Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friday, I am in D.C.

     We live in an amazing world.  4.32 hours in the air and I am across the United States.  Coming out of Reagan Int'l, I saw a  man in a business suit standing with a sign obviously waiting for a passeger.  The sign read," Capitol One, Rogers Stiens".  I said to the people around me, "That is the last thing company name I would stand around and advertize that I work for, in this economy," the joke went all through the subway car.  People really laughed and agreed.  So see Rhitter you are not alone! 
     I do not know what happened  to my post yesterday, it was a different color on every ones blog.  Weird.  I hope this one is okay.  People could not comment on my terrific set back ( okay terrific in my world) of US Bank!
     I have laughed so much here I hurt.  But my sisters are so funny.  I mean it we can laugh for hours at nothing.  It is so sad. 
     My girl cousins and Aunt are here with us along with my mother.  Oldest cousin just had her husband diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  It is so sad.  I am glad she ame.  We can't do aything but pray and love her and of course make her laugh which is what she needs right now.  This is a yearly girls trip.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost Wednesday, the Kimster prevails!

     Three minutes to midnight, I am packed and ready to go.  My plane leaves at 5:35 a.m. but it is a very small airport and I only need to be there 30 minutes early.  If you get there any earlier the crew is not in and the airport is dark.  So I will go to bed as soon as I am done with this post.

     I taught 2 hours of adult ballet classes at the college today for my daughter who had a conflict, this will guarantee that I am sore tomorrow. Filled both car and truck with gas, gave husband money, gave daughter key to bank to clean for me.  We went down to the studio and cleaned is really well, we still have to tape the floor and do a few minor touch ups but it is ready for the onslaught of a new year.

     I was so upset last night over the US Bank thing that I could hardly sleep.  I called my oldest daughter to whine and in her mater of fact lawyer way she tells me to go down to the CU and ask them to pay off the two loans left at US Bank.  I told her I did not think they could do this as US Bank was raising my interest within 30 days as my credit score had dropped so low.  She then said, go ask anyway and see what your score is.  When we applied for the new refinance it was a 781.  So I did.
     Well my score was a 691, it has never ever been this low before!  But the loan officer looked over my paperwork and said, you have a truck that is practically new and it is paid for, so why don't you use that for collateral?  They could not do a straight signature loan until I had made 6 months worth of house payments.  She said the truck booked for $22,000.  I needed  $19, 566.00 to pay off the soon to be 22.99% card and the 7.59 % credit line. 
     My interest is..... get this 3.63% on the loan!  Score one for Kim, score -812.00 a month for US BANK.  Yes, that is the interest they were getting from us every month between the house, the heloc, the CC and the Credit line.  Now granted that figure was going down every month, but they lost it all and look at the interest I am saving!  The CU officer told me not to pay this loan off any earlier that 8 months as it would take that long to get the score back up.  In a year it should be higher.  I plan to have this loan paid off and my other Credit card also paid off.  Stay with me, I can't do this without you.

     Well I should be pulling into Reagan Itn'l at about 4:35 p.m. and I will take the subway to ShadyGrove.  I wonder if that great saxophone player will be in the tunnel?

Have a good night's sleep.  I'm off to see the Wizard!


Tuesday, Hit by the credit report!

     I am about as mad at US Bank as Rhitter is at Capitol one.  We just refinanced our mortgage and heloc together two weeks ago.  Both were with US Bank.  I have not been fond of this bank since they issued me a business CC 5  years ago.  It was issued automatically upon opening a business account.  I did not use it for two years.  When we moved the studio to a new location I used the card to the tune of $12,000.00 for moving and remodeling expenses as it had a very good interest rate.  Two months after the move they upped the rate to 14.99 percent.  I asked why, we had never been late, we were making way. way over the minimum payment.... answer because they could.  So I vowed to leave them.  I said you have me by the short hairs now but you will not always and I will leave.  I started the process.
     We asked to refinance both the loans together they turned us down.  So we went to a Credit union and it was approved.  A week after approval I was socked with a $10 overdraft fee on the account that my house payment pulls from.  I called to inquire, it was a retro active fee for pulling the heloc loan that was due  days before we closed the new mortgage.  I was told by the CU not to mess with any figures as they would have to print all new paper work.  Now this loan can pull automatically when I am out of town and I go in  and pay it.  Yes there is 16 cents or so of interest but it can and has been done.  Because they knew we were leaving them they assessed a fee retroactively!  I argued they were rude.
     Yesterday I received a letter from them they are raising my business credit line from 5.99 to 7.49.  As my credit has been damaged by leaving them.  How has it been damaged I ask?

     Well a lesson learned: When a home loan is paid off along with a heloc you lose that history, you start over, you close accounts.  Ding!
    When you quickly pay off a car and put $2500.00 down on a new car in June, you lose the history, your down does not show and you have a two month history with a large balance.  Ding!
    When you put $250.00 down on a consigned loan for daughter in July they don't see the huge down only the short history. Ding!
     When you only have three consumer debts and two of them are almost at max because you have been trying to pay the high interest card first, it looks like you have maxed your credit.  Ding!
     We had over $65,000 available credit in the heloc that we had never used this looked good.  We lost that. Ding!

