
11. purchased a couple of Christmas gifts at a second hand store where they re purpose and paint items.
12. Actually only spent $33.15 at grocery store due to challenge with Anne in the kitchen.
13. Culled out several old blouses with stains and paint to help with clutter also rid Hub's of several really worn out short sleeve shirts.  Clutter costs money and time.
14. Picked up 4 new short sleeve shirts for Hub's at close out prices of $5.99 for next year.
15. Happened onto two beautiful larger white ceramic  flower pots at K-mart.  $1.49  I usually buy pots second hand and spray them white.  These were originally $9.99.  My plants need to be upgraded to bigger pots.

So I have been busy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday, home with a cold

     I could feel this coming on for the last few days, in unusual body aches, and chilly.  I blames the aches on arthritis and the chills on the weather turning.  I blamed the heavy chest, and irritated eyes on the smoke in the air.  Well I guess I was wrong.  So here I sit with Hub's at church and I am shivering.  Will go hop in the tub in a minute.

     I have almost enough put aside to pay the car repair and I am down on my other totals.. I was hoping to be in the 40's on the house next month but that would mean add quite a bit to the mortgage payment.  I will have to boost back up the savings before I can do anything like that so I will have to be patient.

     Friday night I took a break from wedding sewing to help Lil sis with curtains and things.  We took her old very expensive drapes and made them into a bed ruffle with a scalloped edge and also scalloped valances for the windows.  I shortened her shears.  I have one large curtain left for dresser scarves and a couple of throw pillows.

     Yesterday I spent most of the day at her house scraping and cleaning old dried off paint off the hard wood floor.  She pulled all the carpets up on the second level.  They were stained and awful.  Under neath were wood floors a with lots of paint on them.  We got two room done yesterday.  There are two more bedrooms and a long hall to finish. 

     D#2 and Will came to supper at about 6:30.  I worked at sis's until 5:00.  Ran home and pulled two pie crusts out of the freezer, popped them in the microwave on defrost.  Rolled them out and threw together 2 pumpkin pies.  Then I made a double batch of popovers.  While they were cooking, I took left over corn on the cob out of the fridge and reheated it added potatoes that I mashed and thin cut pork steaks with gravy.  Homemade sour cherry jam on the popovers.  Yum!

    It was a great meal with everything on hand.  No $25.00 pies from the farmers market here.  When D#3 called last night she asked that D#2 drop off some pumpkin pie to her so I sent up 1/2 a pie.

      I am feeling a little frustrated on the close to $2500.00 I have had to put out in the last month on fix-its.  I just think of how nice it would have been to pay off a bill.  I hope I am done with repairs for a while.  I am not going backward and I should be grateful that I don't have to borrow money like I would have in the past.  Just complaining and whining for sympathy.

     I am in the 8's on the kitchen home loan!  Just keep plugging along.  By this time next year I hope to be rid of both of them and I can be if things quit breaking.

Have a  peaceful Sabbath


Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, grandson is here,

     We had a an unexpected visit from our grandson and his mom.  He wears you out just chasing him.  He is a little red haired dynamo and so fun.  He has been entertaining Grandma and great grandma all morning.  I can't get anything done.  How do parents get anything done?  How did I get the things done I did when I had little ones?  Do we just forget how much we ran?  How much we said no. no.

     I actually was able to clean house yesterday, not deep clean but clean enough to keep things going.  Mom stayed in bed all day yesterday and got up about 4 p.m.  She is bruised but feels okay and ate a good dinner.  I took her out for a strawberry shake about 8:30 last night.  Just to get her out of the house.  I also did about 30 pieces of ironing.  I only have about 5 pieces left and my ironing basket will be empty until I wash clothes again.  Yippee!  Now that is an accomplishment.

     I also made a huge stock pot full of vegetable ground beef spaghetti sauce and froze 12 containers.  It is so good.  The fridge was full of small zucchini, yellow squash, onions, garlic, peppers, and i bough a big container of mushrooms on sale last week.  I also had enough fresh tomatoes to make sauce but not enough to can a batch of tomatoes, so it was a win,win.

     Today I have to finish up a wedding dress, and work on my pile o' alterations.  I promised myself I could do something fun like help my sister with her house if I got my quota done today.

     I also found out how much my car is going to be.  Just under $1000.00.  Is it a wonder I cannot save any money?  I thought it would be about $500.00.  Crap discouraging but doable.  I wonder what is going to break down next?  Probably me!

     I just have to remember, I have food to eat, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, a family that loves me and good friends.  So I will make it.  I won't make it today or tomorrow but with a positive attitude I will make it someday!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday, excitment not needed, thankyou.

     Yesterday was sew, sew, sew.  I was able to get the bridesmaid dress done (I still have to press it).  I was able to get another wedding dress ready for a second fitting which will happen this afternoon.Then hemmed another wedding dress.  So I felt pretty good about things.

     Mom had to have a shot in her eye yesterday and this always wipes her out.  We did not get home from the doctors until after 3:00.  My whole day was almost gone.  I made mom some food and got to work.  Luckily I had dinner planned and Hub's had a long rehearsal so he was not in my face.

     I was at my machine when I got a call from hubs at 7:05.  I tried to answer it but he did not answer.  So I thought oh he just butt dialed me when he was turning off his phone.  I then had a bride in for a drop off and the last pageant fitting, (of course they brought me another dress, an easy one but grrrr!).  Finally at 7:55 I realize I have a text from hubs.   It came in right after his first phone call.  They needed a piano light at rehearsal, but all it said in the text was school.  So what school?  We have four different schools they could be at.  Sometimes they rehearse at one school but have the show at another.  I tried our local high school first and sure enough I lucked out.  However hub's has keys to the whole building why he could not go into the band room and get a light is beyond me.  I guess their light was broken.

       So as the play was in full rehearsal I crawled under and around and plugged our spare piano light into the stage outlet and then crawled and slipped the light up on the piano.  I looked like a prairie dog, popping my head up among the instruments.  The pianist was laughing as I was crawling out.  I thought I had cleared the drum section when I stood up but alas my head hit the double cymbal and I was able to make a quiet exit.  NOT~!

     I went home and continued to work on the bodice of the custom dress.  Mom came out of her room about 10:30 and asked when we were having supper.  I laughed as supper was 5 hours ago.  She sleeps hard after her eye shot.  I made her some dinner and she ate in her chair as I continued sewing.  The Carole Burnett show was on her TV and she wanted to go watch it.  As she got up to go to her room she lost her balance.  I could see her trying to  regain her balance but she was going backwards.  I could not get to her in time.  I was also ( this would be my luck) holding a white wedding dress and a needle.  She went down backwards on her bottom and struck her head on the corner of our TV cabinet.

     It was so scary.  She was holding her head and I asked her if I should call an ambulance.  She said no she just had a bad bump.  She was crying a little and then asked for some ice.  I ran upstairs and got an ice pack and a cloth when I came down she was on her stomach with her head in her hands.  Now her hands are full of blood and I realize she has a large cut in she skull just under her hairline.  I ran up to get Hubs who was getting ready for bed.  Then back down and put pressure on her wound.  Hubs and I got her to her feet she was able to walk with help. As we headed out of the basement she tried to go through the shop.  Her hands are out in front of her and blood in running in her good eye.  All I could see was the 4 wedding dresses hanging where she could touch them.

     Both hubs and I together said "Oh no you don't."  We headed her down the hall and out to the car.  I told hubs to go back to bed as he has another long rehearsal tomorrow, but mom wanted him with.  When we got to the hospital I was so shook up I could not get my hands off the steering wheel.  It was like they were stuck.  They were stuck with sticky drying blood.  SO gross.

     Mom actually was very lucid and and the cut was glued shut.  It would have required 8 stitches and I thought it was pretty slick.  We were home within an hour.  But neither of us could sleep until about three.  She is very sore today.  I slept with her last night as I did not want her to get up to the bathroom by herself.

     Today I am wiped out.  Too much excitement.  I have two more bridal fittings later today.  I also have to get things on the pile done.  I would really like to do some house work if possible.

