Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday, Checking in folks

This is for Sluggy!
Well another day in paradise.  Still cloudy, rainy and gloomy out so no fun outside.  Lil sis and I went to the dump in the rain and got rid of all the garbage from the basement.  I was able to get through my large pile of clothes for my Little client and today I will do a few police patches and another bag of mending.

Still have not motivated myself into cleaning anything I think that motivator is broken.  Hubs came in from his walk and wanted to eat a can of pork n beans for lunch but I stopped him quick and whipped up a chicken salad for him.  I know he does stuff like that  just so I will fix him lunch.  He is a reprobate.

This crisis will really affect my bottom line this year as there are no prom dresses or  Jr. Miss dresses which I have many of through these months. I think people are even leery about weddings because no one knows when of if they can pull one off.  So I am blessed to not really need the money.  It is nice and allows us to do more things, but we don't have to have it to pay the bills.

Speaking of bills, I will be doing that in the next few days.  I really feel for the people who have lost there paycheck and won't be able to pay rent. I have been there so many times.  Scrambling to get things paid.  My only advice to people is to pay your mortgage and rent first.  Everything else can wait.  You can get help with food through food banks, and other sources.  Power and water should not be shut off and you will catch up.

This is why it is such a blessing to be able to cook from scratch and to learn to live without.  Actually to be happy to live without would be a better way of putting it. Maybe some lessons will be learned from this. Unfortunately they are lessons learned the hard way. I don't like those kind of lessons.

What advice would give to those who can't pay their bills?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, Another week of merriment and bliss!

     Oh Happy, happy joy, joy!  Trying to convince myself I am loving life right now. Trying hard to be grateful, but boy is it hard. Even though I am used to being home, I feel like I am caged. I am not.  We can still go for walks. We can still work outside in our yards. (weather willing) I don't know what my problem is, but I am just on edge. I want to keep it real here.  Sometimes I can be a Polly anna and sometimes I am a Debbie downer.  My mood flips hourly.  All I can do is just to keep going.

     I am going to hem 6 pairs of pants today and maybe fix a dress and fix a wedding dress.  Don't think much will be done outside as it is going to be very windy.  I suppose I can find something to clean in my house.  But you all know it is spotless. *snort*

     Hub's has lost 13 lbs so far on his diet and I am happy for him.  But I really want to bake some cinnamon rolls or cookies.  Food especially sweets comfort me and I can't do this.

     Yesterday I spent about 3 hours at Lil sis's house helping her clean her basement. I am taking the truck over to get a truck load of things we are taking to the dump.  Mostly boxes and things that need to be thrown out.  There is also a pile of things to donate, but the second hand stores are closed and I don't know where to take this stuff.  It might have to wait.

     There is still a room full of boxes of mom's that need to be gone through.  Mostly paperwork and photos.  We did not have the will to get through that stuff.  It is a project for another time.

  So today we move on in this mess, nothing has really changed here other than we are in a lock down.  Just trying to keep this area of the country safe although Idaho has more cases and we have had 2 deaths in the hospital.  This is a big state with much empty space, but people have to take the social distancing seriously. 

     I am so grateful that I have Sissie here, I get to drive over and see here everyday.  We always find something to laugh about and that helps so much.

     I do find time is going by really quickly, it seems like it is always Friday, which seems odd to me.  Like the days go by quickly yet I feel like the hours grind.  Do any of you feel this way?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday, home again

     Here is my Easter grass planted in the pot I got at Lil sis's.  I put in some little figures that belonged  to mom.  Too bad I won't have the littles here to cut it when it gets too long.
We were able to work in the yard all day yesterday.  It
was lovely.  We made a trip to the landfill and it was so busy as people are cleaning and doing yard work to pass the time.  How ever the compost dump is closed so we have bags of trash and things all over.  We will just store them on the garage roof until it opens.

     Planted all my seedlings.  I will get pepper starts from the neighbors, so other than potatoes we are set for the garden.


     I spent time cleaning and weeding this patio.  Everything is ready for spring flowers. I bagged up 2 large bags of leaves and blackberry vines from this area.  This area  is lovely when the hostas bloom and I have it planted with flowers, the dirt fills in with moss, I love to sit here as it is shady and read a good book.

Hubs spent a good part of the afternoon with a bastard file sharpening the lawn mower blade,  I would not allow him to sharpen it the way he usually does as his hands shake too bad.  I did not need a trip to the emergency room right now.

   I was able to get the pond up and running.  All the bamboo cut down and several bags of leaves and trash removes.  I still have to clean up all the wet debree pulled out of the pond but will wait until it dries. Then I will bark that area.

     It was so nice to be outside.  The weather is supposed to be cold windy, rainy and not good for yard work this next week.  It is one thing to be socially isolated but another to have bad weather on top of it.  I am feeling very cranky about it.

     Today after we have at home church I am going over to lil sis's to deep clean her basement.  She still has boxes she has not opened since she moved here almost 4 years ago.  This should be a treasure hunt.

Hub's and I are fasting today with our church for a plea to help stop the spread of this virus.  I have been praying so hard for counties like Italy and Spain and I feel like we are going to be next.

What are you doing for this Sunday?  Do you have a project?
Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday, The sun is shining!

     I am going out to play today as the sun is shining.  It is supposed to be the nicest day in the next week which promises to be gloomy and rainy and cold.  So overalls, and muck boots here I come.  So excited.

     Yesterday I got a really good start on a huge pile of clothes from a little person.  I only have 6 more pairs of pants to shorten then that pile will be done.  I am eating my elephant.

     Also I will start my seedlings.  Just getting things ready for the garden, maybe a few sunflowers. I did get my Easter grass planted yesterday.

     I am such a scrounge. Lil sis was getting rid of old cushions from her back porch and I took them and washed them and reused them.  I asked her if she had an Easter place mats, as Hubs shakes so bad sometimes when he eats and I don't want my hand made lace table clothe stained and she had some albeit tacky ones ,they work.  I also got a new planter for my Easter grass in her stash of pots.  I am just thrilled not to buy anything.  Right now I can't, but even if I could I would take free.

