Sunday, January 31, 2021

Monday, February 1st Oh My! Pantry challenge

Pantry Challenge Explained: Everything You Need to Know...

 Well we have quite a few for this months pantry challenge and please feel free to join at any time!   My rules are as follows, but feel free to fit these to whatever is good for you.

1. plan all meals from foods on hand

2. post what we eat for lunch and dinner

3. post creative ways we use leftovers (if you do, for instance SAM  @ Sam, coffee, money and thyme said she used leftover hotdog buns as garlic toast great idea!)

4. Challenge means we are going to hit some low points, so how did you get around that? Did you adjust, change your mind,replace?  Or did you cave....hmmmmdonuts...

5. buy only what you must have at the store, such as milk fresh veggies, fruit or if the have a awesome cannot walk away meat sale. (Chef Jul Owings is picking up pork buts for .89 a lb, never pass up a meat sale like that)

So tomorrow I have leftover shrimp in the fridge from today and Hubs and I will have Shrimp salads for lunch.  Neither of us is eating bread right now, except as a treat on the weekends.

Dinner will be Tacos, with corn tortillas(in the fridge) lettuce, tomatoes, sr cream, salsa, cheese, fried burger with an onion and a can of black beans.  All of which I have in the storage.  The meat and beans will last for a couple of meals.

Ah February, the month of birthdays and hidden expenses.

My accountant appointment is always the first part of this month and then the bill is due (usually around $350.00) about the 10th.  Ugh!  This is usually offset by a small return, but I know we will get no return this year.  So I called and asked for an appointment later in the month so the bill won't come until March! Just putting it off, but it will help me get other things paid and stay on course.

I always send My Aunt, (my dad's sister) $500.00 for her birthday to help pay her taxes.  Dad asked Sis and I to help her right before he died.  Sis sends her $500.00 at Christmas, this allows her to stay on her lake place.  She will be 86 this birthday. 

I have another debt of about $1050.00 that I want to cash flow out of the budget

We will need money to got to daughters, gas, groceries, daughters birthday, grandsons birthday, Valentines chocolates, for Hubs mom and dad and the girls, and grandsons. I will have to work hard.

Continue all my savings plans that I started

Pay an additional $1000.00 on the mortgage.

So how am I going to do all this?  I have no idea.  Aunties birthday is the 11th so I hope to have the $500.00 by the 6th?  Also will have to have cash to leave for daughters.  Those are the first two things I will conquer and then onto the $1250 bill and the extra $1000.00.  We will not get home from daughters until the 17th which does not leave me very much time in the month to scare up money. Boy am I going to need to be creative.  Does anyone know how to spin straw into gold?  Need your recipe please.

Okay there you have it.  Do you think I can do it? I don't know folks, it is going to be iffy.  I will however give it the college try.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


5. I will buy fresh veggies, milk, eggs. If there is a terrific meat sale maybe.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Sunday ,I made my house goal!

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I was able to go to the bank today and pay $1000 on the principle of the house loan.  That was my goal for the month.  Actually for the next several months.  It took a lot of determination not to spend money on anything else besides what we really needed.  I wanted to see if we could have enough in the bank at the end of the month to do this if I was a very careful.  Well it worked.  Now I just have to make it work again and again.

Hubs and I went to Lil sis's last night and had dinner with her and her boyfriend, then we played a dice game .  It was fun.  They are in our bubble so to speak.  We had sushi from Red Bento.  It has been a long time since we ordered anything like this and it was nice.  

Hubs worked at the high school today for the first time all year.  I took him down lunch about 12:30.  I had the dog groomed for the first time in is life and what a difference.  The groomer said she got 1 1/2 garbage cans of undercoat off him.  He looks like he lost 10 lbs.  The cost was $45.00 and I gave her a $5.00 tip. I know he feels much better and his shedding will be way down cutting down on the amount I have to clean and vacuum.

My son in law came and hung a huge mirror that the kids bought me for Christmas for my shop.  It is very nice and then he had to install a new kick stop for the door.  He brought down the Schmills and Kelsa and Kelsa is staying the night with us.  We will take her to church tomorrow.  It is a 5th Sunday meeting, so you can put your name in to go until the quota is reached.

I can't beleive that tomorrow is the last day of the month.  It seemed like it took forever and then it seemed like it was gone in a flash.  I think Covid has us in a time warp. Time is either drag gin or rushing by depending on the mood.

I am thinking of doing a pantry challenge for February, where I do no grocery shopping except for salad fixings and absolute necessities. There are a few more bills due in February than normal so I want to be able to stick to my goals and pay the extra bills.  We are also going to our daughters in the middle of the month.

Is anybody up for a pantry challenge?  Do you want to set up some rules and we can post what we cook?  Maybe share a few recipes?  Share a few experiments or disasters? Let me know.  I think it would be fun.

February 1st is Monday what can you pull from your pantry and freezer to make a meal for Monday?

Actually as it is Sunday I had better pull something from the freezer for Sunday dinner.  Hmmm....

Kelsa is crying cot to go.

Have a blessed Sabbath.


Saturday, The work of being frugal


It does take more work to live a frugal lifestyle.  Anyone who says differently would be selling you something.  But is it worth the work?  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.  The secret is finding out what works for you.

You can spend hours perusing money saving strategies, but they often involve more time or more work.  Sometimes you just don't have the time and the money saving goes out the window.  I have so been there. 

But with careful planning and organization (not my strong suit) you can learn to work at frugality and have it become part of your routine or your life style.  Such as setting the coffee pot the night before so you wake up to good coffee rather than stopping at Starbucks on the way to work. Making sure you have breakfast options that are readily available so you are not eating at the doughnut cart. ( Did someone mention doughnuts?)

So much of a frugal life style is about planning.  For instance I know my husband is going to want lunch and dinner.  I personally could survive on chocolate , diet coke, cheese and crackers and popcorn.  I have to remember to take meat out in the morning so it is thawed by dinner time.  I usually double cook so Hubs can have the leftovers the next day for lunch.  We cook at home which saves money, and we eat all our leftovers which saves waste.  Cooking more than we need for one meal saves me time and the cost of utilities cooking again.

