Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday, finally paid my extra last day of month

     My #1 goal this year was to pay at least $1000.00 extra a month on the house and I was finally able to get the last of that $1000 done today.  I paid an extra $600.00 last Friday and $400.00 today.  It has been pulling hens teeth here to get anything paid or extra.  I was afraid that I would not get this done this month and I have been able to do this every month since last September.  If I do this I will be very close to paying off the house this year and it will take a little extra, as there are months where extra comes in.

     We are leaving for Twin Falls today and the weather is supposed to cooperate.  I am not feeling 100%, my sinuses are painful and I am a little sick to my stomach probably from drainage.

     Another wedding dress came in today and I will have to get it done next week as soon as I come home as it has to be out before I leave for Missoula. That is okay as I will need the cash.

     It is nice to have someone staying at the house as we won't have to get someone to watch the chickens or the cats.  The last few times we have gone cats have ended up locked in rooms so we have had torn up carpet, and a mess.  This is irritating when you are paying someone to come in. Having to come home to cleaning bedding and carpets and now having to replace a carpet.  It is not the cats fault, when they are locked up. We always had someone come and stay before and I am going to go back to that. Just less problems.

     To say I can't wait until March is an understatement.  Although I don't know if March is going to make a difference, but Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

     I am not especially proud of the month in many ways other than I got through it.  I seem to do better at financial goals than personal and health goals. Now why is that?  Is it my focus?  I can tell you that staying on top of my finances certainly makes me feel better physically and mentally.

     I will finally be able to pay all the bills for the month of February today, but that is okay they are paid. Anything that would have incurred a late charge is already paid.  So I am blessed.  Next month things will be different.

     There are two finches nesting in an old bird house made by my great Uncle.  It hangs on the front of the house and has been there for 20 years.  They were noisy this morning and so busy flying to and fro gathering things for the nest,  as we have over a foot and a 1/2 of snow I have no idea where they are getting their materials, but this is a sure sign that spring is coming and that life is going on with joy and excitement.  We can learn a lot from birds.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are n the negative.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday, still snowing, scary financials

     I cannot believe the size of the flakes that are coming down outside. This is such crazy weather.  We have over 11 inches of snow on our deck and more in the yards.  We are taking off tomorrow come what may.  We will drive in the snow, but the whole northwest is like this.  Just crazy weather.

     I was able to get all of my sewing done yesterday and I had another wedding dress come in, so 3 so far this week, the season is heating up. I am grateful for the work.

     Completed chart #3 by the skin of my teeth, it has been a slow financial last two months.  But with so much less work and all the extra bills, it has been really tough to get things paid.  I am looking forward to busier times so I don't have to worry and scrape every nickle. Speaking of nickles put .58 cents into your pennies bank. I had to get a quarter from Hub's.   I have noticed that with my three fun savings plans it has been really taking up most if not all of my extra cash.  Which may be good as I actually save the money, but could be bad as I am short money to pay bills and borrowed from saving which I have to put back.  The only thing that makes me not quit the plans is that money will start rolling in and our expensive February bills are over.

1. January Hub's cell phone repair $189.00
2. January dryer repair $121.00
3. February Aunties taxes $500.00
4. pay accountant $320.00

     This is a major amount of money out of an already tight budget.  Looking forward to March, I think.  Well if it gets busier and quits snowing.  I might be out of town three times in March so that does not look great as far as being home to sew.  Yikes! Guess I will cross those bridges when we get to them. No use borrowing anxiety and trouble.

     Right now just trying to stay positive with the good that is happening and not worry too much about things I have no control over.

What do you do to overcome anxiety about bills and the future?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tuesday, I have curtains to hem

     Everyone who has read me for a while knows my dislike of curtain hemming, but I will do it if the clients will hang the curtains first for 48 ours and mark them and then I still will not guarantee, but at least I have not had any real snafus since I started these measures.  I think the ones that use me really like the fact that the curtains are pressed and ready to hang.  Pressing or steaming curtains not my thing.

     I did quite a bit of sewing yesterday, completing two bridesmaid dresses and much mending.  Today after the curtains I have a few shirts to alter ad some uniforms and then I am caught up.  Well I should say that I have at least three wedding dresses to alter but won't start those until I get back from daughter's.

     We had leftovers for dinner last night and will finish up the veggies and potatoes tonight or at lunch.  I need to bone out the ham completely and freeze all leftovers while we are gone. I also need to clean my fridge. There is always something to do around here.

     We have a lady from our church coming to stay with us for awhile.  She took a job as a rehabilitation assistant in town and is still trying to sell her house (where her family is) in Nevada.  So she cannot afford to rent a place and it is almost impossible to rent short term in this college town.  She has been staying with a young couple and helping the lady of the house who is having a bad pregnancy, but now her mom is coming for the duration until the baby comes and said woman is out of a place to stay.  I hope it works out. I have met her many times and am close to the young woman she has been helping.  She seems very nice, hardworking and responsible.  I think she may be a little older than me, but as she is working full time maybe not. I am so glad that mom's room and bath are nice and clean and ready for a stranger.

     The sun is shining and it is cold, but at least not snowing today. I cannot believe all the snow in the backyard and deck.  It is crazy.

     DO you have .57 cents for your bank?  I am going to dig up my change right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday, I have two ovens!

     I cannot believe it is still snowing and it looks like we are into it for awhile. Amazing.  We are headed for Twin Falls on Thursday morning, come hell of high water.  By Friday it will be March 1st but I see no end to the snow here.

     So I was was so proud of myself getting my ham in the oven and then laying down for 2 hours.  When I got up I could smell the ham baking and I started to dust and clean the front room, then I vacuumed down the stairs and cleaned the family room, and straightened mom's bath.  I went upstairs and peeled the potatoes and stared to make the corn bread as I wanted it hot out of the oven.  When I went to put the cornbread in the oven I realized that I had turned on the upper oven and not the lower oven where the ham was.  So what was I smelling?  Well my imagination (and I have a good one). So for three hours the large ham had been sitting in a cold oven.  I had people coming in 45 minutes.  Crap! Double crap!

