Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday, looking forward

     Well I think this is going to just be a very nasty cold.  I was still running a fever again last night but I can bring it down and function with aspirin and meds.  I believe Hub's is getting the same cold. Great this means we are going down to his 90 yer old parents house to meet our daughter and the grand sons with a boat load of germs.  We can also spread it to all of our extended family at the 50th wedding party we are going to for Hub's Aunt.  There will likely be about 300 relatives there I am sure we can get this thing all over the US if we try.  We might have to stay home.  I have to screw up my face to swallow and I am so pretty.

     I have three Wedding dresses still hanging here pressed and waiting and likely they won't be picked up until next week.  I have "The pile ",which I will work on.  Then I am going to deep clean our cars and moms and pack and rest and see if the budget will allow me to make any payment toward my Quick Loan, but I doubt there is much there.  We will see.  Now next week will be a different story.  Happy thoughts.

 as I say to my students , "and off we go"

Have a great and productive day and a wonderful memorial day weekend.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, down for the count

     Taught dance last night and really had no energy.  Came home with a fever of 101.5.  Maybe that was the reason.  I felt streppy.  But this morning I feel like maybe a cold.  We will see how the day progresses.  I have to go into the studio tonight at 4:30 it is only for two classes and I hope I can get there and not disappoint the owner.  I am trying to finish up the solo dances.  But teenagers can out so little effort until right before the show.  Little demons.

     So I am going to get into the shop and get the piles done asap, that way if I need to lay down later I can.  Also have a wedding dress to Steam as the steamer was returned.

     trying to convince myself this day is worth it:)

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday, MEN!

     This is the text I get from Hub's last night as I am on the way home from rehearsal. 

" I am on my way to night clinic, Kim. this is serious, I cannot see out of my left eye."  So instead of running a few errands and the fact that I had a bridesmaid due in at 7:30 I hurry and call his phone no answer, so I call sister to go to house and meet bridesmaid and I drive like a bat out of hell to clinic.  It is closing and no sign of hub's truck.  My phone rings it is hub's.  He is home and has pink eye.....  I told him he was going to have a black eye when I get there.  Scaring me like that. I get home he is on sofa and I need to go pick up his prescriptions.  I stayed away from oozy the rest of the night.  I think it was the "this is serious " part that got me.  Men!

     I have three bride dresses ready for try on.  My steamer is supposed to be returned this morning and the sprinkler guys are coming.  I need to redirect some of my sprinkler heads to hit new flower beds.  So I will be out giving direction.  Happy this is being done before we leave for the weekend.  As we are hand watering and that is a pain for such a large place.

     So hub's called and cancelled his usual schedule.  He can't go to the veterans home and read and he can't go to the high school until he is clear.  Which means he is home driving me nuts.  Great stay away from me. I am such a good wife.  So supportive and loving.

     This is my last long teaching day.  I will only be meeting with the older dancers for two hours on Tuesday for the next two weeks after this, then the recital and I am done.

     The weather is beautiful and the sun is so warm.  I am loving it, just wish I could sit out and enjoy it more.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Saving Madness!

     Before I get into my week of savings, I wanted you all to know that I made another $575.00 payment to the loan that is next in my pay off schedule.  So I am down to $1444,44.   Yippee!  I am going to take that sucker down and soon.

     I really have not cooked but once a week this last week just too busy and this week will be the same.   Family has been fending for itself.  But they fended nicely with foods purchased last week.

1. all meals were eaten at home or at Sister's
2. Shop supplies purchased at Joanns with 50% off coupons
3.  Purchased a shopping trip and paid nothing for $45.16 worth of groceries all Albertsons coupons
4.  Had 76% saving at Albertsons with partial off coupons.
5.  Purchased all marigolds for garden at 1/2 price and I will make those suckers grow.
6.  Transplanted hostas after I split them for new front yard bed.
7.  Purchased hair dye with coupons and touched up roots myself
8.  Found a pogo stick for oldest grandson.  It was $36.00 down to 6.00 at K-mart
9.  Cooked a fabulous dinner yesterday with almost all free items

Stuffed shells and manicotti

shells *
manicotti  *
2 lbs shredded mozzarella *
2 quarts home canned tomatoes *
2 lbs cottage cheese *
2 lbs burger pd $1.50 lb with coupon
2 onions *
garlic *
4 cans tomato sauce

salad bagged *
cheese *

French bread

All items * were free items from Albertsons game.  I even wrapped left overs in tin foil that was free. 

I tried to specifically make this with just free items.  It made to very large loaves of homemade french bread, two large pans of manicotti (we froze) and a we ate and packed up 1/2 the stuffed shells.  Lil sis took home enough for her lunches this week.  We have plenty of left overs.  And it was all delicious.

So what have you guys done to save money or make it stretch?  It looks like I will have an extra 400.00 in my budget at the end of the month to put on my Quick loan.  It helps to be frugal and stay out of stores.  Use what you have.

Have a great and productive day!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, gorgeous weather

My oh my yesterday was beautiful.  I did not stay in the shop although  I should have.  I will stay in today at least until I have several things done.

I was able to play in the yard.  I call it playing now but later in the summer when it is 100 degrees it might not be so fun.  Oh 100 degrees will it ever happen?

I laid 12 bags of bark, planted 12 hosta transplants, then wave petunias and mari golds.  We need to get more mari golds.  I thought I had purchased enough but I had not.  Our sprinkler system is not turned on yet as it has been such a wet fall and the company is behind.  So then I had to hand water every thing I planted.  I also hoed the garden and cleaned up many bags of mess.  I still have one bag to take down to the curb.  I just ran out of energy.

Hubs and I walked the bridges last night and it was so great.  The honey suckle is in bloom and smelled so sweet.  The baby ducklings are out with their parents and are cuter than ever.  There is always one that is way ahead of the group and then realizes it and practically runs on top of the water to get back to mom.  Dad is always out in the distance herding the lot.

Hubs just came to me to have a button sewed on a shirt.  The nerve does he think I can do that?

I will be making another large smack at my Quick lock loan this weekend so stay tuned.

Tomorrow is an all day rehearsal.  Blah.....

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday, The sun is shining

     It is very chilly but the sun is shining.  I am going to get done what  have to and then work in the yard.  It has to warm up a little.  I want to get the rest of the bark laid and plant what transplants I have laid out.  We bought a new gas trimmer but I fear it is too heavy for me.  I will try it again as I hate the way hub's trims.  The garden needs to be hoed but it is too wet and muddy right now.  Things need to dry out a bit and they never get a chance with this incessant rain.

     Although the shop is super full and I could sew like a mad woman I just need a break.  So I will steam the one dress that needs to go out today and then see where that takes me.  I hope it takes me outside:)

     Went to Albertson's last night to get all my free stuff.  Over 40.00 in groceries all things that I will use.  They also have whole chickens for .69 a lb and I need to stock up.  Will do that maybe tonight.

     There are donuts upstairs ( free at Albertsons) and they are calling my name....

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday, Interruptions make life......

     Yesterday was crazy and non productive, mostly due to interruptions and my ability to stay focused while being interrupted.   So today I really need to get busy. 

     Mom decided to make banana bread for some friends and so I made sure to put out all of her ingredients.   As I was doing this I went to set the stove and looked at it and I noticed tomato soup had spilled all down the front.  Thanks mom, mom does not see well enough to clean anything thoroughly, so I went to wipe it down and it was between the two glass fronts.  I was furious.  Here I have this beautiful brand new to me kitchen and mom has already done so much damage to it with her sloppiness.  Hub's came in and took the front apart and I had to wedge my hand down in side but I did get it cleaned out and also cut myself on the glass edge. I know I am being bitchy, but this is a constant dilemma and I just can't keep up.  Just let me whine and be ungrateful for a minute.  Okay over that.

     We did not have any margarine so I ran to the store for that and back.  Mom needed me to put bread in oven, then go check on it three times, and take it out.  So running up and down the stairs every ten minutes.  I did take the time to set out hostas to transplant in the front and then it started to rain. So they are still in pots in their places and as it is still raining they will stay there a while.

     I had an intern come in needing costume help , so that was off and on questions, which is fine it just takes time.

     I finally was able to start hemming a bridesmaid dress that I had cut to hem earlier in the day and I was planning all the things that I was going to get done before I left for the dance studio and mom comes in and asks me when I am leaving.  I said about 3:30,  I looked up and it was 3:00!  What?  Who stole my day?