Coming up with a menu plan for the week or the month (whether you stick to it or not) takes time and planning.  You need to go through cupboards and freezers.  You may have to look up different recipes.  Nothing is more frustrating than planning a meal and then finding out  a key ingredient is missing and then you are running to the store, wasting time, gas, and you usually never leave the store with just that one item right?

This is where having a stockpile of food stuffs that you regularly use on hand.  For instance I use canned chilies, making enchiladas.  We probably have those once a month and I also will cook these for others when called upon to take in a meal.  I have found in the past I have no chilies.  So aggravating. Now I keep at least 4 cans as back up in the storage.  When I use a can or cans I will put that on my grocery list.  Never less than 4 cans.  I do this with several different one of a kind items. When I use something up it is replaced. I just replaced a jar of mayo as I used one up and I had a coupon for $1.00 off.  The new jar was placed behind the 3 that are in storage.

Baking supplies are really only bought at Christmas. Buying baking supplies is part of the Christmas budget.  This is the most frugal time to buy these products.  Yes I have 25 lbs of brown sugar (making pancake syrup)and powder sugar.  I will not run out all year.  I can bake almost anything, anytime and not worry about not having an ingredient. 

You have to spend time reading the grocery adds to find the best prices.  Going to the store and just buying a can of tomatoes without comparison shopping is wasteful. Lil sis just shops and never compares prices and it drives me crazy.  She thinks I am cheap and I think she is wasteful.  But we both learn from each other.

It does not always pay to buy the generic or the cheapest.  I learned this in a very painful way with hemorrhoid meds. (TMI) I was taking a low dose chemo that caused sores throughout my entire digestive system, from my gums right on through (more TMI)  I suffered and was in terrible pain for about 3 weeks.  The sores healed from my gums on out.  In other words first in last out.  I bought the generic meds, they were so much cheaper.  I read the labels and ingredients were the same.  But the amount of the ingredients was different.  The ingredient  that brought relief was way down on the generic meds. ( it was way down in other ways again with the TMI) I suffered much longer than I had to.  It did not save me any money.  I ended up spending way more as I prolonged the agony.

Growing a garden is very time consuming and can also be expensive if it is not cared for properly.  It also is a learning experience and very satisfying.  I love the fact that I never have to buy tomato products other than catsup. I can my own tomatoes, it pays to do this.  However I don't can green beans, as I can usually buy them 3/1 if I watch for sales and it costs more to buy the seals and the energy.

Learning to cook quick simple meals, takes time and is certainly not as east as take out, but the cost savings and the health benefits are no comparison.  I loves me an oreo  (well actually I loves me about 8 oreos, but who was counting?) For that small $4.00 bag of oreos you can make 6 dozen cookies for about $1.25 and they will be larger than oreos.....

Dang now I want cookies.  What things do you do that take time that also pay for themselves in frugal terms?  Have you ever done something to save money and it turned out to not go well? Are there some areas of your life where you are very frugal and other areas where you are not? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Friday, Money on the brain

 Have you ever had a case of money on the brain?  You know when things are not going really well in your life financially and all you can think about is money?  Or perhaps the lack of it?

Having money on the brain, can become an all encompassing  thought process that leads to becoming something I call cheap.

I am all about frugality and saving money. I like to see how long I can make something last.  I like to take care of things so they don't break or wear out.  I like to cook from scratch to save money.  I like to stock up on food when it is on sale in order to save money.  I only buy clothes when they are on really good sales.  I rarely eat out, not that I don't enjoy it, but that it costs  so much and I can usually cook better at home. I try not to buy things I don't need.

I think many people equate frugality with being cheap.  But to me there are huge differences.

A frugal person when they go out to eat with a group will pay their share and tip the waitstaff. 

A cheap person will try to get out of paying the bill altogether or not pay their share and then stiff the waitstaff (my brother in law)

A frugal person will try and purchase good quality clothing on sale and will try and look nice.

A cheap person does not care about what they look like as long as it is free even if it is worn out or does not fit.  They may buy the cheapest shoes that wear out the fastest.

A frugal person plans their meals, searches food adds and tries to put good wholesome food together to make a menu.

A cheap person will forgo nutrition for the cheapest food available even if it is poor quality or not nutritious. They will eat spoiled and burned food or serve you spoiled or burned food.

A frugal person contributes their share, it may be homemade but it is good quality

A cheap person is always looking for a way not to contribute.

A frugal person plans ahead and does activities and pays their own way.

A cheap person uses others and tries to get others to pay for them.

A frugal person will do the best that they can to have nice surroundings even if their things are second hand.

A cheap person does not care what their surroundings look like.  I have seen, holes and stuffing coming out of furniture, threadbare carpets, door handles missing.  Nothing cared for, no pride as long as they don't have to spend any money.

A frugal person will have a well taken care of older car.

A cheap person may not own a car but they can afford one.  Or their car may be constantly broken down because it is not cared for, or heck better yet, you can give them a ride.

A frugal person will have a couple of drinks at home.

A cheap person will only drink your liquor. 

A frugal person sees money as a way to achieve a goal.

A cheap person hoards money for the sake of hoarding money with no goal or thought of spending any money in the future.

We all know or have know cheap people.  My husbands family really struggles with cheapness.  I think it might be hereditary. They will use you if you are not careful.  Hubs is the only one of his brothers and sisters who has an even temperament about money. My brothers are terrible users, they are not cheap but will only buy for themselves.

A frugal person is still generous.  

A Cheap person would never think to help another. 

So when it comes to money are you cheap?  OR are you frugal?  DO you know someone who is cheap?  Have you been taken advantage of by someone who is cheap?  How did you handle it?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, shopping to save money

 Trying to live a thrifty life so you can spend money freely on the things you love or that mean something to you, is a great goal.  It is also a lot of work.  It takes planning, and a proper mindset.  It is so much easier to just buy what you want regardless of the price. Society has made it easy ( and even encouraged )  us to use credit.  Buy now pay later is a vicious mindset that will soon get you into a very bad place.  All those shiny things you thought you had to have do not take away the anxiety you will experience when you can't pay your bills.