     I cranked the oven up to 425, unwrapped that sucker and prayed they would be late. Thank goodness hams are all ready cured, so even if I had to cut meat off the bone and fry it we could still eat. Dinner was served at 5:30 and all went well. in spite of my snafu. Dishes were done and I got to have a relaxing evening, went to bed early.

     Not only that, my house is clean, and all I have to do this week is sew and get ready to leave, oh and pay a few bills before I go.  I don't know it I have ever looked so forward to March before,but as it is still snowing I doubt March will make that much difference.

Money Saving Madness Feb.17th-23rd

1. cooked all meals from scratch, using up things from freezer and pantry.  A ham (still have lots of left overs) a large bag of blueberry, and strawberries. some chicken.
2. picked up great meat buys, on stakes, stew meat, pork ribs
3. used coupons at Joanns
4. Albertsons is having their monopoly game again and I won some free items, acid, reducer, a donut, free pasta.  I like free.
5. Finally found 11 cents while shopping, The curse is lifted (It was Sluggy)
6. started a new savings program of a penny for the day of the year!
7. saved all my $5.00 bills
8. Continued to put extra change in pig bank.
9. Picked up 2 lb bags of rice at the dollar store as we were out.
10. Completed a wedding dress alteration, with lace left over from an old alteration.
11. Used up some swiffer products bought by my sissie while I was cleaning.
12. gave away 3 dozen eggs to older ladies in Hub's chamber group
13. pulled apart a bathtub drain and unclogged it saving a plumber call.
14. keep reusing plastic cottage cheese containers and things to save money and not waste

What have you done to save money this last week?

It is .56 cent day run to your bank!  Run I said. Run!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday, well the frontroom....

This could be a view from my house right now.  It is snowing like crazy and I see no sign of it stopping.  Oh fun. 

     My friend Beth and I spent about 2.5 hours sewing up 6 black circle skirts yesterday afternoon.  After she left I told Hub's I was going to the grocer with every intention of baking scones, making a batch of bread and a batch of piecrusts.  But on my way down stairs I stopped at the computer and when I got done answering an email I discovered that I was tired and I laid down for just a minute on the bed only to be woke up by hub's at 6 p.m.  Yikes!

     So off to the store I went and picked up my cream and butter and bread supplies, but on my way home told myself that I really should first just make the scones, then see how far I wanted to push myself, after all I still had a lesson to prepare and go over.

     The scones whipped up super fast in fact three separate batches only took me 1/2 and hour to get all in the oven.  Then they came out every 10 minutes.  When I pulled the blueberries from the freezer, I realized that they all needed to be used, so I checked on a large bag of frozen strawberries and they too were going to die a slow death, this made me change my mind on dessert.  So no pies, I would have ice cream with different toppings,  How easy?  And the bread can be baked some other day.  See how I just made my list easier and easier?

     Well the lesson is given, choir practice over, scones well received.  One of the baritones always comes in late as he serves as a clerk to the Bishops office.  But I am pretty sure they release him in enough time to see what I have brought for treats.  He always leaves with a plate of goodies for the Bishop and his counselors.  Yeah they are fooling all of us.  One of these days I will help grow (by bribery) that choir big enough there won't be leftover treats.

     Oh by the way I found 11 cent going into Winco last night.  A dime going in and a penny going out.  So the curse Sluggy left on me has some how been lifted.  I really haven't found any money since I left the DC area.

     The ham is in the oven and I will do mashed potatoes, corn, another vegetable, and a pan of cornbread.  But the front room still has not been dusted or cleaned , and I need to do a quick wipe up of the family room and stairs.  Right now I really want a nap, so I am thinking, if I sleep until 3:30 does that give me enough time to put the potatoes on, make the cornbread, set the table and clean what needs to be cleaned?  Well maybe.......

Quick put .55 cents in your pennies bank.
Oh see how my standards are slipping?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday, list countdown

     Well the church is cleaned and I took the ham out of the freezer to thaw.  I have a girlfriend (an old director) coming over within a 1/2 an hour to help me whip out these 6 circle skirts.  So the list is going down.

     I have a decided to make a triple batch of scones for tomorrows choir practice treat.  I will do cranberry, lemon,  and blueberry scones.  I still need to run to the store for unsalted butter and heavy cream.  But at least I know what I am going to make so that eliminates the quandary in my mind.

     I still have to really clean the formal front room and the family room, but the front room can be done while I am baking scones and dessert.  Then I need to work on my lesson after I get those things done.

     I think I will make it through the weekend.

     I want to throw together some pie crusts for the freezer as I have been out for a while.  I also need to get bread making supplies, as in seeds and such so I had better add those things to my grocery list. It looks like it will be a busy Saturday here.  No rest for the wicked.  I am very, very wicked.

   Today is .54 cents day as in that is what needs to go into your penny bank, so get to it.

What are you guys doing on this very cold and dreary Saturday? I hope it is something fun.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday, I did something!

     Don't faint but I actually accomplished something yesterday.  It was one of my give a mouse a cookie days.  I have a really bad head cold, or is it a chest cold?  It cannot decide what it wants to be. I just lingers and lingers and I am so sick of it.  But in spite of my nose and head I got my butt in gear yesterday.

     I actually listened to the talk I am giving a lesson on this Sunday.  So now I can formulate things in my mind.  I plan on listening to it again today. Then I will get a typed version of it off the computer to form a lesson plan.  I always do better if I let it roll around in my brain for a few days.

  I did all the laundry and deep cleaned the laundry room and back basement hall.  This means moving all furniture and taking down curtains and washing and pressing and rehanging.  I moved the washer and dryer and cleaned all cobwebs and corners.  I swept down walls and watched the spiders scamper.

    I also spring cleaned the master bathroom, and bed.  I washed bedding and curtains and had to iron and put everything back. Rugs were washed and shook.  I think the wash machine ran all day yesterday.  Lots of sweeping cobwebs and mirror cleaning.  We had leftover fried rice for dinner so I did not have to stop to fix anything.

     Then I continued into the spare room and bath upstairs and gave them a good shake down.  The hall is mopped and the rugs are vacuumed.  I even cleaned the light fixture and fans. It was easy to get over 12,000 steps with all that cleaning. So the only thing left upstairs is to really dust, and deep clean the front room which I can do after the Little's leave today. The dining room is done and I really cleaned the kitchen already this week so it is just a touch up.

