Friday, December 31, 2021

Friday, Last Day of the Year!

 I got a lot of smiles from you guys this year, and a few tears, but more smiles than tears so that is positive.

We have had no snow today, but the sun in shining and it is 20 degrees.  It is just beautiful out.

I ran to Joanns and they had buy three get three free items in sewing notions.  It was actually a good deal, so I restocked my bobbins as this new machine uses a different size bobbin.  (of course).  I will not be giving away my old machine or the bobbins that go with it. I will continually have a spare working machine. If I had, had my old spare I would not have had to buy a new machine.  If I had at least kept the bobbins, I would not be buying new.  Drat! and double drat!

I decided to have twice baked potatoes, and baked cod in browned breadcrumbs, beets  and a tossed salad for dinner.  Thinking of making a blueberry tart as I have a ton of frozen blueberries, but will have to run out and get some vanilla ice cream to go with it.

Hubs is finally in from blowing snow and we have birds flocking all over the trees in back waiting for me to fill the feed trays.  Mom is enjoying, identifying all the birds that are coming to eat. She has Hub's bird book and is looking them up as they land.  We do live with in a huge bird sanctuary here in the valley, so it is a great place to bird watch.

Tomorrow we have to get up early and get on the rode to take mom to Grangeville to meet up with her ride to Nampa. It is 1.5 hours up there and Hub's and I will do the missionary run while we are at it to save on gas.  We just found out the Grangeville sister missionaries have covid, so will not be going there, but I plan on dropping a get well box on there porch while we are in town.  The church makes them quarantine for 10  days even if they are not sick.

We should get home about noon and then the kids are coming to sled the hills down here in the afternoon and we are keeping Kelsa and Schmills, overnight.

Our church time changes with the new year.  We were going at 9 a.m. to 11am. This year it is from Noon to 2:00 pm.  I like mornings better, as it gives you the day to nap and such, but I also like sleeping in, which we will not be able to do with the grand kids.  Oh well, having the grand kids is a good trade off.  Plus it gives me the chance of making a big breakfast once in a while. 

I am excited for the New Year. Although I believe that COVID will be with us until next Christmas.  It will be winding down, but we will still have outbreaks through out the year.  All we can do in endure this together, which will make it easier.

Have a lovely New Years Eve. Any plans or fun? Any good food? Inquiring minds want to know?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thursday, Let it snow!

 This is befitting our area right now, we have 8 inches of snow and more coming down. Hubs has been out shoveling since early morning. He has not hooked up the plow to the 4 wheeler yet, but I am sure that is coming.  Right now he is just using the snow blower.

We are both used to driving in this mess as we grew up in it.  The rest of the town not so much, plus we have a lot of hills like Seattle, so the city closes them off and we have to reroute many places. If this keeps up we will just shut down for a few days. Just not enough plows to keep up, so I think Hubs will be busy.

B just called me and said an ambulance got stuck in Moscow Idaho and they had about 15 people out pushing it back onto the road.  Only in Idaho does traffic stop to get an ambulance out.

Ran into Albertson's today as I had another 10% off coupon that had to be used by the 31.  I found a large roast 50% off, but I was not going to use that coupon on a $10.00 item so I found a lady that had a huge cart full of groceries and gave it to her. She will get $20.00 off compared to my less than a dollar.  I also went to put my cart away and found 11 pennies scattered on the ground by the carts.  Woo Hoo! Score!

Hub's and I stopped at MCD's for our diet coke and he told me he wanted a hot chocolate, so I asked for one and they wanted $4.19 for a hot chocolate plus tax. Forget it!  I took him home and made him a hot chocolate and sprayed some whip cream on it.  When did hot coco made from a mix with water become a luxury item?

The snow is really beautiful.

This is the view from our family room window yesterday.  Today there is much more snow and you can't see the hills as it is snowing too hard.

I can't beleive tomorrow is New Years Eve. This year went by so fast. All in all it was a fabulous, apart from our deaths which were grueling. My faith keeps me going in that department as nothing else can.

I don't believe I will have any customers today, so I think I will take a nap.  Mom is all cuddled up in a blanket asleep on the sofa.

Now what can I make for dinner?  I am thinking pasta and a salad.  I have some porchetta that needs to be used up.  

I have plans within plans for the New Year. I am excited about them and can't wait to share.

Do you have any plans for the New Year? Does anyone want to join in on a pantry challenge for January? Let me know.  I know I am going to do one.  I need to really use up things in the freezers.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wednesday, In search of Prime Rib

 I am so, happy!  That happy came from reading the blogs.  All of you make me happy.  I love sharing your lives, finding out your goals and what you are doing.  I love your reminders and the frugal things you do.  I am reminded to be grateful, that I have so much, in fact way too much, and more than I deserve.

It snowed here plenty in the last 24 hours and Hubs is out shoveling like crazy.  It is not enough to get out the snowblower or the new plow, so it is just the shovel.

I went to Joanns last night and paid almost 25 dollars for 4 zippers.  They were coat zippers but really?  That is just a ridiculous mark up. It makes me fume.  SO I just ordered 13 zippers from a wholesale house for under 50 dollars. Throwing away a coat and getting new one every time the zipper blows is just one more way this society is wasteful.

I am going to get things to make egg rolls tonight, I was inspired by Lori.  The ingredients are not expensiveness and they are so good with rice.

I wanted to have prime rib for New Years but I can't find one at any price, so I might have to rethink the menu.  Dang. Oh well it might just be pot roast and that is okay.

Still working on the front room have a lot of small boxes to put away and then a good vacuum. That will just leave me a little Christmas up and I can handle that.

I have been mulling plans for the new year.  Like goals I want to make ( and then break :))  I have many financial plans for this next year.  I just have to get them down on paper. And then stick to the plans I make to achieve them which is the hardest part.

I did not tell you about the gift my son in law Nate gave me for Christmas.  It was so funny and cute. Nate is a terrible tease, and he loves to get me.  Nothing makes him happier.  I think he spends hours thinking up things to get my goat. He also know how excited I get when I find money. SO he bought me this large red coca-cola bank.  I had seen these at Christmas and almost bought myself one.  But then I thought my pig bank is fine, although I worry that I will eventually break it, with the weight of the money.  Last year I beleive it was almost full and it was hard to get the money out.

