Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tuesday, Completing May's goals


Thanks for all the advice and well wishes yesterday.  Having so many mistakes in one afternoon took its toll and I was beside myself.

Other ladies from my church are taking turns staying at night with my friend, so that it is not all on me.

Even though I was not going to sew yesterday, I did anyway as sometimes sewing calms me down.  Just working and completing something calms me down. I was able to get the piles done, and three of the 9 zippers done that I need to replace.

I did run to Jo anns today and purchased three zippers and even with a coupon they came to $20.00.  One zipper was 7.99 without tax. All I can do is shake my head.

I went through my goals for May and it looks like I did them all.  I made enough sewing and saving to pay Hub's savings back $800.00.  I paid Hub's hearing aid bill $500.00 and I have saved enough to pay our taxes for this 1/2 of the year, $1600.00.  I am quite proud of myself. Now I have to create new goals.  There is nothing like looking at your checking account and seeing extra money because you lived frugally.

Yes, this means you did not run to the store on a whim.  It means you stayed home and did not shop.  It means you used what you had.  But boy does it pay off. It means you gave of your time and talent to others, and you were blessed because of it. It means you used as little resources as possible, like gas, electric, water. Our electric bill was down $35.00 the water down $12.00. It all adds up over time.

Today I want to get at least 4 more dresses hemmed and zippers in these last three coats.  I also have to call several clients for pickup. 

I boiled 18 eggs on Sunday, so I can make a large egg salad and some deviled eggs.  We will have egg salad on rye and chips for dinner.  Keeping it simple and using what is here.

I think I am going to do up a batch of Molasses cookies.  Those just sound good.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 30, 2022

Monday, Rainy Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who serve and have served to protect our freedoms.

It is very cold and wet here again. and will continue to be for the week.  At least we don't have to worry about drought.

So, no picnics and celebrations here. We decided to do the missionary loop yesterday as it was such a rainy cold day.  I must say the rape fields in full bloom on the prairie are gorgeous. 

Because I knew the weather was not going to cooperate, and I was (am) so tired of sewing, I woke up on Saturday with a penchant to clean some cupboards and do some organizing.

I cleaned out all the drawers in the kitchen a downsized again quite a few things I don't use.  I also cleaned out the spice cabinet and the kitchen food cabinet.  Putting things where they go and then finding odds and ends that need to be used up.  You know those 1/3 bags of pasta that get thrown to the back.

Hub's memory issues are scaring me to death, and I have seen many slip ups in the last few days. More than usual and some with bad consequences. He took wrong turn after wrong turn getting to missionary apartments that we have driven to every 6 weeks for the past 4 years.  Then we got home, and I had put a roast in the crockpot as I had to take meal into a friend whose husband is on hospice. Well, the crockpot was on low, and I knew I had turned it too high.  The roast was done but not the veggies.   Hubby turned it down, I don't know why, he doesn't know why.  I told him you don't do the cooking so don't assume you know what is best.  I was so frustrated after the 4.5 hours in the car with him taking every wrong road there was.

Segue:  Saturday afternoon, we needed to go to Walmart to get a large plastic garbage can for the shed.  We have mice getting into the chicken feed.  On the way home I just got the distinct impression I needed to stop at a friend's, house, so I went to the dollar store to get a storage item and I grabbed their favorite candy bars as a treat.  When we got to the house, here is our friend in a hospital bed and hospice was called in.  My girlfriend was a puddle. He is 94 and we knew this was coming, but it is always a shock when it does. She was so tired, so hubs drove home, and I insisted she take a nap, I could sit with her husband.  

The problem is that this is a second marriage for him, and she married late and has no children. His children are all in their late 70's and not in good health.  She has no family to rally and take turns. She did feel better after the nap, but I insisted on going back over at 11:00 that night so she could get some sleep.  She puttered around until 2:30 and finally went to bed and slept for a good 4 hours.  He had me up 5 times during that 4-hour spell.  She is not getting any sleep.  

I left the house at 6:30 a.m. and went home to bed and hubs woke me at 11:00.  Now I had 45 minutes to get a roast ready and get myself ready for church.  I moved quickly but did not clean up the carrot peels and the potato skins, I just left the mess, and we went to church. When we got home, I was super irritated about the crockpot, and I had to get all the veggies out of the pot and boil them to get them done. Hubs is sheepish and when I went in to change out of church clothes so I could clean the kitchen up I hear the garbage disposal running.  Why?  The carrot peelings go to the chickens, the potato peels get thrown away.  You Never, never, never put potato peels down the disposal.  They foam and clog the plumbing something fierce.  I learned this early on in my marriage from hubs himself.  

I hollered, "what are you doing?"  Sure, enough he is grinding up potato peelings and he has the sinks clogged.  I was on the phone with my oldest and she asks to talk to him, and she gave him the what for.  As he denied knowing he shouldn't do that.  She told him in no uncertain terms he did know it and if he had forgotten he needed to own it.  Also I told him if a plumber had to be called it was coming out of his savings.  I was not going to work harder in the shop any longer to fix the things he broke or ruined because he forgot.  Now his hands are shaking and he cannot remove the disposal and fix his mess.  

I just left him and went to deliver dinner to my girlfriend. Her husband really appreciated the meal although he ate very little.  I know I was over tired from being up all night, so hubs behavior had me just beside myself, plus if you want to know the truth.  I AM SCARED! When I returned home, he had the sinks unclogged, I am sure he was super relieved I was still very annoyed. I did blame myself, as I should have cleaned up those peelings before I left for church.  I left the mess and he thought he was helping, but he so often is not helping.   It is just so hard. I can't trust him on so many levels and I want to.

I know I need to react better as this is just going to get worse, but sometimes I just fail. The only good side to this is that I needed a thorough clean under the sink and that got done.  Also, two of our cupboard doors under that sink right next to each other are having problems with hinges coming lose and one of the doors is actually broken where the hinge is.  But hubs was able to get down there and glue and clamp and fix both problems and he has to get a larger screw as one is stripped. So he is so capable and then so not capable. 

He has pit practice tonight for Cinderella, and I am worried, as he was having trouble following the hymns at church.  HE kept jumping to the wrong line and I had to keep pointing to where we were in the music. Although he did not like the cleft the music for Cinderella was written in and rewrote all his parts.  He also rewrote parts for other musicians upon request.  I just worry.  We will see.  This is heartbreaking.

I was able to clean out my bedside drawer and my makeup drawer in the master bath.  I also did a little work on the maser closet and switched my winter shoes and clogs for sandals.  I would have liked to have gotten more done but my girlfriend's situation has taken the wind out of my sails.

I am going in to get some sewing done.  Mostly because just getting something done will calm my nerves!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday, first rattlesnakes of the season!

 It has been such a cold spring that we have had no sign of snakes.  But here we had two 80-degree days and out they come. This pair was making baby snakes, so I am happy to say we got them before the eggs could be laid as tiny baby rattlers can get through the neighbor's snake fence. Our snake fence is very small.