  So case in point we look bad and we are going to pay for this!
  Basically according to the Credit world our stellar credit score is in the toilet.  We look like we are at the max on all our lending and we have no history on large loans.  We have never been late, we have always over and above minimum payments.  We put large amounts of cash down on cars. But US Bank is going to get the last $40.00 of interest from us if it kills them.
     When the studio opens officially I will be moving my banking to the CU.
   But now I am resolved to get the last two bills I owe to this bank PAID! 

I want them gone by Christmas.   Are you ready to join me, I am so upset and frustrated.  Here I thought I was doing something smart and good for my family and it turns around and kicks us.
     I am going back to the Mundis principle, do I have a place to live? do I have food to eat? do I have clothes to wear? Can I pay all my bills even if it is the minimum?  Then who cares.  Do not debt, snow ball and keep going, eventually I will pull out.

 Out My Window:  Put away all the jam yesterday and today I will cut down the flowers to the nub so they can come back when it cools down.

     I was able to sew $140.00 worth of last minute pants and a wedding dress bustle.  So I am that much better off.  I think I should stop opening the mail.  I will not let US BANK or the SYSTEM take me down.

     Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, last week of summer

     I am happy to say all of my friends survived Irene.  Judy has a mess in her basement and will take a few weeks to dry out.  But happy to see that it was not worse.  Water is so damaging.  Send her a hug.  We were able to put up 202 bottles of jam on Saturday.  But it wiped me out for Sunday.  I just don't have the stamina I used to.  Plus it was the second hottest day of the year here.  Yesterday was the hottest!  We had terrific dry lightening storms all night quite the site to watch.
     I will be flying to D.C Wednesday for a girls trip with my family.  I have saved about $500.00.  I will leave hubby with $200.00 as he has to keep car filled with gas to get to work and live while I am gone.  I am glad our boarder is here to keep him company.
     I am really looking forward to the new school year starting.  I am planning on trying to pay off as much studio debt as possible and then letting it go to other teachers.  I say this but will I do it?  What will it take to get me to let go?  I love the kids and the productions but the work load is staggering and my arthritis is not getting better.  I feel too young, but my body feels old.  We will see.

Out My Window:  The back porch is covered with jam jars!  The flowers are over developed and burned.  They always look this way in August.  They will snap out and come back in September when it cools down.

  I have several pairs of pants to hem and other alterations to do.  So I am going to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, getting ready to jam

     Getting all the supplies ready to make jam.  Boy, have canning supplies gone up!  I was able to find some pectin on sale at Wal-Mart.  Luckily I always watch for seals to go on sale after the season and pick them up for 99cents instead of $2.99 for 12 seals.  I also have my own jars from years of canning.  I pick up one or two packages of jelly jars very year after the fact for $5.00 so I can give these as gifts.

     We will do apricot, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry, blueberry and mixed berry.  Once we get going it takes four of us to keep the assembly line at full throttle.  The jam is cooked in single batchs on the stove, then it is poured in sterile jars and water bathed.  One of us cooks jam, one mixes new batches and sterilizes jars, one pours and transfers, one takes jars out of canners which are out on the back porch off the kitchen.  We actually do the canning outside on as double burner gas camping stove.

   We will do over 100 pints and laugh a lot.  We make our husbands do the hot work outside!  Hee! Hee!

   I had three tooth fairies in the shop this morning.  Too funny.  My daughter and two other hygienists made these tooth fairy costumes with light up bling all over them.  Long blue wigs and sparkly converse tennis shoes.  I had to tack on their wings.  They did a presentation for a large public nurses conference for the State school nurses.  They had a dance it was hysterical.

Out My Window:  I need to pick tomatoes, and I think I will hire a young man to pull weeds, but it is too hot right now.  It is actually dangerous to be out too long.

     I did get everything done on my list yesterday.  I also have $390.00 saved for next week.  So I will be able to go and relax, if I don't get blown over by a hurricane.  I also rec'd $99.00 more on my paycheck for cleaning and daughter paid back $400.00 that she owes on her massive debt to us.  So I will be able to pay most of the bills.  You all told me I would get through okay but I was shaking.

     Need to go hem four pairs of pants and take in three waists.  So off to the salt mines.
I also need to clean the upstairs it is a hairy, dirty mess.  Maybe change the sheets on the beds?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, I need to make a list.

  Okay so I have been ignoring things I need to do.  Can you believe that?
Things I need to do today!

  1. Make a bank deposit for studio
  2. Pay the CC bill
  3. Deposit money in my bank
  4. Pay car payment
  5. finish a pile of alterations
  6. finish altering a wedding dress (bride will be here at 6 p.m.)
Oh yeah! Make something for dinner as I haven't for the last two nights.

Out My Window:  I'm going out to water and to check the chickens and pick tomatoes.

We are getting a boat load of calls for new enrollment at the studio this is great but scary, where are we going to put them? 
Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, what happened to my post!

     I just logged on and my post is missing!  To bad I am so tired I can't rewrite it.  Between wedding dresses, camo clothes for hunters, and the local car show I am beat.  Our old wonderful neighborhood mechanic that does all our work for 1/2 to 1/10 the charge has let it slip that I can repair snaps and buttons and car tops and rivets on old cars.  I do it for him because he does so much for us.  It is not my forte'.  So I have been inundated by little old men and cars (beautiful old restored cars) all day.  A button here, a rivet there, a mend on a piece of upholstery.  All small jobs but I was out in the hot sun of the driveway off and on all day and I feel that tomorrow will be the same.  Tools all over the shop, what a mess.

I am going to bed , but I took in $145.00 extra dollars today!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, and the beat goes on...