I am frustrated right now, as we are trying to pay off our car.  Hubs truck needs to be replaced. I have been trying to not replace the tires as we many times in our lives have sold a car with brand new tires on it.  But here we are again with the truck absolutely having to have new tires.  It cannot wait.  I was hoping to sell the truck next August. Crap and double crap. I don't want to put out the money right now.  I have plans.  This blows my great plans.  DO I have money to pay for the new tires?  Well, yes, but I would rather not.  Am I going to have to charge the tires?  NO, but I still don't want to buy them.  All sorts of dirty words are going through my mind right now.^%$#@*&.  Will we be able to get more money for the used truck with new tires?  Maybe?

I need to be grateful. Five years ago I would have had to charge these tires. Grrrr.

Hubs gets his first covid shot today and I am jealous.  I have to go in and give blood for my specialists appointment next week and I am so hoping that he has a fast track to a covid shot for me.

I did no sewing today, just some grocery shopping and then a nap around dinner time.  Even made hubs cook his own pork chop. Had many people in the shop yesterday and I must get some sewing done today. I have found that setting the timer on my phone and working in 15 minute increments really helps. My Sissie is so smart she is the one that is always telling me to set a timer.  You know things don't take any where near as long as your mind tells you they are going to take.  I now have 5 wedding dresses in the shop and more coming. Gots to love me work. Gots to pay for tires I don't want.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my pig bank

2. saved my $1,$5,$10,$20 bill challenge

3. saved all my $5 dollar bills up $225.00

4. filled 2 of my 100 envelopes this week

5. cooked all meals at home from scratch except one

6. used a coupon for hubs birthday in December for a free entree when you buy one at taco time.  Had a nice dinner for $8.00

7. Went to rite aid to buy hair touch up with a $5.00 off coupon plus earned $4.00 in bonus cash for later.

8. no real good sales this week, but did use my points that were about to expire from Albertsons for a $7.00 off meat coupon.  The only things I purchased  there were a bag of romaine with a coupon, a bag of small uncooked shrimp for $3.99 a pound (the only decent sale they had) I went to look at the meat and found several nice packages of pork chops, 50% off.  I bought every one. These chops were less than a dollar a pound and then I took the $7.00 off the total.  My entire bill was $16.84  The clerks could not believe it. Came home and re wrapped the meat with my seal a meal SCORE

9. turned all my recipients for the week into fetch rewards

10. Used coupons at Joanns for zippers

11. made brownies for dessert for missionaries meal as I paid for Effie burgers and did not want to spend more money on a dessert.

12. made myself a new set of napkins

13. Needed another blanket for the family room as we only have one in there after I packed up the Christmas blankets.  Hubs and I often want to wrap in a blanket while we watch TV. SO I thought about going to Ross or TJ Maxx for one.  But instead went to lil sis's as she has a ton of lap blankets.  I don't know where she gets them and I knew she actually had a couple of mine from when mom was alive. She gave me a really nice heavy blanket that matches the family room, so I did not have to buy one.

14. Purchased some really cute cotton kitchen towels for Valentines day at 90% off a few years ago and gifted them to Lil sis.  She was thrilled to get them. 

When things go wrong and derail your financial plans what do you do to make yourself feel better?  Do you throw your hands in the air and give up?  Do you bemoan the universe? I am trying to make myself feel better by counting my blessings.  It is kind of working...kinda

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Wednesday, A frugal lifestyle memories

 As you all know I love to read financial blogs and watch money saving vlogs.  I find them interesting, even though they all say the same things.  Most of the lists are already things I do or know.

I remember reading Amy Dacycyn? years ago that wrote the Tightwad Gazette.  I was surprised to find that there were not many things that she did to save money that I was  not already doing.   There were also things that she did to save money that I would never do.  Such as send a bag of popcorn as a snack for your child's lunch.  She showed a picture of her child's typical lunch and I did the mental calorie count and it was not enough calories to keep a growing child from becoming hungry especially if the breakfast was oatmeal.  I bet her kids were all skinny.  I am frugal but I am not a tightwad.

My mother in law is a tightwad. She never made enough food to feed her growing kids, she served burned and inedible food. She dressed them in horrible clothes, that made them hate going to school.  But she also made sure they had lessons and encouraged them in their talents. Hubs was and still is an excellent musician and his teachers were the best the music school had to offer.  The tuxedo he wore was an embarrassing moth eaten mess.  It was one of the first things I destroyed when we got married. She still does things that make her life so much harder and she has money.  But they are habits. She has a really hard time spending any money, it is painful for her. I do not want to be like that.

I also don't want to go back to living like I was when we were deep in debt. I was and have always been frugal in some ways, but also very bad at managing my money. Actually we never had any to manage.  When we had so much debt all I did was work, work, work, at every job that would bring in a chunk of money.  Always chasing the next 1000 dollars to get ahead of the monster.  I was afraid to open the mail. We were constantly behind and playing catch up.  Christmas and vacations made me ill.  The stress was awful. 

 I remember years and years of writing out the budget every month and then tallying the bills and even without gas of groceries in the budget we would be $700.00 a month in the red.  No gas money and no grocery money.  Thank goodness for my Sissie, who dressed me and the girls.  She paid for the girls braces, summer camps, and many extras. I learned to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

What if the Credit card was declined?  What if the car broke down? What if there was a major home repair?  What if? What if?

We always took the kids to the Oregon coast every year.  We stayed in the most awful hotel for 17 years straight.  We had a small kitchenette and cooked all meals there.  We did nothing touristy.  We could not afford it.  But the kids loved it, longs walks, bike rides and fresh seafood.  They never knew how stressful this time of year was for me.  Hubs always got 3 paychecks in July and I had to keep that vacation the price of one of those paychecks.It is hard to keep a week long vacation under $800.00 for a family of 5 but we did it. Things are so much better now. Boy did I develop habits to save money, but still anything we could not afford was put on a payment plan or a charge card.

