Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday,cleaning up Christmas

     Sissie and I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning up Christmas.   Christmas was such a bust and all the work that went into trying to make it perfect, what a waste.  Then I think of why we celebrate this season and it makes me sick.  Not sure what to do about it.  I used to love Christmas, It was a holy time and a time of giving and family.  I still think those things are important.  But something has to change.  Is it mom?  Is it depression? I still have linens from bedrooms and bathrooms to put away and switch out, but this can be done when I get back from D#1's house in January.

     I have a large load of things to take to good will, and I have to take a load to my lil sis' house that belongs to mother and we will store in her basement as mom won't give it up yet.  I still need to take down the nativity but the boxes that it goes in are at lil sis house so that can be done later today.  We are going over to Lil sis this evening for New Years Eve.  I am sure we will have plenty of laughs.

   This last year has been very hard.  I need to make some changes to make next year better. More on this later.

Have a Happy New Years celebration.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday, Sissie is on the move!

     Get out of her way!  Sissie is on a roll and she means business.  Every time she comes,  my home gets better  and my business is more organized.  It is wonderful.

     We worked very hard yesterday in the shop.  I sewed several police uniforms, altered a pair of grooms pants, hemmed 6 pairs of sweat pants, then altered some things for Sissie and my mom that were in a pile.  Sis worked on remodeling a back section of my large sewing shop into a dressing room for clients.

 Here is the corner chair and art work sis down loaded onto heavy stock and put in dollar store frames. I recovered an old chair from my front room, new curtains hung.  Sis spray painted some large button art.  Everything a client needs.  Hook for clothes, tray for keys, cell phone, sunglasses.  A place to put your purse or bag.

Here is other side of room.


This is the perfect set up for my clients.  Since mom does not want to be upstairs with a private bath we have always used the bath off the shop for a dressing room.  This is getting more and more impossible with mom's behavior.  She does not put her jewelry away and it will be stolen.  She  does not put her meds away which will be stolen.  We have or I have tried and tried to get her to keep it clean.  I do go in and clean but then I get in trouble, because I moved something.  Her bathroom habits are not good.  I am always running ahead of customers to shut the toilet lid and flush before they get inside.  She has terrible incontinence issues which she will not control.  This is getting worse.  Disposing of these problems is also an issue.  She wraps her things in a grocery bag and saves them on a door knob.  When the bag is  full it is taken to the trash.  If I come in and see a bag I grab it and take it out to the trash.  This makes her angry.  I should wait until it is full.  Yeah mom and it is reeking up the entire downstairs.  When a baby messes up it's diaper we take it out we don't throw it in a trash can or put it in a bag and hang it on a knob.  It's the same with an adult MOM...  You just can't reason with her.  She also has to rush in and see what ever client comes and then she try's to get into bathroom.  Like she immediately has to go the minute her bath is in use.  I have had to literally barricade her from the door. " Mom there is someone in there changing", she will be heading for the door," mom", as I step in front of her," there is someone in the bathroom you must wait."  If I don't stand and hold her hands she will head for the door again and try to open it or open it on them.  This has happened too many times.  Then she acts confused and surprised that someone is in there. 
     This will so help the flow of the shop.  Sissie and I cleaned and cleaned yesterday.  All of the tax files for both personal and the dance studio had to be moved.  This will be the last year of doing the studio taxes,  So our desk in the computer/family room will accommodate everything that was in the shop.  Boy was it a mess to reorganize.  We threw away 3 large bags of garage and paperwork.
     Today we are working on putting Christmas away.
Have a great and productive day!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday, Who are these old people?

     Hubs and I went to a movie together last night while twin took mom and lil sis out to dinner.  It was so nice just to be out with Hub's lone!  Actually on a date, like he paid for my popcorn (after taking out a small bank lone)  We went to see the new Start Wars movie Rogue One.  I liked it, but I am a Star Wars fan.  We were leaving the theater and I was observing all the old hunched over couples leaving walking or limping slowly toward the exits.   Why are all these older people in here watching this movie.  This is a younger generation movie.  After all I waited in a line around a city block to see the first movie in 1977.  Oops! Uh..., add 40 years to that and you have 60 year olds.  This is a movie for old people.  I am an old people,  sniff.  It was a real eye opener.

     I was so busy yesterday and twin and I have ripped the house apart and have projects all over the place.  I have to sew today and I mean it.  I will be arrested if I don't get these police uniforms done. But my ADD brain only sees the piles of crap sis and I have set all over.  I must ignore them and leave them for my sissie.

     Hub's has a terrible cold and snored all night.  We thought he was coming down with one yesterday but it really reared it's ugly head in the movie. I just don't want it.  Our grandson had a bad cold when he was here at Christmas and of course we kissed and snuggled his little snotty face as much as we could ( after wiping  his nose.).  Grandkids the gift that keeps on giving.
     Anyway look at my side bar list I am accomplishing something this week.  This makes me smile:)

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday, Christmas dinner 2 days late

     We had Christmas dinner last night, cooked by my twin.  It was delicious.  Prime rib with all the fixings and chocolate mouse for dessert.  There goes my diet. 

     Yesterday mom was up to her old scheming self trying to get my sister and I to fight.  We saw through it instantly and I told my mother she was being ridiculous.  I rarely put mom in her place.  But this was just too obvious.  We have to be a united front.  After a two hour long tantrum mom came out of her room and apologized.  We went to Macy's yesterday and I scored Christmas pj's for the grand kids for $2.97.  Mom is very weak and had a hard time at Macy's.  She loves to go and shop but I am wondering how long before we no longer do much of this. I do know this, every time she has a A-fib episode she loses ground.  Her stability becomes poorer.

     Sissy is going through my house like a cat on fire.  I just love that.  She is now organizing the food storage, little darling.  But she whips my butt into shape faster than anyone I know.

     I have a big new list of to do's over on the side.  I wonder how many I can get Sissie to do and I will just nap?

     I received a fitbit for Christmas.  Is somebody trying to tell me something?  Actually I wanted it.  It is fun so far.  When I could not get over that bad chest cold that turned into pneu(that word I can't spell) (where is Cindy when I need her?)my new specialist suggested that I do some kind of exercise that involved aerobics so I was forced to breath deep and open the lungs.  I always am so on the go I don't consider myself a couch potato but the scales and the the breathing tests say otherwise.  My arthritic joints don't like the 20 lbs I have gained in the last 5 years.  I had to quit running about 5 years ago.  I miss it desperately but have replaced it with nothing.  Hub's and I can take long walks and bike and canoe, but nothing on a regular basis and I need regular for my lungs. Anyway it has really helped just to do a short workout video 5 days a week.  Low impact and I finally got the lungs cleaned out.  However I feel a sinus infection coming on.  So I won't hold my breath.:)

     Mom is upstairs with her new maid (Sissie) and I am going to get in the bath tub.  I have a dance meeting today and then Hub's and I are going to see a movie tonight.  I have major sewing to do and I must complete something on my list so I had better get my butt in gear.

have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, Christmas saga continues

     Hub's and I enjoyed a nice nap Christmas day from about 2 until 5:30.  Sis came home and we had a beautiful French toast.  The prime rib was cancelled.  Little sis and I went back to the hospital about 6:30 to play with mom.  When we arrived her nurse said she had gone into sinus rhythm at about 4:30.  Well of course Christmas is almost over.  She was in a better mood and we visited for a while she did not want to play any games, so Sis and I went our separate ways and we prepared to come get her in the morning.

     Monday morning we were able to break mom out at about 11:30 and she was raring to go just like last time.  She had her three chicks at her beck and call or I should say peck and call.  We spent the day yesterday shopping the after Christmas sales.  She did not have to share our attention with anybody.  I was very quiet most of the day.  I am of the three of us, actually the quiet one.  For those of you that know me well this is probably scary. I was just pissed watching mom's behavior.  She ate like a horse that evening and I took her home.

      I went back to the blog which by the way is a very good help to see how and what she has done.  I might have to use it in court to defend myself someday. :)  Anyway the last time she was in the hospital for A-fib was a weekend that I had a couple of friends over for dinner on a Friday.  She was not included and went to my sister's with her nose out of joint.  I remember not letting her bake or make a mess of the kitchen on the Thursday before.  Then on Sunday I had two families over for dinner and she did the same thing spent most of her time down in her room chewing on her face.  She did come up for dinner, but left immediately to go lay down.  After I had cleaned up the kitchen and company had left she came out of her room with her heart in serious A-fib like 180 beats per minute.  Same scenario, in late at night all day the next and then home the third day raring to go.  She had to bake and bake and I had to stay right with her  as her  mini chef.

