Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday,It is just wedding dresses now!

  I am down to 11 wedding dresses in the shop and few other odds and ends.  I plan on getting a flower girl dress hemmed today and at least one bride dress done and maybe another started.  I do need to run to Joanns sometime today.

Hubs and I went to get a few groceries last night. We actually made out really well at Albert sons, between loss leaders and free items.  They had one pound pasta on sale limit 4 for .59, and 8 0z packages of cheese slices for .77 limit 2.  Then I picked up some free cookies, and ice cream on a super good sale and 4 large bottles of soda for our missionaries.  It all came to under $12.00.  Then onto Winco where we stocked up on sugar, and olive oil and hubs got several of his little juice drink squeezy things he likes. But we still did not spend all of the grocery budget so I  felt good about that.

We are having a big party for Oliver's 1st birthday tomorrow.  Both girls will be down here for the night and will help clean up the house (just the floors) and then help set up and do food for the party. That will be fun.  Sunday we have to James back to his mother and dad and we are meeting them in McCAll.  It is also the Sunday I am supposed to feed the missionaries. So I am putting a roast and veggies in my large crockpot, making a double batch of biscuits, and taking over a cake, icecream and soda. They can plug it in and have a ready dinner at 4:00 at their place. It is actually supposed to cool off Sunday and rain.  We are all so hoping.

James had developed a bad runny nose and I don't know if it is allergies, or smoke or wheat smut as they have started harvest early with a very poor burned wheat crop.  Here farmers do not irrigate and we depend on the rain which has not come, plus the scorching heat is not helping. It is going to be over 110 tomorrow so our outdoor party will be an indoor party.

D#2 is snoring behind me.  She had Boliver, Kelsa, James with the runny nose and an over tired Schmills.  Boliver was his natural cranky self and she told her husband she was going to divide and conquer, she had him keep their  two and brought James and Boliver down here.  Grandpa filled up the kiddy pools and put the huge umbrella over to shade them.  That new job working from 7:30 to 5:00 Monday and Friday and then driving to the theme park all day Tuesday and then 4 kids yesterday and she is wiped out. She needs a nap.  Kids are out in the pool cooling off.  Hopefully Oliver will go down for a nap soon. I am going to get into the shop!

DO you have any plans for the weekend? What are they?  Anything fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday, Blogger on the fritz, Thrifty Thursday


Grammy and James at the water park!  Boy did we have fun!.  It was 97 degrees and hazy with smoke of course.   James and I spent some time at the wave pool.  He was too little to be in it by himself, but I held him under his arms and we were hit by wave after wave.  Every time one came I would lift him up and let the wave move us.  He loved it.  We ate pizza, and chips and had cupcakes, so fun.  He is now up at daughters and we miss him.  He is a quiet little boy, but we still miss his presence. 

I can't read any of my bogs when I hit reading list, so comments are down and so is revenue.  But I heard from others that they are experiencing the same thing.  So if I am not commenting on your blog that is the reason. Sorry.

Hub had to pull all of our squash because of that bug problem.  I tried to contain it, but it ws no use.So sad.  He is now picking onions and letting them dry out.  We are in for another heat wave with temps in the 100's and above for the foreseeable future.  I told Hubs we need to go out and find a newly plants alfalfa field and pick the edges.  The chickens want fresh greens so bad.

I had two more wedding dresses come in yesterday along with a mother of the bride and one bridesmaid dress.  I am going to have to stop taking wedding dresses soon as I am about at my max capacity to get them done before our vacation.

Today I need to finish laundry and vac-cum and do the floors. But first I must get into shop and get some uniforms done.


1. uniforms

2. finish and call bride

3. hem pants

4. steam bridesmaid dress

5. hem bridesmaid dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7. put zipper on jacket

8.start another wedding dress

9. put zipper in a pair of pants

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in pig bank

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

3. saved all my $5 dollar bill now up to $1610.00

4. saved money in 2 of my 100 envelope challenge

5. found a total of .36 this week on the ground in various places

6. ate all but one meal from home

7. ate alot of produce from our garden and Lil sis's garden and from the food pantry

8. made a large salad to take to BBQ with pantry things no money spent

9. hubs figured out why mower would not start and we saved a trip to the repair shop!

10. free trip to water park with a meal included

11. used coupons at Jo anns

12. cut my makeup remover pads in half, given to me by Sissie. double free

13. took a deposit to savings of $1641.00 all from savings challenges

SO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS WEEK TO SAVE MONEY?  Do any of you do saving challenges?  IF so what are they and how much have you saved? 

I am off to get to work.  DO you want to join me?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

WEDNESDAY, Still sewing and new shop rules.

 My shop is open M-F, 10 to 6.  I do not do weekends at all.  Unless it is an emergency.  I can think of very few times that I have allowed clients in on a Saturday or a Sunday.  I have tried in the past to set appointments for Sat and then they don't show and I have been stuck at home so I am very strict about it.

I do evening appointments with an appointment. This is at my busy season and it will last until the end of November.

However I will be taking at least a 2 week vacation the end of August so clients have to get in here or wait.

As my shop gets busier and busier, I am frustrated and need to set some new parameters. I have just never been this busy before.  I do appreciate all the tips I get from readers.  I loved what Ms. Goose said in my comments last post and she is right on. I have to make hay while the sun shines so to speak. 

I am now requiring brides to be aware that when I call them they must pick up within 3 days or they pay a storage fee of $20.00 a day.  That has helped with pickup immensely. I am also in the process of making a sign for my shop door that states that rush jobs will be charged a fee.  Rush jobs require me to put other work aside and often sew late into the evening. They disrupt my already busy schedule. I will not charge rush fees, to police,fire, or service men, as they have no control over their schedules either. Uniform patches and mending is always a last minute thing and they rip and damage their uniforms and sometimes have to sit in the bathroom as I sew up their clothes. It is faster for them to come here than to go home and and switch everything out on a uniform and usually takes me only a few minutes. I had several pairs of green fire pants in here that had rips and tears.  They were for crews that were assigned here.  Also fuel overalls that needed to be hemmed for helicopter fire fighters.  All those things come first when asked.

Today we have James and Kelsa.  Schmills is up with his Aunt BB.  The boys had a blast at the theme park yesterday.  We went and picked up two sleeping kids from daughters last night about 10:00.  James slept in he had a long day. Kelsa did not sleep in, but grandpa got up with her and let grandma sleep.  He can take a nap with her later today.

Lil sis is having her company party tonight and they have rented out a swim park here.  So we are taking James to that this evening.  Fun, fun!  Plus they are serving pizza so grandma does not have to cook  Double fun.

Yesterday I took $1641.00 to the bank from my savings challenges.  I took in over $4000.00 two months ago and decided I would take money in every 2 months so as not to have so much cash in the house. $500.00 in $5 dollar bills, $288 from the $1,$5,$10,$20 challenge and the rest from my 100 envelope challenge.

Hubs is in the dog house as his hearing aid repair was $500.00.  I about died!  But he has to hear so I guess I just have to suck it up.  These aids are over 7 years old.  I would have rather put that money into a new set, I guess that is why I was irked about it.  SO I  keep sewing... yes?

