Wednesday, February 29, 2012

     Leap day/year!  What a fun day to have a baby!  I don't know if the child would be happy, but what a neat thing to have hidden in your, did you know this about me?  It also makes February a day longer, and personally I want February gone.  I have always dreaded January and I kind of like February because the days do get constantly lighter , but March Rocks!

     I am done with the costumes for the Boyfriend.  I will go to the school today and finish off any problems with mending and small things, like my zipper is broken, this needs a button, my pants are too long/short, etc.  I will put up 12 heads of hair and then be off to the studio.
     I think I got most of the kids out fitted last night in Celtic dresses.  I had one out of town and one more that needs to bring a dress in.  So I think I am done, maybe?  Now tonight I will outfit the other 16 monkeys and call it good.  But you should see my shop!  Oh my it is scary.  I would take pictures but you would come and get me and put me away.  Hey Sluggy (take the garage and multiply it by 5)  yeah scary, seriously you would certify me.

     The nice thing about the show the next two weeks is that they feed the pit and cast, so I don't have to cook and hubby does not make a mess of the kitchen.  He has a big leftover, sheepherders pie and a baked salmon for the rest of the week.  I am done until Saturday!  Yeah!

     I need to balance the check book and figure out how to pay the house payment.  Then do it tomorrow.  Hopefully parents will pay tuition on time so I can make the early bills.  I still have one dead beat from last month.  But I was able to collect $140.00 in late charges.  Oh well.  $140.00 more than I had before.

      Out My Window: Spring is trying so hard here, but winter keeps beating it back!

     I am going to clean the shop and organize it and then clean the desk and get money situated for new month.  This next month is going to be great! I can just feel it!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, What the fund?

     Watched the Ballet piece for the Celtic show last night and it is beautiful.  Ghosts and wolves.  Modern in flat slippers, and very good choreography.  I am so proud of these kids.  Now if I could just get the Celtic kids to do the same it is their show after all.
     Still in costume nightmare and will be here for a while.  I will finish up the costumes for the Boyfriend today and then start on whatever.  Tonight I really must get the costumes organized for the Celtic kids.  I am just in avoidance mode. But I did get the Drama class at the High school to agree to cut out all my symbols so that will save me time.  Just pray I don't have to make over 5 dresses.
     March looks good for bills, I think.  I only have a water bill $196.00 and two small life insurance bills for the girls that are extra, $150.00.  I keep insurance on them until they graduate and have all their loans paid off. 
      Also I was thinking that I have these two funds.  One the emergency fund and the other is a studio savings fund.  I could use a vacation fund, a medical fund, a car repair fund, a Christmas fund, a gift fund, a house repair fund.  That would be 8 funds to fund!  Say that fast 5 times!  I know some of you have many separate accounts at ING to sort all this money, but right now for me in my debt pay off I can only handle my two funds.   I also put $500.00 in to an IRA, but I will not stop this plan until I am down to a mortgage payment.  Then I can for see breaking up the car loan and distributing it into different piles.

     I do save for different items through out the year.  Like the fridge and this month we spent money moving the girls.  But this is done with cash on hand and not savings.  I wish I could save more but I am not willing to sacrifice my already frugal life style.  But reading Judy's post with her plumbing problems, and now Mysti with her cracked tooth,  we all really need more savings.  Or different savings accounts.  Scary, always something happening.  So I got to worrying about it yesterday and then I thought, you can't deal with this right now.  Today you can deal with what you have.  The future is the future, it is what you do today that will affect your future, so get your work done, don't debt, live below your means and carry on.  That is what I did.  Someday I will superfund the funds.  But not today.

     Out My Window:  Cold, but Spring is right around the corner!  Three little birds outside the window this morning woke me up.  It was sunny, they were singing!

     I am going to get dressed and return to my costume dungeon and work like a slave.  Because that is what I do best!

Have a great and productive day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Woo Hoo it's Monday! Cash is King!

        March is almost here.  I love March, my mom has a birthday, Spring starts, I was born in March.  St. Patrick's day is in March!  Wonderful things happen in March.  Also it will be the end of my awful financial February!

    I like Carla did not have a good February.  But we already knew that it was going to be very tight with all the extra bills and the moves.  I have sewn very hard, but I have had to take so many days off this month for travel and doctors and that cuts down on revenue.  When I am not here I am not sewing. So I am looking forward to March and hoping that I can recover some of my dignity.

     I think I was so focused on paying off the fridge in January that I just let go this month.  It is hard to stay down for so long.  I think this is why it is hard to get out of debt.  Also and I have talked about this before.  When we pay to much to debt or emergency fund or these different accounts we have and we don't leave enough to live on we sabotage ourselves.  I know I do.

     I went to get groceries on Saturday night.  We were out of Milk, yogurt, cereal, carrots, celery, fruit, cheese.  I also bought some asparagus for $1.19 a lb. Yum! Cheese 21b. blocks were $4.99 so I stocked up.  It is rare that we are out of cheese. I also had the oil changed on the car and they said I needed brake fluid and that I needed a new air filter, so I went and bought those myself and Hubby can put those in, saving me about $22.00 at the oil place.  But the nice thing was that, I had about $160.00 in cash and I was able to purchase everything with cash and come home with about $29.00.  When I operate on a cash budget things just go better.  I know when the money is gone it is gone.  I am more careful.  When the man at the oil change place said the air filter was $27.00 I knew that I could save at least half of that by getting it right around the corner.  I wanted that extra $13.00 (yes that was the difference).  If I had written a check or used a card it was down the big old black hole!

     I am really not a Monday person.  I think (I know) it is because I am always so busy and Monday starts the week and sometimes I don't know if I can live until the next Sunday.  Sooooooo.......I am trying to have a better perspective on Mondays.  This is my chance to get things done.  A new week, a new opportunity!  Okay I am done with that.
     I am very tired, like wash rag tired.  But I will persevere.  Did not go to church yesterday (gasp) just stayed home and puttered and rested.  I feel much better because I did. God loves me and he understands.
     Still have many costumes to complete, but I will be at the high school at 2:30 for fittings.

     So here is to finishing a costume and I have to go to JoAnn's and get some supplies also run to the bank and make a deposit.  Lots to do!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, procrastinastion that's me!