Anyway, I did not buy one and here he comes Christmas eve with this bank.  Then he hid $10.00 in quarters all over the house.  I was finding them all evening and it took me a minute to realize that they were planted.  The snake. But I am still finding them and it is such a fun gift.


 So this year I will save all my change in this bottle.  It will be fun to see how full I can get it.  I text him every time I find another quarter.

I have this hidden behind a table in the family room so it is easy to add to.

Well I am off to finish a few things:

1. put boxes I can away in Living room

2. vacuum living room

3. get a few groceries

4. search for a prime rib I can afford

5. get some sewing done

6. fold a little laundry

7. Be happy with what I have and count my blessings

Do the blogs make you happy?  DO they help you?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Tuesday, Late post

With Hub's mom here, we have been playing musical chairs.  Hubs and I each have our favorite spot in our family room.  Mine is by the large window as I like to sew in natural light when doing hand work.  I have a table to hold drinks and things.  Hub's place is over by the bookcase, and he sits on one end of the sofa with a side table and an overhead hanging lamp.  This allows him light to read which he does for hours a day and also allows him a good view of the TV.

This third chair is not used much but with three of us here, we can turn this chair to face the TV.  It had no lamp to read and no table.  So, we were always switching places according to who was doing what.

I went to TJMaxx today and Ross to see if I could find a small table and I did, and then floor lamp.  The gold in the lamp matches the studs in the chair and the little round tv table can be put over the chair to get it out of the way or to be used to eat something.  I don't know why I did not do this before.  I guess because three people have never lived here. The cord for the lamp goes under the rug. Well, I think Hub's has found himself a new spot as this is closer to the TV and he can hear it better. Really should have done this ages ago. 

I was just busy today, doing laundry and cleaning and shopping. Almost all Christmas is down.  Missionaries came over to put away boxes in the garage for us, so neither of us had to climb ladders. There are still thigs to put away in the front room as in boxes, but I can wait until they come for dinner next Sunday.  Now it is just mom's linens and the tree, so I feel like I am well on the road to having things cleaned up.

Daughter and I went out to look for a new living room set for her.  She has specific wants and she will have to check a few more places before making a decision.

I need to run to Joann's for some zippers and I also stood on our shower curtain hooks while I was switching out the linens and broke three of them, so I must run get a new set.

Kelsa was here today for a few hours, and she will now walk behind a little pushcart, but Grandpa must walk with her up and down the hall.  She screams if he sits down.  He has created the monster now he has to live with it.

Eldest daughter and family, she said it only took 10 minutes of screaming to get this picture.  I remember those days.  Middle daughter said Christmas eve she was yelling at her husband and Schmills, "This house has to sparkle, or I am taking away Christmas."  Ah motherhood, if it was meant to be easy, it would not have stated out with something called labor.

Don't these two just look like attorneys, and son in law is a water law attorney, the geek of all attorneys. Or so says daughter who is just a geek.

Well, I am off to finish my chores.  Get to work will you guys?  I mean really days a wasting.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday, Christmas aftermath

 We had a lovely Christmas here.  I felt bad for Hub's mom who also got the stomach bug, Christmas eve.  She hardly ate anything at dinner and by the time all the kids left was curled up on the sofa under a blanket.  Her temp was 101.4. 

Hub's, had me up at about 1:30 Christmas morning as he could not sleep, he was worried about his mom. I checked on her and took her a glass of ice water, her fever had broken, and she was sweating.  She did get sick a little later, but all was well Christmas day, she was just very careful about what she ate.  So far, I have been spared.

Christmas eve the girls came in about 2:00 and helped cook the large meal and then they helped with the cleanup.  I also told them to get the front room cleaned up after B and her family opened presents. Proving to myself I can delegate, and I was not going to do all the work. There of course were massive leftovers, which I had daughter take, as she was having Nate's family Christmas day.  SO, I did not have to deal with all of that.

I had to speak in church on Sunday, which added to my list of have to dos. But that went off well and I spent yesterday napping, and eating all the leftovers that daughter had not taken. Tonight, I will have to cook, but I am thinking of a cream of mushroom soup with asparagus, just sounds nummy and I need to use up the cream.

I received many beautiful things that were needs which always pleases me.  We needed new silverware as our set is 11 years old and I don't think I have even one original teaspoon.  I don't know where silverware goes, but it must be like socks, there is a zone for lost things. I also got another set of covered bowls which I love.  As much cooking as I do for others, I am always short on these.  I have my set labeled both the bowl and the lid and they always come back, but an extra set will be lovely. I also wanted a new set of nice crystal glasses as my set is down to 6. So, it is hard to set a table. It is always nice to get things you will use and need, and I love that.

Here is a picture and hub's and I and Schmill's lighting the outdoor tree.  There was a breeze, so we had a hard time keeping the tree lit, but it sure was beautiful while it was. Notice the Swedish apron and the sweaters, traditional holiday garb.  Schmills is holding his beloved remote-control snake that I gave him for Christmas, he had more fun with that creepy thing. Little boys are a hoot.

My eldest gave me a really nice set of china covers for Christmas so I can pack away my Christmas china and I will really use those.  Such a nice gift.

I am happy Christmas is over, are you?  This was just a very hard Christmas season for me, with so much sadness.  It was hard to capture the spirit.  I keep in contact with my nephew, and he seems to be doing well.  He is in my prayers constantly.

I spoiled my son in laws because, gosh I love them. The girls say I like them better than them, and that might be true at times.  But they are such an immense help to me. Anything I ask they just do for me and Hubs.  They are a real blessing.

The shop seems to be busy today which is nice as I really do need to make money and get to work again. We have alot of things to pay off in the New Year.

I am going to start to take down Christmas today.  I know it is early, but I just want my house back.  I won't take it all down, but I especially want to do the dining room. I really need to pack things away better, as the garage is full.   I have three very large suitcases in the garage that I am going to take to good will to free up more room. I also think packing things more carefully will help with the storage problem.

Are any of you relieved that Christmas is over or is it just me?  When do you take down Christmas at your house?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday, Christmas Eve, we made it!

 The outdoor tree is set, and the candles are ready to light when it gets dark.

