Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday, I made my goal!

     I was so hoping that I could complete another chart by the end of the month, and I was afraid I would not make it.  But yesterday as I was having things picked up that have been here for a while, I was also going over the budget for the month and there was the money to complete this!  Hooray!

     I put $532.00 more dollars on the house principle, so I feel like I am ahead for June.  I still have not been paid by the studio owner for May and I will have to text her.

     We take the boys back today and Hubs will go with them. I am so looking forward to a week without any interruptions.  Well that is not true I will have the shop and all the yard work and the littles, but I won't have to cook and that is a biggy for me:)

     This morning I am going to go pay a few bills and take the laptop down to the computer doctor.  Then we are off.

     Can you tell I am happy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday, adjusting the schedule

     When oldest daughter realized that she would have a full 10 days where her full time sitter (live in) would not have to watch the boys she told her immediately, this way the sitter (her mother-in-law) could go and visit her mother in Denver if she wished.  The boys great grandma is 91 and on dialysis.  Just as mother-in-law got there the grt grandma went into the hospital in terrible pain. So it was a blessing to have MIL down there as she would have had to fly on short notice and D#1 would be scrambling for a sitter for boys.  Now it looks like this may be the end.  We are praying for a miracle but that outcome at 91 is unlikely.

     As we are due to take the boys back to join their mother tomorrow, we worked it out so that Hubs can go back with Daughter and the boys.  He will stay there a week and I will either go pick him up in McCall again or D will fly him home.  Or we might be taking the boys for an additional week after next week.  We will wait and see what happens. This could be a very different summer with trying to help daughter and allowing MIL to tend to her mother and her needs.  I just remember how foggy I was last year after my own mother's death and I want  MIL to have the same courtesy that I was allowed.

     Yesterday was the first day it really felt like summer was coming here.  So hot and beautiful outside.  Although I spent the majority of the time in the shop.  Hubs took the boys to the park and then up to the fish hatchery to see their aunt and uncle. Our house is a total wreck but I am loving it.

     Last night we went over and saw Lil sis and she just loves the boys. The oldest one Danny is named after my twin sister's husband. Twin did not have any children and she and D#1 are very close.  We have lots of Daniels in the family now.  So we have to code the names so we know who we are talking about.  Daniel, Sis's husband, Danny grandson/nephew, or Dan D#3's husband.  It can get very confusing around here at holiday time.

     The sales for the week came out yesterday and I as able to stock up on frozen vegetables, graham crackers, marshmallows, canned chili (for storage), and cheese. We had bulk and shredded cheese 2lb packages for 3.99.  You can believe I stocked up at those prices. This is how I keep my grocery budget at about 50 dollars a week and we eat very well.

     We also had a visit from one of the littles last night, they really don't like to go to the regular sitter and beg every morning to come here.  We will not be able to watch them this week with all the chaos and schedule changes, so mom brought the oldest over for a grandma and grandpa fix.  She was so funny.  I will watch them next week while Hubs is gone.

     I have a pair of pants to hem, a couple of swimsuits to alter and a bridesmaid dress that needs to go out today.  I also would like to finish up the baseball pants.  Plus I have so much laundry that is backed up and my house needs a lot of love.  Let's see what I get to.  Shop first.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday, Salad and bean recipe!

     We spent the last couple of days in Mc Call with daughter and grandsons.  It took us about 2.5 hours to drive there and we immediately went to the hotel, which was very nice, with an indoor pool for the kids and a great hot tub for the grandma!

     Daughter had secured ice bumper cars for us at the local ice rink. Hubs and I being from the warmer desert part of the state showed up in Mc Call in short sleeves, and sandals.  It is much higher there and we actually live below sea level.  SO now we are in a colder climate in an ice rink which has to be kept refrigerated.  We had a blast on the bumper cars but it was cold.

     Then daughter had rented skates for the family.  The 3 year old was not having it and Hubs and I although we skated a lot when we were younger, declined.  Hubs due to his balance issues , me due to fear of injury with my arthritis.  If I break or damage something, then I have to go off my meds and that is always a disaster.  Drat aging it takes some of the fun out of life.  So daughter and eldest skated while we walked the 3 year old around town,

     In the small towns in Idaho that have a highway running through them, they cannot afford to put a stop light at every intersection so they opt for flags.  Bright orange or lime colored flags are attached to every corner.  You pull out a flag and carry it in front of you to stop traffic. The flag is then replaced on the other side.  This is redneck traffic control at its best and works very well.  Out of staters think it is weird, but it is a cheap fix. and well enforced. Our grandson loved picking out a flag and getting across the street.

     I had the family go to a couple of second hand stores with me and let me tell you these resort towns have the best stuff.  All very high end.  But alas I needed nothing so we just looked.  I did find a penny at an arcade on main street so that was a plus.

     Tuesday afternoon we left daughter to her conference and then we brought the boys home.  So far so good with the youngest who has never been away from his mom or dad.  But he has big brother and that always helps.

     I came home and harvested two huge heads of lettuce from the garden and it is all washed and packed in the fridge.

     Here are a couple of our stand buy recipes for summer and well for any time.  Inexpensive, filling, lots of fiber.

Bean hot dish

1lb ground beef
1 onion
3 cans pork and beans
several other cans of any style beans.  We love garbanzo, kidney, navy, butter, and black.

Brown onion in oil
add beef and brown until done
add beans and stir
salt and pepper to taste.

You can also add bacon and more beef.  This can be made larger by adding more of everything.  My kids called this bean goulash and ate it with salad and ww bread.

You can also take a 1/2 cup of different dried beans and soak over night.  I always get my canned beans when there is a good sale. >50 or less a can, I stock up.  I also keep large quantities of dried beans in storage. But I always use canned pork and beans for the flavor.

Broccoli/bacon salad

 red onion
sunflower seeds

Chop broccoli into small pieces, you will have a lot of just fiber, it is okay.  Chop 1/2 a red onion fine.  You can also use any onions, I just like the color.

fry up several slices of bacon until crisp, cut into small pieces.

add 1/2 a cup of sunflower seeds and 1/2 cup raisins

add 1/4 cup vinegar,1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup mayo

Mix all together and salt and pepper to taste.