Okay today's list:

1. hem pants

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. steam bridesmaid dress

4. hem bridesmaid dress

5. alter wedding dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7. hem bridesmaid dress

8. clean up shop.  I might do this first.

Any plans for today?  What ya working on?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday, No kids and Quiet!

 All is quiet here today, well except for the phone and the doorbell.  The kids are off to a theme park in northern Idaho and Hubs and I are basking in the quiet.

Last night Hubs could tell I was at a breaking point and when it was supper time suggested that we go get a sandwich.  Who was I to argue? We stopped by Lil sis's to eat out by her pool and see the progress.  Then home to continue sewing.

I did well yesterday, but still need to get to the bank and get a deposit made and a statement picked up so I can pay the bills.

Hubs has to work at the high school tonight.  He also needs to get a haircut, pick up his hearing aid(I wonder how much that will cost) and figure out why the lawn mower won't start. SO his day is full.

Yesterday, I had to leave late in the afternoon (like 4:00) to go get elastic, as I had at least 10 items that needed elastic.  I was just across the bridge when hubs called and I had to turn around as a client showed up with a bridesmaid dress.  So got that done and another showed up to pick up.  Then off again to get elastic and another showed and here is Hubs with a baby and two small boys.  Luckily it was a gentleman from our church and he could help himself.  It has gotten to the point that I cannot leave during the day to even run an errand or get supplies the shop is so busy.  

But today the hell with it, I am going to the banks, I need to get things done and by the time I wait for everyone to come the banks are closed.

I am looking forward to an afternoon of sewing in peace and quiet.

1. go to banks

2. finish 4 skirts with elastic

3. fix pants

4. hem shorts (mine)

5. get an pile done

6. hem a bridesmaid dress

7. hem a pair of pants

8. alter two chemises

9.mend a couple of items

10. another bridesmaid dress

11. another bridesmaid dress

12. pay bills 

Well I am off to run to the banks and then get to work.  SO glad to have hubs home to run the gauntlet for me.  Peace of mind is priceless.

You have any plans today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday, Facing a new week!

 We had a nice dinner yesterday with the kids.  Boy can Kelsa wreck a high chair.  I have never seen a piece of avocado toast spread as far as she spread it.  We all had a good laugh at her. Nathan grilled chicken breasts and we ate two kinds of squash.  I took zucchinis And sliced them into Sticks and then I dipped them into flour, egg and panko and fried them.  Turning them every few minutes.  I made a huge pile and we ate everyone of them.  Yum!

James and Schmills are having so much fun together.  Kelsa is a joy, although her discovery of the dogs water has us on our toes.

Today I need to get into the shop and get the piles done I did not get done last week.  I have three large piles of alterations to do and then I need to hem a few dresses, and start on Wedding dresses.  I have 8 in the shop right now.  My goal is to have everything caught up before we leave for a family vacation on the 14th of August and then butt that trip with out cruise with Slugs and her husband.

I have had calls for dresses at the end of Sept and Oct and I have told them not to bring them in until I get back.  I just don't need more stress and volume right now.

It was nice to have relatives here for the weekend.  I really enjoy Hubs cousins wife, I think we are both cut from the same cloth.  She is so much fun.

So today's list:

1. transfer laundry

2. pink bridesmaid dress

3. replace zipper dress

4. replace zipper shorts

5. hem shorts (Mine)

6. get a big pile of waist bands done

7. run to Joanns and walmart for elastic

8. get another pile of waist bands done on some skirts

9. get a pile of alterations done on some tops

10. go to bank

11. fill savings envelopes

12. pay bills for month of August or as many as I can.

I will feel so much better when I get these things done.  Don't know if I can do it all today but I am going to try!

Dinner will be cabbage and kielbasa. I will roast some more yellow squash.  We got three eggs today, one large blue and to brown pullets so we should be in the egg business within the week!

What are you plans for the week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday, Celebrations!

 Hubs was home about 3:00 in the afternoon with James in tow, and his relatives came in about 2:00.  SO we visited and daughter brought Schmills and Kelsa down to see them.  We all went to Effie burgers for dinner and then daughter took James home with her.

One of Hubs cousins little boys was getting baptized at 1:00 on Saturday and hubs played the piano, then we had a BBQ at their house in the afternoon.  

Then we had a wedding reception to go to from 6-8 in the evening.  It was nice and the young couple was darling.

Then we attended a big block party up at daughters house and picked up James for church today.  HE was very tired and the boys needed some time apart.  So James slept on a little cot next to our bed.  He is a quiet little boy, until Schmills comes around and then Nellie bar the door!

Daughter is coming down about 5 to eat with us and Nathan will grill.  I will come up with something, probably squash as I have a lot of that.

Right now I am going to take a nap.  I have a hell of a week ahead of me so I need to get a head start!

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday, Another chart! Kim stands up for herself!

   I think daughter realized I was getting a little overwhelmed and made other arrangements for the kids today, which was so nice.  Youngest also called about me watching Oliver next Tuesday and I told her that I was now behind and only had 3 weeks to catch up and that I really needed to sew. She wanted to go out for a day off and I simply told her to put him in a stroller and take him with, both girls, I just cannot be a full time sitter, when I am running a very busy business.  I want to help and I love them and the grand kids but grandma is behind. Or grandma is a behind, (just ask Sis and Slugs)

Also yesterday I had 4 clients in that wanted things by today.  This is getting more and more common.  SO I have to drop plans to get their things done.  I told each of them I would be imposing a rush charge.  That is what the dry cleaners do.  Not one person balked.  If you want it last minute you have to pay extra.  So I was sewing until late last night. We also did not get to go boating because the smoke from yet another fire close by descended into the valley throughout the day making it awful by evening.  Drat!

Hubs is due home late today with our James, who will be spending a good deal of time with Schmills this next week.  As hubs will be home he will be in charge of grand kid duty.  Also company due in this evening, so I need to change the sheets and do just a little cleaning.  Also should figure out what I have to cook.  I have plenty of fresh things and lots of meat in the freezer, so I will be fine.

Actually financially it was a good week. I got a lot more done than I thought I would.  I just had such a volume of work come in, but I am glad that the week is over.

Any plans for your weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negtive.



Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday, a blue egg, Thrity Thursday

 Our first blue pullet egg and our first ripe Roma tomato.  I spent a good deal of time out in the garden late yesterday afternoon after all the kids wee gone except Kelsa. She sat in her walker and watched grandma.  I sprayed more bugs and I may be getting a handle on the problems.  I hope.

I was really able to get quite a bit done yesterday.  Schmills had kids to play with and although noisy it made things easier.  Kelsa actually took a 1.5 hour nap in the late morning and played in her playpen off and on all afternoon.  She was a joy last night.  We went to Lil sis's as I needed to go to Wal mart and Lil sis watched her.

I actually got several dresses done and 4 shirts and a pair of pants.  Then my iron crapped out.  I have a hard time with irons.  I am sure it is because they are used almost constantly.  I mean on almost everyday for hours.  Well you cannot run a sewing shop without an iron.  So last night was a trip to get a good iron.

I had a mega load of work come in yesterday and I may have to start turning work away, depending on how much I can get done next week.  Hubs comes home tomorrow night late.  We having company this weekend and a baptism and a wedding reception to go to.  So it will be a busy weekend.