Gifts are wrapped, seafood is thawing, kids are coming, house is clean for now and I think I am ready for Christmas.  I actually started to get the Christmas spirit last night, late when everyone was in bed, and I was making a batch of caramel.

The girls will arrive early, and I will put them to work.

On the menu:

fennel salad

Brussel sprouts roasted

asparagus roasted

oyster stew

oysters on the 1/2 shell

boiled cod in butter and wine sauce

Large shrimp in the shell


relish tray

cheese ball and crackers and sausage

Some don't eat oysters, and that is fine.  There will be plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

I do not cook a big dinner on Christmas day, we celebrate on Christmas eve.

I will get up about 5 tomorrow morning to put together a bread sponge, then I will make orange rolls and we will drive to Daughter's and celebrate Christmas morning with gifts. Braunwyn and Dan have to both work tomorrow, so we will have then open their gifts tonight. I will drop orange rolld off at the plant for B.

Then a quiet afternoon, and maybe a nap.

All of you have a Merry, Merry Christmas.


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday, Yesterday was plain awful

 So Kim is tooling away in her shop with positive feeling of getting her list done, and I am not my second pile of alterations and then my needle broke.  No biggie, just an aggravation.  But the new needle would not stay in the machine.  After messing with it for about 1/2 an hour I realized I had stripped the head of the needle holding mechanism.  

Now I have no machine and several clients waiting, and I am about to cry. This machine can be repaired but not immediately.  So off I go to the sewing machine shop.  They had another screw and thought it might be the screw that holds the needle in, but alas it was not, so I left the machine with the repair man and bought another.  I was not into buying a new machine right now, but I can't work without equipment. I love the new machine I bought.  Not as fancy, but I really don't like fancy. To be a good seamstress you need a straight stitch, a zig,zag, and a button hole  a blind hem stitch is also nice.  That's it, all the fancy stitches are a waste of time and are just trouble.  More to break and go wrong with the machine.

Earlier I had been to JOanns to get a piece of fabric to mend a coat, and when I got back from buying a new machine my mother in law was cleaning my shop.  I know she meant well, but when I finally got her out of there I could find nothing. The fabric I had purchased was gone.... I was aggravated beyond, BEYOND.  The interruptions!!!!!!!

Some kinds of help, are the kinds of help that helpings all about.

But, some kinds of help are the kinds of help we would rather do without. 

                                                                                 Shel Silverstein

This is a poem that I made my three girls memorize when they were small.

Now get out of my shop and quit trying to help me.  I am such a witch, I know but, this witch was at the end of her broom.

Finally, I was able to get most of the list done, and I was heating up roast and veggies for dinner.  Hub's really did not want to eat dinner, and then discovered that he was running to the bathroom during the news.  I had made arrangements with daughter, that Hub's and his mother would drive up to Union town this morning and I could have the day to myself.  Yeah nice dream.

Finally, I looked at hubs and the way he was sitting all curled up on the sofa I knew something was wrong.  I took his temp, 101.4.  Great he has the crud the kids had last week.  We are not going to get off. He went to bed and I let daughter know that  she would have to bring the kids down in the morning. Hubs kept me running ( tmi) until ABOUT MIDNIGHT, realize with hub's Parkinson's like condition, and tremors, when he runs a fever, his balance is affected, and his ability to move quickly just results in more mess.  The washer was going for about 5 hours.  Not my best night. But,I did get a pile of little person clothes marked and ripped and ready to sew today in between wash machine trips and getting hubs in and out of the shower multiple times.  I am going to save the dress alteration until after Christmas.

I slept on the couch last night as I don't want to get this.  I was close enough to hear when hub's was trying to get up, but not in the same room with him.  Every time I went into the room I grabbed two disinfection wipes, and touched nothing with my hands.  This morning he is much better, this is a strong 12 hours of hell and then over. Hubs just asked for a kiss and I told him NO!

SO today I will get that pile of clothes done and then start wrapping presents and get this house cleaned up.  I need to change the linens on our bed and get ready for tomorrow.

SO much for Kim having a positive attitude. Sometimes life is just shitty,I mean crappy.......

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my pig bank

2.  Used coupons at Joanns for things

3. Bought nice wired ribbon, and Christmas paper about 70% off to finish wrapping things and enough for next year also

4. Picked up two more butter of $1.77 a pound

5. printed out a $25.00 gift card from Starbucks for a Christmas gift.

6. Ate out of the pantry and freezer for all but one meal

7. Went to the monthly food bank at the end of the day and scored, grapes, mushrooms, frozen fish, and chicken, salad, oranges, apples, baby food apples sauce packages, butter.  I was pretty amazed at what was left over.

8. made the missionaries come over and eat all of Hub's birthday dinner left overs so they would not go to waste.

Now I am going to finish my sewing and get to wrapping.

Neither, snow, nor vomit, nor dirty drawers, nor mother in laws helping, now broken equipment, will keep this girl down.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.

Did you ever have days like this? Asking  for a friend.


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Wednesday, I am getting there

 Well I was pretty proud of myself yesterday, although I was a little grouchy at times.  All the cookies were delivered, and my errands done.

Daughter asked us to keep kids last night and I said no, I needed a night off, and I was able to get into the shop and get several things done.

I got pillows made for Lil sis and her gift wrapped and she picked it up this morning, so I did not have to take it over.

The kids are here, and the baby is napping. 

I actually got all the Christmas paraphernalia put away and my kitchen is clean except for the floors.  I have the vacuum out and the mop bucket full of pinesol water. The only room that is a disaster is the front room and it is wrapping central. As soon as I finish with my sewing I will start wrapping.  Can hardly wait.

I keep forgetting to get a check in the mail for the paperboy, so sometime today I will have to run cash to the house, as I want him to have it before Christmas.  Add that to the list.

SO today:

1. get paperboy a tip

2. hem three pants

3. take in 4 pants

4. mend three shirts

5. mend a coat

6. alter a dress

7. alter a pair of pants

8. get a pile of things done for my little person

9. clean up shop a little, as in hand what is done and what I will do after Christmas

10. wrap gifts

I think if I get in there, I will be able to know this out in a few hours.

How are you guys doing on getting things ready for Christmas?  Do you like wrapping gifts, or do you save it for last like me?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tuesday, Shortest day of the year!