     I went through  the infusion with flying colors!  Really nice nurses, no mining for veins.  No bruises.  I really tried hard to drink a lot of water Thursday and I got up two hours early and drank 3 big bottles of water  before we got to the hospital.  So great hydration means good veins.  I am a little dizzy but that is all.  I just pray that it works.  I was able to inject my first treatment this morning, again no pain and so far no sickness but these drugs seem to have a cumulative affect and the longer you take them the worse they get, but so far so good.

     I have three costumes to make by Monday and I haven't even cut them out.  Just no motivation.  But I will have to soon.  Isn't Monday in like 2 days?  Yes I beleive it is.  But I am very tired and sleepy.


Saturday, procrastination, that's me

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, I am anxious!

     I am anxious for $12 a day and Baby on the way to have her baby.  Please jump over and give her a push.(just joking)  But she could sure use a lift and a laugh ladies and gentleman.  Mark we don't want any made up labor stories out of you.  But really girls she just needs some cheering up.  Nothing is worse than sitting around waiting for labor.

     I am also anxious about the new treatment tomorrow.  I had a really bad pain day yesterday and also a terrific headache that bordered on a migraine.  But today significantly less joint pain.  My hands and wrists are badly affected right now and it is painful to sew.  Hard to open doors, lift anything.   I jammed my little finger's top joint backwards on my left hand!  So it was in inflammation mode and stuck that way.  I had to physically bend it back and it will not stay.  So now it is splinted so it won't heal backward.  Try typing without your little finger, let alone play the piano.  Well I guess I couldn't type well(okay I don't type well now) or play the piano with a finger that was bent the wrong direction either.  Fun, my life is fun!

    Well, wish me luck, I will be gone for a few days!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, Rhitter I am proud of you!

     I am working very hard to catch up in the shop.  I have so many costumes to get done in the next 3-4 weeks, but first I have to have the shop cleared out.  I try but it fills back up again!  I am very grateful but sometimes I feel like I am on a treadmill that never ends.
     I received the final letters from the accountant and I think I will be able to put at least $3000.00 toward that last blasted card, also we have a three paycheck month this next month and I will put that toward the card.  So if all goes well (and it usually doesn't)  I can get that last CC paid off maybe by May?
     The only extra bills I have next month besides (Medical) are two life insurance policies for the girls.  They are term and very inexpensive.  I keep them until they are sufficiently on their own and can pay off any bills they have accrued themselves.  I know the oldest has coverage with her County.  I will keep daughter #2 until she has paid off all the parent plus loans.  (By the way her goal is to have that $21,000 paid off by the end of the year.)  Can you beleive that?  I asked her to concentrate on that one first as it affects our credit, it also has the highest interest rate. After this one is gone I told her to pick each one off and snow ball the payments.  She seemed very supportive of that idea.

     I am so proud of so many bloggers that are making great progress on debt.  I often think about a year ago when I was frantically looking for some more inspiration to stay on a debt reduction program and I came across Rhitter's blog.  It was so slow for her for so long, ( I was frustrated for her) but she had persevered and now look at the progress she has made!  A year later and she has over 25% of her debt gone!  Things will go faster now.  We all know how the snow ball works.  It gets bigger and faster.  She is such an inspiration to me.  I am doggedly trying to pay off the last card and I get so discouraged.  Here she has been making these little payments faithfully every month and going without things so she can pay off her debt.  She has had curve balls thrown at her over and over but she just keeps going and so will I.  Thanks for setting such a good example for me.

     Out My Window:   Wind is blowing terribly here.  Last night when Hubby and I were cleaning the bank it was 56 degrees outside.  Too warm for this time of year.  Consequently the ferocious winds.  Last year at this time we lost a favorite tree.  It snapped in half during a wind storm.  It was the first tree we planted on this lot.  But many of the trees on the college campus were also broken, so I hope we don't have that happen again.  But we are having gale force wind gusts.  Chickens only laid one egg yesterday so they must have known what was coming.

     I need to start some laundry, get cleaned up and get into the shop!  I have a bride coming at 10:00 for a final fitting.  Better get my butt in gear!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Frustrated with comments!

     Okay I am catching up on blogs and this new comment thingy, (don't know what else to call it) is driving me nuts.   I either I am blind or impatient or both but I constantly cannot figure out what they want me to type and then after about three tries I am done.  Also my very favorite blogger Rhitter the first blog I ever read, I can't comment at all.  It keeps asking me for an address of someone else?  So for you Rhitter, Congrats on the pay off amounts and please e-mail me directly so we can talk as the blog thingy( yes there is is again)  won't let me.
     We had a very busy hard weekend.  Lots of moving and I am exhausted.  We drove 8 hours there moved, packed, moved, packed, cleaned, drove 8 hours home.  But I was able to see grandson and he is cute and fun the best!  I love their new house.  Much larger than I expected.  Three good sized bedrooms and two full bath up stairs.  Large front room , office/bedroom, full bath, kitchen and dining room downstairs.  Tons of storage.  I love the walk in pantry off the kitchen.  Also a walk in under the stair cupboard that is carpeted and leads clear under the wide stairs that turn and go upward.  We put grandsons toys in this closet and you can see him playing from the kitchen.  So daughter can clean/cook dinner and still see the baby.  It is a wonderful set up.  He just played in there for hours and we worked away at the house.  It has a three car garage! (We have a one car)  It also has a huge loft room unfinished above the garage.  They would have to have 6 kids to fill that space.  The good news is they bought it for about $100,00 less than it originally appraised for and put a huge down payment on it and owe less than most older couples owe on houses they have paid on for years.  But they waited 5 years to buy a house, have a 4 year old car paid for and drive another that is a 1985 jeep.  No debt except for the house.  This is the way to do it folks.
     My daughter has admitted to me that growing up with no money and the constant lack there of and worry about bills has made her not want to live the way we lived.  That makes me feel bad but also I am proud of her for seeing that the cycle needed to be broken.  She is just much smarter and much better at this than I was.  I look back and try to see how I could have done it differently, but looking back does no good if you are beating yourself up.  Look forward and do not make the same mistakes.  ( Go and sin no more)
     I am going for my first medical treatment of the new arthritis drug this Friday.  I will drive 2 hours to middle daughters Thursday evening. after I teach and clean the bank.  She will then take me into Spokane to Sacred Heart Medical. I will have the IV drip and she will drive me back to her place.  If all goes well I can start self injecting later next week.  I am still frustrated about the cost, but if this works it will be worth it.  I am getting worse and worse and I cannot imagine not trying to seek help.
     We were able to stay on budget with this trip and I came home with over $100.00 cash not spent, but this has really been an expensive month with all the travel and gas and now I am going again. Also I have now been able to sew for many days of the month because of travel and I am so(sew) behind.
     I was able to add over $5.00 in change to my sealed pot.  I heard Carla was weighing hers?  Great idea!

