Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday, Just keeping up

     Mom was hard yesterday.  Eldest daughter sent her flowers late in the afternoon and that cheered her considerably. Her melt down was caused by her inability to use her cell phone.  She just cannot remember how to use it and she cannot see the numbers.  It is one more nail in the coffin so to speak.  She cannot read, or play the piano anymore. She cannot cook or sew.  She cannot drive and has to use a wheel chair when out.  Now she cannot remember the cell phone.  I feel really bad.  She is miserable and her personality is such that when she is down she will take us with her.

     This is very hard as I cannot allow that.  I have to struggle to stay up as it is and she has to find it within herself to be happy.  I will help but I cannot make her happy.  It breaks my heart.  She is refusing to go to Lil sis's and will not go with Sis in the evening, which is so weird as nothing was done to make her uncomfortable there.  But this might just be another phase.

     Yesterday other than the mom issue, Sis got the ironing done!.  I was able to sew and finished many prom dresses.  I was also able to get a couple of wedding dresses ready for fittings.

     After dinner I took mom to Joanns and Albertsons.  Then she went to bed and I watched a little TV.  At 10 p.m. I realized I needed to make cookie dough for mom.  I thought I would just throw a batch together and  go to bed.  Well I found the burger that I was going to make into spaghetti sauce and plus three onion 1/2's in the fridge.  This lead to me making a triple batch of spaghetti sauce and cookie dough and cleaning the kitchen.  So I was not out of the kitchen until after 11.
  Today I will continue to work on dresses and I have a pile of pants to hem. I will make cookies with mom and also go and freeze most of the spaghetti sauce.

     I still have to pick up some things for Easter.  Just simple things for the great nephews baskets.  I need to make a list so I don't forget what I need.  If I don't do that I just end up with things that I want.
Do any of you do that?  My weakness I guess.

 Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday, Finished rug!

      Here is the finished rug.  I really like it.  But I will tell you this is, this is not a project for the faint of heart.  It is time consuming. It only took three towels to make this rather large tub rug.  So cost wise when you are using older used towels it is not a cost issue.  But the towels must be cut in 1 inch strips, my hands got really tired and I had to stop so I did not get blisters.  Then you have to braid and sew the strips together as you go.  This step did not take too long.  The sewing of the rug was tedious.  You had to use a double carpet thread and it took several evenings to do a rug of this size.  Then it had to be hot steamed and dried.  I want to do another for the toilet but I will make it smaller. I have 6 more old towels that I  usually donate old, stained towels to the animal shelter.  I have to say this was fun and I love the results but again a LOT of work.  It just shows you how hard our ancestors worked to have a rug or a carpet in their home.
Here is Sis with her skinny butt finishing my ironing.  She needs to work. :) Sis thinks she looks square and well she is......

Mom really liked having the kids here yesterday. It was entertainment for her.  She loved rocking the baby.  So I think it was a success.  I was still able to fulfill my sewing quota.

Mom had a crying jag this morning for 2 hours.  We don't know what set her off.  I feel bad, but I said a prayer and asked for guidance in the situation as I was going to do nothing and she worked herself out of it. So I got that answer.  This is very hard.  All I can say is this is very hard.

     We are trying to plan Easter dinner and mom and Sis are going out to get the fixings.   By the way the ironing is done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, Crazy or what?

      I have two extras today.  This neighborhood needs a Grandma and I am it!  I have an 18month old and her younger brother who is 3 months old today.  So far I have not fed mom or even gotten her dressed.  But I have rocked a fussy baby to sleep twice, and changed a messy diaper.  Mom seems to be enjoying all the commotion.

     When we moved into this neighborhood 20 years ago we were the new young family on the block.  Our youngest was in kindergarten and the oldest was just leaving for college.  All of our neighbors were original home owners and quite elderly.  We have watched the neighborhood completely change and we are now the old people.  I took care of many an old neighbor for the last several years, cooking, dressing, and helping them move when needed.  The last one is now in a home and I take him to lunch about once a month.  He doesn't know me anymore but he loves the hot dogs at Sonic.  So I am no longer Kim the woman two doors down that hems his pants.  I am the hot dog lady and I can live with that.

     As the hood turns over we have many young families around us.  These particular neighbors moved in as a blended family.  Both have jobs and the kids were all in school.  However she became pregnant ( not on purpose but we all know this happens)  so well now they would be a his, mine and ours.  It would work.  Their little girl was born Dec.7 2016.  She is a dolly and mom went back to work when she was three months old.  Then at her 3month check up she found out she was pregnant again!  Baby brother was born on Dec.24 2017, so not quite Irish twins.

     I feel for families that both need to work and day care is such a huge expense.  Getting a day care that will take an infant is really hard.  We got to talking over the fence and she said that the biggest thing in addition to the expense was that her sitter was a 1/2 hour away in the heights then 1/2 hour back to work down town.  Plus getting the kids into and out of the car seats was another 15 minutes .  So on top of a full 8 hour day she  had 2.5 hours of car and car seats. Yikes.  I cannot imagine.  She just went back to work last week and her sitters mom passed away.  So now she is scrambling.  We offered to take the two on Wednesdays to give her a break.  She brings them over the fence in jammies and leaves for work.  She has a 5 minute commute.  She can come home and nurse the little boy at lunch rather than pump.   So far other than getting up way too early we are doing fine.  I will sew while the two takes naps this afternoon.  If one won't nap then Hub's will take that one on.  This will save them about $400.00 a month plus a day of no commuting.