Two things I would not charge, were groceries and gas. I knew these were never ending expenses and I just found a way to pay for them.  Now we use the CC for gas to pay at the pump, but it is paid off every month.

We always had a huge garden and we lived off that in the summer.  I cooked so much from scratch. It wasn't that we never went to McDonalds or out to pizza, it was just rare. I made all the girls prom dresses.  If I could make it, recover, it, paint it, I did.

I love to read The Prudent homemaker.  She has this theory that you can always find someway to cut your budget more.  I certainly learned that.

My daughter's always laughed at me, because when parents were dropping off snacks and dinners  at after school activities,  I would come in with a loaf of warm bread and peanut butter.  Or a large batch of homemade cookies.  Or a sheet cake.  I did not have $5-6.00 for after school snacks.  But I could make a batch of snickerdoodles for .50. 

 I also was known to bring a wrapped plate of food containing whatever we had for dinner down to the high school for Hubs(he was in the pit) and whatever child was in the show.  Example: (pork chop, baked potato, home canned green beans and a homemade roll, some kind of homemade dessert)  I would keep it hot in a food warming container.  The girls never complained as other kids were jealous, and they usually were able to share whatever snack I brought down for the evening.  I was always looking for a way to do something cheaper.

I sometimes wonder, if I finally had money if I could really relax and spend it.  We certainly have enough.  We have more than enough.  But I do want to be debt free.  I don't want the worry or the hassle of extra bills. DO you think I will ever achieve this?  Have any of you achieved this?  Do you feel financially comfortable? Is it easy or hard for you to spend money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Tuesday, Doing something nice for yourself

 When I got into the shop, I quickly hemmed this stack of new napkins, for myself.  Sometimes you just have to do something nice for yourself.  My everyday napkins are getting really ratty and I found this remnant that made 9 napkins.

Got a wedding dress finished and another came in and another is coming in tomorrow.  There is still plenty to do in the shop for which I am grateful.

When hubs and I ran to the sister missionaries apartment last night, hubs could not use a snake or his bulb that forces water into the pipes to remove or push a clog through.  I spent 20 minutes on my knees forcing a plastic drain cleaning hook down that stupid drain.  I was about to give up.  I could feel the hook hit the clog but I could not bring it up or force it out.  Finally I told myself I would force the hook 5 more times and then we would have to call a plumber.  On the third try the clog pushed through. Perseverance wins again.

Hubs got a phone call that they needed a crew down at the food bank to make up boxes for the elderly.  The food bank had a truck coming to pick up several pallets of completed food boxes which had not been started.  So they were desperate.

We went in with 9 church members to get these completed and boy did we work hard.  We were all a sweaty mess when we were done.  But the truck was full and ready to roll. I don't know if any of us will be able to move in the next 24 hours.

I am back on a low carb diet as all my pants are getting too tight and I refuse to buy new clothes.  As you all know Kim loves sweets.  I have been very bad for quite a few months, well... maybe since covid started. I also decided to start doing an exercise video again.  Let me tell you it kicked my butt.  I am so sore and then I had to do the food bank.  I don't think there is any part of me that does not ache when I move. At least being so sore makes me not hungry.  I just want to sit in a hot tub and go to bed.

The shop will be busy today, as many people will be picking up, which is nice.  I have not been able to fill my money envelopes, as I had no money left over after paying off that bill last week.

I have no idea what kind of meat I am going to have for dinner, I guess I need to go hunt through the freezer. 

Have any of you gained weight over Covid? Have any of you ever done any kind of exersice video on youtube?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monday, New toilet, with a warning....

 So happy the broken toilet is no more and my new 2 .5 inches higher toilet is in it's new place.  Handicap toilets are 2.5 inches taller than standard and that my dears when you have arthritic knees makes all the difference. Now you really don't have to pay more for a handicap toilet, but if you want it in ivory or off white, as both of our bathrooms are in off white, you have to pay $100.00 more for the toilet.  I paid it.  I thought it was stupid, but I wanted it to match for resale (if that ever had to happen) and my knees felt the $100.00 was chump change.  They said so I asked them.

However upon opening the large box the toilet came in we encountered this warning sign.

Now I am not sure what could cause cancer or reproductive harm and maybe this can only harm you while in California? Is it the off white paint or porcelain? Is it the handle of the commode? Is it the seat that was included? (thank you very  much by the way)  But I thought I would share this with you in case of a visit. (Sluggy) Any of you who should choose to come to see me, I would let you know that I would be more than willing to allow you to use the master bath toilet that I don 't think came with a cancer warning. Maybe the toilet does not give one cancer in Idaho, but you never know, one cannot be too careful.  I could look up but I am afraid and I have enough to worry about with the virus.

Made a pot of spaghetti and an apple salad for dinner.  Of course with enough for tomorrows dinner also. I also made a batch of cranberry scones last night and daughter took home the majority so hubs would not be tempted to eat them.  I saved him one for his lunch today, and he was very happy to eat it.  Frozen butter grated is the secret to a good scone.

I am hoping to kick my but into getting some sewing done as I only have $23.00 to start the week and no money to put into savings envelopes. I might have to go to the bank and withdraw money which was not part of my plan.  I was hoping to earn it, or pull it out of budget categories.  I did have another small sale on my face book market place.  I will lower prices again next week to try and sell things.

I went over to Lil sis's for a couple of hours today.  We were both lonely.  We laughed about a box of things Lil sis sent to Sissie.  One gift was a cat poetry book. Talked to Sissie and she laughed hard at the nonsense, Lil Sis had sent her.

Well we have to go unplug the shower of a set of sister missionaries.  Isn't my life exciting?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sunday, Messed around all day

      Hubs and I went to every second hand store today.  It was something to do.  I wanted to buy a large ceramic pot for my Gardenia Tree.  I said on a blog post before it was a magnolia, and that was a mistake.  I don't know why I can't keep them straight.  Probably because they don't grow here.  Anyway I was hoping to find a large pot second hand and I could spray paint it. I did find one but need to go back for it.  We will have to drill a hole in the bottom  If it is not there, I will try again. These trees smell so good.

