Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday, So what I hope happens today!

     Well between Lil sis, myself and Hubs we took 4 loads to the new house.  The garage which was full of boxes is now empty except for about 7 food storage containers full of wheat, and all of Hubs tools. We used my SUV with the seats down, and Lil sis's SUV with her seats down, and Hubs pickup. It was amazing how much we got done.

     We also emptied my large food pantry that was down stairs in the laundry room.  We were not able to get into the new place until after 2 p.m. but we still got so much done.  We were very tired and dirty.

     Tomorrow morning we have a friend with a truck, another with a truck and flatbed trailer, our truck, 6 missionaries and a few assorted older boys from our church all coming at 9 to help us move. I will call U-haul tomorrow and cancel the truck for Tuesday as with the trailer we won't need to rent it.  That is nice.

    While we were moving food storage I found three buckets that were cracked so that was a good thing.  We can replace them and not lose the food or have bugs get in it. I am a little afraid that this house is too small.  But I will make do.  We just have so much stuff.  We have lost a bedroom, and a bathroom, plus we had two fireplace mantels to display things and we had a front hall closet and a couple more smaller closets in our hall.  We also had built ins in the front room for display.  I will have to be very ruthless and  downsize many pieces.  I have several things of my mothers that I kept and I will have to get rid of some of them.

     One thing we did gain was a two car garage and a large storage shed that can hold so many of the things we had in our one car garage.  Plus we have another smaller shed close to the house for all of the lawn equipment.

     We have a full storage unit that is about 1/2 the size of a bedroom full of things we have not looked at in a couple of months.  Mostly Christmas and decorations, and china and just Stuff.  I think we are going to be shocked by what we find in there.  We started storing things right after Christmas for this move and we have forgotten what we put in the unit. It will be interesting.  I foresee many items going on craiglist.

     I was able to finish another $1000.00 chart yesterday, but can't figure out how to download pictures on this new i phone.  So that picture will have to wait until  I have time to figure it out.  I printed out a big old list of things I have to get done tomorrow having to do with the move and am wondering why I did not do some of these earlier.  Like have addresses changed, have a new internet server hooked up.

     I don't know when I will be up and running again, but I will try and keep things posted  even if it is a short blurb through my phone.  By this time tomorrow night we should be in our new house.  We actually sign the papers on Tuesday at 10 am.

     I am exhausted, still no baby.  I think I will have to go up to Moscow and have a talk with B's stomach.  "Your Grandma wants you out!"

     I can't wait to take pictures of what I can get accomplished.  I at least want the beds set up and some of the shelving on the walls before I let the crew go home.  Our nephew will come and put our tv's up for us later this week.  We also have to buy a new dryer.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday, All is well, I think...

     Well yesterday did not turn out to be the fiasco I thought it would.  After posting I realized I was not responsible for the world (I really am not) and I was at the mercy of the people we were buying from.  We cannot up our timeline without their permission.  So I calmed down and just let things fall as they may.

     The piano mover was late of course, but I loaded 4 violins and all the music stands, a trombone and the dulcimer and the cello into my car along with assorted music racks and headed up to the new house as they had given us permission to move these in early.  Our bass violin is at the High school right now so I did not have to move that monster.  The owners were very gracious and even allowed my sister and I to move in our new family room furniture.

     As this house is much smaller, we could not take much of our over sized and very old and scuzzy family room things.  I gave them away and really they were not that bad, just very loved. As I was waiting for our new cell phones to be activated I walked across the shopping lot and went into Pier one to kill time.  They are going out of business and I never shop there as I don't need the crap and it is over priced.

      Now lil sis and I have been perusing  wayfair and discount shopping sites for new furniture, knowing that we would have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to come in, and I was just going to put the good living room furniture in the family room for now.  That would just leave a table and a couple of chairs in the music room.   But no big deal other than to keep Hubs from eating on the good furniture.  He shakes so bad sometimes he can be a little sloppy.  So I told him towels have to go down if he insists on eating something on the good furniture, until we get something for the family room.

     Okay where was this story going?  Oh yeah, Kim at Pier one.  Well the very couch I was going to buy on Wayfair was at Pier one 50% off making it less that the one I was going to buy.  It also was all slip covered so it could be pulled off and washed a plus with hubs.  I quickly called Lil sis and told her to meet me there after work and we were able to do the entire room for a great deal less than I was going to spend ordering online.  The only problem was we had to pick up in 24 hours. 

     This added to the chaos of the day.  But after talking to the owners of our new house, they agreed to let us put the furniture into the family room.  I explained what was going on with our buyers and they agreed we can start moving in late Sunday afternoon.  Our buyers and us will be passing like ships in the night in this house tomorrow about 9 a.m.    So our goal today is to have our garage empty and all the boxes that are in there are light enough for any of us to carry.  Then it is just the big stuff tomorrow and we can get a crew from the church to help.  We still have possession by contract on our side until August 15th, but we will be as workable as possible. I do not have to solve everyone's problems, which for some reason Kim thinks she has to do.  I will do what I can and I am not going to overly stress, it is out of my hands.

     It is weird to think that I am really moving.  Like this is real folks.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday, DO not answer the phone....

Deep breath.  The realtor just called and asked if we could be out on Monday rather than Tuesday when I have booked the moving van.  So we are now scrambling to figure things out.

I could be a witch and say no, but the people buying our house with three small children are being forced out of their place by a lawyer.  This is what happens when you sell to a wealthy person sight unseen through a lawyer there is no human contact making things much more difficult.