     The basement needs vacuumed and dusted, and I can do that tomorrow. It will just be the family room and the stairs, so it won't take long.

     I was pretty darn proud of myself, as I sniffed and sneezed through the lot of it. I even managed to do some ironing of napkins and pillow slips, but I still have about 7 shirts to do.

     Needless to say I feel a little better about my weekend list.  Might bake something tonight to get that choir practice treat out of the way. We will see how the day goes.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday, Meat stock up, finally

     Well before I get started on my tirade today, stop,  run and put .52 cents into your penny bank, those of you who are joining in the pennies a day challenge. Okay ? Done?  I feel so much more empowered now, thanks to Cheryl.

     By the way Sluggy needs to die a slow and tortured death, but I have not figured out how to get
 away with it yet.  Working on my diabolical skills as I type.  Watch your back girl that is all I can say.....

     Okay, I need a swift kick in the butt, (don't I always?).  There is just so much to do here and I don't want to do any of it.  The littles come tomorrow which means nothing will get done.  Plenty will get undone. So as we creep closer and closer to the weekend the things that have to be done are looming large and I still have managed to get as little done as possible.  I mean forget the shop, I am talking the house and other things or obligations I have on my plate.  I guess the fact that this cold is getting more and more miserable everyday could be an excuse, but I keep telling myself to just ride it out and beat it.  No fever or chills so it is just a virus. Or I can blame it on the weather that is sucking the life out of everyone.  Complain, moan, gripe..... feel free to press that mouse at any moment and get out of this misery:)

     Yesterday, in my out and about, I stopped at Albertsons, in the morning and was surprised to find some really good marked down grass fed beef (2 packages) and 6 packages of different steaks.  All was under $2 a pound so I bought it all.  Then onto A& B and found pork ribs and beef all packages $1.76 each.  So I bought it all.  I had gone into A&B because they had ground chuck for $2.99 a pound which is very, very good.  Not ground beef but ground chuck. So I wanted to pick up a few pounds.  I am over my grocery budget for the week by $30.00, but I am okay with that.

     Hubs helped me burst the packages and we sealed all of it with my vacuum sealer.  Now the freezer is stocked with meats.  I need to find a good sale on cheeses and I am sure one will come around soon.

     So before next Monday these are the things I need to do:

1. Make a ham dinner with the fixin's for a family of 7 and us.  What for dessert?
2. clean the church on Saturday morning 9 a.m.
3. prepare a lesson for church as it is my week to teach
4. make a treat for choir practice after church, scones?cookies?
5. get 6 black circle skirts made for high school, they sent me measurements a few weeks ago, in my email someplace.  They open next week and dress starts on Monday.  So maybe I should look into this instead of looking at the bag of material on my floor.
6. How about clean the house you dirty slob you have company coming?
7. you still have 2 zippers, a bridesmaids dress, 3 shirts to alter, and 10 curtain panels to hem and press in the shop.....hmmmm.....

     Now the nice thing about the above list is that nothing has to be done until well Saturday morning, when I will nee to show up at the church ready to clean, but if I wait until after I clean to attack the above list my world will be quite chaotic and stressful, so I probably should get busy on the house the sewing and maybe look up the lesson like today.   Yes today would be good.

     How do you motivate yourself when you are blah?  Come on someone has to have an answer....
Please?  I am saying please.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday, It rarely snows here

      I decided to use this little Singer sewing box, my Sissie found for me at a second hand store in Wilkes Barre.  We were shopping with Sluggy and Sis found this box.  It is so cute and I have not stored anything in it yet. Today is the 51st day of the year and here is my .51 ready to go into the bank.

Is anyone else going to join me on this little adventure?  If you are please post a picture of your bank.  See Kim have fun.  I am such a loser.  But I am a winner in savings!  Yeah!  The things I do to make myself happy.  The things I come up with (or rather Cheryl) to entertain myself when I feel hemmed in by winter.

     I have been telling my Lil sis that it rarely snows here and the last three years we have had more snow than in the 30 years before.  Three years ago it was a nightmare here for 2 months.  Last yer we got a heck of a storm late in the year for a two week run.  I thought we would get no winter, (our typical winter) this year and I was so happy about that.  Well we have had none stop snow for almost two weeks, none of it really sticking as it is too warm.  Last night we had an accumulation of  8 inches and it is still snowing.  Hub's has been out all day with the snow blower.  I keep telling myself this will all be gone by then end of next week.  I can tell you the kids are enjoying it!

     Well I finally got the wedding dress done and ready for the finally try on.  I will need to attach the bustling hooks, and the straps, but that must be done when the bride is wearing the dress.  I still need to replace one of the coat zippers and I had another coat zipper come in.  I think I go to Joanns almost every day for a zipper.

     Classes at the studio have been cancelled tonight which is great for me.  I have a baby shower to go to this evening if the weather cooperates. I had a client just drop off 10 curtain panels, so between zippers, more shirts, curtains and what ever else I can find to keep busy I won't lack for work.

     I might even be able to find something to clean.  Ha!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday, Man cold, Kim marches on

     Okay this post title should say Man cold, Kim crawls on but I wanted to start out on a positive note.  Hubs woke with the start of a man cold, so we will see just what that entails.  There is a portion of leftover roast and a large chicken enchilada in the fridge and I might not cook today.  We will see.  Everyday is an adventure when is comes to meals trying to use up pantry and freezer foods.  I am going to thaw out the last package of burger and maybe make a small meat loaf.

     I was pretty pleased to see that I had completed 6 of the 8 things I had planned to do yesterday.  My dining room is company ready and as I will be serving dinner in there Sunday this is a good thing. I am still working on said wedding dress , but will finish it today.  I also have a bridesmaid dress to get done, some coat sleeves to shorten and two zippers to replace.  So I will try to get through those things.  Oh I forgot about three shirts to tailor.  Yikes!  Okay I have a pretty full day if I can convince myself to get things done like I did yesterday.

