Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, ??? Crazy times

     I spent Friday afternoon making three kinds of cookies for the scouts that were coming on Saturday.  I made choc chip, (with chips Slugs sent me on my birthday), peanut butter, and snicker doodles.  All are drop cookies and easy to make.  While I was cookie baking I was able to give my kitchen a good deep Kim clean and ran up and down stairs to help clients in between batches.

     About 3 in the afternoon one of my girlfriends from Missoula called me and said she had just gotten up (what?)and she had lumps behind her ears and her face was swollen. She asked for the address to the day clinic here in town.  When I was finally able to get away and get over to Lil sis's it turned out she had the Mumps!  I guess mumps had been going around Missoula and she does have a weaken immune system.  You should have seen her face poor darling.  So our casino night was off as well as other plans for the weekend.

     We had a good laugh over this and don't worry it won't spoil our fun as we can be stupid and entertain ourselves without any help.  So we stayed p and yakked on the back porch until 12:30.  I should have gone home earlier as I had to get up to greet scout the next day.

     Saturday morning came way too early, but the scouts were able to get all the stones lifted and replaces, the pond cleaned the the two huge beds weeded and mulch spread.  We ran out of rock and mulch so there are holes, but Hub's went and got more and I will fill the holes his week.  Most of the hard work is done on those sections of the yard.

     There is a lot of clean up to do around the pond where we dumped decayed garbage but it will dry and I will clean it up then.  I feel that if I can get to the outer beds in the back yard  some time in the next few weeks the yard will be done for the first time in three years. But it is truly never done as I had to go and weed some in the front beds that were done 2 weeks ago and the garden needs weeded desperately.

     After the scouts were gone I had to take a quick bath and get down to the Harley dealership to sew patches and then I went over to Lil sis's house to visit for awhile.

     My youngest is due in with her mother-in-law and her husband to go look at wedding suits and then I am going over to Lil sis's for a girls night.

     It has been a busy weekend and it will be a busy week.

Do any of you have plans for the upcoming week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.