 I had to read the blogs to realize this was the Solstice. Usually I am aware, but this year I am certainly off.  From now on every day will be a little longer, and that makes me so happy.  I love the sun and the long days of Spring.

This is why I blog.  You all remind me of things I need to be thankful for. Longer days coming.

As I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, I am so grateful for all the relationships I have on the blogs.  I feel like I have a support group behind me, even though I am sure many of you would like to hog tie me so I would slow down a bit.

Aunt BB showed up last night and Schmills was thrilled.  We got all the cookies decorated and of course he helped.  When I was not paying close attention, he put the yellow food coloring into the bowl and he put way too much.  It was this horrid calf scour yellow.  The whole bowl, it could not be used, we had a good laugh. The red/green and white were fine, but that yellow had to go.

So Aunt BB, has been here all day with the kids, and she is getting the roast I planned for dinner done for me.  I was able to take about 1/2 my cookie trays to people and after I meet with a client I will deliver the others and then I can get a few more errands done and I can spend the evening sewing. I will have no kids, and dinner will be done.  Yeah!

I think I can do this!!!!!

Feeling a little more positive about life. Blessings:

1. baking done for now

2. Aunt BB here with kids

3. Aunt BB making dinner for tonight

4. It is the shortest day of the year and tomorrow will be a few minutes longer

5. I have 1/2 my trays delivered

6. all of you keeping me up right now, I know it is a big responsibility but gosh do I need it.

Things to get done today if possible:

1. Deliver the rest of the cookies

2. get neighbor to food bank

3. mail last Christmas letter

4. put away all Christmas baking things

5. alter a pair of pants

6. make  Lil sister's pillow covers

7. wrap Lil sis's Christmas gifts and deliver to her

8. alter 4 pairs of pants

9. mend three shirts

10. alter a pile of clothes

11. alter a dress

12. alter a pile of clothes

13.hem three pairs of pants 

14. patch a coat

15. taper two pairs of pants

16. alter a pair of pants

Now I don't know how much I can get done today, but I feel like I can make a start and I already have.

I can do this, I will do what I can and only what I can today.

Had a nice long talk with Slug last night and she always cheers me up.  Miss her, but boy can she make me laugh!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, December 20, 2021

 Yes this is how I feel right now.  Just un-plug me please. DO now plug me back in until next Christmas.

Saturday morning I was up and bathed and washed my hair for Sunday and then took Hub's mom shopping, for a birthday gift for him.  I had to pick up groceries, and dollar store containers for cookies.  We got home about 1 a.m. ans Lil sis was at the house ready to help with some baking.  I was not at all prepared, even though I knew she was coming.

She told me she was going to tell Sissie.  But having Oliver for two nights and days wiped me out. So we got krumkakke and spritz cookies done and also got the potatoes made for the lefsa and I got  the peppakakke dough remade and out in the freezer.  I left the potatoes out in a covered bowl on the back deck for later.  Lil sis left about 4 and I sent Hubs for a Pizza, as I was exhausted and had a messy kitchen and still had not baked his birthday cake.

We had planned on having both girls and their husbands for dinner on Sunday for hub's birthday.  We were also having Kelsa blessed.  When daughter met us at church Sunday morning, no Nate.  The stomach flu that the kids had was hitting him.    They thought they had missed it although all the other adults in their court had gotten it.  We went ahead and blessed the baby and she was very good even though she was so old, but with covid they would not bless babies.  Signe' ( daughter #2) looked beautiful and she is,but she also looked white and sweaty.  She had on a mask, and I felt her head, she had a fever.  She wanted to stay at out house with the kids as Nate was home throwing up and on the toilet every 1/2 hour.  I said NO!  I will keep the kids you go home and take that with you.  She barely made it out of the church after the blessing. Here is Kelsa in our family blessing dress, worn by many other babies.  Of course the bonnet was too small, but look closely at the pigtails. So cute!

So we ended up with the kids all day yesterday and last night, and Kelsa was a rat.  I think she was constipated.  Now Grandma is irritated.  Daughter and husband were both on the mend in about 12 hours although she said at one point when Nathan had crawled back into bed with her after a bathroom trip, he put a pillow over his face and told her to press down.  Both are back to work today.

So Schmills and I frosted and he decorated grandpas cake. Then I cut out and baked the peppakkakor and made rosettes, which are a pain. Finally got Hub's birthday dinner done and we had a snow storm on the hill. So it was no daughter's or husbands just the two kids and mom and I.  All that work and preparation for us.  Oh well plenty of left overs so no cooking tonight.

I am so tired and Aunt BB is coming to get the kids and watch them tomorrow at daughter's and when she found out that there was a flu there, she called and wants to spend the night here and watch the kids here as she is undergoing Cancer treatments and cannot be around sick people. At least I will be able to get some sewing done which I am behind on big time.  If I could have a few uninterrupted hours, I could make some progress, but I cannot it seems.

Lil sis is here right now making lefsa and when she is done Schmills and I will decorate cookies and then I am done.  I want my trays made ready and all this mess cleaned up!  I am so tired of the mess of Christmas all over the house.  I know this brings many freinds and my family joy but I am seriously contemplating not doing this again. 

I want to get into my shop with a clean house and be left alone, with no interruptions. My ADHD is over the top right now and I don't focus well with too much all the time. Hubs mom is a dear but she is now into nagging me to eat breakfast which I don't, then trying to force me to eat at lunch when I don't want to. I can only take so much.

Merry Christmas by the way as I rant on and on.  Sorry it has just been a hellish Holiday season for me, and I promise nice, positive Kim will return soon.  In the mean time my mother in law wants me to come eat....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the neagtive.


Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday, Well-loved recipes

 When I was a teenager and cooking and baking, I would get out my mom's cookbooks and they were tattered, and food stained.  Pages falling out, spines cracked and torn, and I told myself I would never let my cookbooks look like hers.

 Well 50 years later I have to laugh as my cookbooks, are worse than hers ever were.  My youngest daughter asked me to send her the Swedish recipe that was my great grandmother's and here is the copy I have.  Note the artwork on it done by my eldest when she was little.  Now I could copy this again, but memories? She was chiding me for the messy pictures I sent, well we will see if she can do better.

