Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday,I just can't do it

     I know that this is the shopping weekend of the year, but I just can't do it.  Sorry.  I did it once not a good experience, I spent too much , it was hectic, cold, and did not make me happy so will not do the after Thanksgiving shopping thing.  I will run to rite-aid for some stocking stuffers, like hair brushes and ear buds but that is it.  I like to put things in stockings that are useful. 

     I am content to stay home play games, sleep in, then take a nap, eat too much, repeat as many times as I see fit.
     I am grateful we live in a small community that does not have large crowds.  I don't think I could handle it.  I am looking forward to wearing Christmas sweaters that were hand knitted years ago.  I love them they are warm and beautiful. I am looking forward to my family.  Two daughters will be with us and my sister is hosting so I don't have all that to worry about.

     I was able to get a few more piles done in the shop and I have to get to Joanns today for a zipper.  I have started the 5th ball gown costume and will finish it this morning and then onto the last one which I hope to have done by tonight.

     I was able to really clean and organize the back room.  I went through the pantry storage and brought up everything that was close to a past due date so those items can be cooked right away.  The pantry is a little leaner, but we still have plenty.

     At supper time last night I started my pies.  I pulled 4 crusts out of the freezer and my frozen pumpkin puree.  I made 2 pumpkin pies and one cherry and one blueberry. The kitchen was a huge mess after so I cleaned it up but left the floor for hubs.  He was anxious for pie and tore into a pumpkin one like a cave man, so his punishment is the kitchen floor.  I mean he couldn't get out a knife and a pie server?  Not just use a fork and dig out a piece of pie like you are operating a back hoe.  Men!

     I am in charge of sweet potatoes, pies, relish tray, cheese ball/crackers, oyster stuffing (for hubs),home made rolls, squash, green beans.  I have every thing here, that I need.  Hubs can put together the cheese ball and relish tray with instruction, so I have put him in charge of that.  He also smoked some trout so we will add that, yum.  I will do the stuffing and sweet potatoes today and just reheat them and the rolls tomorrow.

     I have to get all those costumes done so I can clean up the dining room.

Right now I am going to clean myself up and go get the things I need and get to work in the shop with costumes and sewing so I can enjoy the Holiday with my family.  I hope you all can have a Happy Holiday with your loved ones.

     I feel so little pressure this year and I don't know why.  I still have many irons in the fire, the Nutcracker is coming up, Christmas shopping, the open house, church Christmas work.  But I feel more in charge.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.