Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday, dragging butt....

     I am butt dragging today.  Don't know why?  Just really tired.  I did get to work in the yard yesterday for a couple of hours and it was lovely.  I also completed my sewing goals.  Class was a waste as I had 8 students missing due to different spring breaks than ours and a math competition.  Dang kids who are talented in dance are also smart!

     I should not say waste as it was class.  We just worked on new jumps and techniques.  This is fun for them and they usually go home and work on these as they are feats of skill and they love being able to show me they can do them.  Little dare devils.  I always tell them to work on them at recess.  They should also practise hard show steps under their desks until asked to stop.   Always try to get a few flying 1,2,3's in as you go down an empty hall at school or the store.  I am sure the faculty love me.

     My house is a complete wreck.  Every room is a mess and needs love.  I am still going to ignore it today at least.  I will just do the minimum.  Enough to keep ants from feeling at home. 

     Hub's and I are going to home depot for some bark for the front yard, then onto Wall-Mart to get his pass port picture taken. I need to renew my drivers license.  Won't do it today as I am a mess.  Well I am usually a mess, but a specially messy today.

  Miss my twin sister.  I think I am going through a phase right now.  Can't figure out what it is, I think I just need a break.  Too much at once for too long has got my brain over whelmed.  I start to feel cranky and under appreciated which is SO stupid.

     I know that tooling around garden supply stores will help me feel better.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday, I slept, so happy!

     Better sleep last night.  I did wake up a couple of times but went back to sleep.  It is beautiful today so I am going to work outside for awhile in the front yard.  I still have much to do in the shop and the house needs love but I am going to ignore them right now.

     Had a suit come in this morning for a funeral that must be out tomorrow, and several police uniforms  that need to be done that is my work for today.  I must finish or at least block all my dance routines tonight because next week is spring break and I want them at least mapped out for rehearsal.  Then I can review as the little darlings will come back after spring break and look at me like they have never danced before.

     Mom's heart doctor was very pleased and said she was doing great so why the loss of strength and the weakness?  I may just have to make her get more exercise. Like that is going to be easy.  Hmmm..... thoughts on that?

     Hub's definitely working at high school.  Set up and tore down theater last night for a grade school concert.

     Off to work in the sunshine!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday, Insomnia rules!

     Why, why, why? am I such an insomniac.  I did not get to sleep until 5:30 this morning.  The shop opens at 10.  I am busy.  I have so much to do in the next two weeks.  Now I am sitting here in a half induced coma.  I have prom dresses coming out my ears and more coming in every day. I also think the weather is finally going to change so I can actually get out in the yard.   Not to mention I need my beauty rest.

     I want to see my twin sister really bad.  Sometimes I just get the need to see her.  However her busy season starts now and I cannot leave so I will have to just want until summer and figure out a way to see her.

     Hubs started his job at the High school.  After he refused to give them 35.00 to process his finger prints he thought he was off the hook. They called him yesterday and said get down there and set up the grey choral bleachers and pull out the grand piano.  So with no training he went to school found a janitor to unlock the stage and proceeded to set it up.  Then he sent me a picture while I was teaching.  I knew he would not get off the hook that easily poor lad.  He needs something to keep him a little busier.

     Mom has a heart specialist appointment this afternoon.  I am hoping we can find out something.  Like why she has no energy.  Maybe because she is 83?  I don't think that should be an excuse.

     Sluggy has a new give away.  Great stocking stuffers and nummies.  I am going to win for sure.

     Now I am going to make myself go into the shop and sew.  Well after I empty a few garbage cans and switch the laundry over and.....

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, Whirlwind weekend!

     Okay so I am still in my pj's and Hubs wants to know if I am going to get dressed today.  Smarty pants.  I am just coming up for air.  It was non stop from the time of my last post.  Mom and I were frantically working with a girlfriend Friday afternoon.  We made home made chicken salad, rolled out sugar cookies and dipped strawberries in chocolate.  Daughter went right to the studio to teach for me and the kids were so excited to see her.

    The girlfriend that was hosting daughter's shower came over and we compared menus.  They worked well together and she also brought us a large container of curried chicken, so I filled the rice cooker.  This was dinner for all of us and it was great!  I cleaned up the disaster of a kitchen and we spent the evening enjoying our Sweet William.

     Sis and I were up at nine so we could go and get our nails done and then get home and get ready for the shower.  So much to do.  I never got to the basement all weekend and it desperately needed to be cleaned.  Luckily no one went down there but family.