To make this low carb add sweet and low instead of sugar and you can omit raisins.

This salad can be made very large by adding more quantities to taste.  Also craisins can be added instead of raisins.

Broccoli slaw
  This salad is not super inexpensive unless you watch the sales

Winco has a 32 oz. bag of broccoli slaw for $2.99 it goes on sale sometimes.  But $1.50 a pound for the work being done is a good deal.

32 oz bag of broccoli slaw
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
sunflower seeds
slaw dressing  equal parts sugar and vinegar, 1/2 cup mayo

ranch dressing I make my own or use bottled, 1/2 cup
salt and pepper

chop all peppers into 1/4 inch cubes add to broccoli mix add 1/2 cup sunflower seeds and  toss with dressings.  salt/pepper to taste.

All three of these dishes can be made larger or smaller.  They are great for feeding a large crowd.

The last broccoli slaw is the most expensive coming out at about 8 dollars for a large bowl.  But for a family gathering or a dish to bring not a bad price.

I always pick up sunflowers seeds, raisin, craisins and mayo when they are on sale. Seeds have a short shelf life so store in refrigerator or freezer and use within a month.  Mayo can be put in the fridge as it approaches it shelf life and has not been opened. I have two jars of mayo in the downstairs fridge right now that are about to expire.  We eat a lot of salads in the summer so I do not worry about it getting used.
So if you have any gatherings try one of these. Let me know if you like them or you have an adaption that is yummy.

I need to go a dress the baby.  Actually not a baby but he is their baby.

I was changing his pants at a rest stop yesterday and he was spelling out all the letters on the child seats.  U S E Use, T H E S E these in his little voice.  He could name all the letters, and pronounce the smaller words.  I told him any one who is three and starting to read should be potty trained. He is his mother's son.  She was reading  full books at 4.  Such a strange child.  Also not potty trained until late 3's.  She did not want to be bothered.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday, I need a nap

     Grandpa and Schmills (William) eating S'mores.  We had a rip roaring weekend and it is not over. Daughter#2 and family arrived about 4:30 Friday afternoon.  I was just finishing up a suit that came in at the last minute, after get a very good start on 8 pairs of girls baseball pants which I will finish on Wednesday next week.

     My son-in-law brought his large pressure washer and did our stairs and entire driveway it took him hours. It looks so good.  D#2 and I had to go and get Schmills a bike helmet and he chose this one.  He wore it all through the store.

     We also bought feeder fish for the pond and I need to get some pond cleaning plants but that did not happen. My house work was good enough and not done or perfect but we had a nice dinner later on Friday and then I made overnight yeasted waffles the next morning for the crew.  I also froze several for later.  S'mores were our go to snack for the day.

     I worked in the yard on a project or two did not get them all done but enough to feel sore and satisfied. Daughter had a nice nap and soak in the tub while we ran around with the grandson.  We put out the small pool and put two feeder fish in it and he played and played.

     As we were coming home from church today I asked Hubs if he had put the fish back in the pond and he said no.  I was out there in my heels and dress scooping them out of the pool so they could go back to the shady pond with food.  Poor darlings. I will get out later today and scoop out much of this water to water the flower boxes out back, before I dump the rest into the garden. Water is so expensive here.

 Schmills in his dads muck boots.  Too cute.  He wore these for about an hour and we laughed the whole time.  What a character.

Hubs and I were able to get most of the garden weeded.  It is a constant effort.  We still have a list of trees and shrubs to remove and upper flower beds to weed.  Never ending. Look at that lettuce!

 I put in a new flower bed where the ivy was on the shed and completed the french drain  with lava rock.  I had the scallop bricks in a pile around the chicken coop.  It is too narrow here to plant perennials like hostas.  It is full shade so I will make due with inpatients. The other flower beds around the house will remain torn up until we paint.

 I think this looks good and will be easy to care for.  See how the water can drain away from the house and under the shed out into the downward yard?  We are always looking for ways to shoot water away from the house.

See how white the stairs and driveway are?  This was so much work and I am so grateful to my son-in-law for his willingness to do this.

     At about 5:00 in the afternoon of this long day of playing and planting and weeding and working we loaded up the bikes and headed for the old railroad bike trail up by Julietta Idaho.  We biked 5 miles up the railroad grade into another town Kendrick, we stopped for ice cream and Schmills played in the park and then 5 miles back down to go home home on jello legs. I found a nickle in the middle of the road in Kendrick right by the ice cream store.  Woo Hoo! You can bet I jumped off my bike to retrieve it.  The family were laughing as we had run over many small snakes on the trail and they could not believe I would get off my bike for a nickle.

     Daughter and family went over to another family member for the night and we just laid around the rest of the evening.  We were tired.

     Tonight I am taking the dog over to a sitter and tomorrow early Hubs and I will drive to Mc Call, Idaho about 3 hours away and meet Daughter #1 and her two boys.  She has to present at a prosecutors conference. But she does not start until Late Tuesday.  So we will have fun in the resort town and swim with the kids att he hotel and then late Tuesday we will take them back to our place and they will stay with us for a couple of days and we will return them to their mom on Friday.  It is a lot of driving to spend time with grand kids but it is also a relief for D#1's full time live in care giver. Plus I get to see all three of my grand kids in the same week.  SCORE!

     I am going to now take a nap and then go over to lil sis's and water her flowers and look in on her cats.  When I get up I want to spread some more bark, and empty the swimming pool.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday,pushing through

     I made myself sew yesterday.  My mood was awful and I was in tears off and on.  I am usually pretty even tempered, but yesterday was just not a good day. I just piled up a large group of things that needed to be done and told myself that I was not moving out of my sewing chair until 5 o'clock. It seemed to work as I had a good total for the day and I left a pile of things to do this morning.