     Talking to the doctors and nurses they said no one knows what causes these episodes but they are more than likely triggered by emotional behavior, not even recognized by the patient.  Well great now we can see that if we are prepping to get ready for company or any celebration where there are going to be others in the house even our own children, mom is going to have an episode. They call is Holiday heart.  Great!

More on this later.  I am sure you are all enthralled.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday/Tuesday Mom at her worst in more than one way

     Merry belated Christmas to all and I hope you had a Merry one. My 2 younger girls and the grandson came on Friday afternoon and decided to help me to finish cleaning the house.  Really it was just the floors, but they were very bad.  Mom was still trying to bake more cookies and the kitchen was a mess.  Daughter #2 was horrified by the floors.  Which secretly made me happy as she was such a slob growing up that I dis pared she would ever keep a clean house.  She was also sick with a bad cold and the grandson was teething and had a bad rash and cold.  She had worked a 60 hour week.  So her beautiful personality was let's just say not to pretty.  She managed to upset everyone but me as she picked up her baby and stormed out of my poor white trash house.  I was glowing in the fact that she knew my floors were beyond dirty.  Yes she actually recognized the dirt.  She wanted them clean.  Like toothbrush clean.  I still have a heart full of warm butterflies.  Hub's daughter #3 (who is also a slob) and my little sister and I all rallied and had the house done in about and hour.

       We went to pick up my twin at the airport in our ugly Christmas sweaters and goofy hats.  Yes we had to dodge security as we were disruptive.  Then home for a few laughs and to bed with us all.  It snowed about 5 inches that night so we could have a white Christmas.

     Saturday morning while Hub's was blowing the neighborhood(that just sounds so bad) we finished the Christmas food shopping, came home and put mother down for a nap.  Mom I noticed in the back of my mind was acting funny.  Her nose was out of joint from my daughter telling her that cookie baking was over for the Holiday weekend.  I am not sure what she said but knowing daughter #2 it was short not sweet and to the point. Anyway we girls messed around and my sisters got the holiday table ready while I napped.  We had the gang over for dinner at 5:30.   Eight adults, 2 babies, 2 toddlers.  Mom usually likes to be in the thick of things.  As in the way as she can be, but she remained in her room and I actually had to go and wake her to come to dinner.

     We had our usual  seafood feast and the little ones opened Christmas jammies.  My twin and mom left the table early, twin from jet lag and only 3 hours of sleep, mom because she did not feel good.  I did not worry as she was back up later to watch the babies open their jams.  Then B and I and little Sis started to clean up.  All the dishes have gold trim and the real silver and crystal cannot go in the dishwasher.  So it is hand wash, rinse dry and put away.  B had gone downstairs and came up and said Grandma was moaning and groaning and did not feel well.  Because mom moans out loud and groans constantly I did not take it too seriously.  Sent B back down to be with her and Sis and I filled stockings then B comes back upstairs and says Gma was worse so we go down and mom and rolling around complaining.  Nothing really to pin point what was the matter.  Sis takes her blood pressure and her heart is beating too fast, so she does it again and it is too slow and then again too fast.  She does not trust mom's old cuff so runs to her house to get the new one and after three trials we realize she has gone into A-fib.  So off we go to the hospital.  She does not go back into sinus rhythm and by 2 in the morning she is admitted.  Sis and I get to bed at 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. Mom is madder than hell.

     So now Christmas morning I have to get up by 9 to start orange rolls and kids are coming in with boyfriends and husbands to do stockings and presents and we have to get to the hospital to do Christmas and hold court with Mom. Plus church is at 1 p.m, kids have to get on the road to get to other parental houses.  It was such a mess.  Made a triple batch of rolls so I could take a large pan to hospital staff as I knew mom was going to be horrible.  I had put on some grey thick tights and a grey sweater and a plaid wool skirt with my grey clogs, considerably under dressed for Christmas services but I was warm.  Hubs has on his white shirt and a green sweater with a tie shoved in his pocket, with logging jeans.  We take off to the hospital with rolls, packages etc.  Hub's and I decide to sneak into church a little late in our not so formal attire and then finally just drive home and take a nap.  It was a crappy Christmas.  Mom is still not in sinus rhythm.

     I am still in a quandary over this mess.  All that work and worry and cost to have not one minute to sit and enjoy anything.  My kids, my sisters, my grandson.  Just a big old hurried, rushed, worried mess.  Oh and don't forget the lack of sleep.

  Anyway more on this tomorrow.



Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday, my Sissie comes today!

    Okay, I am just running with scissors today.

      I had a police man here at 7 a.m. and then went back to bed.  Visualize Hub's stumbling downstairs in his undies, I am chasing him with one clog on and his bathrobe which he threw at me to cover my long john Christmas jammies.  I am hollering at him and he can't hear as he did not have his hearing aids in, I finally reached him as he was going down the stairs and I slapped him on the back to let him know I was right behind him, and he should not answer the door in his underwear, I could do it.  But he had to open door just to make sure it was a police man.  AS the garage door opened and he saw the bottom half and new it was a cop he went upstairs.  He is so chivalrous.  After all I am such a sexy thing in my long john Christmas jammies, they had to be covered with a heavy black over sized man's robe lest I inspire lewd thoughts from a policeman that had just finished a twelve hour all night shift in the freezing cold.

     Today I need to finish pressing a few police shirts and also getting a few more police uniforms done.  I have to clean house and take our youngest out shopping, help mom make a few more cookies.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday, my sissie comes tomorrow

     Yeah!  Looking forward to the company.  Looking forward to someone else dealing with mom.  I have work to do in the shop.  This also makes me happy.

     I have all my stocking stuffers ready.  I have them piled all over the guest room bed and I am going to go put them in individual sacks so I can get them out easily for stuffing later.

I also was able to preorder the seafood for Christmas eve dinner.  So really other than wrap a few more packages I just have a Sh*t load of house work to do.

Mom wants to make more cookies as we are running low.  Don't know where I fit in to all of this but I am sure I do some where.

     Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday, Hey work came in!

     Yeah I have some work.  Maybe with the warmer weather people will actually get out and drive.  Now all be it most of the work will be paid for after the holiday but it is work.  I get to sew today.  Maybe I will actually be a little active.  I might get something done that is useful.

     It was supposed to be 47 here today and now they say only 30 so I think that warrants going back to bed.

     Someone needs to come over here and kick my butt.  Don't worry there is a lot to kick and you won't miss.

     I have gotten so used to this lazy regime I might not be able to go back.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday,mom gone for an hour

     Mom is gone with Sis for a pain shot in her spine so Hub's and I are taking off for a while to get away.  Yippee!

  Actually we are going to Wal-mart.  I need a few more men's stocking stuffers. 

Yesterday I wrapped all my presents and mom's.  Bro finally called and we wired him some money.  So mom feels like all her chicks have been fed Christmas.

Well I am off to Wally world without my mom!

Happy, happy.  See how little it takes to make me happy.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday, nice weekend

     Saturday morning I got up and helped mom get all her packages wrapped for things that were to be mailed.  We were done with her 4 boxes about 1 p.m. and went to postal service to mail them then we shopped a little and came home.

Friday evening we had dinner with my sister and a few older friends it was so nice.  We sat around the table and talked and talked.

Saturday evening we also had D#2 and baby come in for the night.  That was fun.  Trying to keep him away from the Christmas tree was a challenge.

I was scheduled to speak at church on Christmas Sunday but the bishop called me about 9 p.m. while I was getting some things done for Sunday dinner.  He had a mix-up in his schedule and no one for this last Sunday.  So I was on the spot to speak the next morning.  I had done no research and I was in overdrive to get a talk ready.  I stayed up late and sort of rigged together a theme and content.

I also made a German chocolate cake for hub's birthday dinner and a large jello salad.  That way I could get mom to put the Ham in and all I would have to do is peel potatoes and put on the veggies.

     The talk went okay.  I would have liked to have been better prepared but I am good at winging things so others liked it.  I guess that is what counts.

     We had a big birthday dinner for hub's.  I always set the table with the Christmas china and crystal and silver.  We had our nephew/Hub's second cousin over with his family.  They are so fun and we treat him like one of our own kids.  He has three little boys and one more due in March.  So all the boys got presents along with Uncle Joe(Hub's)  We had more fun watching them play than anything.  Hub's got nice gifts from our girls.  Dinner was delicious.