     Crazy or what?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday, Making my goals

    Well here it is sheet # three completed and before the end of March.  I am so happy.  Today I will be going down to the bank and pay enough to get that Home loan under $4500.00.  Which will complete my goals for the month.  Yeah!

I have started a new sheet and hope to have it completed by the end of April.

     There are going to be some financial changes here as the owner of the studio is experiencing some financial difficulties.  Nothing I did not experience when I first opened the doors.  I have tried to help her but again it is a learning experience.  She has been paying me $1000.00 a month for the studio and she had 7 more payments left.  I told her to reduce the payment to $500 for March, April and May.  Then she will pay nothing June, July and August.  She will then start back up in September with either $500-1000.  Eventually I will get paid.  This was a solution that I came up with on my own.  It will change how quickly I can pay back my studio loan.  It will make summer a little slower for debt pay off.  But all is workable.  Some times you just have to go to plan B.  I am happy to be able to do this for her.

     I was able to get a bit of sewing down yesterday and hope to hit the machines in a few minutes.  mom is back home and Lil sis bought her  a hearing aid device that she wears around her neck.  She has watched the"Anne with and E" series all morning.  I think we are onto something. I will take her out later today to get a few errands done.

     I am making a large pot of spaghetti sauce to  freeze and also have some for supper.  Sis is going to make a bread pudding with left over roles from the party.  Sis also took most of the wrapped Easter chocolate that we had left over from the party to Li sis's church so they could use it in the Easter egg hunt. We still have plenty of cake and goodies.  So much temptation.

     Yesterday Hub's swept and mopped the dining room the kitchen and moved all the furniture and swept the front room.He then vacuumed the rugs up stairs and also the basement family room. He did a really good job.  Not his usual half done slop work.  I was so pleased.  Wow.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday, Officially 60 and money saving madness


Well I am officially 60.  I don't feel 60.   I guess I need to change my blog status.  I started this in my early 50's and look where I am now.

     I finally figured out what was wrong with my cell phone.  Here is a picture of the cushions that Lil sis and I recovered, there were two additional ones for a chair.

     It was a super fun weekend, but so much work.  I was pretty wiped out Saturday and Sunday. Friday afternoon I finally got the silver polished.  Funny it has been dirty for so long it almost blinded me when I went into the dining room.

 Saturday, I was up to finish off a salad and make rolls for the chicken salad.  All the girls were here helping and it was so fun to listen to them kibitz with one another about decorations and things.  The grandsons were big help (not) . I enjoyed them anyway. The open house started at 4 and went until 9.  It was a full house most of the time.  Lot's of good food and chocolate.  The weather turned out nicer than we expected so people could enjoy the warm weather on the deck.  My Lil sis rented a chocolate fountain which was a big hit with the kids.  I received many, many flowers and cards.  I can't wait to plant some of the plants I received.

He is getting so big.
This is our youngest and we love him to death.
  I had my eldest grandson cut the Easter grass which I plant every year.  Then he and his little brother decorated the grass. There is way too much cake and chocolate in this house and I am truly suffering.  Why does no one believe me?  We had a professional photographer at the party so I will post some pictures when we get them.  It was nice to have a picture taken with my twin and my sister and mom.

Mom has been at sister's most of the last week and it was so nice.  She will come back today.  I have to rip and strip beds.  Hoping Sis will do it:)  The house looked like an explosion had hit after the party.  My three girls and I put food that was left away and got things covered.  Then collapsed into bed.  Both the younger two left on Sunday.  The youngest had 4 sets of overalls that needed to be shortened so I did 16 hems and then helped her with her rubber safe suit.  She needed to adjust it to fit, without cutting as she has to avoid contamination. After she left I laid down for about an hour.  Then later Sunday evening The eldest daughter and I really cleaned the house.  Hubs was  at orchestra.  All that was left when hubs came home was the kitchen floor and the vacuuming.  Hub's is doing that today.

     My girls spoiled me rotten, and I received a Cuisinart dark blue large roaster, a lulu lemon coat, a feel good lamp (supposed to simulate sunlight) a pair of pinking shears (which I really needed), some darling Easter  decos from my Lil sis, plus lots and lots of chocolate.

     My son in law replaced 4 of the nasty doors in our house. We have an older home built in the late 50's all the doors are those hollow birch doors.  They have dents and breaks and have dog chew marks.  They are just gross.  So Son-in-law took the 4 worst ones down and I was able to get them replaced.  They are so beautiful.  They are nice doors with new handicap handles and they actually lock.  There are 7 more doors to replace and every time son-in-law comes down he will replace a few.  I was shocked as the cost was a lot less than I imagined. It was a round $425.00 that was my gift from Hub's.  He offered to buy me a piece of jewelry but this was way better.  I was so excited.

     Monday's money saving madness March 18-24 2018
1.Ate most meals at home.  Was treated to two meals out.
2. pulled almost all food for party from pantry.  Spend $40.00 on extras needed
3. Continued working on bathroom rug I am making.
4. received a $25.00 refund check I asked for.
5. Used my clothesline to dry heavy things
6. stayed home almost all week, hardly drove my car at all
7.Had son -in -law replace doors that a contractor had given me over $1000.00 bid to do.
8. Fed all food scraps to chickens.
9.Pulled out Easter things old and new. New things were purchased for 90% off.
10. saved as much tissue paper and gift bags as I could from party to reuse.  (my kids make fun of me)
11.  Used many,many cottage cheese containers to store party leftovers.  It was great because you don't have to worry about getting them back.
12. Saved a beautiful Easter egg shaped cake D#2 had made for Easter dinner.  I froze it!
13.De cluttered some things from the house.  Some went to the girls, some to the trash and some to goodwill.

