Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday, getting closer

     Finally got the Snow White costumes done and some one spilled soda all over the Larger one.  Damn!  I took it home and washed out the skirt it is dry and I will iron it.  So I am down to my last 7 shadow costumes which are cut out!

   I have to complete a minor bride alteration first thing this morning and then on to costumes.  Must get to studio and pack up all props and take all set pieces and floor to theater tonight after rehearsal.  Last minute music and then get the program typed up.

     Still have costume fees out but I am being almost rude and very diligent.  I need to go into shop and figure out who has paid again as I have to pay the credit card bill  today so I don't forget.

     Just a hamster on a wheel!

Out My Window:  I think it might warm up today!

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


     Slowly but surly props are coming together.  Cauldron we built for a dancer to come out of is perfect.  The dwarf's bed that Snow White sleeps on is done.  The mirror frame is painted.  Now just to finish the costumes.  Did not like the way Snow White's dress flowed so will revamp that today.  Hope to have all costumes done by 5:00.

     Parents are still slowly paying fees, this will be the last day to hand out notes and they seriously cannot come without checks tomorrow.  No excuses. 

     My list is getting smaller and I am looking forward to the weekend so I can put this to bed.  But show time is also exciting.

      My health right now is not the best, but it is a combination of many events brought on by a long suppressed immune system.  I will get through this and be back in the game.  I just like someone to complain to:)

     I know right now I have enough money to pay all the costume charges from last month and the $250.00 extra so I have met my goals of not using charge cards that I do not pay in full.  All bills for the month are paid and I have made it 5 months without going further into debt.  We will see after this show where this settles.  I will have more costume charges, and theater rent, printing, a large payroll and next months bills.  Hopefully we will break even and be able to get through the summer without debt.  It will be the first time.

     Out My Window:  A little rainy and colder, but that is okay!  Chickens are getting huge!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday, Busy, bad weekend.....

     Busy weekend.  We drove up to northern Idaho to help daughter #2 move.  She was ready for us and by 5:30 that evening we had her three bedroom apt almost emptied.  I had wiped down all the closets and sills and mob boards in all three bedrooms and her front room.  I also cleaned a bathroom.  So she only had fridge and kitchen cupboards to wipe out and one bathroom to scrub.  The kitchen had been thoroughly cleaned.  But I was so sore and moved so slowly.  I would find myself laying down between rooms for a few minutes, so unlike me.  Had a hard time driving as my wrists were so inflamed.  So hubby drove up and back and he was starting to get a bad cold.  I was so stiff when I got out of the car hubs asked if I was going to be able to go to church in the morning.

     I had a really hard time getting out of bed and had to put on my largest dress shoes and I could hardly get them on.  One knee was swollen and one Achilles tendon was inflamed. hands were worse and getting ready took me 1.5 hours.  Limped to church taught music, it about killed me to direct but the kids had fun and they didn't know.  I think the pianist was on to me however.  When I got home I broke down and took 2 predisone tablets.  I must say other than shots I have never taken this kind of steroid.  I am scared to death of side affects.  But I could tell that my time was up and moving was over.  I went to bed and slept hard for 6 hours.  Woke up and felt about 1/2 better.  So I have been taking 2 tablets for the last three days and I am hoping I can cut down to one in about 5 days.  I have to get through this show.  I am probably going to swell up like a balloon as I will start retaining water.


     See there is always a silver lining.

     Yesterday, I sewed and worked on props for the show.  We did not have to clean last night so that was nice.  I still have 9 costumes to finish and a myriad of other things, Ugh!

     Went to the dentist this morning and she replaced an old cavity or filling.  Doctor is now suspecting that old fillings might have decay under them and that is where this bacteria is sneaking back from.  She was shocked to find quite a bit of bad decay under this first tooth.  Next week I have a crown.  I hate to spend the money but what choice do I have?  Not to walk?

     Right now I am trying to drink a diet coke with a 1/2 numb mouth and am dribbling all over.  I am so attractive.  I just realized that I have not updated my debts for the month, but I do not have time to get this done and go looking for those figures, so next month I will just be extra special.