     Out My Window:  It is rainy, I mean really rainy.  Typical winter here.  It should be like this for the next several weeks and then be a beautiful spring.

     Well I had better get myself cleaned up and hit the machines.  I also have to figure out a new sound system for the studio, as the one we were using was on loan from an Irish group and they go on tour this week.  I do have smaller systems but with 28 pairs of hard shoes going you really need a good set of speakers. I need to figure out another challenge after I tackle the tupperware cupboard.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, Rant by Miss Crabby pants!

     I have had the day from He#@ and it is only 12:15.  I may explode.  As it is my head has exploded at least 3 times today and I only have one replacement head left.  I keep the heads in a spare closet I have not taken a picture of yet because it is much messier than my linen closet and I don't want to upset Jane.

     Got a call from the Specialists office. The drip in procedure is $3000.00 a treatment plus the hospital  outpatient fee.  My share (15%) will be $412.00 plus the gas up and back and a day lost from sewing.  Add that to the $287.00 I have still to pay plus what ever I owe in labs and x-rays.  I asked the woman what happens to people who don't have medical insurance or perhaps have good insurance like me and can't afford the 4-5 hundred  dollars extra a month?  Well they forgo the procedure.  And Die?  Yes.  Health care in America.  Remember I have great insurance benefits.  I work 3-4 jobs I am in constant pain but I continue to work like a demon.  (Remember that $35,000.00 of my original debt was for a chemo that had not been approved by the FDA.  It worked, I was in remission for 5 years) so I can pay medical bills to stay alive and be in constant pain.   Okay maybe this medication will work again and I can get 5 more years, But I am still pissed off at the expense.

     Now I go to the CU and deposit the 2 tuition checks I rec'd last night.  I show the cashier my bank book and the # to put the money in that account.  I get back a rec't but the balance is really low?  So I ask for a cut off statement.  Did I make a mistake?  Well the cut off shows that I have several thousand in that account.  Payroll has not gone through so why does the deposit slip show just $775.00?  I go back in and ask.  Well she had not put the money in the right account, even though I show her the checkbook and the #.  So what account did she put it in?  I have no account with that low of a balance.  Oh she put it in your studio savings.  Well that account should have well over $1000.00 in it.  Come to find out they had taken my last deposit of $500.00 to saving and put it?  Well not in my account.  Lots of whispering and getting the boss to help.  So all in all I could have over drawn and because I caught it I also caught that money I had deposited before had not been credited to me.

    Next, my youngest calls me, she is so sick.  I think it is strep.  I tell her to get to the campus infirmary and I give her  our Insurance info, which consists of and Idp # and my hubbies soc. #.  I get a call from her and there is a girl at the front desk that will not accept these #/s she wants B to have a card.  I don't even have a card!  I have never had a card!  Ever!  So B is pleading with this girl and asking me for #'s that don't exist and the girl will not accept anything she wants a certain # that will fit into her system.  I go to the medical file and start reading every # I have.  Now this is over a cell phone conversation with B reiterating everything back to said girl.  Now I demand that B give me the phone.  B does not want to because she knows I am going to rip this ladies head off.  I did so now she is out looking for a replacement head.  I asked her very firmly to do her job! Make phone calls not every one especially a sick student is going to come in with the perfect info.  We all know that you cannot be enrolled  at the U of I without health care benefits  In fact you have those on file, remember the fiasco at the beginning of the year?  If we do not have a certain drug benefit number call Blue cross and get it.  My daughter has a high fever and need prescription and needs to go home!  Yes B was embarrassed but she called me back and said thanks Mom that girl was a jerk.  She just did not want to be inconvenienced. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

    There I feel better now, poorer but better.

     Shop is crazy busy, and I am going to check out until next Tuesday.  I am going down to southern Idaho to help daughter move.  I also get to see my grandson that just turned one yesterday!  This should make me feel better!  I am very cranky.

     So If someone does not drop a house on me you will hear from me again next Tuesday.

Here are pictures of the toy box Hubby and I just re-did for grandson.  This was made for me by my grandfather, so it is grandson's great, great grandfather.  We tried to recover it exactly like my grandpa did it!  So cute!

                                                           Mess made by recovering toy box!
                                                                     Inside of box!
                                                                         Another view!
                                                                   Matches his nursery!

Tupperware cupboard still a mess, hee, hee!

 Have a great weekend!

Kim  (Miss Crabby pants)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, Becoming realistic.

     Picked up the taxes today, with every thing said and done we do not owe, we actually get a small refund.  We don't even owe the State (which we usually do).  I will apply my refund to debt.  I hope to get the last CC paid off by the end of April.  What a joke, remember how that was going to be paid off last October and the Truck loan in May.  Fat chance!  I will be lucky to pay off the truck next fall.  But that is okay, remember less stress, do not over pay and then have to debt to pay bills. 

     I find myself becoming more realistic about just how much money it costs to survive, then live, then live with extra.  It costs a lot.  Going on this no/low spend challenge really helps.  It has made me realize that I really need to live this way all the time.  Not fun I know, but in order to make progress, I just have to.
     I ran into Macy's and paid the last of the Christmas bill, not much but it was a carry over from a return after Christmas and an exchange that actually cost more than the returned gift.  I essentially used their money for about 6 weeks.  I also went to Ross and right as I walked in I saw a set of white 500 thread count combed cotton sheets marked down to $22.99.  Perfect!  Now I will be on the look out for a blue or brown set.  I love Ross and try to make sure everything I buy there is a mark down from their original price.  If you wait long enough everything goes down really low there.  But sometimes you miss out.  That's okay a set of $129.00 sheets for $22.99 is okay with me.