Tonight we are going to try and go out on the boat with friends again.  It is actually only 81 degrees right now, which is amazing.  Almost chilly.  I bet the trees and plants are loving this.  We have been watering our fruit trees every day and many people are losing their trees here, due to drought.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Saved all my change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills  now have $1565.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in two of my 100 envelope challenge

5.did not buy many groceries this week as hubs gone

6. did not cook this week hubs gone

7. went to food bank at end of day and picked up food to be thrown out. Cantaloupe, blackberries, potatoes, apples, zucchini, prunes, two large bags of nuts, raisins, hamburger, taco meat, blueberries, orange juice.  It was pretty sad.  Some of the veggies had to be processed right away as they were going to turn fast.

8. used coupons at Joanns

9. downloaded receipts to fetch

10. picked yellow squash out of garden

11. found two pennies in Wal Mart parking lot

12. Sis sent me 4 jars of makeup remover pads, which I will cut in half.  This will last me 2 years at least.

13. Daughter said my makeup brushes were disgusting and gave me really nice new ones as she had extra.  Yes I guess mine were gross.

14.picked up several short outfits for $1.00 a piece for next years birthdays.

15. I just ate things out of pantry and garden.  Lots of cheese and crackers. 

What did you do last week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the neagtive.


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wednesday, what happened to yesterday?

   I know I started to blog yesterday, and then life happened.  I think life was an 11 month old little girl. Also the shop was non stop yesterday, and I actually was able to hem a dress and 5 pairs of pants while Kelsa slept in a small play pen in my shop.

 Right now the littles are here and Daughter is due in with Schmills, Oliver and Kelsa at about 9:30.  I have the Littles watching a cartoon show and I am hurrying to get this post out so I can at least get one out before the masses arrive.

I woke to thunder this morning and dry lightening, great!  We did not get to go boating on Monday, as the smoke invaded the valley so bad by evening you could not see any of the bridges.  I new if I went my asthma would really flair.  I could have worn a mask but even with a mask who knows?  Better safe than sorry.  SO we are planning on going Thursday. The sky looks clearer, but for how long?

Our poor garden which we have worked so hard to make, is decimated by a bug, and I have been out spraying soapy water everyday to drown the adults.  It works and is environmentally friendly, but does not kill the eggs that are under almost every leaf.  I am thinking of just pulling all the squash plants.  But waiting to see what hubs says.  So no green beans, no cabbage, no squash, unless I can save a few plants. So frustrating.   

Needless to say I am behind in the shop. But what is new? Kim is behind, Kim is a behind, just ask Slugs  Sis. They have a picture to prove it.

Kelsa is spending the night tonight, as daughter needs to catch up on sleep and rest.  One thing I can say is I have had the evenings to myself and have slept well.  It is hard to teach dance work shops for 6 hours in the heat and it really wipes you out.  I so remember coming home and thinking, that I would get so much done, and then just slumping on the sofa.  I had to laugh because daughter is also picking up kids and running them  between her lunch hour, so parents can work.  I did the same thing.  

Well the grocery adds come out today and I have not looked at them, or brushed my teeth, or hair I could possibly get out of my pajamas?  I guess I will go clean up before the kids come.

What is on your agenda for today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, July 19, 2021

Monday, So the week begins...

 SO I think this is my reality, and I have forgotten how hard it is to get anything done with a baby around.  Kelsa is behind my chair growling.  She is into growling right now.

Schmills is watching cartoons.  I have not tried sewing anything yet but that is a goal today.  Daughter will be back by 3:30.  I need to check the chickens and water, but will have to wait until baby is down for a nap.  I am glad I checked them last night late for food and water.

  xb Kelsa is 76 dfthelping me type. fesefe 

She ripped a key off the keyboard with her little nails. I usually fill my cash envelopes on Monday morning but I always go to the bank for the right change. The only change I will have today is diapers.

Nate is taking me and Lil sis and some friends out on the boat tonight so that is something to look forward to.  I hope the smoke abates a little more.

I went up and cooked dinner for my youngest and checked on Oliver who was all smiles having been on an anti biotic for 12 hours.. We had Swedish meatballs (FROM FREEZER) and fried zucchini which was lovely.  I had some Oliver loves and I came home to finish cleaning the kitchen.

The ironing is done for about a month.  I also threw away a few of Hubs shirts.  He will hold onto everything and some of them just needed to go by by.

Hubs got food poisoning from something he ate at his mother's when he got there.  I have warned him not to eat anything he does not cook.  But he said it was leftover Chinese from a neighbor of mom's. SO HOW OLD WAS THE CHINESE?  Did she leave it out for a day before putting it in the fridge? He had a fever most of Saturday, with chills, and the usual gross food poisoning symptoms.  He did go and clean out her fridge entirely which upset her, but he said so many dibs and dabs of who knows what.  He was feeling better Sunday when he went onto Daughters.  He said he got everything done mom wanted in spite of not feeling his best.  

Well I am going to put up the play pen and see if I can get kelsa to stay in it for a while  so I can sew something....  Can I get a show of hands on how many think I will get anything done?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday, Not as Hot!

 It only got to 91 yesterday, almost balmy by our standards.  But the air quality stinks.  I sure hope it gets no worse.  Youngest called and Oliver is sick with an ear infection so I might run up there later today so she can take a nap.

I've fed the chickens and done the watering.  I ran some bills to the post office, and dropped off the power bill.  Now I am going to try an get the rest of the ironing done and finish the list from yesterday.

There are only a few things left the ironing being the biggest job.  It will be nice to feel like I am going to start this very busy week with things all caught up a clean.

A picture that Sis and Slug sent me.  It is titled,"You are in the middle" This is how I am treated. Constant harassment, while they are having fun.  BY the way Sis, I have that dress and it looks better on me, just sayin.....

Well my ironing is calling me and I am going to get her done.   Then take a trip up the hill to check on my grandson, and maybe make something for my daughter and hubby to eat.

What are you going to do with this Sunday?  For me it will be a day of rest as least more rest that ususal.

have a restful and  peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday, Just a little old me day!

 Well Kim slept until 10:30 this morning!  No doorbell or phone, or dog, or hubby clomping around to wake me up.  It was lovely.

Last night I stayed up until about midnight ironing and I still have 17 pieces left, which I will do today.  Well I think I will get all the laundry done and then finish what is in there also.  I only wear 100% cotton right now and everything wrinkles.  Also mostly button down blouses as my arthritis can make it really hard to take things off over my head.  Right now I am fine, but there are months of flairs where this is impossible, so it is best to just have button downs for most clothing.

I have already fed and watered the chickens and watered the garden and flower boxes.  It is actually cooler today and may not reach 100.  It will be the first day in almost a  month.  We still have so much smoke in the valley and our air quality is low.  I have no idea how long this will last.

Yesterday I got plenty of sewing done and took a good inventory of the shop.  Lots of piles a few more bridesmaid dresses and at least 5 wedding dresses.  Don't know if I will get any sewing done today, but we will see.