     So today I am going to help mom finish wrapping her stuff and I am going to do all of mine.  Then I have to go to get cat letter and food and mom needs to go some where.  We will have a lot of ham leftovers this week.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, Quiet week...

     This is the most quiet the shop has been since I opened it.  I know it is the weather.  Actually it has been nice except I have no ready cash and that has been hard.

     Mom and I got out to do a little shopping yesterday and we have to go out again today.  She just got worn out.  She is getting sick again.  I know it is emotional.  Well she can just stew  this too shall pass.

     Hub's birthday is next Monday so we are having family dinner on Sunday.  I have a ham in the freezer.  All I have to buy is ice cream.  Everything else is here.  I will make a German chocolate cake, his favorite.

I plan to finish up the Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped.  I want next week to be relaxing for me.  Ha!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday, snowed in!

     This so rarely happens here but we are snowed in.  We got about 8 inches of snow last night.  Hub's is out with the snow blower and his phone is ringing off the hook.  He just stopped in for a soda and some cookies and was off over to Clarkston to blow out my Sister's clinic so the doctors can get into their offices.  Not that he needed another job.

     Mom is upstairs pouting, sis really chewed her butt last night and she is trying her old let's take sides game and I am not having it.  She is selfish and unfair.  Yesterday morning she could not dress herself.  She is better today.  I think her fall made her sore.  I love my mother and I want to take care of her, but I need a little co-operation and appreciation on her part.  She is just so mean.  Now Sis is her favorite and always has been, so the only way I can get her to leave me alone is to get Sis to tell her off. Such a dysfunctional dynamic.

     Thanks for all the kind words yesterday, I really needed to hear them or read them. 

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday, Our first fall

     Mom fell yesterday.  She is okay, just shaken up a bit. It was a mess.  I did not get to go teach as I was afraid to leave her.  I also got very little done.  Sis came early from work and we moved cookies to my house.  I was able to get trays done for hub's.

     I have to quit hiding and say I am very depressed.  I hope this will pass.  Maybe having my sister here will help.

     I just can't seem to get anywhere.  I feel like I am swimming up stream in chaos.  I need to get outside of myself and do something.

Mom is getting a perm this after noon.  Hub's and I will do a little shopping.



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday, Mother and Monday both begin with M

     Open house a success, mother happy also a success.  How long did the happiness last, not long enough.  I had such plans for Monday.  Mother was not going to control my day and I was finally going to be able to get at lest part of my house cleaned and ready for Christmas.

     Well mom had other plans and she was ready with her list of have too's when I got downstairs yesterday.  I had made an appointment to take my car in as the power steering was in a funk.  I was panicky about it as the car has 140,00 miles and we have never done anything but change the oil every 3-5 thousand miles and buy new tires.  Here it is Christmas I am still in financial recovery from the kitchen  and the car is on the fritz.( car was only $120.00, replaced belts, timing belt was fine, brakes have a few more years, but must get new tires)

     Hub's and I took car to our mechanic's house and then stopped to get hooks for stockings that were lost some time during remodel, then did the old people tour to see who needed to be shoveled out.  When we got home mom was raring to go.  I did not want to leave as the streets were icy and I had plans like cleaning my house and getting Christmas put where it belongs, not in piles all over.

     So I gritted my teeth and made her go in the truck ( which she hates)  She complained the whole way to the bank about the way I was going ( I needed to avoid hills and ice).  When I got her to the bank they could not count her change, which I told her would happen, so we had to go down to my credit union.  Then she had to go way across over to Washington to make a hair appointment.  We can't just use the phone?  Then we had to go to sister's to get some left overs.  Which entailed carrying tray after bowel after tray out to the truck.  When we got home I drove truck right up to garage door as the driveway is steep and icy.  She gets out and goes into the house giving me the list of what she wants on a plate heated up.  I am then left to haul all the crap into the house.  I slipped holding a tray of lefsa and slid and then fell between the truck and the garbage cans.  Hit my elbow, then my knee then rang my head good.  Lefsa all over,  I was so pissed.  No help just me the driveway and the underside of the pickup.

     When I got myself into the house I threw the biggest fit I have thrown in a long time.  I swore and threw things and made Hub's carry the rest of the crap upstairs. I threw mom's purse across the room and I think I scared her.  She did not ask for anything for about 4 hours.It is just so hard to have to everything for someone who is helpless but insists that they are not.

     I laid down the rest of the afternoon and then mom was working on her room.  I told her to stop as she could not do it herself and I wanted to get the upstairs done.  But no she gets herself stuck trying to move and antique mirror.  I have to stop what I am doing and get her room and bath done FIRST.  At least it is done.  So I have something to be grateful for.

    Well she needs breakfast so I am off, have to teach at 4 and I hope to accomplish something in the house today.

have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday, Snowing

     We have had snow here for almost a week that has actually stuck because of a cold snap.. It is snowing again and this makes our streets very dangerous as they are steep and no one here knows how to drive in snow and ice.  We don't have the equipment to handle the snow and ice so we will hunker down until it passes.

     Unfortunately we have a  graduation to go to on the Palouse tomorrow we will take the 4 wheel drive, but I am staying put today.

     I was disappointed in my pig bank this year.  I only saved $250.38 in change.  I knew it would be a slow year as I did not go out of town every other weekend.  It is traveling that brings in the change.  I just don't spend much cash at home.  I write checks.  It is okay still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Sluggies husband took a bad spill in their driveway and is laid up for a while.  Send her a comforting text as she will need it.  Men are not fun to be around when they are in pain and recuperating.  I feel so bad for him and HER.  Such a rotten time to get hurt.  Well is any time a good time? I think she needs gifties, so get on the ball and let's make her holiday bright.  Make a treat and get your butt's down to the post office and send her a surprise so she can have a little respite from the holiday trauma.

     I was able to get everything done on my list yesterday except for mother's rosettes and the cleaning.  I try to start in a room and mom comes in and fusses about her open house.  "This can wait no one is coming here."  Great mom so we can live in squalor?   Yes I guess we can.

Well the laundry is waiting to be turned over and mom is upstairs banging in the kitchen.  My hair is out of control and I need to start the chicken salad and make a cheese ball.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday, It is PIG time!

     I laid down the law and things went better.  A friend of mine took mom to her house to make caramels so she was out of my hair for about 4 hours.

     I was able to finish things in the shop, and get my dark pepper cookies rolled and piped.

     Besides getting the caramels done mom was able to get her Sucr'e Kasse done so one more cookie tackled.
     I realized it was going to get below 20 here at about 9 o'clock last night.  The back wall of the studio has pipes running up it as the bathroom was added before plumbing laws were established.  So I called new owner and she did not have a heater.  I ran a milk house one down and put it in that bathroom with the door shut to maintain a steady heat through the cold snap.  I realize it is her responsibility, but as it was her first year and I had not let her know and I had the tools.  Besides I am 5 minutes from the studio, with no children as apposed to 15 minutes and 5 little ones.  ( explanation given to Mother when she complained that I left her to do this)

     Today I must pay some bills, and I have a few things to finish up in shop.Then I can open my PIG and take the money to the bank.  I actually would have done this yesterday on Dec. 7th which was my Grandmothers Birthday.  She always hated her birthday because of the War, so we would do something extra special on that day to let her know it was a good day in spite of world events.  I always open my change pig or Christmas mad money.  I could have done it yesterday but mom was not here and I knew she would enjoy this so much.

So today:

1.Clean myself up
2. clean cat box
3. fix a small hole in a jacket.
4. steam wedding dress reattach hanging loops
5. tackle laundry Or start
6. Pay bills   
7. Get mom to go with me to run bills, get a few groceries we still need and Count PIG!
8.  Make Kinzer stars
9. Help mom make rosettes
10.  try to get at least one bedroom and bath deep cleaned and Christmased

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday, Tuesday was a bust

     So mother was burning cookies upstairs.  Her back was so weak she had to sit down. I dropped everything downstairs and tried to help her, but finally said we will not finish this as you have an appointment at 1:40 and you need to go clean up and get ready.

    The appointment was 2.5 hours long and a waste of time, I think the specialist was drunk or on drugs we will not be going back. I will not go into the details, but I felt so sorry for my mother.  She was humiliated, in pain and close to hysteria when the nurse came to get me.  If I had seen the doctor who was out of sight I would have cornered him.  I think he was laying low.