     Once I got to the studio, I did make progress with the kids.  We have a big Saturday rehearsal this weekend and it will be your typical first large rehearsal disaster.  I am ready, I am not ready, I am ready to see how not ready I am.  Print that on a t-shirt.

     When I got home from the studio I crashed.  Just could not convince myself to go back in the shop after 4.5 hours of teaching.

     Today I must get something done.  I must.  Hoping to report better results tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, Shame on them

      I think people should be shamed when they do something wrong or crooked.  Now this has to be done with tact.  Two examples in the last few days.

     I have a medication that is very, VERY expensive.  I have always had this filled at my local pharmacy.  With my two insurance policies the co-pay has been zero.  When I started going to a new doctor who was local (we finally had a Rheumatologist move here) he switched my meds to CVS.  They came in the mail.  This means a box with $3970.00 worth of meds was thrown on my door step once a month.  Well the co-pay bill came later with a $50.00 co-pay.  SO for the last 19 months I have had to pay $50.00.  An irritation but also grateful I could afford it.  Now Doc switches me back to local pharmacy.  No co-pay.  I called CVS and told them (I asked for the highest supervisor I could get on the phone) Shame on you.  As far as I am concerned they owe me over $900 dollars if a small local business can afford to get the medication with no co-pay the largest pharmacy in the nation should also.  Cheats, users, scallywags and many other abusive names.

     I have a Quick lock loan that belongs to the Dance studio.  Don't know why they call it that and it actually belongs to me, but never the less it is due on the 15th and comes directly out of my checking account.  I always make sure the money is in the account to pay this.  Well this is the bill I am working on next in my pay off strategy. So last week I went in and paid $1000.00 on this bill taking the balance from $3344.00 to $2344.00.  Now come the 15th (yesterday) I went into the bank to put yest another $200 on the loan and my account was overdrawn.  How is that?  Well they had pulled the $150.00 payment as usual on the 15th.  So I had a 27.00 late charge among other things.  Well it is the 15th until midnight.  It was actually early afternoon.  So when do they pull the loan and by the way I had already paid the loan so?  I asked to speak to the manager who  gladly returned my late fee and NSF charge.  Shame on them.  I did not understand the policy of pulling the money in spit of a payment made, I can forgive that, but pulling the money before the end of a business day on the day due and charging me?  Not nice. Shameful in fact.

     I guess, what I am learning from this is to pay attention and ask questions.  Why am I being charged $50.00?  I just thought that the meds were so expensive and I had changed insurance when Hub's retired.  Any time money is involved don't just think, your thinker is wrong, ask.

     Anyway enough cranking.  Did you see that I am kicking butt on my next debt?  Yippee.  That quick, lock loan is going to be history.  Now how am I doing this you ask?  Well besides being busier than a nine petered puppy,  Okay a little graphic but have you ever scene a puppy and his well..... I have been that busy.  I also have paid off enough of my other bills to snowball more money into the debt.  This by the way is where it gets fun.  Not that paying off debt is fun, ( fun like a root canal) but at least it is getting done.

     I am also under $10,000 in the kitchen loan and into the mid 50's on the house.   I am smoking.

I have to get to work,dam%

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness

     Good morning, it is going to be a great week I can just feel it.  The sun is shining, although it is cool and the shop is full, my house is still a mess.  but I can just feel positive vibes this morning and may those vibes stay.

     Had a lovely Mother's day as my Lil sis's house.  I took a long nap and she cooked dinner.  Shrimp Alfredo, salad, bread and of course pie!   Took mom to Macy's and bought her some really nice things from Twin and I.  She has a tendency to wear the things she likes to death and I have to force her to get rid of things.  She was happy.

     Hub's bought me some new bib overalls, I was thrilled.  I love me some bib overalls.  He also took down a hedge in front of the house.  So now both hedges are gone and I need to figure out what to plant in front.  I worked in the yard for about an hour and a half on Saturday and got five large bags of trash out of the front yard beds.  Can you believe that?  The weather was really rotten this last weekend.

     I was a lazy avoider and did nothing in the house, and I don't even care,  I think it will still be there tomorrow and the next day and it will still be dirty.  The shop should be busy today.  I have a bride dress due out.  It is a simple fix.

     Monday Saving Madness

     This was a weird week.  I did not cook at all, and we did not go out except for Saturday.

1.  Family foraged for food all week on what we had.
2. Went grocer shopping on Thursday, two stores.  One I had a 57% savings and the other 71%.  I used many free coupons from Albertsons monopoly game.  Really just stocked up on fresh fruit.
3. Went to movies with senior citizen tickets. 
4. Hub's took me out on Saturday and we split a meal the portions are so large.
5. decided to transplant  existing hostas from yard to front hedge area saving over $100.00 in new plantings.
6.Used coupons at Joanns for sewing necessities.

Not such a stellar week as I was super busy and could hardly keep my face above water.  But this is usually when I spend money foolishly.  So I call it a great week.  To busy to even make poor decisions.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, Well that didn't happen

     I was all set to actually get something done around the house and I spent the whole Da%^ day in the shop.  I started on a mother of the bride dress and the next thing I knew it was 4:30.  Hubs was at the high school and mom and Lil' sis asked me to join them at a movie, then I had to do the banking and I had to eat something besides a piece of pie.  Then it was movie time.

     So, I did nothing but sew.  Lil' sis had a fund raiser at her work selling pies for $20.00 a piece so of course we bought two.  She delivered them yesterday.  I bought a strawberry rhubarb, and hub's bought an apple.  Mom got a turtle cheese cake and Lil' sis a coconut cream, needless to say Mother's day will be sweet.  I had already paid for the pie and then hub's tried to pay for his again.  I told Lil 'sis she should have taken his money.

     It is so cold here.  The sun is shining but it is cold outside.  It is snowing up in the hills welcome to spring in Idaho. 

     I so hope I can get something done around here today, but I feel an attack of the lazys coming on,  Yes lazys is a word in my vocab.  Hmmmm.......  Pie is calling me.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday, feeling better!

     Well I am feeling better, just an arthritis flare.  Not an infection but a flare ain't too good either.  It is my life I won't dwell.  The weather has been so beautiful and now it is cold and rainy again.  I will have to put on warmer clothes today, rats.  I just love staying in my bikini all day.  It is cool and scares the clients.  I'm joking.

     I have four wedding dresses out of the shop and hope to have a 5th gone before the day ends.  It  is nice to see them go.  But the bridesmaid dresses are piling up.

     Today I need to finish a mother of the bride dress and at least 3 bridesmaid dresses and then I am going to clean house. I had planned to get some yard work done but it is too crappy outside.  I broke the vacuum belt so will have to get Hubs to fix that.  I might have to beat him into it.  But don't worry I can and will.

     Had a nice phone call from Sluggy yesterday and I am so excited about seeing them this summer, we have been out to their place twice.  The northwest is an interesting place to visit, lots to see and do here.  Don't think she will be able to shake me off, I am a sticker.  Anyone else want to come to our area?  We are great tour guides.

     I had better get my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, Okay now this makes sense

     Well after having a couple of melt downs yesterday and a rude bride (young and no brains) I went over to my sisters without mom.  I actually snuck (is that a word) over and I had a complete melt down.  Then I went home and sewed until 2:00 in the morning.Why?  I don't know I was just crazy.  But on going to bed I was running a high fever and chills.  Cold, hot, cold hot, now achy, sick to tummy, feel like the bathroom needs to be close by and just over all malaise.  So the whole reason for my breakdown was that sickness was coming.  I don't feel like I have an infection any where.  The flu season is over.  Crap, maybe it is just an arthritis flare, but.......

     Anyway onto bigger and better things.  I did get another wedding dress out and another small one done I think?  If it meets the brides approval.  I don't have to go to the studio tonight so my evening won't be broken up and that is nice.

     I hope to get something done today, but we shall see.

Survival mode is kicking in right now.

Have a great and productive day, I may go back to bed.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday,I need a plan

     I need an plan.  Then after I have the plan I need to stick to the plan.  I am so undisciplined and will use any excuse not to get things done.  I just want to kick myself.  I want a clean house and I want to catch up in the shop and, and, and.  Mom is driving me crazy.