     The housekeeper called and she is not coming this week as she is taking care of one of her other clients that fell and wants her full time for a while.  She needs the money and called to see if I would mind her skipping me.  Heck no!  Also with both kids gone, I really don't need her every week.  I was thinking of going to every other week, which would save me $128.00 a month.  This is the perfect reason to do so.  I cleaned the toilets this morning and it did not kill me.  In fact I think my stiff hands improved with a little scrubbing.

     I had two more parent come in a pay last night.  I have a huge sign above the tuition box that reads if you are paying your tuition after the 10th add a $20.00 late fee.  They both did!  No questions asked. Both sets had just come in from a Valentines dinner out, I know because I saw them enter the restaurant across the street when they dropped their little darlings off.  I was thinking, gee you can eat out but you can't pay your tuition?  $40.00 tip! Ka jing!

    Well, I have 4 zippers that need to be replaced and a Wedding dress calling me.  So I had better get going.  Hubby and I also will finish the toy box tonight.

Out My Window:  Cool but a little bit of sun.

     Still have not done the kitchen cupboard.  Just too lazy....

Have a great and productive day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, Taxes are crappy!

     I rec'd a phone call from the accountant last night that we cannot claim our second daughter even though she lived with us and went to school all last year.  We helped her in school (borrowed thousands in parent plus loans) paid out thousands for licensing exams.  I paid her at least $6000.00 in income out of the studio which I did not make her claim.  We also have a $3500.00 tax credit for school for her.  Well we lost her deduction, we lost the tax credit.  She turned 24 at the end of the year and made over $8000.00 the last 6 weeks of last year.  So the combination of the two is she made too much money and turned 24.  This is very bad for us.  She paid in about $950.00 to the Federal government but she gets back over $3000.00 because of the college tax credit, she did not pay for.  I am so upset.  I don't care if I don't get any money back.  I just do not want to owe.  Accountant can't do anything a law is a law.  But this could really change things for her as far as insurance goes.  Can she still be on our insurance as a dependent when we did not claim her on our taxes? 
     I am checking with the insurance company today.  I also called and talked to her about the taxes and she was upset.  She said she does not understand how she has worked so hard, passed these tests, gotten a good paying job and she is still costing us thousands of dollars.  So she is giving us the $2000.00 tax credit, which I think is fair.  She is also paying off a $1300.00 bill she owes for a test she took.  The bill is in our name.
     So sad news is that we will not get a big tax refund.  But I have a good kid!

     Happy Birthday Carla!  I cannot post on her Blog at all.  I have tried contacting her numerous ways and it all comes back with an error.  So here is my Valentine, Birthday wish to you, Have a Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday!
  Okay so last night I started to empty the linen closet and I ran out of steam.  Here is the picture of my mountain oh junk.  We could not get into the spare bath yesterday!
                                               Yes this was out of the linen closet!

                                                             This was the rest of the closet!

Top shelf: Upper two shelves, Christmas throw, Curtains that could be reused, antique blanket tops.
Second shelf: Table cloths, Holiday napkins and table cloths.  These two are at my eye level and higher.

                                                    King Size sheet sets and pillow cases.
                                                    Below: Queen Set and standard pillow cases.

                                               Blankets, humidifier, steamer, hot pad
                                               Below 2 air pump Queen beds for guests.

                                                 Okay Jane can you see the shelves?

                                      These are the two big bags that are going to St. Vinnies,
                                       Middle bag to High School Drama closet.

       Now What I discovered in the closet. Old curtains I will never use. Sets of double sheets, when we have not had a double bed in this house in 7 years.  How did those escape me?  Mismatched sheets for queen and king.  Where we had a bottom tear or a top get a bad blood stain.  Hubby went through a period of bad nose bleeds last year.  What a mess, no matter what I did I could not get many of the things clean and I am known for my stain removal powers. Blankets I hated the feel of so I would not use.  Old duvet covers that were worn and stained. 
     Now I have an extra set of Queen sheets downstairs for the spare bed.  The king bed has 3 sets, but we are short at least 2 sets of queen sheets.  The kids both have Queen beds so I am sure this is the reason.  I like to have at least 2 changes because people gets sick.  Remember my Mother?  I went through every set of sheets in the house in a matter of hours.  Also if we have company we will need to have sets for the blow up mattresses.  So when I am out and about I will look at Ross or Macy's or TJ maxx and get a good deal.
     I feel so clean and free of junk!
     I was thinking about Little Lamb's response to my response to Judy (are you following?) last night when I was teaching and the accountant had just dropped the bomb.  Well was I going to change things?  No.  Was I okay? Yes.  Could I still enjoy my students and get something done? Yes.  It all worked out.  Not the way I had planned but in the end it will be fine.  It will mean that I pay of the debt a little slower, but in the moment I am still fine.  We are all fine.
     Out My Window:  Foggy, cloudy, cool, could snow later today.

     Well I need to get late notices out, 9 of them, so here is to $180.00 more dollars.  That is how I see it now.  I have turned into a CC company hoping my parents pay late!  Well not really if they come up to me and explain I let it go, but most don't.  I am beginning to realize that a lot of people will just add the late charge and pay when they want!

     Have a great Valentines Day!  Don't eat to much Chocolate!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, another Birthday!

     Today is my oldest daughter's birthday.  I just called her to wish her Happy Birthday and she says. "Mom I have to go, today is my day to do discovery",  That is lawyer talk for I am busy doing something I hate.  Anyway 31 years ago I had a bouncing 8lb,13 oz. baby girl.  My life has never been the same.  She has blonde curly hair and green eyes, smarter than she has a right to be.  She has a crack-whip sense of humor, a beautiful voice, and the cutest little boy in the world.  (I am not prejudice)

     I started to run a hot bath yesterday morning, I was in my bathrobe and I decided it was too hot so I added cold water and ran into the kitchen.  Then I came back and it was too cold, so  (no goldi locks is not part of this story)  on with the hot, shut the bathroom door to keep heat in and then took off the robe realized I had left cell phone in bedroom across hall, bath almost full, ran in my birthday suit to grab phone,  cat tries to come in bathroom, I set down the phone to shoe him out and door swings shut and locks!  Now I am in my skin, the tub will over flow, I have no cell phone as it is on the floor of the bathroom. Run into the kitchen (hubby is at church doing clerk work), start to grab sharp objects that might open lock on door.  Finally get a meat skewer to work.  Fun!  What have we learned from this?  To keep a meat skewer handy!

