Thursday, July 18, 2024

Thursday, Already?

 Yes, every year we have buffalo deaths.  They are large, quiet, usually stand very still.  As they are allowed to roam, they can congregate by roads, or buildings.  Their heads are larger than a Volkswagen. In fact, their heads are the largest part of their body.  When they hit you, it hurts.  Leave them alone.  Just stand far away, park far away, take a picture far away.  If you are in the frame with the buffalo, you are too close. Little tourist tip for you guys. Just in case you thought of coming out to our smoke-filled region of the country.

Kay and I went to Wally world last night as I needed bridal buttons.  Also, Joanns for bridal satin.  We are getting a hobby lobby here and I am so excited as it will be so much cheaper to get notions.  Mostly I order from WAWAK.  It is a tailoring supplier.

I can't believe it is Thursday already.  What happened to the first 3 days of the week?  I know I lived through them.

Had a dental appointment scheduled, but had some problems with vertigo yesterday, and I know going to the dentist is one of the triggers, so I cancelled that puppy.  I am going to run a Hamberger, fries, and a milk shake lunch to an elderly couple in about an hour.  He is on hospice. Just a nice little change to what they usually eat.  Then back here to the grindstone.

I was able to get quite a bit done yesterday and just have to make a long tie for a lace up back to complete a wedding dress.  Then onto the next one.  I think there are 4 or 5 for August and I want them done by the end of the month. Then my model came in with a pile of things that are due out for the 28th  photo shoot.  So, there is no rest around here.

We had terrific lightning storms last night with not so much rain, so I have no idea what the forest fire situation is, but it can't be good.  Ahh summer when it heats to 110 and you can't breathe. 

Also, piano lesson tonight, and Dan gave me his beloved metronome.  I think he is trying to tell me something, but the grace notes in this march I am learning are killing my rhythm.  He asked if my teacher gave out demerits. Funny, funny man...

Stay busy, have some fun, or better yet make fun of someone, this always helps my mood.  Sissie makes it so easy.


Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Wednesday, I want to go back to vacation mode

 Stayed up until 11 last night doing the hand work on a wedding dress that is done!

Today is all about getting another ready to go and few other goodies, like a bridesmaid dress or two and a groom's suit. 

Wedding work is coming in like crazy and I really have to produce which I don't want to.

Loved what was done to my hair yesterday.  I am so tired of not getting the color I want and as I am totally grey, I am constantly touching up the roots.  The root spray I use is never consistent and it is expensive and frustrating to use.  I feel it makes my hair look dirty. 

This turned out perfect as she lifted the color off that had been used and there is so much grey incorporated into the mix now.  This will make touching up if I have to at all much easier.  

Anything to have less time on fru fru.

Oh, by the way Kay wants me to lose 10 pounds....

The valley is filled with smoke again as we have a wildfire near us with evacuations in process.  Our annual disaster.  Sure, feel sorry for the people that have to evacuate. Most have livestock and it is a mess getting everyone out and then of course back in after the danger is past.

I would really like to go on some kind of a no spend challenge this next 30 days. Don't know why? Just gets me into a vacation mode, I guess.  My $5.00 box is empty, and it needs to be refilled. I think I just like a challenge.

Oh, my I just realized I have a chicken in the fridge that needs to be roasted. Here comes chicken salad and enchiladas!

Sew much to do and sew don't want to do it at all, but it is smokey outside so at least I am not tempted to escape to Lil sis's pool.  Small blessing that is...

I am going to hem a bridesmaid dress and start on a wedding dress!  Hooray!

What are you doing today for fun, or because well you have to? 


Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tuesday, Just Happy!

 See you can always find a way to blame others for your stupidity. This should make you Happy!

I have 17 wedding dresses in the shop right now.  That should make me scared.  But I will blame it on Venus, the planet named after the Goddess of love.

Leaving in an hour to get my hair done, this should be an adventure.  I will show pictures tomorrow.  If I have a bag over my head, I will have to find a planet to blame it on.

There are a batch of Baby bunnies living under the grape vine. They have found the hidden garden and have eaten every green bean and pole bean I have planted.  But they are so stinkin cute.  Next year we will fence. Right now, it is salad bar season.

When I get home from my afternoon of beauty, I will get to work on a couple of wedding dresses that are due out tomorrow, mostly hand work. 

Catching up on blogs.  Anne's husband problem made me laugh out loud.  GO read my comment.  Then there is Cheryl with her $167,000 necessary income to live post.  I mean really?  Where do people get these figures?  I forgot how much I missed all of you.

I really wonder at how little I could live on if I tried.  I might have to if I don't stay home and get some work done.

Going to get beautiful...


Monday, July 15, 2024

Monday, Back to work you peasant!

      This should be my life's motto.  It is the Talbots website that gets me....

Any way I am back to the salt mines.  It was a lovely two weeks off, although it has been longer for blogging. I hope all is well in the blog world. Please advise me if I missed something crucial.  Or don't as something crucial could be the death of a beloved.  And I guess I had better know. How morbid a way to start a post.  Shame on me.

I have already had two brides in here today, oops three.... So, I guess I do need to get busy, dang. It is a little before 11 in the morning.

Quebec City is beautiful. We stayed on an inlet of the St. Lawrence River.  It had a tidal system, but the water was sweet. I spent many hours collecting sea glass it was so relaxing and fun. Signe' and Nate both got sick the last day and when we got home the Canadian relatives all had COVID.  So did the kids.  I was spared again although I don't know how.

Then it was off to hockey camp with William. That was in Couer d'Alene Idaho. Arrived home late Friday and helped Kay and Dan on Saturday.  It is very hot here as per usual and they are suffering with it. They still have a boat load to do, and I don't know if it will ever get done.  They are that point where you ask yourself, will a lighted match help?

When is all gets done it will be a darling little cottage, perfect for them, I am sure. 

Sluggy is coming in September, I am going to Twin Falls in August after I get all the August and early Sept dresses out.  I am also going to fly my mother-in-law to Florida in October if her health permits.  Kim is a traveling fool.

Right now, I need to stay home and earn money so I can pay for all my fun.

Yesterday I cooked a nice dinner, of meatloaf, potatoes, corn on the cob, and made Dan a homemade banana cream pie. It is nice to cook for other people.

Kay gets up early and takes my car down to the house and works while it is cool outside as most of the boxes are on the back covered patio. Then she comes home and bosses me around the rest of the day. They are going to buy Dan a vehicle when the dust settles, but right now my car is available, and it holds quite a lot with the seats down.

Taking my girlfriend out tonight so we can catch up and solve the world's problems. Tomorrow I am actually going to get my hair colored by a professional.  Like actually pay someone to make me pretty....
I just want to not have to touch the roots up so often and I need to have it foiled (I think that is what they call it) I really hate putting on makeup and messing with my hair. But alas my public demands that I look human.  I also loath spending money on makeup and haircare.

Kim must be very good the next month and get many dresses out plus whatever.


Sunday, June 30, 2024

Sissy Here! Kim is in Quebec!

 Dearest Readers (totally plagiarized, but loved the show...too much sex if you know what I mean so I just fast forward...don't need to see that...I am old);

Sissy and I have been on a dead run since she last blogged, and She is now in Quebec!  Daniel and I have been out of town for four days and just got back late this afternoon.

