Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Wednesday, A little better


Nate brought the kids down late yesterday afternoon and that sure cheered me up. He put up a new shade in the family room for me.  I am trying to get rid of all those slated shades that have the long cords and are so hard to pull, plus dangerous for little ones.

It is so nice to just touch, and the shade moves.  This house as huge windows.  I still need to do the dining room and the master bedroom, but they only had one blackout shade for the master so I will wait until I can get two at the same time.

I am starting to wonder of being crazy busy, behind is better for me than having spare time or feeling that I have spare time, as I sure have been in the dumps. I guess this grief thing is a returning nightmare. Dang it anyway.

A picture of Kelsa always makes me smile.  Actually, Kelsa makes me smile.

I made myself sew yesterday but I kept having so many problems with the machine and me and mistakes.  I usually don't make mistakes.  SO frustrating.

Today I have little I have to do and couple of things. I bought three blueberry bushes to plant, but I think they might need cages.  So, I need to go buy some more chicken wire.

Thanks for all the well wishes, this is just so hard and hate it.  You have no idea how much I just want to feel normal.  I know it has to be a new normal.  I don't like myself, when I am in a pity party, and self-absorbed. Just not me.