     Why does every trip up to the college cost me money?  Because a child is involved, nuf said.
     I will be busy in the shop today, I have a great deal to catch  up on.  But I need the money so no complaining.  I just received a call from a close girl friend and we are going to make jam this weekend.  I will have to start gathering supplies.  We usually make over 100 pints.  I give these as gifts and we use it ourselves.  It is a lot of work but also fun.  It is something I look forward to all year.  I also may can some tomatoes if I have enough.  Garden is behind this year.
     The Simple Dollar has a good read on couponing and he hit my feelings right on the head.  Read it it is very informative.  I will use coupons if I find them for something I need but I will not buy convenience food with them.  No hamburger helper or frozen lasagna.

     Out My Window:  It has been very HOT here in the high 90's, but usually the whole summer is that way so I am just grateful it is only this week.  Makes the tomatoes ripen faster, go tomatoes go!

     We get paid on Thursday so I hope there is enough to pay car payment and the visa bill, those are the two I cannot fudge on.  The internet, phone, dex, I can make wait until the first week of September in fact most of those bills are not even do until September.  Why do utilities always bill ahead?  Well I guess you really already owe them.  I just received the water bill for the first part of the summer and it is under $400.00.  This has never happened before.  But we had a very wet cold spring and early summer so we did not water.  Yippee!  I always dread this bill.  Now how do I get enough money to leave with my husband and get spending money to go see my sisters and buy jam supplies, put gas in cars?  I have one week.  I have to get busy.  Yikes!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, I'm down, but not for long

     My newest drug, snuck up on me and claimed payment, it has to remind me every once in while that I owe it my life.  It exacts a penance and gratitude by force. So after about 48 hours of not moving unless I had to I am up and about.  Diet coke does not even sound good so you can see how really sick I was! Anyway I balanced the check books, it is miserable.  But we are almost through August and I have about only 2 other bills that have to be paid for the studio.  So I think I will make it.  I will have to put off some of the house hold bills until Sept.  But I think I will make it.  You all said I would, but the emergency fund is down to $400.00.  Last summer at this time it was $120.00, so I guess that is progress.  I hate waiting in anticipation for a new month so I can start over financially, but as I have always said. DEBT ROBS YOU OF YOUR FUTURE!

     Out My Window:  Oh the garden is great.  I wish you could see it.  Maybe I should learn to use a digital camera.  I think the boy that lives with us could help me.  I could post pictures.

     I am losing weight without trying.  This must stop.  I start to look like a rake with clothes on.  B just called and she did get the job at Winco!  But now she needs her passport as another ID so we will run it to her tonight.  Such a relief.  She should be able to pay her rent and car payment with her job.  We can supplement with groceries but the big bills she can pay!

Courtesy of Judy: 7 things I can't live without.

Diet coke  (Mormon coffee or vitamin C)

Medications (blah)

Books lots of books!


Chocolate  it's a food group

Dansko shoes clogs, sandels

Plants, flowers, okay I am a garden addict

Things I could live without:

A dishwasher  Mine is broken and I can use it if I put towels on the floor, but rarely use it.

A clothes dryer  (I want a clothes line but husband refuses)

TV  I rarely watch it

Animals  I love them but they are messy and expensive

New anything  I have enough

Things I have given up:

Land Line
paper towels  I use a sponge or rags.
Paper napkins  I use cloth
Cable  haven't had cable for 22 years
Certain kinds of insurance
Business cards and spending that does not pay itself back
Shopping as recreation

It is funny the changes that you start to make when you have to cut back.  I actually like cloth napkins!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, Nothing planned

     Nothing is planned today.  I went to the HELP movie last night it is great.  Almost as good as the book.  The wedding dress is done and it is beautiful.  It will be picked up today.  I need to balance the checking account but I don't want to and also pay bills.  Don't want to do that either.  Oh my lazy self.

     Out My Window:  I cut all the shrubs in the backyard last year down to about 18 inches and most are well over 8 feet right now.  I look out there and say "How am I going to get that jungle cut down again this year?"

     I am going to just have a me day.  I have been running on empty and I need it.

     Have a great and productive day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, Okay Eating a LARGE Crow!

     I got up yesterday and did my usual run around the house and wrote my blog.  Then ran an old Foster son to get license plates for his truck.  I put the carpet shampooer into the spare bath downstairs to let the new roomer know he was going to be cleaning up the mess.  After 2.5 hours (yea a whole new fiasco to get a kid licensed) I came home to talk to roomy.  Well now here is the hard part.  Husband left the hose on Tuesday night when he was watering the chickens.  I had gone to Moscow all day and did not get home until after 10:30 at night.  Hubby turned on water and super saturated the soil around the window well by the basement bedroom.  Roomy found the well full and water pouring into the basement.  He grabbed everything he could to stop the flow.  He then went out side and turned off the water.  He said he found it about 10:00 p.m.  So water was running for about 5. Well when this happens it takes about 2-3 days for all the water to settle.  Has husband done this before? Yes!  He does not hear the water running and spaces that he turned it on.  I usually hear the water and eventually come running and scream, "Is the water on?"  He will jump up and go running.  SO now I am at an impasse.  I don't think Hubby should be allowed to touch water unless someone is home.  He has left the water running in the kitchen sink also.  He just can't hear and he is a very messy not a  detail oriented person.  I felt bad for the young man.  I could not figure out why he did not ask for help.