     I will have to go into the pharmacy today for refills on meds, but I will wear gloves and take sanitizer with me.

     Do you have any exciting plans for this Saturday?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday, Just maintaining

     Just a bit of Easter whimsy in our house.  Everything reminds me of my mom and come to speak of it, it all belonged to her.  She was a nut for the holidays.  I would love to make frosted sugar cookies, but we are on diets and that would be bad around here.

Lil sis found these three Easter tea pots in her basement and gave them to me for my birthday.  They were mom's and I believe that Sissie bought them for her.  So I put them out with moms angels.
  Mom's movable bunnies.  These have been drug around the house by every grandchild mom had and now the littles come over and drag them around.  
They have been very durable over the years.

My cousin bought this cute little picture for me when she was here and also a Easter candle.  Dad's funeral vases reflect the holiday at this house.

More of Mom's Easter things, fun to put out.

I am going to have the Littles over for a Tea Party, so I decorated the Dining room with mom's fun Easter things.  I am going to plant Easter grass with wheat today and it should be up in a week.

So I do feel like it is spring here, just wish it was sun shiny and warm today.

Sewed yesterday and did get my quota done, so I was proud of myself.  Also did three loads of laundry, which now need to be put away and taken off the line. I need to defrost meat for dinner and plan what to cook.  I have three toilets that need scrubbed (how do they get so dirty)  TMI. Then have to consider what I can sew today.

Hubs just got back from a walk and said it was cool outside, drat! So that means I will be inside doing things I would rather avoid.

Let's see I have four pairs of golf pants to shorten and peg.  Several pairs of shorts to shorten and a couple of pairs of pants to hem.  Would also like to finish up a dress I ripped yesterday.  If I can get those things done today I will be pleased. I am really having to force myself to do anything.  It is hard.

I already turned down a client this morning.  But things are slow here and will be for the foreseeable future as they should be.

We have 4 people with the virus in the valley and Idaho has had 3 deaths.  So it is coming here and we have to wait out the storm.

Well no use sitting here boring you and myself to death.  I need to get to work.  Work is normalcy to me.  What makes you feel normal?  (Slug you cannot comment)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday, Blog problems

     I am telling you Adsense is going to drive me crazy.   They had been issuing threats about monies going down for several weeks and I tried hard to fix the problems.  My revenue dropped way down to almost non existent. Not that I have this blog to make money, but if I am going to do it my frugal nature says go for it.

     Finally after spending several hours, several times I was able to get things turned back on and now my blog is inundated with too many advertisements.  So bare with me please.  I might have to fight like he!! to get this fixed.  Frustrations aside, how is everyone doing?

     I am sleeping late and just futzing at my own pace.  I turned down a 70 year old man that called and said he was in front of my house and had a flag he wanted fixed.  I told him no walk in business until this thing lets up.  He was understanding.  I am only allowing people to pick up what is already here and only by appointment.  They ring the bell and their things are waiting, I do not go out into the foyer when they come.  Then they leave their money or a check.  Don't laugh but hub's wipes off the doorknob with sanitary wipes and sprays the money and checks with lysol.  This is the new normal.  I will take military and police business as usual, but even they are great about dropping off by hanging things on the door so I have no contact with them.  I bill the police department so money is exchanged.

     My biggest worry is that even though this epidemic will wear itself out, it will not be truly over until there is a vaccine.  I might have to be isolated for a year with my immune system.  That will be hard for me.

     Hubs was at the doctor this morning, to have a small protruding blood vessel taken off his nose.  I started off as a tiny spot and was getting larger and larger.  Even thought he went to the skin doctor last week, they just burned off a pre cancer on his temple and said that he needed to go to another doctor to have it lazered.  They called him yesterday to come in and have it removed.  He also had a bite (spider) on his forearm, which he showed to the doctor so that was also treated.  He said the poor specialists have to stay open but they have no work and people are not showing up for appointments.  So even the medical community is suffering a down turn in business. I was happy to see this taken care of as every time he bumped it, it bled like crazy and I was constantly soaking pillow cases.

     All three of my girls are essential  and so are two of their spouses.  The eldest has to show up for court, although the courthouse is closed.  She says it smells so much better in the offices.  Her husband however is not as he is water law, so he is home.  She is jealous.  The second daughter  works in dentistry and although they are closed, they are open for emergencies and as she is an anesthetist for dental she can get called in her husband is a trooper so he is working 70 hour weeks.  Our youngest is in water/sewage treatment and that never goes away.  Her husband is a fisheries biologist and runs a huge fish lab at the University.  He has to keep the fish alive so he is still working.  I am blessed to not have to worry about them financially.

     I sewed yesterday and it was nice, I still have many things to get done on yesterdays list.  I did get some things done around the house.  I don't think it is going to be really nice outside for several days so that will keep me inside sewing.  I have enough to keep me busy.  We all do.

     So what are you guys doing to keep busy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday, Officially closed?

See the beautiful flowers D#2 sent me for my birthday?  I just love them.   It was a beautiful day which I spent in  the yard. I was able to get quite a bit done, but was very sore from my work out there on Monday. I would love to be out there today but the weather has turned really cold. Drat!

So today come hell or high water, I am going to sew.  I think my feet are getting wet.....

I had a great call from Sluggy wishing me Happy Birthday and a nice talk with my Sissie.  Then last night Hub's let me control the remote.  How great is that?

This is the very messy pond  are that still needs love.  I think it will take a couple of good days to get this ready for spring.  But I am eating this elephant one bite at a time.

Here are the beds I got cleaned out on Monday.  The blueberry bed was a bugger as we have wild garlic that likes to take over so a lot of time was spent trying to eradicate that and yesterday I was able lay down bark left over from last year.  I am also saving the plastic bags and reusing them for yard waste.  Might as well save on other bags and at least give these a twice use, as plastic is not one of my favorite things to use. The hosta's that normally grow here are just starting to peak out.