     I am trying to keep my head above water in so many areas and I am drowning slightly in all areas of my life right now.  I just keep dog paddling.   Shore is just out of reach.

     Okay enough complaining.  I will get my lazy Arse into the shop and finish that Wedding dress and then onto another.  The pile is almost gone!  Well maybe  Practical Parsimony is right other things have replaced the things I have done.  But is not up to the ceiling any more.

     The Queen of Hearts costume that I need to have done by June 9th will be handed over to the college intern that is working on the show so I don't have to do it!  Yeah!  She will come to my shop to complete as she needs more hours.  That is one less thing I have to do.  So grateful.

     Well I am off to finish that dress and then get other things done.  Hopefully I can report a good day tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, Beautiful weather

     It was sunny and warm yesterday.  Of course I was too busy sewing, cleaning and teaching to enjoy it much, but I did go sit on the back porch and hem a dress.  It was lovely.  Hub's is spending much of his free time at the school. There are many things I want and need to do, but right now I am on auto pilot until I can get a few Wedding dresses out.

     I really worked hard on the pile yesterday to try and shrink it down.  Doesn't look like it shrunk much.  I will keep trying to  tackle mount Seweverest  today, plus get at least 2 wedding dresses done.  These are simple fixes so should be easy.  I just want them gone and out of the shop.

     Still haven't finished cleaning the disgusting upstairs, but I don't care.  (the down stairs is worse:))

     I convinced the new owner of the studio that having a Saturday practice the weekend of Memorial day was not going to work and we rescheduled through out the week.  So Hubs and I will take another little jaunt down to southern Idaho to a 50th Wedding anniversary of Aunt and Uncle on the 27th.  We will take Hub's folks and spend the weekend.  Hopefully daughter can come over also.

     I received a Mother's day present from my eldest.  Three new fitbit bands.  One is gold and I love it.  Than a metallic pink one and a red leather one.  She is overly generous. I love them all.  The younger two both called on Sunday to say they were not coming down and I said that was okay, Lil sis and I will just spoil mother and she will be happy with that.  She is not very good at sharing the spot light.

     I must take mom to Macy's to select a gift form Sissie and will do that some time this week.  She will love that.  Although she does not need a thing.

     Well I am off to get the pile done.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness

     It was so nice to have a weekend of just being.  I was busy but it was not the frantic busy.  It was Kim busy.  I made a very nice roast yesterday using a marked down roast I bought for $6.48 and free carrots and onions and potatoes!   It was so good , mom loved it and went right to bed after dinner.  SO I had a freed evening.  Hub's was at quartet practice.  He is begging me to learn to play the cello as he knows if he does he will never play the violin again.  We have two cello's so what is my excuse?  TIME!

     I have many wedding dresses this week and a huge pile of things to do.  I also want to get some yard things done, but don't know about today.  I was able to plant most of the garden this weekend.  Still have to get marigolds and hubs will plant potatoes and onions.  I also weeded 3 of the front beds and must finish up the fourth and then clean up the mess I made.  I want to use the new trimmer and I need to clean up where hubs took down yews and planted blueberries.  Does it ever end?

     So onto Money savings for last week!

1.  Cooked all meals at home (some with dried beans)
2. Albertsons grocery run with a 71% savings, lots of coupons and free items
3. Bought soda for the month on sale as it was 1/2 price so we did a stock up.
4.  Albertsons shop again 59% savings  again lots of coupons and free items
5. Joanns savings bought 5 patterns for 5.42 that would have cost over 100.00 bought full price like I would have paid full price.  Right?
6.  Bought many plants for 1/2 price mark downs.  I can make anything grow outside.
7. Made cake with a frees cake mix just add my eggs and old apples
8. Dried a box of free pears, they are delicious and we were almost out of dried fruit.
9.Made all costume for dance studio with donated fabric and scraps from around here and a friends stash.  ( see I even save money for other people)

     I am so happy last week is over. I am onto a bigger and better week I tell you.  Well just not as stressful and busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday, I made it, now a day to do what I want!

        The last costume was finished about 2:30  in the morning Friday  Went to bed about 3:30.  Up at 8:30 to run costumes to studio in my pj's.  Moms and dancers about died when they saw me, lovely was I.  Well a brush did get run through the hair before I left the house.  A button was missing from my pj's and I told them I didn't know anyone who could fix them.  Came home a crawled in bed with mom and slept until noon.  It was a religious experience.

     Specialist doubled my Low dose chemo to get my sed rates down.  So I have had really bad headaches and the bathroom and I are much closer friends than we should be.  Hub's is laughing at me as I am always on the toilet.  He thinks he is so funny.

     Upon getting up, the day was gloomy and overcast, windy, somewhat cold.  We had planned to finish planting the garden.  That did not happen.  Had two parents (dads) call desperate to have prom dresses ironed or pressed.  So both came over and I steamed them.  Then I proceeded to really clean the shop which was a disaster.   Stacked the red queens costume makings in a pile to do later this month. Organized wedding dresses and alterations in order of completion.

     I have been cleaning house off and on all day.  Doing things that I wanted to do and catching up ion things that have been sorely neglected.  Cleaned our room and bath and the spare bath.  All that is left is to clean out and dust around the Jacuzzi.  Tomorrow I will deep clean dining room and finish the front room, will also mop kitchen floor.  Then just the family room is left to clean.  I mean this house was bad.

     When I went upstairs to the kitchen after I got up, I realized that I had a large box of pears I had forgotten about.  I wanted them to ripen up a little more so I shoved them under the kitchen table.  Bad idea, as several of them went bad, but still had enough for a full dryer load.  Spent about an hour processing them, cleaned out the fridge, made mom lunch, cut up a cantaloupe and took a ton of scraps to the chickens. Then I made an apple cake with two large mealy apples that were in the fruit bowl.

     Mom and I went to three garden places for garden plants, and then we went to Albertsons for a few groceries.  SO the day was just hit and miss doing what I wanted to catch up.  It was nice to have a day where nothing was due out and I didn't have to sew all day and answer the phone constantly.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday, Reality check...

     Hub's family is going through some real trials right now and it has caused me to have a reality check.  One of his first cousins who is my age was killed in a skiing accident in Utah.  He broke his neck and was found by other skiers.  So sad as he leaves behind a wife and 4 daughters.  The daughters are grown.  I remember attending their wedding.  I just feel so bad for the girls and my Aunt who lost her youngest son.  No one expects to outlive their children.

     One the same day Hub's sister who lives on a ranch in southern Idaho, had her grandson (who also lives on the ranch) get hit by a car.  He is going to be okay, but a 5 year old and a car don't match up very well and we are so lucky he is alive.  Those country roads with the deep ditches on either side are a great hiding place for animals to hop out on the road and obviously a little boy chasing a ball does not look when he pops out of the ditch.  The whole family is shook up right now.

     Mom and dad will not be attending the funeral although Hub's offered to go down and drive them into Salt Lake.  Hubs is really busy right now with the High School and his quartet group getting ready for June weddings.  He would be missing rehearsals and work and the High School has no replacement.  But he was willing and that is what counts to them. Hubs mom turned 89 yesterday and his dad will turn 89 next October, they will also be married 70 years this next April.  We will be planning a big old party.

     Just having these things happen when I am so busy makes me realize life in short and I really don't have any problems.  I am too busy right now, but this will pass.  I am grateful for the work, and my health (what I have), my family, my friends, my Father in Heaven and his son.  Just grateful for all my blessings, You among them!

     I am down to the wire today on dresses and costumes.  One more dress for tomorrow and many more costume things.  I have a list and I am ticking it off.  In the mean time I have 8 wedding dresses that are all due out before June and a pile of alterations that is beyond, beyond.  So next week will be crazy also.  However the proms will be over and I won't be working on those things.

     I am super stressed right now, but I keep telling myself, I can do hard things, and I am grateful, and I need to concentrate on my blessings.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday, thanks cheerleaders!

     It was so nice to see the Wedding Dress from Hell leave the shop this morning.  I will never again do an alteration like that.  Just too much work and stress.  But it is done and it was so nice to get so many cheery comments from people when I got back.  Thanks for having my back.

     I am still not out of the woods so to speak as the shop is full and there are still loads of dresses to conquer in the next two weeks and the pile needs to be dealt with.

     Wouldn't you know it is so beautiful right now.  It is supposed to be 85 today so I may slip out this afternoon for a snooze on the deck.  Just a 1/2 and hour of baking and then back to the grindstone.