   But on a better note I was able to talk with him about the shower,  I told him we had had problems with exchange students and showers.  We allowed  one 10 minute shower a day.  Or two 5 minute showers.  If they knew it was hot and they were going to be exercising they could split up shower time.  He was great with that.  So hopefully we won't have to cross that again.

     Anyway my apologies for assuming roomer had done something, but all the evidence pointed to him  If he had come to us when we got home and said  his room was flooding we would have immediately taken action, but he tried to take care of it himself.  Poor darling.  He is young, husband is old, I am worried.

   Hubby did admit that it was his fault, (rare for him unless I catch him in the act)  He also set a fan in the room and lit a candle. After asking me why I had not done it?   I refused to help him find one (they are in plain sight all over the house) I also refused to help him find matches (he knows where they are when he thinks about it)  Then he could not get the match to strike and came to me, I just looked at him and said you can figure that out.  He is totally helpless.  But those days are over.  He and I are the only ones here and he can know longer blame others for his disastrous messes.  I am a little gleeful about this, after 33 years of nonsense he will have to be responsible!  Yeah! (although roomy and I spent hours sucking water out of carpet)

     Out My Window:  Had a really great salad last night for dinner out of the garden.  I need to get out in that garden today and I will!

     I am almost done with the dress from hell, but it is beautiful.  Also had another very difficult alteration that came out great.  So that is a relief.   Always a worry with a bridal dress.  I really do think that I need to charge more for major alterations.  I will work on that.  The shop has been slow except for wedding dresses.  I would prefer to hem pants, quick and easy! No drama.

Thanks for all the comments and I am sorry I led you astray.
     Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, I knew this would not be easy

     As you know we have a 20 years old young man living with us.  He is nice and quite,  However he flooded the downstairs bathroom yesterday.  I noticed I could hear water running yesterday morning when I was cleaning upstairs.  The shower was on forever!  I thought well I will tell him after he gets out that we take no more than 10 minute showers here as water is very expensive.  I left to do errands and when I got back he was gone and all was quite.  I went into the laundry room as I heard the washer going.  I believe that every towel and rug in the bathroom had been used and were soaked, I mean soaked.  I could not figure out why someone would need to use 20 towels.  The bathroom curtain that hides the shelves hits the floor and it is 6 inches wet from the bottom up.  But no water any where.  So was he in the shower when this happened ? Did he not close the door?  I went to rehearsal after I started another load of laundry.  Now this was about 12:30. I got home after 6 p.m. and the basement smells like a wet dog.  Both washer and dryer are still going.  Went to do cleaning work and came home shower is running again, this time for 20 minutes!  Now I am angry.  It is hot here.  Very Hot!  You sweat!  But you cannot take 2 showers a day that last a total of an hour.  Also the dryer and the washer have not stopped for over 9 hours.  I went to the dryer and it was still full of sopping towels, I don't think my wash machine could handle the weight and spin that much stuff out.  Also the wash machine was full of towels again!  I took everything out and took them up stairs and hung them all over  the deck.  I just noticed when I cam downstairs that there are wet towels on his carpet going into his room.  Now we do have a machine that sucks water,  The basement has flooded before.  But why not ask for help?  I will have to deal with this today when he waked up.  What a mess.  The flood does not bother me as much as any one can be brainless, but the shower thing really gets to me.

     The performance went well however lots of tech problems with the city, not knowing how to schedule they bumped us up a half hour early and many parents missed the performance and are irritated.  But we have no control.  We hate performing for city functions but they just beg us on a regular basis, Because well.... we are good.  People come to watch.  People were rushing down to watch the kids.  So aggravating.  We now keep all texts and e-mails from the city so we can show crabby parents that we are not dingy artists. We have no control.
     The bodice for the antique wedding dress came back and it needs major revision.  Every seam and all the boning have to be removed.  Oh they also brought the skirt back so I could reattach it.  GRRRR!  I do not like people who claim they can do something and then don't do it.  This mother obviously tried to start the alterations and it was way over her head.  But I would not have triple stitched the seams if I knew they were going to change the design.  Whine, whine.  Oh by the way they want the dress complete Friday.  Because I don't have 2 other dresses that have to go out tomorrow.  So I am in Wedding hell right now.

Out My Window:  Deck is covered with towels, No we do not own a swimming pool.

    Well I need to hop in the shower(I mean the bathtub) and get busy.  I am the one chained in the basement with the white tulle and satin.  The basement smells horrible!

Love my Life!
Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday,must organize my life

     I love summer because it is warm and I can grow things, I do not have to teach, I get more free time.  It is nice.  But I also travel more and have less income coming in and that means I spend more money.  I was talking to my sister about this yesterday (actually I was complaining)  she said it was always this way for me.  She hears the same story every summer.  So how do I go about fixing this so I can enjoy the summer without going into debt?
     I added up all the little travel trips I have taken since my grandson was born including the trip for Mom's heart attack.  With missed work and gas and food, I have spent over $5000.00  Now this seems like a great deal of money for travel.  But just last weeks reunion was close to $500.00 with groceries and gas to get there and the campground.  This was no luxury vacation.  Add up 6 trips since February and multiply and you have $3000.00 without work missed.  So I do believe that I need to start a travel fund.  Now where am I going to get that?
     Oh by the was I will be flying to DC over labor day.  I have the ticket,and will be gone 5 days.  I will leave August 31st so I need to get money for that.  It is the last hooray.  I really don't want to go.  Tired of traveling.  I would rather go see my grandson.
     I was at the studio late last night watching a performance we have today at the Downtown arts fest.  Beautiful work done by my daughter and other teachers.  I am truly amazed by their talent.
     I feel like big changes are in store for me this year and I am a little scared, just an edgy feeling, maybe having D#3 move out?  Or the empty nest?  Or the frustration over feeling like I make no progress on the bills?