Look at this page in my Betty crocker cookbook, which by the way has no spine cover left at all, and the pages are often stuck together.

I am a messy cook.  My grandmother was a messy cook and so was my mother.  Oh well, I can live with that.

We still have Oliver and right now he is sleeping on the bed behind me. The house is a constant mess of toys and bottles, but he is still a joy.

I was able to get three more kinds of cookie dough made yesterday, and I hope to be able to get those done, today but we will see. Hubs has an office (his old office) Christmas party tonight.  We have to drive an hour there and back and I really don't want to go, but I will if he wants to.  It is the drive in the dark, on the crappy narrow roads. I would just rather stay home and bake.

Tomorrow Lil sis comes here, and we knock out, more pretzel dipping, Krumkake which is done on and iron, then lefsa which is a potato bread done on a special skillet.  It requires a special rolling pin and turner.  Then last, we do rosettes, which on are made on irons dipped in batter and fried in hot oil.  All the while we are making spritz and other cookies in the oven.  It will be quite the day, but if we can get all this done, I will be done with my baking.  Hooray! It will be nice to have mum here to help it is an extra set of hands.

I ran out this morning to get a prescription I tried to pick up yesterday and the pharmacy was crazy busy. There were only 3 chairs for sitting and I left those to the elderly.  I also let 2 elderly people in front on me as the wait was so long, and they were standing.  Took over an hour of standing to get the meds.  Frustrating.  I also went to Wal greens and got copies of Oliver's cookie stealing picture to frame for myself and his other grandma.  I also got a copy of a picture of an ornament that Hub's mom hung on our tree of one of her great grandchildren, she has never met.  But she received a letter and the ornament from him, and it has his cute little face on it.  She writes to him regularly, so we put the ornament on the tree and took a picture of it and then I had it developed so she could send him a copy of himself on her tree. She was thrilled.  It is the simple things.

The shop has gotten busy all of a sudden, which is nice as I can use the money.  But with Oliver here sewing is out of the question, and I think I will have all three kids next week as Schmills is out of school and Nates schedule is changing.  I guess I will be sewing at night.  I can do that.

So now I am off to make peppekakkor, sucre kasse, and kranzer cookies. I hope I can get them done before we have to leave for the party, but if not, we will squeeze then in tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday, Baking, making, faking

 I was able to get three batches of caramels done yesterday at Lil sis's on her gas stove and they turned out perfectly. It was getting so late I left her the mess of clean up and I can still hear her screaming.  She is far too neat and OCD let me tell you.  She needs to be shook up a little.

Lil sis rolled out the sour cream cookie dough, so those are ready to frost.

Hub's mom wrapped most of the caramels, so that was great!

As I have Oliver here today, I am finding it hard to get anything done.  And we just found out the Schmills and Kelsa have a stomach bug and as daughter takes care of Oliver on Friday's we will have him tomorrow also, that means we will have him tonight, through tomorrow.  I may get nothing done on my plans.

Oh well, you do what you can. 

I did get a chance to run get a prescription, but of course it was not ready, that is my luck as of late.

I am hoping to just get the kitchen cleaned and dinner started, maybe a little sewing and at least a couple more kinds of cookies started even if it is just to get the dough in the freezer. 

Lil sis dipped the apricots, which are so pretty on a cookie tray and very easy. So, I have a few things on the list done.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change for next year, in the pig bank

2. Still saving 5's but also will use what is left for Christmas goodies.  SO saved $35.00 this week

3. Used a 10% off coupon for the seafood meal.  I bought early as I was afraid they would not get another shipment in before the 24.  Seafood prices are way up this year, but I froze the crab and the shrimp was already frozen.  Got this 10% off from getting my flu shot. It allowed me to save about $28.00.

4. using foods and meats out of storage and the freezers for meals

5. taking advantage of Amazon prime to ship many Christmas gifts free.

Not much this last week, but every bit counts.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Wednesday, Love my bloggy friends

 I finally finished another chart, and it will definitely be the last for the year. This one seemed to take forever, but the shop has been slow, and I have been spending money on Christmas and death. A little sick humor always helps.

Mom is here (hub's mom) and she is such a joy.  She brought her fruit cake which by the way is very good. The only fruitcake I have ever thought was good.  She also brought her raisin filled cookies, which my kids love.  We had to hide them from hubs already, and he had had his hand slapped when reaching for the fruitcake in the fridge.

Went to the eye doctor and got good news, no sign of macular degeneration, or glaucoma, which runs in the family.  Macula blinded my grandmother and my mom. But the Sjogren's is causing my eyes to have a cataract affect.  The surface is severely dry and scratched, causing me to look out a frosted, scrapped window.  So new eye drops are supposed to clear it up in a few weeks.

My stomach issues are not resolved, but I am trying to eat high fiber, no nuts or seeds, and almost all liquid diet. Are caramels part of a liquid diet?  Like do they turn to a liquid like a milkshake? Asking for a friend.

I did get 5 pairs of pants hemmed late last night it took me less than an hour, but I did do it.  Hurrah! Also got most of the things done on my list so I was very proud to me.

Here is Oliver sneaking a Christmas cookie.  How cute is that? These are the old chairs that came from Sweden, I made the cushions and painted the table and then covered the tabletop with wallpaper and a plastic topper.  It looks really cute in their apartment.  It was for daughter's birthday, and she loves it. Look at his little tip toes.  I am going to frame a copy of this for my Christmas decor.

My youngest daughter just started baking, and she called me for copies of my mother's recipe's. I was so happy. She has never done this before. These girls need to learn all these skills, so I can pass some of this baking on to them, don't you think?

Oliver eating grandma's spaghetti.  I will go get Oliver this evening, as it is supposed to snow tomorrow, and I don't want to brave those roads. Plus, I have mom and Hub's here so plenty of help.

Now that my vision is clearing, I am on my way to Lil sis' with mom to make caramels, and toffee.  I made a large batch of sugar cookie dough last night to get cold in the fridge. I dropped it at Lil sis's earlier before my appointment. Lil sis has a gas stove, and I am not going to try and make caramels again on my stove.

By the way, poor Slug cannot leave the country without Sis and I having a heart attack. This is what happens when you are declared the third twin.