      I have a very busy week in the shop so I had better go and get busy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday, Grandson chaos

     We are having a ball here with the grandsons.  We have cats and chickens and baby chicks and they are going to get fish for the pond today, and then D#2 brought the dog with so add that to the menagerie.  In the mean time I need to cook, make rolls, make salads, do laundry, fill mom's meds, polish all the silver, Why, why did I put this off? 

    D#1 has housekeeper coming in this afternoon and I said, "Can she polish the silver?" Daughter said, "I don't pay her enough."

     In the mean time I have bridal fittings and customers coming.  So crazy continues.  We went through a gallon of milk in less than 24 hours.  Something that never happens here.  I am just laughing and enjoying the chaos.

     All my chicks will be here tonight and all my grandsons.  It is so much fun.  I promise pictures later.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday, So nice, Sew nice :)

     Yesterday, Sis took mom out and about. I hit my machine at 12:18 and by 3:00 had as much work done as I usually get done in a full day.  Mostly because it was quiet with no interruptions. I could knock out my piles of work and it was wonderful.  I have a second fitting on a Wedding dress today and I will start on another.

     I just pulled two chickens out of the freezer and thawed them last night.  They are boiling for chicken salad for the party on Saturday.  The older two girls are due in tonight with all the grandsons so I thought I would have chicken off the bone, with gravy over mashed potatoes and biscuits, some kind of vegetable.  Hub's and I need to go to the store and get grandchildren food.

     Sis is out running an errand and she will come and get mom so I can have the afternoon free.  We are moving mom over to Lil sis's house for the remainder of the weekend as my house will fill with my own kids.  Lil sis has set up a day bed in her TV room next to the 1/2 bath for mom.  Even though mom can still do stairs, it is hard at the end of a long day to get her up them.  Lil sis's bathroom on her second floor is a much longer way away from mom's upstairs bathroom causing some accident problems.  We just keep trying to solve these problems as they arise.  It is all we can do.

     I am going to get a few more things knocked out in the shop.  There is a prom dress and another coming in this afternoon.  I have a pageant costume that needs an over haul and I hope to finish the wedding dress that is tried on today.  I would like to get another dress ready for a back lace up if possible. Yesterday it was jeans and overalls today it is fancy clothes.  I am blessed with work.

     My baby chicks are getting pin feathers and I swear they have doubled in size since last Friday.  The older hens are all laying again.   Some every day and others every other day.  The Easter grass is ready for its first cutting.  I will take pictures for tomorrow's blog.  I wanted grandson to be able to cut the grass when he gets here.  I always loved having my turn to do that when I was little.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday, Life is a whirlwind

     What happened to yesterday?  I do remember blogging and then I ran upstairs to fix my hair (nasty curly mess )  I get  a phone call and it is Sissy she is at the airport.  I didn't expect her for two more hours.  Thank goodness mom was ready and the airport is less than 5 minutes away.

     Then is was home to try and get some sewing done, but with plenty of interruptions. Sis took mom to run some errands which was so nice.  Mom was her usual cranky self.  Which was not so nice for Sis but at least she got to see what I deal with on a daily basis. I had to be to the studio at 4 to help choreograph a number for Peter Pan.

     I taught dance for 2.5 hours and then went over to Lil sis's.  All of us girls and mom went out to dinner, (mom's treat).  We took the left overs home to Hub's.  We had a lot of laughs and spent time organizing the big birthday party we will have here on Saturday.

     Then I came home and had to finish up a wedding dress and the bride came by about 9:30 to pick it up she was thrilled.  I was tired.  Got mom to bed and then collapsed myself.

     Sis slept at Lil sis's so she could get up early and help Lil sis get her house ready for the company as all 5 beds will be filled this weekend. Lot's of laundry to get caught up on with the beds.  Sis was back over to my place by the time I got up and was racing through the house.  She has mom and I am leisurely typing at my computer with no one picking at me.  It is wonderful.

     There are  several stacks of alterations to do and another wedding dress to get ready for a fitting tomorrow.  So I had better get busy.

     I am just so happy that my sissy is here.  I love when the three of us get together.  We can have so much fun.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday, Sissie is coming today!

     I need to hurry and go pick up mom.  She is at Lil sis's and Sissie flies in, in about 2hours!  I have so much to do.

     But look, look another big old chunk of change to the Home/debt.  It is below $5,000.  I am shooting for  $4500,00 by the end of the month.

     I have this thing in my mind that if a debt can get below $3000.00 it is not a problem.  Now why is that?  It is like I can handle that.  Why am I worrying myself? Is there a debt limit in our minds?

Anyway I have to get moving so I can pickup my Sissie and then she can come pick up my life!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday, Money saving madness

     Well it was a whirlwind weekend for sure.  Lil sis came over on Saturday and we started on her 2 (oops) 8 large cushions.  Hub's had a performance with a band for a fund raiser so he got to miss all of our excitement.  Between the two of us and we really work well together as a team we knocked out those cushions by 6:30 that night.  I took pictures, but I can't seem, to get them off my phone.  Dang!