     The shower was a great success, everyone thought Will was the cutest and of course he is the best thing about the whole weekend.  Daughter and Will received many cute things and lots of diapers.  Youngest daughter came down from University to join her sister but actually to love over the baby.
I think she chapped his cheeks kissing him.

     Mom and I and B(youngest daughter) took off for a little shopping.  B needed a few things she could get cheaper here.  (see I have raised them right).  I also purchased her a new Easter dress and sweater.  Just like the good old days.  I went home and put together the Easter baskets then we all collapsed.

     Easter morning was running around cleaning and picking up after all of them just like old times.  I made home made orange rolls and rolls for dinner, also set up the table and pulled the silver and crystal.  Had one of the son in laws bring up the ham for mom to stick in the oven after we went to church.

     Although there are 3 full large bathrooms in this house everyone congregates to the master.  When I came in to finally dress I had both girls and the bay and the men all sitting around yacking and I kicked out the men as I thought if they saw me dress they would never be satisfied with another woman.  Just like old times I was down stairs pressing dress shirts and last minute items and hollering out the time.  "We have to leave in 20 minutes, we have to leave in 10 minutes. We cannot be late."  Hubs and I had to leave in the truck as our car was blocked in and waited until we actually saw the kids get into their cars.  We still don't trust them.

     The baby was blessed and it was beautiful, the girls were beautiful.  It was perfect.  Then rush home to set the table and get dinner on.  Mom had already peeled the potatoes and we made up the relish trays.  Our guests came, I delivered Easter baskets to their boys and youngest daughter and her other half hid eggs in the yard.  We had a delicious meal the Ham was the best ever.  Ate way too much. 

     Youngest daughter had brought down loads of laundry and actually did it all herself.  Daughter #2 actually put away everything and made the bed in the guest room before she left.  I think they are growing up.  Both said goodbye.  Great Grandma held Will for about two hours and they napped.

     Then I cleaned until about 9 p.m. and out away all the silver and crystal.  Then I collapsed.  It was a great weekend.

Hope yours was the same.  Family is everything.

Now I have to get to work and maybe get dressed?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday, Sweet William is coming today!

     I am sitting here in hair dye, as my roots are too witchy and thinking I had better get in the shower soon.  My daughter and grandson are coming this afternoon so I have a lot to do today to get ready.  We are having a baby shower for William and Mommy tomorrow at my house, but hosted by her girl friend.  Again why does everything have to happen on the same weekend?

     So mom and I have been making cookies and we went yesterday to buy a cake and rolls(can you believe I am not making home made rolls for the shower?  My standards are slipping I tell you.)  We also bought flowers and strawberries to dip in chocolate.  It will be a busy day of getting ready.

     I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday,  Thanks for all the birthday greetings.  I really did a little sewing yesterday, but the rest of the day other than teaching I did what I anted.  Mom and I went to Costco, and then had lunch at taco time.  I spent most of the day with my mommy and it was fun.  I had cookies for my dance students they were excited about my birthday.  Oh to be young again.

    It will be a busy and eventful day and tomorrow will be even more exciting, then we have Easter!

Can't wait to see my grandson.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, I'm the Birthday girl!

     Up and going this morning.  The contractors finished the new Kitchen window and it is great.  Twice as big and you can actually open it, what do you know?  The new door and picture window in the dining room will be replace in about 2 weeks. Then stage one will be done.  So much for that excitement.

     I sewed all day yesterday, until I was balmy.  Then I taught dance and Hubs and I went to Wally world to get mom an Easter Lilly and pick up a pack and play toddler bed for our new baby.  We need something at the house for him to sleep in and for the others that will follow. Yippee!

     I have a horrible alteration to complete today and then a little cleaning.  Must change the sheets on mom's bed and really clean her bathroom.  Isn't that a wonderful way to spend your Birthday?

     My best buddy and I snuck out last night after dance for an early birthday soda.  We laughed and bit$%ed, so much fun.  Women need women.

     I want to get all my alterations done today so I can spend tomorrow getting ready for the weekend.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday, Spending money? Earning money....

     Yesterday was a whirlwind of sewing and crazy.  I thought I was catching up but if you look in the shop it does not look like I have done a thing.  Mom has dome most of the ironing.  I need to strip her bed and clean her bathroom really good today.

     The contractor we hired to replace the back door and windows in the kitchen and dining room will be back today.  So I had to empty a cupboard as we will lose it to put a bigger window over the sink. I have so little storage in my kitchen as it is and now I will have less.  It has to get worse before it gets better. I am going to move most of the cupboard downstairs today.  It is just so nice to finally get started.  Now I have to really work hard to pay for some of this.