     Well  I still have not cleaned anything as I am in avoidance mode.  Need to work on that, but Jane cleaned here linen closet and mine is so much worse.

       Toy box I am recovering for grandson, it is pink from the last time I recovered it for B 17 years ago.

     Molded short bread, yes you must imprint it with your hand tradition.

Baked, sliced, not sliced this mold has the perfect little heart design on it.  It is Swedish. but perfect for Valentines day.
Chocolate dipped and ready to wrap!

Yeah! I got my shoes on for Church!

Offending cupboard!

                                            Linen closet, this is twice as wide as the door and it is deep, and it is full!

     Okay, I will try to get this managed but I have a lot of sewing to do.  We will see you just might get some improved pictures tomorrow, if I can catch up.  We need to finish the toy box recovery in the next few nights.  It is frustrating as I have to rely on hubby and my hands won't work a staple gun any more.  I remember a time when I could strip a  sofa in one day and recover it the next.  Now I cannot pull a staple without extreme pain.  My days of recovering furniture are over, but I sure enjoyed it while I could do it.

    After all the shopping this weekend, I still have $64.00 in my purse, but the car I am driving has the gas light on again!  There is no winning this war.
     Out My Window:  Very foggy and drippy and cool.

     I need to pay the studio rent today, get at least $100.00  worth of sewing done, go deliver some Valentine short bread, get some measurements at the high school for costumes before I get to the studio.  I had better get going.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, Franka's Birthday!

     Today is the birthday of my daughter Franka.  She would be 27 today.  I had a phone call first thing this morning from my Aunt.  She shares a birthday with Franka.  I always send her $500.00 on her birthday. She is my only relative on my dad's side of the family.  I do this as a memory to my Franka.  She was beautiful.  The prettiest of my babies.  Jet black curly hair and blue eyes.  I had a Blonde, brunette and a red head, but Franka was my black haired baby.  She also looked like me.  The other girls all look like their dad.
     My mom called and she is taking flowers out to the cemetery to put on Franka's grave today. We went out and found our grandson a green John Deere wagon for his birthday.  We will take it with us next week as his birthday is the 15th.  It is a busy month for us.
     I sewed very hard yesterday and I still had two customers call this morning and I had not gotten to their things.  I feel bad but I really did work hard and I just could not catch up.  I spent about $200.00 on meat and other groceries this week.   But the pantry is full.  I will only have to buy milk and fresh things for the next couple of months.  We also purchased some valentine chocolates for B, as she is coming to dinner tomorrow.
     I am going to make short bread today.  At least 4 pans.  I am famous for my short bread.  I will take pictures and post tomorrow and while it is cooking I will clean the dreaded tupperware cupboard and maybe a few more kitchen cupboards, yuck.  But I might as well do something while the baking is going on.
     I am also going to recover a toy box that my grandfather made for my twin sister and I.  My dad recovered it for my oldest, (my twin has no children), so now it will go to my oldest daughter for her little boy.  My grandson's nursery  is done in an animal jungle theme of greens and browns so I hope I can find something cute.  Hubby will help me.
     I am feeling better thanks for all the kind thoughts.  I talked to my father-in-law today and told him I would bring him some Valentine chocolates but I was buying two boxes and I was going to eat all the ones I like (we like the same ones) and put all the duds in his box.:) Mother-in-law does not allow him to have sweets, so we conspire against her and sneak out for doughnuts.

     Out My Window:  Rainy, rainy, rainy, cold.  One of the chickens has a sore flank from being pecked by the other chickens.  Hen-pecked is not just a term.  They really do have a pecking order.  I am just worried if I isolate her she will not be happy as she was raised as a flock bird.  But I let her out today by herself and then fed her table scraps so she got a good share before I put her back.  She seems happy and does not shy away from the others so I guess all I can do its watch her.

     Well I have many things I want to accomplish today and none of them is a have too, so I will play it by ear.  I know Hubby wants to clean the garage and he needs to practice for a few hours  He just had a musical come in that he has not played for at least 5 years, it goes into rehearsal in two weeks.

     Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, I am broke!

     I am broke in so many ways, right now, financially broke, and discouraged broke and physically broke.
I knew it would be a tight month because of extra bills, birthdays, travel, but I thought with the challenge it would be easier, it is not.
     Specialists office called and said the insurance company has agreed to pay for new meds.  Yeah I know I already have the injections in the fridge.  Awaiting your go signal.  Well I have to drive 250 miles round trip back to specialist to have an IV drip and then I can take injections.  So I have $2412.00 (yes that is the right amount) worth of meds in the fridge right now I can't take until I waste another day of my time.  I also rec'd a $283.00 bill I had left over from my last visit not counting the labs and the x-rays.  So I asked how much is this going to cost?  Well we will check with billing.  Because I will not be able to pay $300.00 every month to the doctor and hospital.  I also told her I would not come up on any day but Friday.  Well that will put you out farther.  Too bad, I will not take time off work and pay a sub to teach, which would be an additional loss of revenue.   My life my way.  After all I am paying the bills.  Just irritated by the whole thing, but I know I cannot change it.

     I have sewn really hard all week, there is a ton more to do today and I have a lot to be picked up.  I have filled two vehicles with gas and will have to fill another one tonight.  I also have hit the sale papers to stock up on meat and a few groceries as last month did us in.  Butter is on sale for $1.89 a pound here so I will take advantage of that.  Meat was on sale yesterday and I bought enough  burger and pork chops for 30 meals.  Now I need to hit a chicken sale.  I could also use some beef.  We are out of shampoo, but there is a great sale on that also.

     I just want to get that CC paid off and I will be lucky to get a $200.00 payment made.  It just makes me sad.  I know you all know how hard I work, but I feel like I make no progress.  Boo hoo.

     Out My Window:  It has been cloudy and damp here, not helping the mood at all.