 Hubs tilled the garden and now I will need to rake it smooth and let it sit for a few weeks.  You can see where I planted many of the bulbs, I still have to clean out this bed and bark it but that is for a later day.

The cedar bark smells so good and bio degrades nicely.  We have great soil with all of our chicken droppings and just adding nutrients and clippings every year.

I cleaned this entire area and it needs constant attention through out the summer and fall.

It was a a lovely day and as I did not sewing I really have to get busy in there.

There are now 3 confirmed cases in our county, so I am closing up shop without an appointment.  No more just drop ins will be allowed until we get an all clear.So that being said I have had 4 people here this morning.  Just not quite sure how to do this.

But traffic has slowed down there are not 15 prom dresses in here right now.  There may not be a prom, but if and when schools open I am sure there will be a rush.

Today I want to get a few things done. I have on nicer clothes so I won't be tempted to go outside and muck around.

1. change the sheets on the beds.  This has not been done since my Aunt left. 2. I also want to take down the St Patrick's day things and put up Easter.  I have been planning on doing this for a week, but have not.  Lil sis gave me some beautiful things of mom's that are for Easter and I am excited to put them out.  I really never have to buy any of this fru fru as I just wait until it is given to me. 3. finish up apples to the freezer.

I also will get several piles of sewing done today:  I am even going to make a list.  Like that might make me do it?

1. hem pj. pants
2. hem prom dress
3. alter and pile of pants 5 pair
6. military badges 5
7. fix a dress
8. fix a simple wedding dress
9. alter another dress
10. mend a shirt
11. mend some pants
12. start to alter a bag of pants 12 pair
13. fix a bag of mending
14. start on the huge pile of clothes for little person

There is so much to do.  I need to get busy.  I think it will be nice tomorrow so if it is I want to be outside.  That is incentive to get as much of this knocked out as possible.

Okay let's see what Kim can do today.  I think I need a diet coke.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are n the negative.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday, Trying....

     When you just don't  want to do anything a cute pair of muck boots will inspire you.  I spent about 4 hours out in the sort of cloudy, windy, tried to be sunny day.  I was trying to be productive so I forgave the weather. 

     It felt good, and as I messed around just the lower part of the backyard I realized just how much work there is to do out there.  I don't know if that was a good thing for me right now.

     So much clean up, at least a truck load but we don't know if the landfill is open. I did get all the potting soil changed over in all of the flower boxes, except the 5 out front. Not an easy task as I think there are 25 in the back.  I also weeded the blueberry patch in the back and two flower beds.  Then my lovely neighbor decided to dig up all the bulbs around her pond over 70 of them and asked if I wanted them?  Of course I could not stand to see a plant die so I planted them all over the back yard beds.  I doubt any of them recover this year but next year someone will be pleasantly surprised.

There is still plenty to do back there, but is is cold today so I don't know if I will go out.  Maybe?

It is also my birthday today!  So happy birthday to Sissie, you are still older than me by 7 minutes.
I woke up to a flower deliver from one of the girls.  My eldest sent me a new suit from Talbots, with a message, "purchased with the proceeds of a higher education." Daughter #3 was home this weekend and we went to get some oyster shell for the chickens at a feed store, where we found some the same boots that Hubs wears, that are over $150.00 a pair.  They were the women's version and my size for 80% off.  So daughter bought those for me as my old ones are getting pretty bad, and then also bought me a 50.00 gift card to the nursery so I feel pretty spoiled, by my kids.  Hubs will help me get something for the yard when we can.

While we were searching of oyster shell which by the way is sold out everywhere, we finally found some at a smaller feed store.  They had to search for it and they had 4 small bags.  I was going to buy all 4 even though I only needed 1.  Then I thought to myself, "NO that is hoarding."  So I left with what I needed.  Trying to stay out of places we went to Walmart during the older fart hours and found beautiful cases of Honey crisp apple for .59 a pound and cases of granny smith for .23 a pound so we bought a case of each and are freezing them.  Great for apple pies later.  Apple is Hubs favorite.  I just could not let those prices slip by. I should end up with 10 bags of apples two pies each.  I can give some to my kids.

Did I sew yesterday?  NO!  Will I today?  Maybe.... I do have to mail a coat back to a client who lives out of town. I am also stiff and sore from the yard work yesterday, but it feels good to be sore for a reason.  My back is getting better.

It is only 50 degrees today, wish it were warmer....  What are you going to get done today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negatvie.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday, trying but failing

Well I am still learning how to use this new mess.  Right now I have pictures but it is underlining everything and I can't seem to get that to stop.  It is like the beast has a mind of its own.

Okay maybe that is better.  Just give me grace on this.  I took this picture on Friday to prove I was still okay, but I really am not. How can I tell?  Well because I am getting nothing done.  I wanted to get outside and I needed to be in the sun and I had every opportunity to do so, but went in and took naps during the afternoon and wasted the time.  I was just so tired.  I could not keep my eyes open.  Although I am sleeping fine.  So that tells me I am not okay.

I am not getting anything really done in the shop either.  It is like I am frozen and I have no excuse.

I was able to complete my third chart of the year so obviously I did some things, I am just not up to snuff. I am hoping this week that the old Kim will jump back into her body.

Even though it is not warm and sunshiny today, I am going to go and change into my outdoor clothes and weed at least one flower bed before I do any sewing.  I am hoping the physical activity will activate what ever in my brain is causing me to be so, so..... I don't know.

Am I the only one who is doing this?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday, Let's see if I can...

     Get this to work.  Finally got the new computer I had built, and the key board feels weird under my fingers.  The old key board had no letters on it, as I had used it for 15 years.  Also the old computer had Windows 7 and was due to get some awful virus.  The fan was going out for the second time and it sounded like an old man with a bad cough.  My computer guy did not want to fix it again.  So here we are, I am losing posts but I persevere.