Out My Window:  I need to go water and check the garden  it is a busy time.

     Laundry and dishes are calling and I also need to get into the shop and get to work on several projects.

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, So much to tell you.

     I am still peeling like a a bad peach, but my hair looks great!  I have spent way too much money and will have to repent. But here is the low down:
     Bad: More than $7000.00 has been added to my debt in studio bills and Daughters licensing and testing.
     Good: I saved $3000.00 but next year I will save $6000.00 for summer.
     Good: Daughter will pay me back eventually

     Bad : I was so afraid of August as I had no money left to pay studio bills and I had no where to go to get the money.
.    Good:  Registrations and early tuition are coming in at the rate of about $500.00 a day.  I was able to pay a $500.00 bill yesterday and then when the mail came I had an additional $700.00 to pay the rent, due on the 13th but landlord is on vacation (whew!).  I had to take the $500.00 from my account, but I will pay myself back.  (You wonder where the kids get it!  I want to be Judy! Judy were you always that strong?)

     Bad: B's University insists that all freshman live on campus or at home with parents.  This way they can charge you for a filthy dorm, with puking, boinking, no sleep, no modesty, or privacy and a meal plan of inedible food.   They are now threatening B( we got her an Apartment)
     Good: I put my name on the lease, I am now her room mate, she still lives with her mother.  This cost me $20.00.  Her health is not good enough to live in a crowded dirty dorm situation, period.  I hate to be deceptive with the school and I hate to teach her to be deceptive, but I do work up in Moscow several nights a week.  With our new super job with the cleaning contractor I will be up checking buildings late so I can crash there.  Company would pay for a hotel so I see this as a win-win.  We are only 28 miles away and many, many people and students commute.  (How would you handle this?)  We could get a medical waiver but just the arguing over health insurance was so exhausting I could not face another inquest and neither could B.  Her little internal organs are shot and embarrassing.  Why parade that out in front of a panel?

     Bad: B thought she would continue with Home Depot until she found a job up on campus, but she is under a temporary hire status so she must leave for 30 days and then reapply.  (Crazy, because they like her)  so now she has no job to pay her rent.
    Good:  B filled out on-line job apps when she was watching her nephew a few weeks ago.  She got a call yesterday morning from Winco (grocery store).  They wanted to interview her immediately.  So she ran down there yesterday, she had a drug test 2 hours later.  She has the job as long as her tests and back ground come out okay.  I can't think of what could go wrong.  She will be working in the deli up to 20 hours a week.

     Bad: B has no roommate, except her mother who does not want to pay $274.00 for rent.  I can reimburse through company funds the money I get  for per-deim when I stay up there, but that will not start until the roads get bad.
     Good:  Young woman from our church needs a place to live.  She is getting married then end of December.  B's health waiver should be through by that time.  Apartment complex has agreed that she can stay as a temporary as long as I sign the lease and I am responsible for damages.  Win-Win! Apartment people very workable as Oldest rented from them for 7 years, and they know the University is a rip-off.

     Bad:  Fight I had with the local college when they promised us the ballet program last fall when they begged us to take the Jazz program at the last minute.  (Yes, 2 days before classes started) Try rearranging  an entire schedule and getting a syllabus ready in 2 days) They did not give us the program in the Spring, as they are in bed with the Universities'  private foundation and they want to send down their teachers so they can have the non profit arm cover a wider rural area, there by getting more grant money for the arts that is then wasted on executive salaries.  (Don't get me started)  I was furious and argued vigorously, because they had promised us this if we would please just help them out.
     Good:  Got a call Sunday, (Yes on the Sabbath) the ballet faculty resigned would we be interested in taking the classes?  I thought my daughter was going to go through the roof.  I could not believe the way she was talking to this woman on the phone.  "You did this to us last year! We already have our schedule out!  We will have to rearrange and it won't be our schedule we change!  Didn't we tell you this would happen eventually?! "  Yes, yes, yes,  but in the end we have the college dance program which gives us the right to a major nice building to put our over flow in and allows us more studio time.

     Bad: Moving out third child, my husband noticed a lack of towels, pots, silverware, dishes.  He went with me to try and find some cheap pots for B.  Then he said, "Everything in your kitchen is cheap and old". ( I hope he was not talking about the cook) But it works I thought. I am using the same bowls and pans we received as wedding gifts.  We just never had the money to get anything nice.  Even my good dishes are my everyday dishes.
     Good:  Hubby wants me to start getting some new things for the kitchen and giving the old to B and S.  My knife set is 33 years old.  I have never had a matching set of pots.  But we will see.  I am terrible about spending money on myself. Good grief I did not get my hair colored and cut since January.

     Okay are you tired yet?

Out My Window:  Cool and windy yesterday! It was nice, I will pick the green beans today and pull them.  Also need to thin out the garden.

     I had three wedding dresses come in yesterday morning.  September and October are actually the busiest months for Weddings.  Bring on the work!

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, Where did that last week go?