     My daughter and her husband and Scmills (William) are coming down this afternoon to stay for the next couple of days so that is affecting my mood in a positive way.  Nothing like a three year old red headed grandchild to brighten the day.  They will stay through Sunday and then we have to drive to Mc Call to meet up with our other two grandsons.  I need to get off my pout.

     I found a dime while getting groceries the other night.  So that is a win. I also was able to find pork and beans (Van Kamp) on sale for .39 so I bought a case.  We have a bean hot dish we love that uses these.  It is a great summer staple and also good for cold winter nights.  Cheap and filling.  There were good sales for the weekend, so I was able to pick up ground beef 85/15 for 1.99 a lb which I need to go a repackage.  Also corn on the cob and artichokes at great prices.  We are eating lettuce ,onions, and radishes out of our garden  Albertsons had a free item of aluminum foil, so I picked that up. Just a few things that save money around here.

    As I have company coming I need to get busy.  Thanks goodness the sheets are clean on the beds. But the house needs love and I have to get some sewing done.  I feel a list coming on so bear with me.

1. get sewing piles done that are around the machine
2, meet with bride and decide on lace
3. alter 8 pairs of baseball pants
4. straighten downstairs bath
5. finish laundry and put away
6. get toys put away in downstairs closet
7. vacuum basement/sweep
8. clean up dogs mess (torn up paper)
9. make beds
10. take care of burger in fridge
11. clean spare bath
12. clean master bath
13. enjoy daughter and grandson and son-in-law.

     I think I can do this although I am dreading the 8 pairs of baseball pants.  I can do it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday,Not myself

     I am not feeling great today.  My head is buzzy.  I am sure it is a medication thing and I don't like it one bit.  I hope it goes away soon.  I have a enough to deal with without feeling like crap.

     There is so much sewing to do in my shop and I really need to get busy.  I am having trouble motivating myself for some reason.

     Hubs is at the school all day today, so he is not distracting me, not that I allow him to distract me.

     I am very frustrated with contractors coming and not sending me bids.  Or giving me bids that are so unfair and outrageous and then when I call the office I get some woman that has all these excuses when I try to get bids for individual windows and nothing goes down.  If I have 10 windows replaced  it is four thousand, so let's just do 8 well then it is three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine.   What they want is four thousand dollars regardless of the number of windows.  I don't get it.  I have a budget.  So I am told it is tear down and set up of equipment.  There is no tear down and set up of equipment these windows are at waist level.  I am ready to scream.  My Sissie says it is because I am cheap.  No I am not going to be ripped off by another contractor.  I don't trust them.  So frustrating. We live in a very small town these places are less than 1 mile from my house.  Let me go get the windows if it costs that much to transport them. 

     I can hear my Sissie screaming right now as she hates people like me. People who question prices.  I question every nail that goes in.

     I need to get to work and I need an attitude adjustment.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday, Lesson went well, a little sad

     My lesson that I gave to a woman's group last night went well.  They divided the women up into 3 groups and I had a 20 minute lesson with each.  They seemed to really like the content as there were many discussions  and comments.  The third group was so funny.  When the prompter came to say time was up they shut the door and said they were not done, when the next knock came they said "Shut the door and lock it".

     The lesson topic was about not being deceived.  That all of us suffer from anxiety and depression at times in our lives and that often we expect to be perfect and that leads to unrealistic expectations.  Good lesson for me, although I don't even think I try to be perfect in many ways.  I just don't really care enough. We all think everyone else has a better life and no problems but in reality we all suffer in some way.  We need to be easier on ourselves.  I guess what I was trying to tell them is that You are enough.  I am glad it is over as it had been weighing on my mind for a long while.

     The littles are here today and we also have a little girl from across the street coming over for a while this afternoon.  The parents have a conflict in schedules.  It will be fun for the littles to have a playmate.

     I am a little sad as my girlfriends left this morning and I will have to get back into my regular mode.  I have been at Lil sis's every night for a week and it has been so fun.  But now I will have to catch up around here and maybe cook a decent meal.  There is a big package of chicken breasts thawing upstairs.  I am going to make a couple of large pans of chicken enchiladas and then cook up the rest for other things.

     We are very low on some groceries and the housework is behind.  Ironing, dusting ,floors, bathrooms all need love.  Blah.... it never ends.

    My shop is a disaster.  I am think of trying to straighten it up today with the littles here.   Not sure if it can be done. But I will try.  I will be sewing later this evening as I am not going to try with the littles here.

     So what are you plans for this Wednesday?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday, Lots to do!

     I did not get any sewing done yesterday except to help an older lady in our church to put together a skirt.  It still needs altered a bit and I will try and get to that later today.  But first I want to get a few things done in the shop to make some money, as that is why I sew.  After I meet a quota and get somethings done I will finish up her skirt, leaving the hand work to her.

     Thanks for all the nice comments about the yard.  It is beautiful but also way too large and so much work.  I am blessed to love yard work, my only frustration is the time to get out there.

     I have been having so much fun at night with girlfriends and sister and this is the last night they will be here.  I have to teach a lesson at another ward tonight so I will go and say my goodbyes after.  I will miss them.  My house has suffered and projects that need to be done have been neglected, but who cares?  I have enjoyed myself and the dirty ring in the bathroom sink can stay for a few more days.

     Sometimes I dread going into the shop with all the hanging garments and all the piles.  It overwhelms me and I want to run.  I just say to myself.  Pick up one thing and do it.  When that is complete I say pick up another thing and do it.  Sometimes I make a pile of things and just work through them. This keeps me motivated and on task as I am very easy to distract.

     Today I will:

1. make four pairs of pants into  shorts (save the denim legs for quilts)
2. shorten a bridesmaid dress
3. finish a bridesmaid alteration hand work
4. replace a couple of zippers
5. place lace on a wedding dress for approval
6. get some curtains hemmed for my girlfriends and a few alterations done for them
7.alter a few items
8.get lesson ready for tonight
     I swear I have not cooked for at least 5 days so I should get something out for dinner.  Hubs has been surviving on what ever he can scrounge up.  Bad wife that I am.

