Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, repurposed dining room PICTURES!

I am so bad at this please excuse the mistakes in this blog, that I have already erased once. &^%%$#@.  Anyway enjoy the pictures.  The dining room is getting there.  Still no plate racks on wall but a work in progress.  It is beautiful and seats 8 easily.

My repurposed chandelier.  This was from Habitat store.  I sprayed it and switched out the globes for free.  Then added crystals.  The crystals that are large are from a huge chandelier that hung in the big house dining room in Sweden.  I have a shoe box full if any one wants some.  They are very heavy.

Here is plant shelf, I always wanted.  Pots picked up at second hand stores for under a dollar and sprayed flat white.  Then I found plants at Wally world marked down to .69 as they were dead and dying.  I made the runners with left over fabric that I had from the curtains and chair pads.  Purchased on sale of course.
Hub's great grandmothers china hutch repainted and new hardware which I bought for .50 a hinge at Habitat.

My mother's china from my mother and father's marriage.  Love this pattern.
Great, great grandmother's silver cake forks and serving wear.  Yes I polish silver.

 Here is sister's dog doing a Sluggy.  Don't you love this?  Not the dog.

Here is our problem child.  The pass through still needs to be trimmed out.  The two cupboards are for crystal and linens.  One is very narrow.  I just bought a stock cupboard and had it cut down. This way we did not waste any space behind walls and I have storage.  This wall will also be a silver display I will show you later.

paint and destroy it's value so we had  a

Here is the library table out of the servants library in Sweden. I did not want to paint or destroy it's value so I had a table top made and  clamped to the original.  I think it looks great with the repurposed chairs.

I am so behind right now and the house is a disgusting mess.  Have no idea when I am going to get to it.  Heading for the shop.

Have a great and productive day.



Thursday, July 28, 2016

Friday, picture heavy.

Sis, Mom and I right before our 40 year reunion, we have a picture like this taken every 10 years.  Shows how old we are getting. 

Mom om her front porch right before the move.  I had just recovered all the cushions and I always went to plant all her flowers.  47 years in that huge monstrosity.  We were asked to leave all the porch things in the sale wouldn't you know.

Here I am after working like a dog for a week, my hair is so bleached out, well I am totally grey so what can you expect form cheap dye.

Okay one boob shot.  This is my new grandson, he is 5 months old now, I think I was talking about Sluggy when I took this.  Or maybe it was Sonya Ann?
Here I am side ways with the next grandson, I am very tired.
This is Mr. chunks a lot with his Grandpa.  He is usually crying.  The baby not the Grandpa.
Chunks a lot on his blessing day!


My three grandsons.  Wow!  James is actually smiling.  They are all holding hands.  My heart is squeezing.
Tomorrow I will show pictures of new Dining room!

Thursday, Up early to the doctor

     It is almost impossible to see a specialist in this area without a 3 month wait.  We have a new rheumatologist that moved into the area.  Hurrah no more driving and wracking cars in Spokane.  But I had to wait three months.  I asked to be put on a no show or cancellation list and I got a call yesterday for an early appointment today.  This is good as I was going to be almost out of meds by the time my regular appointment was scheduled.  This med is so expensive and it will take time to get it authorized through a new doctor.  I don't want to be forced to take steroids while the insurance company fights with the doctor.  At just under $4000.00 a month for one med they will fight.

     Anyway it was a long appointment with lots of x-rays, and enough blood work to keep a vampire happy.  But I liked him and I did not have to take a whole day to do this.

     Hub's and I are still kicking away at the house.  We are very broke and need to watch our pennies.  Just too many things happening at once.  Too many expectations.  Too many bills and unexpected expenses.

     I have a so much work in the shop and we will be alright.  Just need to be careful and get reimbursed by a few people.

     Mom made pies yesterday and destroyed the kitchen, but then she sis pay for most of it so destroy away.  I am really close to taking pictures even though there are still finishing touches not done.  We have to wait for yet another contractor.

Well I need to get busy and earn some money so I can pay these damn bills that keep coming in right and left.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday, getting some where....

     I finally feel like I am getting some where in the remodel.  Still have a ways to go, but Hub's and I have been ticking what we can off the list.  Hub's is still working on the huge Ponderosa pine that we had taken down.  He is in the moving the wood he has cut up to enlarge the wood pile.  He tore the palms of his hands up really bad chopping the pieces into stove lengths.  Even with gloves on he has blisters.  So I told him to slow down.  I think that is one of the first times I have ever done that.

     Hub's picked a large bucket of apples off our granny smith, and Gravenstien apple trees.  Mom has to make pies.  So I was up late last night making pie crusts.  She will make a couple of apple and one rhubarb.  Then I froze two crusts for later.  That will give her something to do today.

