Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday, Sticking to the plan and Thrifty!

 I am doing it.  I don't really like it.  But I am doing it. I did get two wedding dresses out yesterday and I also got another one done that will go out today.  

One of the dresses I worked on yesterday had to have all the bottom lace picked off and then shortened and put back on.  So, taxing and so much pressure.  Then the next one was a horsehair braid, which again is a real pain.

The first dress I am going to work on today is also a horsehair braid, but it is ready to sew.  I dread it. So, my goals for today are.

1. finish horsehair braid dress

2. hem a pair of pants

3. pull and rip a wedding dress

4.  pull and rip another wedding dress

5. pull and rip another wedding dress

If I do this I can plant some flowers. Last night I actually had some time, but I was so weak and tired from the side affects of this antibiotic, that I went to sleep on the sofa.  That is where Hubs found me.  He went right to bed also.  This cold is not for the faint hearted. Neither of us felt like dinner last night. 

I remember the last time I was on this antibiotic, not feeling super.  It makes you somewhat nauseous and traveling to the potty too much.  But the sinus headache and pain has abated. I will take the positive and try to be grateful for the negative.

This last week is a blur, and I am trying to remember the thrifty!

1. saved all my coins

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills $45.00 this week total of $145.00 since I started over

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. washed a sofa that could have been stained and ruined and it came out great!

5. Line dried almost all the laundry.

6.  Cooked meals from scratch with pantry and freezer goods.

7. downloaded rec'ts to fetch it is a slow process and I will probably have a $25.00 gift card by Christmas, as I don't buy the junk food that gives you more points.

8.  Made a large apple and celery salad to saved wilted celery and past their date apples 

9. Found .50 under sofa when I cleaned!

10. only bought loss leader butter at store $1.99 limit 2

11. Actually did no shopping except at store that had pharmacy.  It saves money to be sick.

12. daughter gave us $50.00 to offset gas we use when going to get kids to and form school.

13. purchased geraniums that were marked down as everything is so expensive this year. 

Well I am off to get my list done and hopefully I will be able to plant later today!  Do you ever reward yourself after you complete a project?  Like everyday my day is a project right now.  Blah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You do more being sick than I do feeling well. HUGS

  2. I don't look at it as a reward. But, it is the same. I always bribed myself--If you get the tub scrubbed out, you can watch the news." Since there was no way I was going to miss the news, I worked hard.
    Doing anything in the yard, which is what I want to do, would make my allergies worse.

    You ae doing well. Keep it up and rest, too.

    1. Oh I am, trying to stay on task is more mentally exhausting for me than work sometimes.

  3. Like another poster, I kind of bribe myself. It works for me.

    You are doing awesomely sticking to your list.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie, I am just trying so hard not to get distracted and it is working.

  4. I do bribe myself. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get something done that i don’t want to do. I’m always happy when it’s out of the way. You need to pace yourself, though. Meaning, all of us.
    Glad the antibiotics are kicking in, too!
    How nice to get gas money!

    1. Well it rained hard here last night so all my hard work did not get a reward.

  5. I try to focus on how long something will take to do so I can tell myself to just do it it's only x amount of minutes. Sometimes it works.

    1. I do that also. It is so easy to put things off that really don't take that much time. We just make it huge in our heads!