     Well I am going to get dressed and run a few errands and then hit the shop and sew.  I need to quit feeling sorry for myself.  I also need to take a picture of my tupperware cupboard and pick out another challenge for Carla.  Hmmm, there are so many really bad spots in the house.

Have a great and productive day!  I know my day will be productive but I am not sure about great....


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, I've been tagged!

     Okay Little lamb got me:  Here are the rules, I think?

1, Post the rules
2. Answer the 11 questions
3. Make up 11 new questions
4. Tag 11 new people
5. Let them know they have been tagged:

Okay to answer Little Lamb,

1. What is the biggest financial challenge you are facing?
      Just trying to stick to my budget, especially where my extras are concerned.  It is hard, there is always something or someone who is there to take your money.

2. What is the best money saving tip you can share?
     Stay out of the stores, just don't go shopping.  Refuse.

3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
     Our religion really stresses mother's staying home and not working.  I married into a family where the women did not work outside the home.  My mother-in-law has never worked.  My sister-in- laws (husband's sisters have never worked)  this is a big no no to them.  However my husband did not get a job until he was almost 40, I was 30 at the time.  He was constantly unemployed, we were poor.  I was told if I was more faithful I would be blessed.  I tried and tried to make money stretch, I tried to pray and be as perfect as I could because obviously it was my fault, I wanted too much, I spent too much.  When hubby finally landed a job with his degree, it was the lowest paying job on the market.  We finally had benefits but we qualified for food stamps.  I gave up when my youngest was about 2 and went to work.  Mostly volunteer work with small stipends, so I could say I was not working.  Oh by the way, did you know that if a woman works her husband won't?  So the reason hubby was or is underemployed is my fault.  Because no man will work when his wife will do it for him. Direct quote from my mother-in-law.  I waited for years for someone to rescue me as I spent money I did not have, surely eventually  if I was good I would be able to pay my bills.  It never happened.  I finally decided to ignore the dogma, get a job and work as hard and as much as I could.  I opened two businesses and I am climbing out.  Oh by the way the reason my girls are not married (at 18 or 19) and they just go to school and get advanced educations is because Hubby and I have had an unhappy marriage and they do not want to get married and have kids as I have not set a good example.  Yes a quote from the mother-in-law.  I have one grandchild, Hubbies sisters, have 10, and 18 with no end in site.  Do I care?  NO!!!!!!!!!

4. What is your proudest accomplishment? 
     That two of my daughters are highly educated and have great jobs.  They can support themselves and a spouse if necessary.  Third one is in college.

5. What is the best piece of advice you have been given in your life?
     Love your neighbor
6. What is your best cleaning tip?
     Do not leave the room(s) in the morning, bedroom, bathroom, without cleaning up behind you, make the bed.
7. Do you clean a little each day or is it all saved for one time?
     I have a routine that I do every morning, it keeps the place picked up.  I also have a cleaning lady once a week.  However I am a stasher as you will see from Carla's challenges; if it is behind a door or in a drawer and can't be scene than it is clean. Not!
8. What is your least favorite chore and what makes it pleasant? 
     Ironing,  I make a game out of it.  I will do 5 pieces and then I can have a treat.

9. What do you wish you did more often?
      Saw my grandson!

10. What is one important thing about you that you would like to share?
     I am very straight forward.  You will always know what I am thinking.  When I am joking and you think, Oh she is so funny,  I may actually mean what I just said.
11.  What is one thing that your mother did, that you said you would never do, but sometimes you do it anyway?
      My mother always took the side of the child that was the underdog or in a bad spot or responsible for the argument.  If she felt that the odds were stacked against a child even if those odds were placed their by said child she would take their side.  If my alcoholic, bad-tempered drug induced brother came home and did not want you talking on the phone, you had to quit.  Because if you upset him you were just asking for it.  She never ever took your side in an argument.  She always chose the wrong side. If one of my kids is obviously in the wrong, I tell them in no uncertain terms that they are wrong. But when they quibble about stupid things like who took the last doughnut I tell them to get a life which probably makes me just like my mom.  They claim I takes sides, so who knows maybe as Mother's we do.

My New Questions:

1. Why do you blog about personal finance?
2. What is your favorite vegetable?
3. What is the worst financial mistake you ever made?  Was it a mistake or on purpose?
4. Do you like that new car smell?
5. Do you own pets?
6. Do you have a bad habit you would like to quit?
7. Are you going to watch the Academy Awards?
8. If you were debt free, what would you do with all your extra money?
9. How much time do you spend blogging on average?
10. What is your favorite season? Why?  If you can't choose list the order.
11. Do you ever look back at your life and think okay that was one thing I did right?  What was it?

Okay: Taggies

1.Meri @ Couponing, Saving and life
2. Rachel@ Living better one day at a time
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11. Lisa@ Cents to Save

Okay that is all I can handle tonight, Jane has tagged me and I will try to respond tomorrow, after I try and see what I will do for Carla's challenge.  The tupperware cupboard awaits!

Have a peaceful night,




Wednesday, I said no!

     Remember my goal about less stress?  Well yesterday a High school about 30 miles away called and wanted me to do the Choreography for an upcoming musical.  I have done this musical twice in the last 15 years.  I have access to costumes but the schedule was so close to my Spring recital and the pay would really just cover my time and gas.  I said NO.  I told them they could borrow the costumes and I would give them copies of choreography.  Now last year I would have rearranged my schedule to go up and do this.  I am getting smarter.  Or older I am not sure which.  Okay definitely older.

     I am still desperately missing Judy.  Has any one heard when we can expect her?

     I got up this morning and the dog had been sick, so I am doing laundry.  I also did not get enough done in the shop yesterday, so I need to speed up today.  I had 10 pair of pants come in yesterday all due out by Friday.  I also have two Wedding dresses that need to be ready to fit by the end of the week.  I did get about 10 parents called about dresses, but I fear that anything that comes in will be too large and I will still be making 3-4 small dresses.  Oh well.

     Had to buy gas and groceries yesterday.  I also took the TV add manager out to lunch, but that was on a gift card.  I did get about $3.00 into the sealed pot however.  I have figured out how to get hubby to not right checks for gas.  I come home and take the car between classes.  If I leave it at home he goes and fills it up.  Last night when I got home from the studio we went to the station together and I paid cash.  He has not written a check since 1-27 which is good as it keeps me on budget.  Now I don't care if he writes a check, I just would rather go on cash.  We spend less.