     My life is never boring.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday, Interst charges, my killer


          I was so excited to get below 14,000 on my studio card this month.  I could not wait to open it.  Well because of the Fed interest rates going up over the past year, my interest rate went up 3%.  So over 1/2 my huge payment is now going to interest.  I realize that this is my debt, but I feel so abused and used.  I called my credit union where the card is issued and they will allow me to lower the interest on a promotion for one year.  I will get an interest rate of 4.99.

     So that is one of the things I will be doing today.  Mom also has an eye doctor appointment.  I need to do some banking and pay the house payment and another bill.

     I am paying much more attention to these charges.  After reading a dime at a time I was inspired to go after this problem.  When you are heavily in a debt and have bad credit you cannot ask for anything from a bank.  Although I feel heavily in debt I am not according to the bank and I have good credit.  Debt and the guilt that goes with it paralyzes you.  Then when you see the waste of interest charges it can become very discouraging.  So every day I try to tell myself I am one day closer to getting out of debt.  I am so much better off today than I was two years ago. 

     As soon as I get this done I will feel like I can breath a little deeper.   Also having to have the bill paid off a year from now is great incentive to push harder.  Be more grateful for my busy shop.  Find more ways to save a penny or two.  Attack, attack, attack, that debt!  My new cheerleader cry.

     I was able to get the last large piece of pageant things done yesterday and I will be working on a bridesmaid dress and two wedding dresses today.  Hoping to finish them.  Then I must attack the pile!  Yes the pile is ever growing.  Was able to work a couple of hours on the custom bodice and I can finally see progress.  I was really hoping to have that completed as much as possible by Friday evening, but that does not look like it is going to happen.  We will see.

     I always think I can do more than I really can.  Do any of you overestimate your time and resources?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday, Curve balls

     Life is full of curve balls.  I have had many hit me recently.  I try dodging them but I was never good at getting out of the way.  I am fast but I have a tendency not to see them coming:)

     So in order to cover the bruises of being hit by these bits of life, I find small ways to give myself joy or happiness.  Doing for others makes me happy.  Creating makes me happy.  Accomplishing things makes me happy.  Even ironing 5 pieces of the grumbling pile in the corner can make me feel better.  Being productive makes me happy.

     Sitting around contemplating bad luck, or old bad decisions(debt) does not help you.  Moving forward and doing something does.  Finding small ways to save money is an accomplishment.  Working at something to make your life better or more beautiful will bring a sense of purpose in the chaos.  Right now my twin is helping a neighbor every day work on an awful back yard. Sis will get to look at the beauty she helped create and also help a neighbor.  Work is a blessing.  Having a purpose is a blessing.  Helping others blesses your life and smacks back the curve ball that just hit you.  So if you are having a bad day ( like yesterday) or a bad month, try to do something for someone else.  Or do something for yourself.  Bake something, read something, plan something, dream something, produce something.

     The shop was so busy yesterday and I struggled mightily to stay the course. Pretty proud of myself and also very tired today.  I just want to sleep and sleep.  Head achy, and having trouble breathing deep, hope I am not coming down with something:)

     Well I am doing well at eating out of the pantry and such.  Hub's however had to go to the store last night.  We spent  $32.00 approx.  Breakfast cereal, and fresh fruit, a few things for mother.  We were out of everything we bought so I felt okay about this. Also bought copper and silver polish.  I use copper polish almost every day. ( I use it on my face:)

     I have to complete two  pageant items in the shop before I can start on the pile.  Yes there is a pile.  So today is a little laundry if I can get it in and finishing the pageant things.  Then I have another wedding dress that needs to go out before the end of the week,the pile and continue working on my custom dress.  I need to finish the bodice and I want to have the skirt done by the end of the week.  I keep reminding myself that it is only Tuesday.  I can do this if I am left alone. Yeah like that will happen.

     I have a pile of curtains that I will fix for Lil sis when I can get to it.  I love doing things to help her with her house, because I love to create.  It gives my joy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday, money saving madness!

     It was a lovely weekend.  I was busy but able to puts at things I wanted to do.  Got in a couple of naps, a little cleaning, worked several hours on a Wedding dress bodice.  I am not even half done with the embroidery, but can see progress.  Went to several second hand stores.  There is a new one that opened up and it is lovely.

     I have several things I need to accomplish today.  I want to finish up my pumpkin project.  I need to vacuum the living room.  I need to clean up again after making pumpkins as I have un done my clean up work from last week.  I am just like a kid in that respect.  I also need to water the plants inside and out and clean up my kitchen.  I am hoping to do those things before I hit my shop this morning.

     I agreed to go in a sub an 1.5 hour ballet class at 5:00 so I will have to get my sewing for the day day done this afternoon.  I have a major fitting of three pageant dresses at 4:00 so I must get busy each of them needs some work and one needs major work so I will be plenty busy.  I will continue to work on the wedding dress at night while I watch some TV.  As it is all hand work, it just seems to go faster when I watch something.

Money Saving Madness:

1. Ate out of garden and out of freezer all week. Trying to keep up with Anne in no grocery spending.

2.  Did not buy any groceries, but margarine that mom needed for her banana bread.

3.Bought all things for my pumpkin craft project at 1/2 off sale at second hand store, I was even able
to pick up my batting there for .89 cents!

4.Went to see daughter and spent no money eating out.  I cooked for her and family.

5. Had a client bring over 4 sets of beautiful king size sheets and pillow covers.  One set was brand new.  I will not be buying sheets for a while and I re gifted two sets to our auto mechanic.

6. Lil sis wanted a quilt rack at the foot of her bed for her heavy bedspread and I found one for her for 2.98 at a thrift store.  Added a little new paint and it is perfect.

7. Made Lil sis's birthday gift and bought her a nice gifty on sale in a close out.

8.  Made birthday cake with everything on hand after attempting to buy one.  But then thought of the waste and my challenge with Anne.

9.Made several loaves of banana bread with mom to use up old bananas.  This is great to take out of freezer for a sweet when needed.

10. reused sour cream and cottage cheese containers for leftovers.

11. Went to get sewing supplies armed with coupons.

12. lined dried all linens

13. Lengthened a couple pairs of shorts for me that I had bought on a great sale.  I alter many of my clothes in order to save money.  I like good quality and I will buy them bigger to get a good sale price.
So what did you do this week to save money?

  Hub's said we were out of breakfast cereal, ( see what happens if you don't go to the store?) so I will be getting some of that today along with my list of chores and work.

Going back and proof reading ( I usually don't do this if you haven't noticed) I am already tired.  I will have to be the little engine that could today!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, irritated and blessed ?

     I had such high hopes for yesterday.  I had planned a some what free day.  A day to clean and do a few things I wanted to get done outside of sewing and sewing and sewing.  Well that was not to be.  The shop was just none stop busy. Client after client and many had to try on.  Brides picked up and had to be laced in and about, suits had to be measured.  Pageant contestant had 3 major items to second fit.  Among other drop offs and pick ups, it was just run, run, run.

     By 5:30 in the evening I was so tired and I was irritated.  What happened to my day?  I know I am blessed with work and I am grateful as we need to money.  I need to get money back in savings and I have no idea how much my car is going to cost to fix.  I just wanted a day.  Does any body else out there get these feelings?  Is it just me?  Am alone?  Do I need to write a sad song?  I can you know.....

     I went to bed and tallied my day and I guess it wasn't so bad just to much up and down the stairs.  Let's see, I did get

1. Mom's laundry all done a second time after a bad accident (don't ask) I was pulling dry sheets and towels off the fence about ( at night)
2. I did get the upstairs spare bath cleaned and scrubbed
3.  I did get the sheets changed and the guest room ready for company.
4. I got the hallway swept and mopped.
5. I did 18 pieces of ironing
6. finally at 11;00 last night I was able to vacuum mom's room and clean the family room. 
7. pulled all furniture into middle of living room in preparation to do hardwood floors.

Now today I have to finish the stairs and the front room.

At least the shop is not open today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, with Monday's post...