Thanks for all the support, guys, I feel more myself today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tuesday, Dragging through the Hoildays


I am not doing really well in this Holiday season.  My intestines are not cooperating with me, and I am worried I have developed tears, which can happen with the long-term use of the biologic drugs I am on. This is slowing me down some.  I think every day that it is getting better and then it strikes again.

SO, looking for some joy I came across Kelsa's fancy foot picture and it made me smile.  I need to smile right now.

I think Hub's will go pick up his mom today and I have been forcing myself to get things done.  Finally got her sheets changed, and I am slowly working on her room, which I should have done last night.  But instead, I slept on the sofa during the news with Kelsa on my chest. That is the way her mom found us, fast asleep. WE WERE WORN OUT FROM DOING NOTHING AND PLAYING HARD. That is my story and sticking to it I am afraid, as I have no other excuse.

Did I get any sewing done yesterday?  No, but I will today because I have to.  I wish my life could be because I want to and not because I have to. When will this fog end? I am really trying.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the eye doctor, and I need secondary cataracts zapped off my eye or eyes. I hope they can do it tomorrow and I don't have to go back. I am also baking with Lil sis tomorrow so looking forward to that. At least she will keep me going and I won't be able to slip off and just zone out.

Today I will get things done, I will get things done, I will get things done.....

I hope this works. Even Hub's has been on me about my lack of Christmas progress. Sigh.

Must do better today.

1. get coat sleeves fixed

2. hem 5 pairs pants

3. hem 5 pairs pants

4. finish mom's room

5. take plastic storage bags to garage and find someplace for them

6. get candle box put away.

7. move large amazon box out of doorway

8. find an empty plastic tote to store pictures in that I removed from drawers in mom's room

9. make up sugar cookie dough for Lil sis (or I will be in trouble)

10. go get cream for caramels.

What is wrong with me?  Well maybe I don't want to know.  Just sayin.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, December 13, 2021

Monday, Happy first day of Christmas!

It is the first day of Christmas in Sweden.  It is St. Lucia Day.  Eldest daughter called and I wished her a happy Lucia day and she in her very smart alec way, said she was going to burn and stinky goat grease candle over her head and make sure it dripped on her neck, so she could her her long dead great grandmother tell her, "Don't you dare cry, this is an honor". 
Jethelyn as St Lucia when she was about 5

 Well as usual I have procrastinated and now I am behind the 8 ball, but the funny thing is I don't really care. What gets done gets done.

Hubs and I did some shopping on Saturday and we bought a new larger rug for our family room.  I love it, and it was our Christmas present to ourselves.

We had the church Christmas party Saturday night.  It was the first one we have been able to go to for years.  As I was always in the middle of performances.  The food was plentiful but cold. I hate cold food, so did not eat much.

Sunday after church we delivered a small gift to one of Hubs friends, and then had some of our freinds bring over a Christmas bouquet of flowers.

Middle daughter was really sick last week with a flu/cold bug.  It was not covid or strep.  But she ran a fever, and lost her voice for several days. She had to be back to work this morning, and Nate has been called out every night for accidents, so he is going without sleep.  Hubs and I went up to Uniontown last evening and I made a big pot of corn chowder, with bread and muffins.  Nate came home on break and had a hot dinner.  Then we took Kelsa back with us and kept her last night.  Daughter will come and get her after work at 6. This way Nate could take Schmills to school and go back to bed and daughter got a good nights sleep uninterrupted. Now was Grandma's sleep good?  Not so much.......

Kelsa is such a joy, she is doing so many cute things like, clapping, pee a boo, kissing her babies.  It is just so sweet.  She loves the show CocoMelon and actually pays attention to it.  So cute.

I was pretty proud of myself on Friday as I did force myself to get some sewing done.  I still have plenty to do and have actually been quite busy today.  Lots of pants to hem which are easy and fast. Found out that Hubs mother is getting a ride to Kamiah tomorrow, so Hubs can pick her up there and he won't have to drive to Nampa.  Kamiah is about 75 miles from here. But I am in no way ready for her.  

I quickly stripped the bed and I have the sheets washed, but I need to clean out drawers, and really deep clean the guest room and also clean out a drawer in the bathroom for her.  As I have no baking done yet, it will be nice to have her as she can help me.  I am baking with Lil sis on Wednesday at her house and then she is coming to my house on Saturday. 

SO the plan for the day, is to get dinner cooked as Hubs has to be at the high school at 5 and then get some sewing done this evening and get mom's room really cleaned and ready for her.

I only have one Christmas gift left to buy and I believe it will be a gift card.  But the wrapping is looming and I hate wrapping presents. Maybe mom can help with that also:)

I think this is what we will bake for Christmas between mom, Lil sis and I.

1. fruit cake (mom)

2. raisin filled cookies (mom)

3. dipped apricots (Lil sis)

4.  Swedish Sour cream sugar cookies (I will make dough, Lil sis will cut out and bake)

5. Fudge with and without nuts (lil sis)

6. caramels, (me)

7. toffee (me)

6. dipped pretzels (lil sis)

7. peppa kakker (me) rolled ginger cookie

8. lemon sucre kakkor Lemon cookie

9. spritz (lil sis and I)

10. rosettes (lil sis and I)

11. krum kakker (lil sis and I)

12. lefsa ( lil sis and I)

13. kranzer filled sugar cookie (me)

There is probably something I am missing, but I will go with this for now.

We Swedes take Christmas seriously.

And yes that is cutting back by 2/3's what I used to make.

Now I have to get to work, Blah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday, White knuckle drive

 Well last night I took Oliver home and boy did I hit a storm on the Polouse with car's off the road, and trucks jack knifed. Finally saw traffic stopped right where the highway goes from 4 lane to two lane.  This place is called Rankin hill and is very steep and dangerous.  A highway patrolman was going from car to car and I asked if I should turn around and head back down.  But he said, "No, it was just one way traffic down the hill and up to prevent accidents.  So a snowplow just led each traffic line one at a time.  When I got to Moscow it was rainy and wet but not slick.  Then I turned around a came home in a blizzard.  Hit Lewiston and it was fine.

I have driven in a lot worse conditions, but I don't like driving in the dark especially with such precious cargo. We live at sea level, so when we go up the hill to the prairie, the weather conditions change dramatically.