     There is a ton of laundry to put away up stairs and I think I will go do the dishes in the kitchen sink.  My hands and wrists are stiff and sore this morning, that will loosen them up.  I also must really sew today. Don't I say that everyday?  What is wrong with me?

     Out My Window:  Cold! Frosty. Brrr!  I don't think it will warm up today.

     I think I have the budget worked out to be on even keel by the end of the month, but it will be close.  Tuition is still disappointing and it is the 8th.  Scary.  I expected over $1000.00 last night and I think we took in about $700.00.  But we have 3 more days so I am trying not to get anxious.  Rent is due next Monday and I want to get all the bills paid at least.  This will let me see what can go to the CC this month.  Last month it was $1000.00 and it would be great if I could do that.  I just don't think it will happen.  Too many little bills crop up.

     Okay I had better get busy, work here I come.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


     Well I sewed like a mad woman yesterday.  I actually took in more cash yesterday than I did the the whole of last week.  I still need to sew very hard today.  I have a lunch date with the TV station to get the commercial ready for the Celtic show.  I also need to pull together a list of #'s of old students who own Show dresses.  I hope to not have to make many more of these costumes as they are very time consuming.  I have at least 10 students who either moved up or have out grown their dresses.
                       The back of this fully lined full circle dress, They are beautiful when they spin!

                                                         The front, the cape is detachable.

     I've have made at lest 50 of these over the last 5 years and I would really like to be able to reuse.  I only allow 28 in the company so these dresses are some where. I have some snotty people who will not sell them back.  I now make dancers sign a contract that these can only be used for our performances so they cannot go out on their own with my design.  I really do not like the politics of the Irish dance world, but you have to protect yourself.  I might have to make a few smaller ones.  But we will see, I will know by next week.
     I need to go to the dollar store today and get some Valentine and Birthday cards.  I need to get treats for the students. I will do that on my way to lunch.

     I am steadily able to add money to the pig, but it is just a few coins a day.  This is really going to be a tight month.  I was just in my head figuring I had to have at least $2700.00 more $'s just to fund accounts and pay bills before I could make any kind of a dent on the CC.  I know I can do it, right now it is scary as money comes in in dribs and drabs.

     We are going to try and drive to  the oldest daughters house the weekend of the 18-19.  I must save for gas there and back and also Oldest daughter's birthday is the 13th, Valentines day and then grandson turns a year old on the 15th!  We are going to get him a wagon.  So I am figuring at least $400.00.  I had better get sewing!

     Out My window:  Frosty, but sunny, it will warm up to about 50 today.

     The dryer just stopped so that is my signal to get my day started.  I want to be able to sew at least $150.00 before I go to the studio.  I also can't forget to make a bank deposit!  Yikes always so much to do!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, maintaining the challenge

     I see all the improvement we are making with our challenges. The de-cluttering pictures are great and inspiring.  But I just found myself picking up several pairs of shoes and throwing them into the CLOSET!  So I stopped and put them back in their spots.  Now I am adding to my challenge.  Can I keep these new found areas of cleanliness, CLEAN?  Well yes but only if I am diligent about not throwing my shoes back into the closet.

     Did you know there is a direct relationship between clutter and money problems?  People who can't handle their finances have too much stuff.  I know this to be true.  I have several acquaintances that are clutter bugs and scrap bookers and quilters and jewelry makers.  There is nothing wrong with any of these things.  But if you are buying them and they are cluttering up your house and you can't afford  them or you are not using them then they are not bringing you joy and you need to stop and think about your next purchase.

    I am not saying these things to be a know it all.  It is just that I have been caught in this trap before or one similar and it was no fun, expensive, a means of real guilt when I could not pay my bills. Let's get rid of the crap (trap) because you can't organize clutter, you just clean around it and it grows.

     I was able to get home this weekend after the move with $76.00 to start the week.  The studio is a little scary as the 10th is not until Friday and the month of January ended in the middle of the week.  This causes a drop in tuition at the beginning of the month.  Now the parents will have to pay by Friday or receive a late charge.   I run a zero based budget and I need to do payroll by the 5th.  That is only fair to the teachers who work an entire month without a pay check.  Well payroll is running about $300.00 more than I expected and I did/do not have enough money taken in,in tuition to cover the payroll.  The only thing that is saving my hiney is  that I have a check in my purse for the Theater bill that came late in January.  Money was set aside for this and I am kiting on that to do payroll.  It will be okay, it is just that a great deal of money had better come in this week!

     So I took all these great pictures of all S's crap that would be gone when she moved and then I erased all but one of the pictures, so here are the pictures of the clean surfaces and closets and it is so nice! 

 See the pictures stored behind my shop desk/ and the corner of the old fashioned sewing machine that was very heavy.  It was my grandmothers treadle and I learned to sew on it. Gone!

 A clean night stand and made bed!
 An empty clean closet!
 A clean dresser, no bobbi pins, or junk in dishes, drawers are empty!
Corner has no snow board or skis!

Basement shop entrance is clean and you can move in there!

     Isn't it nice to reclaim space, that was full of clutter.  Although I will miss my girl.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful out, Sunny, warm just gorgeous.

     Well off to the salt mines, I have so much to do.  I have also had two free pain days, yesterday was good and today, is the same.  May it continue.  May be I will go back into remission?  Oh pray for that.

Have a great and productive day!



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday night chit chat

     Reading:  Still working on the book I was on last week, it took a real turn south at the end and got really bad in a hurry.  I will finish it just because I finish things.  I'd mention the name again but it is not worth it.

     Listening to:  The Super Bowl, loudly!

     Watching: the Super Bowl do I have a choice?

     Baking/cooking : nothing , we are having nachos (super bowl remember?)

     Something I accomplished this week:  I moved 2nd daughter out of the house, storage units, garage up to her new apartment 120 miles away.  She is gone and on her own.  Hallelujah!  I will miss her but it is time.

    Something I am looking forward to:  I finally rec'd all the tax info, every 1098, every interest statement all the kids w-2's.  So the accountant can work her magic.  I hope!