We went to a wedding of a great Nephew (Husband's side) whom I had not seen since he was about two and He is now 26.  We had a Grand time seeing everyone and we have missed so much! However, we are tired.

We have two more weddings of greats this year!  Hubs was a whoop's baby and more than twelve years younger than his next sibling, which means that his nieces and nephews are closer to our age than His siblings. His nieces and nephews love Him to death as He was their playmate, so all were very excited to see us. Daniels reputation amongst His family is famous and we were welcomed with open arms.

We stayed in Missoula (our Hometown) with my only Auntie on my mother's side who is lonely and had a wonderful time with Her.  She is to have a Knee replacement in the near future, and we readily agreed to go back and stay with her during the healing process.  This is why we came west!  To be of service!

I was able to connect with a couple of Girlfriends from grade school and high school and it was wonderful!  We are only four hours away.  Four hours is nothing when you have spent the last 36 years in the DC metro area!

When arriving back, we picked up Kim's dog Roscoe from the Sitter, that also watched our two Cats, and we paid her well.  

Tomorrow we will have a toilet replaced in the basement of our new property and out internet will be hooked up.  The Cats will go to the new House tomorrow.  I will stay at Kim's with Roscoe until Wednesday morning.   We have a fully fenced back yard so he will come to the new house then as we have a Neice and Her Husband and Friend who are coming on the fourth to stay at Kim's.

A very busy week ahead with the Holiday on Thursday.  Electrician comes Tuesday morning for some minor repairs. 

It is so hot here that Daniel and I can only go to storage in the early mornings, and we are booked early with appointments, both Monday and Tuesday. Oh well, it will get done when it gets done.  Long story here and too long to tell as I am very tired.

Today is our fortieth wedding anniversary, and when we got home, and I made frozen corn dogs for dinner with chips!  I am that kind of Wife, and we both had a good laugh.  Just too tired to go out after an almost five-hour drive, after attending early Mass with Auntie, visiting the Catholic Cemetary and going to a late breakfast before we headed back to Lewiston.  Then had to unpack and pick up the Dog.

Sissie Kim left Her bedroom a mess with Her packing, and I must go straighten that as it is making me crazy and then I am going to have a glass of wine (or maybe two) and kiss my Husband and go to bed!

Hope all of you are well, and I will keep you posted!



Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuesday, Not to worry

 This could be me, but I would mess around by reading a book, or contemplating my navel. 

Y'all need to quit worrying about the vertigo.  It has never been as bad as when it first hit. I am very aware of the signs and the symptoms.  A slight tip of the head and I woosh to another dimension.  I don't drive when it is bad. I am just careful.  It aggravates me as I am not a careful person.  I am a full speed ahead let's run over anyone in the way kind of person.

My grandkids are so funny, as I have set rules with the vertigo.  When grandma goes down, she is down.  In fact, the two little ones were playing with a doctor kit and pretending to be me. One was me with a headache and the other the attending physician.  So funny.  I overheard, "Grandma has to rest now, so you go watch a cartoon."  Yes, I use Netflix, to bribe my grandkids.

Poor Sissie, is getting frustrated in the shop as she is afraid and so careful with everything she does. Way too particular.  Something I can do in minutes takes her forever.  She needs to build up her confidence again.  She will improve her speed with practice. 

I have a wedding dress to finish and another to start.  Also, a couple of piles.  Need to get to work.  But really don't want to work. Story of my life. 

I might as well go brush my teeth and comb my hair and maybe make the bed and face the day.... What do you think?


Sissy here...Kim's vertigo is a little better, but she is her own worst enemy and I cannot fix this!  She would not listen in the womb so why would she listen now! NUFF said, or I can smother her with a pillow????  Thinking, thinking...

WE are slowly getting the house in order and by slowly, I mean it.  My Husband, (God Love Him) is a perfectionist and things take forever, but His work is top notch.  His bedroom is done, and I am hemming the drapes.  It is beautiful and everything we could hope for.  WE actually hate drapery, but it has so much light, and it gets so light here so early that he needed room darkening drapery.  It will work.  Now we just have to wait on the mattress and the rug and then get things out of storage.

One room at a time or we will be so overwhelmed. WE chose to get his bedroom done first as it needed the least amount of patching, in fact very little but our Office and my Bedroom needed a ton.  The patching is a work in process and very messy.  We are dealing with plaster and lath walls and thank goodness my Husband has spent the last 20 years of his career as a Custom painter in the some of the wealthiest Homes in the Nation and has learned His craft.  It is not the painting that takes time, it is the prep!  Prepping plaster is no joke!

I have now ordered all the rugs for the rooms except the Office where it will have to be a runner.

WE are finding little goofy things every day and we just laugh and say we will have to live with it.

We have two electrical sockets in the kitchen.  Now really who can live with that?  Just might have too as I am not ripping out the subway tile!  My Car will not fit in the garage? Hmmm? The toilet in the basement will have to be replaced and it is special order...yeah me!  This will be my bathroom and Sluggy will tell you I need my bathroom...waiting on the Plumber.

Gutters are being replaced. Electrician comes tomorrow for an estimate.  Carpet for my bedroom comes Thursday morning and furniture for family room, and all mattresses come Thursday afternoon.  Still have to find a Roofer for some goofy things. 

Just a lot of work but fun in a way... Now I must go and help Sissy, but She is staying caught up for the most part. Yesterday I made a career out of seven pair of shorts that still are not done as I am afraid of them, but they are ripped pinned and ready for Sissy so she can show me how to handle the side seam.  I am so afraid of ruining someone's clothes!  But I am learning as I can sew!

The Grands have been here for three days, and they are leaving tonight (yes! Thank You God, and I am not being sacrilegious) I need a break.  They are messy and noisy, and Dan and I are not used to it, but we love them all the same and they seem to love us.  Well, the truth be told they love Great Uncle Dan and me they look at sideways and approach with caution. However, they come with a crisis and know I will help and not admonish... so that is all I ask!

This is why my Nieces (the mothers of the Grands) call me the "House Nazi" (do not mean to offend with this title, I know very much about the Nazi's, and I come from a deep Jewish background) after all they gave me the name.



Monday, June 17, 2024

Monday, What got done edition?

 This little duck has my hair! It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I started Friday, by making a grocery list and then going to three stores to get the best prices.  Kelsa was spending the night as Signe' was going tup to the airport in Spokane to pick up my grandson James. 

When I got home from groceries, Kelsa and I made pie crusts, and froze several, then we peeled apples and made one large Dutch apple pie, and Kelsa made two patty pan pies for her Dad. I was able to serge the wedding dress, but that is all I got done Friday.

Saturday, vertigo was awful. I managed to hem wedding dress and get my girlfriends things done.  Then I ripped one of the bridesmaids' dresses. SIs came home about 3 and helped me put together the charcutier boards, and I went to reception.  I was pretty dingy, as in was very careful how I moved. Home and to bed, where I belonged.