     The shop was busy yesterday in spite of the virus. I plan to shut down, when there is an active case with in the county.  I am not worried  about work as I have plenty to do.

     It was beautiful yesterday sunny and 65 degrees.  Actually warm.  So nice.  I wanted to work in the yard but the shop kept me too busy.  Today I am in overalls and ready to hit the dirt.  Have no idea what I am going to do but it will involve dirt.  I am wriggling with happiness.

     One this the Virus cannot stop is our ability to work in our yards.  Actually to work on our houses and get things done.

     Our youngest is coming down this morning to get some toilet paper.  Can't wait to see her and here baby bump.  We are so excited another grandson.  All those girls we had and now only grandsons.  Can we get any happier?  I don't think so.

     So I am off to roll in the mud.  What are you guys going to do today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday, I am better

I am trying to figure out this new computer and just deleted the whole post.  Love learning a new system. Not!

Bear with me.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday, Anxiety is strong here

This was me or is me.  I don't know why?  Yes I have always been anxious, but I use my anxiety to work and keep moving.  When it gets really bad I shut down.   That was yesterday.  I did have a bad headache, but that could have been brought on by clenching my teeth and becoming over anxious.  I don't like feeling this way.  I don't like admitting that I am this way.

It really helped me to see the posts of people who cleaned out a drawer or organized a cupboard.  I need to see people doing normal things (Slug stay out of this).  I hope this feeling passes soon.

There is so much to do in my shop and I have no excuse not to work.

My new computer is done and I need to go get it, but I was frozen on that also.  I am afraid I won't be able to get things to work.  I guess I could call my nephew.

The sun is out and it will be 60 today so I will go for a long walk and that might help.

I also have a flower bed I can clean out.  That might help.

In the mean time, help me.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, Over planned but what's wrong with that?

     Well here are the Leprechauns, that partied last night at our house.  We played Uno and Hub's won, we had good food and laughs.  Several of you asked for my blood orange salad.

It is very simple and I wish I had taken a picture.

two avocados
two blood oranges
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
red onion slice

drizzle olive oil over plate layer avocado slices, blood orange slices (take off rind), onion slivers.  Salt all above and drizzle with vinegar.  Delicious serves 4.  This is beautiful impressive salad and other than peeling the oranges and trying to slice them pretty darn easy.

     I ran like a crazy woman yesterday, there was just so much to do.

Did not get any sewing done but I did get the shop cleaned up which makes working in there today so much more enjoyable.

 I did get the things cleaned up that I wanted to get cleaned up in the back room and we did get a load of things taken to the storage unit.  Hooray. every box that goes is one less in the house.

Loading the car with things that can go to the storage.

Paint supplies that have been in the laundry room since before Christmas.

I have had this pile of painting supplies by the back door for a couple of months it is a mess and it bugs me. So why not get it out in  the garage where is belongs?

I am going to move food storage things and put painting supplies all together, where they can be easily found for touch up.  This garage will be stripped out and every surface hosed down and every container wiped down before we put the house up for sale.

But right now we have more room out here for things so there is no reason to have all the painting junk in the house.

See how nice a clean the back entry way is, It just feels so much more roomy and I love it.

SO now we just have the dog food in the laundry room.  Again so much more room so clean.  Why did it take me 3 months to do this?

Now all the painting supplies are easy to get to right out the door.  The food stores are cleaned up and all the crap that was in there is gone. this makes the entry way so much better.  Now why did this take so long?  Isn't my Roscoe cute.  HE helps with all chores.

1. I have already talked to my Sissie today and she said she has been to three liquor stores to stock up on wine as they are closing them where she lives.  If she runs out she is driving to Sluggies.  Slugs be afraid be very afraid.

2. We did have a delightful time last night so that was a sucess.

3. I did get those aggravating problem areas take care of, and that makes me happy.

Plans for today.

1. I have to get some sewing done, I mean I have to this is ridiculous.

2. I want to take down anything St Patrick, not that there was much and get the Easter things out.  Most of my decos come from my mom who was over the top.  But as I take down each holiday it gets boxed and taken to storage.  I feel like this is the last one that will go and then all deco things will be out of the house.    Putting things out that remind me of my mom , that were hers makes me happy.  She was childlike in her thrill at Easter, probably becasue she was a kindergarten teacher for over 40 years and never lost that joy.

I think if I get these things accomplished today it will be enough.  I also have to take a little to dance as it has not been cancelled yet.  Or maybe it has.  I had better check.

What are your plans for today?  How are you going to stay busy and get some things ooff yur punch list?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday, So what are you doing?

     Well this is the pile and there was also more hanging and in bags on the floor.  IT was a little over whelming and still is.  But I got a good start on larger outdoor items that were and are taking up too much room.  It was hard to sew for a longer period as I had a lot of church work to do, with trying to schedule meals and actually find the family that had just had a baby.  Took a while to get that all sorted out.

    So my knock out goals for the day were completed!  Yeah!

1. I called my Sissie and had a talk and did not feel guilty or rushed as I sometimes do because I have so many interruptions and work on my plate.

2. I was able to get a meal into  the family that had a baby and get meals set up for the next two days.

3. I was able to knock out a good amount of work in the shop.

As you can see from the picture I was able you get some larger items done and reorganize things to make it more workable. 

Today I have been to physical therapy and I do think my back is getting better.  I am almost afraid to say it, as I have thought it was better in the past and then bang I am down again.

My knock out duties for today are as follows.

1. talk to my Sissie.  I already have and she said she was talking to her sofa, and she thought the sofa was talking back.  I told her to put the bottle down.

     Sluggy is not participating in the challenge correctly as she is eating peanut butter cup liquor drinks. and I think she and Sissie are out to derail my plans.  We will ignore these two.  They are not helping.

2. I need to get more sewing done and clean the shop.

3. I am having a couple over for St Patties dinner.  We will have an avocado and blood orange salad, corned beef and cabbage and new red potatoes, soda bread, and a pistachio dessert.  Then we will play cards and other revelry.