     I finally got home and spent the rest of the evening placating mom.  Went to Joanns for a zipper and to Wally world for candy canes, dish soap, kleenex, and to get mother's mind off of her day.  Took her to taco time so she could have a cherry empanada.  Then I went home and finished her cookie mess and frosted about 7 dozen peppakkakor with white piping.  Finally was done at 10 p.m.

     I did get more things carried up and down stairs, I did get the Christmas tree done.  Today I have to sew and I told mom that.  She is not to start anything she can't handle on her own.  If she feels she is going down she is to turn off the stove and leave everything until I can tackle it tonight.

     I have a such a headache.  Why?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday, What? Why do I blog?

  One of the main reasons I blog is to give myself a boost and be accountable.  So after reading yesterday's blog I could not figure out why I wrote what I did as I worked like a dog and did nothing I wrote about.

    How does this happen?

      I went to bed physically and mentally exhausted so I must have done something.

     Yeah I sewed and had a fitting of the Wedding dress I had not touched.  I did hem 4 pairs of pants.

     I did go to the rest home with my dance kids and they were WONDERFUL!  The residents loved them and it was fun to see them relax and just enjoy them selves.

   So what happened to the rest of the day?  MOTHER!

     She is so excited about her open house that all must revolve around that.  She had a doctors appointment yesterday and she has another one this afternoon that will interrupt my day.  Sis took her to her appointment yesterday and then took her out to get things for the open house.  She arrived home about 2 o'clock  she was exhausted so I was happy she would leave me alone to get other things done, like work on the bride dress.  But  no that was not happening.

     She was in the shop at 3 o'clock driving me nuts.  Fussing and wanting to go upstairs to do this and that.  I finally gave up when I had the dress ready for a fitting (at the least).

     So I pulled out the large mixer and that thing is such a work horse.  We made up 5 different dough's, and a batch of fudge.  Kokkokasse', light peppakkakkor, dark ginger peppekkakor, Sour cream Sucre', My rolled sugar cookies,  Then we put everything in the fridge so she can take out a dough and start to bake.  Last night she did the kokkokasse. 

     I did not want her baking last night as I knew she was too tired.  But she insisted, made a huge mess of the kitchen, I had to stay upstairs but could not do what I wanted as she stumbles around the kitchen in my way.

     I thought I would go down and deep clean her room and bath, but oh no I had to stay upstairs.  So I did more Christmas in the living room, made many trips up and down the stairs transferring things that needed to be taken either down or up.

     She is upstairs now making and additional mess with her peppekkakor and now she tells me she can't do it because of her back.  Great!  like I have nothing to do.

     Say a prayer for me I am going to lose it.  Well I will lose it after I brush my teeth, set my hair, put on some makeup, take the laundry downstairs, and finish her cookie mess in the kitchen.

Grrrrrrrr!  I smell cookies burning, I mean really not joking, I can't do this again today....

Have a great and productive day ( said with sarcasm)


Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday, Getting ready for Christmas

     The shows went great.  My kids were fabulous.  I was so proud of them.  It was a hectic long weekend, but I can't believe at one time I was in charge of that.  How did I do it?  How does ones brain forget that kind of stress? 

     I was burnt out Sunday, but pushed myself to get the tree set up.  (not decorated)  I also switched out the Christmas china from the storage to the cabinets, got the tables set up and put out the nativity set.  Nothing is finished but it looks like Christmas vomited in my house.

     Or as my kids used to say, "Mom, which one of your personalities made this mess?"

Mom is having an open house on Sunday at Sissies and I am sure it will be well attended.  So I have a list of treats to help her make.  I also have to practise the piano every day to play background.  Don't hit the Christmas carols enough.  Put in 1.5 hour practise Thursday  and one hour yesterday.  Hope to get some time in today.

I am going to mix up Kokokasse (coconut log cookies) and peppekkakor(pepper cookies) today ad they have to be refrigerated and then mom can bake at her leisure.  I have to do at least 12 doz of each.

I have all the Christmas bath linens in the wash right now.  Mom's room and bath are the first on the deep clean and I hope to get those done before I go to bed tonight.

    BUT....  I have a bit of sewing to do before I do anything else and I also need to take my kids to dance at a rest home at 6 p.m. I also have a bride at 4 for a try on and i haven't even touched her dress.  Yikes!

     I wanted to do caramels, toffee and fudge later this evening.

okay someone gave the mouse a cookie.

have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, no sleep and frustrated

     I could not sleep again last night as I was keyed up.  Only got 1/2 the bills paid yesterday and did not get pants done.  I had so many interruptions in the shop and then my black serger was giving me fits.  When equipment does not work I want to scream.

     I had a black dress to hem made out of chiffon with a 9 yard hem.  Sometimes things are just hard and they don't go well.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Okay that ship sailed long ago but you know what I mean.

     So I have to finish my list from yesterday plus today's work.  I want to be at the high school at 2:30 to help.

     It got really cold here last night for the first time. 

I need to quit whining and get to work.  I can do this.

have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday, really? it can't be Thursday....

     So procrastination wins the game at my house and I am really good at procrastination.  There are many things I need to do today.

1.order flowers for sister in law who just lost her mother
2. dry my hair and put on makeup
3. put away laundry in bedroom take down dirty clothes
4. clean kitchen (did not do this yesterday)
5. replace zipper in hunting coat
6. hem a black formal and do the hand work
7. alter mother of the bride dress
8. make several phone calls
9. pay a ton of bills
10. make three pairs of drummer pants
11. straighten family room
12. go to high School tonight for tech rehearsal
13. collapse  ( I can do this right now)
14. clean cat box
14. make mother French toast
Let's see what I can get done.  Check back and spur me on please.  I will mark off as I go.  It is almost 11 a.m. here

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, up and att'm

    Hub's had called me from the High School 6 times before I was even out of bed.  He had locked his keys in the truck, then he (or they) needed stand lights, then he (or they needed) string lights for across the stage.  So when I got up I had the list and could get everything down there at once.  I don't know how many times we have run home for piano or stand lights.  You need anything for a pit orchestra?  Call us!

     Sluggy is giving me a bad time about my November 14th list.  Hey I am  little behind, what can I say? I will be sewing today and going back to Joanns because yes I need three pairs of black velvet breeches not two. %$#@&

  Found out we will be doing a Celtic show and school tour this March.  I started the kids on a new soft shoe last night as they were getting tired of the Christmas dances.  Kids will start practicing in mistakes when they get over rehearsed.

     Well I have work to do.  So I am off.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday, slept late!

     Did not sleep well again last night and then woke up and was ready to get up at usual time,  But I was so tired I just thought I will close my eyes.  Then I was in a deep dream state, for two hours!  I was embarrassed when I woke up, but you do need that deep rem sleep.

     I had three appointments set for yesterday and not one showed up. Finally about 6:30 last night I said to hell with this and went to Jo-Anns and bought the zippers I needed along with material for more drummer pants.  I swear if one more kid comes up to me without pants they go on naked.

    I am getting somewhat caught up in the shop, there are still projects.  Like a big old wedding dress, but the little stuff is gone.  Which allows me time for projects and maybe I can get some house work done!  Who really wants to do house work.  I think Anne needs to come over here for a week or two.

Well I am off.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, It will be crazy here for the next week!

     This is the week the Christmas show opens and I only have to worry about making 3 pair of black velvet bloomers so I am on easy street.  I cannot even imagine how stressed I would be right now if I was in charge.  When I think back I wonder how I did it.  So many details.

     I did get a package of dance rosin in the mail and I did special order a pair of point shoes when I was in Spokane.  Other than that and teaching my kids I have done nothing.

     We had a nice Thanksgiving I guess.  Sister hosted, my little brother was there with his wife and two young kids, both are very destructive.  It was not my house and it never will be.  Mom was not very nice the whole day.  She doted on the grand kids and was surly to us.  If she is not the center of attention she is out of sorts.

     I really could not wait to get out of there and on the rode with daughter and grandson.  Hubs followed in the pickup with our dog.  We arrived in Spokane about 8 p.m.  When we got to daughter's she had unexpected company.  They were already ensconced in the downstairs bed and bath so hub's and I split up and I slept with daughter and hub's took the single bed in the spare room upstairs.  It was fine.  Daughter had to work Friday and we watched our grandson it was fun.