     By the way I do not think that Carla is enjoying her new sewing machine, what do you guys think?  Is that sarcasm?

     I have a Snow White costume to alter and finish and a little Snow White to make, I also have to get all my music onto one CD and just realized that I am out of copy cd's and some of my music is at the studio, so I will be making a quick trip to the store before 1:00.  I also have 7 shadow costumes to make, still have not figured up a prototype.  Hopefully the Ballet Mistress can help me when she gets here.

     Well I had better get busy, no one will do the work for me. Hubby just came downstairs and said he needs 2-8 foot 2x2's.  Add that to the list.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, blogger is slow....

     Good grief! Sometimes blogger is slower than I am so frustrating.  Hubby is home today so hopefully we will knock out many to do's.  His folks are coming tonight and now I have to clean house on top of everything else.  Oh and make a salad for  funeral at the church and go up to Cour d'elene tomorrow and help move daughter #2.  Life just gets easier and easier around here.

     I did get the studio books done and was shocked.  I had over $3500.00 in costume, and recital charges.  believe me I have spent the last 2 days going personally to parents with notes written especially for them.  Next week we have rehearsals that involve every student at least two times before the actual dress rehearsal.  My note said to pay the charges immediately.

   So those I don't catch this week, I will catch next Tuesday or Wednesday and since everyone has to be there on Thursday, they had better cough up because they have no excuse to show up at the theater and try to pay me or hope I am too busy and forget.  I am getting mean.

     Still lots to do.  I had a dental appointment yesterday.  It is going to be expensive.  But I cannot take the arthritis meds and get dental work done so I will bite the bullet and pay.   Just let me get back on my medications.  I am turning into a pretzel.

     Out My window:  Cold!  I mean like freezing!  So weird after the 90 degree weather we have had.

Hubby keeps coming and standing over me and staring like I am going to go make him breakfast!  Ha fat chance.  I have asked him twice now if he needs something.

     Well I am off to the races.....

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday, getting closer

     I am getting closer but still have so much to do.  Arthritis as bad as ever this morning, I am chalking it up to the barometric pressure.  We have had a lot of rain since yesterday which is great.  But I cannot move!  Anyway two more jewel costumes to complete and then some hand work and I am done with them.  I am going to do the studio books today and see who still owes and it is sure to surprise me.  Most of our students come on Monday and Wednesday.  I can always mail notes to those that come on Tuesday.  I just want to be able to pay off the credit card charges and I am sure to be able to do that.

     Hubby is moving slowly on his projects for the show.  I just forget how clumsy and unproductive he is.  Watching him work makes me crazy.  It will get done.  But I would rather pay someone else to do it.  The problem is I can't afford it all the time.  I am a little worried about making it through the summer but I have before and I will again.  By the way have only had one customer in the shop in 2 days.  I do have a bride scheduled today.  But it is weird how work fluctuates.  That is okay I am so busy with costumes it does not matter.

     Say a prayer for the families in Oklahoma.   I always think I am so put upon and then I see others suffer at no fault of my own and I am humbled.

     Well I am off to finish up the Jewel costumes and I will post a picture, then books, books, books!


Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, infection again

     Back to doctors yesterday afternoon and the bacterial infection in my throat and sinus is back,  So doctor put me back on the same strong antibiotic for 2 weeks he seems confident I will kick it this time.  I have been feeling old symptoms return but yesterday as I was sewing costumes , I had a sore throat and I realized that I was not getting things done as quickly, making mistakes over and over.  I was achy so I took my temperature and it was 100.5.  Called and was able to get right in to see him what a miracle.  I feel better already this morning.  Arthritis is bad but not as bad.  Bacteria just inflames everything.

