Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday,Chart completed and remembering

Well I completed chart #11 and I am onto #12!  I hope to complete that before the end of the month.  Wouldn't that be nifty?

We had to call in an electrician yesterday due to a smoking, stuck on light switch that froze the fan on in our bathroom.  Not a project I would let Hub's tackle.  I wouldn't be able to tell if his shaking was due to his parkinson's tremor or electrical current.  I had the electrician fix another light in the garage that is stuck on and also replace the outside porch light that has been broken for over a year.  I replaced it with a motion sensor.  We have had skunk and badger sightings in the neighborhood and I am hoping this will help keep them at bay.  We have  three lights in the front wall of the house that are not working so we are trying to fix those also.  I don't know how much this will set us back, but it will be done.

We went to the cemetery while we were in Missoula to clean up all the family graves.  We were going to do this when we were there for mom but it got away from us. Here is Hub's using a pocket knife to clean around our daughters head stone.  Going there did bring back memories and I have to say I was just as goofy after her death as I have been with moms.  I was trying to graduate with a double major and she came a few weeks early, throwing papers, and projects into chaos.  My professors were so kind.  Not many women went to school pregnant at that time.  I had turned down a job a Boeing because I was to have a new baby and then  I had no baby.  I was a mess for about a good month and then took a job with a company in Idaho.  I swear I cried everyday all the way to work for an entire year. Hub's was over seas at the time.  It was vary hard.  So now I realize that what I am going through is normal and I will be okay.  Franka was a darling short, fat little baby.  She looked like me.  All my other girls look like their dad.

     This did give me a perspective on normal.  I am normal.  The brain fog is normal.  It will pass and I will be left with good memories as long as I don't dig too deep.

     The shop was crazy busy yesterday.  So much for catching up.  So I have plenty to do.  We ate entirely out of the garden last night, but I am going to add some meat tonight as I was hungry at about 10 p.m.  I did do 10 pieces of ironing yesterday.  So I am making some progress just not as much as I need to or would like.  Today I will be better.  I need to go to the bank and finish a couple of bridesmaid dresses and two wedding dresses.  Also I have several pairs of pants to alter, and couple of zippers to replace.  So I will not be bored that is for sure.

Have a a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.!