Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, up and att'm

    Hub's had called me from the High School 6 times before I was even out of bed.  He had locked his keys in the truck, then he (or they) needed stand lights, then he (or they needed) string lights for across the stage.  So when I got up I had the list and could get everything down there at once.  I don't know how many times we have run home for piano or stand lights.  You need anything for a pit orchestra?  Call us!

     Sluggy is giving me a bad time about my November 14th list.  Hey I am  little behind, what can I say? I will be sewing today and going back to Joanns because yes I need three pairs of black velvet breeches not two. %$#@&

  Found out we will be doing a Celtic show and school tour this March.  I started the kids on a new soft shoe last night as they were getting tired of the Christmas dances.  Kids will start practicing in mistakes when they get over rehearsed.

     Well I have work to do.  So I am off.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Well here's what you need to do....just change the date on the Week of Nov. 14th to Dec. 14th because I bet you'll need to do all those things again in Dec. lolz

    Naggy Sluggy

  2. Sluggy:

    I Love You better!

    I am Kim's Sister after (2) two glasses of Chard no maybe (3) three! It's the truth! Can't wait to meet you!


    Please delete this rom others. I do not want my stuff out there!

  3. I think moving the list date is a fantastic idea!