     First of all I want you to see my cute little pumpkins I made out of old sweaters, I picked up at the good will on 1/2 price day of course.  I wanted to make some for my house and then I realized every time I make a cute something my Lil sis comes over and well you know that story.  So I made a whole patch of pumpkins so I could give her some for her birthday.  These were super easy. ( or I wouldn't be doing them)  Also very inexpensive and fun.

I made these for Lil sis and mom bought her the cat/pumpkin figurine.

 These are additional pumpkins I have displayed as you com into my shop.

 These will go upstairs in the dining room.  I want to make a few more for gifties.  Should I do a give away?  Let me know!

     You know Monday when we came home and the basement started to flood?  Well I actually made all of these that night in less than an hour.  It was a little de-stress project.  I just needed to create and unwind after my hectic afternoon.  Creating helps me feel better.  Now I know I can create chaos by just being in a room, but this was happy chaos.

     Mom continues on her path of destruction.  When she was doing her chores yesterday she dropped the crystal cake serving top and broke it.  Then she came down stairs spilled an entire soda on her heavy chenille bedspread, AGAIN.  That spread spends more time out drying on the fence than it does in her room.  Mom put the spread into the washer and I went in to throw something else in the washer as it was filling and found her TV remote in the wash.  Lil sis had come over to pick up a set of keys on her lunch hour.  I was telling her about mom and mom stands there like a wounded basset hound and puts her arms out to Lil sis and says," I want a hug'.  Lil sis banished her to the garage with the other animals.  She said that was her third strike today.  Mom laughs and laughs and tells everyone she was banished.

     I did not get any cleaning done yesterday, but did get almost all my sewing that was piled up done.  I have a few things that I have to do today, but will spend the majority of my time on my poor house.

So here is my Monday money saving madness 5 days late:

1. Used Joanns coupons for all my sewing supplies
2. Used up 3 spools of thread that had been given to me in stead of buying
3. Made a huge pot of homemade chicken and noodles, enough to take in a meal to a sick family and feed us and my sewing helpers for two days.
4.Attended a food storage shower, with out buying a thing.  I just filled a large shopping bag with free peas, lentil, garbanzos, and then hit my Sluggy cupboard (yes I have a sluggy cupboard and you should to).  Added two male deodorants, two female deodorants, male and female shave cream, razors, and two different kinds of shampoos and rinses, topped it off with soap.  Bride was thrilled.
5. Did not eat out at all last week.
6.  Went to good will on 1/2 price day to pick up sweaters for my craft project.
7. Canned 26 quarts of peaches and two more quarts of tomatoes.
8. Used coupons and bought only loss leaders at the grocery store.
9. found two lovey rib eyes with 50% off coupons, yum!
10.Culled out several old cotton blouses and a couple pairs of shorts out of my wardrobe,  Yes clutter does not save you money.

Well I had better get busy I want to get my house clean for the first time in 6 weeks.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday/Wednesday, still backward...

     Things calmed down a little yesterday, except for the smoke in the air which is much worse.  Mom and I knocked out 9 loaves of banana bread.  I had so many frozen bananas in the upstairs freezer that had to go.  So mom started and I supervised.  ( this means I did most of the work)  But she was happy and that counts for something.

     I sewed hard most of the day with two bridal appointments.  Finished a wedding dress and also have to finish one today.  I have a pile of levis to hem and a few other piles on the must do list.  Every night I work on the endroi  embroidery on the custom dress.  I am trying to get at least one room clean a day also.  Mom's bath was really scrubbed and cleaned Tuesday night late.  Yesterday I finished the floors in the shop and hall and laundry room.  They are all really clean now thanks to the flood.  Hey you have to see the silver lining in some things.

     Mom actually in her day had a great sense of humor.   Wednesday morning when I got up and was blogging I opened her bedroom door and hollered, "Get up and get a job".  Then I slammed her door.  I could hear her laughing.  Then she was in her bathroom and I was sewing.  I hear her ask me to get her something personal.  So I go in and start throwing (personal items over my shoulder as fast as possible)  Several hit her but they were like cotton ball soft and they were all over the floor.   I then said, "Are you happy now?"  She starts to laugh.  This morning, I made her breakfast and then I left her upstairs with some chicken to take off the bone and told her she could not come downstairs until her chores were done.  Dish washer emptied, dishes loaded, chicken salad made, were in her list of chores.  She has come to the top of the stairs to ask if she can come down and I ask her if her chores are done.  Since they aren't she has to stay upstairs.  I'm loving this.  Now she will go tell Lil sis that I abused her.  But she will love to tell the story and get a good laugh at herself.  This is the mom I remember.

     Today I will try and get my family room cleaned.  There are wedding beads and fluff all over, and it needs a good scrub and vacuum. Also some laundry done and maybe a little ironing.  But first I need to clean myself up as in dry hair, set hair and makeup.  Then hit the shop and after I get my quota done for the day I will clean what I can.

     Stay tuned tomorrow is Saving madness five days late and pictures of my latest crafty I made for my Lil sis on her birthday.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday/Tuesday/Monday? backward week anyone?

     Hmmm... Let me see.  Where do I begin?

     I sewed like a mad woman All day Friday working on a custom made wedding dress.  Hub's and mom and I were going up to Spokane this weekend to spend time with D#2 and family.  We planned to ride the Hiawatha trail on Saturday and just mess around for the three day weekend.  I also had a wedding shower in Moscow that evening.  So I sewed until about 5 and then ran and did banking.  I showered packed and few things, packed for mother and we were off. I left my shop a big disaster with dress parts and beads and interfacing, boning, lace and satin all over.

     We were late getting to the shower, but it was nice and then we popped back in to car for the 1.5 hour ride daughters.  Arrived late, and when we got up the next morning, the baby was sick.  He had an ear infection, so getting to the trail was not going to happen.  After getting meds and taking care of Sweet Will we decided to go on a different ride.  There is so much smoke in the air and we headed to Bowl and Picture.  Well we started on the wrong end of the trail, all hills and I think I almost died.  I am sure I left part of my soul on one of those hills.  Too much smoke in my already scarred lungs and did I mention it was 96 degrees?  Hub's was a butt as he has to be constantly entertained and plans did not go his way. Like I  can control baby illness, the weather, and the fire season.  It is all my fault.  Yes I will take the burden.  Mom by the way, other than slow, was lovely.

     We came home earlier than expected as Hub's was in charge of  a church picnic at 3.  When I hit the shop door I was blown away by the mess I had left.  My shop was a snow ball from hell.  So the first thing I did and I don't know why was to drop the luggage and start picking up pieces of the floor and putting things away.  All the dress things went onto a big table.  I also started a load of laundry while I was cleaning.  I swear there are 8 wedding dresses in the shop right now with the custom strung from hell to breakfast. Hub's was unloading the car and I needed to go to the store to buy some fresh mozzarella.  When I went to x-fer laundry over I found the wash machine backing up.  Crap!

     Hollered for hub's and he came as water was pouring out from under the machine.  I went back into shop and water was pouring out under wall and flooding shop.  Now real panic set in, and I realized the water was from outside.  All wedding dresses that were hanging inches from the floor were pulled up and I took off for the back yard.  Neither Hub's nor I had been back there and the pond had a running hose in it.  I suspected Hub's had forgotten and then realized the plants had just been watered.  Could Lil sis have been there before we came home?  At that point it didn't matter whose fault it was we had a flooded basement on our hands and it needed help.

     So out came the drain hoses and and Hub's and I sucked enough water out of the pond to stop the over flow, but we still had to deal with the continued overly watered soil that was pumping water into the basement.  We got out the large wet vac pulled up the sopping 5x7 rugs and move every thing to higher ground.  What a mess.  We pulled at least 8 large loads of water out.  Then he left and I ran to the store so I could throw together a plate of beach bread and we went to picnic.   On the way to the picnic the clutch went out in my car.   It was so hot and smokey.  Then home to continue to suck water up that was still seeping. I drove home with emergency brake and prayer.  BANG HEAD HERE! This is where I start to compartmentalize my bad luck.  It is a survival tactic.