We made an appointment for next Thursday for Roscoe's 4th rattlesnake booster.  Last night it was raining when I walked in the dark down the long driveway to the neighbors to go and feed her cats.  Now we have to use flashlights instead of just tripping down the pavement in the dark. If there are snakes, they like to come out at night and bask on the pavement.  Nasty little buggers.

Hubs went all around the property and rechecked all the fencing and it is secure.

It is very humid here and I do not do well in humidity.  I don't like it, and I am used to dry heat.  Plus, I get Kim humidity hair.

Imagine me only my hair is longer, so I look even better.

We finally got all the garden planted.  My eggplant, and all my squash from dollar store seeds are up and out.  Now we just have to tend and hope the animals stay out.

I did not get into the shop until late yesterday.  Mostly because my back was bothering me, and I had to get the rest of that lace on that wedding dress, which was tedious bent over work.  I only got to three bridesmaid dresses, but then again, they were not just hems which are fast and easy. One had to be taken in and another had to have straps and darts put on it.  They just took longer.

I need to get in and finish that denim vest for a pickup today, and then take a good look at the work line up for next week.

I can't believe this month is over.  It went by so dang fast. It is supposed to rain all weekend, drat!  That along with the heat will bring more humidity as she sits here with sweat rolling down her back.

I am really tired of sewing, and there is no end to the work in sight.  If Hub's had not had hell week starting next Monday for Cinderella, I would have driven somewhere.  Anywhere that did not have a sewing machine.  

But then I remind myself I am blessed with work. Saving hard and working hard allows me to meet my goals, which are in my eyes substantial. 

Are you doing anything fun for this holiday weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday, Another chart, Thrifty Thursday

 Wow, I am onto chart #14 for the year.  I am really ahead of myself this year, but it is due to the wedding season being so crazy. 

I have had 4 wedding dresses picked up this week and I am working hard to finish another today.  Don't know if it will be picked up tomorrow or not.  I hope so as I just love to see them go by by.

My middle finger on my right hand is raw at the top from hand work.  I know, I know wear a thimble, but I hate them. I still have 1/2 the lace to sew on the bottom and then I have to machine sew the under layers and that sucker is done.  It was a huge amount of hand sewing.

Still have not gotten into the bridesmaid dresses and every day I say I am going to tackle them, and I don't.  But taking Kelsa and the dogs back up to Uniontown to Kelsa's other grandma was a 1.5 hour round trip and then I had to reach dance for 2.5 hours and I came home so tired.  I did as much as I could sewing and then I just had to stop. 

I need to get a pair of fire pants altered and then onto the wedding dress and I swear I am going to do those dang bridesmaid dresses today if it kills me.  The one thing about today is that I have no interruptions. Well except for clients, dogs, cats, hubs, my ever-spinning brain.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Saved all my spare change

2. saved all my $5 bills  $55.00 this week, and total since last cash in $255.00

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill 

4. downloaded all rec't to fetch

5. used parts of old wedding dresses to repair wedding dresses and charged client

6. searched for least expensive place to purchase gas

7. cooked all meals from scratch with pantry and freezer things except one.

8. made homemade cookies and a pie with pantry staples, many given to me free.

9. Just picked up $17.00 worth of free to me groceries from points accumulated.

10. Used coupons at Joanns for items needed

11. have not turned on the air conditioner yet

12. picking my own lettuce that I grew from dollar store seed

13. no food waste here, even the scraps go to the chickens.

14. Replanted my squash seeds and they are coming up so I will not buy starts.

Well,  I had better get into the shop and get things done.  My plans today:

1. finish green fire pants

2. alter denim vest

3. finish bride dress and call client

4. hem and press and bridesmaid dress

5. take in,hem and press and bridesmaid dress

6. hem a bridesmaid dress

7. hem a bridesmaid dress

8. hem a mother of the bride dress

9. rip and get a bridesmaid dress ready to alter

If I get all this done it will be a holy miracle. 

Okay Kim is off (and not her rocker)

What have you done this last week to be thrifty?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wednesday, Use those points!

 I have 17.00 to spend at Albertsons before the end of the month or I lose the points.  So even though things are high I will get a few things this week. Sliced cheese is .77 limit 2, fresh corn .39 limit 8, ballpark franks 2.99 limit 2, and a large loaf of French bread 1.49. I will have to find something else to bring it up to the 17 dollars I have available.

I was also looking at a dozen bakery store bake oatmeal cookies and they were $6.97 for 12 cookies.  I just made 9 dozen large cookies.  I am trying to figure the cost.  Let's see...

flour  ww mixed with white.  WW was free. .50

1.5 cups brown sugar Paid .99 for 2 lbs so? .15

1.5 cups white sugar ? I usually buy my sugar in 25 bags and out into tubs.  I try and not pay over $12.00  .35

2 sticks of butter 1.00

2 sticks of margarine .50

vanilla free from Mexico gift

4 eggs well we have our own chickens ? if you had to buy at today's price .60

soda ?

oatmeal free from food bank throw away .25

choco chips $1.99 bought at Christmas

2 cups chopped walnuts free from food bank 3.00

raisins 2 cups free from food bank maybe $1.25

Even if I had bought everything, I don't think it would have been $1.00 a dozen. I will take homemade, plus who just needs a dozen cookies? I would need a dozen for me. Three to eat in the store and three more for on the way home and then... I could have really reduced the cost by1/3 if I hadn't added the nuts, but I have so many that were given to me in the freezer, and they need to be used. 

Cheryl at Cheryl's frugal corner one of my favorite blogs, (she is loaded with info and should write a book) posted about what we pay for convenience.  I know it took less than 5 minutes to put together this cookie dough.  Probably 1 hour to bake them, even with the help (not so much) from a 7 year old. I know there is a lot of sugar in these cookies, but also WW flour, nuts, raisins, eggs, good fats. Now I have to hide them from hubs as he has about as much self control around cookies as I do around donuts.

I am feeding my neighbors cats this week as she is gone.  She has three in cages in her garage, and two in the house.  I don't think I could ever raise a cat in a cage, but I guess she adopted them this way. I always give them lots of love and pets and make sure I get a good purr out of them before I leave.  Two of them share a cage and they both fight over who gets to me first.  If anything happens to her I will be taking those cats and they will not be in cages.  Such sweet things.  My neighbors health is not good and we watch her closely.

While I was in St. Louis we had a really bad wind storm and part of her fencing came down.  Hubs went out to fix it for her but he needed her on the other side to hold things erect.  The fence is very tall and he could not see her.  Pretty soon he could not hear her either.  He hollered and hollered.  Then went over and she had passed out in the yard next to the fence.  Scared hubs to death.  She suffers from real unstable blood sugar.  He was able to get her stabilized, but this is not the first time this has happened.  I have to visually see her everyday.  My shop window overlooks her living dining area so I can see into her house during the day. If I don't see activity I go over and harass her. That is what I tell her when she answers the door.  Wouldn't you just love to be harassed by me?