     Hello blog world, I just crawled out form under a rock.  What a week.  We had a nice time at the lake.  I put on sunscreen and sat in the shade under an umbrella and still managed to get very sunburned in certain spots.  Now I am an itchy blistery mess.  I think my finances are an itchy blistery mess also!
     I will take some time to catch up on my reading of all of your posts.  I also need to find money to pay studio bills! Ugh.  Then I will return and report.  We were able to move B (#3)up to her college apartment.  She is almost settled and looking for work. D#2 rec'd her Idaho license now we need to send another $146.00 for the official paper.  (What a racket!)
     New development!  We have my husband's college room mates youngest son staying with us.(say that fast three rimes)  He is in B's room.  He will be attending college here.  It is late here to find an apartment as our school starts next week.  He is a quite soft spoken 20 year old.  B's room was not even empty 24 hours!  Proving that I am Mrs. Foreman.(That 70's Show) 

Out My Window:  Garden is huge, we are getting tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, butternut squash! Green beans are almost done.  I rec'd a big box of very small peaches also very ripe from neighbor.  He should have thinned his tree. Anyway I stripped them all and soaked the slices in fruit fresh and then froze several bags.  We also have homemade peach cobbler last night.  So Good!  Fresh is just so much different than anything you can buy.

     I have so much to do today.  Need to pay bills, organize desk, see where I am in the shop and get my hair cut and colored. I haven't done anything since last January so I am over due!  I also need to earn some money as I spent all of mine moving kids and vacationing. I will revise my budget some time this week to accommodate the new house payment.  It will be great but scary. Pray for me!

     Have a great and productive day!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday, I am going to the lake!

     I will be gone for the next 5 days at the lake.  It is a family reunion for my husband's side of the family.  Not too excited about it.  None of our girls will be there.  They are working.  If this doesn't go over well it will be the last one they try.  I hope I have a good time. It is expensive and a lot of work.  My hands were so bad today I could not open a door, or a water bottle.  Hubby is used to me doing all the planning, packing, cooking, bill paying, cleaning, thinking.  Well those days are over.  I could not pack a single thing downstairs.  I could not load a bag.  I was worthless when it came to lifting anything.  It was so funny to see him struggle and scratch his head.  It took him 4 hours to load what would have taken me 15 minutes.  When we get up to the camp spot.  I will not unload a cooler, set up a tent or a cot.  I cannot even unfold a camp chair.  I doubt we ever do this again.  He is not used to all the work and I am useless.  I think it is rather funny.  All those years the kids were growing up and we would go camping.  I called it slaving in the dirt.  He would pack his fishing gear.  I finally put my foot down.  We have not camped for about 8 years.

     He has not loaded the canoe.  I will not help him and he can't do it himself.  He will not ask a neighbor, but I will have to make him, he will hurt himself if he does it alone.  I did put the canoe rack together in the basement as it took a set of plans and he is very slow at reading schematics and puting anything together with directions.  It is painful to watch.  I told him his life was going to be hell in his old age, because he was going to have to do EVERYTHING and I would sit and watch.  The tables are turned, I don't like it but it kind of makes me giggle.

Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive week!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday, More about me!

     Survived today and went to the production of MOSS GOWN it was great!  The kids (repertory actors) did a great job.  I was so proud of them.  I saw this post on Cash only living and she saw it on My 1/2 Daily Dozen and I thought it was fun so here goes!

  • What is bothering you right now?  The feelings of empathy for the families of the Navy Seals that were killed .  31 families have lost so much.
  •  Do you like celebrity magazines?  What is a celebrity?
  • When was the last time you were ill?  When was the last time I was well?  About 8 years ago, no even then I wasn't well just wasn't diagnosed, but I tend to ignore bad things like my health!
  • Do you belong in a different era? Yes I always wanted to be a woman in the 50's.  A stay at home mom completely supported by a husband who could vacuum in pearls (Donna Reed)
  • Who owns you? What ever show I am doing.
  • One place you would love to visit?  I will walk the Great Wall of China before I die.
  • Did you ever skip school?  Never.
  • Ever play a musical instrument? Yes the clarinet in grade school and the piano for as long as I can remember.  My very first memory is my mother's hands running up and down the key board of a mirrored  baby grand piano.  I could barely see over the keys.
  • Favorite alcoholic drink? I don't drink.
  • Do you follow fashion?  I wear classics.  Always, little suits to church, spectator pumps.  But my favorite outfit is bib-overalls!
  • What color are you eyes? The brightest blue you have ever seen.  No they are not colored contacts!
  • What is the furthest you have traveled from home?  How far was it? Jamaica.  I do not know, far.
  • What is the coldest temperature you have experienced? Where?  -37 below, Fargo North Dakota as a child.  It was so cold.
  • What is the hottest temperature you have experienced? Where?  121 degrees, downtown Lewiston Idaho, where I live.  It is very, very hot here.
  • List you three wishes?  1.That I can get out of debt, 2. That they could find a cure for Arthritis, 3. That there could be peace on earth ( I was never a beauty queen, I just think like one)
  • Are you keeping a secret from the world? Aren't we all?
  • If you could go back in time and give yourself advice  10 years ago , what would it be?  To trust my talent and ability to produce my own work instead of doing for others and getting no credit or appreciation.
  • Have you changed in the past 10 years? Yes, I am more aware of my ability to get things done and confident.
  • Is abortion wrong?  I think it is morally wrong.  But I also believe that a woman has the right to choose in cases of rape, incest, and no viable life of the unborn child.
  • Do you like long train/car rides or journeys? Yes.
  • Have you ever considered writing a novel? Yes.  I have written many plays, and skits.  Someday.  When all the people I could hurt are dead I will write about my family the truth is always much more morbid than fiction!
  • Have you ever punched someone in the face? Never!
  • What is you sense of humor like?  I am very funny, I love British humor.  But remember comedy is born of tragedy.  If you can laugh at it you can live with it is a family motto.
  • Are you a good person?  I try to be.
Am I going to bed now? Yes!