     I then started working on the bath rugs and what a mess.  It is a very messy and fun project.  In the mean time the house has fallen into a rats nest.  Mostly my fault as when I get busy my inner brat comes out and nothing gets put away.  I just trail crap every where.  I have no excuses as Lil sis took mom and it was so nice.  Or it has been so nice. Yesterday I slept in as I did not have to take mom to church.  I was so tired during church and my Sjogren's is acting up making my eyes weepy and sleepy.  Anyway I made it through church and came home and fell asleep in my church dress.  I slept from 4:30 to 9:30.  Then I was up and into jammies.  I tried to stay up but was back in bed by 10:30 and slept all night.  Do you think I was behind on sleep?  I was just absolutely exhausted and I really dislike that feeling. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. That was the extent of my Sunday dinner cooking.

     Now it is Monday, Sis will be here tomorrow and my house is a wreck and she will not be happy with me.  She is coming to help but this is beyond bad.  I am going to set a timer and make myself run and clean for 1/2 hour increments until I have some semblance of order.  Mom is gone and I absolutely have to clean up her room and bath.  As in sterilize.

    I am so sorry I feel a list coming on, I just can't help it,,,

1.  organize, clean and straighten laundry room
2. catch up laundry
3. clean spare room, new sheets,
4. clean spare bath
5. straighten our room and hang clothes.
6. clean desk area
7. clean moms room
8. clean moms bath
9. clean family room
10. organize shop
11. get sewing done for the day
12. what is for dinner?

Monday money saving madness March 11th - 18th 2018

1.  Ate all meal but one at home
2. went out for tacos Mom paid
3. Used food from stock and freezers for meals
4. Finished several free to me or almost free projects
5. Received refunds in the mail to add to debt payment
6. Called internet company and secured $35.00 a month for life contract as it had gone up again.
7.Used clothes line for heavy laundry and then just did a quick touch up to soften .
8. used coupons at Joanns for purchases needed
9.  Only purchased dairy and veggies and fruit at stores
10. started my seedlings for garden
11. bought 5 new chicks for new flock of laying hens.

     Not a very exciting week for saving, just the same old, same old, but it all adds up.

I am going to set my timer and get busy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday, Happy St Patrick's Day!

 Here is the St. Patrick's Day quilt.  I used old napkins I cut up that had stains.  So I cut around those.  I also had a strip bundle I had bought for $2.00 several years ago.  Then I used batting I had pulled from a bed quilt my Lil sis wanted to be not so full.  The backing I bought at Joann's for 60% off and an additional 20%.  The total cost under $20.00.  Of course it is on mom's bed as everything belongs to her.
 I love the green back, green is one of my favorite colors.
 I also found this reversible fabric with polka dots on one side. I love polka dots.  It was believe it was 90% off.  I had a pattern I bought for .99.  Well of course mom wanted it as soon as she saw it and she is so happy.  (for ten seconds). It was really easy to make.  Now I have to wait for another sale so I can make myself one.
Don't look at the mess.  See all the yarn scraps on the floor.  My house is a really bad right now.  Lil sis is over here ripping apart her *&^(%  cushions.

I am starting to cut my towel strips for my bath rugs.  All projects will be done before Monday.  The quilts are done, the coat, the cushions, the rugs. My shop is too full of things to make all the wedding dresses feel comfortable.  Because Wedding dresses have feelings you know.    It will be a crazy busy weekend.  Mom is still cranky but at least Lil sis is here to help me bear the brunt.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  ( Mom being the negative today)


Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, Cleaning up the projects

     I have projects all over the shop and the mess is driving me nuts.  Now that the shop is busy again I need to clean these up or store them away until future time allows me to work on them.  So I finally got the car quilt for my son in law done and Mom was so excited.  I knew she would be when she saw the finished product.  Now she wants to tie the St Patrick quilt so I have to get that ready to go.

     This car quilt was made from all the jeans I cut off for customers.  I pick up remnants of heavy flannel when I can find them 75% off.  The backing was purchased years ago when we had a fabric store where you could get material for $1.00 a yard.  I don't have a very large stash of fabric as I won't allow it, but I am trying to use up what I have.

I just hated wasting that wonderful brand new denim.

     This is my embroider mess along with the cat. Almost every night I stay up a little later than everyone and the cat(s) and I watch TV and embroider together.  Because who just sits and watches TV?
      I was at the doctors office for 3 hours with mom yesterday.  What a mess.  They are starting a new computer system and no one really knew it well.  There was one techie running from office to office trying to correct and help receptionists, Assistants, nurses, doctors.  They were so far behind and the tension was horrid.  Finally I asked the tech how the file system was set up, I wanted a flow chart to look at.  Then I was running around offices pulling people out of their boo boo's.  The doctor who FINALLY saw mom asked if I worked for the company.  No but I do have a software degree, so I understand operating systems.  Computers are still based on ones and zero's.  It all goes back to is it on or off?  You just have to think like a computer.  No I did not need a job.  Mom was aghast at my behavior, but I had things to do besides sitting in an office watching people close to tears, losing things, like blood pressure cuffs, and finger monitors.  Yes I went and found items for nurses and doctors, I needed to GO!

     Lil sis brought two large dirty old sofa cushions into me shop from her work that she wants recovered.  I looked at the roll of material and thought why did she buy so much?  Well because there are 8 large cushions to recover.  It is a sofa.  I want to hurt her.  But if you just bring one set in.....

     Then I have a stack of old towels, that I am making into a large braided rug for the bathroom, this needs to be finished and out of there.  I need the room for more dresses.  Oh yes another came in last night  Total 9.  I though 7 ate 9?