I had a wedding dress picked up yesterday and I have another to finish today as it was tried on this morning.  It will be at least 2 if not more hours of tedious hand work to finish.  I divide things up in my mind when I have major hand work to do on a dress.  Shorten the one strap, put in the hand darts, attached breast pads, finish the inside seams, replace the lace removed from sides, make sure it lays flat, and then re bead, now re attach lace by hand to bottom of dress,( halfway done hand sewing lace back on bottom)add 6 bustling loops, add three buttons, rehem front two base layers by machine.  So much work. I will be lucky to finish this this afternoon before I have to leave. I think I have another fitting coming in a little later for a final before I finish.

I did not get any bridesmaids done yesterday and I only just started on one earlier today. I have to take Kelsa up to her other grandma, who is coming down to the kids house this afternoon.  I also have to pick up the dogs from the sitter and take them up and then rush back down to teach daughter's dance classes for 2.5 hours.  I will be tired tonight, so I doubt I will get any sewing done this evening.

I will really have to get busy on Thursday. Boy these weeks go by fast.

So, area you a scratch cookie baker? Do you ever compare costs of premade to homemade? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday, Crazy bridal season

 I actually used to wear black glasses before I had my cataract and eye surgeries. I also died my hair a darker red as I was not so grey.  As my hair became snow white it is easier to keep it lighter. I was a blonde red as a child but started going really grey in my early 20's.  My students would call me Edna Mode.  I was short and always had a needle in my mouth running from costume to costume.

I tore into 4 wedding dresses yesterday.  One left this morning, and another has been tried on and will leave tomorrow.  I also need to do some more work on one and give them a call for another fitting.

I really want to get to some bridesmaid dresses today, but I am not sure if that is going to happen as we have Kelsa and Schmills.  Our daughter and son in law went on a 5-day vacation without kids.   Nate's mom is coming down late tomorrow to take over.  I just don't know how much I will get done with Kelsa. Plus, Hub's has to work again tonight which leaves me on my own.

I made a large double batch of oatmeal, raisin, Choco chip, walnut cookie dough last night. I have now eaten over a dozen cookie dough cookies.  I will bake them when hubs brings Schmills from school.  Schmills likes to make cookies.

In the mean time I must get more sewing done. I think Hubs is taking Kelsa for a walk to the park in the stroller and she will fall asleep on the way home.  This is to give me time to get things done.  He will also take her with to get the Schmills which is an 1.15  minute round trip. Grandma needs alone time with her needle. 

Hubs got bad news at the Urologist this morning, his numbers are up, so he is looking at another biopsy and possible surgery for his prostate cancer.  We have been dragging our feet for many reasons, but we knew this was in our future. Keep him in your prayers. I worry more about his mental state than his health.  I know if it was me, I would be a nervous wreck. Heck, I worry about my mental state dealing with his mental state. So, I am trying to support him any way I can. (Did you know eating cookie dough is good for your mental state, just sayin...)  He is very busy right now and will be through June.  His biopsy is in July.

Well I am off to get some work done. Will probably eat more cookie dough. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday, Nice weekend, refreshed

 I spent the weekend just cooking and playing with Kelsa and sleeping.  It was lovely.

Saturday morning the kids' text and wanted to borrow the 4-wheeler, and Hubs traded the 4-wheeler for Kelsa. He told people at church that he got the baby in exchange for a 4-wheeler.

I started out Friday evening making a large shrimp salad.  Daughter took some with her camping and I took a large portion up to Braunwyn's when we went.

Then Saturday morning with Kelsa's help, (I put her in her little chair and sat her on the counter). I made two lasagnas, and two stuffed shells, and a rhubarb pie.  I used the last of the rhubarb from last year and I need to restock. I also made one large tater tot casserole for Dan as it is his favorite.

I was done cooking by 1:00 and we loaded all into the car and drove up to Moscow, and dropped off the food, which was much appreciated, and we left Kelsa with Dan and B and went to a store that carries Hub's shoes.  We bought his last pair before covid with the idea that we were going to tour France and Ireland.  But that did not happen.  So, we needed to get another pair.  These boots are never on sale and are now $165.00.  Yikes!  But he has to have good shoes for his flat feet.  I also found a new pair of overalls on a 70% off sale and you all know I love me some overalls.  We also found a pair of cargo pants for hubs for 70% off making them $17.00.  Then back to pick up the baby and home.

Up for church and then came home and took a 4-hour nap.  Kelsa napped for two hours and the played with hubs while grandma slept.  It was lovely. AS I had pie and lasagna, I did not have to cook Sunday. The kids brought back the 4-wheeler and took our baby.

I hope to get 6 wedding dresses out this week.  Well in reality I have to.  I also have at least 10 bridesmaid dresses and mother of the brides to get out.  It will be a busy week.  But my shop is clean as I did that Friday, and it is so nice to walk into a clean space.

I still need to give the family room a good clean and I don't know when I will get to that. Hub's, has been super busy at the high school with end of the year concerts. He is also going into a three week run of Cinderella, so he will be gone some.

I want to get out sometime later today after sewing and Mircle grow my posts and gardens. It was too cold and windy over the weekend, and it is still chilly outside. I just want warm weather so badly. Our poor plants need that warm sun to grow.  They are just stagnant.

Well I am off to get some sewing done and some brides called for fittings! Today I hope to tear into two more wedding dresses and get at least 4 other bridesmaids done.

I am blessed with work.  I keep telling myself that to keep from getting overwhelmed. Do you ever do that?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday, Kim is not realistic?

 I was able to get the three piles done yesterday that were left from the beginning of the week.  I was somewhat disgusted with myself that it took me three days to do what I thought I should have gotten done in one day.  But then I added up the day's work and realized that there was no way all of the work I set out to do Tuesday could have been done by me in one day.

Now I always, always over plan my lists as I find it inspires me to push a little harder, but I think I may be going a little too far if I start to feel like I failed. Putting a monetary value on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's work really opened my eyes to just how successful I have been.  I need to give myself more grace.

I had three wedding dresses come in yesterday, and I have 4 more coming in today. All I can do is shake my head.

After I got my quota done yesterday, I started another wedding dress.  After Hubs went to the high school, I pulled the irking board into the living room and did all the ironing.  That felt so good to have that done.  After this post I am going to give my shop and really good clean and a vacuum before I start on more wedding dresses. The dress I am working on now, also has three bridesmaids and a mother of the bride and is due June 2nd.  I want all the June dresses out before June.  The July's are coming in strong.

Hubs and I always send a monetary gift to all graduates we receive an announcement from. We have many great nieces and nephews plus kids from the church and all my old dance students.  This can be a pricey time of year.  We just received and announcement from a girl that was in our ward over 3 years ago.  Her dad is a surgeon. Her announcement read if you can't come to the party to celebrate, please feel free to venmo money to her college fund.  I was shocked.  If you don't come with a gift, please send money.  Am I taking this wrong?  I found it extremely tacky, especially considering the monetary wealth of the family. How would you feel about this?  Would you allow your child to have that printed on an announcement?

Well, I am going in to clean that nasty mess of a shop and get to work. I want to get some freezer meals made up for Dan and Braunwyn this weekend.  Do you have any plans?  I am also craving oatmeal raisin cookies.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative. 


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday, still behind, Thrifty Thursday

Managed to finish another chart yesterday, even though I felt Like I did not get enough done I really did.