     We had a coupon for buy one entree get one free for hubs birthday in December so we used those at Taco time for dinner.  It was a nice treat. I did not have to cook, but I took 1.5 lbs of burger out to thaw.  Have no idea what I will do with it tomorrow. I will think of something.

     We also took both vehicles out to the reservation and filled them up with gas to save .24 a gallon.  Gas has gone up there about .06 a gallon. It was a beautiful sunshiny day so we enjoyed the short drive there and back.

Kids are on the way down to help set the new toilet.  That will be nice when it is done.  You have no idea how many times one of us is doing the pee pee dance waiting for the other. I know TMI, but true.  This is what happens when you get old.

I am getting really tired of this lock down and just want to be out with people so bad.  It looks like we are in for the long haul.  The new variety has been found in the state next to us(Washington).  As we go to church in Washington we will be locked down longer.  Plus most of our shopping is in Washington. I am going to go bloomin' nuts before I get the vaccine.  Which is probably why I am so excited about a bloomin' tree.

Had a nice chat with Sissie today. Wish I could see her. Went over a saw our nephews new to him truck and camper.  It was very large and I hope they enjoy it and get the use out of it they want.  They have 4 boys so it will be so much fun for them.

I think I hear the kids so I must brat Hubs to that baby.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Saturday, My First Chart and I paid off my first debt!

 I did it.  I completed the first chart of the year! I also squirreled away $200.00 and then my adsense check came in and I was able to pay off the remainder of that $780.00 debt.  My first debt of the new year!  I feel pretty darn skipper about it let me tell you. 

It has been very boring here sticking to a budget and not buying extra groceries. Of course with the lock down you can't go any where anyway but you can still figure out ways to spend money.  I am not doing that.

I also sold something on Facebook market place today which was a goal I had on my list.  So I am happy about that.

The missionaries came by with some sewing and brought the new toilet in and then they put all the Christmas decorations up in the garage.  It is so nice to be able to move freely in there.

I took Effie burgers into the same missionaries for dinner today along with a pan of brownies I made up.  Hubs was jealous but he got leftovers.  I did whip up a small pan of brownies for us and a really nice broccoli raisin salad.

I am about stir crazy with this lock down.  I still have clients and I still sew, but I am lonely for other kinds of company.  I can tell Hubs is frustrated also. Here it is Saturday and I have no plans.  I have plenty to do, but not anything I want to do.  We should all be so blessed.

Maybe I can get Hubs to help me get a few more things put away in the garage.  I would like to get to my geraniums that I am wintering over in the garage and they are covered up by his things.  I want to water them and then I think a run to the dump is in order.  Isn't my life exciting?

Went to Albertson's yesterday to get the Friday sales and they were out of the store brand brats but substituted the name brand, so I got 4 packages.  It was the same with their baby roses that I planned to get a bundle of, and they had to sub the larger. Dang! We went early in the day too.  Hubs thinks that stores are just not able to get in as much as they used to or that people are just really watching the sales and stocking up.  Either way I came out ahead.

The woman who purchased my facebook item just lives down the street and she is a dog groomer.  I was so happy to meet her as Rosco needs his nails clipped and glands emptied and his undercoat washed.  So nice to have someone just down the street.  She grooms the neighbors dogs.

I have never taken a dog to a groomer before.  In fact I disapprove of dumping money into animals when you are in debt. I understand that they are part of the family and I certainly love my animals.  We are at a point where we can afford this service.  But all the years the kids were growing up we never had a pet.  Maybe a stray cat that hung around and we fed it, but we did not doctor it.  I just would not have the extra expense. Finally, when the older two were grown or in college and B our youngest was home alone alot (as Hubs and I were working in different pits(theaters))we got our rescue dog Sandy, so B would not be alone.  But our vet came to the house and was very inexpensive. Having huge vet bills or grooming bills just does not make sense when you have no money.

Still I love animals and I can understand why people get attached.  DO you have pets?  Do you find them expensive?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Friday, Zippers, bad recipe

 That was most of my day folks.  Putting in zippers.  4 of them to be exact.  Plus I hemmed several pairs of pants.  So it was a good day sewing.  My sweet and sour pork was not a good part of my day.

I tried a new recipe, and it was more complicated than I normally cook.  I had to marinade the meat and then they wanted it coated with corn starch twice, then twice fried, so it was extra crisp.  I had to have another pan for the vegetables and then the oil for frying, by the time I got done with all the steps the kitchen was covered with oil and it really did not taste that good.  It was the cornstarch breading.  Yes it was crispy, but kind of bitter after taste.  Believe me egg dip and flour would have tasted much better.  Of course I made a ton.  Thank goodness hubs liked it, because I won't be eating it again.  It was just a lot of work for something that was not that great.

You win some and you lose some.

We have to take dinner into 5 missionaries this afternoon at 4:00.  I am going to get Effie burgers. I don't want to haul food I cooked in, and this will just be easier. Hubs can have left over sweet and sour for dinner. I think he is jealous, but he will survive.

Kelsa was here for a little while last evening.  Nate is back home from the capitol and he had the Schmills while daughter taught.  He has the next 10 days off and I told him I wanted a day as I need the new toilet set, all the Christmas decorations put away on the shelves in the garage.  I also have to have two mirrors hung, one in my bath and one in the shop. Poor guy has a mother in law that keeps him busy.

I am going to buy some brats and shrimp today at Albertsons, that is it for groceries.  I will spend the rest of the budget on Effie burgers for the missionaries.  I think I will do up an easy sheet cake in a disposable pan for their dessert.

I want to get a little more sewing done today.  I have more pants to fix and 5 shirts to shorten the sleeves on, which involves removing the cuffs and replacing them. I was able to get all the new napkins I am making pressed and ready to hem.  Every time I had a client trying on clothes, I would iron all around the edge of a napkin or two.  It was fun to see how many I could get done before the client was ready.  Better than standing there wasting time.