     Even though the shop is crazy full, I am going to organize and get projects done and out of there, so I can concentrate on what really needs to be done. I can only stand so much chaos and with Sis coming I don't want her to beat me up too bad.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday, Some days are just like that...

This scene was all over my flower beds.  It is so exciting.  Mom's wheat grass is going to pop today.   I could see the little shoots just barely peeking out of the soil.  I love Spring.  New life, new hope, new sore muscles.  Okay the last not so much.  But Spring is coming I can feel it, I can smell it when I walk outside.

Mom has a doctors appointment this afternoon, so I will have to get her showered and ready, always a big task.  She will be grumpy and awful.

     Things were very difficult yesterday.  I thought the quilt would make her happy, but I did it all wrong and she kept questioning me about it and getting angry with me.  I told her I had a very bad teacher.  (she did not get it)  Sarcasm is always my second go to after trying to reason with her.  Later in the evening she seemed to like the quilt, so we will see how she feels when it is finished.  I plan to try and do the binding today.  I will take a picture.

     I just hope and pray mom is in a better place today.  (Meaning a better mood)  I cut out a really cute reversible jacket for her last night.  After I get my quota done in the shop I am going to whip it together.  I think she is excited about that.  Who knows every day is a new adventure with her.

     My large container of copper polish came yesterday and it was smashed and spread all over the inside of a box.  Hub's and I found another small bucket and scraped out the box.  I did not think I could return it as it was a leaky mess and full of who knows what.  So I reported to Amazon and said we would keep what was left and they returned my money.  So a win, win.  We used all the left over in the box by wiping it on a rag and polishing about 4 items.  Amazon rocks.

     All of my prom dresses are out and I am hoping to tackle at least one wedding dress today after I get a a few things done around the house and all the other smaller things out of the shop.  Yeah like this is going to happen.  But a girl can dream can't she?

     Never mind I just got a coat in for a funeral that has to be out today and another prom dress.  Plans are shot.  Some days are like that.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday, Sewing, taking stock

     Yesterday was full of sewing and the housekeeper came and really hit the master bed and bath.  So grateful for this service provided by my eldest daughter.  We had left overs for dinner and I still have a large portion of pork roast left over so I am going to chop it up and make a large dish of fried rice with it.  Maybe a broccoli and bacon salad.  Okay dinner is done.  Yes this is how Kim flies.  I guess I could menu plan but I just can't get myself to stick to anything and mom always upsets the apple cart.

     Speaking of mom, she is having a real hard time right now.  I had to sleep with her last night to get her to go to bed.  When I got up this morning she did not want me to go.  She is doing a lot of crying and whimpering.  I am beside myself and don't know what to do.  I am counting down the days until Sis gets here.  She works herself into A-fib with these fits of self pity and then that is such a time waster for me.  That sounds unkind and crass, but I am dealing with a selfish, spoiled child right now that used to be my mother.  Carry on, carry on.

     I received my refund over payment from Sears yesterday so that went into the pay off the home loan pile. I am waiting on a $25.00 refund from an old CC also.  Every little bit helps.

     I was able to get two more prom dresses out and I have two more to get out today, I also took in another wedding dress.  Now there are 7 wedding dresses and I haven't been able to touch even one of them.  I am going to attack the piles in the shop and I swear get a quilt tied today.  That will give mom something to do. 

     While I was heating up leftovers last night I started some of my seeds.  The first corn planting, the beans, some Herbs, zucchini, yellow squash, pumpkins, cucumbers.  I need to find my flower seeds and then get those started in a couple of weeks.  I also did a walk around of the yard, taking stock of the cleaning that needs to be done. I just cannot wait for a day where I get to work in the yard. It was really warm here yesterday, but rainy today.

     The shop is so full right now and it is a mess, which I dislike, but when Sis comes she will get me all organized and spiffy.  Can you tell I am excited to see her?

Well I am off to tie a quilt and sew my little heart out.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday, Good things, Do you have a question?

I do not look this happy ironing, but Sis does!
     I was finally able to get some housework done yesterday and get the laundry caught up.  I took mom to her book club and during that 2 hours I was able to pay all the bills and figure out the rest of the month.  Trying to sit and get paper work done is so hard with mom, she interrupts constantly.  Lil sis came a got her at 4 p.m. and I had the evening to get some sewing done.  But I really have to sew today.  So  yesterday was not a total blow off. I would have liked to get more done in the shop.

     I also call the internet company as they raised their rates again and got the plan lowered to $35.00 a month for the life of the contract.  So that will be another $20.00 a month cumulative savings.  I am telling you it pays to ask.

     I was forced to order copper polish on line, but I found out that Wright's will sell it by the 4 lb. tub for $21.00. (Amazon Prime) I was buying a small jar for just under $8.00.  I also went to Rite aid to buy the correct hair color and take advantage of their sale.

  Our Rite aid is remodeling so they had large packages of paper towel 2 for 7.00.  So 16 large rolls for that price.  I bought two even though I am not a big user,  Sis is coming and she will be so happy.  These should last me for at least a couple of years.

     As you can see I was able to pay most of the problem bills yesterday.  I was so surprised that I had enough money to do this.  I have also paid so much extra on the Home/sewer loan that I do not have a payment do until June.  This makes it easier as I don't have a due date it has to be paid.  As every thing else is paid this month except the bills that come out automatically, I can sock any additional monies coming in to that loan. This is so exciting for me.  I know the rest of you are probably thinking, "This girl needs to get a life".

