Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday, A little cuteness for your day

Schmills at the wedding in Cancun.  He had a married sign and a little box for the rings, but if you look closely you will see his hot wheel car, which he put in the box with the rings as it was his treasure.  Too cute I tell you.  He just makes you smile. If he wasn't such a hockey loving soul I would say he could model.  I think his parents should rent him out to a wedding service.

Well Sissie got a hold of me yesterday and kicked my butt into moving.  She can throw guilt just like our mother could.  I had to set a timer for 15 minutes and then work and call her and report.  This went on all afternoon and I am proud to report I did get the closets switched around.  I also had a huge black garbage bag to donate to good will.  Then I stopped at staples and picked up 20 of their empty paper boxes so hubs and I can start packing up books and knick-knacks from the house.  It is all about down sizing here. 

I will be decorating for Christmas in a few weeks, so taking things down won't matter.  We will be painting room by room over the next couple of months into the new year.   Hubs asked when we were going to rent a storage unit?  I said as soon as we have enough boxes packed to bother us. As I will stack them in the back shop hall it will probably be by this weekend.

We have to start somewhere. Going room by room and getting rid of things we do not want to store and downsizing so we can stage the house.  It is amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the years. I am excited about this and I am scared to death.

I also went into the shop and got the sewing done that is due out today.  I will definitely get in there today and get the pile done.  I feel the need for money.  Finally that old money motivation is kicking in, after all it has been almost 3 weeks since I really sewed.

I also went into the gift closet and rapped D#3's birthday gifts, so they are ready to go.  I really dislike gift wrapping so I thought I would try and get a little Christmas wrapping done every day. This will keep me from putting it off and having to do it all at once. I noticed I was really low on Christmas wrap as I have not purchased any in the after Christmas sales these past few years. So I am thinking of just going a buying a roll of brown paper and using that a red string.  Cheap and functional.

Chicken enchiladas are on the menu for tonight and I will take them into my friend tomorrow.  I will do up some Mexican rice and I need a make a dessert of some kind. The littles will be here tomorrow.

To do:

1. get a few groceries
2. pack up one room
3. make enchiladas
4. sew the pile
5. pay some bills

I hope Sissie calls me she is a real motivator. (actually she is a nag)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.