I just had a plate of Brie cheese and triscut.  Yum!  You can get a very large wheel of Brie for a little over $10.00 at a restaurant supply store here.  SO I always have it ready for a snack or a meal.  I got a call from Hubs this morning and he took his mom out to buy a new vacuum.  We have finally got her to get a housekeeper in once a week and her old vacuum was from the 70's.  A large very heavy canister vac that the housekeeper declared defunct.  Finally, I truly hated that thing.  So they bought a nice light weight bissel and I told hubs to make sure and read all instructions so he could show his mom how to use it and empty it.  Actually have her do it a few times, so she is not frustrated.

Mom sounded chipper and happy when I talked to her this morning.  First of all she has Hubs there and she got to get out, plus will stay and take her to church tomorrow, and then he will return next weekend. SO she has something to look forward to.  Hubs is weeding the garden today and doing some cleaning in her garage.  Plus she was thrilled with her one pound box of creams from the Wieser candy company.  They are delicious!  I am so glad I had Hubs switch to creams, as we always bought with dad in mind.  Mom is the one we really need to cater to now. She was so touched and sat right down and opened the box.

Sis and Slugs called me and they were on there way to Frederick, to shop Ollies (good stuff cheap).  Then going out to a nice restaurant for dinner.  They are having a ball together.  Slugs is just like another sister to us, so fun.  Same sense of humor, which is a bit scary.  Even though I wish I was there I am truly happy that they live close enough for visits.  

SO TODAY I want to:

1. get watering done

2. go to bank

3. get nails done (appt at 6:00)

4. finish laundry so all ironing is out

5. finish ironing 

6. practice piano

7. clean off desk and pay remainder of bills

8. clean and dust spare bedroom

9. clean and mop spare bathroom

10. clean and dust master bedroom

11. clean and mop master bath

12. straighten dining room

13. clean family room

14. download all fetch crap

15. clean the kitchen

16. clean the shop

17. go peruse the second hand stores for fun

Although with 3-5 kids coming every day next week I wonder why I am cleaning? Must think about this.  But I guess this is like dusting blinds, and all furniture and ceiling fans, things that won't make a difference to them but they need to be done.  SO let's do it!

Really none of these things take that much time, I just need to do them.  I think I will set a timer every time I do a job and just see how much time it takes. usually not as much as we think.

Well I am off to have a happy, do what I want day and these are the things I want to do.

If you had a couple of days to do what you wanted or needed to do what would you be doing?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday, How Kim likes to serve guests

 You know for someone who would really prefers to be outside rolling in the dirt, I am a little picky about serving food to people.  Or I should say I have a little angst about it. Now Sissie is the Martha Stewart of the family, so I can in no way hold a candle to her, but I do like to have people over and put out a nice presentation.  You might think this is silly, but I also think it may be becoming a lost art. I also do not judge.  If I go to your house and you give me a hot dog on a paper plate, I will still love you.  It is just that putting together and nice meal and serving it to friends and family gives me pleasure.


Yesterday, after trying to get my sewing caught up ( it did not happen) I had invited some good friends and Lil sis over for dinner at 6.  I had the table nicely set and had an appetizer ready.  Lil sis had left a bottle of wine, (Hubs and I don't drink) so everyone had a beverage of choice while I finished cooking my pasta dish. We had Shrimp and mushroom pasta, a tossed green salad, and ww french bread.  I also had a caprese appetizer, and cantaloupe and strawberries.  My friends brought dessert. Everyone enjoyed the food and we all ended up on the deck which was not too smokey last night and just under 90 degrees.

It was a lovely evening, with lots of laughs and jokes. Just how I wanted it. Plans laid out, then followed through, no surprises, good food and company, the best! Such a change from the chaos the night before. Lil sis took home all the leftovers to serve her and her boyfriend tonight as she has had a hard week at work as was ready to not have to cook.

Hubs left this morning for Nampa with strict instructions from me to take care of his mother!!!!! Not the other way around. I had him stop in Wieser (where he was born) and get his mom a box of chocolate cremes.  They are her favorite.  We usually get a box of nuts and chews for dad, but dad really doesn't understand the difference anymore, so why not get what mom likes for a change?  I actually ordered the box and paid for it and hubs just had a curb side pick up, so he did not have to worry about the dog.

Hubs will stay until Sunday afternoon and then go onto daughter's house in Twin Falls to watch James for the next week. He has Roscoe as the boys love to have Roscoe.  Roscoe always sleeps in Danny's room in his kennel and Danny gets to take care of him.  Now it is James turn and responsibility, and he is so happy and proud to do it.  I guess James has talked of nothing else. Hubs will then bring James back home with us for a week.  Danny is with his other grandmother for the next two weeks and this takes care of the sitting problem.  I have Kelsa, Schmills and Oliver some days next week as D#2 has a dance work shop to teach down here.  This mean I need to get my shop caught up over the weekend.

It is nice that hubs is gone, as he interrupts me and now I can have captain crunch for dinner.  But I also have do the watering and take care of the chickens.  I will also have no help with the kids.  But oh well.  I just have about 2.5 days to get my ducks in a row and I think with no interruptions I can do that.

Things I want to get done this weekend:

1. clean and straighten the whole house

2. get caught up and organized in the shop

3. clean the shop before Monday. It was so nice to face the week with a clean space.

4. get all the ironing done, I can control the remote and do this while watching TV

5. practice the piano.  I have to play for Hubs at church  as he is gone and I just need a review of the primary songs, they are pretty easy, but have not played them in a couple of years.

6. Get my nails done tomorrow evening

What are your plans this weekend?  Anything fun?  My stuff is not fun, but the alone time is nice. DO any of you like entertaining?


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thursday, Kim's life is a cluster, and Thrifty Thursday


WHY?  WHY?  WHY? do I try and plan? I had such high hopes for yesterday.  I had my list.  I had it under control. Meat was thawed, things were set out.  My sewing was lined up.  It was going to be a good day.

The first dress I cut, I did not have thread to match, that is okay put it to the side.  Next dress, I got that cut, and serged and hemmed and ready to press and Hubs notifies me via txt that the Orofino missionaries  are back home so they are not able to come to dinner and that is okay the other 4 will show. 

 You never have to worry about those boys turning down food.  So the other 4 elders contact me and they have replaced the Orofino group with another set of missionaries that were local.  Again who is going to turn down a free dinner cooked by someone else?  Not this group, they are very resourceful, they watch out for each others stomach's.  Only problem we have to feed 8 instead of 7 again Kim can roll with that.

  But the caveat is they all have to attend a meeting that starts at 5. SO they can eat at 4?  It is now 2 and I have a couple more hours of sewing ahead of me and Hubs is up on the hill with the grandkids so I don't have an assistant. But that is okay he can probably hit the house by 4 and he can start the grill and the outside cooker.  Well at 3 no hubs and I am sweating and panicking, as the hoard will descend within the hour.  I had 10 lbs of potatoes to peel, 10 ears of corn to shuck, and both had to be cooked.  Then I had cantaloupe to cut. I had squash to slice and put in the oven. I realized that I had flunked basic home ec as I noticed that my vegetables and fruit were all in the same orange/yellow color palette.  Major fail. Hubs is running late......

I got the table set for 10, got the taties and corn onto boil, cut the cantaloupe, started the gravy, butter and milk in the microwave for the mashed taties,4 and still no hubs but the first set of missionaries arrive and they start the grill, then the next set arrive, and they are like locusts.  I had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and one dug into that immediately, he had no shame.   Finally hubs arrives at about 4:10, I am getting ice water into glasses and all 9 of them troop in with the meat and they just start serving themselves from the kitchen.  I mean right out of the pots!  I did not put anything on the table except condiments.