4. this will involve actually cleaning out the back hall by the shop which is full of paint supplies and things that need to go to storage. It has been on my list for a month.  I will be happy to see this cleaned up and it will be a job.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

So this involves some work.  I have to run to Lil sis's house for her round table and chairs.  I have to go make the dessert and get the soda bread made.  Put the corned beef onto boil.  Then set up the family room downstairs for dinner.  One of the people coming over is 92 and can't get up the stairs, but he is sharp as a tack.  I think they will be really isolated soon with his age and health problems.  So getting them out now will help cheer them and us up.

Some St. Patrick's Day Good news!  Our Youngest daughter is having a BOY!  So that will make 4 grandsons.  We are over the moon happy.  Now waiting for another month to see what out middle daughter will have.  We are blessed.

Well I had better get to work. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive  while  you are in the negative.


Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday, What are we going to knock out?

          So if you are like me your town is in somewhat of a lock down.  Schools are closed and church and public gatherings are discouraged.  We all get to stay home and either work or deal with our families and our own four walls.  For some this is great, for others not so much.  But I think we should all take some time and we will all have more fun if we try and knock something out every day. 

     What do you have that you need to finish?  What do you have that you want to spring clean?  What are you behind on?  What is something you have wanted to do for a long time but just never got the chance to do it?

     Let's start a challenge.  We are going to knock something out today.  Or we are going to start to knock something out. (it cannot be your husband)

We need to establish some rules.  You can adjust these to your abilities.  As you all know Kim's abilities are to eat too many donuts and watch Netflix.  I am an able person in these two skills.


1. We pick a project and take a picture of said project.

  This can be an area of your home that you want cleaned. Maybe, a project you started and never finished. I guess what I am saying is pick something just for today, no matter how minor and take a picture.  Then as you can finish that take a picture.  Post both pictures and tell us what you did.  If you can't finish tell us how far you got on your adventure. If you don't have a camera just tell us about it.  We would love to know.

  Don't make yourself crazy (that is my job)  just pick something and do it.  Then report.  Let's see who can get something, anything done.

We could all sit around and feel sorry for ourselves and count our toilet paper rolls, or we can be productive.

2. Do something today that brings you happiness.  What is something you never get to do that you want to do?  This can be read for an hour, play the radio, call a friend, write a note, take a nap, bake a treat.  Do something that brings you joy and report back. Do something with those kids that are home with you that you have never done before.

3. Do something for others.

You don't have to leave your home, you can serve within your home, or figure out a way to cheer someone via the internet or the phone.  If you do want to venture out and dare, find a way to show kindness and service to someone.  Return and report.

So now you have three things to complete.  You can do one or all, but let's do something.

I am going to get my shop organized and do a great deal of sewing today.

I am going to call my Sissie because I miss her

I am going to take a meal into a family that just had a new baby.

Okay you know the rules and adapt as needed.  On your mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday, Though shall have no other God's before me

For all of those out there worshiping at the alter of the toilet paper roll, let me, let you in on a little clue.  You will live without it if you have to.

Just thought I should make that point clear.  Yesterday I had two people in the shop even thought I am not open on Saturdays but both were out of townees and I was home. The second client I have had for years and she had come into town for supplies and to drop off a bag of mending.  She was so frustrated as she had been every where for toilet paper and they were completely out at home.  We went over all the stores she had been to, and I assured her that Potlatch would soon have the shelves full, but in the mean time I went to my storage and got out a 8 pack double roll and brought it out to her.  She wanted to pay for it, but I said no. I don't know how long an 8 pack of toilet paper will last, but she was thrilled to get it and I am sure it will help and the shelves will be full again.

      Our church has had us saving and storing food and necessities for years.  We (actually) when we can, store a two year supply of four basic foods. Honey,wheat berries, salt, and some form of milk.  Then we store as much as we deem possible of the foods our families eat and we rotate. We store enough and then the extra can help neighbors.

      My grandmother did this, my mother always had a huge storage.  We fed a lot of neighbors when I was a child. I remember as a young girl in the Dakotas that we lived in a poorer section of a college neighborhood.  Many of the people around us did not speak English well.  We often had people at our door asking for help with problems they could not solve.  Their gas had been shut off, or they were out of food, or they needed help getting to a doctor or dentists.  Mom was always there to help.  We had shelves of canned goods and boxes of cereal lining our basement.

  I remember one woman brought over her baby buggy as she did not have a wagon and mom had her bring it down the back tornado cellar steps and they went along the shelves and filled the buggy.  I thought this was so neat.  So I got the neighborhood kids to come over and we filled a dolls buggy with some kind of kids cereal.  I mean like maybe 8-10 boxes.  There were many of us in on it.  I was scolded but mom just took the buggy out in the back yard and soon there were mothers from the big apartment building in back of us coming out with containers and cups to scoop up cereal so it would not go to waste.  It was kind of a neighborhood joke. But I never did it again.

     I also remember a family called Jensen that operated a butcher shop out of the back of the garage.  They lived about a 1/2 block from us.  You could go there on chicken butchering day and get, gizzards, necks,hearts and livers for little to nothing.  I know he fed many in the neighborhood.  They were wonderfully kind people. Mom would always call Orvil Jensen and explain to him what was needed and send the women to his back door for help.  People just helped each other.  We need to do the same.

     Hubs and I have been on very strict diets and have both lost weight so today we celebrated by having a pancake breakfast, it was so good.  You know a couple cups of flour, a little baking powder, tablespoon of sugar, some salt and a little oil make a real treat. Add some butter and syrup or some jam.

     I think as a blogging community we need to encourage each other to stay busy and get some things done.  I guess what I am saying is that I need to be encouraged or I will watch Netflix all day.
Like we need a contest showing something that needs to be done and then doing it?  Any one up for a challenge.  I seriously need some motivation.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday, Has life been cancelled?