     I sliced open my left thumb ( I am right handed) making the roast Sunday. Not deep enough for stitches, but deep enough not to close properly and it is in such a place on the thumb that I can't keep it closed, so it is sore and catches on my hand work.  Hard to get things done but I just keep wrapping it different to see how long I can stand the bandage, before I yank it off and try a different approach.

     Whine, whine, sniff.  My cold is now officially in my upper sinus draining down throat into the lungs with a cough.  Lovely will probably end up on an antibiotic.  If I start to run a fever I will definitely get to the doctor.  Right now I am just miserable. Here let me make you miserable too, by describing my symptoms in full detail.

     Cheryl at cherylsfrugalcorner, talked about a savings plan where you save a penny for the day of the year.  So 1 penny on the first 2 on the second and at the end of the year you have over $600.00.  Doesn't that sound fun and easy?  So I figured up how behind I am and I will need  $12.75 to start from January 1st.  I think I will try.  Then I will have three savings plans.  My pig bank, my penny savings, (although I won't use pennies) and my $5.00 bills.  Soon I won't have any money left to buy groceries as I will be saving it all.  Snort! Any one want to join me?

     Go and get $12.75 in what ever form you can and tomorrow we will add 51 cents to our pile.  Hmmm.... what container will I use?  I know I have something around here I can use that will be fun.  I will go and look and report tomorrow.  I love a challenge that I can do.  Not like the challenge of climbing that da*% rope in P.E.  Could any of you do that?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday, Just do It, do it now....

     I seem to be in a funk and when I get like this I can be really lazy and non functioning.  Although I have plenty to do.  I would like to blame it on the weather, or maybe our inability to get out of town.  I think it is just feeling sorry for myself, which is dumb, because I have so much, in fact I woke today with another bad cold.  Yeah! Something to be grateful for.  I have lungs that work to cough with.

     In the mean time, I need to kick my own butt and try and accomplish something. Which I will as I have a jacket due out this afternoon and others coming in and I swear I will get this wedding dress I have been working on done.  I have been dragging my feet like a spoiled brat.  I am good at that.

    Sam, Coffee, Money and Thyme has inspired me to get my butt in gear.  She has been down with the crud for a few weeks and is going to spend the morning speed cleaning. I can do it if she can do it, I will call it speed crawling.

     How ever, I did manage to really clean my kitchen last night and scrub the heck out of the oven which badly needed it.  then I ran out of oomph. I did pull all of the St Patties linens and will get those out today maybe.

     What I want to get done today.  Want is a big word here.

1. start laundry and clean up laundry room
2. sweep and dust dining room
3. water plants, and put away Valentines things exchange with St. Patty's
4. change sheet and remake bed in downstairs bedroom
5. call and check on brother
6. sew, sew, sew I mean it!
7. get hubs to sweep and mop kitchen floor
8. really clean upstairs spare bath

     See the list, see Kim re read the list, see Kim, justify sitting in front of the TV.  She has a cold.

Monday's money saving madness  Feb. 10th - 16th, 2019

1. Ate all meals but one at home, tacos from Jack in the box a whopping 4.00 and some change
2. used meats and things from pantry and freezers
3. stayed under out $50.00 grocery budget for the week
4. Picked up valentine candy 75% for baking and gifts later  (okay I ate some )  Gee whiz you guys
5. Used my clothesline to dry heavy items and hand wash only sweaters.
6. reused plastic containers saved from cottage cheese and the like.
7. Used a visa gift card I had earned to buy a few gifts
8. Used coupons for things purchased at Joanns.
9. took 6 blankets and quilts to church for gift baskets. Homemade with many things from thrift stores.
10. picked up a few more gifts at Walgreens and Macy's for 80% off.
11. continued to save change in my pig bank,and all my $5.00 bills.
12. Had two large pine trees cut down in the back yard, by a company that was just looking for enough money to keep the men working.  So what would have normally cost us over $1000.00 cost $400.00. Not that I needed the expense this month
13. Finally used up some makeup things that have been laying around.
14. cut my makeup remover pads in 1/2
15. researched dog food prices at all stores in town to find the cheapest price for the month

     What did you do to save money this week?  What are you going to get done today?  Am I going to get up from this chair?  Am I going to get anything done?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday, Day of rest

     We were up for church and now are home and I have put a roast in the oven.  I actually went out to a small local mom/pop grocery store late last night for one item and found broccoli at the best price and beef roasts for $2.67 a pound.  Yippee!  So I bought two and also broccoli which I needed. I cut one of the roasts in 1/2 and froze the other half for a stew next week.   So now we have beef roasts, ham, shrimp and lots of chicken in the freezer.  I refuse to buy any chicken until the stuff I have is gone.  I don't want to be throwing away to freezer burn.

     I feel a Sunday nap coming on and it is going to be lovely. I went over to Lil sis's house yesterday to see if she wanted to go and get some fun with me and she was vacuuming her stairs in her spotless house. I wanted to slap her.  She has always been a neat freak, and I just find it ironic that she can find the time to do this when she works a full time job.  I realize she lives by herself and there is really no one to mess up the house but her.  Still you could eat off her floors.

     Do not I mean DO NOT attempt to eat off mine.  I actually could spare an hour or two today to maybe clean the master bedroom/bathroom and the guest bath and bedroom, but it is Sunday after all and I think this is a day of rest:)

Don't work to hard and have a peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday, Shopping

         Both Hub's and I were a little blue yesterday as we realized we were so looking forward to going to Missoula.  But is turned out to be a good call as the friend we were staying with also drives snowplow and he called us about 10 in the morning and told us it was awful.  Now he had told us the day before we were fine.  So when he says it is bad it is bad.

     So Hub's and I went to second hand shops and a few grocery stores.  Nothing crazy and we stayed within our budget.  I did find spiral sliced hams for $5.99 and bought one.  I don't usually buy these as I think they are to dry and salty, but for that price?  Here I have a family coming for dinner on the 24th to help eat a ham and I buy another. However,  we are so down on meat and I am sorry I cannot do chicken yet.  One thing I could not find was a decent buy on broccoli. Dang expensive stuff that.