Have a restful nights sleep!


Friday late night and I am tired

     I thought I would post now as I am not sure tomorrow will be any better than today.  We got up at 5:30 to set up yard sale, by 11:00 we had about 10 customers and sold $37.50 worth of stuff.  I am just not good at yard sales.  I also go through my house systematically every August and clean out every drawer and closet.  If I have not used it in the last year it goes!  So we really have no junk. Why is the house full?

1.I was able to get all 120 envelopes addressed for a mass mailing to the dance students while I sat at the sale.  I pulled everything back into the garage for tomorrow and went and had my nails done. (Remember I hate this, but the artificial nails keep me from tearing the thin skin on my arms that is really thin from chemo, I get infections so easily and I always itch also from the drugs)  Don't you just want my life?  Anyway nails done, also had eyebrows waxed as you could repel off them. (I had better number this)
2.Ran to get more envelopes
3. Ran to order bacon from butcher for family reunion.
4. Left sunglasses at store
5. Back to store.
6. Went to printer to get 200 copies of 5 different color coded registration papers for studio.  They said it would be 1/2 hour.
7. Ran home and hemmed a last minute pair of pants ($10.00)
8. Ran back to printer to pick up forms  (they were not done, they had forgotten them, yes other people are like me too busy and they screw up)
9. Ran to bank to get counter checks (I ran out)
10. back to printer, copies were done.
11. Home to start putting mailers together.
12. Realized I only took 4 of the forms into print instead of 5
13. Back to printer waited for 200 copies.
14.  Not enough stamps.
15. Post Office
16. Met husband to close on new home loan ( yes it is done!)
17. Home to finish stuffing mailers, discovered a figure that was wrong on 200 copies, fixed them all by hand and then stuffed them.  ( changing $15.00 to $20.00 remember the too busy screw up part)
18. Back to post office to mail 120 letters
19. Go clean large bank
20. Go to Kmart for camp table
21. Go to Albertson's for soda
22. Go to neighbors to watch movie on his big projector in his yard. Just like going to the old fashioned

Out My Window:  I did not water, I did not feed the chickens.  I know they have water and some food but not fresh.  Did not look at the garden.

I am going to bed, tomorrow is going to be worse.

But the refinance went through!  And what is this yard sale that earned over $800.00?  I am so proud of her, but jealous.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, I knew that was too easy

     I was so proud of the fact that we had a schedule ready to print for the studio.  Well yesterday I found a glaring error.  It was not a workable schedule.  So back to the drawing board  three hours later we have a schedule that we really did not want.  But what can you do when you are trying to get a college and the studio and all the teachers on the same page.  It will work!  Bride picked up her dress from hell, it fit perfectly and she was happy.  So I am happy.
     We are having a yard sale tomorrow.  I am worried it will a lot of work and no profit.  I also need to get an antique bodice done for a wedding dress today.  I have the pattern re-cut out of muslin so I will do that first thing this morning.  Then another small pile of alterations and I am done in the shop I think.  Remember that we are leaving town next week so that always brings out the people who have to have this and that done before I go!

     Out My Window:  It is very Hot here.  But I know it is so much worse for many of you.  I will not complain.  Chickens are suffering, so I try to change their water several times a day and put out cold food.

     Good news, I should have over $500.00 socked away from the shop by the end of the week so my financial goals for the family reunion should be met. Right now I have $385.00, but more people will pick up before Saturday. I am blessed.  Now if my right wrist would just unbind(it is frozen this morning and so painful) I would call this a good week.  I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday I have a headache!

     Thanks for all the comments yesterday.  I can really enable my children.  The only thing I have in my favor is that they are all very hard workers and very good students.  I don't think I would be nearly so distraught if I wasn't trying to become debt free in less than 5 years.  They keep derailing my plan!
     I started a bad headache yesterday (beading a Wedding Dress) and I cannot get rid of it.  I will go take some Tylenol Migraine. 
     I sewed $245.00 worth of product yesterday (possible cause of headache?)  I have a ton of work left in the shop.  My daughter and I also figured out next years dance schedule and our shows and parts for Christmas, so I have to get mailers out this week before I leave next Monday.  Add that to the list!

Out My Window:  Hot, green, beautiful, wish I could veg on the beach.  That is next week!

     I need a hair cut and color, but I am afraid if I get it this week it will fade out next week in the sun while we are at the lake.  So I will go to the reunion looking like Ba-ba Ya-ga.  I must get into the shop as I have a dress due out at 10 this morning and I still have to finish hand work and press.  Please oh God of Tylenol work your magic!

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, great day yesterday!

