Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday, Black Friday!!!

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?  I am all about saving money, and I live in a smaller town so fighting the crowds at Christmas here is not like fighting crowds in a larger city.  I went Black Friday shopping with my sister-in-law once in Boise.   We got up at 4 in the morning and stood in line in the freezing cold.  I was excited, it was a frenzy.  We were done shopping and home by 11:00 that morning.
    I remember purchasing many large ticket items at great prices.  Almost every thing was electronic or appliances.  Yes they were nice and all of them were for my kids.  I mean I just could not pass up that kind of sale.  I know D#1 was in Law school because she needed a new vacuum cleaner.  It was a need gift and the only one I needed to buy.  Everything else was just"But it's such a good deal."  I never did this again.  The kids didn't really seem to care.  I was deeply in debt.  Now I was more in debt.  I just cannot do that to myself any more. 

     One thing that makes Christmas much easier for me is shopping throughout the year and finding really good gifts at bargain basement prices.  My girls don't care that is was bought on sale.  They do like quality so I really try and find nice things that they will use and need.  A few years ago I found this slogan and it is something I usually go by.

Something to wear
Something to read
Something you want
Something you need

     This makes it very easy.  I always ask them what they want, and what they need, I can surprise them with the other things.  When we travel I look for books. I pick them up with vacation money. Now that the older two have had babies, they really understand that Christmas is about family, the spirit, the children.  Many useless gifts are not what makes a happy Christmas.

     I must truly say that other than son-in-laws and Hubs I am done with shopping.  I know what the son-in-laws want so it is a matter of getting those things.  I will get Hub's to order on line for them.

     We are really into stockings at our house.  This started out in my family as mom had many children and we needed things so Christmas was the one toy we really wanted from Santa.  We all received a new set of Pjs. We opened the pajamas Christmas eve.  In our stockings, we always had a hair brush.  We had a tooth brush, we had new socks, we had hair ties and bands, some small candy.  We always received new mittens, hat and scarf.   Christmas was really things that we used through out the year.

    In our house, we have tried to make stockings important.  Again the girls receive a nice gift and then stocking stuffers.  These are mostly silly things I have picked up for peanuts through out the year.  You would be surprised what you can accumulate when you pick up a few trinkets here and there.

     For Hub's folks who will be 90 this year, we just do stockings and a basket of snacky foods which they open on News years eve.  I wrap every thing in their stockings.  So they can open things.  They love it.  I purchased two very nice large stockings for them last year at Good Will. I will restuff these when we drive through.  Usually I just put a small pile of wrapped stocking gifts in a container, but when I saw those socks they said Mom and Dad and were a dollar a piece.  What a bargain and this will continue for as long as they live.  Last year they went to my sister -in laws and they took their filled stockings.  Every one was amazed at what was put in them and how much mom and dad enjoyed this.  Again all things were purchased here and there through out the year and all items were on sale at close out prices.  The books in their stockings were the only thing not on sale.  Now I just hope no one steals my idea.

     I am going to start trying to do a more homemade Christmas.  I can make many beautiful things.  Things my girls will appreciate and need.
What do you plan to do for Christmas?  Do you make any gifts?

By the way I am in my Christmas jammies from about 4 years ago.  They are faded and old, but I am so sick with this cold that I am staying in bed mode most of the day.  Bed-mode means I get up periodically to mess around in various rooms.  Put away a little laundry, or start a load.  Make a bed. rest.  Fold some socks,rest.  Put a few things away in the kitchen, rest. I will putz all day, and rest.

Have a great and productive say staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

     Well I got my list done yesterday and mom and I cooked from noon until about 5:00 I could not believe she held up that long.  She was not very nice during the process, but I was proud of her stamina.  Lil sis came and got her about 7:00, she was downstairs napping.  Now she is at Lil sis's house and she was sick this morning and she is lying in bed up stairs waiting to hold court.

     Mom and I made 4 pies yesterday, 2 pumpkin( hubs and I had cleaned a large pumpkin the day before and I cooked it up, then we sieved it), one apple, one banana cream. We also peeled sweet potatoes and cooked them and got those ready. I got the stuffed squash ready.  Then we made two batches of Swedish meatballs. (24 doz).  Mom also helped me make her cranberry salad. So good. Then I sent her to bed.

     My shop was so busy yesterday with people picking up and dropping off. I did no sewing just cleaned up the shop.  We have a big gala here this weekend so many formal dresses and suit pants.  It was crazy running up and down the stairs all day.  Then you have the out of town people who are coming in to shop and they drop off.  I always ask when they will be in town next and try to have their things done.

     After Lil sis picked mom up Hub's and I had an early piece of pie and leftovers. I embroidered two dish towels. It was a peaceful relaxing evening.  Well if you consider coughing your brains out peaceful.

     I slept late today and Lil sis called to have me bring a few things over.  I went in my pj's.  My niece was there as Lil sis had just picked her up from a nearby airport.  She is a cutie. I went upstairs and talked to mom for a few minutes, I also brought her up an icy cold soda hoping it would pep her up.

