Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, okay I am serious, already

     I have had enough of this half done crap.  I feel like my life has been half done since we started this remodel. I am a finisher.  So I guess I cannot wait for someone else to do this.  Well I could wait as I am a some what patient person, but really?  I can paint.  I am terrible at it and will have to touch up over and over before it is right, eventually it will be right.

     Mom and I spent the day yesterday doing errands and taking stock of what needs to be done.  She had lost a lens out of her glasses and of course it was the lens on her good eye.  I can handle slight dementia, deafness and half blind but not slight dementia, deaf, and fully blind.  That was our first stop.  Then we went over to Sissie's and watered her flowers.  Went to the storage place  and checked out, no more storage unit or fees.  Went to cell phone company and paid bill.  Went to home depot and bought a tiny watering can with a narrow spout.  No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to water house plants without spilling water all over the floor.  (And I think my mother is blind)

     Mom has a urology appointment today. I have a bride due in at 2:00.  I must get something done in the shop.  Nothing is really pressing but one does need to earn a living.  Blah!

     I spent late into the evening working in the dining room.  I have learned not to buy caulking at Wal-Mart.  It is old and does not come out of the tube.  Pay more and quit wasting your time with return trips.  Just go to Home Depot.  Also do not paint in the semi dark, you leave drips that have to be sanded out.  My work in the full sunlight is less than I desire.

     So as you can see I have outlined work that needs to be done on the right.  I will tackle these things as I can.  Right now I am caulkless and I need more sand paper (who knew?) and a small straight artist brush for touch ups.  Then I will paint in the light after I get my sewing done.

     By the way when you are gone for 5 days a husband can really trash a kitchen.  He did the dishes but the floor and every surface was a grease ball mess.  Gotta love him as he is cutting out shelves right now.

Have a great and productive day!



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