     I still needed to get a craft project made for my Lil sis's birthday.  I worked on that into the evening and then I beaded some on wedding bodice. I could not sleep with the smoke and my nerves were a frazzle.

     I was just so grateful that we had come home early and that for some reason and I don't know why I was inspired to start cleaning up the shop floor.  Nothing was damaged and all though it was a lot of work and stress it could have been so much worse.  I said many prayers of thanksgiving.

Tuesday:  Booking on three hours of sleep I was up to start putting the basement back together.  Rugs were dry, furniture moved, floors scrubbed and laundry caught up and you should now see the ironing pile.  It is growling and grumbling  in the corner of the shop. I basically ran all day.

     I had left the house a wreck and my kitchen needed love, there was unpacking to do and there are still clean  clothes all over one of the beds. Hub's and I ran out and paid, the phone, power, paper, water, and other bills.  Then I decided to just buy a small German chocolate cake.  After  three stores I thought,this is stupid, go home and make one.  You can clean the kitchen in the time it takes you to bake it.  So that is what I did.  Kitchen, back deck,and dining room got a good scrubbing. I set up the dining room with cake and wrapped all of Lil sis's presents.  It looked nice and festive.

     I was so tired actually exhausted, too little sleep, too much work, excitement ( the wrong kind), and now worry about the car bill.  We went out to dinner, and I made mom pay as she can afford it.  Food was very good and then home for cake and ice cream and gifties.

     Lil sis loved her gifts.  New towels, pillows, novelties.  I also made her a Fall craft for her house.  She was thrilled.  Sis and I drove over to her house to pick up moms car as mine is going to the shop.  Sis and I had a long talk, and I think we agreed to dis agree but in a peaceful way.

     I have  so much more to write about but this novel has gone on long enough.  Stay tuned more fun and excitement tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day, staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Thursday/Friday, melting down

  Thursday:     I was at the computer last night and I was so hot or having a got flash the next thing I knew I was in me underwears.  Me clothes were all over the room.  Just too hot and it was 11:00 at night. Now I love the heat but I had just had it with sweat and dripping.

     My next melt down was the shop which is too busy.  I know, I know, work is a blessing.  But everything is such a mess and I don't have time to stop and clean and reorganize.  I am exhausted.

     My last meltdown is mother.  When we realized her keys were missing and her car was about to be towed, we took care of that problem.  But then she obsessed all day about how Lil sis had taken them.  Every story was different and got more nasty as the days went on.  Lil sis and I tore all the cars and rooms apart  in two houses and no keys.  Then lil sis got on her about her stories and basically lies she tells each of us about the other.  Lil sis and I are starting to share all information know matter how cruel.   Mom can and is often cruel especially when she doesn't get her way.  We had an argument and mom and Lil sis were yelling, I try not to yell or get into the mess as I think is does no good.  But this time I really lit into mom.  I felt bad but I try so hard and she is just plain mean.

     Maybe at this stage of the game she cannot or does not know what truthful is, I know she is falling into memory loss and she is afraid to admit it.  She is so afraid we will take over money.  Believe me she doesn't have much left it has almost all one to the boys.This all has to do with her precious money.  I am tired of taking such loving care of her and being insulting and abused.  She is cheap and selfish.  I don't know how much more I can take.

     After Lil sis and I had our row with her, I took her to get groceries with me.  I did not fight or insult her.  We just rode in silence.   On our way out of the grocer we were both pushing carts.  I was ahead of her and did not watch to see if she was following me.  She had a cart to lean on and I was not worried.  When I turned around she had froze at the grocer door.  I hollered at her and she did not respond.  Well she is deaf as a post and refuses hearing aids as they would cost money and  oh let's see ,make my life easier.  So I went to get her and I realized she could not see.  It was dark and she is now totally blind in the dark.  Then I felt bad.

     Upon getting into the car she said she had to go to the bathroom and was wet.  I asked her if I could put papers and plastic under her ( yes I had these things in the car).  She said it wasn't that bad.  When we got home she was soaked, the car seat covers was soaked through and the seat was soaked.  I was so mad.  I pulled off the seat cover to wash but the seat was also soaked and smelly.  So I sprayed it with urine out spray and scrubbed it.  Now the seat has a demarcation line.  I have always kept these seats covered so when we sell the car it will be in good condition.  I am going to take the car to have it professionally cleaned.  I will make her pay for it.  I have been trying to get her to wear depends as she has had 4 accidents this week.  But she refuses.  Why make things easier for me?

 Friday:     I am busy making a custom made wedding dress for one of my favorite dance students.  It will be beautiful.

     I had to help mom make an almond cake and home made noodles for home made chicken soup today on top of everything else I have to do.  She wanted to take it to a friend who has been really sick.  She was so sweet today but then she did need me to so something for her.  I think I ran 5 miles up and down the stairs today trying to cook and sew at the same time.

I love my life.....  I love my mother.  I can still say that:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday, Life is just peachy

     Well I got the little demons to leave me alone yesterday and I forced myself to finish and start many things in the shop.  I have to spend the majority of my day in there today.  It is staring to get over crowded especially with Wedding dresses.  I am just very, very busy.

     We can't find mom's car keys and her car needs to be moved or it will be towed.  Just one aggravation after another.  We moved the car over to the church parking lot where Lil sis lives.  Don't know what we will do if we can't find either set of keys.  Mom insists Lil sis took them to keep her from driving.  Lil sis says she doesn't have them. Now mom is all up in arms. Ain't life fun?

     After my rant yesterday, I hurried an straightened the upstairs.  It still needs some love but it will do for now.  The peaches I had planned to can Saturday were ready, ready.  So at about 3 in the afternoon I went up and mom and hub's and I canned 27 quarts of fruit.  Hub's did the outdoor pressure canner, mom did the best she could, with my constant reminding her.  As in:  "Those don't have any syrup yet!"  Don't put the seal on I haven't wiped that off yet!"  Because she cannot see she was really limited to putting peaches I had sliced into jars.  But she was trying to do other things and even though I would remind her over and over she could not keep the process straight. What a mess.  She slopped peachy citric acid water all down the front of the cupboards and there was a river of sticky goo all over the floor.  But she was thrilled to be helping, so I just let it go.

     My feet swelled up yesterday as it was 110 in our neighborhood, and with teaching for three hours the night before I think it flared my arthritis.  I was really limping about dinner time (6 pm) and we had taco salad as it was easy.I did not get the kitchen cleaned up until about 10 pm.  It took forever to clean up the mess.  My feet are better today but I will not be running any marathons this week.

   Today it will be sewing, sewing, sewing. Because I needs the money to get out of debt and I am on a roll.  I have kicked the demons to the curb for today,

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday, Where do I begin?

     Do you ever feel over whelmed?  I know at times I am overwhelmed with my feelings about our debt.  There is nothing I can do instantly about it.  It is not like I can snap your fingers and have it gone.  There is no unknown relative out there to( out of the blue) leave you a fortune.  You will not win the lottery because you do not play.  How does one overcome the little monster in your head that tells you that you will never get out?  He usually visits you late at night when you should be sleeping.  Or he paralyzes you while you are trying to pay your bills.

     However he is your good buddy when is comes time to shop. He usually encourages you to shop or spend because you deserve it.  He whispers sweet nothings in your ear at the grocery store.  You get on line to just look because it calms your soul and he whispers, " you can afford this."  He convinces you that the price is so good you should not pass it up.  You waste valuable time dreaming of things you don't need and don't really want to begin with.

     Now maybe those of you out there don't have a debt monster like I do.  Some times my debt monster and my inner brat get together to party.  My inner brat is lazy.  She knows there is plenty of work to do and the house is a mess.  She knows that I need to plan dinner and get meat out of the freezer, but she swoops in and I find myself unprepared so the debt monster whispers," go out".  My inner brat keeps me occupied as my debt monster paralyzes me.  Together they cause me to waste time.  Time I could use to get things done , to earn money, to improve my situation.  These situations, are financial, mental and physical.