The piano mover will be here in an hour and I am going to go and talk to the people we are buying our house from and see when we can possible start moving things into their/our place.  What a nightmare.  We at least have a place to go.  I guess all I can do is talk to them and see what they need/want.

I have a little hand work left to do on a wedding dress that will be picked up today, and I was up really early today just from nerves.

Will report more tomorrow on this moving debacle.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday, When it rains.....

     You know I really don't need any extra stress in my life right now.  So both Hubs and my cell phones go in the fritz within 24 hours of each other.  Apparently these phones that are 2 years and 7 months old are not supposed to last that long.  Or in other words you need a trade in, or they cannot be charged with your cord any more but this new expensive device we can sell you.  So in reality your phone may cost you 45.00 a month to run but if you factor in the cost every two years of an upgrade (which we NEVER do) your phone actually can cost you 100.000 a month times 2.  What a crock.  Like I need this crap right now.

     Actually many people are trying to get a hold of me.  Piano movers, realtors, brides, and people coming to get furniture we are selling!  Plus hubs has duties at the local high school that are important and they had to drive to our place to get a hold of him.  I have a bride coming from out of town this morning and after her appointment we are heading for the cell phone store.

     I spent my time at D#2's packing, packing, like I have not done enough here.  I had son in law bring in a large tall ladder and I pulled everything off her walls and above her cupboards.  She has a huge house with a lot of overhead decor space. I packed over 20 boxes and took them to the garage.  I also cleaned two ceiling fans that were a story and a half up. I cleaned out and organized all of her kitchen drawers including 4 junk drawers.  Who has 4 junk drawers?  People with too much room that is who.  As I got up yesterday and my phone did not work, I had nothing to play on and waste time with, (note to self: Cell phones waste your time) I did a lot of deep cleaning.  I did two bathrooms, and changed the sheets and made beds and cleaned bedrooms, and did three loads of laundry.  Their realtor is coming today to take pictures, so I felt that at least they can do this now by just moving things back and forth, for good photos.

     Brides are getting on my nerves I have had a couple of ding a lings.  One had a dress that was too big and had to be taken in about 4 inches all the way down the dress on both sides.  Which is tearing out three layers just for the under linings not to mention the lace top which took a hour to rip.  So I get that done and call her as we need to redo the neck line and the dress had to ft first.  Well she is 14 weeks pregnant and does not know now if they are going to get married before or after, so could I leave room for her to get larger?  Uhm....I just took  all four layers in to fit you now.  SO sure but you are going to pay for it.  I threw the darn thing back in her bag and I am not going to touch it until she calls.  What a bunch of BS.  I might just charge her for an unfinished dress and tell her to bring it back when she knows what she wants.  GRRRR.

     Another bride whose dress has been done for over two weeks and has missed three appointments with me of course is trying to call while my phone is down.  She also stopped by and no one was home.  Well that was because you missed your appointment on Monday and I am going out of town for a couple of days.  Then when my cell goes down (which was not anyone's fault) she starts to panic as her wedding day is Augsut 28th.  So she starts calling older people in my church a contact she made through her grandparents and they are upset with me and she makes me look like a bad business person, which is not true.  When I got home last night at 9:37 I called her from another phone.  I also called her grandfather and kindly explained that three appointments for pick up have been missed.  She is supposedly coming on Saturday, but I will believe it when I see it.

     So I am back from the cell phone company.  I am so thankful for my computer engineering degree and the fact that Hubs started a masters in commuter engineering (he did not finish) because I was able to explain to the techs, (who knew darn well) that we thought there was a kill switch in these phones.  They denied it and talked in circles, but we left with brand new I phones  latest  edition at no charge.  Gee how did that happen?  They even gave us all of the gear (screen protectors, cases, extra double chargers ) but could we let them have our phones in exchange?  Yeah sure because if we still have them we can prove there is a kill mechanism in them.  So they need to cover up the evidence.  I tried to stay really calm during all of this as my left wrist has some of the bones that are swollen and it is going immobile.  Funny how a little tiny bone can stove up an entire joint.  Stress makes my RA worse and getting upset as in angry does not help.

     So lets get this move on the road shall we? Packing and cleaning, two of my favorite things to do.  I have one little sewing project a pair of pants to hem and then I am getting my packing gear on.

     I will survive, I swear I will.

Baby update: still working  and contracting but not steady, don't worry it will come on the busiest moving day, don't worry #2 I do not have to be there, but I will get the Shcmills delivered to me.  I cannot do labor with my girls as I had such horrible deliveries, and I go into a Shirly Mcclain, Debra Winger, terms of endearment episode, leading to my arrest. This is what happens when you have a professional dance background and very strong center and you labor for three days then go from 4 to 10 in one contraction and only push twice.   You cannot have any meds until 5 and 10 it is too late.  So let's just say I have no patience with medical people and their machines.  By the time I had #4 I was smarter and much meaner.  Still no meds.  No bitterness here none at all......

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday, chicken house is here!

    Why is this woman smiling?  Or is that a grimace?

     Yesterday was full of texts and phone calls and computer time getting things listed to sell or give away.  We actually had some one come and get our old leather sofa and our two old end tables last night.  I still have this old desk and hutch and a large recliner and a file cabinet to get rid of, but everything has been claimed just need to get picked up.

     The piano will be moved on Saturday at 10:00, got that solidified yesterday.  That will be a big weight off my shoulders when it is in it's new home.
     The one wedding dress I finished yesterday belongs to a client who lives in Spokane.  As I am driving there I will just take the dress up and fit it at my daughters, so the client does not have to make a special trip down here.  I still have another that needs a try on and I will work on that today.