Oliver kept my busy yesterday and I got no sewing done so today I must, must, must hit the machines.  I think I need to make a list to scare myself.  I keep thinking there is not much to do and I believe there is plenty in there.

Here are more pictures of the house. 

Our bedroom, and the tv.


 Master bath off the bedroom.  All of this Christmas stuff was my mom's and came with her when she moved in with me. She had a huge three story Older home, so she had enough to outfit both Lil sis and I.

Daughter bought me these trees,and you can put them outside, but as no one can see the yard from the street I thought I would put them in the family room.

The bottom blue plate is from Norway and I was able to get it at a second hand store for 1.99.  I added it to the other two inherited from mom. 

Now I really do have to get to work.  I want to do some Christmas baking this weekend, but I am going to cut back.  I am just not in the mood.

Sewing for the day!

1. hem two curtain panels

2. replace zipper and patch jeans

3. replace elastic in two pair pants

4. hem a pair of jeans

5. hem a pair of jeans and replace a button

6. fix a coat pocket in lining

7. patch a crotch, replace a button

8. hem a jumpsuit

9. hem 5 pairs of pants

10. alter 4 pairs of pants at waist and down legs.

11. shorten sleeves on a winter coat (ripped)

12. make a Christmas gift

13. Make a Christmas gift

14. hem a pair of pants

There are probably other things lurking in the shop that I did not even see.  So I had better get busy.

Now how to motivate myself. Kim has had the wind taken out of her sails and she needs to get her mojo back.  But taking it slow is kind of nice and peaceful and I am taking full advantage of the rest.

Are any of you baking for the Holidays?  If so what?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, decorating done

I have been so out of the groove lately that my thriftiness has taken a back seat.
Well I can't say I haven't tried as it is a fully ingrained habit by now, but my mind has definitely been else where. 

I have to say my decorating of the inside of the house is done, I may do a little outside.  I have removed the squash and the pumpkins from the front steps, they have been relegated to the back porch.  I will cut them up and cook and puree them for later uses.

We have Oliver today and he is a handful.  Hub's just took him and the dog for a walk, so maybe I can get this post done.

I do have to get into the shop today, as I have several piles to work on, nothing major or big, but enough to keep me busy for a day. I swear I spend most of my time trying to keep up with Oliver and his toys which are all over.  I still have not finished the vacuuming or the floors, but I will do that after we take him home later today.

 I thrifted the black star pillow, and bought the other black pillow at Ross, it had no price tag and was very detailed, but the clerk let me have it for a very good price.  I am still waiting for hubs to go out and get me a small tree out of the woods, and also waiting for candles from Amazon. The red and silver candles holders go on the outside tree, which will be lit on Christmas eve. The beautiful 12 days of Christmas quilt was given to me by one of the dancers parents years ago.  I treasure it.

All my hand painted Santa's are in the window.  These were done by my step sister Hedvig. She passed away from breast cancer about 15 years ago. I love them, she was so talented.

Dining room set for Christmas, of course we will have at least 8 at the table plus highchairs, but I set for four for now. Poinsettias purchased at Wal mart as they are the least expensive.

The tree. So pretty this year.  That Noel pillow purchased from Ross, it was torn on the side so I asked for 50% off.  The red, white and green doily I thrifted for $1. Daughter bought me some outdoor wooden Christmas trees, which I have not put out yet.

Lovely things, all inherited from mom. The Yule bak that brings presents. (the goat out of straw) The scary Christmas trolls I am sending to Travis this year.

Of course mom's picture and the kids hand prints go up. I did not have a nativity set, as the ones I had inherited were way too large for this house.  But Lil sis was getting rid of this one that was mom's and it is just perfect.

I did want to get some greenery and went to several stores and everyone was sold out.  Finally found a little at a second hand store. I am so lucky to have inherited almost all of my Christmas things.  Or I have been given them, or thrifted them. 

Then I ran to Lil sis's and cut loads of Holly off her female holly tree and decorated the whole house with the branches.  I love holly.  Do you try and decorate with fresh things? We used to buy a fresh tree every year until the kids all left home.  They insisted.  But after the third one went to college, we went bought a fake tree after Christmas and we have used it ever since. It is now 10 years old, and we are missing one branch.  Who knows where that got off to.  But I just turn it away, just like you do a real tree with a hole.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. cashed in my pig bank had $396.57 for the year in change.  Yoo Hoo!

2. continued saving my 5's, $2500.00 so far and 85.00 in the last two weeks.

3. Did buy the frozen shrimp for Christmas eve this week as it was 1/2 price.

4. turned in all receipts to fetch and printed out a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks for my daughter's mother in law ,who lives with her.  It will be her Christmas present.

5. Used Ibotta on a few things this last two weeks.  I have enough for a $100.00 gift card for one son -in law.  Then the other monies I will use for Christmas food.

6. Went to thrift store for some Christmas things.  Found brand new Christmas dish towels for Lil sis, and 4 sets of very expensive pot feet. They are baked ceramic and weather proof.  She has so many large plants around her pool.  These normally sell 3/$20.00 I bought 12 for $1.00 apiece.  Some nursery was going out of business. She will be thrilled.  I am also making her some king size pillow cases to match her bedroom with fabric in my stash.

7.Also thrifted a beautiful Christmas doily, some greenery, and a Blue Christmas plate from Norway. I want a trio of Scandinavian Blue Christmas plates and I only had two, but found one for $2.  What a steal.(picture tomorrow)

8. We have been eating out of the fridge all week, trying to eat down what is there.

9. all meals cooked from scratch, with foods from pantry and freezer.

10.  Cut holly from live tree to save on buying greenery.

11. Used points from Rite Aid for some stocking stuffers.

12. Used coupons at Joanns, caught them over charging and had them correct it.

13. neighbor gave us a very nice small speed bike for our grandsons when they are here.  Hub' stored it in the shed for them.

14. ordered gifts on sale 50% off from Talbots for daughter.

15. Made sister's be as frugal as I could make them when buying things for funeral.

16. bought gas at cheapest station using gas buddy.

17. bought new everyday winter boots while in Missoula, asked for a discount as Lil sis was also buying 2 pair, that was  a large sale and we got 20% off for asking.

