Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday, Half baked/money saving

     That is how I feel half baked.  Like my life is always half done.  With the yard torn up and contractors coming and no bids in yet, I feel on edge.  I keep telling myself to just have a little faith this will all work out and it will be fine.  The window man came yesterday and we will wait for his bid. The house painter has not shown up yet.

     Hub's was able to get more Ivy off the chimney yesterday and a huge amount dug out from the front.  I am hoping this weekend we will be able to say good by to all the ivy and the moss on the roof.  Even though everything looks like Hell at least we will pass inspection.

     Hubs did get the rest of the potatoes planted so the garden is DONE, unless I want to add something or I put in more seedlings.  IT is now time to water, feed and harvest.  Can't wait for that first tomato.

     I was able to get the 60 aprons with patches done yesterday and some major hand work done on some shirts.  I started the wedding dress and I will finish that today along with a barbecue cover.  The things I sew crack me up.  I go from this beautiful Wedding dress and next to a burlap barbecue cover. Hey what ever pays.

     Hubs and I replaced one of our hoses yesterday and we also bought more hose parts and fixed another hose to save it.  We need to get to a garden center for moss out and I also want to buy some cheap garden fencing to keep the littles out of the garden.

     I am only going to do a few things in the shop today and concentrate a little on the house.  The kids will be here this weekend for mother's day.  We will be spending the majority of the day tomorrow finishing up the ivy/moss project.  I do love to be outside and it will be hot so that is a plus.  If I have to do this dirty/wet/ sticky work at least the sun can shine!

     In the money saving realm of my life, I pulled 12 yards of lace edging off a wedding dress that I altered.  This will be used for costume sewing or pillow case edging.  I have saved several more pant legs (jeans) that I have cut off for upcoming car quilts.

   Well I had better get to work the sooner I start the sooner I can be done and onto something that I may even enjoy.

     What are you going to do this weekend?  Is it going to be fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I love to see all the things you get done in one day!
    Have a great and glorious weekend. Son 3 is in town for his best friends wedding so my weekend will be trying to fit in my wants/needs/plans around his need for my car.

    1. Yes the car trials, I remember those with my own mother. She was horrible about lending her car.

  2. I'm going to spend my weekend taking boys to soccer games, planning next weekend (friends in town + my half marathon trip), cleaning the house, finishing up my last couple of runs, & .. . .hopefully laying by the pool, drinking champagne & reading my book. For Mother's Day. :-)

    1. I hope you have a great weekend you deserve a rest for Mother's Day.

  3. Projects here and there, and other than meeting DH's family for Brunch Sunday after church, no need to go anywhere this weekend at all! I'm not even going to go grocery shopping but still eat down what we have and make a clean start next week. I'm off to plant my pansy's from my boss now into a recued pot.

  4. That's a lot of lace! You do have some interesting projects. Too bad you're not local for us. My husband Hick always needs his pants cut off and hemmed. He buys jeans at Goodwill, and spends more on alterations than on the jeans! No special plans for my weekend.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to you ❤️