Sunday, church and I took my pie, spent the afternoon with sisters for a while.  Had dinner and Signe' brought the three grandkids down and I will have them until Wednesday evening.  Sissie not excited about that as they are noisy and messy. I made strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. Dan is over at the new house Painting, and Sissie just went to the dump in my car to take all the wrappings from the oil paintings to the landfill.

I am going to finish up those bridesmaid dresses I did not get done and work on a couple bags of things, like hem 7 pairs of shorts, and replace 3 zippers. Another wedding dress came in this morning, so it is never ending here. I have so much to do in the next two weeks before we leave for Quebec!

What is going on in your neck of the woods?


Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday, Meat and Cheese and pie crust!

 This is the only reason my life works. I thought today or this weekend would be kind of easy and as usual it will not be.  Why would I think that? I mean really?  This is my life.

I did not get to all the sewing I wanted yesterday, and that was okay.  Just trying to take it a little easier with the vertigo.  I did get two more brides in, but both are easy alterations.

Sis and I need to run out and get things for my charcutier boards.  Kelsa is here and she will stay the night.  I forgot that this weekend was Father's Day and I have to make a pie for church, so must make pie crusts. Just add that to the list.

I have to serve at that wedding tomorrow and all though putting together the boards, sewing a few items, and watching a 3 year old, and making a pie seems pretty easy I am letting it morph into something larger in my mind. Do you ever do that?

So how to solve this?  Well make a list.

1. make a list of things to buy at stores

2. go to stores

3. hem wedding dress

4. do a lace up on a bridesmaid dress

5. do a lace up and hem a bridesmaid dress

6. alter a few things for my girl friend (very easy)

7. make 8 pie crusts as it is as easy to make 8 as it is to make one

All while you have a 3 year old in tow.

All while you have Sissie in tow.

Piece of cake, right?



Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thursday, SissieKay has a house!

 Boy could the world use more of this.  My hair looks worse than the lady in the picture, I really need to do something with it, but the effort!!!!

Kay and Dan closed on their house yesterday!  I ran down to see it and then went home and for some reason had a really bad vertigo attack.  I was down all day, and I mean down. So frustrating.  I am being very careful today. I just flipped my head back too quickly and then stood up and I got dizzy, so I laid down.  Big mistake! Laying down flat is not the answer and I paid for it.

Sissi Kay is running around doing all the things you need to do to get into a new place.  I feel bad as I would like to help, but I am not very useful.  

I am taking my buddy and the missionaries out to dinner tonight and then going to visit a church friend.  I also need to deliver some protein drinks to another elderly couple.  I was supposed to do it yesterday but was laid low.  I am going to try and have a late piano lesson as I could not go last night. Tomorrow, I have to get things organized for a charcutier board I need to make for a wedding on Saturday. I am going to help in the kitchen at the reception.  Sissie Kay will slow down long enough to help me get things together.

Signe' came and got Roscoe and took him to get groomed which is good as he was starting to smell like a dog. 

I am trying to get a list in my head for the charcutier.  3 meats, 3 cheeses, 2 kinds of crackers, nuts, grapes, dried apricots. I have bags of nuts in the freezer, and I think I will make a large batch of sugared nuts.  Also need to get some kind of small chocolate. Also pickles and olives.  DO you think that is good? Sissie is much more creative than I in this department.

Well, I have two wedding dresses to get done today and two bridesmaids, and I hope I can work without spinning.

Sissy Kay here!  I am so tired, but we are getting things done.... house is titled at the Courthouse, the utilities, and, and and... We cannot even move out of storage foe a week or two... That is okay!

We have purchased mattresses (3) and three leather chairs for the family room (if that is what you want to call it) and have spent a lot of money!  I had a gutter man come over today to give us a bid and still waiting on that.  The Carpet will be installed in my bedroom next Thursday morning, and the mattresses arrive in the afternoon.  I have scheduled an electrician for next Wednesday for a quote as we have five new light fixtures that must be installed, and that cost a pretty penny. Have spent another fortune on Amazon Prime, but this is our forever, Home.  

There are dilemmas that I will not go into right now as I am too tired. I have neglected Sissy Kim, and She needs my help tomorrow so I will fill you in on Friday's happenings this weekend...

Need a glass of wine and going to bed as that is a priority.  Sluggy, your Room is a work of love and in progress.

Will need some input form you for linen choices!


Kay and also Kim 

(Please notice my name is first)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Tuesday, Still working, Sissie is happy!

 This is my new motto, as I think I make SissieKay drink. 

I am so excited about their new house.  I love decorating houses, like I have the time to do that, but I still love it.

I have three wedding dresses I want to get to work on today.  I don't have any excuses not to really get into them, as in no grandkids.  However, the vertigo was a little worse this morning, of course.  Dang crap wish it would go away!

It is actually getting to be summer here, finally and I am loving it.  I love the sunshine and warm weather.  It makes me so happy. 

I have book club tonight.  They are reading Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, which I think I might have memorized.  Sissie and I quote it all the time.

This is my second month of piano lessons, and although I do well, I never feel like I can just play something and not make any mistakes.  It is so frustrating. But I will persevere.  I just want to feel more comfortable playing for church.  I get so nervous.  Which is weird as I accompanied the choirs when I was in High School, freshman through senior years and thought nothing of it.  Old age?

Well, I am off to sew.  Sissie and Dan are out getting paint chips and going out to lunch at a restaurant that gives service men a free lunch once a month.  Dan's 25 years of service are worth something!

Have a great day.


Sissy here...good lunch and I am so happy that we live in a small valley that honors Vets!  Of course, we tipped the price of the free meal as the servers need our blessings also.  Tomorrow is the day and all funds have been wired and are in place.  We went and got paint chips for two bedrooms as they will be painted before we officially move in, and I will go to the Carpet place tomorrow after closing and get that ball rolling.  Then the plumber and the electrician.  We must buy rugs or will order them online from amazon.

I do not see us officially moving into the House until the middle of July, but we shall see.  We brought way too much and must place things where they need to go and then all else leaves us one way or another.

We must also get all of our utilities arranged tomorrow and go to the Court House to get the Homestead exemption due to our age and the age of the property.  Because we are in small town USA our auto insurance went down $70.00 a month, but our Homeowners is high due to the age of the House.  However, the insurance Company is sending an inspector in two weeks to look at the property and I know it will go down.  At least we got the place insured.  So much to do it is mind boggling.

We must get new Driver's Licenses and title the Car and we must take the Driver's test which we have not taken since we were both 15 years old.  That should be interesting.

I am still working on organizing Sissy's cupboards and a Lazy Susan came today and more spice jars so that is my goal this afternoon.  I also have boat load of ironing to do again.  But it can wait, as I am a finisher and one thing at a time.

The shop is caught up and Kim is working on three different wedding dresses with my help here and there.  Dan is working in the yard.

So, wish us luck tomorrow and I am so excited!



Monday, June 10, 2024

Monday, Kay's DC house is in the bag!

 My feelings exactly. I am very happy for my Sister, one less thing to worry about and it was so easy.  She was very blessed.

Finally got the rock slope cleaned off and what a job.  There are still a few piles of sticks to clean up and I will need to spray again but other than that it is done.

