Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday, Blogger on the fritz, Thrifty Thursday


Grammy and James at the water park!  Boy did we have fun!.  It was 97 degrees and hazy with smoke of course.   James and I spent some time at the wave pool.  He was too little to be in it by himself, but I held him under his arms and we were hit by wave after wave.  Every time one came I would lift him up and let the wave move us.  He loved it.  We ate pizza, and chips and had cupcakes, so fun.  He is now up at daughters and we miss him.  He is a quiet little boy, but we still miss his presence. 

I can't read any of my bogs when I hit reading list, so comments are down and so is revenue.  But I heard from others that they are experiencing the same thing.  So if I am not commenting on your blog that is the reason. Sorry.

Hub had to pull all of our squash because of that bug problem.  I tried to contain it, but it ws no use.So sad.  He is now picking onions and letting them dry out.  We are in for another heat wave with temps in the 100's and above for the foreseeable future.  I told Hubs we need to go out and find a newly plants alfalfa field and pick the edges.  The chickens want fresh greens so bad.

I had two more wedding dresses come in yesterday along with a mother of the bride and one bridesmaid dress.  I am going to have to stop taking wedding dresses soon as I am about at my max capacity to get them done before our vacation.

Today I need to finish laundry and vac-cum and do the floors. But first I must get into shop and get some uniforms done.


1. uniforms

2. finish and call bride

3. hem pants

4. steam bridesmaid dress

5. hem bridesmaid dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7. put zipper on jacket

8.start another wedding dress

9. put zipper in a pair of pants

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in pig bank

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

3. saved all my $5 dollar bill now up to $1610.00

4. saved money in 2 of my 100 envelope challenge

5. found a total of .36 this week on the ground in various places

6. ate all but one meal from home

7. ate alot of produce from our garden and Lil sis's garden and from the food pantry

8. made a large salad to take to BBQ with pantry things no money spent

9. hubs figured out why mower would not start and we saved a trip to the repair shop!

10. free trip to water park with a meal included

11. used coupons at Jo anns

12. cut my makeup remover pads in half, given to me by Sissie. double free

13. took a deposit to savings of $1641.00 all from savings challenges

SO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS WEEK TO SAVE MONEY?  Do any of you do saving challenges?  IF so what are they and how much have you saved? 

I am off to get to work.  DO you want to join me?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



  1. Woo hoo! You had a lot of money savings this week.
    I am in a quandary about the 5 dollar bill savings. THeHub took one of my fives before I had a chance to put it in my secret stash. I figured I would buy something that I would normally get a five back, but would use a bigger bill and some ones so I could just get a 10, then I would put it in the stash to even things out. Yeah, no dice. I used a 50 and got 5 5's and a ten and five 1's. So now I have no cash left, except for the stupid ones, but at least the month is just about over! So much for trying to be clever1

    1. I know that happens to me and I am like damn! But yeah!

  2. Sounds like a good money savings week for you, Kim. I like the photo of you and James in the pool. Sounds hot there.

    1. It is scorching here supposed to be over 110 on Saturday!

  3. What a great picture! Sounds like a lot of good memories for James, and that is priceless.
    Great savings too!

    1. We had fun, James has a bad cold now, I think it is the smoke and the wheat smut from early harvest.

  4. Yes, chicken love green stuff! Mine could see what is was as I came and they were so excited!

    1. I know it is so cute to see them do the here she comes dance!

  5. Great picture of the two of you. It's a perfect picture of summer fun!

  6. I am having trouble accessing your blog, all I get is gobbley gook (I believe it is computer jargon).

    Lots of lovely savings there.

    God bless.