Everyone just grabbed a plate off the table and served themselves out of the kitchen.  It worked, but I was a wreck.  They eat, they squabble,they eat some more, they all rise at the same time, they fly out the door and hubs and I are just sitting across from each other surrounds by dishes and laughing.  We left the mess and went out and got a cold soda.  That is how we deal with stress.

While I ran to Joanns to get thread and then to Lil sis's for a minute, Hubs started to clean the kitchen and had a good start on it when I got home.   I was just too wiped out to get anymore sewing done in the evening, so yesterday's list is now today's list.

Hubs just came home and said the Car needs new tires.  I love my life.  I really do, but sometimes I just, just.....

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills now up to $1500.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

5. found .18 cents this week, three pennies, a dime and a nickle

6. used coupons at Joanns, plus took advantage of buy 3 thread get 2 free

7. bought cantaloupe for .19 a pound and a loss leader at Albertsons that is it for groceries, for this week and last.

8. cooked all meals at home with food stocks

9. filled up car at cheapest gas station in town and that is getting harder to find.

10. picked squash, onions,peppers and cucumbers from the garden.

11.Stayed out of stores and places where I am tempted to spend money

Well I need to get to work, as I have two days of work to do instead of one.

Have any of you had to move up a timeline when it comes to cooking and about blown a gasket?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wednesday, Slugs and Sis are hateful....


Slugs and Sis are at IKEA having fun and this is the very bad picture they sent me.... Not only are they together and I am alone here working my butt off, they are snarky to boot!  

It will be a busy day here as I have 7 missionaries to feed and Hubs is up at daughters helping to watch the babies.

The weather here is still very hot with wind and so much smoke.  My sinuses are drip, drip with the air.  I would love to be outside with the heat, but it is just not good to breath and unfortunately it is getting worse as the smoke sinks into the valley.

So yesterday Hubs got home about 3:30 although I had expected him about 11:00.  He was so tired and just over heated I think.  The littles had destroyed the house and he usually keeps up with them, but I was alone in this plus I was sewing.  They are so good that I can sew most of the day without bother, but they do like to strew toys and things every wear. Hubs was so rummy last night that I finally just fed him and made him do nothing.  I ran around a cleaned up.

I need to get more housework done today and plenty of sewing.  Bridesmaid dresses coming out my ears here. so today's list is:

1. x fer laundry

2. finish vacuuming

3. mop floors

4. wipe down kitchen appliances

5. make a chocolate cake for dessert ( i have a mix that needs to be made up)

6. Set table

7. peel potatoes( hubs can boil outside)

8. shuck corn ( hubs can boil outside) 

9.  alter a pile of clothes

10. hem burgundy dress

11. hem blue dress

12. hem green dress

13. hem turquoise dress

14. another turquoise dress hem

I think that is enough for today, let's see what I can accomplish? 

Yesterday I cleaned out one cupboard in the Kitchen and found things that were needing to be used.  I even had to throw a couple of things away, even though I will use things past expiration.  I have to really look at my food pantry and plan on going through things before the end of the month and reorganizing my food stuffs. I plan on  putting things that are close to or over do at the front and getting those things used up.  I am going to do this while Hubs is gone next week.

Do any of you find things in the back corner of a cupboard that you forgot to use?  Do you always go by the manufactures best by date?  You know when you store food like I do and buy loss leaders and stock up you do have to pay attention.  For instance I have 25 2 lb bags of brown sugar I bought for .75 a bag three Christmas's ago.  Will I ever in the rest of my life use this much brown sugar?  It is still soft and good but really?  Sometime Kim needs her head examined.  Any of you do a boo boo like this? Please tell me I am not alone.,

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tuesday, Why I like saving money games

 It has been over 1/2 a year of my money saving challenges and I would like to report they are still fun and I have felt that they are very useful.

I realize that not everyone has the income to save as many ways as I do, nor do they want the hassle, but these work for me and I find them inspiring.

I can find I can fritter money away pretty easily, so saving smaller amounts of money really helps me with the bigger picture.

At the beginning of the year I set up several money saving schemes.  Some I have done for several years, a few others were new to me.

For several years now I have saved all my spare change in a large piggy bank given to me by my daughter.  I always cash it in on Dec 6th and it is my Christmas mad money. I usually use it for extra food stuffs and stockings at Christmas.  It really depends on how much I travel and get out of town to save more money this way.  Some years it is up to several hundred dollars, but most years it is between $150.00-$200.00.   I have always kept spare change in the car, so when I get a soda I don't have to break a bill, but this year I decided that I would break a bill and save any change I had not just the extra from trips and groceries and things.  It has driven Hubs crazy but this is my challenge.  At least 5 days a week I have a few coins to add so I am hoping it is a bang up year for this bank.  It is getting very heavy.

The last two years I have saved all my $5.00 bills.   


Now realize that I deal in cash most of the time for trivial things, like sodas and some groceries and small purchases.  In 2019 I was able to pay off my house with the $2500.00 plus I had saved in 5's.  I do run a home business and am often paid in 5 dollar bills so this helps.  I often get aggravated as I will have a $20.00 for my coke and joke money for the week and I will get back 3- 5's in change for a $1.06 purchase.  Which means I have to put the 5's in savings.  This does cut down on my purchases some.  Hub's laughs when I go get a $20.00 bill out of my cash box intent on having it for my spending money for the week and I get 3-5's back in change. In 2020 when we were redoing our house to sell.  I used my $5.00 bills to cashflow many repairs and in the end was able to paint our large house with this savings.  Over $2000.00.

For the last couple of years I have also had a can that Slug found and Lil sis bought at a second hand store when we were together a few years ago.

 If you save a penny for every day of the year in a year you will have saved over $600.00.  I usually cash this out before Christmas, it makes Christmas so much easier. I actually total the pennies for the month and just put in the correct amount for the month.

This year I added two more challenges.  The first was saving a$1,$5,$10,$20 bill every week in an envelope.  After 52 weeks you will have $1872.00  That is a chunk of change!  You can do something with that! This has really not been hard at all. It is $36 dollars a week.  Could you find a way to squirrel $36 a week out of your budget to do this?

The second new challenge was to label 100 envelopes (from the dollar store) 1-100.  Every week you choose one or two and fill them.  If you do all of them you will have $5000.00!!!!! You can do this in a year if you fill 2 a week, or in two years with one a weeks.  Some weeks when money is tight you might just fill a smaller #.  If you have more you fill a large # envelope.  This is has probably been the toughest challenge for me, as I often don't have that much extra money.  But I have persevered and when extra comes in I fill an envelope.

I also do my saving chart to keeps track of money saved that comes into the house, through the shop, and savings in different categories in our budget.

Now what has this brought me so far? I took much of this money actually over $4000.00 to the bank about 6 weeks ago and I am due to take another 6 weeks worth of savings to the bank this week.  That $4000.00 allowed me to write a check for an Alaskan cruise we are taking with Slugs and her hubby in August.  I will also have enough money to stay in a hotel a few nights and go on excursions while in port.  It has paid for a luxury (to me) vacation that I would have only dreamed of going on a few years ago. I will not have to charge a vacation and then pay for it when I get back.  What a blessing.