     Picked up the rest of the scene props from builder yesterday.  Now they need to be assembled and painted.  Also was able to pick up the rest of the material for jewel costumes so no excuses I must finish them today.  I have 6 left and only two are not cut out all others are partially made.  Will be so glad when these are finished.  Then I only have to finish big snow white and make little Snow White.  I have to pull many costume form the high school but I do not have to make them.

     I also broke down and rehired a housekeeper.  Sorry but it is getting so bad and I stop and try to do something about it and then I get stressed and behind even further.  The yard is a wreck and I only have one week between this recital and 3 weeks of workshops to get the garden and the yard done  let alone the sewing that will be so behind. 

     My plan is to finish jewels today and then catch up in shop.  I believe Hubby is taking Friday off and we will knock out the rest of the scenery pieces. 

     Out My window: Warm and beautiful and I am in a sweater because I am cold.

I really need to get studio books balanced.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, busy

     Receiving non stop restricted calls on phone.  So aggravating.  I am very busy and posts will be sporadic. Still very stiff and sore.  But will try to keep everyone up to date. 

    I am so happy that Carla bought a new sewing machine, I have wondered for a while how she was doing with her old one.  Nothing is more frustrating than equipment that does not work. Except maybe a body that does not work!  Ha, ha....

     I have to get cleaned up and run I up to set designers, place and down to the studio. Want to finish costumes I have as much as I am able.  I am waiting for material in the mail. Also my shop is a disaster and trying to catch up on laundry.

Out My window:  I need to check on the chickens, It will be warm today.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, stiff and sore...

     Very stiff and sore today.  I had a hard time sleeping last night because of pain and stiffness.  My shoulders are really bad right now.  If you have ever had a shoulder injury you will know it is almost impossible to sleep laying down.  I hate arthritis. Hate, hate, hate it!  Okay I've had my rant...

     I was able to finish a proto type of the jewel costume yesterday.  I have a mom that will do all the belts.  I cut out two more and plan on trying to get as many done as possible.  I am going to have to go to Moscow to get more fabric.  So I will do everything I can with what I have on hand and then I will go from there.  I will take a picture and post it tomorrow.

     No calls from crazy bride yesterday so maybe she has figured it out.  You can't treat people like crap and lie and then expect them to help you.  Bullies never figure that out.  I was able to get more suits altered yesterday but have three more to do today.

     I did get my deposit done and the rent paid.  I need to make up another deposit but I doubt that gets done today.  Busy teaching night at studio.  Still have two #'s to finish and haven't even thought of a costume for one of the #'s hope the kids have some ideas.

     I know I have complained about the house, but I just don't see any way that I can get any of it done with as much as I have to do.  The dust just gets thicker.

Out My Window:  we need rain!  It is overcast and we have a chance of a lightening storm.  I hope there is moisture with it.  The last two springs have been so wet, that this is just weird. 

     I need to get busy.  I am going to time myself and see how long it takes me to complete one of those costumes.

     I just went to answer the door for a customer and forgot about this blog post and completed two skirt sets in 1/2 an hour.  So I am figuring 30 minutes a costume after they are cut out with out the belts.  I am so ADD but I can concentrate when I want to.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, life is a blur

     Just picking away at my to do list both in the shop and for the show.  Hubby has started on scene props.  I only have to teach one hour today so I plan on getting a great deal of sewing done.  I have 17 costumes to cut out and complete in the next 2 weeks and I need to get started. 

     I was still getting calls from crazy bride and her mother yesterday.  Of course I did not answer them and then I received a series of restricted calls right after their calls which I did not answer.  The finale was the call from someone that I let go to voice mail that had a fake accent trying to get me to call them back.  I mean this girl is a nut case.  Comical but also an irritation.

     I need to put away laundry and dust and vacuum this house.  The floors also need to be done and the sheets changed and the bathrooms scrubbed.  I might hire someone just for a couple hours to get me caught up as my hands are so sore.

     I think I will go get into a hot tub and soak for a little while this morning, that might help. I am anxious to see how much I can get done today and I also need to go to the bank and deposit for the studio and remember to pay my rent. I have been carrying around the check for a week.