     Trying to get out of town about 6 this evening.  So I have many little honey do jobs I want to get done before I go.

     Last night we had dinner almost completely out of the garden. Hubs came in with 4 ears of sweet corn.  It was so good. Then I made eggroll in a bowl with onions, cabbage, squash from the garden.

      I was hoping to get the new chicken house put together before we moved and just move it over in the truck, but it looks like Hubs has different ideas.
I will let him call the shots on this one.  He doesn't read schematics very well so I can't let him do it alone.  He will break something or mess it up.

     The shop has been busy today, non stop drop off and pick up, which is fine.  I am going to run to the bank later and just get some laundry caught up and little chores done that will keep me from stressing while I am gone.

     B had yesterday off and today and has contractions off and on but no pain.  So she is going to go into work as usual tomorrow.  Which I agree on, there is no use sitting around waiting for every little twinge.  When she goes into labor she will know it. Her plant is close to the hospital if things get fast and furious.  Her husband is only about 10 minutes away.  Waiting is the worst part. Especially when you are big and tired and hot.

     Hubs is going to pull the beans today as the heat is taking them out.  I am ashamed of the yard right now, so many weeds in the beds and I just do not have time to deal with them.  To much to do moving and running back and forth to Spokane.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, July 20, 2020

     This sums it up exactly and there is still so much to do.  But I am facing today  and telling myself it is a good day and I have the energy to get things done.

     Yesterday was mostly resting, although we did take a long walk about 7 in the evening.  Other than that it was napping which I really needed.

     B went to the hospital and was told to expect baby within the week. What I want is a schedule that works with mine.  Do you think I can convince babe to co operate?

     You know it is one thing to have the stress of moving out of a place you have lived in for 21 years and then add babies, perhaps coming and having to meet the needs of children and a shop, it is a little too much.  I just keep telling myself one day at a time.  Things are getting done.  It will be okay.

     So today I am going to (if it kills me):

1. get piano move scheduled.  This involves the mover and the owner of the house we are buying.
2. check with bank on check clearing  NO NOT YET
3. call Sis and ask to borrow money, Just in case, I will give it right back
4. get family room cleaned (how many days have I had this on the list?) and take pictures for face book market place.
5. alter a wedding dress call for fitting
6. alter another wedding dress call for fitting
7. shorten the sleeves on two shirts
8. pack front room knick knacks
9. pack our room things we don't need to use in the next week
10. pack linen closet
11. sew on patches
     As I will be leaving to drive to Spokane Tuesday evening, I want all the extra packing done and moved to the garage before I go.  The only things left in the house will be larger furniture.

This is going to be a busy day, but I think I can do it.  If I can get the sewing done I can surely finish up this crap tomorrow.

 I picked a large cabbage, eggplant, peppers,two kinds of squash from garden and I am going to do eggroll in a bowl along with a cloeslaw for dinner.  Yum!

Remember that saying from the 70's, "Keep on trucking", add heavy sigh here.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday, I am so tired.

 Yesterday, I cleaned and packed and packed and packed.  D#2, her husband and Schmills came down.  She helped with vacuuming and cleaning moms bath.  Even though she is huge pregnant.  They all arrived about noon and I had hot enchiladas ready for them.  We had a good lunch and then started to get things done.

  Lil sis came over and helped me pack up the Kitchen.  She was over whelmed with all my kitchen gear. But I like to cook and I do cook a lot. 

     Schmills told his mother he wanted me to make him breakfast because I make everything.  This morning we had overnight waffles, and eggs and bacon with fresh strawberries, blueberries and whip cream.   Now I can pack the electric skillet and the waffles iron.  It was weird cooking with only a few plates and then I had no juice glasses as they were packed.

     We got so much done yesterday, but today I will take it a little easier, as I am really tired.  In fact after this post I think I will lay down for a few hours.

     I am going to run up to Spokane Tuesday night to watch the Schmills.  We received a call from B  and she is spotting a little so Oliver could be here any day.  Crazy.  Our oldest might lose her full time live in day care as another baby was born yesterday and her mother in law will be leaving for Delaware, so we will go get the boys maybe?  We could end up with all three if B goes into labor.  D#2 will be in the delivery room with B.  That will be our luck.  Trying to move and three boys to watch at the same time.  Luckily they are all old enough to stay out of the way.

     I need a nap.  Just thinking about the above makes me tired.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday, Did as much as I could

     Why is this woman smiling?  I mean really?  Like this is so much fun. NOT!

     I did not get any cleaning done yesterday,but sure did get a lot of moving things done.  I just ran out of time.

     I did spend a lot of time in the shop that I had not planned on, but was able to get so much moved out.

     I am going up to make a large pan of chicken enchiladas so I have something for dinner for the kids, when they come. I took shredded chicken out of the freezer, so it will be fast and easy.

     So today I will clean all three bathrooms first thing and then start packing up the living room and our bedroom cupboards.  Li sis is going to come and help me pack up the kitchen.  I will leave enough for necessary cooking and eating, but I do not need pie plates and bread pans right now.

     We will be moving in about 11-12 days, it is coming fast. Even though I have been working on this it looks like nothing is done.  SO much work.  I will just keep plugging along.