     We made two trips to Costco yesterday for a prescription that is still not ready.  Pharmacist wans to talk to mom's Urologist as he thinks it is the wrong medication.  Love the Doctor wars. In the mean time I am driving back and forth for no reason.

     As I have been working to finish the dining room I have not been sewing like I should.  So today I will stay in the shop until I have made some money.  I have many things to do, but the upstairs calls me. 

     I need to go do a large grocery shop, we are out of many staples.  Mom likes to bake and we are out of flour and white sugar in storage.  That is a first.

     Well I am off to set the world on fire or myself:)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, okay I am serious, already

     I have had enough of this half done crap.  I feel like my life has been half done since we started this remodel. I am a finisher.  So I guess I cannot wait for someone else to do this.  Well I could wait as I am a some what patient person, but really?  I can paint.  I am terrible at it and will have to touch up over and over before it is right, eventually it will be right.

     Mom and I spent the day yesterday doing errands and taking stock of what needs to be done.  She had lost a lens out of her glasses and of course it was the lens on her good eye.  I can handle slight dementia, deafness and half blind but not slight dementia, deaf, and fully blind.  That was our first stop.  Then we went over to Sissie's and watered her flowers.  Went to the storage place  and checked out, no more storage unit or fees.  Went to cell phone company and paid bill.  Went to home depot and bought a tiny watering can with a narrow spout.  No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to water house plants without spilling water all over the floor.  (And I think my mother is blind)

     Mom has a urology appointment today. I have a bride due in at 2:00.  I must get something done in the shop.  Nothing is really pressing but one does need to earn a living.  Blah!

     I spent late into the evening working in the dining room.  I have learned not to buy caulking at Wal-Mart.  It is old and does not come out of the tube.  Pay more and quit wasting your time with return trips.  Just go to Home Depot.  Also do not paint in the semi dark, you leave drips that have to be sanded out.  My work in the full sunlight is less than I desire.

     So as you can see I have outlined work that needs to be done on the right.  I will tackle these things as I can.  Right now I am caulkless and I need more sand paper (who knew?) and a small straight artist brush for touch ups.  Then I will paint in the light after I get my sewing done.

     By the way when you are gone for 5 days a husband can really trash a kitchen.  He did the dishes but the floor and every surface was a grease ball mess.  Gotta love him as he is cutting out shelves right now.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday, home for a while, I think?

     The reunion was very poorly attended, but the right people were there because I had a good time. Was able to see people who are important to me and that is what counts.  It was a whirl wind weekend of shopping and eating and visiting.  Mom and I are home and I hope to get back on even keel if I ever was on even keel.( no snarky comments I can hear what most of you are thinking)

     I was hard to say good by to my twin.  Will see her again at Christmas I hope. Little sis flew out to St. Louis last Saturday to rent a truck and drive out here.  Oh my!  So it will be rather quiet here which will be nice for all of us.

     I need to really pay attention to my bills and money as I have not except just to get buy.  Nothing drastic just need to pay attention.  Money flying all over the place with the remodel, kids loans, medical bills, borrowing and returning.  Have to go and see what is going on.  Mom just came out without pants on and said, "I am so something today."  I told her she needed pants.  So things are back to normal here.

     I do believe summer has started as it will be hot today.  I am also very behind on things around this house so I am going to make a list to post tomorrow. This list will be the things I need to get done and I will try to get one thing done every day.  I am eating an elephant.

It is good to be back.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday, In Missoula

     Well B had boob surgery and they did a culture of her abscess.  They are worried about her past with toxic shock.  Like I needed that stress and mess right before I left.  We went to the doctor's office at 4:15 on Monday and they had her in surgery so fast it was scary.  She is in some pain and I made her stay home from work yesterday. Aunty bought her new jammies, some tennies, and birkenstocks. I made her go get her hair done with me.  So she had a day of beauty holding her boob.  I am not talking about her boyfriend. 

     After we had our hair done, she went back to University and sis, mom and I took off for Missoula.  We got here at about 10:30 our time.  We dropped mom off at her sister-in-laws house and we are at a girl friends.  Today is lunch and shopping.  Tomorrow is lunch with another Aunt and the reunion.

     I am sure it will be fun.  I am really looking forward to a slower life style when I get back.  Ha,ha.  I have a work shop at the studio, that starts on Monday.  So  nice it is my last one.  Unless I teach later on.

    Well we are off, I just wanted to catch everyone up on B.  She is doing fine.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, running screaming!