     Or maybe I will just go curl up back in bed for a while.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, posts will be sporadic at best

Studio account $2999.00 ( have not paid costumes yet!)
Personal account -$689.12
Have not received CC statements but will pay in full with $250.00 added.

     I was able to get bills paid and the desk cleaned and the budget set up for May last Friday, but it took a better part of the day.

     We are having costume problems as in costumes came in wrong and have to be returned.  I hate that.  We try to be so careful.  But sometime things just don't work out.

     I have a huge list of to do's and I try to get several done every day.  Trying desperately to get caught up in the shop.  But recital pulls me away.

     One thing I was able to do was pay all of May's bills except the CC's and the car payment and the tithing.  Which will come out of Hubbies second check.   So I feel really good about this.  It leaves me with a good feeling that I will stay on even keel.  Just not setting those huge payment goals and then falling back is good for me.

     Mother's Day was awful do to the crazy bride remember her?  The one from a few weeks ago.  She called screaming 8 times about her dress.  Even though she tried it on here and was perfectly happy with it and smiling.  I took it off her and hung it in her protective bag and then hung the bag about 16 inches off the floor.  It was not touched until she picked it up the next day.  I showed her where the small spot had been on the chiffon and I had removed the somewhat imaginary spot.  I had marked it with a pin.  She was pleased. Left all smiles.  Calls me 2 weeks later and hollers that the dress is ruined peed on by cats shredded and stained and snagged.  IMPOSSIBLE.
First of all no cat could jump 16 inches to pee on a dress.  My cats have never had an accident in the house and are trained to go outside, although we have a littler box that I have to change maybe every 6 months it is used do seldom.  If I had an animal that would not stay out of my shop I would get rid of them.
      Her mother also called and this is what the mother said was wrong.  Upon trying the dress again they realized the slip was still a little too long.  The flower girl dress had not been hemmed.  (I was never asked to hem this just to line the sleeves)  The daughter also said little girls dress was peed on and shredded, which means I have a cat that can cut through a canvas bridal bag and jump 6 feet in the air to pee!  The bustling button and hook were causing snags on the chiffon.  (Now this is possible)  But they were shown how to bustle the dress and went over the hem inch by inch looking for the spot.  As they were happy with the dress and had looked it over so carefully I was confused.  Daughter tells my shredded, peed on, destroyed.  Mom says, slip too long, flower girls too long, small snag a bustle hook.  Who do I believe?  So I called my lawyer and they said, do not take any phone calls and meet them in small claims court.  So yesterday about 4:30 girl calls me and I let it go to voice mail.  This is the message.  Hi this is Barb, I have calmed down now and want to know if you will work with me on this dress so we don't have to go to court.  Called lawyer.  Was told not to respond, as this person was unstable and had lied to me in hysterics and I would not be able to please her.  If she had called and said she had discovered that her slip was still too long and the flower girls dress needed to be hemmed after all and that the hook was causing the chiffon to snag, I would certainly have fixed all three problems.  But her screaming, hysterics, and lies have sacred me.  So I will do nothing.  What a Mother's Day.  EEEK!

     Out My Window:  still very dry here, we did not plant the garden. It will have to be completely re weeded and tilled again.  But will have to wait until June.  Just too busy to think right now.

      Posts might be sporadic for a while as I am very behind.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, busy weekend ahead!

     I have a big rehearsal tomorrow and I would really like to get the garden planted.  But we will see how tired I am after the rehearsal.  I need to go back to the doctor for blood work.  I am also really feeling my arthritis.  It is now affecting my left elbow, shoulder and my right knee.  So painful. I need to get back on meds.  But I also need some dental work before I go back on.  Crap this medication schedule is driving me nuts!

     Daughter #2 is home and I love it when she comes home.  She will help with rehearsal tomorrow. I slept very late this morning which is good as I feel well rested.  I hope to get a lot of sewing done today.  I also need to pay bills.  So after this post I will attack my desk.  I am such a brave woman.