     Daughter's company was her brother in-law and his wife and three kids.  He had worked a night shift and had not slept in over 36 hours.  Her sister in -law was very sick with this virus I have had.  So both were dead on there feet.  Luckily their kids are very well behaved for a 4,3 and 6 month old.  We put the baby to bed with us so both could sleep through the night.  Sister-in-law stayed in bed all day and we had a romper room of babies.  I swear all I did was cook and do dishes, pick up babies.  But it was fun.  I wanted the couple to get as much rest as possible before they headed back to Lewiston.  I cannot imagine having the flu I had last week and three small kids and a husband that does shift work.

     Saturday we shopped for wee William clothes as he had outgrown everything.  We also purchased a ladder for daughters birthday and Christmas. Then hub's and I headed home picked up mom on the way.

     Mom was sick yesterday.  She is better today.  Sis has her right now, so I get a break.

The shop is full and I have  so much to do.  Still have not gotten my voice back I sound like a frog, but I feel okay.  It might be months before I can talk normal again.  This has happened before.  So aggravating.

     Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday, too sick to deal with Blogger changes

     Okay who likes change?  It is okay but not when my head is exploding and I have too much to do.  Just can't think that hard right now.

     Things to get done today:

1. clean up guest room:  Hubs can do this.
2. clean floors in living room:  Hubs
3. vacuum family room: Hubs
4. make cheese ball Hubs can grate the cheese
5. make pies  Hubs can peel apples
6. put together relish tray Daughter can do that or hub's
7. make rolls.  I can do that tomorrow
8. lay on couch and watch garbage TV:  I can do this one
9. Take a long nap:  I will volunteer
10.  Have head explode, that is happening as I write.
11.  lower standards yeah I can do that....

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday, I am freezing

     I have completely lost my voice, so teaching is out for the evening.  But I have great help to run kids through their numbers.  It will be fine.

     Lil sis had a break down yesterday making me spent most of my day talking her off a cliff.  She did get an offer on her house, but her ex is making things difficult and Lil sis can handle Nothing right now.  So hard for me as she was always the strong one.

     I want to put up a sign that says,  can someone please help?

As nothing was done that needed to be done yesterday, it will be busy today.  OR it might just be a day to lay on couch with heating pad under a blanket.

     Everything is purchased for Thanksgiving and I was able to get lots of great bargains.  Well not like Sluggy, but you know great for me.

     We had French style green beans for .39 a can so bought a case.  Cranberries were .69 bought a case.  Also a case of corn.  We have already stocked up on baking supplies earlier so we are set for the holidays except for seafood.

    Just got a quart jar of beautiful honey for a ten minute fix on a bee keepers jacket.  nummy...

Adopted twin sister kittens yesterday to help with our rat/mouse problem.  Lewiston just has always had a problem with these pests.  We knew that and have always had a cat.  I dream of the day of no pets, but with the chickens come the rats, and we spied a mouse in the house again Sunday. These two sisters were proven mousers.  They are ripping through my family room chasing each other right now.  I think I will kick them outside.

Well Gotta go set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, Thanksgiving plans

     I did no sewing Friday and just futzed around and got a few things done for the studio.  Mom and I went to Jo-anns and spent too much money. 

     Saturday I went to morning rehearsal but was too worn out from fever and chills to go to afternoon or evening performance.  I heard they did great.  I just laid on the sofa the rest of the day.

     Sunday went to church and tried not to cough on anyone. I really should have stayed home but Hub's is an ASS about missing church and I am not allowed to be sick according to him. Came home a made a meatloaf and an early pumpkin pie, just cause it sounded good.

     I am having trouble sleeping and that is driving me crazy.

     My sister came by this morning to plan Thanksgiving dinner.  I will make relish tray, I already have everything.  I will also make a cheese ball, sweet potatoes, rolls and pies. I don't have to buy much as I make everything from scratch and I have picked up things along the way on good sales.

     I am also making my own small turkey with dressing as my kids will want to take home left overs and mom will also want things here.

     Today I will be sewing and going grocery shopping with sister.  I could not get into see my doctor but he called in a bunch of prescriptions again so I rattle with pills when I walk.

    Nothing got done except shop cleaning last week, sicky loo had me in it's clutches.

Now it's time to get to work and try to get something done.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday, are you sick of my cold yet?

     BECAUSE I AM!  This morning I have lost my voice and my eyes are crusty slits.  Get the picture? It is not pretty.  I am tired of not sleeping.  Right now I am freezing.

     We have rehearsal most of the day tomorrow and also the tree lighting at the park.  Don't know if I can make it through all that.

     I do have a few things in the shop that I must do.  I will get those done and then I will rest.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday, my cold is back

     Not sleeping, trying to deal with a younger sister in crisis. So I called Twin (eldest) and had her take care of youngest sister problem.  That is what she gets for being eldest.  It is always something.  I have my cold back so I will make an appointment to see the doctor AGAIN!  Crap, crap double crap!

In the mean time shop is starting to pick up and I have lot's of projects to get done around here.  Mostly Christmas stuff.

     Really tired, but will get a hold on this I am sure.

Have a great and productive day.



Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, just lazy, what can I say?

     I am in a lazy.  I did very little in the shop yesterday.  I did get a package mailed off to my Sluggy and I did get groceries with mom.  I did teach 4 hours.  But other than that I was a wastoid.

     Hoping to pay off another of my bills this month but do not know if I can, I am kind of waiting it out so to speak.  I would really like to knock off that sears bill.

     Now Ann get to work you are not done with your list. I know I can be the boss of the internet and tell my bloggy friends what to do.  This will be my new job and I won't even have to leave my desk.

     Think of that will you.

Have a great and productive day!


p.s. McVal  some ones sever is down get to work.  Put that needle down.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday,Still sleepy

     Still not sleeping well but a little better.

     Mom came home last night and she had such a good time.  So many good friends in Missoula.  It was good for her to get out.  She was so depressed.

     I sewed in the shop yesterday and then deep cleaned the shop closet.  The shop is still a work in progress.  But it was nice to get rid of and cull large amounts of things that took up room and were not of use.

     I have a few errands to run today and I need to get a few groceries.  I will take mom with to wear her out.

     This morning she came and knocked on my bedroom door.  She was smiling with her new tooth and then showed me her old bridge that she had found in her blue tennis shoes.  She had been wearing her red and black ones.  So as I suspected we found the bridge as soon as we purchased a new one.  That is okay an heir and a spare.

     This is my life now.  Finding happiness in stupidity.  But mom is over the moon happy and that is worth something.

I need to get busy and get something done before I have to go teach.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, bad night

  Could not sleep and I think I have another cold coming on.  Sh%#!  The arthritis med I take which has now been doubled causes sinus infections so maybe that is it.  But I was up most of the night.  Then worrying about whether it is a cold or and infection does not help.  Don't feel too horribly bad right now, just a little out of my head.

     Friday I was able to spend several hours in the yard and it was so great!  Really did not finish anything, just made a lot of messes but oh what fun.   I was sore Saturday and even that was nice.

     Saturday I had an all day rehearsal at the studio.  It was wonderful.  I even slept in and was a 1/2 an hour late.  Yikes!  I have never, ever done that before, ever!  My kids were wonderful and so were all the other #'s.  Things went smoothly.  I am so proud of the new owner.  She is so organized.  I was never organized.  I always flew by the seat of my pants.  It is nice to have the stress off, and to just be able to enjoy what I do.

     Daughter with our little Will came down this weekend and we had so much fun with him.  We watched him tear apart anything he could get his hands on which was quite a lot.

     I must go and pay a couple of bills.  Then I will get something done in the shop. Maybe a little house work will get done today as none was done this weekend.  Mom and Sis should be home later this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday, dressed in overalls

     Happy Veterans day, and grateful to all the Vets who protected this country and the world.  Grateful to the ones that still do.  A shout out for them.

     Yes true to my word I am not even going into the shop today unless someone needs to pick up or drop off.  I am outside!

     It was dark by the time I was done inside yesterday.  So I am not going to get pulled into work.  The shop has been slow and steady this week and I am actually catching up on work.  Which is nice.  Every once in a while I actually find myself out of work, but I am usually bombed immediately after I think I have nothing to do.

     Took mom to get her tooth yesterday.  Then she lost her glasses this morning and had me up at 6:30 looking for them.  She did not need to be up that early but she was and I am stumbling around trying to get myself focuses.  I ma not a MORNING person.  I also had to look for her glasses yesterday for 20 minutes.  This morning I was sure they were gone.  She just takes things off and flings them where ever.  Her room is an organized pigsty with every possible place filled with crap.