     I did pick up some candy after the holiday and I will freeze it for baking later. Found a few more pieces of silver for the wedding. Finally made myself get to work on that wedding dress and I have the straps all ready to hand tack and embroider.  It is intense work to cut and design lace to applique over and existing dress. But the straps  are ready to stitch.

     Still no cleaning done here and I really don't know how to motivate myself.  If company were coming I would do it, but as it is just us I let the dust build. Isn't it sad that I  need people over to keep the place up. Do any of you do that?

     What motivates you when you are in a rut?  Blah.....


Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday, All packed and....

     So this is the second week we tried to get out to Missoula and we have been turned back by weather.  We have an avalanche closing one pass and 90% chance of snow and freezing rain on the other, plus we woke up to sleet rain sideways this morning and blowing wind.  If our weather is not good in this valley it is horrible in the mountains.

     I guess I will go and unpack my bag, run pay another bill that I forgot and it is due today.  I also want to peruse all the second hand stores and do some bargain grocery shopping, mostly for meat and cheese.

     I am so disappointed in not being able to go and I know this is a hardship for my brother as he is expecting us to come with a truck to take things to the dump.  I will try to make arrangements for a friend to go and get the things he needs taken away.  What a pain.

     I also have a wedding dress I can finish up so it is not like I have nothing to do.  I know Hub's is really blue as he was looking forward to seeing friends at the funeral.  So I will try and do something for him to make his day a little better.  Don't know what?

     This house desperately needs a deep clean, like floors, high dusting for cobwebs, and I can switch out the valentine decor in the dining room.  Boring......

Well I am off to get some fun I think.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  Make sure you all get on Sluggy's blog and wish her a Happy Valentines Day also as she thinks this is a Hallmark Holiday meant to sell cards and gifties.  So while signing up for her give away you can also irritate her.  Hee, Hee....

Yesterday was kinda crazy.  We had the babies so that in it self was chaos.  Toys everywhere, constant no, nos, lots of cartoons, and kisses and stories read.  But both  the little buggers went down to nap very early.  This was great as I was able to go into the shop and hem 11 items, thinking that then I could get to a formal dress that needs to go out today. But as usual when we are trying to leave town (that is also up in the air) I get calls asking for things I did not do.  Like a pair of ski pants and a zipper replacement, so I hurried and did those.  The kids got up and I left Hub's with them for 1/2 an hour, with strict instructions not to leave the family room and I ran to the studio for an hour.  Then a little grocery shopping and to Joanns for a zipper and to the bank.

     We are suppose to leave later this afternoon for Missoula going to Spokane first, but we just found out the pass to Missoula via Spokane is buried in an avalanche.  So we will not leave today but try and get out tomorrow.  We will take a different pass if the weather looks okay. What a crazy winter.

     Hub's was at the veterans home reading when I got up and thought okay today we have to finish that dress call the client and pack and clean, and male animal arrangements and wash my hair and...and....  So I dashed around the house doing my typical 100 things at once.  Fill the sink with hot soapy water, put the chicken I had thawed into roast, take the folded laundry upstairs and pick up the dirty and start a dark load.  Jump in the tub, get dressed, switch laundry, start blogging.  All the while my mind is going a thousand miles an hour.  Hub's comes in and say we will need to leave tomorrow maybe.  Whew!  I calmed down at once.  But at least I got a head start on what needs to be done if we do leave tomorrow. So here is the list of things to get done today.

1. finish formal dress shoulders and darts, call client
2. work on wedding dress try and get it done
3. finish laundry
4. put away all things in kitchen
5. water plants and straighten dining room as in sweep
6. pay a bill

So that is the plan.  I think I can do it with ease.  So happy we are not going tonight it gives me more time to just figure out where I am in the month and relax a little as this has been a very busy week.

Have a Happy Valentines day and stay positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday, Happy Birthday to my eldest

     Lots of birthdays and Holidays in February for our family.  Today is my eldest daughters birthday and on the 15th it will be my eldest grandsons birthday.  We will be going to see them at the end of February, I can hardly wait to see my daughter and the boys.  Well that goes for son-in-law and his mom also, they are such a happy family.

     We have the littles today so things are a bit chaotic.  I have  so much to do in the shop but will work on things this evening, after the littles leave.  I also have to run to the studio for an hour at 4. Then home to cook dinner and sew.

     Here are pictures of the blankets I have been working on the last few months.
 Here are four quilts that mom and I had the makings.  We found the care bears cut outs at a second hand store.  We also picked up all the batting at second hand stores. If we found good binding or trim or, cut outs for quilts we always bought it. As there are six new baby girls coming in our church I used up part of moms stash.  I  did a three dimensional stuffing on the bear and then tied the quilts.

This quilt was part of a bunny set we found for .69 cents
 This was supposed to be a wall hanging but I made it into a quilt.
 mom and I were constantly making double flannel blankets.  These will last for years.  I still have blankets that were my eldest daughters and they are 38 years old.
 More double flannel quilts.
 Here is a nice bright one. mom loved the bright colors at the end as she could see them better.
We also made a ton of burp cloths.  I always buy any scrap flannel at the second hand shops.  So these were all taken to the church to make up baskets for the new moms.  I am glad this project is out of the shop so I can concentrate on my rugs.

 I have to mend a rug I made and complete another and then keep working on my plastic bread bag rugs. I like something to do if I watch TV.

Have a great and productive staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday, Freezer count down

My eldest daughter sent me flowers on Franka's birthday, she remembers her little sister well.  So sweet.  Eldest had a trying day in court yesterday.  Jury trial of a child molester, it was sickening.  But she still had time to think of her mom.

   It snowed about 5 inches here and now we get to deal with the ice on our steep roads.  This is scary for the shop as our driveway is very steep and I don't like people trying to walk up it in bad weather.  So the shop will be slow unless it is a have to.  I discourage people from coming until the roads clear up.

     I do have a specialist appointment today and I need to go to the bank and also go pay a bill, but I will combine the trips.  I kept myself busy yesterday sewing on blankets, and getting other things done that had been waiting in the shop.

     I had hubs help me take dinner into a family,  I was able to use up a large bag of meatballs, and also two packages of jello and a container of cool whip.  Trying to get things out of the pantry. I have to say it is working.