I can tell Hubs is getting house bound.  We really can't go anywhere and the weather is not nice enough to escape to the woods.  We are all planning on going to Twin falls over Valentines day weekend, as our oldest daughter turns 40 and our oldest grandson turns 10. Both the younger girls are going to fly into Boise with the babies and Schmills and then rent a car.  So we will all be together for our eldest, it will be fun.  Thank goodness she has a house large enough to accommodate 4 adults and 3 little ones.  She had planned on having a large party, but with covid that will not happen. We will stop down at mom and dads on the way down and back and spend a day to see what they need.

I'm having a hard time believing it is Friday again. The weeks go by so fast, yet time seems to drag on these overcast gloomy winter days.  

Do any of you have plans for the weekend?  I mean does any body even try and plan anything anymore?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, New beginning

 Well we have a new President.  Things will change.  The party is different.  I don't know what the future holds. There will certainly be changes I don't like.  But I have to say I am a little relieved.  Just the political unrest on top of Covid and the economy is more than I want to deal with right now.  Of course I am not going to want to deal with all the taxes solving the social problems will bring either.  Sometimes living in a democracy is a handicap, but I would not want to live any other way. I am blessed in so many ways.  I can do this.  We can do this.

Took out some cod that I froze New Years Day and cooked it up with a tossed salad and some home made coleslaw.  Tomorrow i am going to make a  sweet and sour pork dish, as I had a package of pork that I bought with a 50% off sticker,  After this post I will go make the marinade I will soak it in all night, then crockpot it tomorrow.

Lil sis just called me and she bought me a magnolia tree!  It is for my house.  She has one that she has had for years.  I hope I don't kill it.  It was mom's favorite plant. She did take it out in the summer.  SO I will have a lime tree and a magnolia tree. Soon I will have a forest in this small house.

I did no sewing today, although I had clients pick up and drop off.  I will sew tomorrow. Daughter brought kids down for a few hours while she taught, so Hubs and I got our baby fix. We sure enjoyed that.

Thrifty Thursday 

1. saved all my coins

2. saved all my $5 bills up to $185 this week

3. managed to save my $1,$5,$10,$20, bill challenge for the week

4. save money in two more of my 100 envelope challenge

5. paid $450.00 to my $780.00 bill challenge for the month

6. ate all meals at home cooked from scratch

7. kept grocery budget at its limit (hubs will not get to go next time)

8. bought zippers with coupons at Joanns. Keep the savings myself

9. found a really nice remnant at Joanns, 75% off for 9 new napkins.  Mine are getting really old and nasty.

10. Stayed home most of the week so no gas fill up which always helps

11. craved chocolate cake, went to buy one saw the price and came home and made one

12.made my own cleaning solution with water and pinesol for the floors.  It streaks less but is not perfect.

13. listed 9 items on facebook market place have not sold one:(

14. Lil sis had a freezer full of croissants, she gave me a bag. Yum

Kind of a boring week really no good grocery sales and we have enough fresh veg for another week I think.  I have coleslaw left and makings for a broccoli salad (large) and an apple salad. Daughter will pick up Romaine for us when she goes to Costco.  It is much cheaper there.  The only things I saw as loss leaders, were Brats 2 packages for $5 on Friday and also small shrimp in 2 pound bags for $5.00.  So I will get those and a quart of milk. Saving on the old grocery budget. I am trying to keep as much in the checking account so by the end of the month I can pay off that one debt and have $1000.00 to put toward the house loan.

Did you do anything this last week to save money?  If so what?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wednesday,I'm getting there!

 I was able to go put $450.00 on my bill this morning.  I have $312.00 left before the end of the month.  But I had work come into the shop today and I took in some more money today.  I just have to keep plugging along.

I finally got those two really hard coats done and I will mail them tomorrow. Yippee!  Glad to see those go.  Like a load has been lifted.

Lil sis came over this afternoon and we got some curtains shortened for her dinning room and kitchen.  We had some good laughs, as I was making her help me.  She did not want to cut and iron, but to sew. So I let her sew and then she did not want to sew but to cut and iron.  What she really wanted was for me to do the work.  But I made her help and then made fun of her the whole time.  What are sisters for?

I watch a couple of blogs in the morning.  I wake up and have a diet coke and just veg for a while.  It is my wake up routine.  I mostly watch them so I can see what ridiculous thing they are going to do next.  I know judgy but they don't know me and I don't know them and no names are released to protect the innocent (I mean stupid).  They mostly clean and decorate and SPEND MONEY.  They do hauls. That is what they call them.  They will do a large grocery pickup and then show you what they bought.  Or they will buy things from several discount stores, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, Home goods, Michael's, many things from the dollar tree.  Then they display the prices of said items and I start my judgy calculator.  It was only a dollar.  This was $12.99 , this was $9.99, this was $7.99, intersperse with , it was only a dollar.  My word the money that is spent on nonsense and clothes is ridiculous. It is materialistic nonsense and this is why I watch it.  Do any of you watch vlogs?  These cleaning vlogs are supposed to give you cleaning motivation.  They motivate me to want to sit and watch them.  Kind of like exersice videos that I like to watch.

Daughter took Schmills and Kelsa home this morning.  She asked if we wanted to keep Kelsa until this afternoon and I said no I have to much to do and all I do when she is here is play with her, then I watch her sleep.  You know I raised three kids sewing and I used sleep time to sew, but not with her.  I just sit in adoration.  Both hubs and I are just fools I tell you.

I really do need to get a good nights sleep, something I have not had the last few nights. Today in the shop I have 4 more zippers to get done. Then I need to go to McD's and get a diet coke, after all it is only a dollar. *snort*

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, January 18, 2021

Tuesday, Sticking with a plan

 I'm a planner if you hadn't noticed, but I also am known to fly by the seat of my pants more often than not. The problem is you can plan and plan but if you don't follow through.....

I had planned on getting some sewing done today, but it was a rough night as my right shoulder decided to lock and no matter how I tried to lay down the pain was unbearable.  I even took some painkillers and although they made me loopy they did not help the pain much and then I was very nauseated about 4 this morning.  I do not do pain pills well. They have a tendency to make me sick.