Has this been hard?  Yes in some ways.  It does mean I can't run and just go shopping on a whim.  I have to really budget the bills to keep money in my household kitty.  But in the end I think it has been very worth it!

Do any of you have savings challenges?  What are they?

The littles are here today and hubs is off fishing.  He just got a txt through and he and his buddy had a flat tire out in the boonies and both of those old men cannot get the lug nuts off the flat so are waiting for a  tow truck or help of some  kind. I hope they have water, well I guess since they are fishing they do have access to keep cool and drink.  It is over 100 out and they were only going to fish the morning to avoid the heat.  HA!

I had better get in the shop I have a dress due out in a couple of hours.  Also have had 4 more wedding dresses come in for August-Oct.

JUST GOT THIS PICTURE FROM SLUGS and SISSIE I told them they are turds, that was the nicest thing I could call them.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, July 12, 2021

Monday, Evacuations are in order

Hubs and I were in Orophino, Idaho about 4:30 yesterday to check a missionary apartment and then onto Kamiah and then to Grangeville.  The Orophino, and Kamiah elders were evacuated about 2 hours after we left.  Fire burning right down to the apartment.  So we have apartments here with 6 and 7 elders in them until they can go back.  We just missed all the excitement and that is good as we would have been turned back.

The road into Montana is closed due to fires.  It is really frightening here.  We are fine just living in smokey conditions.  

I got a call from our friends daughter in law and she said her father was just so thrilled with the pancakes.  SO we felt good about what we are doing to help.

I found out that Slugs is for sure going to Sis's this week and I am jealous.  They are going to have fun without me.  No fair!  And of course they are rubbing it in as much as possible.  I also found out that Sis opened her hall closet and found an empty coke can on a shelf in the closet and I suspect that Slugs put it there last time we were together to get me in trouble.  Not only are they going to have fun without me they plot against me.

My feelings.......

I have a busy week ahead of me.  Feeding 7 missionaries on Wednesday, having friends for dinner on Thursday. Plus I have a lot of work to do in the shop and the kids are here.

I need to go to the bank and fill my savings envelopes.

I know I do a lot of little savings game but they really add up and allow me to do things that I would not normally do.

What do you think about this?  Are any of you joining me on any of these pursuits?  What are you doing with your savings?  Are you saving for a cause?  IF so what?

Have a great and producitve day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday,Making Hubs happy

 Hub's is having hearing aid problems , with one in the shop and the other going defunct in church.  This set is 7 years old and ready for replacement.  I don't even want to think about the cost. Ugh! But he has to be able to hear.

I ran into the primary room and told the music leader that he would be essentially deaf  so she needed to come to the piano and make sure he could read her lips before she started each song.

He was in a foul mood this morning anyway as missionary run  is being done today, and we made appointments and then 2 sets cancelled.  I just told him to tell them to leave their apartments open or hide a key for us, no big deal.  But he gets so upset over trivial matters and then I have to listen to him.  Not fun, then his one hearing aid goes out.  So on the way home I told him I was going to make him a special treat.  Pancakes and bacon.  He doesn't get this very often with his diet so he was happy.

I made a double batch and will run some up to a friend of ours that is now failing with dementia.  He is no longer allowed to use his oven and gets meals on wheels which he says are awful.  I can't take him freezer meals so we just drop off things to be heated up in the microwave.  I know he will be thrilled to get pancakes and bacon.  Will probably stop and get him a cold coke to go with it.  He is an old theater buff and three of us (OTB'S) are taking turns running something over at least once a week.  He is so very thin now, mostly from not eating.  SO if we can get 3 somethings into him and his son comes down on the weekend that makes 4, we can probably keep him from starving to death.When hubs and I dropped off his pants last week that I had shortened he was telling us about his dinner from meals and wheels and we all had a good laugh. His description was so funny.

I am going to take nap if I can.  We plan on leaving about 3:30 and we are driving close to fire country.  Not looking forward to spending 4 hours in the car, but oh well.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath


Saturday, July 10, 2021

Saturday, Fire, fire everywhere, new chart!

A view of the Waha outside of Lewiston where people are evacuating.  They are taking all animals to the rodeo grounds and the fair grounds, at least those they can get out.  It is so sad.

Hubs and I were Albertson's and there is a limit on cases of water and on ice.  Limit two per family, due to the fire trucks having to have all they can get to take to the hundreds( yes hundreds of small and large fires burning)  While we were there a woman was arguing loudly with the clerk (in her Louis Vittons) about how it was not fair that the fire fighters could have all they wanted and she was limited to two.  She stormed out of the store, after saying in a loud voice,  "Some of us want to go boating!"  The clerks and I just looked at each other and my reply was.... Priorities.

This is the valley from our house you can't see the hills, but you can still see the river.

Clear skies or what it usually looks like.  When I went over to Lil sis's last night to water her deck furniture which is black iron was grey with ash and ash was falling like rain.  Now wearing a mask again due to air quality. At least I am used to it.

Completed another chart yesterday so that was nice. It was a busy week. I am very grateful.  We bought no groceries and I had Hubs take my car to go babysit as the truck uses so much gas.

Kelsa just loves to beat up on Oliver, he is half her size and very sensitive and she is a pill. Poor Oliver, I am constantly seperating them.  But one of these days Kelsa is going to get a rude awaking.

I am doing nothing today, it is wonderful.  The shop is clean, and I am just playing on the computer.  Hubs would like to fill my day but I won't let him.

And last but not least the chickens are laying!

See the little brown pullet egg!  And when hubs went out a few hours later we had another one!  So we will soon have eggs.  Yippee!

I might just take a nap.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday, Will Kim ever catch up?

 This is the million dollar question?  I feel that no matter how much I try to get done I am always behind the 8 ball.  Oh how I dream of the days when no work was coming in and I was worried.  ( Anne no smart comments, I mean don't even think them, do you hear me?  And Sluggy that goes for you too)

Hubs is up watching Oliver today and he will also go up tomorrow for a 1/2 day. Nate had lasik surgery done this morning in Spokane so the kids are up there and D#3 had no sitter.  SO Dad to the rescue. I went out a watered my flower boxes this morning and just got a call from Hubs that he did not have time this morning to water the garden so I will have to get out and do that. I also have to go over and water at Lil sis's for the next 4 days as she is out of town.

We have several bad fires in the area but most are grass fires, which have there limits, unlike Timber fires.  So our air is really hazy and I hope it does not get any worse.  It really triggers my asthma.  I hate staying inside all the time. We have had summers here and way too many summers here where we could not see 10 feet in front of ourselves due to smoke. It can last for months.

Again I sewed into the evening and I still have a full day today.  But then if I can get done what I want I think I might be able to say.... no I won't say it.  I will jinx myself.

I miss my Sissie so bad right now.  I just wish we could be together.

I made summer squash, and a tomato/basil salad out of the garden last night along with Swedish meatballs from the freezer.  So good and so thrifty. Even though the garden is not all I want it to be due to deer, I am still able to eat out of it.

Today's to do's: 

1. hem four pairs of trousers

2. hem two pairs of pants

3. hem three pairs of pants and deliver when Hubs gets home

4. hem two pairs of pants

5. finish up a wedding dress when bride come in today.