Now we have to focus on the lawn which is a mess.  But Dan and I are going to do the front section first.  We have almost all the bad turf up and we have to lay new potting soil then we have to fertilize and put in grass seed.  Then keep it damp.  This is going to be a process. 

All I can do is take one thing at a time.  There is still a ton of weeding and spraying to do and I just try a get a little done every day.  Having vertigo has put a damper or should I say a new spin on things.

I have some piles to do and a couple of bridesmaid dresses, also a zipper and some curtains to hem and then I want to get started on at least 2 wedding dresses. Sis is running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get everything finalized. I am watching her and shaking my head.

Kelsa and William are here today, and they spent the night last night.  School let out last week for William, so we will see a lot more of him.  Well, I am going to get to sewing so I am not in trouble with Sissie when she gets back from her errands. 

Sissy here!  Well, the House in DC is sold, and I have spent 3.5 hours on the phone. disconnecting Utilities and Homeowners Insurance etc.  This is because no one answers the phone anymore, and you have to press 1 through 10 to get a live body and that might take 25 minutes on hold!  Love the post Covid world.

At least I did not end up in the Philippines with Roosters crowing in the background. Love those phone calls!

I have Sissy (Kim) slaving away in the Sewing shop and I am trying to handle the details between phone calls.  We have solved many mysteries today of missing cards for Clients... I won't go into great detail, but Sissy (Kim) needs a do over for organizational   skills... we will work on that as time progresses...

Husband is working in yard, and I am seriously trying not to hurt the Greats and they are driving me crazy... I have another phone call to make ... so give me time to finish...still waiting for the Title Company to call me with final numbers for cash sale as I have to wire funds...and this has not been a walk in the park it has just been hurry up and wait and make a dozen phone calls.  I am not a patient person and I do my job and expect others to do theirs!  This is not however how the world works... and I can get cranky as Kim will tell you!  If I make mistake or keep you holding, I will fess up and say I am sorry and explain why as I know all too well that life gets in the way.  But do not play stupid (although you cannot fix just goes on and on and on...) Oh I am crabby today so forgive me.  Still waiting...

Kim took a nap today!



Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Anticipation is Killing Me!

Kim trying to hide from Kay, but vertigo
laid me into the closet. 

 Sissy here...the house has passed inspection, and we close on our property in DC on Monday the 10th, then on Wednesday the 12th for the Lewiston property.  So, it is a waiting game as anything can go wrong in Real Estate.

I am keeping the purple carpet, and the Deer Heads leave for Missoula on Friday afternoon!  Yeah! (I so told you I would manage, evil Twin that I am) Okay so how did I manage this you ask?  I promised Hubby two new Dewalt power tools.  Yep, that is how I did it!

I have picked out carpet for my bedroom and it is in stock, and I offered Cash if they can do it right away! 

Cash is King!

It is 10:57 here and Sissy finally came into the Shop.  I have been up since 4:00 which was too early but could not sleep.  So, I have managed to burn two loaves of Banana bread, been to the dump with a load of cardboard as Kim's recycle is full and have been to Wal Mart to pick up two more large bags of potting soil.  Tooled around a nursery in Clarkston Washington and have found my very favorite plant place.  Yeah!  On my way back to Lewiston I stopped at Mickey D's and got Sissy a large diet coke to lure her out of bed.

I am going to go and get a pedicure at noon, as I can climb trees with my, toes, Yes, I am that talented!

Slowly oh so slowing cleaning out Kim's fridge and I have found many Science experiments.  Very scary!

She really needs to work for Dr. Fauci.  You know the next strain of Covid may be cured by something lurking in Kim's fridge!

Sissy is sewing and I am making fun of her, which is what I live for. 

We have managed to knock out a lot of work in the shop these past few days, and my plan is to have all the mending done, by late this afternoon and then it is just wedding dresses.  This scares Sis as she is afraid, she will run out of work!  I tell here this is the way it should be, get it done and then play.  I do not like to live on the edge and Sis, loves the edge!  Oh I have so many plans....( laughing inwardly and wickedly).

The Husband has been working hard in the yard and this morning has managed to miracle grow all the pots and pull another wheelbarrow full of weeds. So much work to be done, but we will get there!

Kim here:  I am on a forced march and Kay has gone to get her nails done.  I have a strict list of to do's that I am to have done by the time she gets back.

This picture should say done arguing with your sister.

I am going to take a nap.!

Happy dance....


Monday, June 3, 2024

Two Blogs in one Day...this is Sissy's


Okay troops the Holy Medal did it! Our offer was accepted, and we are on a role... so busy!  We went through inspection, and we will pay eventually for a new furnace and A/C, after all we low bid by 36K so all is well, and we will let those two units run for a bit.

Today was the sewer inspection and it passed but still makes me nervous as the house was built in 1928 and Lord knows when it was hooked up to City Sewer?

The House is old, but we love it, and it will be out Home.  Our Home in DC, they want to close early but have not walked through the house yet?  I am sure it is an investor wanting it for a rental.

Phone call after phone call from title companies and I want to scream.  Do your job and leave me alone!  Is this not why we hire Real Estate Agents?  I think I am just out of touch, as I am tired.

We purchased our last Home 29 years ago from a builder and they took care of it all! I am spoiled!

I managed to put a roast in the oven an hour ago and it smells terrific but is not done yet.  Kim is outside spraying weeds and we have organized the shop (AGAIN) somewhat, as I have not been here all day.  Kim did finish a very complicated Wedding Dress, so She gets Kudos! 

After sewer inspection we went to a Good Furniture store and Sudo purchased three new mattresses and two leather recliners, as the Family Room (if you want to call it that is very small) and Sluggy needs Her Jeopardy and I left Her chairs behind!  There will be no TV in the formal living room and only in three bedrooms, so the Family room is it for TV.  Room for two maybe three people.

Daniel and I are still debating the purple carpet in one bedroom.  It is in very good shape and on good padding.

He says He wants it gone and I say keep it!  He is willing to get rid of two large deer heads (and when I say large, I mean it) or the Family Room will have to take them, and Guests will be impaled?  So, the debate is on.  This bedroom will be my dressing room and closet with a little white bedroom suit that was my mothers.  Twin bed but I can use this when I have Guests, or if  Sluggy cannot get into my antique bed in my Room...we shall see. NO more wounds like that past which was pure ugly, and the blood was awful! However, if She bleed on this carpet, it would never show and if she falls out of this bed, she will be fine.!

My Cat Bud is being a PIA and waking Kim up every night as His body clock has not adjusted and Kim sleeps on my side of the bed. We share the same DNA so Bud smells (Cat that is not going to get in Harvard) me and wants to get up at 1:00 in the morning.  Tonight, we are locking Him in my Husbands bedroom. 

The roast is done, and I must go.  Share the purple carpet debate. Table is set and I will serve and do the dishes and I am very tired...


Sissy (Kay)

Monday, I am in trouble with BIL

So, I have been working on about 100 feet of rock in my back yard for the last 5 months. It is grueling slow work of removing existing rock to lawn and then replacing the underlayment that had rotted out.  The rock was so full of soil from years of debris landing on it and in between the rocks.  This brought up tons of weeds that I was really having a hard time suppressing.

