Goals 2020

     Let's just say I was pleased with the goals I set last year as I achieved them.  I paid off several small bills that were lurking. I learned so much from the blogs.  I took on a new attitude.

     This year I am going to concentrate on two main goals.

  • Pay off the sewer loan as quickly as possible. payment is $350.00 a month DONE APRIL 26TH
  • Pay off the loan for the studio CC by the end of September.

     This is over $20,000 I do however have $9,000 coming in from studio sale.  $3150.00 will come from the standard payment of the sewer loan.  So that means I have to come up with at least an extra $1000.00 a month out of our budget.  Can I do this?  You bet I can just watch me!

     There are other little smaller bills I am also working on that I hope to kick to the curb this year.  There is always medical, and repairs, and stupidity.


It is 2019 and I have to say I accomplished so much more than I thought I would.  I really became serious about debt payoff and worked a snowball into reducing our outgo of money by over $800.00 a month which was put toward debt.

Mom passed away in June allowing me to not have my loan to her which had a balance of 9500.00.  I also inherited enough money to pay off all remaining debts except the house.

 We purchased a new car much to my regret but it was a have to not a want.  I had to leave the clutch behind due to safety.  Thus we incurred a new debt.

But my financial goals this year are to pay off the house, which I am sure we can do.

Get my inheritance account back to at least 15,000.  $4500.00 from D#2 and at least $5000.00 from me.  Once the house is paid off I can really add to this.

Keep credit card purchases at a minimum and pay off asap.

2020 a new decade


fix up house
sell house
go on a 6 month mission for church
travel a little or a lot
maybe have another grandchild if god is willing
pay off car maybe?
try and cash flow repairs to house as much as possible.