6.hem a single pair of pants

7. hem a shirt

8. bind two blankets

9. clean and organize shop

10. maybe do some ironing as I am almost out of clothes and the basket is taking over the county

That is enough for today and that still leaves me a ton of things for next week, although no wedding dresses have to go out unless something comes in last minute. So I guess today is just a get the piles done day.  I will still have 11 bridesmaid dresses and three huge piles of alterations to get done next week, then it is drips and drabs of things I have been avoiding:)  I am good at avoiding.

Have not made any plans for the weekend although we will do the missionary run Sunday.  Wow I may have a free Saturday. Can't let Hub s find out he will fill it with his nonsense and I have worked hard all week, I need a break!

Who is all for Kim getting a break? Can I see a raise of hands?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday, Kim plans, God laughs, Thrifty Thursday

  Kim is so smug as she got so much done yesterday including 3 sets of military dress blues that she had been putting off forever.  So a young airman comes to pick his up this morning and I had sewed all four patches on upside down.  *&^%$#@

I sewed until 9 p.m. last night as I had a DECA student that was leaving from Spokane at 5 p.m. this morning and her pants and coat and career wear had just come in the mail at 6 p.m.  So she dropped off and I got her done.  We have no shopping here.  Everything has to be ordered on line and then it is back ordered or does not come in, I feel bad for these people who wait and wait until there things finally get here.  I was tired last night when hubs and I went to check on missionary apartments.

There are myriads of fires burning all around us, as we had dry lightening storms yesterday morning.  Hubs went out with a buddy to the grange top to look at fires.  I could not go as I was sewing.... can you beleive that?  Yes sewing.  By the way feeling came back into my thumb about noon.  Until that time I just looked like a drunk trying to sew.  I mean the thumb would work I just could not feel it.

Started out this morning with my computer going down, so had to call the Computer doctor who is an old student of mine and he talked me through the problem and now I have to bring him brownies.  I consider that a cheap fix.

SO far this morning I have had 2 bridesmaid dresses, 7 pairs of pants  to hem and 2 blankets to bind, in addition to the uniform I have to fix the patches on.  This all came in during the first hour and 15 minutes I was open.  SO how can I ever catch up I ask you?  I was so happy yesterday as I thought I had reached status quo. Well Kim plans.....  I am just shaking my head right now.

my plan of attack today was/  now is:

1. fix uniform *&^%$#

2. neck line bridesmaid dress

3. shoulders bridesmaid dress

4. shoulders bridesmaid dress

5. take brownies to Computer Doctor

6. hem bridesmaid dress 

7. put fringe on rug

8. hem pants

9. hem bridesmaid dress

10. hem two pair pants

11. water flowers/pick squash

That is enough for today.  I really should do more, but why?  God will just laugh some more because he really does love me.

Thrifty Thursday:

1.saved all spare change in my pig bank, which I now believe I cannot lift.

2. saved all my 5 dollar bills now up to $1450.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in my 100 envelop challenge

5.  Used coupons at Joanns

6. shopped at a restaurant supply for things for 4th of July much cheaper for large quantities

7. girl friend brought me  2 quarts of fresh raspberry's I see jam in the future

8. found .6 cents a penny and a nickle

9. cooked much of the 4th of  July feast from my pantry.  Happy to give myself more room

10. picked squash, onions, a few beans from garden

11. had hubs cook outside most of the week to keep house from heating up and save on energy to prevent blackouts

12. kept air-conditioner at 78  to help with blackouts

13. air dried clothes to keep from using the dryer to help with blackouts I still need to have a clothesline put up.

14. Lots of leftovers from the 4th we are eating up only a little went to the chickens.

15. did my fetch rewards.

16. did a little ibbotta 

16. exchanged a computer fix for brownies... cheap fix

Did you do anything to save money over the last week? If so what?  I am always looking for new ideas.

Need to go deliver brownies....

Have a great and productive day staying positives while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Wednesday, I have to catch up!

 Into the Doc first thing this morning for a cortisone shot, pain gone, but my thumb is now numb.  Ever tried to pick up pins with a numb thumb?  Well it ain't easy.  I have had two bridesmaid dresses in here already and I fumbled around like a drunk trying to mark them.

Last night after I took a short nap we drove to Moscow to buy hubs new shoes.. He has to wear a certain style of boot as he has terribly flat feet and wears inserts.  These have always run about $120.00 a pair and I was shocked to see that they were now $150.00 We bought his last pair about 18 months ago. Everything is going up.  But we also found 22 shells which we have not been able to buy down here even though we have 4 bullet factories, so hubs wws thrilled.  I also found two boxes of wide mouth lids and seals so I was happy about that.  We stopped by the kids place to give Oliver hugs and kisses as we had not seen him in 24 hours and he might have started to say grandma.  He was cute as ever crawling all over pulling himself up and then throwing anything he could reach on the floor.  We applauded every time he threw something.  Probably not a good game, but we are the grandparents right?

Then onto Uniontown to check on Kelsa and Schmills for the same reason.  D#2 was sitting on the floor of the family room surrounded by clothes that she was folding and Kelsa had her back to us and was sitting there watching her mother. As soon as she heard my voice she turned and went into a Sarah Berhardt act.  Throwing her arm across her eyes and falling into a fit on the floor so I would pick her up.  As in my mother hasn't held me all day....  We all laughed so hard, what an actress.

Grocery adds came out today and we need nothing and nothing was appealing.  Went to Wal mart last night also for dog supplies.  So we are set for a while.  I have not even filled my money envelopes this week as I have been so down in the wrist and so scattered with losing a day this week. Do any of you get behind or mixed up when you take a Monday holiday? It is hard for me to get on track again.  But I am going to try hard today to get there.

Things that I need to do today:

1. water flowers

2. Military jacket

3. another military jacket

4. another military jacket

5. fix a pair of levis

6. alter 3 shirts

7. hem a bridesmaid dress

8. hem another bridesmaid dress

9. hem another bridesmaid dress

10 hem another bridesmaid dress

11. hem grooms pants

12. put a seam into a pocket of three pairs of pants 

13. hem two pairs of pj's and a pair of jeans

14. put new braid on a rug

I just have to get rid of the piles and I have three wedding dresses two need to be picked up. I also have more work coming in tomorrow that must be out next week.  IT just never ends.


Well let's go see if my hand is working better. Still cannot feel the fingertips very well...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tuesday. Recouping after the 4th I think?

 IT was a very busy weekend and I am still in recovery mode as much as the shop will let me.

I cooked all day Saturday, with daughter and Lil sis's help. Daughter did all the cutting and dicing which was nice.  Lil sis most of the outdoor work.  Lil sis was here until 10 p.m. helping me finish up.

Within minutes of Lil sis's departure I got the worst case of carpal tunnel in my right wrist I have ever had.  I did not sleep a wink all night due to the throbbing pain.  I text both Lil sis and daughter for asked help and I was embarrassed.