I still have three piles left and one of them is a lot of complicated alterations, so I need to give myself a little grace.  Something I am not wanting to do.

I just want this stuff out of the shop. I now have a pile of 8 zippers to replace, I am going to have to do a zipper day that is all there is to it.  When will that happen who knows?

The phone rang constantly all day with wedding dresses coming in.  I think I received 8 wedding dress appointments. That is not counting the bridesmaid dresses.  I need to clone myself and I already have a clone.

My soup was delicious. Hubs and I ate it for dinner, and we had it for lunch, and we will have it for dinner again.  This is great as it allows me to stay in the shop longer.

I am trying to get housework done in fits and spurts. Kelsa came last night as Nate got called in and I just had daughter leave her here for the night. Signe' has worked fulltime this week at the surgery and still is teaching dance at night. This was her third 12-hour day, and I knew Nate would be so late and need a lie in. He came and picked Kelsa up at noon.

So, my sleep was not great, but at least daughter and Nate were able to get some good rest. Kelsa is so funny and cute and such a joy. This morning Hubs was at the school setting up for a concert, so while I was alone with the baby, I used the time to get wash done (4 loads) and change sheets, vacuum and dust a few rooms.  I still have at least a good hour of housework left but I did not waste my time this morning.  I sure would love to get the ironing done when Hubs goes back to the high school tonight. 

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all my $5 bills. saved $55 this week so $200.00 total

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. cooked all meals except store chicken from the pantry or freezer

5. dried clothes on the line

6. planted many garden plants started from dollar store seed

7. planted many marked down geraniums bought on clearance.

8. brought snacks with for the road trip and only ate one meal out.

9. picked up left over food at food bank, breads, grapes, raspberries, apples, pears, cucumbers.

10. picking lettuce now for all salads from dollar store seed.

11. downloaded rect's to fetch

12. used coupons at Joanns

I have not looked at the grocery adds this week, so I have no idea if there is anything I will buy. I have to get to work now.  Blah!  I could really use a nap!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wednesday, Navy bean soup

 It is of course cold and rainy here again.  Trying hard not to be sad about it.  We need rain, and at least I don't want to be outside, so it makes it easier to sew.

I took a ham bone and a package of ham left over from the free ham at Christmas and made a large pot of navy bean soup.  All ingredients were free except the chicken broth and spices. I have enough for a few meals, and I will send some up to the kids.  Or they will come and get some. It is a nice meal for a cold crummy day.

I did not get nearly enough done yesterday.  I have to finish a wedding dress this morning and get another pile done and then the rest of the piles I should have done yesterday. Just too many interruptions. I have to be left alone to get things done.  Love how busy I am but sometimes it would be nice not to have the doorbell ring or the phone ring. 

Took my elderly neighbor to the food bank and also worked at the food bank last night for an hour.  All these things that intercept my time, but then again, I am eating a huge pot of soup that was free, so I need to quit complaining.

Hubs is at Oliver's today.  So, I have no excuse not to get as much done as possible.  I swear today I will produce.

1. finish wedding dress

2. finish pile you started yesterday

3. mend 8 pairs of pants

4. hem two items

5. alter a pile if little person clothes

6. alter a waist and hem of pants

7. alter neckline on a jumper

8. alter 2 jeans and mend 2 items

Really this list is not that bad, I just have to get it done. But I have nowhere to go tonight so I can sew into the evening and dinner is done, no excuse there.  I don't have to stop and go in to do that. I have no excuses.  Drat! I so love a good excuse. I swear on all that is holy this list will get done and I am not talking about my socks.

Okay, okay I am going to get to work. Heavy sigh. Even heavier sigh...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Kim who is sighing heavily...

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday, It is the piles I tell you!

 Sprinkler man had me up early, and we discussed what needed to be done to bring it up to date. 

Yesterday was a frustration as I had put many clients off until after the 14th and I think people get scared and think they won't get in, so everyone showed up yesterday. I could not get to my work, as I had constant fittings and clients.  I did not get to my wedding dress until after 4 and then I had to take that meal in which was an interruption. 

I made pork chops, green beans, and fingerling potatoes, stopped at Mcd's for an apple pie.  It was for a 96 year old man who had his wife in the hospital. So once he was settled and fed I was able to get the wedding dress done and then finish a mother of the bride about 8.

It is frustrating when you plan to get things done and the day slips away with no fault on you. I was able to give the kitchen a good clean while I made dinner, not that it looks like I did anything now.

I have a pot of beans on soaking, and I have bacon thawing and I am planning on BLT"S with a salad for dinner. ( Thanks, Cheryl, simple meals) My lettuce is ready to pick so no more buying greens.  I have three kinds ready. Hubs was searching for a treat last night and I think later this evening I will do up a batch of oatmeal cookies.

I have to work at the food bank tonight from 6-8. I really need to find time to get to Home depot and get some cabbage plants and tomatoes. Can't see that happening today.

So today I am concentrating on the piles that are taking over the shop.  I think these make me more nervous than the plethora of wedding dresses. They just sit all over and take up room that I don't have.  I really need Sissie here to help me work a system. I had a nice one in the old place and she has never come here to organize me.  (beat me up, the house Nazi)

List: (You knew this was coming right?)

1. finish wedding dress

2. hem and mend clothes

3. mend 8 pairs of pants

4. mend two pairs of pants

5. alter a large pile of clothes for a little person

6. shorten three items

7. alter the waist and hem of a pair of pants

This is a significant amount of work and I hope I can get most of it done, but I am not holding my breath.

Our son in law came by yesterday with Oliver as Braunwyn had a dental appointment.  He told me he had fallen in the dark and hit his forearm on the back of the sofa.  He could move his wrist fine and there was a little swelling, but the skin around his forearm felt tight and hot. He thought it was a sprain but I was not so sure.  Well he fractured one of the bones in his forearm. You can clearly see it on the x-ray.  So he opted for a 1/2 cast as he works in fish science and constantly wet.  He will have to bag up and take it easy at work all summer.  What a bummer.  We have such hot summer's here.

I want to make up a few meals for them to have in the freezer, as he does at least 1/2 the cooking.  Have no idea when I will do that.  But will fit it in somewhere. Oliver is a big kid and will have to learn not to jump on dad.

Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?  I think I need some excitement, like there isn't enough here she writes with sarcasm.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday, Another chart, concert review

 I actually finished this last Friday as things were picked up and I was running back and forth trying to get the planting done.  It was a beautiful day.  I thought it was going to be a little cold, but all the activity kept me plenty warm. I was able to pant all the flower boxes, and still want to put a few petunias out front.  I only planted with things the deer would not eat.  Which does limit you.  I was able to keep most of the petunias alive out front, so I will try that again, however the thought that there is nothing to eat out back might drive the little buggers to the front. 

We only have to buy tomatoes, and peppers and cabbage plants.  I replanted all the squash from seed and will wait until it is a good size before putting it out. Planting squash late seems to be part of the answer to avoid the squash bugs. 

Here is our new raised bed.  I have the pole beans planted around the bean tree.  Also, all the corn is planted here, and I still have room for some squash when it is ready. We can close this narrow strip of yard off with a plastic rolling fence if the dear discover it.  They usually will not get into a narrow space where they cannot get the running room to jump a fence.  So, anything they ate down goes here.  I will also plant cabbages here.