     My house is so dirty right now it is sticky.  But this too will pass.  So glad Sissie is not here to scold me.  I wish Sissie were here to help me.  It is a double edge sword I tell you.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday, I want to run away...

     I want to run away from my life right now.  Everything is just too much.  Too much sewing to do, too many brides, too many prom dresses,  the pile of regular alterations is to the ceiling, too many costumes.  Mom is too  much, hubs is too slow and not productive,  I am tired.  I am cranky.

     I can do this I can live through this weekend and it will get better.  I think.


Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday saving madness

     Well it is Monday, I am trying to think of things I did last week to save money.  I sewed so much my head is in a fog.

1.  Used coupons for 4 zippers I bought at Joanns
2.  Found remnants at Wal-mart for costume making on sale
3.  Scouted 4 nurseries before buying plants to find cheapest way to do this.
4. planted all my seedlings I started saving tons of money on garden things.
5. Accepted 2 large tomato plants from neighbor
6. cooked all meals from scratch with pantry supplies except 2 one lunch and one dinner
7. went out to lunch with coupons from Mc donalds
8. went out to dinner and friends paid, but we will get them next time.
9. Made delicious home made desserts, and salads all week, we ate like kings.
10. sister brought us all kinds of fruit from her work again, in fact I will be drying some this week

     Kind of a boring week on money saving, but today starts a new month so lets see what I can do with the grocery budget.

     I was able to work in the yard on Saturday and it was lovely.  I did not get done even a third of what I wanted to as there is so much to do.  I need to take pictures and I promise I will some time this week.  I just want to get it done and I realize that it will always be a work in progress and I just need to take a flippen picture.

     Hubs took down the Yew hedge and we bought 7 blueberry bushes to replace it, he will have to plant those today I hope.

I have many prom dresses to finish today and hope I can get them all done but they keep coming in like a flood that does not quit.  I am so blessed.

     There is a big old long list of costumes to complete for Alice in Wonderland so I will be working on those also. I am going to teach 3 nights this week and for the next few weeks.  But it will be fun.

     Hubs is putting together our new yard trimmer together.  Yeah!

I am off to set the world on fire or myself I am not sure.  Mom is looking for matches so I am going to check on her.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday, I have new tires!

     I hit another goal now onto the next one.  It will take longer as it is larger.  But I will get there.You just stick around and see.

     The shop was crazy busy.  I did sneak out and get my blood drawn.  I only had 4 phone calls from the time I left my car in the parking lot until I got to the Hospital door.  Just so flipping busy.  I think I will catch up and then 5 more dresses come in; I am grateful for the work but just so very tired.

     Looking forward to Saturday as it is supposed to be some what nice and I am going to spend the day outside.  I know my phone will ring off the hook but I don't have to wait on customers and I am really looking forward to a little down time.

    I can't believe it is already heading into May.  I have a meeting this afternoon at one to solidify the story boarding of Alice in Wonderland.  Also have a stack of costumes to complete by next Saturday.  Like I need that mess.  I am so looking forward to ending this chapter of my life. I love costume design and I love my kids, I love to choreograph but I am just worn out.  I need a break.  maybe I will miss it if I have a break.

     I just want to be able to concentrate on my shop, my mom, my debt(getting rid of it) and enjoying my life with my hubby and kids, my sissies.

I am starving, Raisin bran is calling my name.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, so I forgot...

     I forgot the most important thing on my list yesterday.  Go get my blood work done for the specialist. &*^%$#  When I realized I had skipped this it was 6 in the evening and the lab was closed.  So I have to do this today.

     I have line men in at 10, so I can fix hazard suits. Then I double scheduled brides accidentally at 11:00.*&^%$  Many other appointments running back to back.  My tires are supposed to be mounted today, but I can send hubs to do that. 

     The wedding dress I was working on  was picked up but the other I did not finish basting until  11:00 this evening.  The bride had to have this dress and she is barely a size 3.  The dress is a 16 so I am taking out like 16 inches at the waist.  It is a complex alteration to say the least.  I had a high school girl and her friend in to pick up a dress.  They asked how I was going to fix that dress (the wedding dress with the pins in 4 inches at the sides)  I said I am not sure, but it has to be done.

     After dinner I went outside as it was not raining and the sun was trying to shine.  It was very muddy.  I was able to lay the brick for the new bed and lay down two more bags of mulch and plant my $1 bargain plants.  Hubs and I ran to Home Depot again about 8:30 after I had bathed and washed my hair.  I came in looking like a mud ball.  Now the guest bath is a muddy mess. *&^%$ Anyway I bought more mulch and 4 more bricks to finish up.  I was also looking for marked down plants but they had none so I will wait.

     It is going to be a killer day in the shop. I have no idea what to cook for dinner.  Chicken something I think?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday, So sew so

     I came home exhausted last night.  I did not do anything but lay on the couch and then go to bed.  I did not do my exercises.  I did not take my medication which is bad as today I am feeling a little weird.  Had terrible night mares last night, feel like I have not slept, head is buzzy.  I have never had a hangover but feel like I have one now.

     It is cold and rainy so no outside today unless it clears up.  I have so much to do and a Wedding dress fitting for an out of state bride tomorrow.  I will be very busy today.  The house is a wreck and needs my love.  I am a wreck and need my love.  So happy to hear from Mysti today so that is a plus.

LADYBUG, I have yet to get your address, it might have gone in spam so please resend.  Your apron is calling your name.  It is sad and wants to see its new owner.

     Do you think if I make a list I will be able to maybe climb out of whatever is wrong with me?  What is wrong with me?  Something is not right in my head.

Okay things that I must do today!

1. brush teeth (Yeah I left my room without doing this I am disgusting....)check
2. fix chia pet hair( the moisture in the air has made me so beautiful I am scaring my clients.)check
3. Straighten my room ( it needs love)check
4.Straighten spare room(my alter ego has gone in there to sleep, snack, read and be messy) check
5.Make enchiladas for dinner and a salad check
6. do a couple of loads of laundry started
7.Finish and press a wedding dress on ironing board check
8. alter a wedding dress for second fitting tomorrow.
9.Go through alteration pile and see what is up next  ( I swear this reaches the ceiling)
10. Make phone calls on things that are done Check
11. go over to hospital and get blood drawn for appointment next week
12. water in door seedlings check
13. alter at least 2 more prom dresses ( this is to keep up as I am getting 2 a day on average)check
14. read sale adds as they come out today.check

Hmmmm what to do first.  It is  11:07 let's see what I can get done in the next hour.

The red checks were done by noon  Woot! woot!
 The dark blue were finished by 1:15 with lots of interruptions and phone calls
The yellow were finished by 5:30

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, Progress of some sort

     So we are fast approaching the end of April and all the bills are paid.  I am making progress on the debt and I have enough money to replace my tires!  The next debt to conquer should be the Studio lock loan.  This needs to be gone asap.  I will throw myself at this bugger with all my worth.

     Every time I make a house payment I am paying myself over $1000.00. I look at it as a savings account now.  It is going down quickly.  As long as I can keep Murphy at bay I can work hard to get where I am going.  Where am I going?  Not sure but I am going to find out....

     It is cold and rainy here.  Surprise!  I have plenty to do and must teach 4 hours tonight.  Need to finish up a wedding dress, and get a pile of other things done in the shop.

    Yesterday, some friends of ours stopped by that had been to their place in California, they brought us oranges, grapefruit and lemons.  So mom wanted lemon pie.  I knew once she got the idea in her head I would never get her to leave me alone.  So I pulled two crusts out of the freezer and threw together a couple of lemon pies.  Fabulous!  It made eating leftovers okay for mom.  She does not eat leftovers well.

     The eye doctor said I was at 80% and that was as good as it gets for me, I can see great and the new eye drops have done their work.  Seven eye surgeries is enough for one body. Don't you think?

     Hubs and I went to Home Depot and purchased a new trimmer for the yard as ours is defunct. I also picked up several things off the dead and dying rack.  All perennials for an area of our garden/ yard that will not grow veggies do to the light and the wisteria. I also bought 20 small bricks to put around the new spot.  I was able to get outside for a few minutes while I was waiting for crusts and meringue to cook.

