Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, decorating done

I have been so out of the groove lately that my thriftiness has taken a back seat.
Well I can't say I haven't tried as it is a fully ingrained habit by now, but my mind has definitely been else where. 

I have to say my decorating of the inside of the house is done, I may do a little outside.  I have removed the squash and the pumpkins from the front steps, they have been relegated to the back porch.  I will cut them up and cook and puree them for later uses.

We have Oliver today and he is a handful.  Hub's just took him and the dog for a walk, so maybe I can get this post done.

I do have to get into the shop today, as I have several piles to work on, nothing major or big, but enough to keep me busy for a day. I swear I spend most of my time trying to keep up with Oliver and his toys which are all over.  I still have not finished the vacuuming or the floors, but I will do that after we take him home later today.

 I thrifted the black star pillow, and bought the other black pillow at Ross, it had no price tag and was very detailed, but the clerk let me have it for a very good price.  I am still waiting for hubs to go out and get me a small tree out of the woods, and also waiting for candles from Amazon. The red and silver candles holders go on the outside tree, which will be lit on Christmas eve. The beautiful 12 days of Christmas quilt was given to me by one of the dancers parents years ago.  I treasure it.

All my hand painted Santa's are in the window.  These were done by my step sister Hedvig. She passed away from breast cancer about 15 years ago. I love them, she was so talented.

Dining room set for Christmas, of course we will have at least 8 at the table plus highchairs, but I set for four for now. Poinsettias purchased at Wal mart as they are the least expensive.

The tree. So pretty this year.  That Noel pillow purchased from Ross, it was torn on the side so I asked for 50% off.  The red, white and green doily I thrifted for $1. Daughter bought me some outdoor wooden Christmas trees, which I have not put out yet.

Lovely things, all inherited from mom. The Yule bak that brings presents. (the goat out of straw) The scary Christmas trolls I am sending to Travis this year.

Of course mom's picture and the kids hand prints go up. I did not have a nativity set, as the ones I had inherited were way too large for this house.  But Lil sis was getting rid of this one that was mom's and it is just perfect.

I did want to get some greenery and went to several stores and everyone was sold out.  Finally found a little at a second hand store. I am so lucky to have inherited almost all of my Christmas things.  Or I have been given them, or thrifted them. 

Then I ran to Lil sis's and cut loads of Holly off her female holly tree and decorated the whole house with the branches.  I love holly.  Do you try and decorate with fresh things? We used to buy a fresh tree every year until the kids all left home.  They insisted.  But after the third one went to college, we went bought a fake tree after Christmas and we have used it ever since. It is now 10 years old, and we are missing one branch.  Who knows where that got off to.  But I just turn it away, just like you do a real tree with a hole.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. cashed in my pig bank had $396.57 for the year in change.  Yoo Hoo!

2. continued saving my 5's, $2500.00 so far and 85.00 in the last two weeks.

3. Did buy the frozen shrimp for Christmas eve this week as it was 1/2 price.

4. turned in all receipts to fetch and printed out a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks for my daughter's mother in law ,who lives with her.  It will be her Christmas present.

5. Used Ibotta on a few things this last two weeks.  I have enough for a $100.00 gift card for one son -in law.  Then the other monies I will use for Christmas food.

6. Went to thrift store for some Christmas things.  Found brand new Christmas dish towels for Lil sis, and 4 sets of very expensive pot feet. They are baked ceramic and weather proof.  She has so many large plants around her pool.  These normally sell 3/$20.00 I bought 12 for $1.00 apiece.  Some nursery was going out of business. She will be thrilled.  I am also making her some king size pillow cases to match her bedroom with fabric in my stash.

7.Also thrifted a beautiful Christmas doily, some greenery, and a Blue Christmas plate from Norway. I want a trio of Scandinavian Blue Christmas plates and I only had two, but found one for $2.  What a steal.(picture tomorrow)

8. We have been eating out of the fridge all week, trying to eat down what is there.

9. all meals cooked from scratch, with foods from pantry and freezer.

10.  Cut holly from live tree to save on buying greenery.

11. Used points from Rite Aid for some stocking stuffers.

12. Used coupons at Joanns, caught them over charging and had them correct it.

13. neighbor gave us a very nice small speed bike for our grandsons when they are here.  Hub' stored it in the shed for them.

14. ordered gifts on sale 50% off from Talbots for daughter.

15. Made sister's be as frugal as I could make them when buying things for funeral.

16. bought gas at cheapest station using gas buddy.

17. bought new everyday winter boots while in Missoula, asked for a discount as Lil sis was also buying 2 pair, that was  a large sale and we got 20% off for asking.

18.Was able to find enough candles in mom's stash for all the Christmas candles and there are a lot of them.  Just had to order the small ones. I can't beleive my mom had that many candles, but she did.

I have slowed down on my money saving.  Mostly due to no steady work in the shop, and just not being able to concentrate on getting in there.  I think the wind is out of my sales for the year.  But I did really well and have my pig savings. $345.00 in fives that have not been taken to the bank.  I also have over $400.00 in my penny can, as I robbed it to get to Missoula for the funeral. I will start savings challenges over the first of the year.  I have already started saving my change for next years challenge.  Right now I need every penny for Christmas and the house taxes are due on the 20th.

Well Hub's is back with a sleeping Oliver and I have a couple of packages to mail. One to Travis, which contains, my dads wedding band with diamonds, some Christ mas trolls he loved as a child that were my mother's, some other gold jewelry pieces that were mom's for his girls, and a hideous pillow of Lil sis that keep's haunting the family.  I think it is his turn to house it. Then I need to ship a few thing to daughter that were left here, one thing being a piece of a Nativity painted by my sister Hedvig, that daughter inherited. I find it every year, it is one of the three Kings.  It is getting to her this year for sure.

Now onto Christmas baking!

Are you doing any Christmas baking?  What is your favorite thing to make?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Your home looks just lovely. I like everything about it!!!!!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, it is bringing me peace right now.

  2. So very pretty Kim. Sit back a moment and enjoy your hard work.

  3. Everything looks so lovely. Sit back and enjoy the magic of the season.

  4. Everything is lovely. Enjoy it my friend.

  5. Your home is beautiful, welcoming and festive. Be good to yourself and enjoy the holidays.

  6. So lovely & festive! I'm inspired. I particularly love the handmade 12 days of Christmas pillow that you got from a dancer's parent. Wow.