So my sleep was very interrupted. Well actually I can say what sleep?  I have been a groggy mess all day.  Tried to nap later this afternoon and low and behold shoulder much better.  Still hurts to use it but I can lay down on it without horrible pain.  Thank goodness, I don't think I can handle another night of that nonsense.  Dang arthritis.  What makes it flare like that is beyond me.

One thing I did do today that was planned was stuffed my saving envelopes.  I am left with $450.00 to put toward my debt of $780.  It will be the 20th tomorrow and I only have 11 more days to come up with $330.00 dollars.  Yikes!  Must get some sewing done and then get people to pick up the sewing.  Also I don't think I will need to go to the grocery store this week as the fridge is full.  So that can be added to my bill.

It was overcast and very foggy  and wanted to go on a long walk, but that plan did not happen.  I also ate chocolate cake so the diet plan did not happen.

What helps you stick to your plans?  Do you have any secrets of self discipline you would like to spring on my poor soul?

In the mean time I am going to find a bottle of glue, or some velcro undies.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Monday,Martin Luther King Day!


I so remember  the death of Martin Luther King.  We were in school and the teachers were crying. The only time I remember teachers crying was when we were sent home from school in the middle of the day when John F. Kennedy was shot. So I knew in my 10 year old mind  someone had been killed.  We were sent home and I remember my parents and grandmother at the dining table talking about it.

We really did not understand prejudice. It was not something taught or tolerated in our home.  There were really no black people in Missoula Montana, except at the University and then you could count them on one hand.  We were just taught to be respectful of all adults.

Hubs tells the story of a black family coming in on the bus to Wieser Idaho.  His grandparents ran the bus station and the grill.  So there was no segregation of bathrooms or drinking fountains.  People were people. One black family in particular were standing outside the grill and they obviously wanted to eat, but they stood outside until my Hubs grandmother invited them in.  They went clear to the back where it was the hottest and no fans could reach them. She insisted they move forward where they would be more comfortable.  The farmers and people of Wieser held no prejudice, but one man who had come in on the bus started to throw a fit and Hub's grandfather softly and kindly told him that they did not behave that way in these parts. This man cussed and swore and a couple of farmers escorted him out into the hot sunshine to eat.  Hubs grandmother always said their was nothing worse than white trash as they had all the advantages of being white and did not use those advantages to better themselves.

I have read several books on Martin Luther King, and I believe he was a great man. It saddens me that as a nation we are still dealing with some of the problems we had 50 years ago.  Bobby Kennedy was shot a few months later. It was a terrible time in our nation.  The shooting of Our President and then Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy left a lasting impression on my childhood.  Do any of you remember these events?  What were your feelings?

Had a quiet Sunday.  Cooked a big roast with potatoes and carrots for dinner.  Schmills was just going to have chocolate cake but decided the meat smelled good, and he loves smashed potatoes, thus preventing a knock down drag out with his mother.

Daughter and I took a good long walk today.  It was lovely.  I ripped open the shoulders of two of a missionary  suit coats as he has lost 40 lbs and they are way too big.  Taking in the shoulders is very hard and you need to have a great deal of experiences to do this kind of tailoring.  But now that they are ripped I will get them done and in the mail as he was transferred to Spokane. I have several zippers to do again and some sleeves to shorten, and pants to hem. Every time I think I am about out of work it starts to trickle in.

I sure hope that they get to have proms this year. But they have had to close down night skiing here because people will not wear masks. At this point I don't see how things are going to be any different in April and May.  People are just not planning weddings yet as too many have had to cancel.

I will fill my two savings envelopes tomorrow plus my $1, $5, $10,$20 challenge and then whatever is leftover I will put on my bill for the month.  I might be saving too much money if I can't get the debt goals paid.   January  and February have always been slow months for the shop, so I won't let myself get discouraged.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Sunday, Tired today

  When I got home from daughter's today I hurried and made a wacky chocolate cake because Schmills loves chocolate cake.  Mom brought him down and he immediately used spatula to dig in before we caught him.  Too cute. Daughter is spending the next couple of days down here as Schmills does not have school on Monday.

We had leftover bean soup for dinner and will finish it for lunch tomorrow.  I did  not get good rest last night as Kelsa was a little pill.  But I did sleep in some at daughters.  I am just really tired for some reason. I was pleased tp get several things I want to get rid of listed on facebook market place.  Something  I have wanted to do for a long time.  Now if they will just sell.

I need to pull out a roast for Sunday dinner, after all I have the dessert ready.

To bed early tonight I think.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, January 15, 2021

Saturday, Staying on task, maybe?

 I thought this was a fitting picture after yesterdays post. Thanks so much for the support.  I had nightmares last night that you all would think I was psychotic or something worse.

I just got a text from my daughter as I will be going up there this evening to spend the night with her.  She txt to asked when I was coming and to bring her some diet coke. Then the next txt was also for a donut.  Apple does not fall far from the tree.  She is alone again for the next week.  SO I will stay the night and she will come down here and stay for the rest of the weekend.  Which is great as we will have Schmills and Kelsa fun, which we will just hate. Maybe we can get in a few long walks.

Made a big pot of bean soup for dinner, yum.  That means I will not have to cook tomorrow. Yippee!

I was able to get my quota done in the shop today by setting my timer and guess what?  IT took less than an hour.  Went and picked up prescriptions, and a book of stamps to mail the remainder of the bills. SO nice to have that done and off my plate for the month.

Now I just need to concentrate on that $700 and something bill I want to pay off.  Need to figure how much I saved toward it.  The month is 1/2 over.  Only 16 more days left.  I need to get on the ball.

Lil sis is out of town for the week end so I will have to go feed her cats.  But other than that no big plans.  I am really craving scones.  I just might make a couple of batches tomorrow.  Cranberry? or blueberry?  Now I am hungry....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, setting the timer

 I had to call Sissie today because I was in a slump.  Have been for a couple of days.  Sometimes I just get like that. A call to Sissie usually kicks my butt into action.  She told me like she usually does to set a timer.  She wanted to know what I wanted to get done.  I told her dressed and at least brush my teeth after all it was noon.  That made her laugh.