Lets make a list:

1. brush teeth
2. brush hair/makeup I have been scaring the neighbors
3. hang a load of wet clothes
4. clean our bathroom
5. clean spare bath
6. clean mom's bath
7. pack up living room
8. pack up our room
9. pack linen closet
10. call Lil sis and pack up kitchen
11. clean all the floors upstairs
12. clean and vacuum family room and pack things there
13. make enchiladas

Okay if I get half this done I will be lucky.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday, so much to tell you!

     My of My are things happening around here.   Our money is in, but they say they might have to hold onto a check for 10 business days which would put us over our closing date.  So I called the realtor and she calmed me down.  As our contract is for closing on August 15th, we are doing our buyers a favor by trying to close early, if they truly hold the check that long and she thinks that will in no way happen we have the contract on our side.  Okay will quit worrying about that.

     Schmills and his parents are due down tomorrow to pick up some things form this house.  Of course any chance to see the Schmills makes for a good time.  D#2 called this morning to tell us that her Husband received a much desired transfer to Pullman Washington which is only 6 miles from Moscow, Idaho.  So both the two younger girls will be only 28 miles away!  With both of them expecting babies in the next 30 days and us doing a move things are a little crazy here.  Son in law has to show up for work on the 24th of September, so a month after they will deliver our granddaughter.  We are going to be busy folks.

   We are all thrilled about this as B's baby (due in less than three weeks) will have a sitter close by.    D#3 (B)has been checking into day care for little Oliver for two days a week when she goes back to work.  It will be over $600.00 a month.  Now that D#2 is there Oliver will have a sitter.  Hubs and I can come up also as it is just a 20 minute drive.  B's schedule changes but is not flexible. D#2 has a flexible schedule and she can decide when to work and when not to, so she can watch Oliver along with her newborn.  Also the houses they are looking at in Pullman are just a few minutes away from where B works, so she can run over and nurse her baby.  Things are just working out.

     The work load for our move and D#2'a move will be staggering, but when have I ever shirked from work?  Well I will tell you.... Yesterday I did not do as much as I would have liked.  But I had only slept a couple of hours the night before and I was dragging.  I did get the last bridesmaid dress done and did some work on the additional two wedding dresses, but no cleaning or packing.

     Today I have decided not to do any sewing, but just cleaning and some packing.  All of my spare time (which I have had very little of) has been focused on the move.  In the mean time the house gets covered in dog hair and muck.  I need to stop and just clean house today and then start some packing.  I would like to start taking things into the garage, but I will check with hubs first.

     As you can see I can't sew because my cat wants to sit in my chair today.  This is my excuse and I think it is a good one.  The dog is also in the doorway so what can I do?

well I can:

1. clean the shop
2. pack up family room and clean
3. empty mom's room closet
4. take all boxes from mom's bath to garage and clean
5. take all boxes from dining room to garage
6. take all boxes from guest bath to garage and clean
7. change sheets on guest room and take all boxes to garage
8. start some laundry and put laundry away that is on the line and in baskets
9. pack up extras in our room and take to garage
10. clean and vacuum all upstairs floors they are disgusting with dog and cat fur.
11. pack up knick nacks in front room and cupboards in front room.
12. scrub living room couch arms. Hubs has mucked up one side.
13. pack up all extras in shop move to garage
14.empty under stairs to garage

I think that is enough for today, let's see just what I can get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday, Moving ahead

     Well I was able to pack up the spare bath and the spare room last night.  Hubs packed up his shoes and emptied out two of his drawers.  We only have one dresser and I used four drawers that are in our bathroom for some of my clothes.  As we can't take the drawers with us I told hubs he needs to downsize his stuff.  Hubs is a terrible saver and I am a thrower awayer.   He cannot have three junk drawers in the new place.  Sorry you have to downsize your crap.

     We met with our financial advisor yesterday and they are going to put some funds direct deposit into our checking account.  I also checked another account on line and our loan has been approved through another retirement account.  Now we just have to wait for funds.  This is nerve racking, I don't think I will sleep well until I know the money is in the bank.

     We have decided on a piano mover now just have to pick a day next week that we can do that.  I also have to get online and order a new chicken coop kit.  The new owners of our house want our coop.  I want that put together before we move.

     I was really proud of myself yesterday, I was able to really pump out the sewing.  All I have left to do is get a bridesmaid dress done and two more wedding dresses. There are 5 wedding dresses in the shop right now, but three should be gone before we move. I am hoping after getting the two done that are due out this month I can just concentrate on the move and not have to do any more sewing unless it is something fast and easy like hemming.

     So today's list:

1. hem bridesmaid dress
2. hem and alter wedding dress call for fitting
3. alter wedding dress call for fitting
4. clean up shop
5. pack several drawers and cup boards in our master bath
6. call todd about fixing something
7. order a chicken coop
8. call graphic artist about new signage

I just picked eggplant, yellow squash,tomatoes,from the garden.  We are having some kind of stir fry with chicken for dinner.  I also need to pick beans again.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wednesday, still MOVING forward.

     I will have a new theme on this blog until I move and then maybe after the move.  A body drowning in life....

     We have been picking up boxes free, at the liquor store and if you go to staples you can buy the used paper boxes with the great lids for $1 a piece so I check every day.

     Last night I packed the dining room.  All of the china and silver is packed and ready to go.  Tonight it will be the spare room and spare bath.

     I had decided to leave all boxes in respective rooms, but hubs wants to take everything that we can possible carry to the garage so when the church comes to help we can just load up  and have them then help move the large stuff.

     I was so happy to deliver those darn boat curtains.  Today I am attacking the piles in my shop.