     And there is no bear chasing me. Family what can I say.  A lot of family.  I love them to death and they are keeping me busy and on my toes.  Sissie ( twin has been busy whipping me into shape as she usually does)  I left my house especially messy for her.  Sis ( the younger) starts her new job tomorrow and I am excited for her.  Mom is very tired and I am worried.  With the sisters here it is go, go, go.  She needs more quiet and rest.  But all will be back to semi normal when this weekend is over and Sis goes to work.  We all radiate energy and it can be hard to be around in large doses.  We are a lot of fun and a load of laughs, but mom needs quiet. I am hoping to get her down for a long nap this afternoon.

     Sissie and I are leaving Wednesday evening for Missoula with mom.  We have our 40 yr High School reunion this weekend.  Mom will stay with her sister in-law or at a hotel.  We will stay with a girl friend or with mom I guess.  I am playing it by ear.  Sissie is not happy about mom coming in fact she is down right furious.

     Sissie and I sewed hard yesterday to try and catch me up which at this point is impossible.  But we tried.  Today I have at least 15 pairs of pants to hem.

     B the youngest has had the cyst on her breast came back with a vengeance, so she is coming down here at 4:15 to meet with a surgeon.  Her new boss was so sweet about it.  She was afraid to tell him as they are in the middle of a huge grant experiment in soils.  She worked yesterday not feeling well and in some pain.  She did not want someone else to step into the middle and mess anything up.  He could tell she did not feel well and when she told him she was meeting with a specialist and had to leave work at 3 today he was shocked that she would work under those conditions.  She is my child.  I am telling you when it comes to boobs people work fast.  You are referred and into an office in days or hours.  She has only been off antibiotics for 5 days and is getting sick.

     I love having family but feel like I haven't had a summer just so busy taking care of everyone.  We finally had that huge ponderosa pine in front of our house chopped down.  It always got way to much water and was so pitchy.  It will take hub's a few weeks to clear it out and we will have more wood for the neighborhood.  We will just stack it out on the front lawn and put a free sign on it.  It will be gone in no time.

Well I have to run.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday, unexpected absence

     Daughters house, Huge!   Ridiculous and how is she ever going to keep it clean?  She doesn't like house work as it is.  I am still shaking my head.  They were able to get a really good deal on the house and the owners paid all the closing costs to get out, but really?  What will they do with all that space?  The house was built by an electrician who had a 20 year old autistic son and a set of triplet boys who were 7 at the time of the sale.  So the house has stood some cosmetic damage.  But it is very well built so they should make a fairly good profit down the road.

     Hub's and I worked like dogs while we were there.  Enjoyed the grandson who is so cute.  He has a funny personality and we really are lucky he is only two hours away. We spent a good day scouting second hand stores for furniture and baby needs.  Found some really good deals.

     I was able to get the nursery completely put together.  I also put together a beautiful guest room next to the nursery.  Sis had an antique dresser that had been chalk painted.  It needed love.  We picked up a small $5.00 night stand and a beautiful heavy large pine rocking chair for $20.00.  I chalk painted those and we went to Sears when they were have an 80% closeout on home goods.   Curtains for $2.69, rods for under $2.00.  I did the Room in whites and greys, shabby chic style.  She has two sitters that stay the night with her work schedule so this is the perfect room for them and is right next to the babies room, it also offers it's own bath.

     Hub's put together some outside deck furniture and daughter and I worked on the main floor living space.  I stayed an extra day into Tuesday as daughter got called in for an emergency surgery a couple hours away so that made a long day for her with no sitter planned.  It was fun to spend day all by myself with William.  You forget how much work babies are when you don't have one.

     Tuesday I arrived home about noon and all hell has broken loose in the shop, my house is a wreck, the second contractor is not going to finish kitchen and dining room as he has a bigger better job. I swear I am screening these guys.  I had a complete break down yesterday.  As I never cry it was upsetting to Hub's and Sis and mom.  Sis took over and left her house to work on mine.  I just cannot leave the shop.

     Last night I worked late with Sis getting as much as we could done a cleaned up in the up stairs.  There is still a ton of touch up and finish work that needs to be done.  Right now I am at a loss.  If it is clean I may be able to live with it.
Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday,making progess

     So yesterday after blogging, I finished up a few things in the shop, then I made mom and I some bacon and eggs, she could hardly eat.  I had a few errands to run so I took her over to Sis' and dropped her off and told them to get along.  "We are a family that forgives each other."  Those were my words as I drove off.  I will not be the go between and get pulled into the drama.  I can do my own drama.  I play all the parts well....

