Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday, Not going as planned, make you bed!

 Not my house, but how nice if it was...

   Loved Rhitter's post today about making your bed to be more productive.  In fact as I sat here reading blogs in my cloffice I noticed that the bed was unmade.  The new lamp shades that I bought 3 weeks ago were still not on the lamps, the tables were dusty and the trash cans were full.  Everyday I come into this room and ignore these things, as I hurry to the tasks I think are more important. Like wasting 25 minutes on youtube watching sheep farming.

  So while I was watching the video( Rhitter's not sheep farming) she put in her blog, I quickly made the bed, changed the pillow slips for new, and replaced lamp shades, dusted and emptied trash.  I am back to typing and this took less than 5 minutes. I feel so much better.  There is also a method to my madness.

D#2 came home from a camping trip with two sick kids. Both Schmills and Kelsa have bad colds again.  Remember those years when you littles went from one cold to the next?  Anyway Daughter thinks she tore her rotater cuff two weeks ago while tubing behind the boat.  She has been to the doctor twice and no difference on the pain.  SO hubs was to go up and watch the kids late this afternoon so she could go back to doctor.  Well she called this morning and said that Schmill had come into their bedroom last night and threw up all over the bed, and Kelsa coughed and cried most of the night.  Nate got no sleep and had to go to a twelve hour shift.  She was exhausted.  So Hubs just left to drive up and get the kids, she will come down and spend the night here.  This way Nate can come home and sleep before his next shift and she can get some rest.  Which means we will get no sleep. You see how that works don't you?  But Hubs and I can split shifts.  I thought she should have a nice clean room to come into and now I am trying to figure out how I am going to get my sewing done.

I had a bride here this morning and I have to do a little more to her dress which she will pick up this afternoon.  I also have another wedding dress to fix that will be picked up tomorrow. Plus I did not get to attack the piles yesterday. Although I did sew hard for several hours. 

So my plan today is to quickly and efficiently  go into each room in my house and spend 15 minutes just getting things done and some rooms won't even take 15 minutes. I know this will make me feel better and I will be able to sew with a good conscience.  See how much reading blogs can help?  We have a such a great community to draw inspiration from.

I am missing my Sissie dreadfully today and my heart is with My Slugster, I wish we could just get together and have a good laugh or a good cry.

Well I am off to set the world on fire after I watch a vlog about sheep.....:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.