     When these two buddies get together, the house is a wreck, the beds are unmade, dinner is not cooked, the shop becomes overfull, I waste time doing things I don't need to do.  I stop caring about myself.  My self esteem and confidence go out the window.  Debt monster, tells me I will never get out.  Inner brat tells me that trying to get out by working and staying organized is just to much work. I start to feel helpless and hopeless.

      One of the runner rugs in the hallway upstairs has been turned over on top of the other so I can start cleaning the floors and sweep the hall.  Why am I telling you this?  Because  I started the hall 3 weeks ago.  So we have been tripping over this rug since the second week in August.  Inner brat loves this and every day that passes she gets stronger.  So where do I begin?

     Hmmmmmm.  This is a tough one.  If I move the rug inner brat will get nervous and start to growl.  She might even wake up debt monster.  

     The only thing I have found to beat these two good buddies, is to make a list.  Inner brat hates lists.  She might even go hide if I make one.  She might take debt monster with her.

SO.......I will go pull a lb of burger out of the freezer and start the list.

     1. clean myself up ( as in get out of pj's, brush teeth, get dressed and put on some makeup and maybe brush hair)
     2. Make bed and straighten master bed and bath
     3. clean spare room and bath
     4. Move rug that has sat for three weeks and also move it's partner to the front room and sweep and vacuum.
     5. feed the mother while I do the above.
     6. get my butt into the shop and get to work.

     Inner brat hates a clean environment ad debt monster does not want me to earn money.  I am going to convince them to take a vacation together.  IT might be just for today.  But as they teach you in those 12 step programs just for today counts.  Just for today is enough.

Have a great and productive day, stay positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday,Money Saving Madness

     So rather than canning peaches I spent the weekend tearing wallpaper off walls.  Two of the walls were double papered.  What a mess.  But another room is done in my sister's house.  Now we only have two more to go.  We have fun and work well together.  Now if we could get my twin in the mix we could really break sail, but we would probably spend so much time laughing nothing would get done.  Like watching Lil sis put away a bed frame get in a fight with it and lose. Imagine Carol Burnett on steroids.

     We have been eating peach pie and it is so good.  I put myself on a diet now as I have eaten myself into not fitting into some clothes and I will not buy new ones so there.   No more pie for me. sniff, weep, I loves me some pie and I loves me some bakery treats.  Ask Sluggy she will verify.

     I have tow wedding dresses to finish up today, and a pile of pants to shorten.  It never ends.  I have already had 4 phone calls, and three customers here before 11.

     Also new studio owner called and needs me down there at 4 so I can teach while she deals with new parents and students.  She was going to teach and I said no you be the boss and I will play with the kids:)

  Money saving Madness:

1. Tried to not eat out at all on this last trip.  We did eat out once so we saved there.
2. Managed to drive an 11 hour day so as not to pay for a hotel.
3.Cooked all meals from scratch at home.
4. Picked and canned 4 more quarts of tomatoes.
5.  Made a huge stir fry all from garden veggies and ate on it for 3 days
6. Fed all table scraps and veggie peels to chickens.
7.Touched up my own roots with a kit purchased the Sluggy way for pennies.
8. Bargain shopped to replace rug by the back door.
9. Used coupons at Joanns and did not let temptation get to me on fabric.
10.  When picking up fruit to can found grassfed ground beef 1 lb. packages marked down to 1.99 a pound.  Usually 7.99 bought all they had and froze.
11.I love taking a package of boneless, skinless chicken out of the freezer that I paid 3.46 for and making 5 meals.  It just really pays to buy on sale and plan ahead.
12.  Used up several spools of thread that was given to me on mending rather than using thread I have purchased.
13.reused cottage cheese and sour cream containers exclusively as I am trying to cut down on the plastic I buy.
14.Pulled mini loaves of banana bread out of freezer when mom wanted a snack.
15.  Hung moms bedding out to save on dryer time.  (yes I washed her bedding AGAIN don't ask)
16.  Tried to be more conscience about turning off lights when I leave a room
17.  Hub's changed the oil in our pickup himself saving us $35.00.

Well I had better get busy as I have so much to do today before I go to the studio.  Like maybe set my hair and put on my makeup so as not to scare the children.

Have a great and productive day and remember: " be positive while you are in the negative"


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, Fruit failure:(

     I went with hubs and bought 3 lugs of fruit.  2 boxes of peaches and 1 of nectarines. I brought them home and they are too green to can.  I realize orchards pick fruit early to prevent bruising.  I really like to pick my fruit myself, but the neighbors peach tree did not do well this year.  Mom really likes canned peaches and other fruit.  I can make it with a light syrup for her.  I know you can buy canned fruit but it is not nearly as good as mine.  You can eat the nectarines  and they are sweet the peaches need a bit of time.

     I got up this morning after sleeping later than usual which was so nice.  I made up a double batch of light syrup and loaded 20 quart jars into the dishwasher on sterilize.  I started a large pot of water boiling to remove skins.  After struggling with the first 5 pieces of fruit I told mom we needed to wait a week.  So  put baggies over my sterilized jars and put the syrup in a gallon jar in the fridge.  I took the peaches I had peeled and also took the last peach pie filling I made out of the freezer.  I made up 8 pie crusts and made two peach pies.  Then I froze the remaining 4 crusts to use later.  I love having crusts in the freezer; it is so easy to pull out a crust a whip up a pie or a tart.

     I have all the jars on a corner cupboard waiting for later. Sis talked to my cousin and my Uncle is in the final stages.  He is not eating and his breathing is labored.  It is time.  I have not said anything to mom.  I had a little weep earlier this afternoon.  I want Uncle to go.  I don't want to deal with mom.  She will have no siblings left and it is so sad.  She does have a younger sister that was adopted from an Aunt that had her out of wedlock.  But mom has never been super close to her. I am hoping maybe mom and she will reconnect at the Funeral.

     I am going over to Lil sis's house to help peel off wallpaper off another bedroom.  Yippee!  So fun, sweaty, messy work.  Kind of like canning peaches.

     Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday, staying positive when you are in the negative

     The bill for the sprinkler system problem came in finally and we owe, $1426.00.  So there goes my hard work to save $1500.00. ARGHHHHHH!

     It makes me want to throw up my hands and call it quits, but that is not going to happen.  I am going to count my blessings and get on with life.

     First of all, I have the money to pay the bill. I am not scrambling and getting hysterical which has happened in the past. I will be able to get more money in savings soon.  The shop is busy and I am living in frugal ways to try and save money.  Every little bit helps.

   Second,you will see by my totals that my debts are going down and at the first of next month I will drop below a 1000 mark in two of my big categories.  Doing that always gives me a  mental boost.

    Third,for the last several years I have had to borrow money in the summer to pay studio bills.  No matter how hard I tried to save I was always short by August.   Some years I was short the whole summer. Summer was miserable trying to pay an extra $1500.00 minimum a month in bills with no money.  I would just go and borrow $5000.00 and pay it off. Last year it was the studio and the kitchen. This summer I have had no studio bills and I have also had $1000.00 a month from the sale of the studio come in every month to pay left over bills.  Now that the Lock loan is gone I can concentrate on the Studio Credit card.  That sucker is going down.  It has to be gone by September of next year.  Hopefully I will be able to bump down the interest rate this fall.

   Fourth, I was actually able to save money this summer instead of borrow money.  What a concept?  Now the saved money was taken by Murphy but at least I was able to save.  We have paid off enough smaller bills to have bigger chunks of money to attack other bills. Slowly but surely they are getting paid off.

     There I have listed 5 really great blessings.  Things are getting better.  They will continue to get better, I am working hard, saving where I can, praying constantly for help and strength and trying to remember to be grateful.

     I am not going further into debt, even with my vacations and travel I am paying cash as I go.  I realize I could take this money and put it on a bill, but sorry life is meant to be enjoyed and I have spent the last 38 years broke, in debt, and working my butt off.  It is time for Hub's and I to enjoy our kids and travel a little.  We have long term savings for major trips.

     Stay positive, even if you are n the negative.  My new mantra:)

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday, slowing down is great!