     Well I am off to get my list done to the best of my ability.  Ugh....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday, girls night, yard, money

    Here we are all out on Lil sis's back porch soaking our feet in preparation for our semi annual girls night.  After we soaked we pumiced and then dipped our feet and hands in wax, we used facial masks and made fun of each other.  Lil sis also dyed my hair (hadn't been done since Christmas) and she cut a good 6 inches off it.  I was a very shaggy dog. It is a little past my shoulders now and looks much better.

Here is Lil sis with her face mask on and of course there were martinis.  I don't drink but everyone else was indulging.   What a goober.
Last week when Hubs went to get the littles he brought them back in a wagon with this basket of flowers.  Red geraniums are my all time favorite and when I went to move the basket to the outside table I found these little figurines in the bottom. I had not seen them before.  They are too little frogs that say the kids names.  Too cute and they are a couple of little toads.  You can see the small pool that I got free with rite aid points so they can play in the water.  Of course no outdoor picture is complete without a sneak peak at Roscoe's head.

The pond is finally clean and I will go and get some plants and feed fish this week.  I also need to add about 6 more inches of water but wanted get the settling done. I love to hear the pond when I go outside.  It is such a peaceful sound.  Well it is if your bladder is empty. :)  See Roscos head?

There is still touch up to do, but this is the first year in three years the burns have been barked and weeded.  Hooray!

This is my next project to find plants for this area where we put rock to help with a drainage problem.  Look at the ivy damage. See my cute little toes?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, ??? Crazy times

     I spent Friday afternoon making three kinds of cookies for the scouts that were coming on Saturday.  I made choc chip, (with chips Slugs sent me on my birthday), peanut butter, and snicker doodles.  All are drop cookies and easy to make.  While I was cookie baking I was able to give my kitchen a good deep Kim clean and ran up and down stairs to help clients in between batches.

     About 3 in the afternoon one of my girlfriends from Missoula called me and said she had just gotten up (what?)and she had lumps behind her ears and her face was swollen. She asked for the address to the day clinic here in town.  When I was finally able to get away and get over to Lil sis's it turned out she had the Mumps!  I guess mumps had been going around Missoula and she does have a weaken immune system.  You should have seen her face poor darling.  So our casino night was off as well as other plans for the weekend.

     We had a good laugh over this and don't worry it won't spoil our fun as we can be stupid and entertain ourselves without any help.  So we stayed p and yakked on the back porch until 12:30.  I should have gone home earlier as I had to get up to greet scout the next day.

     Saturday morning came way too early, but the scouts were able to get all the stones lifted and replaces, the pond cleaned the the two huge beds weeded and mulch spread.  We ran out of rock and mulch so there are holes, but Hub's went and got more and I will fill the holes his week.  Most of the hard work is done on those sections of the yard.

     There is a lot of clean up to do around the pond where we dumped decayed garbage but it will dry and I will clean it up then.  I feel that if I can get to the outer beds in the back yard  some time in the next few weeks the yard will be done for the first time in three years. But it is truly never done as I had to go and weed some in the front beds that were done 2 weeks ago and the garden needs weeded desperately.

     After the scouts were gone I had to take a quick bath and get down to the Harley dealership to sew patches and then I went over to Lil sis's house to visit for awhile.

     My youngest is due in with her mother-in-law and her husband to go look at wedding suits and then I am going over to Lil sis's for a girls night.

     It has been a busy weekend and it will be a busy week.

Do any of you have plans for the upcoming week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday, Money Updates!

  Just a few money updates this morning. I completed another chart and I am onto chart #10 that I would love to see completed before the end of the month, but I don't want to count my chickens. Right now I am just happy to be making progress toward the house every month.

     Also my penny saving box is full to the end of the month and by June 1st we will be on $1.52 pennies for that day.  You can see how it is quickly going to add up.  I keep track of it a week or two weeks at a time.  Just another fun way to save.  I also feel that with me trying to pay the house off and all the repairs and the upcoming wedding, I will probably need every extra penny to achieve my goals.

     We had two window contractors in this morning.  One suggested I go buy the windows myself and he would just charge labor.  He then took all the measurements for me and told me where to go and who to talk to.  So that is on my to do list.

     Tomorrow morning we are to have the scouts here for yard cleaning, but it is really rainy so they just may cancel.  But I am going to stock up on cold drinks and cookies just the same.  They can always be put back until they can arrive.  Don't know what kinds of cookies I will bake but after I get my sewing done I will get to that.  I could go buy them and save time but store bought cookies, yuck.  Also super expensive and not a lot for what you pay.  I don't ant to have to limit cookie consumption.

     In the afternoon I am due at the Harley Dealership to sew patches and then back with girlfriends in the evening.

     Yesterday I put dinner together early (4:30) as Hub's is at the school the next three nights and I did not want to have to take him dinner.  After I made a quick batch of beef/broccoli , I went to see my girlfriends.  We laughed and talked and then all went to sun tan beds.  My Lil sis is suffering from a terrible case of a skin condition that turns out to be an autoimmune disorder.  She has actually  lost all the nails on  her hands from this debilitating condition.  It is traveling to other parts of her body and her dermatologist suggested this.  I have not been to a tanning bed in years as I would not spend the money and it is not good for you and my meds (in the past)would not allow that kind of sun.

     But off we went the 4 of us scatter brains and all tried the beds which are much safer now.  It was an intense warm heat that really made my joints feel better.  Not that I will ever make this a permanent adventure.  It was just and fun girl thing.

     Tonight we are all going out to the casino for dinner and ?.  Now you all know I am anti gambling.  Having grown up with a father who was an alcoholic, card(cheat ) shark and gambler, I do not have good memories.  I have also seen gambling take down a couple of my High School friends and cause problems for one of my brothers and his wife.  If you can do this as an entertainment it is one thing, but to think you are really going to win is another.  The house always wins. It is also addictive.  I don't need one more addiction (diet coke).

     I have dresses being picked up today and ones that will be dropped off.  There is a wedding dress I want to get to today and do a mock up for the bride and if she likes it I can finish it next week.