Now I had, had shooting pain down the forearm of my left wrist for the past week which is a precursor of an inflammation but that was as far as it went.  No indication of the right wrist.  So no feeling in my fingers, and I could not open or close my right hand let alone use it.  SO frustrated.  But I managed to get through the day and it loosened up a little throughout the day but I was so tired. Both the girls stayed the night with the babies, and Hubs and I had ying and yang between us in the king size bed. So I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked although the girls made Hubs let me sleep in a little.  Then I went out on the boat for the first time all season.  It was lovely.  But even though I sunscreened I still got a little burned.  Not bad but my forehead is awful pink.  SO last night no sleep due to horrible night sweats which comes along with a flare.  Damity, damn,damn.

We will be eating leftovers for the next few days so at least I don't have to cook.  

The shop is crazy busy without let up today and all I want to do is take a nap.  I have had a bride in for a bustle, a mother of the bride for a hem and 5 bridesmaid dresses plus a pile of alterations so far today.  I am so tired.  There is so much stuff that needs to go out before the end of the week.  I am still having problems with not being able to feel some of my finger tips on my right hand but no pain, thank goodness.

My house was such a mess with all the party goers and the kids and grand kids.  I was about nuts Monday and thought about just kicking everyone to the beach and cleaning all day.  So glad I went out on the boat it was so fun and relaxing. I hardly ever just go and have fun.  I am always babysitting or cleaning or cooking.  I took the babies both back from the beach about 3 in the afternoon.  Both were screaming at the top of their lungs  as they did not want to be in hot car seats in a hot car.  Thank goodness it was only 2 miles to the house, where grandma took them out and fed them macaroni salad, and fruit salad.  They ate like little piggy birds and then both got bottles on a blanket on the frontroom floor.  Oliver was beaten up by Kelsa repeatedly and I finally had to remove her.  She fell asleep in my arms while Oliver napped on the floor.  Kids came in about 6 p.m. and picked up their things, which made the house look a little more presentable. 

Hubs laid down but I was determined to sleep last night so I worked in the yard for a couple of hours, returning things to normal and un decorating.  Then hubs and I went a got a diet coke came home a cleaned up the kitchen and sat on the back deck in the dark for an hour.  So peaceful.

But still no real sleep last night.  Well I will quite complaining and get into the shop and do a few things.

Hope you all had a nice 4th with lots of good food and fun.

How is your week stacking up?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



Saturday, July 3, 2021

Saturday, another chart, cooking!


Another chart filled and I am onto #13.  I only have 3 wedding dresses in the shop now and two are done!    But more are coming in.  I feel like I have turned the tide until September/October.  I am still very busy with other sewing, but the wedding dresses are under control.  So happy about this as I have more time to get things done and travel which was my intention.

It is a little cooler today, but was still in the triple digits yesterday and will be today also. Hubs was up at 6 to go and put pavers next to wheel chair ramp for the city.  He wanted to do it before it got too hot.  He was home and done by 11:00.  He is now napping as he is going out with the Little's parents to look at their timber property, to see what kind of a cut plan they can do to keep the property saleable later this afternoon.

Daughter is here with me to help with cooking for our 4th of July bash.  Here is what we have to get done.

1. deviled eggs 

2. potato salad

3. broccoli slaw

4. shrimp salad

5. tabbouleh  (Hubs job)

6.  acini d pepi salad (fruit)

7. BBQ chicken (tomorrow but cut up pieces and prep)

8. apple pie

9. cherry pie

10. strawberry/rhubarb pie

11. blueberry pie

12. beach bread (baguette, tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella ) tomorrow

13. clean back deck

14. clean house and do floor

15. make a plan for sitting people 

16. decorate (lil sis)

I have to run I have so much to do.  Now I am asking myself why am I doing this? Now I am asking.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, July 2, 2021

Friday, Cooler, Fire stories


It was only 102 yesterday although they predicted 104.  The storm that passed through the night before really cooled us down.  It was some what hazy yesterday so we were able to put out the kiddy pool and the Littles and Kelsa and Schmills had a ball.  We knew we had the kids for the day as daughter had job interviews, and then they were taking friends out on the boat.  So we went and picked up the littles, as it is easier to take care of a group as they entertain each other.

Schmills announced that he is going to be an Olympic hurdler, only he will win as he will go under the hurdles instead of over.  He thinks it will be faster.  Any thoughts on his carrier choice?

Hubs just came in from mowing the lawn and it is 100 right now, almost balmy, but we are expecting 104 again.  I was finally able to get those missionary pants done, and I was busy with clients off and on all day, but spent most of my time chasing kids and cleaning. I also made a pot of spaghetti sauce, but had hubs boils the spaghetti and the corn on the cob outside.  I don't know why my spag sauce grows so much.  I tried to cut back and still had enough sauce for all of us last night ( us and daughter's family) and enough for tonight.  I froze two containers and sent another home with daughter.  I swear when I cook it is for a threshing crew.

After I get some sewing done today, (put sleeves back in wedding dress and alter two other wedding dresses) I am making a list of all I need at the grocery store for this weekends festivities.  I don't want to have to shop tomorrow as I know the stores will be crazy busy.  I hope hubs and I can go pick some apricots tonight, although I will  not have time to make jam until next week.

The dining room table has now become  Schmill's gun safe. This is my life.

Fire stories:

I think this happened in the last 10 years considering Hubs has been retired going on 6 years now.  But he had been gone for at least 3 weeks and I knew he was coming home because he had to do office duty for the next three weeks.  I remember him announcing his presence and then stripping down in the garage and putting his clothes in the washer.  This still made the whole basement smell like a wildfire.  He went into shower and I told him I would start dinner.  I heard the shower start and the phone rang.

When I answered it, it was the civic theater asking for him.  They were opening in 20 minutes and the first violinist was just being taken away by ambulance, so how soon could he get down there? I hurried and pulled his concert blacks out of the closet and laid them out on the bed.  Then I went and made him a sandwich. When he got out of the shower he hollered from the bedroom and I went in hurried him into his black's explaining as I helped him.  I handed him a sandwich and his violin case as he was going out the front door.  I remember him turning around and asking me in sandwich ( whad am i pyawin) I told him Fiddler on the Roof, he mumbled  back(o dood I know dat one) He played the three week run and was back on fire the Sunday evening after it closed.  How is that for good timing?

Another time he showed up unexpectedly with a pumper truck early one afternoon.  It took up most of the driveway.  He wasn't feeling well and told me he wanted to go right to bed with nothing to eat and the pumper had to be back at the office by morning to load.  I was downstairs sewing and soon I heard him calling.  When I went to the bottom of the stairs he was leaning on the door frame and said he was sick and needed help changing the bed.  Oh great!  SO WHILE HE SHOWERED, I stripped the bed remade it and it was obvious he had food poisoning again. This happened again a few hours later.  What a mess he was so sick.  The next morning he tried to leave in work clothes and had to come back and shower and change before he even got in the truck.  Then he made it down the block and had to turn around to come home and change. I helped him into his last set of fire clothes and said this is it, you cannot ruin another set of clothes and you can't drive 45 miles with that truck you are too sick.  I called a family friend who drove, hubs in the truck and I followed in my car.  Then 2 miles outside of Orophino Hubs switched with him as it was highly illegal to have a non state employee drive the pumper.  Then I drove hubs home and our friend drove Hub's truck home.  He was down for about 48 hours and back on fire. Good times.

Well I had better get to work, as no good fairy is going to come in and do the work for me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the neagtive.