     This effort to use up what we have in the pantry's and the freezers is really working.  Right now there is only one package of burger left and so much chicken.  I counted 3 bags of chicken parts and another whole chicken in the freezer.  It takes us at least three days to eat a whole chicken and Hubs will start to complain when I serve nothing but cluck cluck.

  We will have the last package of steaks today and I have defrosted a whole chicken which I will roast tomorrow.  So I will have to start buying meat soon.  Which will not help my $50.00 a week grocery budget.  I have been trying to disguise the chicken in things like curried chicken and veggies, and I will make chicken enchiladas again. Which we both like and of course homemade chicken and noodles.  I have to keep coming up with  different ways to serve chicken.

     We also have several bags of frozen veggies.  I was able to use up a large bag of corn on the meal I took out yesterday.  Today I will use up a bag of vegetable medly.  It is so nice to see the bottom of the freezer. Something I never thought I would see.  I want to get some small bins at the dollar store to organize it once I get it empty.  So I have one for beef, burger, chicken, veggies, pork and I can easily find things to plan a meal.

     Well I have many sewing things to finish up today so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday, Completed a chart and saving!

     Well I did complete another savings chart on Friday so I am onto chart #3.  It is slow going in the shop, but great with the grocery savings I am having. Sticking to this strict grocery budget of $50.00 a week has really added to the bottom line. Although I can see that our freezers are finally starting to go down as far as meat is concerned.  I invited a large family to come over on the 24th of this month to use up a ham I have in the freezer. 

     Today I have to take a meal over to a family that had a baby last week.  It was her 5th and she did not make it to the hospital. The baby came too fast.  Anyway I will make up  a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs, and some mashed potatoes and some kind of vegetable.  I did make drop valentine cookies this weekend.  I used my grandmother's Swedish sour cream sugar cookie recipe.  This can be rolled or dropped and I was lazy so I dropped them and made pink butter cream icing and then put decos, on that I had picked up for .25cents after Valentines day last year. I will take a plate of these for dessert.  Done!  This is my last pre made meal in the freezer and I have no more cakes or breads, so after I get the freezers cleaned out I will need to get busy and make some things.

Money saving madness  February3- 9 2019

1. Ate all meals from home except the one and then we used a gift card.
2. Stuck to the $50.00 a week grocery budget. I have a carry over of $13.00 to add to this weeks $50.00
3. Only used the dishwasher twice this week as we only ran it with a full load.
4. Received a coupon for 5 cans of moist dog food free.  Pup has been enjoying this.
5. Used cottage cheese containers to freeze left overs avoiding buying any more plastic.
6. Used coupons at Joanns for items needed for shop.
7.  Reused left over lace from an old wedding dress to fix a new one.
8 .Dried heavy items on clothesline and touched up in dryer to save energy
9. picked up a package of sewing odds and ends at goodwill .  I needed the green quilt binding and got several other things with it.  Package was 2.50.  The binding alone would have been over $4.00 so a big save.
10. Picked up a bag of quilt batting at a second hand store enough to complete two baby quilts saved over $7.00
11. Took 35 more items to the thrift store out of the linen closet.  Less is more.
12. Mailed off packages of gifts for Valentines day.  All things were purchased at 80-90% off after last years sales.  Making sending these little gifts (all things that could be used and enjoyed) very reasonable.
13. found .26 cents for my pig bank added change to the bank over the week
14. continued to save any $5.00 bills that came my way  I have over $200.00 already!

What did you do this week to save money?

     Today is Franka's birthday and my Aunt Annes  84 birthday.  Auntie called to say she received her check and she is grateful.  Franka would be 34 today.  She was  the most beautiful of my babies, so she had to go and be an angel.

     It snowed here this weekend.  It snowed a great deal for our area, but then we can handle a little of this white stuff, after all it is winter.  Hubs will be busy today with the snowblower or shoveling.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int he negative.


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday, road trip cancelled due to weather.

     Well a winter storm hit across the area we had to travel and we cancelled our trip to help bro.  I was disappointed but he understood.  I gave him more ideas on what to do to help himself.  I just called him this morning and he said he already had 6 large 30 gallon trash bags ready to go out to the dumpster and as he was in his back lean to he saw 6 milk crates of dvds and movies he has not watched in 5 years they will go to so he is getting it and making progress I think. We will see when we get there. He has two good storage areas in is house if they are ready to be utilized.

     It is actually beautiful here in the banana belt of Idaho.  We have sunshine today and 43 degrees.  So I will take another load of 35 items to good will, mail the two packages I have been talking about. Then I am going to get my nails done and go do a little grocery shopping.  We need cereal and yogurt.  I might bake some cookies today with a valentine theme, I will see how much energy I have this afternoon.

     Speaking of dirty houses I could do all the floors and really de spider the upstairs of my own house today as I am not going to bros.

     Last night hubs and I and Lil sis went out to dinner at red lobster, we used a gift card.  Lil sis made the comment that we usually don't eat out at places like this but then she found out about the gift card.  See people know we are frugal.

     Hubs has one more missionary apartment to visit and that is off our plate for the quarter.

That wedding dress that has been haunting me is finally gone.  It was picked up yesterday and the bride was thrilled. I also had a try on of a bridal dress yesterday and it fir now so I just have to hem it and make straps.  That should go out next week.  Things are looking up.

Well I am off to get me some fun and find something to do on this Saturday.

  Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, road trip, family drama

     Without going into too many details right now, Lil sis and I are taking off tomorrow for Missoula to help my brother clean his house.  There has been drama there for a while and things are in a bad state.  As he has two little girls that are autistic it is important that we step in to help.  I know this is what mom would have wanted us to do. ( but then mom was the greatest enabler of them all).  Lil sis also raised a very successful, beautiful daughter that suffered from autism so she has strong feeling about this help. Lil bro has no life skills, he never has as mom protected him in all ways.  I will not be taken advantage of financially by him.  I will go over with my vacuum and cleaning supplies and help him organize and dig out, but he will have to maintain as it will never happen again.  Of course their car is broken down and not fixable.  Realize that Bro at the ripe old age of 52 has never bought his own vehicles.  He has always driven cars mom provided.  We will not help with the car.  I personally think he should go car less and use the city bus system and uber.  They cannot afford to maintain a car or the insurance. Bro has an old truck of dad's that runs and I think he needs to use that for his gigs (he is a DJ) and his wife and girls will have to use the bus or walk.  His wife can take the truck to work.  We will not help with a car.