     So I need to get busy and do some laundry, straighten the shop, sew, bake cookies, clean the kitchen and go have fun.

     What are you guys going to do this weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday, Wedding dresses are coming in!

     It is that time of year.  I was beginning to wonder as June is approaching where all the wedding dresses were.  Yesterday two came in for July and I have at least two more coming in next week.  So the season is going to heat up.

     I was able to get my list done yesterday as it was an easy one even though I wanted to do nothing.  Hubs and I were able to get the last of the Ivy mess cleared up and the last roots dug out.  He took another truckload to the dump.  I am leaving the flower beds as they are.  If I cleaned and replanted they would just get tore up with the painting.

     Hubs and I are going to take a rest for a while. We still have the pond and several beds in the back yard to tackle along with the stepping stone path between the house and the coop.  We will get all of these things done before we start sanding the house.  Also windows have to be replaced first. So it is just one step at a time here.  I am just relieved the major mess is cleaned up.

     Yesterday I was able to get a a couple of piles of mending out, 2 bridesmaid dresses, and some suits hemmed.  Today it will be suit alterations, piles of hemming and mending and of course bridesmaid dresses.  I also want to hem a wedding dress and start working on another that have been in the shop a while.

     I used my clothesline and the outdoor fence to dry all the bedding that was wet on by the littles.  Dryers are expensive to run.  So using the air and hot sun really saves.

     One of my brides asked about pearls to decorate her cowboy boots and I was able to give her a small sack I had taken off another wedding dress.  She was thrilled.

     Girlfriends from my childhood came to visit and they are staying at my sisters.  We had such a good time last night laughing.  They are all a bunch of goons.  Lil sis has to work and so do i but these two don't care they just lay around in pjs and enjoy the time off from their lives.  I love when they come to visit.  I will work in the shop all day and then make hubs dinner and go over to Lil sis's tonight for more visiting.  It gives me incentive to get my sewing done so I can go play.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday,Kim has a case of the lazies

     With the littles here yesterday, not as much got done in the yard as we wanted.  I did get the patio cleaned off and the deck put back together.  I also started the pond so it can be circulating well and I cleaned off the bottom of the pump. Hubs did a little cleaning of the yard, but by that time I was making dinner.  I think after this post if it is not raining I should just get out there and get it done that way I can sew n peace.

     My problem is that I am having an attack of the lazies. The kitchen is a wreck and I mean an embarrassing wreck, One of the littles  wet through the spare room bed, so that is ripped and washed and needs to be remade. The shop is over stuffed with things that have to be done before the end of the month and I am just not very motivated.

     So if I can kick my butt into gear, I will try and get these things done.

1. remake spare room bed.

2. clean up the kitchen

3. put out something (meat) for dinner.

4. work on cleaned up between the house and the chicken coop.  (at least a path)

5. Sew, Sew, Sew,  I mean it get some stuff out and done.  What a mess. Bridesmaid dresses everywhere.

     This is not a very long list and I think I can get myself to tackle and accomplish much of it.

Do you ever have days where you just sit and stare off into space?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday,Uhm, it is about the money.....

       I get many comments on my blog about my activities .  Many ask, why I don't hire someone to do these jobs.  I have arthritis, and Hubs had health issues that make many things dangerous for him.  Well my answer is I would love to, but it is about the money.

     Having a service come over and clean off our roof, was over $800.00. It is done now and yes it was a major amount of work, but with a little help from my girls and working hard myself the job is done and it looks great.  Cost? $32.15 in moss out spray and a few stiff muscles.

     I did not get a bid on taking the ivy off the house, but it is done and between hubs and I we just worked a few hours a day.  Hubs still has to dig out a few big roots with a grub hoe, but he will get this done this week. It is dirty messy work, but certainly doable.

The pond that was not started last year it is a mess.
     We put up the extension ladder yesterday, and hubs held it while I pulled off the rest of the ivy in the high places, it took about an hour. I was filthy when it was done as most of it was over my head and everything that came down came down on top of me.  So that job is done also.   Cost? A lot of sweat.  I was able to call the insurance company a call for a re inspection, which I am sure I will pass.

    Hubs and I started to clean up the front yard last night.  We had a truck full of debree and Hubs will empty it after he gets done reading the paper at the veterans home.  We have at least one more full truck load of ivy mess to haul.  Hubs and I plan on getting out today and getting that done.

     The littles are here today, Hubs went over and got them at about 7:30 and brought them back in a wagon.  They had a beautiful basket with red geraniums in it for a mothers day gift for me.  It also had a pair of new garden gloves sticking out.  I just love flowers and working outside.

     As the littles like to be outside we will get most of the ivy cleaned up and move the (&^%$) canoe while they play in the yard with us.

     We have the scouts coming this weekend to do yard work, as they are trying to raise money for camp.  I am going to have them clean the pond pictured above and get that running.  We also have some weeding and stepping stones that need to be raised, window wells to clean out. We will see how much they can get done in three hours.

     I have decided to get heavy screens cut for all the window wells as cleaning them out is such a chore.  We will need two large and two small.  If we can keep the leaves out it will be such a blessing.

     Once we have cleaned everything up, we will commence with sanding and replacing several rotting trim boards.  Hubs cut boards to match the chalet pattern and we put them on our small shed.  We will pull the ones off our house and cut them together with our jigsaw.  I think there are about 8 trim boards that will need to be replaced.  But it is always a work in progress.  One of the painters that cam told us about a product at Home depot that we are to spray our house with and then powerwash the whole thing. Anything we can do to save labor brings our costs down  and saves us money.  IS it work?  Yes but we are not dead yet.

     The shop had a huge amount of things come in yesterday and I did no sewing.  I will get nothing done today except some police uniforms, so I will have to spend the next three days in the shop.  Mostly bridesmaid dresses and general work.