     Hubs and I went out last night and filled the car with gas.  $45.00!  I will never get enough to pay the house at the this rate.  But he has a full tank and does not drive next week so we should not have to buy any gas for at least 10 days.  Sigh of relief.

     Now that it is warm and I am switching to all cotton clothes the ironing is starting to take over so I hope to get to that this week.  My oldest daughter sent me Carol Burnett DVD's for mothers day.  I love Carol Burnett.  So much of my costuming and stage directing and choreography comes from watching old variety shows.  They were a great influence on my life.  So I will watch a tape while I iron.  Or I could go naked, but I am totally beyond exposing my body after 5 pregnancies.......  just not pretty.   My twin sister is a cross between Carol Burnett (they way she  acts too funny ) and Dame Judy Dench ( the way she looks).  Then there is me sigh.......

     Out My window:  I need to water as some of my plants are too parched, but I am so stiff and sore I hate to go out and turn on the hose.  Whine, whine.  I need to kick myself in the butt.

     I am off to the races!  slowly...

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


     Did not get to bills last night just too unmotivated.   Did get a little more sewing done last night.  Today I have been working on a Wedding dress that is very difficult.  The bride was just here and it fit perfectly!  Yahoo!  Now I have to set the sleeves back in and replace the lace and pearls.

     Tonight I have a small performance with the advanced Jazz girls after I teach.  I also have to run to the post office and mail Mothers day cards and a package.  I have to admit I am feeling better.  I am just worried about a new infection all the time.  But hopefully I have nipped this one in the bud.  I picked up my expensive medication yesterday even though I cannot take it.  I know eventually I will be put back on this and I am going to stockpile a few months supply.  It is kept in the fridge and is good for a year.  Although it makes me nervous to think that I have $8000.00 worth of meds in the fridge.  What if the electricity fails? 

     Teacher Finance has a good post on time and its effect on debt.  When we are very busy do we spend less or more?  Does having to much to do keep you from spending money or do you waste it?  I have always felt that I waste money when I get too busy.  I don't pay attention and then blame my busy life on the debt.  I also spend to relieve stress and tell myself I deserve a treat as I worked so hard.  Sometimes I think I kept myself in a dither for years so I would not have to look at my spending.  I could blame and justify anything.   I have really tried to come to grips with this over the last 3 years.  I am still too busy but I am only doing 3 shows a year instead of 10.  I find myself just cutting back and trying to simplify, simplify.  I know it has helped my debt problems.

    But boy is this pay off slow.  I have not paid one bill this month and tomorrow is the 10th!  Ack!

Out My Window:  Hot, beautiful, turned off the heat at the studio.  Now I am just going to watch those bills go down.

Need to get busy, I am just having too much fun......

Have a great and productive day.




Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, staying focused...

     So today I have not allowed myself to post until I had sewed my quota.  So far I have done $130.00 worth of alterations.  It will have to stay this way until I am caught up.  I replaced 2 jean zippers, and hemmed 9 items.  I have a stack of work to do when I get done with this post.

     Last night I put bachelor buttons on Hubbies new logging pants.  It is cheaper to put them on rather than buy them with the studs on.  I order the button studs 100 at a time as I use them in the shop constantly.  Costume money is coming in and I was paid by the Fire Department last night.  I am going to try to get my books on even keel tonight and pay some bills as I only teach for one hour.

     So far we have been very good about not writing checks and only living on what comes into the shop, but I am severely short of the house payment.   I have faith that I can make this up by the 13th.  I had a Wedding dress come in this morning and they are always good money.  Items just keep filtering in and I am so grateful for the work.

     My house is a real mess so I plan on trying to do a little cleaning tonight and some early tomorrow.  Just so much to do right now it is hard to get to.  I could start some laundry and maybe I will.  It is so easy to let things go.  Daughter #3 will be bringing a load of things home to the basement bedroom and Daughter #2 will be here this weekend for a large rehearsal.  If the house is not cleaned up before they get here I fear I will never dig out after they leave:)  I complain but I like it when they come home for a while....