1. replace zipper
2. replace zipper
3. hem suit pants
4. hem dress pants
5.fix shorts
6. put darts in pants
7. hem bridesmaid dress
8. alter the pile, two dresses take in and hem, hem pants, mend two items
9. hem a pair of pants for Hubs
10. Hem a pair of pants for nephew

     My fitbit that I live by decided to crap out yesterday, I don't know why.  So I went up to Hubs cousin's sons place and had him help me get the darn thing back on line.  I am telling you we are so grateful for these two young people.  They are our kids age and we really rely on them for so many things.  They are just so much help to us.  Our own kids are great but they don't live in town. We love to spoil them and their 4 boys, but I often feel that we just don't do enough for them.  They are just such a great comfort to me in so many ways.

     We are still waiting on monies, but it looks like some of it is on it's way, that is a small comfort.  This house buying  is not for the faint hearted let me tell you. Hubs just went out an pulled a birdhouse off one of our large pines.  He wants to take it with us.  I went to look at a birdhouse my great uncle made me and it has a family in it so I will have to leave it and ask the new owners if I can come back and get it later.  I also will want to come back and get Franka's tulip bulbs this fall.  I have moved those and planted them now for 34 years.  But they have to be  transplanted in the fall.I was given several pots of red tulips when she died.  We planted many around her head stone, and then I took some with me from Montana.  They have lived in Idaho, Wyoming and at all three houses we have lived in here and now they will travel to a new place.  Just a reminder of her in the spring.

     We will not have a fireplace where we move and we have two here.  So I have fire tools, and wood holders, ash buckets, do I just leave them? or sell them?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tuesday, moving frustrations

     I am so happy I check and double check things.  Yesterday two of my first goals were to find a piano mover.  Which we did but it was about twice what I thought it would be.  We also went and checked with the sellers of the house to make sure we could place the piano before closing. We got their names and phone numbers. So other than the cost that was easy.  I also have another piano mover coming today to give me a bid.

     Now I check with the company that I am getting the money from.  We faxed all of our application on Friday but too late to inquire that all was well.  When you call you are put on hold and then into a cue and they call you back.  Then I talk and they have to talk to Hubs who does not or cannot comprehend anything and then back to me even though I explain that he is hard of hearing and he does not comprehend quickly.  (his meds for his tremors slow the brain although he is a brilliant man)
Come to find out his social security # on the first page of our app is wrong.  We must re fax everything thus losing another 4 days of our time.  I am beside myself with fear and frustration.

     Finally about 4 in the afternoon we get an email saying our app is in and they will contact us in the next week.  Realize we need this in two weeks.  I am so full of panic over this.  We have the money sitting there just cannot access it with out a hundred things going wrong.  I just have to have faith.

     I did get those vile curtains done yesterday and this morning I am going to attach velcro and take them over to my neighbor.  I will be glad that project is out of the shop!  I loath curtains.

     Hubby and I did get in a long walk and I was able to pack up moms bath.  Tonight I  plan on packing all the china and stem ware in the dining room, so that will be done.  I am just leaving everything in the rooms so when the movers come to help it is labeled and moved into the appropriate room.  We are leaving a sofa, chair, desk, and cabinet, so I need to get on facebook market place and get rid of those things.

     Just so much to think about and so many details.  I can do this.  I keep telling myself.

     We cannot get to Hubs parents house or to south Idaho right now unless we travel way out of our way, because of a rock slide.  This road is constantly shifting.  This is a picture of Idaho loose gravel.  It is hard to live in a state where there are so few roads and highways.  We can get cut off and isolated pretty easy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday, Get her done!

     Now that the garage is done, I need to focus on other things for the move.  What do I need to do next?  When you think that we might close as early as the 28th  that is a little over two weeks away!  Yikes!

     So right after this post I am going to check on the status of our money.  The paper work was faxed last Friday afternoon.   I also need to call piano movers.  The people we are buying the house from said we could move the piano in any time, which was nice of them. Those are two things that do not involve any physical work on my part.

     Then there is the question of the shop.  I really want everything I can possibly do done before we move .  That means I really have to get busy this week.   Not that I have been sitting on my butt lately.  I have been turning out the work. But today I am going to really look at how to finish up as much as possible by the end of the week.

     I also will pack up something every day this week. I have boxes, and tape and bubble wrap so I have no excuse not to get something done in the evenings.

     Hubs just came downstairs and his pants are so big he looks like a clown.  We have to get him some new pants today.  I have taken darts in his pants but  that is not going to work any more.  He needs at least two new pair and a new belt. We will mask up and get up to the sports store some time today.

  So here is the list:

1. laundry get a couple of loads done and over to Lil sis's to dry
2. get Hubs to store for pants
3. call piano movers
4. check money status.
5. sew curtains for neighbor
6. alter many little items that have come in lately
7. alter the one pile that is left
8. alter another wedding dress and call client
9. pack at least one bathroom or china in dining room

 This thing is getting real.... scary.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sunday, I over did it

     I did not sleep well Friday night and we stated to clean the garage about 11:00.  It was due to be 95 today but we would be in the shade of the garage so I was not worried.  It was dusty awful spidery work.  I knew it would be.  We cleaned all the walls and the ceiling and vacuumed every nook and crannie.  I wiped down everything I could get my hands on and sorted out another pile for our handyman.  we gave away two dressers that were outside and have truckload to go to the dump.