This little narrow strip is perfect for the clothesline and a new garden bed.  I am hoping it works against the deer.  You can see how they would feel trapped, and they are pretty skittish about going into an area where they only have one exit.

I was able to plant all the flower boxes on Friday before the big thunder, rain, lightning storm. You can see the little greenhouse on the ground in the distance.  I have A lot of clean up, to do out back but that is for another day. I have eggplant, and squash in the greenhouse until I feel they are big enough to not get lost in the wedding.

I was so happy to get all of this done and now I feel like I can relax a little about the yard, other than watering and the sprinkler people will be here tomorrow to turn on our system for the season.

Here is a picture of Signe' and I at the concert in the dark.  It was very good.  I really feel that they way oversold tickets.  There was no room when we got there and there were hundreds that followed us in.  Many people had to stand in walkways for the whole concert.  We walked and walked and finally me being me, I saw groups of people spaced 8 feet apart and I asked them nicely if they would mind moving closer together.  We had two recent cancer survivors with us, and they were exhausted.  Sig's sister-in-law Brittany is still undergoing chemo.  She is just starting to get her hair back. We had walked at least 2.5 miles just to get into the venue. People were very nice, and we finally found a place to sit. 

We thought it would be very cold and rainy and we came prepared, but it turned out just a little chilly and no rain.  Wonderful night.  Boy for a 73-year-old woman she can still put on a show.  If you get an opportunity to see her live don't miss it.

Also, so much security.  I had 6 pills for an 11"oclock dose with me.  I am supposed to take the low dose chemo T-biologic at exactly 24 hours apart.  So, I had each of those tablets plus two Aleve.  They went through every pack and coat pocket, plus put us through metal detectors. They told me I had to throw away my meds and I told them no.  Get a supervisor.  I am not taking 6 big prescription bottles to a concert, then I would look like I was selling.  I told them to get out a pill identifier. One of those pills alone is $167.00 and another is over $70.  I was not going to throw them away.  Finally, a supervisor came up and I was stalling the line, (sorry) he told the workers to not stop older people.  Then I was really insulted, but at least I kept my meds. Having Brittany there with her peach fuzz hair and Kelsay all of us had chemo meds.  I mean really? We were trouble makers what can I say.

We got home after a 12:30 at night stop at Taco Bell and Mcd's and bribed the desk clerk to let us into the pool area.  We did not get to sleep until after 4.  It was just a really fun night. I came home exhausted and went to bed.

The shop has been non-stop since 10 this morning and I want to get a couple of dresses out, but I have to be left alone in order to do this. Also, I have to take a meal into a gentleman who is older, and his wife is having surgery. I am just going to go and buy a piece of pie for his dessert.  To heck with me trying to come up with a complete meal. Hub's, has a concert tonight at the high school so hopefully I can sew into the evening.

I was hoping to get some things done around the house but that looks like a moot point right now.  Kim is back in the saddle. When is the last time to went to an outdoor concert?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday, Taking time for Kim!


Kim has worked very hard the last 3 days and has stuck to task. So today other than a few pickups and bridal fittings, she is going to do what she wants.

I wanted to plant yesterday after I was done with my quota, but alas it started pouring.  Both Hubs and I are not 100% and this anti biotic although working well on the infection is doing nothing for my internals.  Last night we were both weak and tired and we actually ate oatmeal for dinner. That is what we wanted.  Then we both went to bed early.

It is a little breezy today and I wish it was warmer, the sun is shining, and I am determined to get as many flower boxes planted as I can.  

Tomorrow Signe' and I are going to a Stevie Nix concert at the gorge in Moses Lake Washington. It is a girls birthday trip for her mother in law that just turned 60.  We will stay in a hotel and come home Sunday.

Hubs is out rototilling the new garden space.  I can't wait to start planting as I really love to roll in the dirt.  So in between clients I will be putting on my garden apron and gloves and starting to finally plant something.  Our sprinklers will be turned on Tuesday next week.

I am so looking forward to a day of not sewing.  You have no idea! I think I will get Winco fried chicken for dinner, I have just been craving that for some reason.  Plus, I won't have to cook again. Okay not a good reason but I have bought nothing but butter for the last two weeks.

Have a great weekend you guys, and do you have any fun plans?  Have any of you done your flowers for the year?  Do you even do flowers?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday, Sticking to the plan and Thrifty!

 I am doing it.  I don't really like it.  But I am doing it. I did get two wedding dresses out yesterday and I also got another one done that will go out today.  

One of the dresses I worked on yesterday had to have all the bottom lace picked off and then shortened and put back on.  So, taxing and so much pressure.  Then the next one was a horsehair braid, which again is a real pain.

The first dress I am going to work on today is also a horsehair braid, but it is ready to sew.  I dread it. So, my goals for today are.

1. finish horsehair braid dress

2. hem a pair of pants

3. pull and rip a wedding dress

4.  pull and rip another wedding dress

5. pull and rip another wedding dress

If I do this I can plant some flowers. Last night I actually had some time, but I was so weak and tired from the side affects of this antibiotic, that I went to sleep on the sofa.  That is where Hubs found me.  He went right to bed also.  This cold is not for the faint hearted. Neither of us felt like dinner last night. 

I remember the last time I was on this antibiotic, not feeling super.  It makes you somewhat nauseous and traveling to the potty too much.  But the sinus headache and pain has abated. I will take the positive and try to be grateful for the negative.

This last week is a blur, and I am trying to remember the thrifty!

1. saved all my coins

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills $45.00 this week total of $145.00 since I started over

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. washed a sofa that could have been stained and ruined and it came out great!

5. Line dried almost all the laundry.

6.  Cooked meals from scratch with pantry and freezer goods.

7. downloaded rec'ts to fetch it is a slow process and I will probably have a $25.00 gift card by Christmas, as I don't buy the junk food that gives you more points.

8.  Made a large apple and celery salad to saved wilted celery and past their date apples 

9. Found .50 under sofa when I cleaned!

10. only bought loss leader butter at store $1.99 limit 2

11. Actually did no shopping except at store that had pharmacy.  It saves money to be sick.

12. daughter gave us $50.00 to offset gas we use when going to get kids to and form school.

13. purchased geraniums that were marked down as everything is so expensive this year. 

Well I am off to get my list done and hopefully I will be able to plant later today!  Do you ever reward yourself after you complete a project?  Like everyday my day is a project right now.  Blah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Wednesday, Thanks for not beating me up!

 Thanks for all the great supportive comments, yesterday.  IT is hard to let people really see inside my mind when I am spinning.  I don't like being judged for something I try so hard to control.

It is who I am, and I live with it everyday.  Most days are great, but sometimes the beast comes out and fixates on the stupid.

I called my eldest and told her about wanting to clean out the closet.  She said "MOM, tell me you did not empty the master closet!"  I told her no, but I wanted to. She set me straight as only she can.  Having grown up under my tutelage, I can't imagine what her childhood would have been like.  But I did create the youngest prosecuting attorney in the state of Idaho at 24. Probably due to my dilemma.   She loves me anyway.  And she can make me laugh at myself, which is such a blessing.