    You can accomplish this is 20 minutes.  Saw off 2 large branches and haul them to the dump pile. Open a bag of mulch and spread it and re weed the strawberry bed.  That is all the time I got outside between rain drops and phone calls and customers and.....

     The &^%$ chickens have dug under their coop again, so now I will have to crawl through the poop and see if I can fix the spot.  They start to lay under the house and then critters dig under and have a meal.  We need to rebuild the coop and that is on Hub's to do list.  The weather has been so bad it is hard to get things done.

     Well I have fed the mother, and the shop is waiting.  No excuses, I am off.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday, money saving madness

     It was beautiful Friday and I was able to get all of my back flower boxes planted and all of my seedling starts for the garden planted.  I also had to take mom to two appointments and run up and down stairs for the shop which continued to be busy.  The back yard is coming together.  But it is slow and there is still so much to do.  I was also able to get the back brick step relaid, as hubs and his dad replace the back deck step that had rotted.

     I will take some pictures of my progress but it got dark before I could on Friday and now it is raining again.

     Saturday we took Hub's folks home. It was a 5 hour drive there, I drove mom in their car and  Hub's drove his dad in our truck, then we stayed long enough to potty and then hopped back in the truck to head home.  I drove the first 2.5 hours and Hubs took us into town.  We left at 9:30 and we were home at 9 p.m.  Such a long day. Then I stayed up late to make cinnamon rolls for mom's church.   She helped a little  so she could say she did it.  I was laughing at her as she was down on herself about her ability to make breads anymore.  I said, " well where do you think I learned to do this? I didn't come out of the womb this way you know.  Somebody taught me and I think that somebody was you."

     I know Hub's mom really enjoyed her break.  She was able to read a couple of really good books I had and sleep well.  She also was able to take long walks with Hubs.  I did all of the evening cooking and it was a good restful time for her.  Dad is very hard and his dementia is much worse.  He can be really childish and hard to get along with and then really humble and sweet.  Hubs kept him out of moms hair most of the week.  Dad and I spent many hours discussing the Civil war.  He would come down and sit in the shop and we would talk.  Allowing mom and hubs to have time together, doing genealogy and walking.  We will take them on some sort of vacation this summer just don't know where yet.

     I am very tired and not feeling my best but hope it will pass.  This is going to be a very busy week.  I have an eye doctor appointment at 1 today and need to go into the studio tonight to work on a large group # with other dancers.  The shop is very busy and of course I am behind:)  The weather is guaranteed to be crappy so at least I will not be tempted to be outside.

Here are a few things that I did the last 2 weeks to save money.

1. I have been looking for a pair of Dansko sandals to replace a 7 year old pair that really have to go actually I have three pair that need to be laid to rest, but they are so expensive.  Found a pair in Twin falls for 60% off.  Yippee!

2.  Only ate one meal out while traveling and daughter paid for it.

3.  Daughter paid to have my nails done, I accepted the treat.

4.  Saved on groceries, by traveling and then having Hub's folks who bought groceries while they were with us.

5. Started all my garden seeds with peat pellet refills.

6. Went to 4 different garden centers to check prices and did all my plantings with whatever was the least expensive at each center.  I had a gift card from daughter and another $49.00 card from a return last fall.  So I had all plants paid for.

7. Always buy the smallest plants and seed geraniums as things grow quickly and will fill out in about 3 weeks.

8.Cooked all meals at home and used food out of freezers and storage.

9.  Used coupons for all purchases at Jo-anns (Shop supplies)

10.  Picked up double kneed logger pants for hub's 80% off in Twin falls.  Hub's insists on dressing like a hillbilly and his double knee car harts are about $58.00 a pair.  Found two pairs for $12.00 apiece and bought them.  They also had really good heavy cotton shirts for $7.50 bought him two.  So now he can dress like a farmer with no holes, paint and chainsaw grease on his clothes.  Threw away two pairs of his pants.  (SHHHHH don't tell)

11.  Really cut back on Easter this year.  I love to make Easter baskets, but my kids are 24, 29, 36 do I really need to do this?  I have grand kids now.  So I did something small for grandsons and made two smaller baskets for 24 year old and her significant other.  Then purchased Easter lilies for mom and Mother -in-law.

What have you done lately to save money?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, Sun, flowers, three ring circus

     It is sunny out!  I did not get much sleep last night.  The sun is out!  I am going to plant some flowers.  The sun is out!  I have so much work left to do in the shop.  The sun is out!

     In laws and Hubs left this morning for a day trip.  Thought Hubs would kill his father.  He didn't and the circus left.  Really I was singing the Looney Tunes these when they left.  Taking two 90 year old people anywhere is like packing with quadruplets, even for a day.

     I sewed like a mad woman yesterday.  I am going to take some time today and work outside I don't care how busy the shop is.  I bought a few flowers for some boxes yesterday.  I will take pictures of the backyard for you to compare as I know all of you are just dyeing  (is that grammatically correct)to see the work in progress, Right? RIGHT? RIGHT? 
     I also planted my garden seeds, and paid all the bills for the month.  So it was a productive day to say the least. 

     It is quiet here after a week  (well 4 days of solid noise).  I am going to enjoy my day.  My phone is dead.  Not on purpose mind you.  But I will take advantage of this.  Yeah I will.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, what happened to Wednesday?

     Wow I lost a whole day!  How did that happen?  The shop runneth over.  It started at 9:30 and went until 6:30 non stop.  No time to post I guess. I so wanted to get outside as it was beautiful but that did not happen.  Now it is raining sideways.  So I guess I have no excuse but to work.  Blah!

     Hub's is taking his folks up to Spokane tomorrow to see daughter and baby.  So I will have a quiet day.  Well as quiet as my sewing machine will be anyway.

     Put a corned beef in the crock pot yesterday and it was not done by dinner so we had pancakes, sausage and eggs.  I think it will be done today.  So I don't have to worry about dinner.

     I am desperately trying to think of reasons to do nothing but sulk about the weather and I really cannot come up with anything.  So I will pay a few bills and get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday, The Winner is?


Please send me your address and I will send you your apron!  I will host another drawing May 1st so stay tuned.

     Started all dances tonight.  It was a long, short 4 hours if that is possible.  Hub's folks have not driven me nuts yet.  However my mother went back over to sisters so not sure what is going on there. M-in-law is dictating what I eat as usual.  Watches everything I put in my mouth. I was told tonight that people who are struggling with their weight need to eat a good breakfast.  ( I don't usually eat breakfast)  But what is the hidden meaning here?  

     Shop was busy and will be busier tomorrow.  I started out with a grandmother who was taking a class in making a Native Ribbon shirt and missed the last two classes and now grandson has a pow-wow on Thursday.  So she brought over her pieces and I sat her down at mom's machine and let her sew it together with my coaching.  I have made way too many ribbon dance shirts.  I did set her collar as that is really tricky, but she left after an hour and was so happy with her little ribbon shirt.  My last appointment was at 9:15 at night after I taught dance.  Some girl from a small burg outside of Lewiston that was in town for a volleyball tourney.  Needs dress by Friday when she will be in town for finals and then her prom is on Saturday.  Have a couple more Saturday dresses coming in tomorrow.  Yikes!

     I was hoping to get a little yard work done tomorrow but I don't thing that will happen, unless I get out at about 5:30 to say 7:30.  A girl can dream you know.....

     I would really like to get the rest of the bark laid out back and my flower beds cleaned out.  Hub's did not get to mow today as it rained hard until about 2:30, then the sun came out and it was too wet.

     We need to get new chicks and I am not up for the extra work right now.  Ugh.

     Making corned beef for dinner, I can crock pot it and be done.

     I am hungry, I hope my m-in-law is asleep....... 

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday night late!

We got back into town about 6 this evening after spending the last 9 days with our youngest grandson and his older brother.  This one was born on our 37th wedding anniversary.  Isn't he cute?  Doesn't his grandmother need her roots done? This was taken on his 1st birthday.  Boy do we love our grandsons they are so much more fun than our kids.  It was a very relaxing time but it was too long.  They say fish and company stink after three days and I believe that. I was able to sleep  many more hours than I usually do here.  I also was able to rest from the constant run I am on at home with the shop and mom.  Now my lil sis is about ready to kill me as she says I have been gone for 12 days, (not true) and we brought Hub's folks home with us as his mom really needs a break from his dad.  So we will be a house full of old folks for at least the next 5 days.