     I worked hard until about 4 as I had the missionaries coming for a bbq.   I did not realize that I had forgotten to eat as I was drinking water all day long. When I got inside I ran a quick bath and jumped in then had to dry my hair and set it.  All of this was hot and I was hot and sweaty anyway.  In fact my hair looked like I had washed it before I got in the tub .  It was soaked from sweat.  I started to feel woozy and light headed and then I had an attack of diarrhea (TMA) and the dry heaves.  So I laid down.  My face was bright red Like I had sunburned myself.  I was not able to make a homemade shortcake I had planned to put in the oven while we ate.  I barely had the energy to eat.  Hubs had to do most of the work.  I felt bad.  But I think it was a touch of heat sickness.

     Still am not feeling my best.  Just too much hard work in the heat.  I cooked a nice breakfast but did not enjoy eating it.  I just want to lay down.  Last night I had a hard time sleeping even though I was exhausted.

     We did get the garage nice and clean and things are organized for our move.  I have all the paint for the different rooms labeled and any tile or extras needed for replacements in a box for the new owners.  This is starting o become real my friends.

     Hubs and I are going to watch some church on TV and then I think I will take a nap.  I need one.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday, Wear a mask!

     I hate to be controversial, but when you go out in public wear a mask.  If you go to the grocer, wear a mask. If you have to meet with any stranger other than your own immediate family wear a mask.  Are we all so selfish and stupid that we have to be ordered to do this?  And when we are, do we have to argue and refuse because our rights have been violated?  Come on people this crap is dangerous and  spreading, be kind and polite, just wear a mask.  Okay there I have said it now let's see what happens.

     We have masks in both of our vehicles and I carry one in my purse and Hubs has one in his pocket at all times.  You are not keeping yourself from getting the virus so much as protecting others.  You do get some protection, as this virus is airborne.

    Hub's and I are cleaning the garage today, so this will be exciting.  The garage is kind of his domain.  Full of tools he never uses anymore.  Nuts and bolts and jars of things that need to sorted and passed on.  I wonder how much he will be willing to donate?

     We have 6 missionaries coming over at 5 for a barbecue, so we have to get the back deck cleaned up.  We have not put that area back together since the painter finished the house.It is a mess.

     Lil sis is going out on a friends boat today I sure wish I was with her as it is going to be hot today.

At least I will be some what outside.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday, Covid rising in Idaho.

     I just had my eldest daughter call me and her Head prosecutor's son just tested positive for covid.  The prosecutor did not.  This sent one of the male prosecutors home as his wife has been hospitalized twice this year with asthma and she is at very high risk.  I hate that my daughter has to be around this.  Even with masks and disinfectants, she is subjected to a very low class of people, plus all the police and deputies.

     Our second daughter is a registered hygienist, with anesthetist license, she told us they are always working in a terribly unsafe environment with peoples mouths, so they are used to staying safe, but now they know that covid can come through the eyes, so it is very important that all wear masks.  If you are a carrier your mask will help protect other people. I will be glad when she is off the surgery circuit, she has about a month to go and then will take leave to have her baby. Her husband is an officer and wears a face shield at al times, but is also exposed like our oldest daughter to some not so smart people on a daily basis.

     Needless to say I just went to the grocery store with my sunglasses on, not really fun, but with out a face shield I don't know what else to do. 

     Our B is at a plant where they are social distancing and there are only 2 people on shift at one time and they even have to eat in different break rooms.  I am not so worried about her and she is due in less than 3 weeks.  Her husband works at a fish hatchery experiment station and is alone most times and then with a mask when anyone else is at the station.  As long as the fish don't get it....

     Hubs was weeding the garden yesterday and found two Japanese eggplant and a yellow squash ready to pick.  We had roasted eggplant, squash and green beans for dinner last night so good.  I picked a huge bag of salad greens again and washed and put them in a large zip lock bag.  That way we can just grab a handful when we want a salad.

     Our realtor called and said that the people buying our house and the people selling want to close earlier, but we cannot give any answer as we need to get our money lined up and are at the mercy of our investment places.  I guess I am not going to worry about it but I can't think that we could possible do any thing for at least two weeks.

     As we are just living one day at a time here and my goal today is to get some boxes some where.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday, only 4 more wedding dresses

     Right now I have two wedding dresses ready to go out and 3 more to do and I hope it stays that way. I did have another come in this morning but it is a simple alteration, not done correctly by another place, I can have in done in a few minutes.There are two bridesmaid dresses to get done today and then I am onto a couple of piles of alterations.  There are some boat curtains staring at me and you all know how I hate to do curtains. But I will for my elderly neighbor.  I am such a putz.

     I wanted to get something done on my moving list yesterday, but took a long walk instead and ended up coming home about 8:30 and vegging on the couch.  What I really need to do is gather some boxes and then once they are packed where do I put them? I guess I could put them in mom's room as it is large and not being used.

     After this post I am going out to pick green beans again, hubs wants to pick all the large onions and I don't want him to, but we will see who wins this argument.

     Does anyone else have trouble with adds covering their content?  When I see this I report it but it doesn't seem to resolve itself.

     Hubs is down to 201.1 lbs now, he has lost 33 lbs since covid started and his clothes are starting to hang on him.  This intermittent fasting diet  is really working well, plus they have taken diabetes off his health records.  He cannot eat after dinner which we have about 5. Then he cannot eat until noon the next day.  Once in while he will have some nuts, or a small dish of no sugar added ice cream in the evening.  Lunch will be a protein of some kind, like eggs, or tuna, or meat with raw veggies, or a salad.  At night I cook some kind of meat, and add a vegetable or two and a large salad.  Sometimes I will add 1/2 an avocado.   So basically it is low carb.  I do treat him once a week to a free meal, with pancakes, or potatoes, maybe corn, pasta, or rice.  But we keep this to once a week and he has just dropped weight like crazy.  I on the other hand am sneaking chocolate and candy when ever I can.....