     Today I have to cook the squash, reheat the sweet potatoes, make a relish tray and make all the rolls.  I wil1 probably do a triple batch so we have plenty of leftovers.

Here is Mom's cranberry jello salad recipe.  I remember my grandmother making this:

2 cans of whole berry cranberry sauce.
2  small or 1 lg pkg raspberry or red jello  (I use sugar free as this is very calorie heavy)
2 cups celery chopped fine
1 cup of walnuts chopped

Mix jello with 2 cups of boiling water and mix until it dissolves  DO NOT ADD COLD WATER
Puree cranberries in a blender or food processor
add chopped celery
add chopped nuts
Now add jello and mix together
pour into mold. Chill several hours or over night.

This is very yummy

I have also added chopped apples to this and it is good.

     Well I am going to take some more cough suppressant because I really need to be in bed.

Have a Wonderful Turkey Day with your friends, and family.  May God bless all of us with to much food and too many friends.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday, Happy? Holidays?

     By reading some posts I think there are a few of us that are approaching this .....  I actually laughed when I saw this.  I needed to laugh.                                                                       I think I am allowing myself to be taken down by my mother's cheerfulness.  

     So what am I going to do about this?  Well I am going to concentrate on gratitude.  Please help me with this.  Please.  I need help, a lot of help.  Help me to be grateful and not dwell on lasts years Holiday fiascos.  Help me to be patient with my mother.  Do not allow me to get pulled down by her mean and snarky comments.  Help me to have patience and understand her and pity her.  Just because she is unhappy does not mean I have to be unhappy Right?

     In order to fight these holiday blues, I am going to get to work, as work is a great panacea for depression.  I can't really say I am depressed, but mom is and she could take a league of Angels down with her.

1. Call all people in the shop 
2. Finish one dress
3. laundry turn over
4. help mom make meat balls for open house( like this needs to be done today)
5. make 4 pies
6. peel and boil sweet potatoes for tomorrow.
7. get squash prepped for tomorrow.

      Mom is upset by my bad cough and cold.  First my poor Lil sis was so sick with a cold and now I am down/up/ down with a bad cough.  But remember we are not allowed to be sick.  She keeps making comments about how tired she is of people coughing all the time.  She had to put up with Lil sis and now me.  Her life is so hard.  My little inner voice is saying, "Come here and let me make your life hard."  Okay that is not the point of this post. This post is to help me be up, up, up!

     I am blessed with work, I am blessed with wonderful sisters.  I am blessed with great kids and grandsons,I am blessed with skills to help me when ever I need them.

     Well I had better get to work as no one else is going to do it!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday, I was very, very cranky....

Image result for witch wife

     Yesterday was not good for me or anyone within a few yards of me.  Besides having a terrible chest cold and coughing non stop, I felt like my head was going to explode.  I was angry and frustrated with my Husband (for good reason) and I was short with my mother.

     Hub's actually tried to hide from me but with my witch skills I found him.  I had plenty of sewing that needed to be done and it was raining cats and dogs.  So Hub's props himself on his butt with a book and mom starts making demands to start baking for HER open house. I was more than a little irritated.  I stomped up to hub's and demanded that he do a few things I had been after him for.  He of course did them half/a$$ed and I exploded and made him redo them  three times.  I mean really?

     Then I was punished for losing my temper by my sewing machine dying.  I am very good at fixing sewing machines.  This is a throw away job.  SO I broke down into hysterics.  Hub's went and hid again.  Mom hovered, which irritated me.  Hubs left at about 5 when I was going to start dinner.  HE had to go set up for a jazz band recital.  When we realized he was leaving, mom offered to take me out for a taco and even paid for it!  I took her up on this.  So tonight we will have what we were going to have last night.

     Hub's just went to pick up youngest D#3at the airport.  We just heard that D#2 arrived at D#1's,keeping track of these kids is harder now than when they were babies.  Well they were never babies at the same time.  They all act like babies at the same time now....  Okay they are great kids.

     Mom wants to make fudge today and I agreed.  We all have dental appointments at 2:00 and Hub's no longer has dental insurance so I hope he can get buy with a cleaning.

Here is our families fudge recipe that we have used for over 40 years.  So easy and never fails.

1-8 oz package of cream cheese (use philly only) .88
1 cube butter or margarine .50
dash of salt
2 tsp vanilla .5
2 squares of baking chocolate or 1/2 cup coco .20
1- 2lb bag of powder sugar .99

Soften cheese and butter and mix thoroughly
add salt and vanilla
add chocolate or coco
add powder sugar  mix until well blended and shiny.  You may add nuts of your choice.

press into a pan and put in fridge.  This makes 3lb.s of fudge for under $3.00 and it is delicious.  You can add nuts but it will up the cost by a dollar or so.  This also makes a great gift.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.