     We have had many conversations on the phone and I have made it very clear. I reminded him that we always knew this day was coming.  But he never prepared for the future as he never had a future, just poverty and need.  Family what can I say? Right now he is willing to learn and to help himself, so we will go help him.  You cannot save a sucking chest wound and I told him that straight out.  He had to make some changes. We can provide emotional and physical support but no cash.

     I was really busy yesterday  with wedding dresses and beading a wedding veil. I have two bridal fittings to day after 4 p.m.  The littles are here today so not much important sewing is getting done.  I have been pretty proud of myself this week as I got through is with only one major breakdown.  But I kept my chin up stayed busy and I am in a better place.  Still staying on the low carb dist and saving where I can.  I pulled burger, chicken, and steaks out of the freezer for meals this week.  I also  froze a container of chicken chili for later and a package of prepared taco meat.  SO, I used up onions, meats, a lb of beans, stock, cheese,from my storage.  It is going down.  The upstairs freezer if seeing empty space for the first time in a while.

     I am going to try and work on a few projects in the shop  even with the littles, we will see.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday, In a better mood

     After my post yesterday and my worry meltdown, I went to pick up the taxes and also went to the hospital to get blood work done for next week's specialist appointment.  The hospital and the accountant are within blocks of each other so I combined the trip to save time and well money.  See how I roll?

     I am pleased to say that we do not owe any money to the government but get small refunds from both the state and feds. Actually $17.00 dollars over what I owed the accountant so basically a wash. I still don't understand how we can take home and I mean take home over $40,000 dollars and take no money out and still get money back.  When the kids were growing up and Hub's actually retired his gross was just above $40,000 and we paid a great deal of taxes on that.  I mean we did get some back but now that it is SSI and State retirement we pay nothing?  I am not complaining but we needed the money back when we were raising kids.  Why now when our house is almost paid for and we are not working (hubs) can we not pay taxes?  My shop is almost always a wash as I am able to deduct all of my expenses and 25% of my household expenses.(utilities, taxes)  It varies from year to year.

     So not owing any money to taxes is one less worry for me to stew on this month plus with e-file the money will return within weeks.

     I really kept myself busy sewing yesterday and I have two wedding dresses I will work on today.  I swear one needs to leave, I am tired of looking at it.  It is staying busy that helps me ward off the depression/anxiety monster that likes to loom over me in the winter.

     I made a big pot of white chicken chili late Tuesday night as Hubs had to work at the high school early afternoon into the evening. It was good and there is enough for hub's lunch.  I am still trying to use up freezer items.  I also thawed 2lbs of burger and I will get creative with that today sometime turning it into something that will feed us through Saturday.

     Today after the wedding dresses I need to work on blankets for the young mothers in my church that are all having girls in March.  Yes 6 new baby girls.  I need to get busy and quit just looking at the stacks in my shop.

     This sitting around and stewing and worrying is not solving anything.  Why do I do this to myself?

I also can get boxes ready to mail like I have been talking about, maybe go to the grocery store and get some lettuce, as Taco salad sounds really good for dinner.  I just need to stay busy and quit paralyzing myself with stupid worry.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday, I am always like this in February

     Okay I know that this is a cold overcast dark month.  I am prepared for this.  I know it is coming.  I try and stay busy and tell myself it is a short month.  Everyday brings a few more minutes of sunlight back as the earth chugs its way around the sun.  I can do this month.  It has birthdays of my eldest daughter and eldest grandson, and Valentines day, I love chocolate.  I can do this. But then I find myself tipping into the abyss..... splat.

     So what is really bothering me about this month?  I think I have nailed the February blues.  It is financial.  Well with a little sadness thrown in.  February is just a dang expensive month around here and every time I turn around another bill pops up. Yesterday it was a serger repair $160.00.  Now our taxes are due at the accountant $310.00. I have know idea if we owe that will be the next shoe to fall. We have two trees coming down in the back as we can get a good winter rate from the company that has no work right now.  See February is hard on many businesses.  Did I know I had to pay the accountant and the tree guy and the machine shop?  You bet, but I have no money coming in and I have to use savings which is dwindling before my eyes which causes me to stress out.

     Now is it like this every year.  YES.  I was really proud of myself getting my Aunts check off right at the first of the month so I don't have to worry about that.  I thought I had this handled.  Well I don't.  Money is just not magically appearing when I need it.  Where are the fairies in my life?  Stuck on the pages of the storybook I guess.

     All I can tell myself is that this is my last year of having a scary Financial February, because this sucker of a house will be paid off and I won't have to live so tight.  I can do this.  I can.

So today I will go pick up the taxes, I will  finish up the boxes I need to mail so I can mail those tomorrow.  I have plenty of work in the shop, I will have money coming in by Friday.  I will be okay.  I can stop worrying.  By this time next month I will start to get really busy and I can boost my savings again.  Right now it is just survive.  It is okay.

     DO any of you get the financial panics one month of the year?  What do you do about it? I find chewing my nails down to the fourth knuckle helps but it does get blood on my sewing.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tuesday, concerns large and small

     I worked so hard last year at lowering any bill I could and I am watching them just creep back up.  I don't know if complaining or trying to restructure will help.

1.  The phone bill was brought down to $90.00 a month for the two smart phone it is now $120 and I can see of no way to remedy that.  I could switch companies but I also think staying local is important.

2. Our house taxes went up about $60.00 a month due to a new school levy.  I voted for a new High school and it is really needed. So not much I can do here.

3. I just received our homeowners insurance and it went up to $778.00 a year almost $250.00 a year.  I am working on changing companies.  We do not have an enormous house or live in a fancy place, but we do have to pay for all the fire damage in California.

4. Our sewer bill is up over $40.00 a month due to the need of a new sewer plant.  Nothing I can do here but be very careful with water and I already am careful.

