30 things for January


1. Complete first money saving chart
2.  Get tile replaced in kitchen
3. get ceiling fixed in kitchen
4. get door jams put on in kitchen
5. scrub all grout in kitchen
6. tear out bad molding in mom's room
7. replace front door latches and dead bolt
8. pull all old paint out of garage and match up
9. get dry wall fixed in mom's room
10. get carpet replaced in mom's room
11.get mom's room painted
12. replace all molding in mom's room
13. get estimate to replace shower unit in master bath
14. have professional come out and measure shower unit
15. replace faucets in master bath with brushed nickle
16. find all brush nickle switch plates for master bath
17. fix wall damage in master bedroom and paint
18. review Youtube videos on spray painting fixtures for bath
19. find out how to paint small gold tiles in master bath to brushed nickle
20. replace all hanging fixtures in master bath to brushed nickle
21. research how to paint faucet on jacuzzi tub
22. paint faucet on jacuzzi tub
23. scrub out shower
24. get grouts to match bathrooms so I can repair grout spots
25. scrub rubber grout well and learn how to replace
26. pack all extra things on kitchen shelves and really deep clean in prep for paint touch up
27. clean out junk drawer
28. clean and store all things in napkin drawer
29. clean and wipe down large pantry cupboard
30. clean and wipe down broom storage cupboard

1 comment:

  1. I've already gotten your #18 done. go me! lolz
    As for #19, why put stuff in storage if you are downsizing the house you are selling? That will just mean more sh&t to find a place for in the new house.
    And be sure to leave room in your suitcase in Oct. to carry back your Xmas presents with you. ;-)