     I was able to get the rest of the cookies frosted while I was making dinner last night.  I have enough  leftovers I won't have to cook tonight, which is always a win for me.

I will count yesterday as a good day even though I did not get as much as I wanted done in the shop.

 I thought Rhitter had a great idea about allowing people to ask her questions about her debt journey.  Do any of you have any questions I can answer about this confusion I live in?  Inquiring minds want to know.......

So I am off to get my machines going.

Have a great and productive day staying  positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday, Money saving madness

    Made it through the weekend and it was a dead run.  Saturday I was up and quickly made up a double batch of cookie dough to put in the fridge.  Then mom and I went to a rehearsal for 3 hours, then home to rest for an hour and back to the theater.  The show went off okay, not the standard I would have liked but the kids felt a lot better and they were proud of them selves and that is what counts.  Hopefully the mistakes that were made will not be repeated.  It is a learning process.  No one comes out of the womb a perfect teacher.

     After the performance I went to the store for a couple of loaves of bread.  I got home at 9:30 and mom and I started to make cookies.  I was only going to make 3 dozen, but rolled cookies are such a mess that I thought just do it all now, you only have to frost the 3 dozen.  Then Hub's comes in and sets the clock forward an hour and I realize I will not get to bed until 1:00.  Oh great.  So after the cookies were frosted and plated, I went to bed.  The kitchen was left in its horror.  I still have 5 dozen cookies to frost and the frosting in in the fridge.

     We had a conference at 10 the next morning and that meant we had a conference at (9), mom so wanted to go to her church as she had not been for several weeks.  Mom is not an early bird and neither am I.  Getting mom up and showered and fed and myself ready was not going to work and get mom where she needed to be and me to the conference on time.  Lil sis was not available. So I sent hub's off and I took mom her cookies and some eggs, to mom's church a little early and the rushed up to ours a little late.  Of course there was no parking so I finally after circling parked in an apartment building parking lot.  Found hubs ran out of church after and went to pick up mom.  We then went home and took a really long nap. Hubs cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and then went to a long rehearsal.  I made beef and broccoli for him to have when we got home. I also planted mom's wheat grass so she was happy with that.

     As my weekend was not the catch up I thought it would be, the house is a wreck and the the shop is FULL.  I am grateful and I have so much sewing to do. It is prom season.  I needs the money.  I also needs to do the laundry.  I haven't put last weeks laundry away yet.  What is wrong with me? (please don't answer this)  I also really need to get the ironing done as Sis is coming next week and she will kill me.  ARGHHHHH!

     So now after all my whining, I can show you my second money chart completed.  This means I have contributed an additional $1000.00 to debt.  I have started another new sheet and hope to have it completed by the end of the month.  I am $12.00 into the new chart Woo Hoo!

 Monday Money saving madness March 5-11 2018

1.  Ate all meals at home except one and we used a free birthday coupon for that one.
2. Cooked from the pantry and the storage for all other.
3. only bought bread, milk and fresh produce at store
4. Used wax wraps  and reusable covers in the kitchen
5.Made home made bread to save money and it was kind of an epic maybe fail, but we did see that it was eaten, it was also delicious.
6. Fed scraps to the chickens.
7. Bought everything for seedling starts to save money on planting.

Not much money saving this week as I spent more time sewing and dealing with mom.  I have so much to do so I need to get busy.  My first plan of attack is the laundry.  I mean really who lets things go like this?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday, Fiasco

     Well dress rehearsal was more than a fiasco. Now I am a firm believer in bad dress rehearsals.  But this was beyond.  I saw dance after dance where the kids came out on the stage and had no idea what they were doing.  Deer in the head lights is all I can say.  By the end of the two hours I was beside myself.  So I will pull the dancers into the studio at 1pm. today and I will cut the program short and revamp until it is some what ready to go.  We will go back to the theater at 5 and do a quick set and then go with what they have.  What a mess.  The teachers need to start choreography ealier, this is a real learning process for them.

   I also have some costumes to adjust.  Not the way I planned to spend this beautiful Saturday.  But if I have another diet coke I might be able to salvage some of my sanity.

On ward and up ward!  It is time for Miss Kim to show up and kick some Celtic butt.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday, okay I prayed for this....

     My butt did not hit a chair yesterday, except the sewing chair until after 6:30 in the evening.  All my plans to make cookies and plant seeds were wiped away by a very busy shop.  The phone was crazy busy and customers in and out all day.  Very little money in however and I could use a little money to pay some bills maybe?

     Mom and I are both dragging this morning.  I am freezing for some reason.  Just chilled and I don't know why.  I have several things that are due out in the shop and I really need to love my house and laundry a little today.  I know mom wants to get out but I don't know if that is going to happen. I would like to attend dress rehearsal for the Celtic show this evening and then we attend the show tomorrow.

     Okay enough whining, I prayed for this!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday, Taking Hubby to the store.