Really is this what we are facing?  All out panic over toilet paper?  We did go to wal mart yesterday and yes it was busy but no more than usual for our small area where people come into shop. Yes the toilet paper aisle was pretty limited, but then again we make toilette paper here so that isn't a big issue.  We went to pick up an extra bag of chicken feed to have on hand.

Idaho has had it's first case and as I was predicting it is in the Boise area. So now we can have mass panic here... Still have not seen it.

Things I am worried about:

1. As they cancelled school in Washington where will parents place there children if they have to work?

2. What about the elderly that are stuck at home?  Will they get help?

3.  If we are quarantined will people get lonely?  How will they cope?

4.  Both my younger two daughters are pregnant, I worry about them.

5. My eldest is a prosecutor and the courthouse never closes. She is on 24 hour call and when things get bad she gets busier.

6.If I am quarantined will I want to kill Hubs after a day or two?

Real questions folks.

Now will I panic?  No.  Will I want to hurt someone in particular? Yes.  How will I cope with this?

1. pray
2. take long walks on the levy away from people 
3. clean my house (it needs it)
4. watch TV and netflix binge
5. read a stack of books I have waiting for me
6. sew, I have plenty to keep me busy
7. quilt, I have plenty of material
8. as I can, go visit shut ins.
9. make phone calls to people who are shut in.
10. work outside in my yard
11. get in the car and drive to one of my children's places if possible.
12. play games with your family or spouse
13. cook up something fun and unususal

Think about how people lived on farms years ago, often times only going to town once a month for supplies.  Most of us don't live so far away from others.  We can still converse with neighbors, we have plenty of ways to communicate via, phones, and the internet.

We will be okay, it will be interesting to see how we come out from under this crisis.

Let this bring out the best in us and not the worst.

I ran a fever of 99.6 all day yesterday and my arm was still really sore.  Had chills off and on  most of the day and I HATE the chills.  But today I just have a sore arm.  Still grateful for the vaccine.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are on the negative.


Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday,We are getting swept up

Funny how a little tiny thing like a virus cell can have the whole world in a panic.  I am not dissing that panic, but I think some sanity could be practiced by a few.  Am I tired of hearing about it?  Yes. Am I afraid it is going to come here? Yes.  So far Idaho is one of the last hold outs, but it will get here no doubt.

In the mean time life will go on as usual.  Well not as usual, as our church services have been cancelled.  I have already had 4 clients in this morning and have plenty of work to do so I am not worried as far as that goes.

I ran a fever of 1.01 most of the evening yesterday and my arm where I received the shot is very, very sore.  As it is inflamed of course the other shoulder copied it and both shoulders are almost unusable right now.  I am achy, head achy, grouchy and just not feeling my best.  Although today is better than yesterday I think.

I am not going to push myself today as I just don't feel up to it. Probably will rest and sleep a little.  I am still supporting there new shingles vaccine, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I had Hubs drive me to take a meal into someone last night that had oral surgery and I could not find the apartment. Then I was in tears.  As I am not a crier, I knew something was up and then discovered I had a fever when I got home. Constantly chilled I am, right now.

Well hope to have better things to report tomorrow. I think we all need to stay positive and help each other get through this mess.  It will get worse before it gets better.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday, ramblings

     Yesterday was interesting, not a lot got done in Kim land.  I did manage to get a little to dance and a meal into my friend and a very little sewing done.  Kind of a burn out day.  We had expected the littles, but they were home with their real grandma. So as I had not expected to get much done in the frame of things, and I really didn't.  That is my excuse.  However the important things did get done and that is what counts.

     Our pharmacy finally was able to get in the new second  series shingles shot which my doctor has been nagging me to get.  It comes in a two part series.  So last night hubs drug (pardon the pun) me to the pharmacy to get the first shot.  Of course it did not hurt, but on my way out my armpit started to throb.  Not really bad, but I thought that might be a sign of things to come.  Well it was hard to sleep all night as the arm was very sore and and it still is hard to use.  I woke with a monster headache.  Side affects of this thing are not fun and I get to go through this again in 2 to 6 months.  The pharmacist said to wait at least 6 months as the affects are worse when you repeat the injection at 2 months.  My only consolation is that I have seen many people with shingles and it is a horrible condition.  If you have not had the vaccine, run don't walk to get it.  Pay for it if you have to, you will thank me.

     Albertsons is running their Monopoly game again and of course I am playing.  I won a 5.00 gift card among other goodies, donuts,waffles, $2.00 off coupons, free mushrooms, pasta and canned goods.  Hey I will take free. It is worth the aggravation to me.  However, I had to fight like a banshee to get them to honor their $2.49 price on corned beef last night.  I think I was at the check stand for 15 minutes with a line behind me.  Embarrassing but I held my guns.  Don't advertise something  and then not honor it.

      Hubs vest I ordered off Amazon came in and he loves it, so I will order another in a different color.  I told him if I caught him wearing his old vest other than to paint or do yard work, I would throw it away.  He stuck his lip out like a two year old.  But he knows I am serious. Do any of you have a person who gloms onto an item of clothing and wears it continuously, that is not a 4 years old?

     Spring is busting out all over in this valley, but every weekend it is too cold to work in the yard.  This weekend it is supposed to snow.  My grandfather always said , "as the days get longer the cold gets stronger." Like it does not want to give up on winter.  I am waiting for warm to get out there and dig in the dirt.

     Anything exciting in your life right now?  Any signs of spring?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wednesday, I am a stacker

My question for you today is.... wait for it.... Are you a stacker?  As in do you stack things in piles thinking you are going to take care of it later?  Does the stack get higher as the days wear on?  Do more things get left in an assorted jumble on every surface near you?  If so you are a stacker.  I am thinking of starting a group called stackers UNITE!  Or perhaps stackers anonymous.   A twelve step program might help.
 This is my desk, it still has bills to pay, (not the desk the owner)  I might be able to find the bills in the stacks.....  No I did not get them paid yesterday, but I did get a lot done.