     I will try to get the winner up for the apron give away tomorrow or Wednesday, sorry I am so behind.  It is just my life right now.  Don't know if I will be able to come up for air for the next two months.  I will be so busy in the shop at least the next three weeks.  Prom dresses and wedding dresses are coming out my ears and I had several phone calls every day I was out of town so many more will come in this next week.  Gasp~!

     Hub's mom was up all night last night with an ear ache, crimmy, she was in the med fast center by 8 this morning and left with 2 prescriptions.  She has an infection.  Any kind of infection when one is 89 is serious.  I drove folks car with mom and she was pretty quiet most of the way.  She needs rest, poor darling.  Hubs drove our truck with his dad.  We made the 5 hour trip from their house into about a 7 hour trip by stopping at the old homestead in Wieser Idaho, so dad could tromp around the land of his youth.  Mom stayed in the car.  She is such a trooper.  No complaining.  Then dad thought we were going to take them home, he forgot he had packed to come stay with us.  It is difficult to be with someone with dementia on an every day basis.  Hopefully we can get hub's mom rested up and take them back home next weekend.

     I am very tired and will be skipping my weekly savings post.  Will take it up again next Monday.
We came home to a lawn that is over grown and a pond that needed filling.  The french drain is essentially done and I will try to take picks of our work up to this point tomorrow if I have time between the shop and teaching and the folks, and, and....

I was able to get all of my music pulled while at my daughters, as she has a music library like no other and I just had to tell her what I needed and she started pulling pieces and it is done!  Now onto the choreography.

     My daughter works way too hard.  It concerns me.  She does have full time live in help but her job is so stressful.  I love her mother-in-law who lives with them and has since her first son was born 6 years ago.  She is your typical Italian grandmother and so dedicated to her grandsons.  She is a fabulous cook, and works constantly at laundry and other things.  Daughter is so lucky to have this type of help and this woman never interferes in my daughters married life, she is practically perfect.  I just worry about burn out and the heavy caseload daughter has,the criminals she deals with, the lack of support she receives on the state and local level.  Her specialty is repeat DUI's, forgeries, and drug cases.  She and her husband make a good living but at what cost?  Hopefully she will be able to break into another form of law in another few years.  She is very, very good at what she does.  And when you are very good you get very used.

     I was able to get 7 cowgirl costumes done and sashes and sleevelettes done for daughters 2 ballet classes while I was away.  Yes daughter still teaches one night a week.  It is her hobby and believe me she needs this.  I also caught up the mending, and hemmed several pairs of pants, altered a few dresses for daughter.

     I haven't talked to my twin in 10 days and I am anxious to catch up with her.

     I have to pay bills and get accounts squared away tomorrow.  So I am signing off.

Sleep tight.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday, My inner brat is happy

     Thank you ,thank you, my inner brat thanks you. I whined and I got my wish.  See it still works.  Does not work with hubs however.

     Spent all day in the yard yesterday, then sewed in the evening.  We are getting there.  Hubs has bad allergies right now.

     The weather is holding.

     We are about 6 buckets away from being done with the drain, we also have to  do the edging. 

I put the slate walk way together yesterday afternoon.  It looks great.  I also tore up three large walking stones so I could level the soil under neath them.  I had to soften the dirt and I hope I can get that done today.  I can't believe with as much rain as we have had how hard the clay dirt gets.

Well that back yard is calling me.  It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I want to get all the grunge work done in the house so I can play.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday, making progress...

     I am making progress on the French drain, thank the good Lord.  My hands and back have about had it.

     I am also making great progress on my debt and I am very proud of myself.  Onward and upward.

     It is spring break here so no matter how much I sew and finish items no one wants to pick up as they are all going or have gone away and they don't want to give me there money as they need it for their vacation.  So I sit and sew and stuff piles up.

     I went up stairs to do the dishes last night and then cleaned my fridge.  It was disgusting.  Mom is very messy and she spills things doesn't see and tries to clean things up and doesn't see then leaves the mess to dry out.  Did I mention she can't see?

     Made a wonderful stir fry last night with chicken.  Nummy.

Not to be a complainer but I paid off a rather large debt and not one person said anything.... Do you even read the crap I write.  This is a debt pay off/ my life/ nonsense blog.  But I need , I need, I need, praise, sniff, sniff, whine.

I am going out to my rock pile to cry.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Tuesday, Drum Roll Please!!!!!

     I am going to pay off Sears today!  Yes, yes I am.  How's that for hard work and skimping?  Now, it is  onto new tires for my car as they are bald, and then I am going to hit that very obnoxious Studio lock loan.  That bugger will be zapped soon, I tell you.  That is as far as my plans go.  Just continue to make regular monthly payments on debts and attack one loan at a time.

     It was beautiful yesterday and I spent many hours in the yard.  Between customers and prom dresses that is....  I did my daily quota in the shop and I took in more work.  Prom dresses with lots of bead and sequin work are a pain.  I had one refitting today of a dress that needed to come up in the shoulders, so I had to remove the sleeves, and there were beads everywhere.  The sleeve holes had to be cut down and now I have to replace the sleeves.  I think I will hand baste due to all the beads.  Also have a refit tomorrow of a beaded top.

      Mom made hub's a sandwich in the late afternoon so I got out of making dinner last night.  Yeah.  Won't be so lucky today.

     Have to get mom to make more cookies as I have to run some to the salvation army soup kitchen some time today.  It is my turn and I forgot about it.  Too busy shoveling rock.

     It is very nice again today so as soon as I get my quota done in the shop and get mom's cookie ingredients lined out I am going outside.  I am cleaning the rock out of the garden area now and it is very time consuming.  I have to dig down at least a foot to expose all the rock that was thrown out of the drains.   At least it isn't wet.

     We had a wind come up and take our patio umbrella for a sail, but it landed in such a way that it shattered our patio table.  It was such a mess.  I could not believe  how small the slivers of glass were.  I made Hub's clean it up.  He asked me what I wanted for our anniversary and I said a new patio table I guess.  So much better than a diamond.  Right?

    I had a girl friend bring over her late motherinlaws sewing machine in its cabinet.  The cabinet need to be refinished on top.  (good job for Hubs).  I will remove the machine, but I love the cabinet.
Then she also brought over a small dresser that is narrow and tall.  It is full of sewing supplies.  I don't have time to go through it right now, but I am excited to see what I find.  It also needs repainting.  It is a project for another day.

     Will make a stir fry for dinner. Can't wait to get out in the sun again.

Have a great and productive day.



Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monday, Cheery Cherry Apron give away.

 Cheery Cherry Apron and Monday Saving Madness
     April 1st (okay two days late) I was to busy being a Fool on Saturday).  Here it is  cheery cherry apron give away.  Again I did not watch mom and she cut this darling pattern upside down.  It is a lined one size fits all dbl pocket apron, with one scrappy hot pad as mom cannot waste anything.  You will have a chance put in the drawing for every comment you leave, from now until the 16th of April.  You can also get  an extra entries by linking to my blog.   

   Big things going on around here.  I was able to work for about 16 hours in the back yard Friday and Saturday.  My Lil sis helped me alot.  There is still so much left to do out there. I do have both of the patios cleared off, but we need to find places for dirt and I have done nothing to clean the rock out of the garden area.  There is still an entire slate path to put back together and we have to tear up part of a flat brick patio as it has started to sag near the house.  Hubs purchased two bags of sand to help with the leveling.  Anyway lil sis and I took about 20 bags of garden and yard trash to the dump and I have not even started on the flower beds.  We also went to the dump, dump with many items so a good clean out it was.  This was without Hub's as he always argues about what is trash.  I try to do this without him.  It saves an argument.

     I have worked so hard I am exhausted.  My hands are so sore and my back is on fire. 
  I was trying frantically to finish up part of the yard and get the house cleaned up.  Every sink and pathway was a mud dump.  Even though I leave my garden clogs at the door, I still drag so much dirt through the house.  It is wet muddy work and I have to use the facilities and then my pants have dirt and mud all over them.  I am just like pig pen.

     I was able to get the master bed linens changed and the master bath and bedroom nice and sparkly, I also was able to do the spare room and guest bath which was a horrible mud mess as I use the bath the most.  I had swept all the dirt and removed all the throw rugs and had them piled in the formal front room where of course the dog had chewed up pine cones all over the Persian rug.  Finally I realized there was no way I could get it all done before I had to pick up hub's at the airport so I jumped in the tub and washed my hair, I figured he could have a clean house or a clean wife.  I still have not cleaned up the front room or the kitchen floor.  I figure I will just trash them again when I work outside.

