Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, Procrastination is my name!

     I am slowly going into show mode.  I do not like show mode.  When I get overwhelmed with to dos I have a tendency to turtle and procrastinate.  Now I realize that this is not something that people would see as a problem with me but it is a serious problem.  I don't know if it because it is humanly impossible to get my list done (more than likely) or if it is just that I get spoiled and stubborn and will carve me time whether I have the time or not.  Maybe it is a defense mechanism, mental or otherwise.

     I am very behind in the shop and I need to catch up.  Because next week I will be in costume hell and I also desperately need the money.  When I get up in the morning, I immediately take my meds and this includes anti-inflammatory drugs.  My hands are stiff, actually I am stiff but arms and hands are really bad.  I give myself a 1/2 hour on the computer to let the meds take affect.  I check my e-mails, studio, personal and then the blogs.  I also post at this time.  But I have found myself really wasting time and not getting the proper amount of sewing done.  So I have decides to switch up my schedule until after the show.

     I can check the emails as that is necessary and I can check the blogs but no posting until I have sewn $100.00 worth of product.  This morning I went into the shop and hemmed 8 items and put darts in two more.  I was in there less than and hour and have made $87.00.  I have a huge pile to do as soon as this post is done.   I just am having trouble staying motivated. I want to take a nap and  I just got up.

     I had a call from the printer and my show posters are done.  I also have a lunch date at 1:00 with the TV station for a commercial for the show.  So many little things every day, but big things every day after Saturday. 

     I have not even started paying bills for the month as I have no money, but that should change by Saturday.  I sent home notes yesterday about tuition and costumes, all fees for the upcoming performance are due Saturday.  We will see.  I won't hold my breath.

     Out My Window:  watered the yard 2 times yesterday it was so dry.  You could just hear it sigh with relief.  Very hot here but I say Yippee!

     I am off to sew a pile of clothes, 2 zippers and 6 more hems before my next break!
Have a great and productive day!

    What do you do to help yourself with procrastination?


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  2. Eep, all due on Saturday... here's to wishing parents finally start to get a grip, seriously. Good luck with all the sewing. When I'm procrastinating, I'm very much like you... no blog, no email, no videos until I'm done. Sometimes I'll resort to civil disobedience and procrastinate even more, and at that point I put up a reward... a piece of candy, adding ice cream to the grocery list, etc. That seems to motivate me.

  3. If you're that busy, can you increase your prices? Or is this just a busy tome of year in your business?