It was dirty hard wet, messy work to remove and wash and put back.  I had about 20 feet left when Kay and Dan got here, and Dan helped me finish!!!! I am so happy.  This was killing me.  My back and arms and hands were so sore every night as I would try and work on it for an hour.
Here is what I am talking about.  It is all cleaned up and the flowers are planted.  Dan planted all my flowers and has been doing the watering and it is so nice.  Now I can turn on the water system and start to deal with this half dead lawn.
The rock face down the slope on half the lot is covered in a weed I have never seen before, and it has to be pulled by hand. I have done 3 one-hour sessions, and I am about 1/2 done. Once this is all pulled, I have to really spray to keep the weeds at bay. If this area gets covered, you will not be able to see snakes, so it is important that it is kept cleared. It is really windy today and has also rained a good bit, but that will make getting the weeds out easier.

So much to do but once the weeds are pulled and the spraying is done, I have to deal with the huge patches of dead lawn left from the no water situation last summer.  Thank goodness Dan is here, and he is such a big help to me.

I have a wedding dress that has a few hours of hand work to do on it and then it will be done.  The phone and the doorbell have not quit since I got in the shop this morning.  Sissie Kay is out doing errands concerning the house. Things are moving very quickly.

I went out to Signe's (Daughter #2) Saturday night to help with the babies.  She had Braunwyn's (daughter #3) little boy for the weekend.  Both girls have lost strategic people at their respective jobs and are having to work many extra hours short staffed. The money is good, but neither is getting enough rest, and they try and watch each other's kids when they can, so I don't have them all the time.  Then they both get sick, and I get to deal with the fallout.  Not that I don't want to, I just want to prevent it before it happens. 

Signe' got a good lie in and I was able to complete a bed ruffle and curtain for Kelsa's room.  By the way my lips are covered with cold sores, and I only get cold sores when I am under extreme stress. I look scary, but they are healing finally, and I really don't feel stressed.  But maybe it is Sissie?......

Dan mopped all my floors yesterday and then I went out in the clay soil when I got home and tracked mud through the house.  You can see the trail I left.  He said he was going to pull my hair.  Then he drew me a map of how to enter the house with muddy feet, it was so funny. He is such a nut.

At least I get to laugh.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thursday, Sissie made an offer!

 This is my motto with Sissie Kay. Sissie and her Hubby made an offer on a house, and we will know on Friday afternoon if it was accepted. I just love the house but have to be careful as you never know with real estate.

Things are going well here, as can be expected. I just have to be really careful how I move. No sudden ups and downs.  Getting out of bed carefully as I have been laying down. 

Yesterday, I called a June bride to get some info and she said she was no longer getting married and would come and pick up the dress.  WOOT! WOOT!  One less for me to do. SO now there is only one lonely dress left and I have done as much as I can without another fitting.  So, let's consider June dresses done.

Today it is piles. I think we have about 20 shirts to hem and a couple of bridesmaid dresses. In the meantime, Dan is working on the rock and may finish it today! Then I can turn on the sprinklers and I can figure out how to attack the weeds. 

I am hoping to take tomorrow off to work on the yard.  I think we will be caught up enough to do that. I also need to go through the mail and do the bills for June.  I cannot believe it will be June. Kelsa comes tonight and that will slow things down a little. Say a prayer that Sissie gets this house!

Sissie here!  Trying to adjust my sleep pattern and it is difficult as my eyes keep popping open at 4 a.m.

I worked in Construction for so long that my body adjusts to the Sun no matter where I is strange.

So, I stayed up until almost 10 last night and am booking on 6 hours of sleep...I am an 8 to 9 hour a night Gal.

Up at 4:00, coffee and trash detail.  I went into town and got diet coke for Sissy as it was on sale, home to work on cupboards, and one more to go!

Husband is working in backyard and I am in the process of cooking potatoes and boiling eggs for potato salad.  New York strips for dinner!

I am anxious to see if our offer was accepted, we low balled but will pay the asking price if challenged.

It was the purple carpet (for Sluggy) and the Holy medal that did it.  So say prayers!

Now I am off to press a Bridesmaid dress...

Kim and Kay

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wednesday, Getting back to normal

 This is Sissies motto. (Kay not Kim) She also dresses this way....So flamboyant.

Anyway, vertigo is bad today, so I have to be really careful how I move. If you have ever met me, I do not move slowly. I am a goer. This is very aggravating.

Sissie (Kay) has been on a dead run since we arrived.  I have been on a dead try not to fall down. But trying hard to get caught up in the shop.  I have three more wedding dresses for June to get done and hope to finish one today and get started on the other two.

But oh, there are piles and Sissie Kay needs to help, and she is not!!!!!! 

So, the plans for today are to finish a wedding dress, call brides for more info and start two others.  When that is done, I will hit the piles.  I do have one pile that must be done by tomorrow and a bridesmaid dress that needs hemmed.

Yesterday I was able to finish three wedding dresses, so it was a good day. Dan (Kay's husband) has been helping me in the yard.  He helped me work on rock work and it is almost done.  Today he is planting my flowerpots.  HE also helped me plant the garden and has been watering for me.  Such a blessing.  I am so behind, and the weeds are just out of control.  But I just remind myself to shut my eyes to it and I will get to it one day at a time.

Sissie Kay has been cleaning my cupboards, which were a mess, and she caught up my ironing, all 67 pieces.  I know, I know who has that much ironing?

Talked to Slugs yesterday, they are coming in September, and I can hardly wait. i will be driving them to Seattle with Sissie and we will have so much fun.  I got to get to work now as the Witch (Sissie Kay) is standing behind me.

Witch Sissy here...Sissy is listing down the hallway again and I must go catch her...done and she is planted.  Vertigo is a bitch!

Up at 4:30 too early but could not sleep in so up three cups of coffee, put away last night's dinner dishes, cleaned the cat box made two beds and helped the Husband plant some.  Woke Sissy and forced a diet coke on her and she complained loudly!

Dan and I are going to look at another house in less than an hour and then I think we are going to make a decision. Saw an older Craftsman House yesterday in our budget and I think this is going to be the one barring inspection.  We both just homed and there is a bedroom with purple carpet just for Sluggy! Hmmm?  Also, a St Christopher medal hanging in the basement which thrilled my Husband, so I think the Big Guy upstairs is trying to tell us something.  Will keep you posted!

Love, Kim and Kay  ( See Kim is first) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Monday Memorial Day and we are Home!


Sissy here as Kim is working in the backyard with my Husband.  It was an adventure, and this will be a long post!

As you all know from Kim's last blog on the 8th of May. she had a serious case of vertigo but flew out on the 9th to DC with my Husbands Brother.

The flights were horrible, and this did not help, but they arrived at midnight on the 9th.  Sissy was sick and I put Her right to bed, with a cold diet coke!

Now the whole point of bringing Her out was to help with the final packing, etc.  She was no help and listed from room to room like a drunken Sailor.  I felt so bad for Her as I too had a serious bout of Vertigo about six years ago and it is awful.  So, we just laughed at Her (a lot!) and I served many diet cokes.

We had rented an extended stay Hotel for the last three days we were in the House as we did not want the Cats anywhere where during the final stages.  Sissy had her own bedroom, and the Cats took care of Her.

