Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday, too sick to deal with Blogger changes

     Okay who likes change?  It is okay but not when my head is exploding and I have too much to do.  Just can't think that hard right now.

     Things to get done today:

1. clean up guest room:  Hubs can do this.
2. clean floors in living room:  Hubs
3. vacuum family room: Hubs
4. make cheese ball Hubs can grate the cheese
5. make pies  Hubs can peel apples
6. put together relish tray Daughter can do that or hub's
7. make rolls.  I can do that tomorrow
8. lay on couch and watch garbage TV:  I can do this one
9. Take a long nap:  I will volunteer
10.  Have head explode, that is happening as I write.
11.  lower standards yeah I can do that....


  1. I got 4 loaves of french bread made this morning while working and just spent my lunch break cleaning for company. I have dusting and vacuuming left to do for today. Will clean up the boys room tomorrow morning before people arrive...
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. My last post lists things I have done and have yet to do. I think I only have to make deviled eggs, open a jar of gravy, and stir up the Stovetop stuffing. My standards have dropped each day. My throat is killing me and I am hurting all over. I am trying to ward this off or keep from getting worse. I feel for you!

    I am having fun using my new dishwasher. Clean floors? What's that?

  3. I read on sluggy's blog you were sick at your stomach and dizzy. Take care of yourself even if that means cancelling Thanksgiving for the time being. Are you going to go to a doctor?

  4. I've noticed a few bloggers talking about the same theme: lowering standards or expectations. I also like that you've assigned a few things to hubby. I hope you get a really nice long and healing nap! And that you get to enjoy your weekend and don't get sicker!