     The family room where I spend so much time doing hand work and ripping garments is a testimony to my stacking abilities. Why put anything away when there is a flat surface in which you can rest said item.  Thread, needles, hats, jackets, stuff.  It is bad enough that we have sofa covers that do not stay put on our old furniture, but now add stacks......

 My heating pad is my best friend, as are the TV remotes.  I do watch netflix when I am doing handwork and ripping.  But I also leave all my tools and tags ripped off garments all over.  I just have a hard time being neat and tidy.  It is not in me for some reason.

Here is a perfect example, a purse that needs to go upstairs to the closet, two pairs of pants put there at Christmas (yes Christmas) that need to be shortened, but they belong to us, so....  The coat that I did manage to purchase a zipper for it yesterday is also in the stack.  But look, oh look, see the calendar that needs to go on a wall? (Christmas present). Also a myriad of bags and crap stacked for who knows how long.

Obviously I live this way so why is it bothering me now?  Well company is coming not that they would judge, heck I wouldn't judge someone as busy as I am, but it does wake me up to the fact that I am a stacker.  So today before I get into my shop I really do have to do something about my stack problem, if not for company for myself.

I have a sh*tload of work to get done in the shop and now I have to deal with the stacks.  It would be so much easier if I just cleaned up after myself, but where is the fun in that?  Sissie no comments, I mean it NO comments.

So my plan for the day is to remove as many stacks as I can, before getting my butt into the shop.  What? oh, why do I wait until I feel that I am under the gun to resolve this?  Like I said a twelve step program would help. Maybe?

So today here is my stacker list:

1. do not leave desk area until bills are paid and it is clean
2. remove crap from tables in family room
3. straighten furniture covers and fold blankets
4. vacuum up all the string and crap from sewing
5. put purse away
6. sew those two pairs of pants (it will take 5 minutes, I mean really?)
7. put coat with pink zipper in a today pile
8. clean off the mangler you slob (sometimes I get firm with myself and insults help)
9. Make the bed upstairs so it looks like I care. (I don't)
10. scrub toilet in masterbedroom
11. clean off clothes on bed and put away.
12. vacuum steps

After my destackering duties are done( they should only take about an hour) I have to get to work on my usual daily duties.  Which are:

1. make dinner for a friend (sweet potatoes,chicken fingers,broccoli, cream pie)
2. our dinner (left over stir fry)
3. alter two items already ripped
4. alter mens jacket already ripped
5. replace zipper in coat
6. hem grey pants
7. alter one wedding dress
8. start another wedding dress

Now I  just have wasted an hour, critiquing music, with Hubs and his buddy.  Take out that word, and that one and that one.  Change the break in the verses, leave it in the chorus.  You need an umchuck with a string base, no keep in the violin solo but jump back to the base between bridges. Yes this is my life.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tuesday, Setting goals for daily work

  I bet none of you knew I was a goal setter?  Haven't figured that out yet? *Snort*

     I actually try and set a few goals everyday.  I usually over plan, okay let's be honest I always over plan, but it does help me get things done.

     If I don't set a goal or make a plan, I waste a lot of time just messing around.  Not that messing around is a bad thing, it can actually be quite enjoyable. I would just take it to the extreme.  I am good at extremes.

     So what am I planning on doing today?  That would be my goal or goals?  Well I really feel I have to sew, and I have to cook something for dinner, and I should take stock of the veggie supply in the house.  I heard broccoli is on sale at Winco for .69 a pound, should probably stock that up. I am out of one of my meds, better send Hub's to the pharmacy, he can take care of that.  The spare bath needs a good scour, and I had better do a load of whites.  Hubs needs to empty all of the garbage as the truck comes tomorrow. I have about 5 bills that need to be paid and a load of mail to read mostly medical stuff.  Now how to accomplish all of this?

     So far no real plan, just a mental list. But as I go through the day I do a thing or two to help.  As in I emptied the garbage in the spare bath, filled the toilet paper caddy, and put disinfectant in the toilet to soak, when I last went in there. I am sure I will be in there again sometime today and will scrub the toilet, so that is done.

      When I go upstairs again I will grab the whites and bring them down and throw in a load. When they are done I will hang them.  Just all part of the movement around the house.  Will sneak out to winco sometime this evening when Hubs is at the High school to get the broccoli and few more veggies.

     There are chicken breasts thawed so I think a stir fry is in order for dinner.  That was easy. I have all the ingredients for a good chicken stir fry.  So dinner is done (in my mind). Now onto sewing.

Plans are made for the household things on my mental to do list, so now onto the shop.

1. press and call client on jacket.
2. hem blue brides maid dress.
3. hem lavender prom dress
4. hem grey pants
5. Alter coat sleeves and shirt sleeves
6. rip and alter neck and sleeves of suit coat
7. go to Joanns for a pink zipper.
8. check satin stock for a wedding dress alteration
9. shorten lavender bridesmaid dress
10. pull out at least one wedding dress and see what needs to be done.

     Okay so I have made plans.  Now the hard part is the get to work.  Yeah the actual work.  Always the hard part I tell you.  So I am going to run upstairs and go Potty (tmi) scrub the toilet, grab the laundry, pull the wedding dress, check the satin stock, run to Joanns, grab a zipper and maybe some satin (first put coupon book for Joanns in my purse) stop at Winco, press and call client on jacket.

Actually got segued by above journey, as in it is election day so stopped to vote, also txt from Relief Society Pres that meals need taken into a family Thurs.-Sunday, so made a phone call and wrote out a message for help from other sisters on face book. It is easy to get side tracked when you have a list and things get added but I will stick to it as I add a few more duties.

     When I get the above done, I will need to figure about when I am going to read all the medical crap and pay those bills.

    On your mark get set go.  Now stick to it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday, I'm sprung, so can't spring, sorry

     I am not a morning person and daylight savings time always kicks my butt in the spring.  Just my luck that yesterday we had Stake conference at church so we had to be at the church at 10:00 rather than noon, which really meant 9:00 which meant getting up at 7:30 to get ready.  I had planned on sleeping in.... Then we had to immediately race out of town to do the 4.5 hour loop of missionary apartments and did not get home until almost 5:00.  So I collapsed in bed and slept for two hours and then went to Lil sis's to dry some clothes.