     The garden was so full of produce that I spent most of my day just trying to get ahead of that mess.  Canned 4 quarts of tomatoes.  Picked 5 large cabbages.  Made a huge batch of stir fry to use up veggies.  I also made a huge batch of coleslaw with one of the cabbages.  Mom and I went to get groceries this evening.  She is much slower than she was a few weeks ago and she has trouble getting her words and thoughts out.

     She seems to be happy so I will take that.  She managed to dump a package of sweet cherries all over the store as we were checking out.  She just goes from one mess to another.

 I have not done any laundry but have it down stairs and ready to go.  I plan on starting a load after this post.  The shop took in a lot of work today but I did very little sewing.  I really have to get busy today.

     Mom is not doing the ironing any more so I have been trying to go through the pile and get a few pieces done.  I feel overwhelmed with the after affect of vacation and the work  it involves right now.  Am I just getting old or am I  just not able to handle the mess anymore?  I can't figure it out.

     Mom has a doctor appointment today at 10:00 am and then she has a perm appointment at noon.  I will be able to get sewing done while she is getting her hair done.  I think......

     I cannot believe it is almost the end of summer.  The kids in our town started back to school today.  I am so grateful that my kids are grown and my life is not so hectic.  I remember for years and years, I had all three in school and I was coaching at 6 a.m. then home to get kids off to school, and sew and teach dance, or coach drama and then clean at night as well as take care of the house and meals and garden and everything else.

     Our season always started August 15th and I started teaching for the University about the 18th.  We had to be ready for the Rodeo parade every Fall the first week of September, and Nutcracker auditions were always on the same day as the Parade.  So Parade at 10:30 and up to auditions at 1 p.m.  It was exhausting.  Since I have been blogging, I have given up coaching drama, and cleaning every night.  I also sold the studio but continued to teach and this year I am not teaching regularly.  For over 35 years I have always taught at least a couple of nights a week.  The funny thing is, I am not dreading the fall season coming.  I would get sick to my stomach the first of August knowing what I had to do to make ends meet and get my kids where they needed to be every day.

   After my first left home and went to college, I had one at a university for 17 straight years. I gave up early morning coaching, but took on much more work from the University teaching dance and then accepted school district work in drama from the two Jr. Highs.  I was doing 10 shows a year, but the kids were involved and with me most of the time.  Hub's and I would come home from whatever theater we were at and get the kids to bed and then go clean.  I look back at those years with a blur and wonder how we did it all.

     Now I just have the shop to worry about and mom and that is enough.  I will still help at the studio when needed.  But the dread of Fall is gone

  Hub's is playing the viola in Wicked and his first rehearsal is tonight.  He has never played this show before so I expect to hear much more practicing.  He is also playing the cello in his quartet now and he really spends a lot of time on that instrument.

     Actually come to think of it, fall is my favorite time of year and now I can really enjoy it.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday, Back in the saddle, or backwards in the saddle?

     The eclipse was a wonderful experience and made all the better as it was experienced with family.  All of us out on the front lawn of my sister in laws ranch house sitting on chairs and looking at the sky with our silly glasses.  The cattle started to settle down long before the sun went out.  The chickens roosted, the crickets came out, it got very cold and the breeze stopped.  The large flocks of birds that swarm the spilled grain on the roads all went into the trees and it became very quite.  My brother in law stopped harvesting as soon as the relative humidity sensor went off indicating too much moisture in the hay.  It is funny all the things that the sun gives us and how it affects us even when only a little bit of it is showing.

     Hub's and I left about 5 hours after the eclipse to come home as we thought the traffic would be gone.  Boy were we wrong!  It took us 3 ours to drive 7 miles and we turned around and went back to the ranch.  So yesterday was a long 11 hour day of driving.  I picked up mom last night and she was so glad I was home and so was Lil sis..  Lil sis has been more than a trooper and needs a break.  The first thing mom did after I got her unpacked was to spill her entire soda all over her bedspread and quilts.  I love my life.  I have really missed this.

     Mom also ended up in the hospital again when I was gone.  Poor Lil sis.  Mom was in rare form as usual and now we have a social worker calling on us to check and see if she/we are okay.  I don't think they are suspicious of anything, just routine.  They realize mom is off her rocker and is not abused.  But I really need to see what I can do about this going into the hospital every time I leave.

     I have tomatoes to can and I need to do peaches also.  The shop is going to be very busy today and I have a lot to do.  So I have to get back in my saddle.

     When I come back from being gone for a week, I feel disoriented.  I did not get any house work done before I left so everything is a dusty mess. The shop is really bad.  I sewed frantically on 4 bridesmaid dresses right up until we left and I cleaned up nothing.  I have laundry to do and I need to clean out the fridge.  Have no idea what to cook for dinner, but will figure it out soon.

     If I turn backwards in my saddle I don't have to see the mess, or the work.  I think I will stay here for a while.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday, getting ready....

     I sewed until late last night and I am still not done.  My stress level is high because of money.  Here we are going again and it will cost money and we have the sprinkler bill looming and I just found out I will only get 1/2 what I usually get from the studio this month.  So my money savings is out the window.  We will be okay and I am certainly in a much better situation than I have been in the past, it is just discouraging when I work so hard.

     I can't do anything about the situation but work and figure things out.  Cut my coat to fit my cloth so to speak.  Things will turn around again next month and I will get back in the saddle.

     I just have to be grateful and count my blessings.  When you have debt and a tight budget it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and start to spiral into anger and doubt.  Or to start beating yourself up over past behavior.  I need to look on the bright side and see that I will be okay.  I don't need to panic.  Just ride this out and start over.

     I have enough to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, money constantly coming in and my health seems to have stabilized. I have a family that loves me, good friends that I need who need me and whole beautiful world to enjoy.

     I get to go an see my grandsons again and travel to a beautiful part of the world and watch and amazing solar experience.  The universe is grand and so is my life.  Things are better, maybe not today or this hour, but overall they are better.  A bump in the road will not derail me.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness!

     Yikes!  I have so much to do before we leave AGAIN on Wednesday.  Four bridesmaid dresses, one zipper replacement and a suit to alter.  That is all I will do unless someone has an emergency.  Someone always has an emergency.

     I have house work and laundry up the ying, yang.  What is a ying, yang?  I know what a ying and yang symbol looks like and what it means, the expression?

     I can tell Hub's mom and dad are excited to go as we are getting texts from them every 4 hours. It is kind of cute.

     I cooked a huge dinner yesterday after my Sunday nap.  I had put a big ham in the oven after church on low, then I napped and got up and dug potatoes from the garden.  I made corn bread, an apple sauce cake, fresh veggies from the garden, ham gravy.  Yum. Everyone ate and ate and tonight we will have leftovers.

     I have cooked so much this week.  Big meals at least three times.  Then laid out left overs and added dishes to feed the hoard the other nights.  Lil sis had them for pizza at a work function one night and then took them out to Tacos on Saturday while I was in Moscow.

     But as I have been messing around having fun with little one and working on B's apartment my house has suffered and here I am trying to leave town AGAIN.

on to Money saving Madness

1.  Did not go to the store at all this week for any kind of groceries. Ate out of garden and pantry.
2.  Fed all 6 of us great meals without any money lay out
3. Gave my youngest daughter a wonderful birthday present, by redoing some old furniture and helping her with her apartment.  It was fun.
4. Went to second hand stores with daughter to pick up things for her apartment. Curtain rods, a mirror, lamp shade.
5. Pulled all the corn from the garden and froze what we could not eat.
6. Canned my first 5 quarts of tomatoes
7. fed all scrapes to chickens 
8. Used coupons for Joann buys
9. reused plastic containers ( cottage cheese for leftovers)  This really works. trying not to use store bought containers.
10.Washed out good quality freezer bags to reuse
11. froze over ripe bananas for bread later.
12. Got a lot of free exercise in the garden. ( now if I could quite eating late at night)

So I feel that I have done what I could or what I wanted to to save money.

How did you do?

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday, Finally!

     Blogger has been having some problems I guess.  I again have not been able to post the last two days. 