     Something I am grateful for: My shop, I am so behind however, I will be very busy this week.  Work is piling up and I have several large items to get out by Tuesday so I must really concentrate.  I was not motivated last week.

     I took a bunch of pictures of all daughters stuff in the house and then I think I erased the pictures.  You will see what I have tomorrow.

Have a peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, change of plans

     I had a no spend day yesterday, beleive it or not!  With all the running around I did you would have thought I had spent like crazy.  But today I will do payroll for studio and my gas light is on.  I also must grocery shop but I think I will do that in Moscow on the way home from daughters move.  Winco is so much cheaper.  Hubby will pickup U-haul this afternoon late, we are getting a $50.00 discount as they need this truck in daughter's town on Monday.  So we get a bigger truck for the price of the smaller one and a $50.00 discount   that should just about pay her gas.
     I did clean my closet but the freezers are on hold.  Although  I cleaned all the Popsicle and frozen treats that B insisted on getting that taste horrible out of the freezer down stairs and I took them to the studio freezer.  Those high schoolers come in at 3 famished and it will get hot here by the middle of April.  They will eat anything.  I also made 4 loaves of Banana bread that hubby took to work.  I did an inventory and I have one whole chicken, one package of burgers, and three salmon left in freezers for meat.  So I must go meat shopping.  We live on the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers (Lewis and Clark) so a couple times a year small salmon are.99 a lb. limit 4 and I stock up.  But you are at your own risk sometimes they are mushie.  I have the best salmon bisque recipe for mushy salmon.  But it is so high in calories I seldom make it

    Anyway I am spending my time after the closet in the spare room as daughter is moving her crap out!  Yeah!  I will take pictures before and after.  It is an amazing amount of stuff!  It will be so nice to have it all gone.  By the way her Washington license finally came yesterday.  It is a temporary.  They can't seem to get her fingerprints done correctly.  She has sent in 4 sets.

     I have not done much sewing this week, I need to get my butt in gear.  Have I not said this before?  I am going to blame it on missing Judy.  How is that for an excuse!

     So here are my before and after pictures of the closet in the master bedroom.


                                           Today!  I threw away three pairs of shoes, shhh! Don't tell.

 Why must we have 5 backpacks and two overnight bags?  Why must one of the back packs contain 7 pairs of Army underwear that we wore when we weighed 173?  We now weigh.....  Why do we keep these?  But like a good wife I saved them, so his children can throw them away.
                                                                    Oh the horror!

 I threw away 2 pair of sneakers, three pair of broken down Dansko sandals.  I really should get rid of the light blue ones also, the doctor hates them.  So not counting the brown danskos I have on  there are 7 pair there.  Three pairs of teaching shoes and my church shoes.  But I am going to have to get at least two more pair of sandals this summer.  Darn!

                                                                   Sweaters and 2 bags!

                                              This is it folks, 12 suits, 8 for winter 4 for summer, 4 summer dresses, teaching clothes, summer shorts and cotton blouses, 4 pair of dress slacks, 6 jackets, I am always cold.  I don't have a lot of clothes but what I have I love, they wear out I replace them. Because I am short, I wear very tailored clothes so I don't look like a little girl or an oompa- loompa.

                             The basket of throw away give away!  Yes, all out of that closet.

Thank you Carla!  I feel really good about this!  The dressers will be next week.  I know I have a couple of junk drawers that are scary and hubbies are just not to be born!  But I am not sure what to really do about his stuff.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, sunny, warm.

     I need to go finish cleaning the kitchen, call my brother, finish a quilt binding and load a bunch of boxes in to car.  We had 5 big boxes of costumes come that need to go to the studio.  I also really need to sew. Ugh!
So unmotivated.  Money motivates me, so when I don't have any left maybe I will get to work,  I did take in $200.00 in cash this week but that is not enough....

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, Groundhog day!

     My husband and I were laughing the other night about ground hog day and whether the groundhog would see his shadow or not.  We both reflected back to childhood and how important this day was to us.  Although we craved the beautiful sun hitting the snow encrusted playground, blinding us, we also knew that Pete would see his shadow and we would be in for a longer winter.  I remember actually being depressed by this.  My husband admitted the same thing.  Just that feeling of uncontrolled malaise over an incident  that you felt affected your life in an undesirable way.  We both were silent for a minute and then I made the comment that even if he did see his shadow, winter was not officially over until March 21st.  Which by the way is 6 weeks from now.  We started to laugh at ourselves.  Yes, we have had long hard winters and then we have had no snow at all, I don't think Pete really had much to do about it. It was just interesting to share those feelings with each other and realize how as children we are so much alike, all of us have the same little fears.

     I have been running with scissors all day.  We had yet another death in the church, (they come in threes) and I had to go get a contract signed for the Irish show, take a care package to a girlfriend that had cataract surgery, meet with an announcer for a voice over of  Keatts poem during the ballet section of the show.  Now I am home breathing deeply.  Oh yes, and I needed to secure a U-haul for the daughters upcoming move this weekend.  It is less expensive for her to rent the truck here and drop it off at her new place then for us to all drive up and back.  But that was a fiasco, dumb people live here also, (I think Mysti thinks they all moved to her town).
     Still No Judy!  ARGHHHHHHHHH!   Splat!  Not happy, not happy at all.  I'm sure she is fit to be tied.  (Now Jane is thinking) Fit to be tied where did that expression come from? :)

     I am going to clean out the freezers today, and also the floor of my closet.  But first I am going to start some banana bread, as I found about 8 frozen bananas when I went to take a picture of the freezer upstairs.  I am also going to put some chicken in the crock pot and filet the salmon that is upstairs and cook it with some rice.  If I keep cooking I will not have to sew.  Bad Kim, very undisciplined today.

Out My Window: Absolutely beautiful blue sky.  Golfers are flying in from all over.  You can see small planes coming in from all directions.  I bet the control tower is jumping today!

Isn't this pretty, this refrigerator is in the garage and is 24 years old.

Okay who took this sideways?  But you get the picture, Right?
 My side of the closet floor, I think Hubby's ski hats are creeping over, the nerve!

Hubby's side of the closet floor, see the tri-pod we have never used it!

     These area's will be clean tomorrow, I think?

    So how many of you were also traumatized when Pete saw his shadow?

Have a great and productive day!