The morning of the great packing was May 15th, and my husband and I had rented a 26-foot U-Haul.  We were at the U-Haul Store and Dan and BIL were in the truck and I was finishing the final paperwork. The Manager and I walked out to the parking lot to greet the Giant truck, only to have my Husband jump out and declare that He had hit a car in the parking lot.  It was the managers car and it was of course a BMW!

What a way to start a move!  But we are well insured, the BMW was drivable, and no one was hurt.  Just a PIA.  So, I spent the next two hours on my cell phone explaining to my Insurance Company, but all is resolved.  We hired professional movers to load the Truck and it was full, full, full.  We ended up sacrificing two wing back chairs (yes, Sluggy your chair is gone!) an ottoman, a bookcase, and a large, overstuffed chair with Ottoman in the Family Room.  Friends came and took all to the dump.  Then we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned.  Moving is so dirty.  AS the Movers were leaving, here comes Sissy listing down the drive as She had walked from the Hotel to help!  I put Her in the Car and took Her back to the Hotel.  What a goof ball! I am surprised She did not fall into traffic!

The start of the great adventure!

May 16th

We left early in the morning and getting the Cats in the Kennel was no easy task.  Our Cat Lucy is Ferrell and only likes my Husband, well my Husband was in the truck, and I was trying to get Kim up and out.  I chased Lucy around the Hotel living room, cornered Her, threw a bath towel on her and got her in a death grip.  Sissy was on the floor ready to do zipper duty and she succeeded, and then I had to get Her off the floor.  WE were on the Road and drove for 10 hours, Sissy laying back and sleeping most of the way except for potty stops.  Our first night was in Danville Ilinois.  Sissy was feeling a little better, got the Cats into the Hotel and I had hoped for a bed that was all the way to the floor but no.  So, I knew that getting Lucy out from under the bed the next morning was going to be difficult.

Our Vet recommended expensive Halters with leads that and we had purchased them. With dizzy Sissy's help I managed to halter up Lucy and she rambled around the Hotel room knocking things over, but I could get to her with the lead.  Had some dinner and went to bed, exhausted. 

May 17th

Up at two AM to use the ladies and on the bathroom, floor was the halter, the lead and no Lucy!  I went back to bed and prayed as the bed and nightstands were tied into the wall and Lucy was in the deepest darkest corner under the bed.  I managed to sleep till six which is late for me and then went down to the lobby and asked for a broom. Yes, we broomed Her out and I am a cruel Mother.  Bath towel death grip, lots of hissing and Sissy doing locking duty. Lucy yowling.

We then packed up and hit the road.  About an hour outside of Danville, (Farm Country) we hear a ruckus and I look through my rear-view mirror and Lucy is out of the Kennel!  Now this is dangerous as Cats if upset will crawl under the gas pedal.  Again, the power of prayer...looking for a place to pull over and no shoulder to speak of...Lucy climbing all over and finally up to my seat where I pinned her to my side and the door and drove one handed.  A pull off appeared and we took it.  Farmland and fields as far as you could see.  Popped the trunk and said to Siss, work your way around the Car and get the bath towel and come to the driver's window.  Sissy lists out of the Car, and I thought she was going to fall over.  She gets to the window, I roll down enough to get towel and put Lucy in a strangle the meantime Sissy opens the back door and Lucy had managed to open the side of the Kitty Condo.  She says Kay if you let go of the Cat you will never find Her, but we get her in the Condo and closed the door.  Back in the Car we hear a ruckus and Lucy is opening the zipper again with Her teeth.  Out of the car and what to do?  Well ingenuity did play a part in this.  On those expensive halters were carabiners and I closed the two zippers and Lucy was trapped.  On the road again and Sissy is major dizzy and sick.  9 hours later with a few stops for gas and potty, we arrived in Sioux Falls South Dakota, exhausted.  Unload Sissy, unload Cats, grab a quick lousy dinner and in bed.  I got a broom from the desk clerk as I know what was in store for the next morning.  Slept well!

May 18th

Third day on the Road, Sissy feeling a little better (yeah!)  ninety miles an hour for the first four hours and then highway 212 going 45 to 50 on a two-lane road took us another six hours.  The only highlight of the day was Sluggy called and we got to kibbitz.  Landed in Billings Montana, unloaded with Sissy's help, ate dinner and to bed.  This was the longest day on the road, the Cats were not happy, and chorused each another all day long.

May 19th

Woke up early with a taste of anticipation as this was the last day.  I did not even have to threaten Sissy, and we were on the road by six after brooming Lucy out from under the bed and She seemed almost resigned and did not fight as much. We stopped in Missoula (our Hometown) for a late breakfast and then Sissy took over the drive and four hours later we were in Lewiston!  Unloaded and collapsed.

So, we made it safely. WE wished we had the energy to do some sightseeing, but with the Cats and the Dizzy Sissy, this was not possible. WE did have a lot of laughs.

Lucy's name has now been changed to Loudini and she loves zippers.  Out makeup cases are not safe!

Now it is the 25th of May and we have been on a dead run, so much to do here and I must get Sissy caught up as she has nine dresses that are due out for June. Going to a barbecue at little Sis's today and it will be fun!

Dan and I will start looking at properties tomorrow, and I am cleaning Sissy's cupboards, I see a dump run tomorrow also.  Sissie's vertigo comes and goes, and it is going to take time.  It took me about six weeks before I felt even close to normal, wicked stuff.

Now all of you pray for us as we do for you and Sissy will be back.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Wednesday, Vertigo SPLAT*

 So Kim has been down with Vertigo for some days now!!!!!

It hit Thursday morning as I got out of bed and face planted.  Scared Kelsa to death.  I was able to get up and shake it off. I sewed the whole day and felt fine.

Friday morning not so much.  Flat on my back, vomiting and dry heaving most of day.  It was and is awful.  You have no control.

I was so pissed as I had gotten all sewing done and I had two days to work in the yard.  Ha Ha. Daughter had to take her days off to care for me as I could not be alone. 

Daughter called my girlfriend and her daughter that are both nurses and they came over to help get me off the floor. My vitals were all normal except the abnormally low blood pressure which is normal for me.  But this condition does not help vertigo, as I can get loopy every time I stand up. I have a really low resting heartrate also.  I am sure this is from being so active all my life, but that did not help either.

I had to creep all weekend, and I am extra careful how I move. I even had to keep my eyes closed for almost 48 hours to keep from getting sick.

Signe' and I tried the Epley maneuver on Friday and 24 hours later on Saturday and it did seem to help. But it has not been a good adventure.  Do any of you or have any of you ever had this condition?  If so what did you do?

I leave tomorrow for Sissie's.  I am excited but not excited about the plane as I am afraid it will affect my inner ear.  I am stocking up on Dramamine. 

All work is done except one wedding dress, and I have called her to explain, and she was very nice about it.  Will do her dress as soon as I get home. Plus, it is a complicated alteration, and you sure don't want me doing it now!!!!

I have a few things I want to get done today and I have a wedding dress that is to be picked up today and then I need to pack.