     I have been busy with the girls and sewing.  All the painting is done for B's apartment and most of the things are up there already.  I still have a hutch that must go up and some sewing of curtains left to do, but other than that the project is almost over.  It will be nice to get it out of the way.

     It was 106 here yesterday and the smoke is very dense.  I have seen it much worse and I hone it does not get that way this year.

     I will have everyone here for dinner tomorrow, and my house is a wreck.  That is what I get for using all my time to sew and then working on B's place.

     There are still 3 bridesmaid dresses and a suit to alter on Monday.  It just never ends around here.

     Lil sis was supposed to take the girls home today but upon calling our Aunt and our cousin it was determined that they should stay until next Friday.  This will fall heavily on Lil sis as I will be leaving Wednesday morning.  But she says she is up to it.  Uncle is getting worse, and Auntie is stressed, our cousin is trying to work full time and drive 45 minutes one way to come and help with her dad when she is not at work.  She has not been able to find a new baby sitter yet for her grand daughter, so we are an option.  This little girl is sweet and fairly well behaved.  But she is 6 and 6 year olds can run your legs off.  Families are forever.

     Hub's and I will drive to Nampa on Wednesday morning and pick up his folks and take them with us to Daughter #1.  We will stay there a couple of days as daughter has some sewing that needs to be done.  Alterations on suits and curtains and things for the new house.  Hub's mom and dad have not been to the new place.  Then we will all take off for the ranch in Ashton to join family and watch the eclipse.  Hub's and I will leave mom and dad as they will ride home with another grandchild and we will take the same trip up to Missoula and back home.  We just made this same loop with Sluggy and her Hubby the first of the month.  But now we get to do it in the smokey haze.:)

I am very tired.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, Blogger on the fritz

     I could not post to save my soul yesterday.  Blogger would not let me.  Such an aggravation.  I am busy and don't need to mess around with a computer that won't behave.

     It is very, very hot here.  Over 100 for a week now and will last at least another 3 days.  I love the heat, but eventually it can become oppressive.

     The girls are keeping busy, with crafts, cartoons, swimming, baking and tonight we are taking them to a children's performance of Peter Pan.  Sis has them in the evening, and I during the day.  This gives me time to catch up on things I cannot get done when they are here.

     The shop is very busy and I have so much to do.  Many many bridesmaid dresses and men's suits to alter. I just seem to go, go, go and although things are getting done, I feel like I am always behind.  I guess this is better than having no work.  I will call myself blessed.

     We still have not received the sprinkler bill and I have not been able to put any money in savings this month.  But then I have not sewn much this month.  An  item here and item there.  Yesterday I really got back in the saddle so to speak.  As we are leaving again next Wednesday for 6 days I need to get money and things caught up.

     Right now I have the driveway full of old furniture I am repainting for our youngest daughter's new apartment.  I love redoing old things.  I have several old small tables of my mothers, and old dressers.  Also and old sewing machine table to make into a dressing table.  The apartment is much larger and everything in it is a give away item.  Remember those days? Scratched and beaten up things get a good sanding and a new coat of paint.  Hub's and I went up Monday night after I got home from Missoula and we picked up a car full of old and ugly college furniture and I will return it shiny and new (well almost).  I would love to go into the refurbishing business but alas don't have the space of time.  (thank goodness and a collective sigh from Hubs)

     So in between sewing and fetching Popsicles I have been going out to the driveway to give things a coat of paint.  I should finish two dressers today and a couple of tables.  Then onto another dresses and the makeup table.  I have an old table over at Sis's to redo and a couple of dining chairs. I want to get this off my list before we leave next week but I don't know if that is possible.  We will see.

     If you have nothing to do today come to my house.

Let's see, water plants, pick produce, pull things for dinner, check the chickens, paint, sew, cook dinner, entertain, yikes!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, Let's see....

     So much has happened or is happening, I just don't know where to begin.

     I feel like I have been nothing but gone.  Gone is a good thing, but not for earning a living, or keeping a garden going, or a house clean.

     Back from Missoula with all the fires and smoke.  It is very smokey here also.

     Mom was happy to see her brother and all her smaller grand kids and great grand kids.  In fact we brought two little ones home with us.  My drug addict brother's son has a girl who is 11 and my mom adores her and has always wanted to bring her here.  She is a sweet simple thing due to her parentage. Mom did raise the son but as she enables all men he is not the greatest but a far cry from my brother.  After we decided to bring Olly home we stopped at Uncles and picked up another GGdaughter of my Aunts who is also being raised by her mother due to drugs.  You would think my whole family is in the mad house, but actually we are all fairly sane and educated hard workers.  Sara is 6 and bored stiff with this very sick old man and a mom that works and a  great grandma that is flustered.  So we added her to the mix and now we have a daycare!

     Really this was to help out my Aunt and give her a break from caring for a sick husband and a young child.  So thinks will be a little busy here for the next few days.  That is what families are for right?

     In the mean time, I have still not made the bed from when Sluggy left.  I have not un packed or done any laundry.  I need to earn money to pay bills.  I need to get meals organized for more people.  Thanks goodness for my previous weeks cooking and the garden, and the chickens.

     I have a broken finger.  It was a surprise.  I guess I broke it when I smashed it with a rock a few weeks ago.  It really hurt when I played the piano at my sister in laws, but other than that I really have not noticed it.  I just don't use it.  Now it is splinted and such a pain.  Doctor found it during a routine xray for my arthritis.  It is tender where the fracture is, but if you don't squeeze it or manipulate it (DOCTOR) it doesn't hurt.

     Well I have a TON of work to do today.  I love my fellow blogger that said yard work was free exercise.  What a great way to look at work.

Have a a great and productive day!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday, does it pay to have savings?

     I am starting to think it does not pay to have money saved up as there is a little money sucker fairy that lives to come and take it.  Our sprinkling system (it is always water with us) has developed a crack in a many pipe leading off the city line and has to be dug up and replaced.  The part alone is $800.00 let alone the labor to dig it up.  By hand if course.  Hub's is out working on it, but we all know how slow he is, and I am just grateful he is trying at least.  So the money I saved will be gone and I will have to start over.  WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!. 

     Okay lecture me now on how this is a blessing and this is the way it should be.  But why? Why can't it just stay in there for a month or a day or a year?  Why?

     Okay I am over that, I could keep going for a long while but I have learned it won't change anything.  I worked way to darned hard yesterday and my back is killing me.  My lower right side has a stiff knife in it, and I am going to try and stretch it out after this post.

    I did get 4 pasta dishes made yesterday, large pan of lasagna, large pan of stuffed shells, large pan of manicotti, and one large pan of mixed manicotti, and shells.  I made three loaves of homemade french bread, and used up the broccoli in fridge to make a broccoli salad.  Also used up the old apples to make two apple cobblers.  Hubs will be fed while I am gone and my friend got a great meal.  I also shredded an over grown zucchini to make a cake but ran out of steam so I froze it for later. I was able  to freeze two large pans of pasta for later.

     I will be canning tomatoes when I get home from this weekend.  I have only done a minimal of sewing, but the phone has rung off the hook with new business which I have put off until next week.

     Mom has been awful.  That is the only way I can put it nicely.  She is very mad at me and I really jumped on her and was very over the top firm and nasty about it.  Something I rarely do as I have too much respect for my mother and think it is wrong, but her undermining ways and favoritism to others who care little for her just gets to me.  She will do anything for attention.  Believe me I pay attention to her all  the time.  She does not want my attention she wants other and that is fine just don't start taking back things that are mine. Thank goodness I have my sister to help me.  We are on board together through her fits.

     Her dementia is getting so bad and she is very cranky when she does not get her way.  This is so hard on me, this whole process is much harder than I thought it would be. I keep wondering what I am supposed to learn from it.  To be more patient, or kind, or giving?  To learn to stand up for myself?  I just don't know, but it is very, very hard.

     The neighbors have got  bad leak in their water line which cannot be fixed until next week so we are running a hose out to their house so they can flush toilets and cook.  They have a 5 month old baby, so they can do laundry over here.  I feel for them as that is a very expensive fix and they just bought that house.