     Sunday was conference so we stayed home and watched it on Youtube.  I then went to lil sis's to help her hang drapes.  I took over my big steamer and that made pressing them, much easier.  We had two picture windows and 4 smaller widows to do, and they look really nice.  Came home and made homemade spaghetti and french bread.

     On my way back from the chicken coop I turned my left ankle.  It is a little weak from and old injury.  I tore the crap out of the tendons and broke it at my dad's funeral about 13 years ago.  So now it is black and blue on top of the tarsal bones and very sore.  I can walk on it but have to be careful.  No taking long walks or exercise videos for a while I am afraid. Anyway enough whining.


1.  I did not cook one meal while hub's was gone, I just ate what I could find that was easy.
2.  Mom and I had Taco Time coupons for our birthday.  Buy one item get one free.  So we used those.  Cost was under $10.00 for both meals
3.We went out to dinner one night and mom and I split an entree as I can never finish anything and neither can she. We still brought home left overs.  Which we ate for lunch the next day.
4. Only spent $35.18 on groceries used coupons for about $18.00 of this.
5.  Did not go to Jo-anns at all
6. Had my bath rugs in the guest bath start to fray around the edges.  I carefully resewed them by hand saving on buying new ones.
7.  Lil sis works for a non profit that has a food bank attached.  Every two weeks they must get rid of produce.  They cannot give it to another food bank.  So I received a large box full of beautiful oranges and apples, and carrots.  I felt bad but meth addicts can't chew and citric acid is painful for them.
8.I never by small trash bags but use plastic grocer bags.  I save them and use at least one everyday to dispose of cat litter.
9. Bought a large bag of over ripe bananas for $1.00 ( then mom killed the bread but we ate it anyway)
10.  Picked up 6 pair of really nice slipper socks for Christmas.  Regularly $6.99 marked down to .99, these will go with  Christmas jammies I bought for $3.00, for my girls, mom and I.

  What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day!




Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, The sun is shining!

  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  I am doing back flips. I have a few things I must complete in the shop and then I am going outside.  I can hardly wait.

     The shop was busy yesterday, I am so blessed.  I was able to get outside for about 3 hours late in the afternoon.  It was a little sunny a few times but mostly cloudy, at least it was not raining.  I am making slow progress, on the drain.  There is one more huge pile of rock to sort on the patio and then I must attack the garden area.  My oh my what a project.  Never again.  I just want my back yard back.

     Last night Lil sis and mom and I went out to dinner and then went to Sis's to watch a movie and have a slumber party.  I just went right to bed as I am a party pooper and we were all so tired.  Not much party left in us old gals.

     Mom made banana bread yesterday and  I did not set out her ingredients, what a mess.  She was so upset as she is really a very good baker, but that woman cannot see to save her soul.  We can still eat it, just not present it.

     The house is a dirty wreck, as it always is when I work out in the yard.  It gets no love and I am tracking in mud and dirt.  Every sink is a splashed muddy mess. So tomorrow I really must do some housework.  Blah!

     I wants to play in the dirt.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday, I'm going to get the weatherman

     I know, I know you are tired of me complaining about the weather. Right?  Well too bad, I suffer, you suffer.  See what a nice person I am?  It rained all Dam% day, yesterday.  I could not go out and even work in drizzle as the ground was so wet I lost one of my clogs going out to feed the chickens.  Needless to say I had to change my socks, and of course they were white.  So I sewed all day, which was good in some ways but I am still not caught up.

     Now I won't complain about that as I have learned not to tempt fate.  Okay I really haven't learned that; I tempt fate all the time.  I am just so grateful to have the work.

   The weatherman has said it is going to clear off a little tomorrow.  What is a little?  I need absolute answers here.  I know the weatherman personally, and I know where he lives.  He and I might just be having a little talk.  He can't go hide out to his cabin up at the reservoir either because I know where that is also, and besides there was a rock slide closing the road out there.  We have horrible rock slides here. 

     Tailoring men's suits is not my favorite.  Taking in the shoulders is a pain, but I have it down to science now.  Does anybody tailor anymore? Alterations are different than tailoring.  Tailoring is a science unto itself.  It involves math.  I was very good at math, so my fate (there I am again on temptation) was to have to tailor.  Between wedding dresses, (I am the only one who will do them in a 200 mile radius), men's suits, and military dress uniforms, I am about done in.  Men's stuff is just harder.  I will be so glad when I am done with this lot.  Whine, Whine, sniff, I am such a boob.

     Have a great and productive day.




Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday, Project from Hell!

     I was able to get out and move 6 buckets of rock yesterday.  I went out about 4 p.m. and it was sprinkling lightly and continued to do that the entire time.  It was warm enough if you were working hard.  I just wish for a little sunshine.  Today is horribly rainy and over cast.  But I decided if it is not pouring I can do a couple of hours of work out there daily.  It seems like it is one of those no progress jobs.  So if I clean and move 6 buckets a day how long will it take me?  That is math problem I don't even want to figure out.  Project  from Hell!

     Hubs has sent really cute pictures of the baby who will be a year old and he is so big.  I can't wait to see him in April.  It is nice a quiet here with just mom and me.  I sort of love it actually.  Except Hub's is some help on the &^%$# French drain project.  He asked me if I was going to have it all done when he got back,  I swear there was a garden hoe next to me and I thought about hitting him with the darn thing.  Like in your dreams buddy.

      I have a ton of sewing to do today and I would like to work on Mom's etsy shop some.  It really takes time to list things and as I like to waste the time I do have, well not much is getting done.

     Let's see there are at least 3 more wedding dresses and 5 prom dresses and 4 business suits, and a pile of mending and small things so I had better get my to it, I needs the money.

     You know if I did not have any debt, I don't think I would work at all I would just sit around all day eating bon bons, reading romance novels, and napping.

     By the way I hate romance novels, unless they are truly good literature.

Have a great and productive day,  I can hear a bon bon calling me


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, Making Progress

     As we near the end of the month and it is hard to believe it is almost April, I have to write that I am really proud of my progress with my bills (debt).

     It has been a tough few months with the weather.  I really depend on the shop for all gas and grocery or extra money.  Pay checks or retirement money pays the bills and the debts.  When you have no cash flow you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Since we remodeled the kitchen money has been really tight.  I have been trying really hard to not spend foolishly and to watch my pennies.

     As the shop seems to be back on track I feel more confidant about getting things paid off. Since the first of the year I have paid off several smaller debts, mostly from Christmas, which would have been no debt at all except that the weather closed down the shop.  I also finally paid off the last of daughters wedding.  So listed in the column on the left are things that I have paid in full.

     My next debt I hope to pay is Sears, I hope to have this by the end of the month.  I do have to pay Federal taxes and I must put new tires on the Forester.  If I can get those things accomplished by the end of April I will be pretty darn proud of myself.

     Every month we add over $1000.00 to the principle of our house.  It is amazing to see the numbers fall.  I want so badly to eliminate the studio lock loan and get a significant part of the home improvement loan paid before the end of the year.  I know I will get the lock loan paid.  In addition there are other bills that I pay on monthly.  They will be there for a while.  I feel that once I get the lock paid and the home improvement paid I can go to the Credit union and  get them to give me a signature loan to pay off the remainder of the studio CC which has a higher interest.  In the mean time I will keep plugging along.

     I am making progress, it is slow, but I am blessed with work.  I am blessed with the ability to do the work and for that I am truly grateful.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday, Money Saving Madness

     Here it is Monday again.  The weekend went by so fast.  It rained off and on all day Saturday but when it wasn't raining I was in the back yard working on the french drain.  I feel like I have spent forever in the dirt and muck and I am not making any progress.

     On Saturday, grandson went out with me for a while and crawled around in the mud and tasted rocks.  We had so much fun.  Mud Grandmas are the best kind of Grandma.  Then we went inside a took a bath because we were both very dirty.  That was also fun.  He had a warm bottle of milk and I had a soda and we took a nap.

     Sunday I had a long nap after church I told hub's if he woke me up he was dead.  But mom of course came messing in the room to see what was for dinner.  She never says anything just squirrels around until I get up.  I think Hub's put her up to it.