     What are you going to get done today?  Do you have any projects you are working on or need to work on?  I think someone has messy pants and it isn't me.  Gotta go.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Monday, Kim's Mothers Day

     Well Saturday was a mad dash to get the house cleaned.  I only had two hours before the girls came down and I was a soaking wet sweaty mess by the time I met  them at Costco to buy gift certificates.  Then onto the open house and back to do a little shopping and then I took a much needed nap.
     Hubs had insisted on buying me a Meyer lemon tree even though I thought the price was too high.  I am hard to buy gifts for as I have everything I need and I have a hard time telling people what I want.  D#2 bought me a large ceramic pot to transplant  the lemon tree into. I found a white one at TJ Maxx that will match the dining room when winter comes.  D#3 gave me a gift certificate to home depot for plants.  YEAH! D#1 gave me a new hand mixer as mine had died at Easter.  So I was treated and sweeted by my girls and Hubby.

Here is my lemon tree.  It will get full sun most of the day and some protection along with water from the sprinkler system.  Look at all the mess I tore up that needs to be cleaned.  SIGH!

The girls and hubs fixed me a great dinner of steaks, potatoes, corn on the cob.  They even cleaned up after themselves.  They are growing up..

I missed mom and thought of her and it was strange to not have someone else to be thinking of.  I got to be the center of attention which was weird and nice at the same time. 

The two girls and I spent a couple of hours up on the roof scraping and removing moss.  BY the way is was 90 degrees so we were sweating like crazy.  They had to leave about 3:00 to get back to various homes a couple hours away.  I continued to work on roof and sprayed about 1/2 of it with a moss killer after is had bee cleaned.  I ran out and I have about 1/3 of the roof to still be treated.  So hubs is on me about going to get that this morning.  I would not let him up on the roof as his balance it so bad with with Parkinson like tremors.

     What a way to spend mother's day right?  But I loved every minute of it I had to put these sandy wet sneakers on this morning along with another pair of overalls as I will be climbing back on the roof and helping Hubs clean up in the yard today along with laundry and sewing.

       I hate putting on wet shoes.  But I don't dare climb the roof in clogs.  Too unstable.

       Here is my ladder and my way onto the roof, it is a little scary, but if Hub's holds the ladder it is sort of okay.

     Look at the mess we are dealing with all around the house.  It is shocking. And to think I thought of going out and cleaning the patios off.  That would have been a big waste of time.

     I would have cleaned this all up only to have a big mess of roof moss and crap to clean off again
 Here is the side of the house with the flower bed tore up and the paint damage.  I am going to remove the old phone line box as I feel it is obsolete. I had great plants that hid all the pipes and things.  No more start over here.

This what we have left to remove and I will have to get up on an extension ladder while hubs holds it.  I am hoping to get this done today. I just want to be able to call the insurance company for an inspection before the end of the week.  The clean up will take awhile, but they are not concerned with that.

Remember mom's cute fairy garden, well it is below and entangled in this blurry mess. SO sad.

See all the moss taken off the roof and the wet dog.  He loves water and will play in any water given.  We have not started the pond this year and I am anxious to see his reaction.

The front of the house where Hub's was storing the canoe and it is not going back there I swear. See the paint damage.  I have to rethink this space.

I will need to get up here and take down the last little bit with the extension ladder.  This is the part of the house that I want to rent scaffolding.  All the wood has to be sanded with a palm sander and I do not want to stand on a tall ladder with a long electric cord a dangling and try to keep my balance.  It is a major work in progress.

These windows will be replaced and I love them.  They might be too expensive for us to replace exactly, but right now they do not open and cold air just pours into the house through them as they are close to 70 years old.  So sad.

So that is my tale of woe.  Hubs is nagging me to go get Moss spray and the sooner I get that done the sooner I can get the ladder up ad the rest of the ivy off.  I can then get some clean up done with hubs and get my butt back in the house to sew.  I have started the laundry.  It is always something isn't it?

     Do any of you have any big projects like this going on?  Is it by choice or because you just want chaos in your life?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday, Have I done anything?

     Well here it is almost noon and I have not done a darn thing toward anything productive.  Well I have eaten a banana.  But I am still a little hungry.  My plan of getting up and getting on the roof and finishing the ivy/moss problem has been waylay-ed by other family plans.

     The girls are coming down for Mother's day, and we have to all go to an open house that starts at 2:00.  I also have to take son -in-law to buy a wedding suit.  I see my day getting used up and no time on the project at hand.

     I need to be in overalls and heavy boots for the roof/ivy gig and trying to stay clean and ready for shopping and an open house does not bode well with any of my plans.  So I could clean my filthy house, but I don't really want to.

     I also want all of you to know I went down yesterday and paid another $1000.00 on the mortgage so that is done for the month. Yippee!  It is only the 10th so I am pretty stoked about that.  I wonder how much more I can squirrel away before the end of the month.

     My daughter just called and she is due in here about 2:00 so I do have time to get a few things done if I can convince myself to get moving. Let's see I have two hours, what can I get done?  What do I want to get done?  Blah...... maybe nothing?

1. change sheets in spare bedroom and clean
2. straighten spare bath
3. clean and sweep master bedroom/bath
4. dust and vacuum front room.
5. clean kitchen and dining room
6. finish laundry that had been started
7. dust and vacuum family room
8. sweep and clean back deck and patio.
9. eat something other than a banana
10. I have a headache, take a nap.
11. wipe up downstairs bath
12. vacuum and dust downstairs bedroom
     Gee what will Kim do?

It is a mystery.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday, Half baked/money saving

     That is how I feel half baked.  Like my life is always half done.  With the yard torn up and contractors coming and no bids in yet, I feel on edge.  I keep telling myself to just have a little faith this will all work out and it will be fine.  The window man came yesterday and we will wait for his bid. The house painter has not shown up yet.

     Hub's was able to get more Ivy off the chimney yesterday and a huge amount dug out from the front.  I am hoping this weekend we will be able to say good by to all the ivy and the moss on the roof.  Even though everything looks like Hell at least we will pass inspection.

     Hubs did get the rest of the potatoes planted so the garden is DONE, unless I want to add something or I put in more seedlings.  IT is now time to water, feed and harvest.  Can't wait for that first tomato.