     ARGHHHHH!  Well Sis took her to Missoula this weekend and I need a few days to just be.

     Our daughter and grandson are coming this weekend so I am excited.  I just want to get outside and play in the dirt!

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday, I really, really need to

..... Clean my family room, it is disgusting.  I also need to cook something for dinner as I have been so lazy in the kitchen.

     I want tot get out side today as it is beautiful.  So I will get my shop work done, clean a little house, plan some dinner and get my butt outside.  In that order.

     I also must take mom later today in for her new tooth.

On your mark get set GO let's see what I can get done today!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wednesday, well that was an interesting Tuesday.

     As I had predicted all along but only between myself and a few close people. Trump won.  The news medias did everything they could to make people think Hilary was ahead.  If the news casters and pollsters would stay out of the elections people would take up more  realistic views of situations.  Instead we are hammered with false information on a daily basis from people we assume we could or should trust.  I will not allow FOX news in my home because it is so biased to the right and I am actually a rather conservative person. I just will not have democratic party views lambasted every day. People are allowed their point of view. Then we have the three networks working so hard to only report the left and you know what?  If you circle your hand to the right and the other to the left and you reach far enough around clap ..... WOAH!  you get the same people. I am not a fence sitter and I have strong opinions, but you are also allowed your strong opinion that is different from mine and I will still call you my friend.

     I was able to finish to a marked point all of my dances last night.  I have a big rehearsal this Saturday.  Most of my #'s need extensive cleaning, but I have Three more weeks of 4 hour rehearsal time so I or they will be fine.  I might have to snatch a couple of them bald but we will see.

     I had a terrible headache yesterday and laid down for a while before class.  Not much got done in the sewing room.  I will have to make up for that today.

I have a closet I tore up that desperately needs to be put back together, we will see if I get that done.  Also need to buy groceries and clean out the fridge.  It is a pig sty.

So happy the election is over.  I was sick to death of it.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, Yesterday was crazy

  Crazy busy in the shop yesterday.  I feel today will be no different.  Made mom an appointment for her tooth replacement.  I just found her glasses that she had lost.

     I have to put her to bed.  That is it.  No more letting her go to sleep when she wants and taking chances.  If I do I am the one that spends time looking for her things.  And I have so little time these days, with my very reduced schedule.  ( sarcasm)

     Stayed up late to clean kitchen finally got all of mom's Swedish bake stuff put away.

Have the spare bedroom piled with gifties I have purchased for little or nothing.  I need to organize the mess and get packages ready to send down south.  Also daughter coming this weekend, and I need to clean off the bed.

     Tonight I have class and I hope to finish all the numbers.  It is scary close to the show like three weeks.  I had better start kicking some butt. Mostly mine.

I tore the shop closet apart last week and it is still a huge mess so I had better get that cleaned up.  Ugh!  Also pay a few more bills as money comes in a dib and dab at a time.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up with nothing to do?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday, Where do I begin?

    Friday evening and we are off to Mom's church bazaar, it was not as well attended as last year. I overheard gossip about how beautiful her things were.  Her three cakes that they allowed her to bring in all sold for more than anything else combined.  We had fun came home and gossiped about it for a while.

     Hub's insisted on getting his flue and pneumonia shots and then proceeded to get very sick.  Like high fever delirious sick.  He did not go to church on Sunday and he never misses church.  Today he is between sick and lazy.  So I don't know what to expect.

     I went to the photo shoot on Saturday and yes we were short two pairs of black velvet pants, but we just had kids trade and stand in the back.  I slept late, before the shoot and then came home for a nap which of course drove Hub's crazy as I am not allowed to rest.  I must be up and functioning at all times.  We took mom out to dinner and she complained the whole way but loved what I ordered for her. I noticed that she did not have her tooth.  This is her new one that she got when we were in D.C. as she had lost her other one. Well we dropped her off at the house and went out to do a little shopping when we got home, she was crying and had torn her room apart.  No tooth.  I tore her room apart no tooth.  Sis came over yesterday and tore her room apart no tooth.  She is beside herself and so depressed.

     As the dentist goes to my church I ordered her a new one yesterday.  So now I will watch her like a hawk.  Well at least I will watch her tooth.

     It is always something around here.  I have many pairs of pants to do today so I had better get busy.

Just wanted you to know that I can save money. I did a sudo Sluggy as my sis and I call it.  I went to Albertsons because they had whole chickens on sale for 78. cents a lb  not the old .69 but I will take .78 as the new low.  Anyway I had two coupon for $2.00 off criso oil and any kind of crisco margarine.  I love the sticks but refuse to buy them at the cost.  Well if you bought so many of the oil you got back $5.00.  I am not sure exactly how it works as I am not nearly as bright as the  Slugster.  I found more oils with the $2.00 off coupon so of course I looked for all of those.  See I can learn from the best.

     To make this a shorter story as mom wants her breakfast,  I paid $26.02
2 large chickens reg about 9.00
5 oil 48 oz. reg 4.99
5 packages of crisco sticks reg 4.49
1/2 gallon of milk reg price 1.89

I am learning.  Now if I could just keep an eye on mom's tooth.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday, Yesterday was alittle too much.

     What happened to my stamina?  I used to pump out multiples of costumes assembly line style.  I could and would sew 10 12 hours straight like a demon.  I just can't do that any more.  I feel like my life is just one big give up.

     Give up running too hard on your joints. Okay.  Quit coaching Drama, too stressful.  Quit choreographing for theaters.  Too little time and stress.  Think of your health. Stop earning extra money cleaning the banks.  ( I was glad to give this one up)  Not the money however. Give up the studio, your mother and health are too important.  So I should be able to devote my time to sewing, but even that is failing.  Those big huge costume projects are a thing of the past.  I just can't sew that hard anymore.  Is this old age?  I don't feel old.

     Anyway, I only have one pair of pants to alter and two cow hoods to make and I am done with studio work.  But I have 10 pairs of pants to hem for the shop.

I am going to jump in the shower and then get my sewing done, and go pay some bills.  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday, busy day yesterday

     The shop was so busy yesterday.  I was not able to get upstairs and get the kitchen de greased, but did it late last night.  The doorbell rang all day and mom worked in the shop on her projects.

     Went with my sister to JoAnn's last night to get things to make and finish costumes.  Of course things I need ended up at her house.  So I have to go over there and get them.  Damn.

     Mom is in a funk as all this baking she is doing is now not wanted by the church.  They don't have room.  They have enough.  She is in tears.  Her things are beautiful and well presented.  I don't know where she missed the mark and she does not hear well and her understanding is even worse.  But when a woman comes to you with beautiful baskets of things for a bazaar wouldn't you accept them?  I want to be angry, but I also no my mother and she is stubborn and wants things done her way.  She may not be able to bull nose her ideas through this group.

     I have 9 pairs of pants to hem today in addition to all the costume crap so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday, the saga continues.....

     I was sad to read that one of my lovely readers, thought I was somewhat mean or disrespectful toward my mother.  Her actual words were sorry I was  bothered by my mother.  I love my mom to death and will do anything for her.  She just makes me crazy and making fun of her and the situation is what helps me deal with said situation.  Our family takes everything to the nth degree when it comes to humor.  She is a neeber-knob.

     So yesterday mom has to do rosettes.  These deep fried pastries are a pain.  They are delicious, but very fragile and fussy.  I have two wedding dresses that I need to finish and costumes, I cannot help her.  I can set everything up and make sure she has what she needs.  I am a holler away in the basement.  I ran upstairs continually.  She made two batches and was very tired.  She has become so shaky.  I was getting ready to go to the studio and I told her to leave the mess and be done she was too tired to do a third batch.

     I left her laying down on her bed.  When I arrived home last night Hub's told me mom had a melt down and called my sister to come get her.  She was burning things and very upset.  So I run to Sis's.  Mom is watching the Hallmark channel. Sis and I sneak out.  Mom is mad at me because I did not help her.  Yeah I didn't do a damn thing.  Sis and I had a good laugh.  I just have to shake my head.  Now I am going to go upstairs and put all that crap away and degrease the kitchen.  Because I have nothing else to do. 

Well I am off like a prom dress to get work done.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, Mom's agenda...

     Well I was able to get through yesterday without a fight.  Don't know if I can handle today.  Because you see I have no life or anything important to do. I just live at the beck and call of the MOTHER.