I spend as much time laughing at myself, as I spend beating myself up mentally.

I did manage to get many dresses ready for try on. I think I will have at least 3 fittings today and then I can finish and move on.

I stayed on track and after I got the quota done I put the sofa back together.

I was so excited as it was rather dingy.  I just washed two cushion covers at a time in the washer and then line dried.  I was so afraid of wrinkles and shrinkage, but none!  It looks brand new and to think I have a spare cover!  This sofa will last forever.

I am now thinking of buying a covered sofa for the Front room now.  I want a good quality hide abed in there. The ones that I have found are all covered sofa's.  Well I am sold.

I need to get in and get a bride dress finished, she just left!  Attache that lace my friend.

Stay on task.

It does work if you work it. But so hard.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Tuesday, Kim goes into overdrive!!!

 Okay Kim needs to really, really work on her self control right now. I am behind we all know this.  That is what I am constantly harping about.  Now when Kim gets behind, she goes into overdrive, which is not good.

ADHD can be extremely difficult to deal with especially as an aging adult.  I am an adult. (that thought makes me laugh) This is what my mind is doing right now.

Kim, you need to put the sofa back together, you need to plant all your plants, your need to get the garden soil made up for the flower bed, oh stop and give the dog a treat, stop and pet the kitty, oh did you know the master bedroom closet is a disaster and needs to be entirely emptied? Also, every drawer in your house is a pig stye, because you stash and put nothing away where it belongs, so you need to make a long list of every drawer and closet and start by cleaning and decluttering everyone of them, NOW! Also Hubs is not doing the yard to your perfection get out there and help him, what is for dinner? You really need to take out that Juilia Child cookbook and find a dish to make, Has the cat box been cleaned?  You really need to dump those last 8 jars of 4 year old tomatoes, shouldn't you be putting those dried beans in jars soon? What can you do to make the garage look better, have you practiced the piano lately? don't forget to take your meds, you know you set a timer for that, did you ignore it again?  Have you eaten? Don't forget to eat something before you take your meds.

Now STOP!  What about the shop?  Where should my focus be right now? 

But know it isn't.  It is stuck on this never ending blur of what I think needs to be done. None of any of this matters well except petting the kitty.  What matters is the shop.  When I get to much to do I go into avoidance and start projects that don't need to be done to avoid what really needs to be done as it covers the anxiety that I feel when I am behind.

I don't know if any of you can possibly understand this dilemma, that I live with.  Along with crippling anxiety, and perfectionism, comes this over whelming need to procrastinate hoping that more anxiety will trigger action in the right direction and that direction is not the master closet.

The perfectionism is for silly things that do not matter.  Like that trim work hubs did in the back yard is not right I need to fix it. Really? Who cares? And if they do?  Sluggy do you care?

So Kim is devising a plan to help herself yet again. Kim devises many, many plans, plans within plans, like the Dune novel without the help of spice. Kim is going to get these things done today and if she does she gets to do a fun thing.  Like plant a flower box. Kim is eating a handful of Potatoe chips, as she just took her meds. 

I feel a list:  Yes, a list might help.

1. finish pegging and hemming pants

2. hem groom's suit and coat sleeves

3. call bride for fitting

4. alter and wedding dress and call client

5. pull lace on a wedding dress and alter and call client

6. pull another wedding dress and start

7. pull another wedding dress and start

That is it for today nothing else matters. Well Hubs has to work at high school so I should probably figure out dinner, but nothing else matters, unless something else does matter.  Don't worry my brain will think of something that matters give it a millisecond.  Yeah got something!

Okay, Okay I am going to work now I promise.  Went to Doc this morning and I have antibiotic and I am feeling better and so is hubs. Of course, I got it worse because of my immune suppression.  They can suppress my immune system but they ain't doing that great with my mind.

I will be back to check things off the list soon!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

I just went into the spare bath and I noticed that there was only one spare roll of TP on the hooks and there are two hooks.  Shouldn't I go out to the garage and restock that one roll of toilet paper? and as long as I am doing that maybe I should take stock of the Tp in the master bath.  I looked up in the bath and saw that the vent was dusty, I should go get the long handle  duster and dust that vent, how about doing all the vents in the house, I bet they need done.  This is just from one trip to the bathroom. Really?  This is my life.


Monday, May 9, 2022

Monday, The sick house!

Mother's Day we had a sick house. Nate's schedule changed and Signe' brought down Kelsa and Schmills to help make Mother's Day dinner.  Signe' is still holding onto a cold, and Hub's is getting the cold.  It was by far the worst day for me, and poor Schmills just had to endure the rest of us.

I am worried about Kelsa, as she is not drinking and Hubs went a got Pedialyte, but so far have not been able to get her to drink.  She did eat some toast and m&m's at this point it is about calories.

She managed to hit two sofa cushions with her mess, and I have those washed and hanging on the line to dry.  Hub's is miserable.

I am actually feeling better than I did the last few days and I do have an appointment with my GP tomorrow, so we will see if I am going to need an antibiotic.

The shop has been steady, and I have yet to get in there and sew anything, just too busy with grand kids. I am happy to have many leftovers from dinner yesterday, so I don't have to cook. Just putzing around the house trying to stay ahead of the flow.  There is a lot of flow here right now. TMI

I am so happy that I am feeling better! 

I was able to get some vacuuming and mopping done yesterday. Plus keep the laundry caught up.  If I continue to feel this good, I may do the ironing tonight, but don't hold your breathe.

Hubs got the onions planted for me and we still have not purchased any soil additives for the new bed. But hey work in progress. It will all get done eventually. Eventually I think that should be the name of my blog.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Saturday, Rainy, still with a bad cold

 I only sewed until 2:30 yesterday and when I had the three dresses done along with a blouse I had forgotten was due out Friday afternoon, I decided I was done. I laid down and went to sleep.

Several people were picking up but hubs just took the into the shop and asked then to find what they needed.  Finally a little before 6 he had to come get me as a suit came in that needed marking.  I was back in bed by 8 and slept hard until almost 10 this morning.  It was lovely.

I can't say that I feel any better, but Dayquil seems to be helping me function a little.  I ran some errands, and then I am home to just rest. Neighbor brought over leftover food bank items and I need to process some of that.  It is more than I can handle.  I am  making a large apple, pecan, celery salad and will take some to friends.

I also need to find recipes that use brown rice.  I love brown rice, but would like to have a way to cook it other than plain.  Like maybe chopping some onions, celery and flavorings in it as a side dish?  I need to peruse some recipes.  I also have chicken broth in the fridge to use up.

I would like to get out today but it is just too rainy.  It really rained hard here yesterday we got over 1/3 an inch, which in this dessert climate it very good. As it was so dry last year I am trying to be grateful for the rain.

Now I am going to go lay down for a while.

Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother's day!


Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday, The cold is here!

 This is how I feel, and I don't think I even look this good. I've reached the stage of the cold is definitely here. I just want to crawl back into bed so bad.