     Mom is going to make cookies today.  I also have to get some dough made up for her.  I boiled
eggs for Easter.  The chickens are giving us 6-7 eggs a day now.  I have 4 colors.  White, blue, light brown and dark brown, but mom wants to dye eggs anyway.  So that is on the agenda sometime today.

     Hub's is griping about the kitchen.  Don't worry dear I won't expect you to do anything.  Hub's hates change and he will use any excuse to keep things as they are. Now it is Easter week and this is not a good time with company coming.  No time at this house is a good time dear.  We always have something going on.  We are always busy.

     Well the shop is calling and I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, Just move along please....

     I was crouched down by the sound  system at the dance studio last night and when I stood up there was a loud crack, and I hollered.  Scared my ballet mistress and my advanced students.  I need a hip replacement on my left side.  I keep ignoring this as it is not something I look forward to with great excitement.  So I limped around for a while and the pain went away.  Then I jumped up later in class to correct a step.  Yes jumped is the word.  I had a Charley Horse in my interior meniscus on my right knee.  It would not go away for the rest of class.  I sure my students were thinking funeral rights.

  My right knee was sore even in bed last night but this morning I am fine.  Dang getting old is hell I tell you.  I put zed around yesterday and did not get much sewing done so today I must work. It is rainy and cold outside so that temptation is out.

     I just finished up a Wedding dress this morning and the bride is coming at noon.  Then I have some curtains to fix and tons of alterations.

     I have been putting out feelers to replace the ballet mistress next year as she is leaving.  I just want my options open.  I have had at least 3 contacts now so I think that I will have less problems than I thought.  You never know until it is in the bag so to speak.

     We had a contractor come this morning to replace the window in the kitchen and the back doors and the big picture window in the dining room in preparation for a kitchen remodel.  We are taking it slow and paying as I go, but mom us tired of the kitchen that does not work and things falling on her head when she opens a cupboard.  If she wants this done let her do it!

     Slept better last night but not perfect.  Mom has a doctor appointment this afternoon and then my step sister is coming into town and will take her out to dinner so she is excited.  It is nice for mom to get out with people and not just me.  It also gives Mom something to look forward to.

Well I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday, no sleep last night:(

     Insomnia and I are friends.  I was not able to get more than 3 hours of sleep last night.  Night sweats were terrible.  I actually don't feel too bad right now, but this is my late night teaching and I will be suffering later.

     I want to do a quick run through of the house and then concentrate on the shop.  I also need to mail a couple of packages and pay my studio rent that I have forgotten about. Ugh!  I paid all the bills when I was at daughters and that one has to be paid manually.  Just too busy last week to think.

     Hubs took a part time job with the school district at the High School theater.  He knows it inside out and backwards like I do and they need a part time fill in.  He won't work summers.  We will see if he likes this if not he does not have to stay.  I left the decision completely to him.  I think he is bored.  He gets very little done around here and his laziness really gets to my mom.  I am used to it and can usually ignore him.

     I am excited to start new routines with my dancers for the spring show.  That is the next big hurrah after eldest daughter's baby gets here.  Grandson #3 I can hardly wait.  Grandson #2 will be here this Friday and I smile every time I think of him.

     Well my work awaits and no one else is going to do it for me.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, sometimes yard work is fun!

     I spent all day Friday in the yard.  It has frosted really hard the last 3 mornings so the rock wall I the front was impossible to weed.  I spent my time in the back yard.  The strawberry plants and blueberries are weeded.  The garden is ready to plant.  I have my mini green house out with my seedlings underneath it.  The pond in up and running.  All the flower boxes are up and full of soil waiting for planting.  I still have some work to do around the wood pile and a little around the pond.  Also the back large berms need attention.  But things are looking good.

     Now I really have not touched the front, however I believe I will have the beds done before the end of the week.  As long as the weather holds.  The front is easier to care for then the back.   I have everything in perennials now.  We have decided to rock the very front this year.  I also need to buy mulch.

     My little sister and I started to make cushion covers for her back deck, but did not complete them.  I finished up the four cushions last night and am working on making her some place mats and mug rugs out of the scraps.  I want to get these in the mail on Monday so she can have them by Easter.

     Mom and I had such a nice time yesterday after the breakfast.  We took a nap, had a lot of laughs and then had a late lunch on the deck.  Then we just sat and talked for 3 hours.  We have not had any time together that has not been run, run, run for over a month.  It was so nice just to have a peaceful day and time to waste and chat.  I get that so seldom.