     Out My Window:  Hot and sunny, I feel like I am in Florida!  It is so nice.

Well I am off to the salt mines to earn my keep.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, Procrastination is my name!

     I am slowly going into show mode.  I do not like show mode.  When I get overwhelmed with to dos I have a tendency to turtle and procrastinate.  Now I realize that this is not something that people would see as a problem with me but it is a serious problem.  I don't know if it because it is humanly impossible to get my list done (more than likely) or if it is just that I get spoiled and stubborn and will carve me time whether I have the time or not.  Maybe it is a defense mechanism, mental or otherwise.

     I am very behind in the shop and I need to catch up.  Because next week I will be in costume hell and I also desperately need the money.  When I get up in the morning, I immediately take my meds and this includes anti-inflammatory drugs.  My hands are stiff, actually I am stiff but arms and hands are really bad.  I give myself a 1/2 hour on the computer to let the meds take affect.  I check my e-mails, studio, personal and then the blogs.  I also post at this time.  But I have found myself really wasting time and not getting the proper amount of sewing done.  So I have decides to switch up my schedule until after the show.

     I can check the emails as that is necessary and I can check the blogs but no posting until I have sewn $100.00 worth of product.  This morning I went into the shop and hemmed 8 items and put darts in two more.  I was in there less than and hour and have made $87.00.  I have a huge pile to do as soon as this post is done.   I just am having trouble staying motivated. I want to take a nap and  I just got up.

     I had a call from the printer and my show posters are done.  I also have a lunch date at 1:00 with the TV station for a commercial for the show.  So many little things every day, but big things every day after Saturday. 

     I have not even started paying bills for the month as I have no money, but that should change by Saturday.  I sent home notes yesterday about tuition and costumes, all fees for the upcoming performance are due Saturday.  We will see.  I won't hold my breath.

     Out My Window:  watered the yard 2 times yesterday it was so dry.  You could just hear it sigh with relief.  Very hot here but I say Yippee!

     I am off to sew a pile of clothes, 2 zippers and 6 more hems before my next break!
Have a great and productive day!

    What do you do to help yourself with procrastination?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, Life is expensive

     It was an expensive weekend. Had to buy dog food and cat food and cleaning supplies, but that was on the normal end.  Both vehicles were out of gas which is unusual at the same time.  I have forbidden Hubby from writing a check for gas as I don't want to owe more to the checking overdraft.  Then D#3 comes home from college with a load of crap.  She is flat broke and has two more finals.  It is the end of the year and she has lived on a pretty strict budget so it does not surprise me.  Her gas tank is empty.   Hubby has many field meetings with higher ups this week.  I have been on him about his work pants and he says they are fine,  Well they are trashed and he has two pairs of double kneed logger pants.  Does he want to go out in the field to represent his office with those pants on?  He finally tells me he thinks he needs new pants.  Then he shows me his light hightop boots and they are worn down and worn out on the inside.  He is wearing his low tops.

     If you all recall the problems we went through last year with Hubbies feet.  It was quite serious and crippling and very expensive.  He thought he could wear the lowtops for a few weeks and within two days was limping.  So in addition to two new pairs of logger pants we also bought hightop Merrill work boots.

     I was getting really low on some medications and I found out when it comes to personal, Um how do I put this delicately, when it comes to hemorrhoid meds DO NOT BUY THE STORE BRAND.  I felt like I was on the downward cycle of this thing and last Friday felt like maybe I was starting to flare again.  So at the store I bit the bullet and bought name brand at 3 and 4 dollars more an item.  I am so desperate to feel better.  Home we go and let me tell you.  Instant relief.  Just because it says compare to does not mean the same amount of meds is in the medication.  I am doing much better.  Not perfect but better.

     We were able to find 15 more perennials in the dead and dieing bins and the sprinkler company is coming today to turn on the water.  It is a very cold dry spring.  I just turned off the heat yesterday.  The lawn is crispy.  We are behind 1.5 inches of water this month and Hubby is worried about drought.  My poor plants need water and we cannot plant the garden with out our system being turned on.