     Now why did I start physical therapy at 9:00 three days this week?  Meaning I will (in my mind) have to get up at 8:00 (7:00) to get there on time.  I hit the snooze alarm 5 times.... I did get there on time and my back is worse than ever, but I am going to trust that they can fix it.  I love the heat and electric therapy and wish I could just be put in a quite, dark room to sleep with that.  My wish was not granted.

     We were able to find Hubs a new vest and jacket and boots on Saturday.  He needs another vest but so far we have not been able to find a second one.  I am going to have to look online. He has this thing about the number of pockets and the size of pockets. I made all of his outdoor Forestry cruising vests from scratch as He wanted certain pockets and a back pack built in, but I really don't want to make vests for him.  I may have to if I can't find what he wants.

     It is really sunny here but cold.  So beautiful and I want to play outside.  Hubs works a lot at the High School this week.  I will be stuck in the shop.  I should not say stuck as it is a blessing to have the work.  It is so nice to have cash again and not have to write checks for every little thing.  We have been so short on cash this last two months with more bills for the house and less work in the shop.

Today I need to:

1. hem two pairs of jeans
2. hem four pairs of jeans
3. steam a bridesmaid dress
4. alter the bodice of a bridesmaid dress
5. alter sleeves on a suit jacket
6. hem a bridesmaid dress
7. go get a zipper for a jacket
8. perhaps look at the three wedding dresses that are hanging in the shop?

     The little person I sew for just brought in a huge pile of clothes, it will take me at least two days to get his things done.  There are more dresses coming in this afternoon.  Also people picking up so I had better get to work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Saturday, Shopping

     We are going out today to get hubs a couple of new vests.  He wears the same Eddie Bauer vest every day over his clothes and it is disgusting.  But he loves and needs the pockets for all his treasures.  Don't ask me what they are I don't want to know.  He also needs new walking boots.  I am going to burn the old vest I swear.  I have already replaced the zipper twice and it has ink stains where an ink pen leaked in his pocket.  Also several small paint marks all over it, plus a myriad of grease stains that I cannot get out.  He can keep it for yard work. If I catch him wearing it for other things I will burn it.  He has a way of getting attached to things.

     I am also going to get some laundry done and maybe some ironing.  Boy is this day going to be exciting. Can't wait to report tomorrow on our finds.  What I really wish is that is was warm enough to work outside. Hubs just came downstairs to talk to me and he is in an old pair of logging pants that have seen way better days and his beloved vest.  Lord help me.

     I was able to sew a terrific amount yesterday and I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things.  Having the two months that are slow is great, and now it is time to recoup.  Even sewing most of the day did no good as more than enough work came into replace it.  I had two bridesmaid dresses come in and two sport coats to alter sleeves and neck.  This is a days work and then some. When this happens everyday I don't get to the larger projects like wedding dresses. Of course I am going to try and stay caught up, but I never have before.  It is always a try and catch up scenario.

     My back is so sore and pulls so bad when I sit at the computer, but gets better throughout the day as I move.  I just have to be very careful.

     I am not going to sew today, but I might find a project to work on, maybe get that faucet painted in the Master bath.  Or clean a cupboard or two.  Haven't decided just how ambitious I will be.  I was ambitious for the last 3 days and I need a break.

    What are you doing today?  Anything fun?  Any projects?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday, Is this going to work?

Yes, me and the exercise ball, only I was not smiling, I was trying not to die, or fall off the table, or wet myself, or fa*t.Just keeping it real folks. So I am scheduled for three visits a week for the next three weeks.  Pulled muscles in my back.  Don't feel any relief today but hoping it will work.

I just did a bunch of exercises that did not make sense to me as they were easy and did not affect my back at all that I could tell.  What they did notice is that my hips are very flexible my back not so much. I have always been able to touch the floor with my hands when I bend over now I can hardly bend at all. But I can bring my legs over my head with ease. Dang back pain.

I just pray this works.  Today it is more sore than ever. But I will rally on folks, like I always do.

On a better front, Spring has hit the valley and flowers are starting to come up all over.  We have had 65 degree days here and it is lovely.  Of course tomorrow when the shop is closed we are going to have cold weather so I will not be out in the flower beds.  Drat!  There is a lot of yard work to do to get this house sale ready.

I was at Walmart the other day and they had so many plants out.  I wanted to buy them all.  I have spent so much time and money in this yard and now I am going to leave it to someone else and that makes me sad.  Years and Years of planting and arranging the beds, but I do feel the yard will sell the place.

I wanted to buy more proven bulbs to plant for next year and then I thought why?  You won't be here to enjoy them.  I have to keep reminding myself  just how much work these flower beds are, and that helps offset the sadness.  Although you all know I love yard work and I am happiest when I am covered in mud.

The shop was bombed yesterday and it looks like I have not made a dent in the work and actually I really haven't.  But today I am going to get in there and really try and do something.  I have two dresses that came in yesterday that I need to have ready for a fitting on Monday.  Also three wedding dresses that I have not even looked at since they came in and I don't think they will be looked at today, if I am honest with myself.  Just piles and piles.  So I will attack a few piles before I attack the dresses.  IT is just crazy in here and it is only March 6th!

See that table full of piles?  Oh it needs love my friends.

So today:
1. hem a pair of pants
2. take in dress and hem
3. steam dress
4.letter men jacket, patches on vest, hem chaps
5. hem 9 items in a pile
6. hem 4 pairs of jeans
7. hem 2 pairs of jeans
8. rip and cut one dress for fitting
9. hem a bridesmaid dress and straps

I think that is enough to try and tackle today.
I have no plans for the weekend, which is nice.  I will not be out in the yard that is for sure.  Maybe start cleaning the bedroom, or binge watch netflix?  Choices, choices.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.