     I was able to get the 60 aprons with patches done yesterday and some major hand work done on some shirts.  I started the wedding dress and I will finish that today along with a barbecue cover.  The things I sew crack me up.  I go from this beautiful Wedding dress and next to a burlap barbecue cover. Hey what ever pays.

     Hubs and I replaced one of our hoses yesterday and we also bought more hose parts and fixed another hose to save it.  We need to get to a garden center for moss out and I also want to buy some cheap garden fencing to keep the littles out of the garden.

     I am only going to do a few things in the shop today and concentrate a little on the house.  The kids will be here this weekend for mother's day.  We will be spending the majority of the day tomorrow finishing up the ivy/moss project.  I do love to be outside and it will be hot so that is a plus.  If I have to do this dirty/wet/ sticky work at least the sun can shine!

     In the money saving realm of my life, I pulled 12 yards of lace edging off a wedding dress that I altered.  This will be used for costume sewing or pillow case edging.  I have saved several more pant legs (jeans) that I have cut off for upcoming car quilts.

   Well I had better get to work the sooner I start the sooner I can be done and onto something that I may even enjoy.

     What are you going to do this weekend?  Is it going to be fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday, Staying motivated

     Yesterday, was a hard day of sewing.  I had 10 shirts that needed to be hemmed and I kept finding things that were due out this weekend.  I thought I would surely get to a wedding dress but that did not happen.  However two more bridesmaid dresses came in along with a myriad of other things.

     So today will be white day as I alter a wedding dress, make a veil, and put patches on 60  white aprons.  It will be a busy day.  Those are my goals, Aprons, wedding dress, veil and shorten some coat sleeves, then what ever else I find creeping up from the pile.

     I also need to pay the bills as in car, phone,electric, and water.  Will try a do that right after blogging.  Just get it out of the way for the month.I cannot believe it is so late in the month already?  What happened to the days?

     Worked for about an hour on the ivy last evening and Hubs has taken two loads to the dump.  I think we will have two more before we are done.  I just want to weep when I go outside.  Everything is such a mess and the work ahead is daunting.  But one day at a time it will get done.

     I talked to the insurance company and they told me not to worry they would see that we were covered before our cut off date although we will have to go back to our former company that is more expensive.  So aggravating.

     I made a pot roast yesterday and we will eat that again tonight so I don't have to put cooking on my plan for the day.  Just sewing, ivy, bills, and housework.  Easy day right?

     The weather is beautiful and I wish I could just sit out in the sun and enjoy the warmth. I actually put long shorts on today the first time in the season.

     What is you weather like?  Is it getting warmer? Can you tell that summer will be here in 6 weeks or so?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday, Under $20,000!

     I completed another chart and am well on my way with chart #10, so that is a positive in my life as I am surrounded by the negative. Also Look at the balance on the house!  It is below $20,000.  I hope to add another $1000.00 to the principle this month.  It is going down fast now and I am so stoked about it.

     I am not going to allow this set back with the ivy situation to derail me from my goal.

     The sun is shining and there are still potatoes to plant but I have talked hubs into the remaining planting of those little spuds. I have planted all of the garden by myself this year.

     I worked for about an hour on the ivy last night, and got all of the bulbs and most of the seedlings planted for now. I will plant more in about two weeks so we can have a rotation.

     I have to sew all day today as I am behind again and have several things that have to be out before the end of the week. But I will try and get out to the ivy this evening.  I also need to pay several bills for the month.  There is always something to to, actually too much to do. And know one seems to be offering to do the work for me.  Any takers?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday, Coming to a halt, maybe?

     We are back from southern Idaho, where we had a lovely time and I am sure the folks, especially mom were thrilled to be able to go somewhere and be entertained.

     The wedding was beautiful, we were able to see many relatives and people we had not seen in a few years.  The drive was very long over 24 hours spent in cars over a 4 day period.  We have another wedding in the same place on June 8th, but I will not go.  Hub's may but I need to be here and concentrate on what I have to do.

     Of course we came in when all the farmers were sorting the seed spuds and picked up 100 lbs of taters, for nothing.  These are too large for the spud machine and boy are they good. You have to scrub them as they come right out of the cellar.  But free spuds, I am all over that.

     It was a profitable trip as I found .50 in my favorite soda machine in Riggens on the way down.  Also found a dime at a convenience store.  On the way back I stopped and looked in the coin return in Riggens and nothing but there were two free bottles of diet pepsi left in the machine. I think that machine is possessed.  Or it knows I am coming and it always has some kind of gift. :)

     Before I left, I had to run to Wal-mart for a few things and I picked up proven tulip bulbs in pots for .44 cents per pot.  I have those to plant sometime today along with other seedlings I did not get planted before we left.  We also picked up a few things at a nursery in Nampa that we could not get here.  After those plants are in the garden I can call it done.  Then I just have to finish up the beds and the pots around the house.

     We have had a major halt here and I am trying not to be too upset about it.  I was done running around the house last Thursday waiting for Hub's to get home from the school.  I had the car packed and the list done and set down to watch a program on TV, something I never do during the day unless there is lots of tedious hand work.  I get a phone call from our Homeowners insurance and they are cancelling our policy June 3rd if we don't remove all the ivy from our house and clean the moss off our roof.

       Now I had planned on getting that roof cleaned off.  It is just a portion of the front that gets a lot of shade.  The rest of the roof is in full sun and has no moss.  Hubs and I can easily crawl up there with a ladder off the deck.  It is not a steep roof and we will sweep and scrape it off and then treat it with Moss out. We will due this once a year and that should take care of it.  But the ivy is a different story.I have spent 20 years growing this wonderful ivy and I love it.  We have to keep it cut back from the windows.  It is beautiful.  But it has to come down.....

     Now my Sissie who runs a roofing company in the DC area has been griping to me about our roof and the ivy for the last year.  I have ignored her and she is right.  Insurance companies are getting much stricter about anything growing on or close to your house.  Even though we don't live in a forest fire area we are in a larger area that gets horrible wild fires so we are affected by the ruling and my ivy must go.

