Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday, Happy Hubby!

 Hubs has been nagging for and egg basket, so I ordered a small one from Amazon and he was thrilled.  We get about a dozen or more eggs a day.  He came in today with his egg basket and I told him I wanted him to go outside and skip to the house with it and he refused.  This was the best I could get.  We keep ourselves, kids, Lil sis, neighbors, clients anyone who can or will take eggs happy with our surplus.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon.  It will be my last with my long standing physician who is retiring.  Oh I hate to get a new doctor. After my appointment I will drive up to the food bank with my daughter to see what is left over.

 Yesterday I had two wedding dresses that went out much to my releif.  But I still did not get to those dang curtains!  I actually sewed all day and never touched my machine as it was all hand work to get those wedding dresses out.

I took a pork roast out of the freezer and as pork roast is not good for me (I get severe heart burn) I decided to cube it and make sweet and sour pork.  It was just so much work and I really did not like it.  I have a rice cooker, so that is easy.  I also wanted to use up onions and peppers from the garden, but I had so many interruption during the process of making it that I was frustrated when it was done. I had two brides to fit and two bridesmaids come in while I was trying to make dinner.  SO I had to keep turning off the stove and reheating the oil. I did not like the sweet and sour sauce I made.  I tried a new recipe off the internet.  Now it was edible and Hubs of course liked it, but I will not make it again. At least not with this recipe.

I am the queen of the 20 minute meal and this was definitely an hour from hell, so I will not put that on repeat.

Hub's mom called early this morning from a clinic parking lot, where she was waiting for a nurse to come get her.  She woke up with a fever of 102.4 this morning and a very sore throat. She was able to get the fever down, but felt she needed to get in at her age that kind of a fever can be fatal. SHE CALLS Hub's and says that she is shivering with chills and is in the parking lot. HE tells her to turn the heat up in the car and she says she cannot as the tank is almost empty and she does not want to run our of gas.  So Hubs new thing is to make sure mom's tank is full next time we go down.

 She does not have covid or strep, but they called in a prescription and she is now home.  I called our Eldest who is two hours away and she can drive over as she has no trials set this week. SO we have her on stand by.  It is so scary being so far away and having mom so weak.  I just wish this could be over with dad, so we could move her in with one of us and not have this constant worry.

Well I have quite and list for today:

1. hem burgundy bridesmaid dress

2. finish as much as possible wedding dress for fitting tomorrow

3. DO the damn curtains KIM

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem 2 pairs of suit pants

6. hem a grandmother of the bride dress

7.hem 4 pairs of pants

8. hem a pair of jeans

9. hem another bridesmaid dress

That is enough and I doubt I get all of this done.  Stay tuned to see if Kim gets the *&^%$# curtains done.  I will actually time myself as I am sure they will be done in no time and I am just making them a big huge deal in my head.

Well I am off to get something done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.