     Hubs and I were able to paint the china cabinet and we found hinges at Habitat for humanity and then went to Home depot for new pulls.  I will wait a few days to put them on hutch.  I also did a round of the second hand stores and picked up 7 china flower pots for indoor plants to put on the low plant shelf that goes across the dining room picture window.  I sprayed them all flat white and will put my .69 cent markdown plants in the today.  So little by little.  Sure hope the contractor comes today, sigh.

     Late yesterday afternoon, Sis and Hubs moved the HUGE doll house of mother's over to Sis's house.  We also took many boxes of things and a bench that was mom's.  So my back entry room into the shop is back to what it was before mom moved in and I can hardly believe that the crap is gone.  It needs a thorough cleaning and I will do that today. 

     We are leaving for Spokane late this afternoon to take things up to daughter's new house.  Hub's will take the truck and come home Saturday night.  I will take my car and come home Monday evening. We are moving the large Swedish trunk out of the family room to take to daughter and mom wants her spinning wheel at sis's.  So more stuff out of the house. Yeah!

     Now I can't wait to get many of mom's linen's over to sis's and free up some space in my linen closet.

     I finally put the vacuum cleaner back together that I had torn apart as it was clogged with pet hair and pine cones.  The house just needs a major cleaning.

     I talked to Sissy ( my twin yesterday)  she will be here next week.  I can hardly wait.  She will put everything to right.  She will go through the place like a white tornado, then she will sit back and look at her handy work and preen like a cat and I will praise her. I am very tired of the mess.

     Well mom is waiting for breakfast and I need to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday, blessed are the peacemakers

     Oh my, my family is so fun!  (Substitute whacho for fun) Mom and little Sis got into it again last night.  Bad!  It was over my brother calling for money again.  I am so tired of fighting with her over this issue and I have shed so many tears I have given up.  She will do what she wants to do.  Until I seek a guardianship which is in the works I will have to turn a blind eye.  As long as my brother cannot embezzle or swindle her I am okay and she is okay. 

     The family ( we girls) have deep seated emotional issues when it comes to money and my mother's unfair treatment of us compared to our brothers.  Now mom has to live with her past sins.  This is the third blow up they have had in about a month.  Actually they are both alike and neither will give an inch.  Both are hyper sensitive about certain issues.  Sis( little) has always been mom's favorite because she made so much money, was very funny, was very talented, was very attractive.  Mom has gotten great kudos from Sis.  Sis's temper keeps mom on edge.  But then she has allowed this since Sis was little.  Sis always gets her way. 

     Things have not gone well for Sis since the crash of the economy.  The downward spiral has been hard and heavy this last year.  Mom does not want to admit that there are problems.  She wants things the way they were when Sis was on top.  That may never happen again.  It is hard to give up the dreams you have for your children.

     After mom and Sis's big blow up last night we got nothing done.  Hub's and Sis tried to move a mattress out of our house and Sis was walking backwards down our cement back steps, in flip flops.  Hub's shoved, Sis lost her balance and went over backwards.  It was bad.  She whiplashed her head on the cement.  She really injured her shoulder.  A goose egg the size of a man's fist was on her head and she has a terrible scrape and bruise on her shoulder.  Mom is screaming and crying and throwing a fit all evening.  She is continuing to throw a fit this morning. 

     I am the peacemaker.  I stand my ground however.  Sis is entitled to her opinion and feelings.  Mom is also entitled.  I just go with the flow.  In the mean time life goes on and I am trying to maintain some semblance of order.

     As for moving forward ( and not backward in flip flops)  Hub's and I painted the first coat on the china hutch and moved it to it's spot in the room.  We will give it a second coat today.

Have a great and productive day!


     Have a great and productive day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday, fractured mind:)

     This is coming from a fractured mind.  Too many irons in the fire.  I thought summer was supposed to be less stressful.  I am trying to go about things in a calm and organized way but the people around me are not helping.  My goal is to blame everyone else when I have my break down.

     I sewed most of the day then at 4 p.m a bridesmaid came to pick up her dress which I had made into a lace up as she had ordered a size 14 and probably wore a 22.  I love my job.  The dress would lace up but would not fit over her( look back 6 words and add a T)  So now I have to rip is all out take out the second underlining and redo the back of the dress to make it larger. The chiffon layer is fine it is the under layers that are pulling. I was so frustrated.  Felt sorry for the bride.  Sooooo.....