5.  I have our internet locked at a life time rate but now the new high speed is out in our area and ours is painfully slow so it is tempting to go up with the introductory rate but I lose the lifetime lock.

     AS I see all these things concerning our property, it makes me realize that going to a smaller place with a smaller tax bracket is important.  Less taxes, less insurance, smaller yard and water consumption, better internet access.  These are just thoughts as retirement means no knew monies coming in.

   However  there are some good things happening on the financing front.

1.Gas for our cars is going down. We have in the last year had the highest gas prices in the nation.  Even though our gas is shipped here in the cheapest way possible via barge.  But we are held hostage by a group of cheap gouging gas stations.  I think we have broken the mafia down here, by the majority of us going out of town for gas. Never underestimate the power of people in action.  We are finally getting our gas down to around $2.29 a gallon and dropping everyday.

2. We can still get potatoes, and onions, which I think you could live on if you needed to for almost nothing.Toilet paper and most paper products are much cheaper here. 

3. Housing prices remain high in this area which will be good for us when we sell.  But is will also determine where we buy.

4. The new tax structure I believe is really helping the lower middle class which is where I put Hub's and I.  We live very well because we use our talents and skills and we also are frugal.

5. continuing to hone frugal ways will always help our bottom line.

     DO you notice things rising in your area?  What are you doing to try and keep those costs down?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday, Money saving madness

     I am off to the accountants this morning and I just started to pay the February bills.  Yikes it is going to be such a tight month.  I mean scary tight.  I need to really not spend any money at all except for our grocery budget.  But this is what you get when you take a trip.  You have to pay for it.  I am determined to have only one credit card that I owe money to and that has to be paid no matter what.  So I will tighten our belts here.

     I need to  get Aunties check sent by the middle of the week, and also get the boys boxes out.  I can do this if I really sew and buckle down.  I have two wedding dresses in the shop that I can have out by the end of the week and that will help a lot.  I just hope I can get in more work.

     Today other than sewing I will be cleaning out the linen closet which right now is all on the bed in the spare room.  That will be my last area to clean out.  Then believe it or not I am going to go through the whole house again.  Drawer by drawer, closet by closet and after that de clutter I will set up a schedule for deep cleaning this place.  I swear spiders love my house.

     There are many things which need to be done to this house and after it is paid off we will be putting about $10,000 into windows, carpet, paint.  Then we might sell it.  We will see.  But a good cleaning will let us know where the problems are I think.

Monday Money Saving Madness Jan 27-Feb 2 2019

1. Stayed on our grocery budget in fact I spent only $11.00 last week so I have $89.00 this week and I don't see needing all of that.
2. Used meats and pantry staples out of freezers and storage.
3. used up a bottle of face cream that I had for a while.
4. cut make up remover clothes in 1/2 as I don't nee a whole cloth
5. Used coupons at Joanns when I needed am item.
6. took all food scraps to the chickens
7. only ate out one meal, fast food while we were on the road $9.00
8.I have my laundry down to 3 loads a week without sheets and blankets. Big savings
9. Use my clothes line to dry heavy items, hub's flannel shirts  and our jeans then touch up in dryer.
10. Continued to save spare change in my pig bank
11. added $5.00 bills to savings.
12.continued to get rid of unwanted and unused items in the house,less to clean, less, to organize, less  worry, means more money in the long run.

What did you do this week to save money?  Any new tricks you can share?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday,Taxes are ready to go, and unloading stuff

     I was able to get the taxes ready last night while I was watching TV.  I just spread it all out on the floor and plugged in the adding machine.  They were ready to go to the accountant in bout an hour.  It is so nice not have the taxes of the studio.  Remember when I used to work for 12-24 hours over a week of time on those.  But our taxes are going to get easier with the new standard deduction.  So many things we needed to save will not be necessary.  I wonder about the no deduction for charity and worry about local charities having a hard time now that people cannot fully deduct their givings.  But I also think it will be more fair to the middle class and lower middle class.  We will see.  I don't mind paying my fair share of taxes.

 I spent the day chasing babies, and changing nappies, but as long as the basement was in chaos, why not add to it.  I decided to clean out the video cupboards, the the end table picture cabinet and the computer desk.  This unloaded believe it or not 322 more items.  I threw away 2 13 gallon garbage bags of trash and took three heaping clothes baskets to good will.   I also took everything out of the linen cabinet upstairs but have not even touched that pile.

It is amazing to see how much stuff can come out of a house and you can't even tell you did anything.  What I can tell you is that this house needs a really good deep cleaning.  But once I get rid of the things that need to go I can deep clean one room at a time.

Hub's and I are going to drive a loop to visit 3 missionary apartments today.  So I will get to look at great scenery.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday, Hurrah!

     Hurrah!  It is Friday, January is over!  February the month of love is here.  What are you going to try and accomplish in February?  Do you have any goals?

     I am going to stay busy and try and accomplish many things this month.


1. add all change to pig bank
2. keep saving any $5 bill I come across
3. stick to a $50.00 a week grocery budget
4. Add $1000.00 to the principle of the house on top of the house payment.
5.Keep a record of my savings with my charts try and gt another $1000 chart done before the end of the month.


1. continue to work on only having one diet coke a day, none in the house.
2. try and eat low carb asap. improve from last month
3. try and exercise 10,000 steps a day  improve from last month
4. get at least one hour of heart exercise 5 days a week.


1. have fun, take it easy, enjoy life.
2. read and study more
3. practice the piano everyday
4. Work on craft projects and things I enjoy

I also have two other financial goals I need to complete this month.

1. pay the accountant this will be an added expense
2. Send Aunty her annual check for her birthday, (pays her taxes)  $500.00

So that means this will be a very tight month and I will have to be careful.

I have a bridal fitting tomorrow at 11:00 and Hubs and I will do a missionary apt run tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds.  Then I will spend the rest of the weekend doing taxes.  Yeah my favorite thing to do.  But I need to know the damages if any, with the new tax structures.

The little are here today and the house is well chaos, I have been going through the videos, and getting rid of anything we have not watched in years and that would be almost everything.  I will keep a few for the cabin if we ever build one?  As long as the babies are down stairs I might as well work in the chaos.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.