Please say prayers for me with my health and Sissie and my trip across country, with two cats! I am actually looking forward to this adventure, such tails to tell.  Pardon the pun:)

I am so excited as Slugs and Dan will be here in September I can hardly wait. But time flies.

Miss all of you but when I get back, I will be able to stay closer in touch as I will have my drill sergeant here, to keep me on track.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wednesday, Plowing through

 I am proud of me. Just plowing through wedding dresses as fast as I can make myself.  The key here is make.....

Four more to go and I think I can do it. We will see.

Having a hard time with motivation, but I am working on it. The motivation that is.

I also have to pay bills today and I don't want to.  Oh, Kim you need a nap.

Not really, I need to go cut the under skirt on a wedding dress and hem it and then place the horsehair braid. And we all know how much I love horsehair braid. 

Then you need to call client and start on the next dress.  You can do this.  

I bet you can.  (This is my inner cheerleader voice)

Anyway, I do believe there are 4 more wedding dresses to get done before I leave next week.   

Then I will come back with Sissie and all my problems will be over.  *Snort*

Okay I am alive, I am sewing. I am not having as much fun as I would like.


Thursday, April 25, 2024

Thursday, I don't want to sew addition!!!!!

 Yes it has walked off and it does not want to come back.  It needs to but boy am I having a hard time convincing it that it is just for today.

I have two if not three wedding dresses I can complete.  Or 7 prom dresses.  I can't do both but really need to stick to wedding dresses to get quota done by the time I leave,  It is just that Prom dresses are due out next week.  So eenie, meenie .....

Okay still do not want to sew.  Now what do I do!

I can make a list and ignore it.  Or I can make a list and do it.

Decisions, decisions.  So hard.

Okay dresses won, as in less hand work.  


1. purple hem

2. rust hem

3. pink hem and make a slit

4. navy blue darts

5. peach/hem

6. purple sleeves and godet

7. grey hem

I think that is doable.  But really need to finish a couple of wedding dresses.



Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wednesday, I am doing it

 Thaks for the lift up I so needed it. Life is just hard and I have a bad case of the I don't want too.

My neighbor just text and she is sick, so I ran over saltines and cold 7up, as she is not keeping much down. Poor darling. 

It is all about watching out for each other, isn't it?

 What a great group we have here. 

I got everything done yesterday I wanted to in the shop.  Realize that I can only sew for about 4 hours before my joints give up and start screaming.  They love to scream.  Little buggers.

I worked for about 2 hours in the rock and then went in search or cardboard to put under ground cover I am laying.  I got a huge pile at Home Depot.

But my shoulders and wrists were so sore, and I keep thinking I will eventually get stronger, and things will not hurt as bad, but so far other than really improved arm muscles, I am still so sore at night.  AGE.....?

SO today I will do wedding dresses and then if I can get two of them done before 2 I will do three more prom dresses.

I still have wedding dresses coming in for June and I am telling them I will not get them done until I get home from Sissie's as I have 9 that I want to get done before I leave.  That is a lot of pressure, but at least the prom will be over.

Back to the Salt Mines


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday, Keeping on

 Do you ever feel like just getting up and getting dressed is an accomplishment?  I know I do. 

I was proud to me because I stuck to my guns and got my piles done yesterday and it was a busy day.

After Kelsa fell asleep last night, I cleaned up the house not that you would know it right now.

We also went to Walmart for a few supplies for the yard.  I do not get to use them until I have my quota done for today.  Because I would just spend all my time outside and not get any sewing done. 

So today it is prom dresses, and I will do hand work on a wedding dress this evening after it gets dark.

I think I had better make a list as I am just not very motivated today.  Need me some motivation.  How about this?  You need to pay your bills.  Ah who cares it is only money. My regard for money right now is very low. I need to have an attitude change.

Anyway, I digress.

1. purple dress back and lining

2. teal dress hem and darts sew up slit

3. red dress hand work

4.brides maid dress shoulders and hem

5. black dress hem and shoulders

I am missing Joel terribly and it is making my life very hard. You would think I would be in my first year and I am not. I just want to run and escape, and I don't even know where I would run.  Silly I know. If Sissie was not coming I think I would sell this house and move away.  Where ?  I don't know.  I want away from the pain, but I know it would follow me. Every day is a struggle and I just have to make myself keep going. 

I need to go change the thread on my serger.  I don't like doing that but here I go.

Have a good day while I try to.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday, Home again!

 Had a lovely weekend with family.  James was baptized and we all celebrated his 8th birthday.  I was able to see my sister-in-law who has cancer, and she looks great but is not through for a long while with treatments.

We flew down and rented a car and then flew home.  It was lovely.  No 18-hour drive.  Plus, we were able to pick up Joel's mom and bring her with and it was so nice to see her.  She is pretty darn amazing and will be 96 on her next birthday.

Now I have to face the music of getting all the wedding dresses done for June before I leave for Sissie's house in May.   It will come fast.

I need to straighten the shop today and also hem about 12 pairs of pants.  I have prom dresses coming in like crazy as the prom for both local schools is May 4th.

I have a wedding dress to finish from last week and I need to start on another two.  It is doable if I concentrate and don't go have fun in the yard.  The yard is a work in progress with the rock work about 1/2 done.  Once that is finished, I can get the sprinklers turned on and figure out what to do about the law as it is 1/2 dead. It is always something isn't it?

Kelsa is here today and tomorrow, but I am really working with her on allowing me to sew and not interrupting me constantly. She is very good.  She plays and sings and is a joy most of the time.

On the way down to Boise I put my hand in my purse looking for a pen and pulled out a dead angle worm.  It was hard.  I think it crawled in there to escape Oliver.  Proof that I am a boy Grandma.  The clerk laughed so hard when I showed her.  I did not search for rollie poly carcasses because I did not want to know.  All I can tell you is do not accept chewing gum from the bottom of my purse.

Okay, off to the salt mines I go. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday, What happened to Monday? edition

 How is it I can miss a whole day?  I mean I knew yesterday was Monday, I mean I mailed my tax checks in, and I ran around all day. 

The shop was crazy busy as in a non stop stream of brides and prom dresses. 

I was so pleased as I had a dress that I had to make bigger by putting gussets in the sides and it fit perfectly!  Now that does not happen every time.

I have a wedding dress to hem today and then get to work on my Bunnie outfits.  I have I think 8 pieces. 

Oliver is here today, and Kelsa comes later.  We have already been outside and dug up rollie polies. Because I need to have those crawling all over the house.  But when you have a three year old boy you have priorities. 

I am turning down work and also telling people I cannot do it until next week.  I have enough with this wedding dress and the 8 custom pieces I have to do.  See I am getting better.

Well I am off to get some fun or NOT!


Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday, No day off here

  Remember the Friday was my day off thing.... Well, it ain't happening this Friday. And it is so beautiful out and I want to be outside all day!!!!!  So, I am a little cranky.

I really should not be as I had a specialist appt. this morning and all my blood work was great! That does not happen too often.  So, I don't have to see Rheumatologist for another 6 months. 

I have so much to do in shop and I can't let myself not get a few things done.  I did really well yesterday, so I hope I have the same determination today.