     The problem is that ivy does damage paint. If it is left undisturbed it is fine.  We have a real mess on our hands.  We have started taking the ivy down and will now have to have the house painted.  It looks horrible where the ivy has come off.  Hub's and I will have to be on ladders sanding the little leftovers off the wood.  Hubs does not have good balance any more and I am not sure how all of this is to be done.  The house was painted over 20 years ago and will need to be painted again especially if we sell. We also need to have several windows that have been surrounded by ivy replaced.  We also knew this was an upcoming job.

     We have 30 days to get this done but actually it is about 2 weeks.  Now removing the moss and the ivy can be done by us in the next week or so, but we are left with a terrible looking mess of a house.  All the ivy damage to the paint and all the flower beds ripped up around the foundation. So the work of paint and windows that was to be put off until after the house was paid for will commence now.

     Hubs and I had several discussions while we drove.  How were we going to do this?  Were we going to hire professionals?  Were we going to do this ourselves?  Can we paint the house ourselves?  I don't think so.  Now I can replant the beds no problem and we can do the removal, but I want to rent a scaffolding for the sanding that we will do ourselves before we have the house painted.

     The big questions was how do we finance this?   We could use my inheritance account, but I know it will never get replaced.  We can stop paying extra on the house, but the thought of this really depresses me.  The house payment is large and over 1/2 of Hubs retirement income.  If I am ever to get to slow down this payment must be gotten rid of asap. Both of these options really depress me.  We could also live with the horrible looking house.  That is not really an option with my business.

     We decided to borrow the money from our Credit union to do the improvements and pay the money back.  The payment will be low and the interest at 3.7%.  If I can get the house paid for by Christmas or a little after we can pay this loan off in full within a few months without our huge house payment.  I just can't stand the thought of going backwards on my plans.

     So far we have done nothing but pull ivy and destroy the yard and grumble.  What are your thoughts?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday, Kim's free day, explained....

     I was so excited to have this day in the nice weather to do some things that I wanted.  I worked so hard to get caught up in the shop, but as usual Karma had to throw in an ugly bone or two.  I weathered on determined to get the things done on my list.

     I was able to get people called and get my one lone pair of pants hemmed and then skipped with a happy heart out to the garden area.  As I was planting the tomatoes I got a call from the Assistant police chief needing patches today for some ceremony, so I met him in the shop and sewed those while he waited. No big deal right?  Then back to the garden.  I get another phone call from a girl asking about her dress, "Was it done?"  I asked her what color it was as I had about 4 more dresses to be picked up.  She tells me it is a wedding dress for May 4th.  I immediately enter panic mode.  I have wedding dresses in the shop but they are for later in May.  Of course I did not make her aware that the dress (what dress?, as I am wiping my grimy paws on my overalls).  I told her I needed to go to the shop to check and sure enough I had a dress that said May 14th .  What a (could have been disaster)mess.

     Of course it was one of those huge ball gown dresses that had 10 layers of tulle and sheer organza each at least 20 yards around.  Hemming one of these is like wrestling an angry 3 year old.  It needed to be hemmed, bustled, some hand work and horse hair braid added to the cleavage to keep it erect.

     What did Kim do?  Well I looked at the clock it was 12:30 and I told her she would have to be in the shop this evening so I could do a final fitting.   Who waits until 2 days before the wedding to pick up the dress?  I mean really?  But again the date writing was my fault.  I can hear my sissies silent scream now. I could just imagine me getting this call when I am 1/2 way to southern Idaho.  What would I have done? I would have taken mom and dads car back to Lewiston and sent Hub's on with his parents.  But the crisis was avoided by a kind and gracious God.

     I finished planting what I had and came in and changed into clean clothes, then started to get the dress done.  While I was working on the very large dress I received a phone call for another prom dress and I thought, hey I am already under the gun might as well add a bullet. I was able to get the wedding dress done by 4:30 and then started on the prom dress which was done in an hour.  Then I pulled the ironing board and ironing into the family room and watched Netflix as I ironed.  I was determined to get the ironing done.  I was not going to let my stupidity erase my goals.  Now I did not get much house cleaning done and I will be leaving some things undone that is just the way it is.

     As I was ironing my Lil sis calls and she needs help so I drop everything and run to her house and then came home an hour or so later and stayed up late finishing the ironing.  But it is Done!  Hub's came home from high school with 2 pennies he found in  the parking lot.  I am training him!

     So this morning I have quite a list of things to get done so we can leave town about 2:30  Hub's has to work at the high school.

     I have prayed for no sewing phone calls and so far my prayers have been answered.  I was up early to bath and send the bridal dress out.  I have scrubbed both upstairs bathrooms and put all laundry away.  I then went to the bank, and ran to Wal-mart to pickup things needed.  Then home to blog.  Things that I need to get done in the next 2 hours.

1. plant a few things in garden
2. set sprinkler system
3. text neighbor to feed chickens and cats
4. pack myself
5.Clean out car/vacuum
6. pack dog kennel/food
7. clean kitchen
8. make bed
9.load car

I had better get busy. Say a prayer for me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday, Happy May Day! a free day for me

     Remember making May baskets? I do and it was such fun. I used to have my kids do this for the old folks trailer court.  The older people loved it also.  But today believe it or not will be an almost free day for Kim.  She is done with prom dresses and the wedding dresses can wait until I get back.  I have only one pair of pants to hem and I am done.  Well unless, I get an emergency call.  I am motivated by money.

      So what is Kim going to to do with this wonderful free day?

Well....hmmmmm... I can't just let it go to waste and there are a few things I really have to do.

1. call all people to pick up as we are leaving
2. finish laundry
3. ironing (no excuse not to get this done)
4. plant the garden and flowers that need to be planted  YEAH!  I can handle this.
5. clean the house up some.
6. Hem one pair pants
Just enjoy getting to go outside.

Right now I am going to read the sale adds for the grocery stores and then go get a few garden plants.  Oh but first I am going to hem that one lone pair of pants and call all my clients.

Yeah a free May Day, who would have thunk?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.