18.Was able to find enough candles in mom's stash for all the Christmas candles and there are a lot of them.  Just had to order the small ones. I can't beleive my mom had that many candles, but she did.

I have slowed down on my money saving.  Mostly due to no steady work in the shop, and just not being able to concentrate on getting in there.  I think the wind is out of my sales for the year.  But I did really well and have my pig savings. $345.00 in fives that have not been taken to the bank.  I also have over $400.00 in my penny can, as I robbed it to get to Missoula for the funeral. I will start savings challenges over the first of the year.  I have already started saving my change for next years challenge.  Right now I need every penny for Christmas and the house taxes are due on the 20th.

Well Hub's is back with a sleeping Oliver and I have a couple of packages to mail. One to Travis, which contains, my dads wedding band with diamonds, some Christ mas trolls he loved as a child that were my mother's, some other gold jewelry pieces that were mom's for his girls, and a hideous pillow of Lil sis that keep's haunting the family.  I think it is his turn to house it. Then I need to ship a few thing to daughter that were left here, one thing being a piece of a Nativity painted by my sister Hedvig, that daughter inherited. I find it every year, it is one of the three Kings.  It is getting to her this year for sure.

Now onto Christmas baking!

Are you doing any Christmas baking?  What is your favorite thing to make?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wednesday, My pig runneth over!


Well, Schmills and I went to the coin machine yesterday and we spent about 15 minutes shoving coins into the tray.  He had so much fun.  The grand total for the year was $394.57 cents.

I traveled a lot last year.  Between vacations and then running down to Mom and Dad's every month.  I try and use cash, and this helps with the change savings.

I always come home with a coin purse full of change, when I travel anywhere. It adds up. SO that is my Christmas fun money.  Yeah!

I worked slow but steady on the house yesterday and I am getting there. I forgot how much work it is to get ready for the holidays.  Some might think it is silly but it brings me peace and as I unpack things, I remember my Heritage and my mom and dad's Christmas traditions.

I still have to go and cut holly branches and pick up a few more candy canes. Then it is just vacuuming and cleaning the floors.  Hauling boxes in and out has made a terrible mess of the floors, plus being gone, and the all the dog hair needs it weekly clean up.

Right now, there is a large stack of empty containers to take back to the garage and things to take back out to the sheds. But I am getting there.

I do need to get into the shop tomorrow and get a few things done. I ordered new little candles for the outdoor tree, and they should arrive next week.

Now let's talk cooking..... Yeah, Swedish cookies!!!!!!

But right now, I am going to vacuum.

Do any of you save your change?  When do you cash it in? What is the most you have saved?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday, Getting Kim back, and it is Pig day!

 Kelsa and I emptied my pig bank today.  I always empty it on my grandmother's birthday Dec.7.  She did not like her birthday because of Pearl Harbor, so I try to celebrate it by making it special with my yearly piggy savings.  My mom and I started to do this several years ago and it is fun to see just how much you can save.

I have almost a whole shoe box full of coins. I am waiting for Hubs or daughter or Nathan to come watch the Kelsa and Schmills and I are going down to the coin counter at my credit union to count it.

Kelsa likes to throw the change but she never puts it in her mouth thank goodness.  Coins are so dirty, we both had to wash up after playing in it.

I did start to try and get Christmas put up yesterday, which was hard as I had Schmills help for most of it. I am going to have to un decorate the tree when he leaves.  But he was so excited I just let him go with it.

Hubs has a busy week at the high school, and the kids ended up here last night, as there was a snowstorm on the Polouse.  Nate called and told daughter not to try and come up the hill as there were accidents all over and only 3 patrol men.  He was at a head on collision and was getting calls for many other accidents he could not get to.  He would be doing paperwork until 6 in the morning so he would need to sleep today. Daughter has extra scrubs and clothes here so she could get to work today.

It is hard to get anything done with Kelsa, but she is such a joy and is developing quite an attitude. Finally got her down for a nap so I could get this blog post done. 

This whole house is one big Christmas mess. Not one room is done, and I have just put a few things in every room. I cleaned both bathrooms yesterday and did manage to get the bed linens switched out.   The front room and the dining room are just a nightmare right now and they may stay that way for a while. I can only do what I can do with kids under my feet.

Daughter and I ran to a couple of stores last night and there are really no Christmas decorations left in town.  What used to be rows and rows are now a few things on a shelf.  It is weird.  But I was able to snag some candy canes for the tree. I guess I am going to have to peruse secondhand stores for the few things I want.

I told my eldest daughter today on the phone that I want to put the last 2.5 weeks behind me.  It will never really leave, but I need to move on and get my life back. I need to enjoy the Holiday and all the things that Christmas brings. I hope when I finally get the house decorated; I will feel better. Finally got the last three things ordered from Amazon.  I think the son in laws will get gift cards as they will not say what they want. I need to make a gift for my Lil sis, and pick up her present. Also have not thought of Hubs and his birthday is December 19th which makes it doubly hard.

Cheryl, at Cheryl's frugal corner posted that Christmas was 2.5 weeks away and I about panicked.  I cannot see it like that.  Where did the time go?  Well, I know where it went, but now what do I do about it? 

Here is a cute picture of a little Oliver elf.  He enjoyed playing in the snow yesterday. Boy, do we love these babies.

I opened my candle box that I keep from year to year.  Some of these candles were made by my dad over 20 years ago.  I have the hoops and pots to make more thank goodness but it was over 120 degrees here for a week last summer and it ruined all the candles.  I will be keeping any candles in the house from now on.

See the three kings candles that were hand dipped by dad.  They broke as I tried to get them apart.

What a mess.  I will save them and put them in the used wax pot for later when I decide to dip new Christmas candles.  It will not be this year.

Luckily, my mother had so many candles stored when she died, that I will probably not have to buy many. It is the little ones that fit in the tree clips that I have to replace.  I hope I can get them on Amazon, or no outdoor candles this year.

My sister's kept getting lectures from me on spending money while we were getting things ready for the funeral.  As in, "We are not spending our money and we need to be careful.  We can get that cheaper at Winco, or we could go to a thrift store to get that." So they picked up this coaster for me when they were out and about.

I loved it until I saw the back......

I had a fit that they paid $4.99 for this.  Really?  $4.99?

I know looking a gift hoarse in the mouth, but $4.99?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.