     Yes I am that kind of wife:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday, Still sewing

     I was pleased with myself yesterday, getting a little vacuuming done around here, so I didn't feel like I was tracking in or out. I actually found a couple of pieces of wedding dress fluff upstairs, probably carried on someones shoe or one of the animals paws.  There was so much wedding fluff all over the family room where I do my hand work.

     Hubs actually started to clean out the shed and took a load of old skis whose binding were broken to the dump.  I ran up to the storage place and cancelled the larger unit.  They will take what I paid and put it toward the smaller one so that was nice. One more thing off the list.

     Hubs and I are going to pull everything out of the garage on Saturday and wash it off and then put back what we will take with us.  We already had our handy man take all the wood scrap and go through drawers of electrical and plumbing things. There are two dressers in the garage that I do not plan on taking with me, also a large plastic storage unit on the back deck.   Hubs rarely uses his tools anymore, but he won't give them up either.  I can't blame him, I don't think I could give up my sewing machines even if I could not use them.

     We ate a huge salad and green beans from the garden again last night.  The green beans are so good fresh.  I am making a small meat loaf and roasted green beans for dinner tonight. After I get done sewing today I am going to look at the list I created and  see if I can get one thing done to help with the move.  If I do this all through the rest of the month is will make things so much easier.

     Today I will hem 8 pairs of pants, alter a jacket, hem a wedding dress.  Maybe start on another wedding dress we will see.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuesday,Concentrate on what matters right now.

  I filled another chart and boy is it nice to see this go into the saving account and not out to some workman.  I hope to be able to do another one of these before the end of July.  I am tightening down the hatches here.  Not that I haven't been doing that, but every penny has gone to someone fixing this house and that is over.

     I thought I would show you some of the pictures of the nursery I put together for B.

The rug that goes in the middle of the room.  I loved this and was so happy with the size.

A picture of a Shel Silverstien book, one of our favorites.

My mothers day bed converted for a place for this grandma to sleep.

Two of Shel Silverstiens books, Falling Up and Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Is there room for a baby!

My mother's old dresser, with one of the old men my mother carved and painted.  We put this tree decal up, and did it so we could eventually move a twin bed up to it.

I was happy to get this done and ready for our little Oliver who is due in about three weeks, give or take.

Things have been so up in the air here it has been hard to keep up on anything, other than sewing and traveling. I am so happy to be here for the next two weeks I hope.  But in the mean time this house and yard have gone to crap.  I had about 4 loads of laundry stacked up, something that really never happens, especially now that I don't have a dryer. Then the ironing was at it's mountain level and I was running out of cotton clothes to wear in this heat.

When I arrived home Saturday night, I started doing laundry before we went and watched the fireworks with Lil sis.  We socially distanced and no one was allowed on the grounds where people normally watch from.  By Saturday  late I had the laundry caught up.  This gave me no excuse not to do all of the ironing, which I did late Sunday while watching a program.  4 of hubs shirts,15 pairs of my shorts and pants, 17 blouses, 4 t-shirts, and myriad of cloth napkins and pillow slips.  Tell Sissy to stop buying me clothes, it is ridiculous, but I can't throw any away because they are still nice.  It does keep me from having to iron more than once a month.  Hee hee....

The garden is producing green beans like crazy and our lettuce and onions are all ready to harvest.  Hubs harvested a gallon of the first blueberries and the black berries are coming on.  We will be eating fried and roasted green beans every night for a while. We also have a salad twice a day from the garden.  Anything to keep from having to go to the grocery store right now. Prices are all going up.  I did not even realize that the beans were ready I have been so out of it.

I have already had a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress picked up today.  I was able to get three bridesmaid dresses done yesterday along with ripping a very complicated wedding dress.

So my today plans are to vacuum the family room and stairs, and then vacuum the rugs upstairs, the dog and cat hair is atrocious.After all the stress of showing the house 1-2 times a day for a month I just let it go, boy did I let it go.  The yard is worse, the weeding is so ready to be done.  I may not do that if I can't find the time.

Right now it is make the house sanitary, and get the sewing done.  I want all wedding dresses done and out of here by August 1st.  Or earlier if a baby comes.  Actually yes earlier.  What am I thinking?
So right now I have a coat to lengthen the sleeves on, 5 pairs of dress pants to hem, a wedding dress to hem and bustle, another wedding dress from hell to alter, plus curtains, zippers and piles.  This does not count the three wedding dresses due out in August.  Just so grateful to have the week to get things done and not to have to run to Spokane.  Hubs will do this week.

I need to make a list of things I want to get done before the end of the month on the house.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday, So much stress, but relief on horizon

     I have been trying to live the schedule we will be living in the near future, by sewing three days a week and then driving to Spokane and staying for 4 days and then coming back to sew.  Realize that I will be sewing in my Sisters dining room when we actually have to be out of the house.  People have been really nice on the phone and I just explain what is going on.  However I had 4 phone calls and 3 clients with in a 1/2 hour period right at 10 this morning when I open.  To say I am busier is an understatement.

     Monday -Wednesday have been very busy here.  It is not just the sewing but the influx of clients.  Also last week I had a really hard time when I got back just adjusting to what had to be done next.  When I sew through out the week I keep a pretty good tally on what is next.  Coming back after 4 days and I was like, "What, where do I start?"  This made me realize that I have to really be organized (not my strongest suit, Sissy got that gene) and make sure I know what I need to start on right away on Monday's.