     Hubs must water the garden and everything by hand right now until the sprinkler is fixed.  What a chore.  We are so spoiled with convenience.

Well I am of to storm the castle if my back will let me.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday, Facing reality

     If you will notice, I almost made my goal of saving $1500.00 in July, but alas did not arrive home to bank until August.  I actually came home with $118.00 in cash so $100.00 went to savings, and I also was able to put another $400.00 in savings from paycheck.  I would love to be able to save another $1500.00 this month but we will be gone so much and we have to pay to travel.  I have to pay back CC I used to travel last week.  We only had one night in a hotel and a few meals out so other than gas we did really well.  It is nice to travel with people who have your same goals in mind.  Well with the exception of eating way too much pastry (my fault).

     So the goal this month is to save $500.00 and even that may be tight.  We will see and I will do my darnedest to make that higher.  I just have to really watch my pennies. 

     It is hard  to come back from a great vacation and get back into the swing of things.  I did not sew much yesterday and I need to produce today.  I needed to help at the studio as the new owner is down with the crud.  So I was there last night costuming and rehearsing for a performance tonight that I will have to attend and help with.  I am also going out to dinner tonight with my sister and mom and my sister's foster /child as it is her birthday.  Money out, money out.  Dang and I want money in, money in.

     Our sprinkling system has developed a leak at it's source and water is SOOOO expensive here so we have had the city and the sprinkler company out here and they will come again.  I don't want to see next months water bill or the company bill.  Great!  Have you noticed that it is always water with us?

     I am going to make dinner for my dance studio owner as she has 5 kids and a husband and is going through a rough time with her health.  So between trying to clean, sew, cook, bathe and watch dancers and go out to dinner this evening it will be a busy.

     Mom, Lil sis and I are going back to Missoula tomorrow for the weekend to let mom see her brother.  We will stay with a friend and that will help with expenses.  Mom will pay for gas.  I will just have meals and snacks. I will try and keep it cheap.  We will come home Monday.

     Well I had better get busy as the work does not do itself.  Darn!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday,Sluggy is gone and I miss her:(

     Well let me tell you I have had a great time this last week.  It was a go, go, go week and I am tired.  Slug and I actually took it pretty easy yesterday as I had a stomach ache and she just needed to rest.  Driving and going constantly is nerve racking and just too much sometimes.  The men went out to museums and Slug and I went to Rite Aid and Big Lots.  It was just so much fun to be with her.   We laughed and laughed.  Sluggy will surely detail this trip and I don't want to ruin her posts for you, but I am telling you we saw our lives flash before our eyes a few times this last week.  It will be a trip to remember.

     I dislike coming home from a vacation because you have to get back into work and the production schedule.I still have to unpack and do laundry.  The garden needs attention and I have to go through the fridge and organize a menu.  Also have to take stock of the shop and see what I need to do first.  Make a grocery list, pay bills and just catch up in general.

     Mom has many errands for me to run today and I need to spend some time with just her. The rest of the month is jam packed with short travel trips and projects.  This weekend we will run back to Missoula so mom can see her brother who is failing fast.  Then on the weekend of the 12th I will help D#3 move into her new apartment.  We will leave for the ranch on Wednesday the 16th to pick up Hub's mom and dad and then onto Twin Falls again to get some sewing done for daughter and then onto Ashton for the Solar eclipses.  Then home and we may end up going to a family reunion in Minnesota over labor day.

     Now I have to be able to produce work and save money while I do this and I am not sure if that is possible. At least it is weekends that I am gone.  I will really have to produce when I am home.  All I can say is UGH!

     I miss my Sluggy.  I have to get to work, blah!  But in tomorrows post I will expect a big hurrah from all of you!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday,Money saving madness

     Lil sis and I about killed ourselves on Saturday cleaning up the yard.  We took one overflowing truckload to the dump and then filled it again for Hub's to empty.  Hub's came home late Saturday and I felt he should share in our joy.  I was able to clean out part of the flower beds and we put the deck back together.  Then in the dark  we went down the street to a construction site and loaded up rock to fill in our front bed.  Our neighbors had 5 truckloads of large river rock delivered and it was $200,00 a truck load.  I decided I would not pay for rock and would find it and load it my self.  Yes we will save money but I smashed my finger and it is all black and blue.  Might be rethinking this one.

     Toward the end of the day I was trying to carry a large bag of potting soil up the front steps.  I left it about 2/3's of the way up.  I was just too tired.  I thought Hub's will have to do that.  Then I had a few piles of yard waste to pick up in a basket and dump.  After I bent over to pick up the first arm full, I stopped and left the basket and said Hub's will have to finish this.  I was just flat out too tired.  I was very sore and did not sleep well Saturday night.

     We were up for church and the Presidencies of the Relief Society and the Primary were reorganized.  Same old, same old they just switched people around.  But it will make for change and change is always a good thing.Came home took a nap  and then made dinner.  Steak, corn on the cob, cucumbers, watermelon, sauteed mushrooms, lemon pie. Yum!

     I have a lot of house work to do tomorrow and wedding dresses to finish up before we leave on Tuesday to join Sluggy and Hubby in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It will take us about 8 hours to get there and then we will tour around that area and on into the Ashton, Idaho area, where Hub's sister has a big ranch about 14 miles from Yellowstone park.  We will tour the park and all the sites and then head back toward our place so Sluggy can see the confluence  that Lewis and Clark stood on when they came out west.  We will hit as many sites as we can..We will be staying at the ranch a couple of nights as it takes a while to get through everything in that area.  I am so excited.

     On to Money saving madness:

I must say this week I did not try to save money cooking and went out twice.  With no Hubby at home it was just easier and I was lazy.

1. Picked and ate from our garden, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes(finally) beans, potatoes.
2. Only grocery shopped once
3.  Picked up steaks with 50% off stickers and 16lbs of good burger with 50% off sticker.  Burger was $2.25 a lb. took it home and repackaged it.
4.Had hair colored at home saved $70.00 and have enough product to do it again!
5. Hung mom's blankets and sheets outside to dry (twice) instead of using the dryer
6 .re purposed a free table for back deck
7. After patiently looking for a sheet set with elephants on it, found one with a good thread count for under $20.00.  (daughter b-day)
8.  Waited until Talbots sale went to 85% off to replace worn shorts and blouses.
9.Shredded two larger zucc's for bread later.
10. froze several green peppers to flavor soups and sauces.
11. used my last big batch pie crust to whip up a lemon pie for mom
12. used frozen left over bananas to make breads
13. traded cucumbers with neighbor for apricots.

What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday, It will be a busy one

     I normally don't take appointments on Saturday.  It is the one day I can get work done around the house and get out without worry.  But as I am leaving and it is bridal season that is not the case today.  I have a doctor from our free clinic picking up at 10 .  Those poor doctors works 12 hour days, they are amazing.  Then at 11 I have a bridal fitting ( the final one) and a bridesmaid coming.  Then I have one of my dance students that has been dancing pro in Irish coming to find the makings of a wedding dress.  I seldom make Wedding dresses but she is special.  She has been sending me pictures of dresses and to alter and repurpose will be ore work for me than new.  She is due in at 11.  After that foray I will hit the yard hard.

    Lil sis came over last night and we filled the pickup with yard waste.  We will take it to the recycle dump.  Lots of flower bed cleaning.  I still have to trim up the Wisteria and the bamboo around the pond.  We will replace everything on the deck and then I have to clean the house.  It is a dirty wreck as I have not swept or dusted anything, or done laundry or clean a toilet for about 2 weeks.  I do pick up daily so not a total disaster, but it needs love.

     Lil sis will be over about 11:00 so I had better get busy.  Shears in hand I am out to trim the bushes.

Had mom make 8 mini loaves of banana bread yesterday.  It took her most of the afternoon.  I set everything out and helped off and on.  The wedding dress with the 8 layers of fluff is ready to try on.  It takes forever to cut and hem one of those beasts.

Have a great and productive day!