I wish mom and I looked this good!
     Mom and I went out yesterday after I felt that all my clients had shown up and we bought a few fresh things at the grocery store.  I had to pick up a prescription and find some cold sore medication.  I don't think I have had a bad cold sore in 25 years, but here it is.  Mom's wheel chair is a a blessing as I was able to get her through 3 stores easily.  Then we came home to make dinner. (brinner)

     I still needed to go to Wal-mart for copper polish, and receipt books for the shop.  Mom stayed home and Hub's went with me.  They did not have copper polish and I bought something called TarnX (it doesn't work) that I will be returning.  Hubs wanted to go to the garden department, and I thought nothing of it.  Dumb me.  He found a hose caddy that we needed as the one on the back deck had died last fall.  Then he saw chain saw chains and the 14 inch saw needed a new chain.  It is the small one he uses the most and a dull saw is very dangerous so in the cart those went. Then we saw the seed potatoes and onion sets, which I bought way too late last year so we picked those up.  I also bought seeds to start and some seedling soil.  We added some tomatoes, a sack of lemons and some rice krispies for marshmallow treats.  Upon leaving we had a bill of $141.00.  Now it is not like we didn't need these things but I had not planned on spending that much money.

     After I get done sewing today I am going to make some cookie dough for cut out shamrocks.  Also
some rice krispie treats.   Then mom and I are going to plant wheat for Easter grass and start my seeds for the garden.
Mom will enjoy these activities.  She can also take

some of the frosted cookies to church on Sunday.

Well if I want to have any fun today I had better get my butt into the shop.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday,Does anyone want bread?

     Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in the family room finishing the inside of a bridesmaid dress and mom asked what was for dinner.  I told her chicken enchiladas, she wrinkles her nose up, so I said how about spaghetti?  She says that was okay.  So I flip flopped the menu and pulled the frozen sauce out of the freezer.  Then I started the french bread and I don't know what I was thinking but my french bread recipe makes two large loaves.  I doubled the water and yeast then when I saw the mixture it was like soup.  So I ended up adding another 7 cups of flour and more salt.  Thank goodness my bosch mixer can hold that amount.  I went downstairs to continue working while the dough raised not thinking that the mixer was too full.  So 45 minutes later I go upstairs to the bread that took over the house.  What a mess. I had bread dough all over the counter and machine.  I should have taken a picture, but my hands were so sticky.

     Oh course the shop bell rings and I go racing down covered in sticky dough, with hands up like a surgeon.  My client was an Iranian man picking up a suit.  I could not open the door or help him.  He had to help himself.  He was so amazed that I was making bread.  More like you are woman who actually cooks?  See what other cultures think of us Americans?  Anyway I segue, back up stairs I managed to get the loaves on the pans, thank goodness again that I have two ovens.    While the bread took it's second raising I cleaned up the kitchen.  It was the sticky kitchen from hell I tell you. Finally the bread goes into the oven and I put the water on to boil for the pasta, tossed a salad, the sauce was heated through, and the kitchen was back to normal.  However I was a flippin mess.  Now what am I going to do with 4 HUGE loaves of french bread?

     Luckily one of the dance mom's stopped by with 4 of my boys, who all needed minor alterations on their costumes.   They had just left a 2 hour class and were sweaty and tired and starving. Great two loaves of bread and a jar of peanut butter later they were off and satiated.  Miss Kim saved their poor starving little lives.  I will be having brinner for dinner tonight, to use up the stale french bread:)

     Well I have to go pick up a perscription and get a few fresh groceries today.  I was able to get my quota of sewing done yesterday and I have plenty to for today and tomorrow and ........

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday,February review, and March goals

I was very pleased with February as far as my goals were concerned.  I was able to more than achieve them, but in the end was hit with a huge dental bill and other smaller bills that derailed my emergency fund.  It was also the slowest month of the year in the shop so that made it more difficult to not use the savings.  I also had problems with the flu and a little bit of the blues, that always come in the winter, when it is cold and dark.  Over all I am still very pleased with my progress.

     March will be much busier in the shop, so that will take care of many of the financial goals.  My first plan of attack for the month is to get all the bills paid and the emergency fund back.  Then I will work on everything else. It will be dentist, doctor, savings, in that order.  Then I will attack as much as possible the Home/sewer loan I am working on.  So far I am a head of schedule on this as far as pay off is concerned.  So I am feeling very good about the system I am using.  Every time I get a smaller bill paid off, I tell myself, you don't have to do that next month.  Sears is gone and I don't have my Aunt for another year.  I will have the dentist and doctor gone next month. I will have the emergency fund back up.I should have extra money for debt pay off.  All I can really concentrate on right now is paying off that Home/sewer loan.  I just can hardly wait to see the zero balance, I can feel it, I can anticipate it.  So exciting.

     I am trying to do the pantry challenge this month.  Just buying groceries that we will actually need.  Eating down the freezers and the stock items.  We normally spend about $400.00 on groceries and items for the house.  I have been able to cut this back significantly, by not stocking up on loss leaders and just planning meals from what I have here already.

     To night we are having chicken enchiladas.  I have the tortillas, the chicken, the soup, the chilies and the cheese already in stock.  I don't have to buy anything. I have enough salad fixings for two more days. All of the ingredients for the enchiladas I bought at rock bottom prices making a huge pan of these (enough for 2 meals) will cost under $3.50
Tortillas        $2.50 for 24 (save 1/2 for next time)  so $1.25
Cheese          $5.00 large two lb bag shredded will use 1/4 bag  so $1.25
Soup              .50 can on sale
chilies            .34 on sale

    Tomorrow we will have spaghetti, salad and I will make some french bread.  Everything is here.
I made a huge pot of sauce a week or so ago and froze portions.  I used the last of my .99 cent burger, free onions, peppers frozen from garden, my home canned tomatoes and one large can of tomato paste.  Then add pasta of your choice that you pay .49 a lb for on sale.  Make your bread two large loaves for .50, add a salad.

