Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thursday, LEAP day!


So fun.  Once every 4 years, we get to leap into March. 

I was so busy yesterday with kids and grandkids, both Auntie and I were exhausted after everyone left. We both went down for naps. We needed them badly.

Auntie had a headache yesterday most of the day but today we are going out to dinner with my bestest buddy.  That will be fun.

Signe' and Nate are trying to get settled at their new place.  They have an 8-month-old female calico kitten, that seems to love her new home.

She keeps bringing in voles from across the street where there is farmland. She is quite the huntress. Nathan could smell something dead in the house and knew it was a vole she had brought in, and they did not catch her.  He has looked all over for where she hid it. Then he caught her two more times coming in with them and chased her out.  The day before yesterday he heard a thumping sound in the front room and went to investigate and found her tossing dead vole around.  So, he bought a belled collar for her so he would know when she came in the house. 
Now he is in the computer room and again hears thumping and goes out, cat with another dead vole, and no collar.  I told him to give up.  She was only trying to feed the family.  She had talked the vole into helping her take off the collar in exchange for freedom and then changed her mind.

So, Nate buys a fancy electric heavy dog door. But I am pretty sure I saw her reading the installation directions, with a drill in her paws.  Well that lasted one day, because she just waits for the dogs to go through and then comes in between his legs with the vole. 

Nate spends $700.00 on a timed dog door so nothing can go out or in at certain times.  This morning, he asks Signe as he lets the dogs out, where is the cat? Well, she comes prancing through the door with a dead vole immediately on the tail of the dog that just went out. How did she get out? 

Last evening she was throwing a dead vole against the front door so they would let her in. Nate opens door she runs in between his legs with a vole.

I will keep you informed of this contest of wills.  SO far Cat 7  Nate 0.

Really, she is just trying to feed you Nate you ignorant primate.

I am sewing today with no interruptions it will be so nice. I see a couple of wedding dresses biting the dust.