     I took B up to the University, it is a 25 minute drive away or 30 miles from here.  We had to accomplish several goals.
1.  Get health insurance waiver straightened out
2.  Put up advertisements for room mates all over campus
3.  Check on apartment
4.  Check Ross for things to make a duvet cover for bed.  (Moscow is a lot colder than here)
5. Check on Jobs she has applied for on line

     We did id all!  A nice lady finally helped us get the waiver done although we have been working on it for months.  This is my third child through college and they make this an impossible nightmare every semester.  If you finally get it right they kind of leave you alone.  But they really want that $712.00 a semester for health insurance even though the child does not need it. All sorts of tricks are played on the student to make them think they did this and in the end even though they may have filled out the request 3-4 times it is not done or accepted.  Enter the Mother from Hell. (Me)  It was worth the 30 minute drive and 1/2 a day of my time for $712.00.
     Put up ads in 5 main buildings.
     Saw apartment it is cute.
     Found two sets of sheets to make a king size duvet for a warm bedspread.
     B went down to several stores and started to check with managers and one was so excited to see her he said he was just about to call her and the main manager would be flying in on Saturday.  Could she come for an interview early Sunday.  I am not to excited about a Sabbath interview, but I am taking an ox in the mire approach to this.

Yippee!  All done!

     We were home by 2 and I checked e-mail our new truth in lending was ready at CU to lock our refinance rate at 3.37%.  I grabbed Hubby as he came in the door and off we went to sign and LOCK the rate.  When we got there they asked us to close on Friday!  Yeah!  I am not sure if it is a 10 or a 15 year it is almost 2 points lower for the 1st mortgage and .62 lower for HELOC it also locks the HELOC which was on a variable, scary!  I plan to continue paying as we have done in the past and we are not changing anything as far as outgo is concerned it just locks us at a lower rate.  I will not feel truly relaxed about this until it is done.  But I am so glad they are finally done asking stupid questions and we are moving on this.

   Out My Window:  Came home yesterday, watered, flowers, chickens and garden.  Picked a huge strainer full of green beans, several small zucchini, and yellow squash.  Found a small cucumber started! and DRUM ROLL PLEASE.  My first cherry tomato RIPE!  I am sorry to say I popped it in my mouth immediately. So good sweet, warm a real tomato flavor.  Soon I will be making tomato, cucumber and onion salad for dinner.  Also cabbages are coming on!

     Still struggling with D#2.  She has really made a mess of our finances in the last few months.  Not on purpose and we let her.  But this schooling and exam schedule and licensing has been a nightmare.  We have born the brunt of it. Our oldest said she had the same issues, but Law school is different in the fact that the students are trusted and can take out their own loans and Bar loans to pass tests, live and pay for test and license and exam fees.  She said about $7000.00, I had no idea.  But D#2 is in a trade tech school and that makes a huge difference to the government and the loan people.  Hense the parent plus loans and all of the money afterward.  She is paying back $267.00 worth of parent plus right now and has added almost $5000.00 more to our expenses. ( I have not blogged about this too painful) We cut her off and she is angry scared and frustrated, with life and with us.  But I want to get out of debt and she is pulling us down farther.  I know she will pay it back, but she has to stop and make good decisions now.  She did not need to move out right now and she spends what I would call foolishly when she is using my money.  Or let me put this another way my credit!  So we put a stop to it.

     Have any of you other parents had to come down hard on your kids?
     We will be much harder financially on D#3 (no Parent Plus loans)

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, A new Month, where did July go?

     It is the first, I am broke I need to get through this month without going deeply into debt.  I really can't go deeply into debt as I have no where to get money.  That might be a good thing.  I was interested in what Frugal Dad had to say about the first of the month and how he reviews the coming month.  I think I will try that plan.  These are things or goals I would like to accomplish this month.

Get to family reunion dues paid  $250.00
Earn $250.00 more for reunion gas and groceries.
Get B moved up to the U of I without putting out more than $300.00
Pay all bills at the minimum and try not to carry over into Sept.
Get through the month with as little debt as possible.

     So much for the debt ceiling crisis.  I did find out our new Home loan is locked at 3.375 so that is good.   I am amazed by the stories I hear on the news about cities and States that are bankrupt.  I live  in Idaho and we by our own laws have to balance our budget every year.  Hence no crisis here.  But most people live at or below the National poverty scale.  There are very few high paying jobs unless you live in Boise.  There are a lot of very wealthy ranchers and cattlemen.  Boise had over built so the housing crisis is getting them.  We have very few foreclosures in the Pan Handle of Idaho.  People here are very conservative including the banks. Now you may think that we are lucky but.....

My husband works for the State so the budget is always balanced on the back of the state worker.  We have not had a raise in over 5 years.  Our pay is well below National Average and always has been.  When you are young and apply for a state job and they know you have children they include a food stamp,wic, and free hot lunch app. with your benefits package. It is a joke that wages are low but the Feds make up the difference.  I think this is wrong.  We have never applied for food stamps, or had the kids get free hot lunch.  We did use WIC when they were little.  I just worked harder.  It is an aggravation to me that my husband can have a college degree and Master certificate in logging practices but only earn a gross wage of $32,000 a year.  It is a crime.  But if you ask for a raise the legislature acts like you are stealing from the people.  It is a very red state.  I am a little of a blue person.

Out My Window:  Warm and the garden is producing like crazy!

     I am taking B up to college today to get papers filled out and check some things on campus.  We might take a look at her apartment if we can.  I am going to have her drive her car if she isn't too scared.  I also have a bride dress and some bridesmaids dresses to get done by tomorrow.  We are thinking of having a yard sale on Friday?  I don't know a lot of work not much money.  We will see.

Have a great and productive day!