Friday, April 9, 2021

Saturday, I want to work outside


No this is not me, I would be much dirtier, as I have a tendency to roll in my work. But I hope it is warm enough for me to get outside for a little today.  I have really been stuck in the house since we got home.  Like locked to my sewing machine.

It is supposed to be a little cold and rainy, but it isn't like I don't have enough to do inside.

I was surprised at what we got done this week, even though I spent most of my spare time in the shop. Hubs did get the yard mowed and he should finish the chicken run today.  I piled all the Easter decor on the dining room table to get it packed away.  At least it is all in one spot. We gathered the peat moss,some of the bags of heat treated soil and the perlite, for the garden but need to get more top soil (heat treated) to add to the garden bed.  Hubs planted the blueberry bushes. We did get the chickens into the large coop and out of the brooding pen. I was able to transfer my seedlings to the portable greenhouse, and do a little cleaning on the back deck.  SO I feel like some of the outdoor work is started. Hubs also sprayed the yard and rockery for weeds but they are not gasping  like I think they should, so I might have to sneak and  get some round up when he isn't looking.

I pulled all the geraniums that I wintered over along with the spikes.  They were given a good watering and will stay out for a week or two before I transplant them.  Hubs and I bought a large  plastic container for the back deck to put pillows and supplies in, I have wanted one for a long time. We moved hoses around as we found another spicket on our house that was more convenient for watering.  It had been covered up by a large pot. It is strange to start spring doings in this new house, as we had all these set ways in the old place and here every thing is new. We do not have a routine yet.

Today I would like to trim the yard, wash off  all the deck furniture, get the rest of the soil for the garden and get it spread ready for hubs to till.  We need to move some flower boxes around a bit and put a few things out in the yard.  Also now that the chicks are out in the coop, we must take down the brooding pen and really clean the garage, which is a chicken mess. I would like to buy some outdoor fabric to recover some deck cushions.  I have looked for new ones, but everything is so expensive, so I will just recover the ones I have.  The foam is okay, just the covers are faded and stained.

We have a couple of wooden outdoor chairs in front of the house that need to be sanded down and repainted, plus lots of flowers boxes to fill.

The dinner we took to friends last night was a hit.  It was so nice to see them after almost two years.  He has really slowed down and uses a walker now. She had the table set so nice when we came in. SO we could transfer the food to nice plates instead of eating out of Styrofoam containers.  We ordered chicken Parmesan as it is their favorite  and creme brule' for dessert.  The food was great, and it was so nice to catch up. We need to have them over soon as they seemed really interested in seeing this new place.

Hey sis, I pulled my ticked info and confirm number so you can quit worrying. Slugs you had better put on your running shoes, as I will soon be racing you for loose change.

Have a great and productive day stating positive while you are in the negative.


P.s. altered 5 dresses today, took in three more prom dresses and two more wedding dresses a coat zipper replacement, 2 pair of mens suit pants to hem, and add suspender buttons, one pair of ladies pants to hem. Crazy busy and I am loving it!