I have three more prom dresses to do and when I get those done, I am going to go to bed.  I did take a dose of Dayquil and I am hoping once that sets in, I might feel a little better.

I keep coughing and changing my drawers, probably too much info, but I am sure most of you can understand.

My kitchen is dirty, my house needs a vacuum, there is ironing to do, and I swore I would not let that get ahead of me this summer. but right now, I really don't care.

Made myself a can of hot soup, something I rarely do, I just wanted something hot, before I entered the shop.

I did get 5 dresses done yesterday so three are tolerable for today.

 We need to buy per-lite, peat moss and some garden soil for our new bed.  I would like to get the flowers planted this weekend, but at this rate I don't think that is going to happen.

I can do this. She tells herself, as she enters the shop.

DO you ever have to talk to yourself to get your body to do something?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, staying afloat

 I wanted to start today's post out with a picture of this new to me plate rack.   This is my mother's china she received when she married my father in 1952.  The rack was given to Lil sis and she did not have a place it would fit, so she gave it to me.  It is perfect for my dining room.  This whole dining room was thrifted.  Everything in it was either bought second hand, or on a really super sale, or given to me.  This is how I decorate.  I call my style Early Attic.

It was up to 80 here yesterday, but has turned cold again, so I don't foresee any flower planting this weekend. Drat! Nor getting anything out of the green house. We did go get some things from Home Depot to make a raised garden bed on the far side of the house that we can protect from deer.  I will plant my beans and things they eat over there and the things they won't eat out in the big bed.  I swear we are like the neighborhood smorgasbord for all creatures, great and small.

I was only able to finish 3 dresses yesterday, but I also ripped three and those will be the first to be done today.  I have to get into the shop and do some rearranging as you can hardly walk in there.

I feel like I am fighting a snowstorm, so I need to move things around to be able to sew and not feel like I am trapped in a white cell.

Well now I can walk in but it is not much better.  Yesterday I did three black dresses that were solid sequins so there are little black sequins all over and I have one more black dress to finish before I vacuum. I have had several people call or come by and I just tell them I cannot get to their stuff until after the 14th, or I ask them to not even bring things in until after the 14th. It gets to a point that I become overwhelmed and I freeze.

So, my goal is to just plug along and get as many dresses as possible out today that I can. I am hoping 6.  Yesterday I got a late start sewing as the shop was so busy with clientele, that take my time. Blessed with work.

Well, here it is Thursday again and as I was gone, I can't really say how much money I saved, other than I was frugal in my travels as I could be.


1. saved all my change for the week.

2. saved all the $5.00 bills from travel and I really just dealt in cash total already have $100 

3. put $43.36 in my penny savings can for the month.

4. put a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill away for the week

5. bought two pairs of jeans at Talbots on a 30% off sale, as I cannot get my size if I wait for a better sale.  These will last me for years.

6. Saved my Lil sis a ton of money on her daughter's wedding by using skills.

8. eating out of the freezer now, to save money, but we may go to Taco Time for Sinco D Mayo.  We will see.

9. saved all my birthday cash for flowers for the yard, so it did not come out of the budget.

10. researched the best and least expensive way to put a raised bed in for additional garden.

11. Went to Albertsons and purchased two pounds of butter at $1.99 the limit and that is it for groceries.

12. purchased gifts for my daughters in St. Louis. I guess the average shoe size there for a woman is about a 9-10 so I found Ugg boots, and Birkenstocks in their small sizes.  Who knew?

13. bought plane ticket on Travelocity to save money,

14. used my Delta CC to purchase allowing me a free bag 

Well, I am off to get some sewing done and stay on the old treadmill of life. 

What are you going to accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Wednesday, Another chart right off the bat!

 Came home to cash in my till that I did not expect, as I had spent myself down to nothing with this trip and wedding.  So that was a nice surprise.  Things had been picked up and today I had two items that were done while the clients waited as they had come from out of town and then a wedding dress picked up. So, I finished the chart!

The phone has rung constantly, and the shop has had nonstop people here, but I expected that today.  I made a huge dinner last night so I would not have to cook tonight and could sew through the dinner hour.

Grocery adds out today and I will only be buying the two butters I am allowed at $1.99. I need to really get back on the saddle in money saving.  So, no groceries unless necessary.  Also, I am so thankful I stashed money away for my flowers this spring, so I don't have to feel guilty about getting the boxes done.  In fact, I was able to purchase 4 flats yesterday (they ran out last year) and I still have money left over for later.

My $5.00 bill savings is empty except for what I saved this last week.  Also, I cashed in all my $36.00 envelopes so that starts over. I have a girl's trip in October I need to save for, and also any extras for our trip to Panama next Christmas. Then there are the bills that are coming due.  I just need to tick away at them. I am figuring all told I will need about $4000.00.  It took me 4 months to save $6000.00 for our trip, so let's see if I can do it again. 

My first bill for this month is of course Hub's hearing aids $500 and then I have to put $800.00 back in his savings account.  I hope to be able to do that by the end of the month. Next month I will pay off the hearing aids and I hope to get $1000.00 into a savings account for emergencies for myself.  Taxes are also due in June, $1600.00 and I robbed the tax account, so I really have some major saving to do, before I can even attempt to pay more on the house. 

I know this sounds scary and it is, but we are still traveling, and I went to this wedding, and it is paid for. Kim is still living her life.  I am able to pay my bills and then some. That is all I can ask.  I am so much better off than many people and I am blessed.

I would like to pay off everything faster, but that would mean no travel or fun and at my husband's age and health problems, I am just not going to live like that.  If I did not earn another dime, we would still be able to pay our bills and pay off our debts.  I have not always been so lucky. Or I should say in such a good position.

Tomorrow is a due over and I have to figure out how much money I need to put into my penny savings for the month.  Savings should be my middle name. Do you think I am nuts?  Come on be honest, I can take it:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

 Okay, the cutest thing at the wedding besides the bride, was this runny nosed little elf.  She was stuck to my hip from 12:30 on Sat. the 30th until 12:30 on May first. Signe' went to the after party and I kept her.  She slept between me and my sister.  She still had a cold and was quite clingy. 

It was a forced march the minute we hit the ground in St. Louis on Wednesday.  I was able to get all the dresses altered, and the groom's cakes baked and wrapped before I went to bed. There were 4 dresses that needed hemmed and taken in and then all 4 had to be sewn shut at the bust as they were a little low.  I did the busts at the wedding venue.

Thursday morning, I was able to cut the grooms cake with a paper template made by Lil sis's significant other.  I made the cake 4 layers high.  Also, frosted with raspberry jam between layers.   Then I froze cake. We worked on flowers the rest of the day as they decided to go with silk flowers, which I was glad they did.  It gave us more time and they could be kept.  It was a group effort.

Sissie's husband was there with her, and he is so dang funny.  He kept us in stitches most of the time. Cookies were wrapped and bagged for each place setting.  Sissie ironed linens for 4 hours on Thursday and I don't know how her arm stood it. Sarah (the bride) wanted a veil that she could wear down on her honeymoon and she had borrowed Braunwyn's veil (my youngest) for the ceremony.  So, someone ran and got me some tulle and I made one up for her at the last minute. 