Wednesday got away from me as I had both kids, and I just took my house back. I cleaned my closet and switched out summer and winter shoes.  I also culled all the kids toys and sent home bags and bags of things that belonged to the babies. The closet was a nightmare with all their stuff that was left here.

I also put away Easter which was sad as I hardly got to enjoy it, but the house does look fresh and clean. SO that is a plus.

Today it is two prom dresses and two wedding dresses.  After that I can play.  Oh, I also have to make a slew of phone calls which I hate to do. Can't wait to get Sissie here, she does much better phone than I.

Okay, okay I will get to work but I don't want to.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesday, Playing with worms

 This picture was taken years ago, and just sent to me by my sister-in-law.  We were out moving sprinkler pipe in potatoes up by West Yellowstone. 

This is Cindy (Joel's little sister and her son Bo and me in the middle). We headed out really early to get this done so TY (brother-in-law could go with us to get some fun as we say. I think those muck boots were way too big for me, but I sloshed along.

Oliver is here today and last night I worked for about 2 hours in the rock.  We found many worms and Oliver was thrilled. I made him leave them outside.  So, this morning we had to go find more worms.  Who knew this would be so fascinating?

Finishing up a wedding dress today and continuing to sew on prom dresses.  Just so much to do.  But I am determined to get a little rock work done every day. 

Took Auntie to the airport this morning and I will sure miss her.  She has been here just short of two months. I hope she can come again next year. She gets around amazingly well for someone her age.

Oliver just dropped his worms on the shop floor. Yikes!


Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday, My forehead is peeling

 My oh my took the red eye home from Hawaii.  I was so tired driving the two hours home from the airport, but we made it.  Had a lovely time, so many good memories.

I sunburned my forehead more than once, even though I tried to keep a hat on. 

I am home now, and I have to concentrate on all the June wedding dresses as I want to get them out before I leave for Sissies on May 9th. 

Auntie flies out tomorrow.  I am sending her to Denver as my oldest cousin (her daughter is having surgery). She was supposed to fly home Tuesday, but I switched the ticket to Denver.  That saves me a 4 hour round trip back to Spokane. 

Kelsa is here and she missed me and I will pick Oliver up tonight so things should be rocking around here for a while. 

Did anything happen in blog land as I have no time to go back and read?  Hopefully all are well. 

The yard is a wreck and I really have to figure out a schedule to work on it. I worked for an hour this morning and hope to work again this evening for an hour.  Pulled tons of weeds.  It is just an ongoing project. Nate mowed yesterday but I want him to teach me how to use the mower so I can do it.

Today it is about Prom dresses and a few wedding dresses.

Here I go.  No rest for the wicked.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wednesday, Sewing


I am trying to be happy as I will be in Hawaii in just a few days.  I will not be grouchy because I have a cold.

I will not be grouchy because my model added a last minute outfit.

I will not be grouchy because I have three more suits to alter and one dress.

I will not be grouchy because I have had to change pants twice today . (sneeze....  *&^%$#)


1. finish skirt

2. finish top

3. alter mens coat

4. patch suit and alter coat

5. alter military uniform

6. hem first communion dress.

Then I am done!  I have turned down a ton of work this week.  Asked three brides to call me back when I get home and sent many others over to another seamstress.

No new work this week,......well except the unexpected 4 outfit from the model.

Here Kim goes, she is going not quickly but going none the less.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday, Busy have a Cold!


How I feel.  What I am doing.... Going to Joanns for lining.  I will wear a mask.

Kelsa giveth but does not taketh away unless it is your sanity.

Aunty and I both have cold, but at least we will be over the worst by the time we leave.

I have way too much to do. But I will plug along, with my kleenex in hand. 

I had a wonderful birthday and thank you to all who wished me happy birthday.

The kids made it special and Kelsa was so funny. Love that kid.

Well I am off. I wish my nose would quit running.


Thursday, March 21, 2024

Thursday, Enjoying Life

 Okay this is mean toward men, but I thought it was so funny. I am bad I know. But I just could not help it and had to share.

This afternoon I am taking Aunty in for a pedicure and me for my nails.  Next week I am going in for a pedicure and dragging my girlfriend with to also have her toes painted for our trip to Hawaii!  You know who you are as I know you read this blog so get ready, I already made the appointment.

Look threats by blog who knew?

Aunty and I are going up to daughter's house in Colton to stay with kids overnight as she is doing a ride along with her husband. We will come home in the morning early as I have a bridal at 10.00.

It is overcast today and looks like we are going to get some cooler weather.  But my weekend will be so busy it won't matter.

Lil Sis bought Aunty and I tickets to the show Menopause at the opera house in Spokane, for my birthday so we are driving up and back on Saturday.

Then Sunday the kids will be down as it is my birthday.  Nate is supposed to power wash the deck and furniture, but I don't know if the weather will cooperate. Oh well I will still have a rainbow cake and balloons, as that is what Kelsa told me I needed.

Party planning by Kelsa.

I have been working and not hard enough on these bustier's. They are only 4 pieces, but those are cut out 4 times and assembled plus all the boning (not bondage) silly people. I need to really track myself and see how long it takes me to do one and quit messing around.  Kim's inner evil twin voice: (but, me likes to mess around). 

Okay I am off to get some fun.  I will work tomorrow.  By the way I owe about $1500.00 to taxes and $350.00 to accountant.  Then last week I paid $1400.00 for a new machine at the rate I am bleeding money I might have to get a job.  

I think Cheryl just fainted, quick someone from the community check on her. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Wednesday, First Day of Spring


It is beautiful outside!  I have the first of the bulbs I planted blooming.  Kelsa and I went out and picked a few daffodils. It got up to 70 yesterday afternoon and I worked in the yard for about an hour.

The shop was busy all day and the day just kind of got away from me. 

My model came by, and I have a couple of designs to get done for her, so I will work on those today and then take Kelsa to Dance later this afternoon.

I don't know how that kid does it but the minute she hits the house it looks like an explosion takes place. I just ignore it until she leaves, then pick up otherwise it is a lesson in frustration.

I have been so aghast by the cost of sewing items.  We only have a JOanns here and it is small.  Plus, you all who sew know how expensive they are. I usually get most of my major supplies from a wholesale catalog. But sometimes I have to go to the store here to get ripped off.  Boning for a corset I was making was 3.99 a yard.  I needed it immediately and I bought 2 yards and needed a little more.  So, aggravating. Then I remembered I had a roll of cream twill tape that I keep on hand for costuming, and when Signe' dropped off Kelsa and said she was going to Home Depot, I asked her to find me a package of the longest zip ties they sold. I swear boning is just a zip tie encased in cloth. Walla I can make my own, for pennies on the dollar. 

I thought this was funny.  Yes, they are all in the room with me, even the sparkly unicorn named Tess.

I bought this new suit this year and had never worn it.  So, I decided St. Patrick's Day was perfect.  But I hated the way it felt at the neck.  I am surprised I did not notice this when I bought it.  It has a stand-up collar that is very itchy and uncomfortable.  So, I went into my shop and tailor tacked it back so it would stay down.  I am going to remove the collar when I get time. Also shorten the sleeves a little even though it is a petite.

Well, I am off to sew, and rip a bustier apart that I don't like the fit of. Fun. Fun...