     Mom is feeling better I think and then she surprises me when I see how really weak she has become.  It worries me.  Sometimes she can barely make it around a grocery store.  She gets very frustrated with herself and it makes me sad.

  Well I need to get in the tub and wash off yesterdays dirt from the gardening.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday, I survived!

     Whew! Another St. Patrick's day come and gone.  We toured 4 schools and one rest home.  My kids made last nights news and I have to say they looked darn good.  They were so cute with the residents of the nursing home.  So polite and sweet with them.  I was very proud.  It was a long day I came home to the traditional Irish dinner of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.  I had made soda bread the night before.  We then watched the news and I fell asleep for 3 hours.  Then up to change into jammies and go back to bed where I slept hard.  So nice to sleep when you are exhausted.

    Today will be busy as I will be in the yard and the house.  We are having a brunch here tomorrow for Hub's men's group at the church.  Overnight Belgian waffles and Pita pan egg scramble.  It will be a long day getting ready.  But I don't care as I get to play in the yard.  So happy.

     I am going to start down front and weed out the rocked wall.  That should get my blood warming up.

     My shop is full and I have plenty to do, but today is about sunshine.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday, getting my life back

     Yesterday was hectic.  I was trying to get things back to normal.  Okay that is a lie.  Back to half crazy may be what I was trying to do, but Mom is quite sick with a bladder infection.  I don't know how I let it get so bad.  She had been complaining for about a week, but Sis was here and I was not really paying attention.  Sis did take her to the doctor on Monday, but did not get into the pharmacy on time to get her medicine.  Her labs were not back in time for an antibiotic.  So now a day later she is much worse and yes the labs came back bad.  She wanted to drive herself to her clinic and then to the drug store.  She is usually up and chipper ,but I noticed right away that she did not go upstairs or eat breakfast.  Something is very wrong.

     I was also very busy in the shop and the house.  People had been waiting over a week for there things so I needed to really focus, which I did.  Finally around 1 p.m. I noticed that mom had not left her room and I asked if she was up to driving and walking upstairs into the clinic to get another prescription and then driving and going all the way to the back of Costco?  I told her if she would let me sew until 2 p.m. I would take her.  She jumped at that.  This should have been my clue, but again I had grown used to Sis being here and not focusing on Mom.

     We drove to clinic, she stayed in car.  I was told they were calling in a very strong antibiotic, she had both a yeast and bacterial infection.  We then went to Costco and the antibiotic was not right as it conflicted with her meds, so we waited about 30 minutes and I got a call from a client that I had made an appointment with at 3:15.  Left mom at food court dashed home fitted 2 dresses, dashed back picked up mom made her go to studio with me as I had no time to drop her off.  I stayed at studio an hour and then we went home.  I did get her to eat a little, but she went right to bed.  Poor darling.  The meds are making her dizzy and they will as long as she is on them.  So I tried to sleep with her last night for fear she would fall getting up.  She snored until 4 a.m. and then about 6 was vomiting.  I am typing in my pajamas at 10:45 and waiting to get her into the shower.  I am telling you something has got to give.

     I was able to get some cleaning done and laundry yesterday.  I also sewed for about 3 hours last night after mom went to bed.

     I will get my dancers all costumed tonight at rehearsal and tomorrow we are touring all day.  Ballet Mistress was here late last night to get order of show and master cd burned.  I hope I do not have too many costumes to alter this evening.  Say a prayer for me.  I need one or six.

     It has been so cold here.  I need warm sun, which I just know is coming.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day, I will be on the road!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday: I'm a grandma again!

     It seems like forever since I posted.  And it has been forever.  I thought I would find time but it just wasn't there. Last you heard from me I was bit#$en about my life as usual.  Well it so happens that daughter's water broke at home at nine p.m. that very evening.  So they were on their way to the hospital.  Such excitement.   I was so tired from dealing with mom and sister, that Hubs drove youngest daughter up for the birth.  I don't do births.  Mine were all so long and awful that I get a wee bit mean and snarky with the help.  In other words I am not wanted.

     Well as per family DNA daughter labored for 27 hours and then had an emergency C-section.  Hubs had to return home to play in high school pit.  I was going postal.  Turned out baby had cord wrapped around neck 3 times and could not descend.  Poor little guy was born at 11:47 March 3rd which was my mom's birthday so that was nice.  He had a few problems, but is doing wonderful now.  So Happy I was not there.  I still do not understand why they did not do a C-section earlier. 