     Yesterday I needed to pay at least two important bills which I did.  I also had to teach which I did.  I had to mind the shop which I did.  I did not get the sewing done I needed as mother was on a rip to make Krumkake.  Okay, Okay!

     So I got her set up in the morning as I was running around getting ready for the day and doing a little house work.  We are in the kitchen and I get a stool to get down the krumkake iron.  As I am putting chairs away from the company meal the night before she starts making banana bread?

     I had a folding table and 7 chairs to put away in various places, so I thought I could keep an eye on her.  I was handing her ingredients as she asked for them.  She finally gets the bread ready to go in the oven and I have to come and put the batter in the pans for her. Then I put it in the oven and she starts on the krumkake.  I need to melt a cube of butter first thing so it will cool for her and when I open the micro wave here are two more sticks of melted butter.  "Mom, what is this butter for?" Oh that was supposed to go in the banana bread..   *&^%$# out comes the hot pans of banana bread back into a bowl mix with butter, pull out three more clean pans put it back in and pray that the soda will raise twice.  Now I realize I cannot leave her, until the batter is ready.  So no costumes get done for this Saturday's photo shoot.  Beat head against wall.

     Today she wants to do Rosettes.  Which are very difficult and messy.  I just can't win.  In the mean time look at my payoff of the counter tops!  Yippee! and look at the list of things I need to sew before the weekend including everything else I have to do to make money.

     Just a little on edge here.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, bill paying day,ugh!

      Well made it through the weekend.  Friday I finished a Halloween costume and spent the rest of the day cleaning house.  Sissie helped me, she did the kitchen and set my table for guests.

    We had a couple over for dinner and it was so fun. Retired professors, so many things to talk about and lot's of laughs.  Then for after dinner fun we carved pumpkins.  Quite the contest.

     Saturday B came home and I took her out to by tennis shoes.  I actually slept until 11:30 and then came home at 3:30 and slept until 7 p.m.  Hub's woke me and we went to Wal-mart for a few things.

     Came home made a big batch of Swedish meat balls and two pumpkin pies.  We had 12 people for supper on Sunday and I wanted to get most of it done before I went to bed.  So I set tables and had everything done except the rolls which I made up right before church and mom finished for me.

     She was so nervous about the rolls.  Finally I said, "Mom I did not come out of the womb this way, someone taught me to do this.  Hmmm?  I wonder who?"  (heavy sarcasm)  She finally rose to the occasion. It is like she has become helpless and remembers nothing. 

     But get this, although I have to sew and teach for Amanda as it is Halloween.  Mom has me scheduled to do krumkake today, go to the post office, find her a basket,....... but she can't bake a roll.

     Some one come and rescue me please.

Also take note:  I did several things in my master bedroom list last Friday so all is not lost.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday, mom's home and she is running the show.....

     I got home from the specialist yesterday ( the news was not good) and I expected mom to be in her room resting.  Oh no not her.  She had been confined to a bed for 48 hours and she was ready to go. 

     We had to make cupcakes for Hub's office (old office)  after all I had promised and Hub's was pouting.  So when has she ever cared when Hub's was unhappy?  Like NEVER!

     48 decorated cupcakes later, (she did the decorations just like a little kid), she was still not satisfied.  She loves bossing me from her thrown (stool) in the kitchen.

    So I had to whip up a double batch of sugar cookies to frost.  (There was frosting left over from when she made sister bake).  Okay now we can qui.......

     No we had better throw together those rice crispy treats for the boys.  She can mail packaged tomorrow.

So by 10 p.m.last night my kitchen was a frosted disaster, she went to bed.  I did a crappy cleaning job and went to the grocery store.

     I have company coming to dinner tonight and we were out of milk and butter salad things.

     I need to finish up a Halloween outfit and then start on my house.  It is a wreck.  I am a wreck.  Mother is doing great!

Kill me now.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday, Sleep I love thee

     Okay having slept I have a better perspective on my situation.  Mom is coming home, today.  I have a specialist appointment this afternoon.  I will catch up eventually.  Thanks for the well wishers.

    My week has been so messed up I don't know where to start, still so grateful mom is okay.

I just want to make frosted sugar cookies for some reason.  Or maybe empty the garbage cans? Can't put a cohesive thought together.

stay tuned....

kim will return as soon as I find her

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday, late post , mom in hospital

     I can't get my email to work to go to my sister and I email her almost every day.  So frustrating.  No time to fix anything.  Mom came out of her room about 10:30 last night and she could not tell me what was wrong with her.  Finally I got heart out of her and I immediately got dressed and rushed her to St. Joes.  Her heart was in A-fib.  I had left my cell phone at home so had Hub's call Sister.  We were both at hospital until 3:15 and they admitted her.  Finally got her heart rate down to normal later today but she has to stay until tomorrow.  Totally screwed the schedule and I am so tired I am dropping.  Also very behind now.  I feel like life is just one big aggravation.  But so grateful she is okay.

     Sis and I spent several hours today in her room making a general nuisance of ourselves, but we laughed so much mostly at her expense.  We played dice and had most of the staff in and out laughing with us.  That's just how we roll.

     I am going to bed.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday, It takes fortitude

     Coming home from a trip is not for sissies.  My brain was obviously still in vacation mode yesterday because the day that I planned was not the day that I had.  I was going to be a whirl wind of activity and accomplish so much.  Instead I found myself sewing at 11:00 last night to get my quota done.

     We had no groceries to speak off, which really set Hub's off.  The truck battery was dead.  The chickens were out of food and we had no dog food.  It is one thing to deal with a hungry husband, when the animals start giving you the guilt trip well not so easy to ignore.

     We had a power outage while we were gone so the Internet was down, and it took me an hour to reboot and find the problem.  The netflix is not working in either room to mom's she grin.

     I could not complete one order in the shop without going to Joanns. So everything was on hold until I could get there.  I had to turn around twice as I left my samples to match at home TWICE!!!!  How does one do that?  I am telling you I make stupid look so easy.

     The dishwasher had not been run when we left and the dishes were all well let's just say disgusting.  When I went to bed last night here was the master bedroom still in the same shape I left it in earlier.  At least I got unpacked and the the suitcases down stairs.

     I went to Sister's last night and packed all mom's crap home.  Bags and bags of stuff, she is a bag lady.  I did not help her unpack, I just fed her and she went to bed.

     Have I complained enough yet?  Because I have more.

     Anyway the good news is I was able to finally pay the computer guy and I picked up my ring from the jewelers.  It is a little big, but as I had to work and scrap the meat off my finger to get it off last time I had x-rays, I will wear it  this way.  Don't worry my hands will swell again.

     And Drum roll it looks like I have enough money to pay off the counter tops.  God is good, and I have been really trying to watch what I spend and save everything I can around here and from the shop.  SO look at those totals, and don't despair I have more debts to add when these are paid.  I hate to disappoint.

Have a great and  productive day!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday,back from the East, with a goal for the week

     We had a wonderful time.  Taking 6 people touring over part of the east coast, had its ups and down.  But mainly ups.  As hubs and I have been there many times we were the guides.  I love D.C. and the surrounding area and could hike and tour forever.

     I was a little tired as I was fighting my cold, but I made it through.  By the 8th day I was about to collapse.  It was like a forced march every day.  And I did not want to be a party pooper.  We laughed so much but Hub's and I realized if we had gone by ourselves we would have seen so much more.  When you involve more people you have to consider their needs and time frame.  Would I do it again? You betcha!

         My favorite day was spent in Scranton at the coal mines and Steam Town museum.  The Poconos were at full color for fall leaves.  It was more beautiful than I could imagine.  I also was able to see Sluggy!  She looked great and I wish I had been able to spend more time with her but that will come someday.  She and her hubby took us out to breakfast which was unnecessary , they are very generous.  My family loved them,  who wouldn't?  Sluggy's husband has dreamy brown eyes.  All of us women agreed, the best... watch him close Sluggy.

     Now I am home and I have to face the music.  Yikes!  As in pay some bills and take a very realistic look at our finances.  I also need to get to work and turn over some money.  I needs the dough.

     My sister is an awesome hostess.  So coming home to my own meals and laundry is a bummer.  I am unpacked but need to do a mountain of laundry.

My goal for the week is to deep clean and purge our master bedroom and bath.  I need to swap our winter and summer clothes.  I am going to be ruthless.  I just have way too much and it is ridiculous.  I will blame my sister, who buys me so much stuff.