Let's see:
Medications: $97.00
Pants: $88.00
Light Boots: $119.00
Gas for 3 vehicles: $140.00
Plants: $35.00
Groceries: $67.00
Dog/cat/cleaning supplies:  $45.00

So on a sad note I am way behind on my house savings and must really work hard to get $500.00  for the house payment before the end of the week.  Yikes!

Out My Window:  Hot finally, but the wind is blowing very hard which makes a mess outside and allergies are at an all time high.  At least it is warming up.

I have to get to work, the sprinkler man is here and I will need to pay him......

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, what happened to Thursday?

     What happened to my Thursday?  I guess I was just busy.  I did finally complete that last prom alteration.  But I have a boat load of sewing to do today.  I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off me, now I just need the money to role in :)

     I took the last of my 21 days of antibiotics this morning so maybe by next week I will get the all clear to start arthritis meds again.  Backside is doing better, but I am watching it (or feeling it) carefully so it does not happen again.

     I really need to kick through this house.  Every trash can upstairs is full and I need to gather dirty laundry and do laundry.  I just need to run through this house.  Also need to do a deposit and pay the staff today.  I hope I have enough money in to do this.

     Hubby had a crown yesterday, so he was home on the couch last night sleeping.  We have $712.00 left in the medical savings that has to be used by July 1st.  So $435.00 will go to the crown.  I also need a crown so the rest will go to me and I will make up the difference.

     Must order flowers for Hubby's mom's Birthday Saturday, also call in prescriptions.  So  long list of to do's.

1. call doctor
2. call pharmacy
3. call florist
4.make deposit
5.payroll, sew, sew   Will do more if possible
7. do at least 4 loads of laundry     Started!  on my 4th load
8. empty trash cans
9. make beds
10.clean kitchen
11. order costume parts   Started!
     We are out of dog food and car food and laundry and dish soap so I expect a trip to Wal-mart.
Trying hard right now not to spend any money so I can get $500.00 for the house payment.  I think I have at least $350.00.  I will need this by May 9th.  Then I have to save for another $500.00 bill.  It never ends.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful everything blooming but a little cold.  

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday, May day!

Personal -$59.12
Studio I don't know have not added deposit!

    I was reading blogs this morning and just realized that I skipped the month of April.  I was sick with an eye infection the 2nd week of March.  I had a bad cold the 3rd week of March with a fever. I also had the Celtic show and I lost my voice the entire week.  I mean nothing would come out.  Then I had fever and chills the next week.  The entire month of April was spent with one serious infection after another and I am still doctoring my Backside and the carpel tunnel in my left wrist is horrible.  Will I ever be normal again?  Ok I was never normal but will I ever be abnormal again?  Enough said.

     Yesterday I had a reporter from the local paper come and interview me on why in our combined area of 100,000 people we cannot keep a formal dress or wedding shop open. Then I had a high school girl come and job shadow me in the shop for a Senior project.  I was able to get 4 dresses and a military uniform done.

     I have a load of sewing to do today.  I still did not get to the bills yesterday, so I will tackle that before I hit the machines.

     I made several dozen cookies for Hubbies office as his old boss was going to visit in the afternoon and asked Hubby if I would send his favorite cookie.  So hubby takes them in and puts a sign on them that they are for John who is coming in later in the day.  He comes back to several new signs.  I am Rick and I am the new boss so I get a cookie.  Rick was grouchy today so I get 2 cookies (secretary).  Anyway the list went on and John was not able to get to the office so everyone ate the cookies.  I mean what those old bachelor foresters will do for a cookie.  I remember making a cheesecake for one of their birthdays and when Hubby came in with the cheesecake he had to have it for breakfast.  Men....

Out My Window:  COLD, Cold, cold,  windy but sunny!

     Well I am off to try and do the dishes and see if I can loosen up this wrist and hand.

Have a great and productive day!