We stayed with Lil sis's best friend, who has a huge house in the center of St. Louis by the college. An older home made of brick with huge rooms and a sunroom off our bedroom, where I did the sewing and Sissie did the pressing.  Just beautiful.  She treated us to gourmet meals, and we were so grateful.  All we had to do was concentrate on the wedding.

Thursday afternoon, I put the crumb coat on the frozen cake and put it back in the freezer and we continued on flowers.  We had 11 boutonnieres, 12 corsages, a bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaid's bouquets and then other arrangements to do for tables and such. Finally late Thursday, I frosted the groom's cake, and it was done! Actually, I really don't know the total on some of this stuff just alot.

The groom's father and the groom were so thrilled with the cake and cookies we made.  A cookie was wrapped in cellophane and tied with a yellow ribbon and was placed at the top of each place setting as a gift to take home.  The cake by the way was delicious.  I brought my own coco, that I buy here that is a dark non alkaline coco and has a much better flavor. I was so afraid that they were going to x-ray my luggage and see this substance and then pull me over and I would have to prove that it was coco.

Finally, Friday afternoon late when as much as we could do was done Jethelyn (my, eldest) and Signe' (#2) took Kelsa to do a little shopping.  Kelsa still only wears a 1.5 in a baby shoe, which is really just above a newborn.  We went to Nordstrom and found some little leather Ugg sandals in white that would stay on her feet.  They were a 2 so room to grow and she loved them!  Refused to take them off.  The clerk had a good laugh, as she had never seen such a tiny girl become attached to shoes like that. 

Then home as we had an early morning to get to the venue by 9.  The venue was 45 minutes away.  as I don't make cakes for a living, and the groom's cake was frozen, I took it out late Friday night so it would be thawed by the Wedding which was at 12:30.  This was a mistake!!!!!  As we drove the 45 minutes to the venue the cake started to disintegrate.  As in the frosting was sliding off in sheets. and the top of the ax head was separating from the handle. It just got worse and worse.  Sissie and I were holding it and tipping is back and forth trying to keep the frosting on the board. By the time we got there it was a complete mess.  We should have taken a picture.

I took it to the kitchen and put it in a freezer and waited for the head cook to arrive.  When I showed it to her, she said no problem, just let it get good and cold and we will re frost it, by pushing the frosting back up.  I had brought a piping bag with extra frosting, and the spray and glitter with me just in case we needed a touch up, thank goodness. I was able to fix it but could not get the handle and the head to stay together.  The cook came in with those wafer cookies that come in pink, chocolate, and vanilla.  She took vanilla ones and stood then straight up on either side and then put another across the top.  This filled in the gap, and we frosted over it.  If you look closely, you can see where the frosting changes color slightly, as the rest had oxidized a little.  

The cook said they had cakes come in all the time that had tipped over or had lost a top or had a gouge out of them and this was how they fixed them.  Smashed a wafer cookie into the spot. The cookie which forms a flat surface is then spread with frosting.  Most cakes have a really heavy frosting layer.  So, the day was saved. We ran around setting up the venue.  Chair bows, napkins, cookies, flowers, then I went up to the bride's room, and started sewing bustlines together, and finishing the bride's bustle.  One bridesmaid who did not have me do her dress came in the top way too big.  So, I took hand tailored darts in the bodice, and it looked much better. Poor Lil sis was chasing people around to get corsages and boutonnieres on them, and I was trying to coral anyone who needed a flower except for myself of course.   Finally, I dressed about 12:15 and down we went for the ceremony.

It was beautiful and lasted 25 minutes.  I thought what a lot of work for 25 minutes.  Then party time until 5.  By 4:30 my feet were blistered.  And I had danced with Kelsa on my hip for several hours.  It was a joyful celebration.  I started to actually clean up about 4:30 as another wedding was coming into the venue for a 7:00 wedding.  We were out by 5 and the next group was coming in.  I know the wedding planner was happy, as we had the right to sit and do nothing until 5 and then they have to force most people out.  But we were actually able to be out upstairs by 5:15.

Bride and groom, not a great picture, with my cell phone. The groom's mom was deaf since birth, and he communicated through sign.  We had an interpreter that stood by the minister and signed all the vows. Several of the people on the groom's side were deaf and the interpreter stayed the entire wedding.  It was really interesting.  The MC said that half the room was deaf, so our half of the room was the dumb side.  That brought the house down.

Jethelyn (eldest) and I took Kelsa after the wedding, and we went to IKEA.  Jess (nickname) had never been to one.  It was fun.  Kelsa loved the kid's section. I bought a few odds, and ends for the kitchen and of course, crackers and cookies and all the Swedish things I craved.  Also, a new duvet, and sheet set for the Master bedroom.  I am going to put it away for later.

We crashed into beds on Saturday night and Sunday was just a day to recover.  People were flying out and there were trips to the airport.  But really, we just took the day to relax. Bride and groom were off on honeymoon trip to Florida, the rest of the party that stayed with us went to the Arch, I had already seen this so Jess and I took Signe' and baby to airport and then spent the day shopping and sightseeing. It was fun.

Jess flew out early Monday, and Lil sis and I folded linens and piled things that needed to go to others and what would return home with us. She flew out at about 2:30 and I flew out at 4:00. I got home last night about 11:00. 

I had so many phone calls while I was gone, mostly for prom dresses.  I told people I would open back up on Wednesday the 4th.  I gave myself a day to recover.  See I am getting smarter.  My phone has rung all morning and I am sticking to my guns. I have not even been in my shop, and I don't want to look.

By the way I am getting the babies cold, and I am so glad that Signe' did not bring her last Monday, as I would have been in the middle of it at the wedding.  As it was Signe' was quite miserable with it the first day she was there.  So, I am on day 2 or 3 of 3 days coming, three days there, three days gone of the cycle.  Oh yippee!  At least it was not at the wedding.

Also, I had a couple of really big blisters on the top of my big toes from my, sandals. I was just praying that they would not become infected, but alas I woke Monday with an infected right big toe.  It was hot, and red, and climbing.  So, I had to drain the blister, debride it, and then put alcohol on it and boy did that make me hop for a while.  Then neosporin and a couple of good bandages. It hurt to walk on the foot, but by the time I got to Denver, the pain was gone, and the infection was reduced and not spreading. These autoimmune suppressant drugs really work for arthritis but do nothing to help even the tiniest cut.  You just have to watch every little thing. I had a girlfriend go into kidney failure from a hang nail taking the drugs I take. I knew when I saw the blisters this was possibility, so I stayed on it.

Anyway, I am home, and there is so much to do with unpacking, too many eggs, laundry, putting the things I bought away, plus just general housework, and paying a few bills. I am unpacked, but there are piles of Kim droppings in every room in the house. I do have both loads of laundry washed and one is one the line, and I am going out to hang the next one.  Then I will pay a few bills, run to the post office, and continue to clean and put stuff away.  I have several dead flower arrangements to clean up and I need to go cut lilacs to enjoy while they are here.

So glad to be home, even though tomorrow is going to be crazy!  I am blessed with work!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.