     He is the most beautiful baby ever, all soft and curled up with skin like a peach.  He loves his grandma because he told me so.  I drove up on Friday afternoon to help daughter learn to nurse the little bugger.  She took to it like a pro after a few days.  We stayed in Spokane until Tuesday and then drove over to the tri-cities.  I cleaned and repacked, and then cleaned and repacked and slogged boxes and unpacked and unpacked.  Then I organized and organized, and did baby laundry (you forget how much laundry they use) and cooked and cleaned.  There never seemed to be a spare minute.  How did I have kids and do this myself?  Hubs mom would come for a few days.  But the cleaning and cooking and laundry seemed to never end.

     I also did up a bunch of freezer meals.  I had to stop when the freezer was full.  Left Saturday afternoon and arrived home in time for the last show at the High School.  Mom and sis and Hubs had already been over to the tri-cities to see the baby.  We had a few minutes to visit on Sunday and then sis left last night while I was teaching.

     My shop is a zoo and I need to get the house back into order.  I feel right now like it is not mine.  Which is strange.  Maybe the length of the visit or my mind set, or all of mom's crap!

     The one really good thing about sis's visit is that we were really able to get through so much of mom's stuff.  I feel like maybe I can face the monster now.

     My advanced dancers are on top of their game and they are costumed for this weeks St. Patrick's Day tour.  I need to get shirts for my boys who are soooo cute.  I think I have enough car pool parents and now I just need to see my younger team members.  My little Celtic ones were costumed by my ballet mistress bless her heart.  So if the team has their act together and they should we will be ready.  I will be happy to have this over and out of the way so I can concentrate on Hansel and Gretel.

     There is always so much going on here.  Well the shop is full and I need to reclaim space and figure out what is for dinner.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tuesday, late night post.

     Well I knew it would happen eventually.  Little Sis and mom had a blow out.  Mom is hard and sis has no patience and a sharp tongue.  I go with the "Sometimes Silence is the answer" method most often with mom.  " Or least said soonest mended".  You don't always have to be right and you can still just back down, but sis will not take her crap.  Let's just say I am much more patient.

     I also think trying to go through mom's things is upsetting to her.  She feels she is loosing control and she gets grouchy.  Sis thinks she should be grateful, but it is hard to grateful when you see your things being given away.  Mom is old and crotchety.  I have been so busy sewing and trying to catch up and with the babies coming I need to stay caught up.  I have police uniforms coming in like crazy.

     In the mean time the garage full of boxes and furniture is slowly finding new homes.  I have also been forced to clean out boxes and boxes of old taxes and crap.  Between mom and I we had 11 staple removers.  Why?  Beats me.  But just so many duplicates.  Every room has boxes and crap every where and now we need to find places to store this stuff.  She is donating a lot to her church yard sale which is great.  I have to once again redo the linen cabinet as she has so many nice things and I know she wants to keep them and I also will re clean the desk area.  We have several things we are taking to daughter and that will help.

     I even made more room in the garage.  I am making Hubs put up two more shelving units for food storage in the basement so I can get the flour and sugar out of the garage.  Right now food is stored on a very narrow bookcase and I want something deeper.  I cannot believe the things we have thrown away.  It is amazing and so liberating.  Now if I can just get mom to get rid of some of her piano music we can have another closet.  I will keep at her.  It is a work in progress.

     This morning Sis had a eye appointment to get new glasses.  We were hurrying out the door at 10 a.m. to get her there.  Mom was not going.  Then she was going.  She had not taken her meds , had not combed her hair.  She was in no way ready to go and I wanted her to stay home.  But hell if she would.  So I get her in the car with her rooster hair and we had not driven 5 blocks and she asks if there is a bag in the car as she is going to be sick.  Mom if you didn't feel good why are you with us? I have nothing in the car except and large diet coke from Mc D's that is watered down from the night before.  I pull over in a bank lot so she can open the door and I grab the Mcd's cup but I can't get the tight lid off it and finally I smash it against the floor boards and it bursts open all over the side of the seat and me but at least she has a vessel.  Now I take sis to her appointment and have to sit with a sick mom.  She just makes things so difficult.

     I am fricken sore and exhausted from lifting and moving crap and cleaning this out.  I just want it done.  Hub's is also getting grouchy and I don't blame him.  Everywhere you turn there is a pile of boxes and tchotchkes.

     This too shall pass.  I am tired and have another long day of it tomorrow.  I just want my house back.

Have a great and productive day