     The shop is swamped so I will be busy all week.  I am happy about it let me tell you.  That 2.5 months of solid bad weather and snow was horrible on my cash flow.  I am still climbing out.  So I need all the work I can get.

 Things I did this week to save money:

1. Cooked all meals at home from pantry stock (except for Birthday dinners)
2.  Let mom take me out to diner on Thursday for my birthday
3. Had dinner at Sis' for my birthday (hey free food counts)
4.  Made homemade cookies for mom's church that she was asked to bring
5.  Used coupons for groceries and free items from Albertson's monopoly game
6. Stayed home Wednesday spending no money or gas
7. Fed all scraps to chickens to supplement their food
8.  Always use cloth napkins for all meals
9.  Use a sponge for spills and clean up, (I can make a roll of paper towels last a month)

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, I will do what I want day

     Yeah I get to do what I want today.  Well as long as grandson approves.  He is such a big help.

I had a wonderful birthday dinner with my two younger girls my lil sis, mom and Hub's.  I am not used to having a fuss made on my birthday so it was nice.

It is supposed to be somewhat nice today so I plan to work in the yard asap.  I might be chased out by rain drops.

Yesterday I was working on a wedding dress and grandson crawled in and distracted me.  I had the serger needle go through the front part of my pointer nail.  The machine stopped, I screamed people came running.  Daughter saw immediately what was happening and blood was oozing up  and I was working on a wedding dress.   She had a soda in her hand and put it on the floor to snatch up the dress and figure how to move it out of harms way.  Hub's is trying to see how to get my finger off the machine.  I am screaming "Don't touch it", Don't touch it"  so afraid he will go through it again.  In the mean time grandson picks up soda and spills it all over the floor just under the dress daughter is holding.  So we get Hub's to remove grandson and come clean the floor.  I slowly disengage finger.  Luckily it went through the artificial nail first and then into nail side ways and out so a good puncture wound.  Hurts like hell, and I had tears running down my face for about an hour.  The finger had a heart beat of its own.  It is still sore to the touch.  That ended my day of sewing.

     Anyway I had a great birthday and thanks for all the well wishers, I am off to get some fun in the back yard.

have a great and productive day!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday, Happy Birthday Sissie!

   It is my twin sister's birthday today, so that means it must be mine also.  But she is older so there.  I have a busy day ahead of me.  Lot's of alteration appointments and work to do.

    Both kids are coming in to have dinner at my sister's place.  I am not used to having a big deal made of my birthday unless it is a ten year celebration.  Right now my grandson is here destroying the house and he is so much fun.

     Mom took hub's and I out to dinner last night and actually paid for it graciously. Remember mom pays for nothing.  So that was nice.

Grandson is entertaining us by crawling up and down the stairs and emptying all trash cans.  Such a help he is.

  The cats are trying desperately to get away from grandson.  This should be a fun day.

I was able to work in the yard for about 3 hours yesterday, but it feels like it is just a drop in the bucket. I know you eat an elephant one bite at a time, it is just that this is one big elephant.

     Well I had better get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday, I am seeing spiders

     One forgets just what a miracle life really is until you see a baby that is just minutes old.  Their skin is so soft and translucent like velvet.They are so beautiful.  So this new little cousin is now part of our universe.  I spent the day with his older brothers, and even though I was not home sewing I still had work come in that needs to be done tomorrow.  So on top of everything else it will be a busy day.

     Hub's said it is supposed to be nice today so maybe if I get busy right away this morning I can get a few hours in the yard.

     Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment at 1 in the afternoon.  The baby was supposed to be induced Thursday but they moved it up so I had Hub's come by the house to sit with the 3 year old while I ran over to the eye doctor.  Well the secondary cataract on my right eye was so bad the doctor insisted that I go right into surgery.  I guess with my Sjogren's syndrome he did not want the eye getting any tighter or drier.  So I called hub's and said I was going to be lazered.  It was really quite painless, just like little stabbing pricks that went away immediately.  Usually you have two or three zaps but I had about 12, the doctor said the cataract was alot thicker than it appeared.  My eyes always have something weird.  Anyway now I am seeing these little black spiders that look like flies I am trying to bat away.  I guess this will last about 24 hours.  I am anxious to see how much clearer my vision is after the dilation is completely gone.  In the mean time stay out of my way as I am slapping the air in attempts to bat away the bugs that are flying around my head.

     I hope it is warm and sunny today I could really use some worm and sunny.  BAT, Slap...

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday, wiped out

     It was a crazy hard day on Tuesday.  I got started a little late and the projects I had lined up to work on were hard.  Tailoring is completely different than alterations.  It is detailed and difficult and I had to tailor an expensive mans suit.  Jackets are tough when the shoulders have to come in.  It is a math puzzle to take in certain seams and return the arm  of the jacket back to the body, then all the padding and under seams and the lining all has to be reattached by hand.  Very time consuming and difficult.  Then I had to baste the dried wedding dress back together and but in a bustle as the bride will be here on Thursday.   I just felt like I was hunched over the machine and really did not finish any thing and then it was time to teach.

     I arrived home a little after nine and had to take in and hem a pair of tux pants and finish the Jacket of the suit I had been working on earlier.  I am going to take care of my nephews little boys today as their mom is having another baby.  I also have an eye doctor appointment at 1:00 I need another cataract surgery.  This will be minor but still must be done.  Anyway no sewing today as I will be dealing with the boys.  So Thursdays work had to be completed.

     Did you know you can do and entire 48 minute walking/exercise video with hand weights with your eyes closed most of the time? I know this is possible because I did it last night before I went to bed, I was so tired.

     I am still so tired.  The weather is  mostly awful.  At least that keeps me from being drawn outside.

I need a nap.Maybe I can slip one in while watching the youngest boy who is 3 while the others are at school.  After I take all of them to see their new brother I will need to take them home and feed them and get them to bed.  I think Mc Donalds is calling my name, I am that kind of Aunt.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, My Monday....

     My day started out with wedding dresses.  I had one come in that was so dirty on the bottom.  It was either a shop model and tried on a lot or it was used.  I had ripped down the sides to take it in and I knew the dirty under arms would disappear with the alterations but the bottom?  So it got a bath with ivory soap and warm water. See the yellow clog's marking the first day of spring.  Bottom of dress and train in soapy tub. 

 Here the poor darling is drip drying, I will alter it tomorrow and then bustle it up.
       This poor darling is a third generation dress that is getting an over haul.  Unfortunately it was very yellowed and reaked of nicotine .  So it was soaked for an hour in biz.  Look at the color of the water.  New water and a fresh cup of biz and let it soak for 2 days then after it drips dry I will figure out how we will rework it to the brides liking.    

     I sewed most of the day, the shop was very busy.  I took in another wedding dress that was so smelly from cigarettes it is hanging in the garage and will have to air there for a few days before I bring it in the shop.  Or I might throw it is the dryer with a dryer sheet on air fluff.

     This is the time of year the shop gets busy.  I really have to stay on top of things.  Right now the house needs love, I need to take down and put away St Patricks day that will only take a few minutes.  Mom will want to decorate for Easter.  I want to find time to do this before I have to go and take care of my niece that is having a baby Wednesday morning.

            This mess is the garden spot.  Terrifying, rock ways torn up, such a disaster.       

Here you see part of the drain I started to reconstruct and the flag stone path that is torn up.  Oh and the cat that helps.

  Here is the dog that helps and the stairs that will be redone and the brick walkway, the drain pipe and the general mess.  Ugh!

 Stairs that will be replace and the entire deck repainted.  So much flippen work.
  A view of the drain going to the turn around the end of the lot.  Piles of rock and dirt covering every patio and surface.
 See the piles of rocks that have to be cleaned.  This large patio also has to be leveled as it is dipping in the center and needs to slope away from the house.  So much work. I built this patio 25 years ago it is set on leveled sand.  But I am much older now.
 Here is the twenty feet that I started leading from the pond drain.  I did it wrong and I have to redo it.  I cried when I found out, but at least the rock is clean.
The disaster from another angle.

So this is my day washing wedding dresses and sewing and trying to spend a few hours out in the mess of a back yard.

 The shop is really busy, mom is not feeling well and I have to teach today.  It is going to be a long day.

So you guys out there knock yourselves out, I am going to.

Have a great and productive day!