Thursday, November 25, 2021

 So thankful, for my family.  What a strength they are to me.

Thankful for all of you and your prayers and your willingness to be my sounding board, even when it is not something you or I want to hear.

My food is cooked, my rolls are made and raising, I have my Oliver here and he is a joy.  I can cuddle and hug on this baby and much of the pain goes away.

I have to run baking soda over to Lil sis's, gosh I hope she did not start a fire:) I also need milk and juice for Oliver as I did not think to get those things.

I also want to run to Rite aid for a few Black Friday specials. Tomorrow I hope to take down Fall and start putting up Christmas.

I need to focus on something that brings me joy.  I love Christmas decorating, and I love the reason for the season.  I need to center my thoughts on the Savior.  His redeeming love and the comfort that the Holy Ghost brings in times of trouble.

It is hard to believe in a loving God when such terrible things happen.  It is hard to have faith and to see blessings and all the good in the world.  We are the good, you are the good remember that.  It is with each other that we weather this storm.

Love you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.