     Then I went to Sister's house and proceeded to tear all the wallpaper off a small room's ceiling.  Yes they wallpapered a ceiling as there was water damage from a bath tub.  It was painstaking work.  at least four hours on a ladder.  I would not let Sis do this as her back and neck are so bad. We went home about 11:00 p.m..  The hair on top of my head was crusty from wall paper paste.  Both of us hopped in a shower.  It was raining hard and I realized Hub's grandmother's corner china hutch was out on the deck.  It was on it's side and it is out of a soft pine.  Sis and I carried it in at midnight and it had about 1/2 inch of water in it.  We dried I off really well.  That was one disaster avoided. So this morning we put paper on the floor and we are going to paint it in the dining room.

     Sis is back at her house and mom is at lunch with friends, Hub's is checking the neighbors apricot tree.  I am alone and it is so quiet. Nice!

     We have all the planting and yard done at Sis's place so now the goal is to stay one room ahead of her.  I will rip wall paper and she well paint.  But I will not leave my house until my sewing is done.  Sis designed new business cards for my sewing shop.  Like I need more business.

     Let's see what did I do yesterday to move forward in my mess?  I pulled several boxes of mom's crap out of my shop and put it in my car.  I cleared off a table in the living room and put stuff away.  That is it.  Not much, just a little to move forward.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday, Rough weekend

     I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.  This is one of the first years in I don't know how long we are not going to the coast on our annual trip.  With mom and Sis and the hot water heater collapse we are not in the position to do so.

    We decided to spend the weekend down here in Lewiston getting Sis into her house rather than daughter into hers. Daughter had to work all day Friday and Saturday and be on call for emergency Dental surgeries. Yes, most firecracker emergencies involve the face or hands.  The face has a mouth which is usually open.  She has some great stories.  We will go up to daughters this weekend with a load of things.

     We concentrated on mom's storage unit Friday and Saturday.  Between our truck and Sis' wagon and my wagon we made two round trips and have moved everything into Sis's basement except and large dresser, a shelf which comes here for her to paint.  The storage also has things that will go up to daughters.

     So we will be getting rid of this aggravation soon.  Mom will not accuse us of hiding her things.  She can go to Sis's basement and browse to her hearts content at her junk.  Sis has three stories and lot's of room to store things. 

     We were able to set up Sis's kitchen and start ripping wall paper off one small room which will be for mom to display her doll house and things.  I am so excited as I am unloading crap out of my house right and left.  Sis has also taken some of the good furniture from my house for her place and that also helps with the flow around here.

     It is somewhat frustrating as my house is not done and is such a mess.  The back deck is horrid, I have not really cleaned the house in a month.  Now Sis is gung ho to work on her place.  I can understand this and she has been so helpful to me, but when we ignore where we are living it gets pretty deep pretty fast.

     So I stayed up late last night and did some laundry moved some things around in the formal front room.  I am going to empty trash cans and put laundry away after this post, then hit my shop.  I will help Sis at her house this evening after the shop closes.

     Everyday I try to do something to help me move forward on this project.  No matter how small.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday, Happy 4th of July!

     Let us remember why we are free and the ultimate sacrifice many have made for our happiness and freedom.

     We are crazy busy between sister's house and this mess I am living in right now.  But it looks like sister's house has won for today.

     So I am off to work my butt off on the 4th of July.

Have a great free day!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday, Already?

Ahhhhhhhhh!  All I have done this week is sew!  I swear and I am still a little behind.. Sis helped me a lot last night and it is nice to have someone you can trust that does not need constant supervision, but her neck is so bad right now.  Sent her to a chiropractor yesterday and she has never been to one so was a little skeptical.  He is also a PA at both emergency rooms here, he also works at the pain clinic one day a week.  So I trust him.  He did her so much good but she still needs to be careful.  She has a wreck of a back.  Several car accidents and bad ones as a young woman.

     I am sending her to a reflexologist today hoping that will help.  I actually have a contractor working upstairs.  It is a Holy miracle.  Very happy and grateful.

     Poor mom has taken over the ironing and she realizes it is quite a job here as again it is hot summer and we are all in cotton.  But it gives her something to do and makes her feel useful and important.  I am going to make her some piecrusts today so she can mess with pies this weekend.

     We decided on not going up to daughter's but to stay home and help Sis get her place opened.  We will go to daughters next weekend.  So plans are up for the fourth.  I have so many wedding dresses to get out it is scary.  Keep thinking I will catch up and I can't.  Oh well I am blessed with work and that is a good thing.

  I also have to pay some bills to day and realized that I paid my workshop teacher out of the wrong account so I need to fix that.  What a dork.

     My little Celtic kids were so good yesterday.  They learned so much and I was so happy and proud of them.  Emily is a great teacher and an inspiration to them.                                           

     Hub's woke me at 10:20 this morning which is so late for me, but I have been sleeping badly this week so it was very nice. 

     Well I have to get to work as no one else will do it.

Have a great and productive day!