     We can eat like this for a long time without spending very much at the grocery store.  Let me tell you I have seen a real difference in how much money is left over at the end of the month that I can sock toward the debt.  This works my friends, try it!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

     A well stocked pantry and freezer is a huge savings, for anyone who is willing to cook.

Personally I love to cook, just don't really like the clean up part.  I also love to see what meals I can knock together, with what I have on hand.     

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday,Catch up and Money saving madness

     We drove to Spokane last Thursday to celebrate our grandson and my mom's birthday.  It was touch and go there for a while as mom took two falls within a 24 hour period of time.  But she traveled like a trooper.  She has some very bad bruises on her arm.  We cannot get her to ask us for help.  Other than to tie her down I am not sure what to do.

     Daughter #2 had a bad flood in her house and had to clean out her husbands office and tear out a wall to fix a foundation problem.  This led to a big mess in her studio and we all know how bad water damage can be.  Then they bought a new King size bed for the master bedroom, which then tore up that level of the house.  All the extra bedroom things ended up on the third story.  Daughter had at least 20 people coming on Sunday for a party and she needed help getting the disaster area put back together.

     Thursday I just took stock of the disaster and I made dinner. We went into the spare room off the nursery, which has a twin bed in it to clean up all the clothes thrown there from the master bedroom move. It looked sparkling clean when we were done. Friday daughter took a day off work and we moved furniture all over the house. She had storage boxes up to the ceiling in the studio.  We put the office back together first and then went through all the storage boxes and got rid of many, many things. Then put everything back into the storage, swept the studio.

    Next we brought the queen size bed set down from the third floor and set it up at the far end of the studio.  I mended the bed skirt and a cushion that were torn in the move.  We set the bed and the bed tables up along with the foot bench at the far end of the studio.  Everything was wiped down and all the glass cleaned.  Daughter listed her bow-flex on line and it sold immediately, so that had to be dismantled and moved to the garage.  Ugh!

     Now we had to go up and get the new master bedroom put together and cleaned, pictures hung, tables moved.  It looked awesome when done.  Onto baby's room to clean and organize went through two large bins of clothes given to her.  Took out all the 18 month things to be passed down and restocked with larger clothes.  Now his room was clean for 2.5 seconds before baby realized the neatness and came to help.  We then went to third floor loft and put together a day bed, so when son-in-laws brother comes to stay he has a place to get away.

   That was a remake of 5 beds in a three story house, in about 12 hours.  We were wiped out let me tell you.  Lil sis showed up and daughter #3 and we had places for everyone to sleep.  We celebrated mom and lil Will's birthdays on Saturday.  Took mom to lunch and then shopping.  Home for a nice dinner, and cake, presents with Will and mom.  So fun.

     Sunday we were up early to get home in time for church.  Then I had promised mom a prime rib and lobster dinner for her birthday and she was not about to let me forget that.  I raced home from church to get the rib roast in the oven (purchased 75% off at a New Years sale) made baked potatoes, asparagus and green beans, homemade bis cuts, lil sis made a yummy cherry cobbler.  It was a meal to die for.  I had purchased the lobster tails for 2.99 a piece after the New Year.  So the entire meal for the four of us was under $30.00 with enough left over roast for a second day and then primerib soup.

     Of course mom had been wined and dined all weekend by everyone and now her party was over and she was immediately a cranky, bawling mess.  She has continued her good mood (not)all damn day long and I am trying my best to ignore her.  She is doing her best to throw herself into A-fib and I have about had it!  Lord give me strength.

     Monday's money saving madness
  1. Cooked all meals from scratch except one lunch out with mom. 
  2.  Cooked out of pantry and freezers.
  3.  Used all my homemade jar covers and cloth napkins, reusable containers to save in kitchen
  4. Took 2 dozen eggs and squash from the garden to daughters
  5.  Pulled nice linens I had saved from closet for daughters beds.
  6. Made a queen size St. Patrick's day quilt with old stained napkins,( I cut around stains) and $2.00 roll of green fabric scraps.  Used white cotton I had in stock and also reused the batting pulled out of a quilt my sister was getting rid of, so I only spent $15.00 on the back.  Now I have to tie it.  Will take a picture later.
  7. Made two really nice new piano scarves from old curtains that were on a window in daughters house.  Trey had this beautiful 10 inch long thick heavy fringe. I cut them apart and made a new scarf for my piano and Lil sis's.
  8. Took 5 small lampshades from daughters throw away pile and added black beaded fringe I had torn from an old project.  She trimmed the shades and Lil sis put them in her formal dining room.
  9.  Finished another set of embroider pillow cases for a gifty.
  10. Refused to go out to dinner Saturday night after shopping.  I stopped at a grocer and bought, 2 lbs of large shrimp, 2 packages of fettuccine noodles, two loaves of baguette bread.  Went home and had a nice diner on the table for 8 adults in as much time as it would have taken us to get dinner out or brought in. We had salad fixin's at home along with the cheese and cream for the sauce.  Cost $26.00 plus enough left over for another meal.  It would have cost us close to $200.00 including the bar tab for those who drink.  I just strongly dislike this kind of money waste.
  11.  Made a nice private birthday dinner for mom at home.  Nicer than you could have gotten at a local restaurant.
  12.  Used coupons for things purchased at Jo anns.
  13.  Did not shop for many groceries last week and came home to no bread, soured milk.   I used sour milk in biscuits so we had bread at dinner. 
.The shop has been busy today and I have to get to work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.