     Last Wednesday when I left I set things out in the order that I have to get them done. I did not want to relive the panic I had last week figuring out where to start knowing I only had three days to complete many items. I have to admit though I don't want to that I had a slight panic attack on my way up to Spokane last Wednesday evening.  There was a dead deer on the side of the road in broad daylight and I told myself I needed to watch for deer.  Where we live in the west we all know that high alert is necessary for these poor creatures, but even with that many cars are totaled and many animals killed.  It is just something we live with. No big deal this was just a one time trip up right?  NO this was every week perhaps for months.  Also add the winter driving and the slick roads and the deer on a weekly basis.  I actually had to pull over because I could not breath.

     I pride myself on being a Stoic, able to handle just about anything that is thrown my way.  I am very pragmatic, but just the thought of having to do this for weeks on end threw me. Can I do this?  Well of course I can my pragmatic self told me.  But my real brain went into a nose dive.

     Before I left on Wednesday Hubs and I had been fasting and praying about the house.  The only real down side to the house was we would have to borrow or take money out of our investments.  This is money we saved for fun and travel and toys and perhaps a cabin.  Even without me sewing we have more than enough to pay our bills. Sewing has allowed me to get out of debt and pay off our house much faster than we would have just living on our income.  Hubs has retirement, his SSI and my disability income which pays for my insurance and meds.

segue:      I forgot to tell you guys (like I have this fan base just waiting for any news, *snort*) when I went to the doctor (specialist) last week I am in remission!  I have not hit remission status for over 9 years.  those were lovely words to hear.  I have fought for this for a long time.  I was doing well but still not remission numbers and then with mom and her death I took a nose dive into the dark waters of RA.I wish I could say what triggers this disease to jump and flare, but I can't.  I just know it is always lurking ready to spring.

     When I arrive in Spokane I called Hubs and we decided to put in a offer on the house we both liked.  He liked it much better than I did, but I was satisfied with it.  We offered less than they were asking and just hoped for the best.  After 36 hours we found out our offer was accepted.   So we have a house.  Not the house I would have chosen, not the place in town I would have even thought about buying, but I am happy, Hubs is happy.  It is a beautiful place.  2430 Seaport drive Lewiston Idaho.  Don't be shocked at the price we did no
t pay that.

     So I am taking care of Schmills and we are having a good time.  Doing a little cooking, cleaning, sewing for new baby, taking the dog for walks, just enjoying the grandma thing and all of a sudden my damn right wrist decides it is going to go bonkers.  I had not been doing anything to aggravate it.  Not over doing anything, like painting, or scrubbing, it just blew.  I thought well take some ibuprofen and it will release.  NO! it clamped up and I could hardly open or close my hand.  I went to bed just sure that it would be gone in the morning.  No!  I had to admit that this was a flare and a bad one at that. I still had to drive to B's (youngest) and finish her nursery, with one hand and not my dominate hand.  This does not sound like someone in remission.   I was devastated.

     Now you can have a joint flare and still be in remission, you just have to be conscience of what could have caused the flare.  The only thing I could blame it on was stress. Just this new schedule and driving back and forth, not knowing, fear, angst, trying to do too much in the three days I am home.  Just not being able to relax.  I took more ibuprofen when I left for B's on Saturday and by the time that I got there my wrist was okay.  I have not had a problem since.  This alone told me we had made the right decision.  Stress is a big source of this disease.  I will always have stress, but knowing that I can eliminate some of it, (moving is stressful) by having a place to go helps.

     Sluggy do you still love me?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wednesday, No decision, hard decision

     We have to decide what we are going to do about the house we saw yesterday.  I really appreciate all of your advice.  I just hate to go back into bondage on this house.  There are many reasons to buy it.  I will list them.

1.It is relatively new and in really perfect condition. (So much less maintenance or fixing)
2. It has a very small mowing yard  for Hubs
3. It has a beautiful view ( no one can build around us)
4. It has great storage (something we have not has for 22 years)
5. It has lower utility bills
6. It has a much lower water bill
7. It is some what hidden away so I will be a little harder to find, which I like.  My house now is a little hard to find and I am busier than he!!.
8. we won't have to change wards at church
9. Hubs loves it.
10.  I really love it also, it is a little small for me but, later if that become a problem we can put in another shop.  Ha ha!
11. it has room to store toys and the kids boat if they wish to keep it here.
12. It is on one level which will be nice as we age.

Anne is right no matter where I go  my skills will be in demand.

Reasons not to buy

1. the price  We would have to go about 70, 000 in debt.  Well not really we would take it out of investments, I really do not want to do this.
2. It would take me at least 2-3 years to get money back where I need it to feel comfortable.
3. we will have to give up the dream of owning a small cabin or land for a long time.
4. Hubs will probably not live long enough to full fill the cabin dream if we do this.
5.  I am stubborn and feel like I did not save all this money for my retirement to now pay for a dang house.
6. We will have to watch for rattlesnakes, more than we do here.
7. we will have to get the dog vaccinated yearly for snake venom.

We could buy a fixer upper, but hubs can do none of the work and we would be back to putting all of our money into contractors.   We have been doing this since before Christmas and it is expensive and exhausting.  Hubs also hate having work men around.

     I am still sewing like a crazy woman and will leave for Spokane tonight.  So I have several things I would like to get out, or done, like another wedding dress, and about 3 bridesmaid dresses.  I am trying hard to catch up so I can concentrate on the move.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.