    My chickens and dog missed me!
Sending Hub's out for chicken food.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, How do you spel pnuemonia?

     I have a ton of very heavy meds now and I do actually feel better than I did yesterday which was such a drag.  As in dragging my butt around getting things done.

So much sewing, lot's of heavy work at studio, bill to pay and balance.  Could not get prescriptions until about 9 last night. The pharmacy was crazy.

Antibiotics are miracles.  Still short of breath but feel like I will live.

Have to get busy.  I am in my pjs.  It is 11:21

I'm trying to get everything done in the next two hours and then home for a nap!

have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, definately the doctor today

  I have a appointment at 11:25.  I could hardly breath yesterday for a couple of hours.  I slept so much.  It is the sleeping that is telling me something is really wrong.  I am just so tired and exhausted.  Not enough oxygen or something.  Maybe my brain cells are giving up, all two of them.

We took moms and dad and sis to "Oliver" on Friday.  Hub's did a great job.  I had dance students in it.  They were cute and looked like they had fun.  Then we got ice cream, yum.

Saturday morning Sis and I were up early to take mom and dad home.  I was to drive them home Sat. stay the night and then drive home by my self Sunday.  I had asked sis to drive with me in a day but she has driven sooooo much back and forth from St Louis 3 times in the last few months that she was not too keen on the idea and then out of guilt changed her mind.  Isn't guilt wonderful?

    We took her car and had such a fun time.  It is onion season in southern Idaho.  I always told her we did not buy onions or potatoes here.  We waited and picked them up off the side of the road.  Onion and potato trucks are overloaded and they fall in soft dirt.  We stop and pick them up.  Red and yellow.  So here we are on the highway stopping every quarter mile to pick onions.  Next month is potato harvest.  You can easily get 100 lbs of potatoes if you will stop and pick them up.

I should really keep track of all the food we get for free down here just by gleaning.  It is pretty amazing. Sluggy said she was out of onions. I would bring her some if I could get then through the airport.

     Sent home 2 large and one small pumpkin with mom and dad.  Even though I did not grow pumpkins. 

     I have a so much to do today and I feel like crap.  Some sewing, some laundry, some packing, have to help new owner of studio take some stuff to the dump.  Have to pay bills before we leave.

I feel crazed!  So what is new with you?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday,heading to doctor I think?

     Well I am truly going to make time for the doctor today if I can get in.  I do have an appointment set for Monday.  If I go today it will be to the doc in the box.

     Sewed hard yesterday and I have a load to do today.  Made a big pot of bean soup which I love.

We are going to Oliver tonight to see Hub's play.

Tomorrow I will be driving the folks home, it will take 5-6 hours.  I will stay the night and drive back Sunday.

A purple bridesmaid dress is calling so I had better run.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday, I am so disorganized this week

     I just cannot get anything done.  I am a wreck.  What is wrong with me?  I can finish nothing.  Someone needs to come a be my keeper.

Mom soaked her cell phone in vinegar when she was making cucumber pickles.  Yes the phone was full of vinegar.  Which she adamantly denied at the phone store.  We also found one of her very expensive diamond necklaces, but not her tooth bridge.  So she goes to the dentist today for a new mold.

     I need to get into the doctor as the cold has settled in my chest. I don't really feel bad but the back of my throat is sore and my soft palette is sore to the touch.  My teeth ache and I have a dull headache so I know an infection is brewing.  Hard to breath and I am almost out of my inhaler.  Don't need to be in D.C. and have a full blown attack.  Problem is I don't want to take the time.  I hate going to the doctor.

I did get in the tub this morning so I am clean and wet, maybe I can motivate myself to get upstais and dry my hair.

      Will put on a pot of beans to soak for bean soup.  Need to use up that ham bone.  I love bean soup.

Have a to go mom have screwed up her sewing machine again..........

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, Im alwasy looking for something...

     Mom has killed her phone again, so I will be replacing that today.  Then She has lost two very expensive pieces of jewelry and her tooth.  I am always looking for something for her.  I feel bad for her I know she gets frustrated with herself.

     Mom and dad are taking us out to dinner tonight so I don't have to cook yeah!

I have plenty to do in the shop I just need to keep myself motivated.  As in not interrupted 20 times by others (i.e. mom, hubs, in-laws)

I will have to take mom to the phone store today at sometime.

So if you can see by my side bars I have a few bills to really attack and plan on doing this in the next month, then I will add new ones, as I have a great long list of stupidities.  Well not all are stupid but some are.  The main thing is to get them paid and quit adding new ones.

By the way the trip we are going on is paid for by long term savings.  So we will not add to the debt.

I had so much fun with my students last night, the older class is playing the 5 golden rings.  They have to dance with hula hoops that light up.  It is so funny and so hard for them.  Lot's of practise and lots of laughing.

Well I am off to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, teaching day!

     I am trying hard on my teaching days not to do too much running around to save my hip which has a tendency to inflame when I over do.Like I did not go on a 5 mile walk with Hub's.  I will be on my feet choreographing for 4 hours tonight.  These are all the things my mind tells me to do to play it safe.

This is what actually happens:  I tell hub's I am not walking with him and I get dressed and go downstairs get a diet coke(breakfast of champions) and go through the email.  I am called upstairs at least 4 times for various things hub's and in-laws can't find.  Finally they are out the door.  Now mom needs me to bring up her medicine.  Okay,  then her blood pressure cuff,  then her sugar monitor.  On the sugar monitor trip she says are you going to make me breakfast?  Well yes what do you want?  A poached egg and a muffin?  Peanut butter toast(I am having that),  Cottage cheese and fruit?  Yes she wants peaches.  So I get to run back down stairs to get peaches.  Now she wants me to check and see how many eggs are in the coop as she is trying to round out a dozen.  She has an obsession with having full dozens facilitating going out to cheer on the chickens and perhaps squeezing the eggs out to get the full dozen, so she will leave me alone.  I have now made at least 10 trips up and down the stairs and I might as well have gone on a walk.

I have a day a of sewing ahead of me, and will make scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner with a pan of corn bread and a spaghetti squash.  I will not be here for dinner.  But I just can't see 4 fools bumping into each other in the kitchen.  I will have less mess to clean up if I do it early.

I am going to clean up the blog today, but it is not finished, I have so many financial things to up date.

So stay tuned and don't touch that dial....

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday, Lot' happenin'

          I arrived home Saturday evening with the in laws in tow.  Hub's was playing for a wedding with a quartet and then went right to Oliver to play so we did not see him until late. I got them settled down and went a bought a few groceries.  I took mom and that was frustrating as she is so slow.  She also has lost her tooth. Which means I will have to deal with that drama.

     Yesterday was conference for our church so we stayed home and snuggled on the couch and watched  conference on a lap top.  I made a nice ham dinner and we should be able to eat on that for a week.

Hub's and I are taking off again to go back east to tour with his sister's and their husbands.  I am not anxious to be gone so much as I miss business and I need the money.  Unfortunate I don't always get to control the family.

     The shop was really slow the two weeks before I left and I only have 7 days for it to pick up before I leave again.  Then I want to stay home for a while.

     I was so worth going to sit with the grand kids.  It was fun.  Now I get to come home and face the music. Not so fun.  Many bills due so I need to get to the bank and get everything paid and budgeted.

     My blog is a wreck and no totals are correct.  I have to get this cleaned up and running right as I need my cheer leading squad behind me.  Or as my sister says you all need to kick my butt:)

Have a great and productive day I am going to run and hide from my in laws and my finances.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday, still playing at grandma

     My cold is getting better and I am trying to get sewing finished up.  Can't believe I have been here a week already.  I miss being home, but love the grand kids.

     Daughter teaches dance tonight so this is a long day.  I hope to have most projects done so I can pack up tomorrow and be ready to go to in-laws house.

I want to take a long walk today if I can get out with the baby or maybe a long nap. Such a tough decision.   Hmmmmm

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday, still crawling around, just

     Baby James was not as good yesterday in he did not nap and give poor grandma any rest.  I have enough sudafed, and musinex in me to function.

     Got the two toddler Christmas dresses done yesterday but cannot seem to get them on computer.  Will have to get help from daughter.
What I did find was a blurry picture of Daughter's wedding as they were leaving Hall.
Another blurry picture of them leaving in car with the man who married them.  Good Ti
Just a few pictures I found in daughters files I will actually get good one someday.......  Hub's and D#2
THe three stooges.

Well baby is screaming
Have a great a productive day!