Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday,Try and get out of town

     Since my post yesterday went down the rabbit hole never to return, I wanted to re-show a picture of the figs coming out of the dehydrator.

Also a couple of commenters wanted to know the name of the brand  of dehydrator I have. It is an Excalibur.  I love it , it has 9 trays and they can be adjusted by height.
Hubs folks gave us this for Christmas one year.  It gets so much use in the fall.

Pears from our tree.  I am drying these like crazy.  My kids and grand kids love dried pears.

I am going to Missoula to help my brother this afternoon. I made it clear to him that I could not work as hard as I did last time.  It was just too hard on my hands and arms.  He assured me that things were much better. Of course his much better and mine are in two different worlds, but that remains to be seen.  His wife wants help redoing their bedroom and she liked what I did with the girls room so I will come and help them get things organized and decorated.  They have old nightstands and dressers that we gave them about 5 years ago.  So there is no furniture involved just the purchase of a bed frame.  I am taking the truck so Bro and I can peruse second hand shops.

I had a hard time yesterday keeping myself motivated, I don't know what my problem was.  I have most of the things off the pile.  There are many things I want to accomplish today before I leave and I would like to be out of here by 3:00.  I want to be over the pass before dark and I lose an hour once I hit the Montana border.  Deer are prevalent on the top of the pass, and the most dangerous part of the trip is the last 2 hours, so I want that done in daylight.  I have hit two deer on that road.

I just picked up the family room and I have started two loads of laundry.  I need to clean both of the upstairs bathrooms, they are disgusting.  When I work outside the inside suffers. I should pull some things out of the freezer for hubs.  Then I have a few sewing things I would like to get done.  I still have a mens suit jacket to alter, it is ripped and waiting.  Then two dresses to hem.  I am going to wait on starting to fix that antique wedding dress until next week when I get back.  That is just to intense to start right now.  So today is mostly about leaving a clean house and finding food Hubs can eat easily.

Do you have any plans for your weekend? Do any of you clean your house before you leave so if you die and people come over they won't know you are a slob? Morbid I know, but my mother always told me to make sure and leave a spotless house when you travel.  Sometime I do and sometimes I just don't give a rip.  Plus leaving hub's here gives me no hope of coming home to really clean.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.