So I did.   Every 15 minutes I would do an activity and then if I wanted to sit and do nothing but contemplate my navel, I could, but only for 15 minutes. It worked.  I got my sewing quota done in 45 minutes.  I took a load to good will.  I got all the Christmas decos into the garage awaiting shelving.  I cleaned up the cat box and food area. I swept the garage.

I vacuumed and put the front room back together.  I did some vacuuming. I also contemplated my navel.  It was very happy to be looked at for a while.

I know most of you think I do to much, but there is a deep psychological reason for my behavior. I think I had an epiphany today.  Why do I feel like I have to go, go, go?  If I have down days and I do, sometimes because I just want to do nothing and sometimes because I do not feel my best, arthritis and all, I suffer from extreme guilt and depression.  I don't like it.  It is paralyzing to me. The guilt of having all these things that need to be done can be overwhelming. 

The Christmas things need to be taken to the garage.  I have sewing that needs to be done.  The floors are atrocious. Why haven't I listed that stuff on facebook market place? Why did I eat 1/2 of a 1/2 gallon of strawberry ice cream after 11:00 LAST NIGHT? You know the typical questions we all ask ourselves.

Segue to Kim's younger years:

Kim  and her twin sister were the eldest of a family of 5 siblings.  The typical size of a family in the 60's.  She lived with her maternal grandmother from second grade through 5th grade. It was an upper class neighbor hood and life was good.  But in reality Kim's parents were living the life of Riley at the expense of Kim's grandmother.  In order to get Kim's mother to grow up and take care of her 5 children, grandmother sold the house in the wealthy part of town and put a down payment on a very old dilapidated, large house in one of the poorest neighborhoods in town.  At least her grandchildren would have a roof over their heads.  Kim's father also had a drinking and gambling problem.

Life was good with grandma.  The house was clean, there were piano lessons, and dance lessons, summer camps, camp fire girls.  But this life style was bought with the fact that mom and dad did not have to pay for rent or utilities.   Dad could drink and gamble as much as he wanted.  Mom could shop and go out to coffee with friends and live a lifestyle she could not afford. The only thing she had to do was keep up the house, she didn't dare let it go.

Now the family was dumped in an old house with the most awful furniture.  It was very old and run down.  Kim and her twin were horrified and embarrassed. School was starting in a month and there were no new clothes, no shopping trips. The new school was a culture shock.  These kids were much poorer than they were used to. But one saving grace is that they were also a lot nicer. There were no dance lessons that year.  Mom went back to teaching and she was gone ALL the time.  There was no money.  NONE. Mom avoided being home at all cost.  Dad was always at the bar or the bowling alley.  ( Dad could have been a professional bowler but his drinking got in the way) Mom was out to coffee and pie with friends.  Some one always had to be home to watch the little boys.

Kim and her sister, figured out at the ripe old age of 12, how to outsmart the mother.  They would work for money.  Mother was motivated by money.  IF the girls were working they could buy their own clothes, and pay for their own lessons.  Dad was great, he had many bowling friends that needed regular weekly sitters.  They sat every night of the week and the pay was 5 dollars a evening, usually 2 families at a time.  So at the ripe old age of 12 they pulled in over $25.00 a week or more depending on whether they sat on the weekends.

   Mom started to work at the bowling ally as a cook on the weekends and she got those girls jobs at 14.  So now they babysat in the evenings and they worked the weekends as waitresses.  They could buy all their own things and help with the younger kids things. Kim started to teach dance instead of babysitting it paid $4.00 which was good money in the 70's, but she still waitress ed on the weekends.  Then Kim got a paper route when she was 15. 

 This was great mom and dad always had the paper bag money.  When it was time to pay for the papers, mom would scramble and scream.  Kim had not spent it, she had collected it but the money was always short or gone. Kim kept the route for the year and paid for a fancy dance camp for the summer.  But getting up that early in the morning, then going to high school, then after school activities, (speech, drama, playing piano for the choirs, music groups, good grades, teaching and dancing) and working weekends were taking their tole. Plus dad was always (And I suspect mom)into the paper route money and the stress of paying the monthly bill was just too much.

Every year from the time they left living with grandma things got worse.  The house was awful.  Mom was never home and the only way Kim and her sister could keep away was to work.  You fell into bed and you got up again to go to school.  If you were home, you were expected to clean or the screaming began.  It was an impossible situation.  Here were 7 people that had never picked up anything in their lives. Mother wanted a clean house but did nothing to make it that way nor did she give the girls any of the habits to help keep it clean.  She just screamed and belittled.   Her favorite was lazy.  You may have closed a restaurant until 4 in the morning but you had better be up at 8 to start cleaning or you were lazy. A house that could not stay clean, when no one put anything away, or picked up anything.  Remember nothing was worse than being lazy. Kim and her twin were exhausted.  Kim remembered one night going down to the basement and the dryer was talking to her.  She was just trying to make sure her dance clothes were dry for the next evening of teaching and she had just typed a term paper and it was  2 in the morning. But the dryer was talking to her.  It had a mouth and eyes. She knew then she had to come up with a plan

Kim figured out a way to have a peaceful weekend by the time she was a senior in high school.  She would have her dad call her in sick every Thursday.  She would wait until mom had gone teaching and hop out of bed and clean that flipping huge house from top to bottom.  She would sweat and her hair would stick down her neck as she ran up and down those sets of stairs from basement to the upper stories. Laundry, dusting, pickup, scrubbing, laundry, bathrooms, scrubbing, pick up, vacuum, dust the winding staircase, clean the wood stove, laundry, change the sheets, laundry, start dinner.  When mom came home on Thursdays the house was spotless.  Now Kim and her siblings could have the weekend without screaming. By Monday the house looked like it had never been touched and the cycle started over.

Kim learned to work.  Work was an avoidance mechanism.  If you were working you had a reason to not be home.  IF you were working you were earning money. If you were working you were not lazy. You could contribute.

So when I don't work and I let things slide.  I feel all this angst come back.  I become everything my mother said I was.  I become lazy. Now I don't write these things to discredit my mother all though she deserves some reprimand. She was raised in an alcoholic home and left at 17 to start teaching in a one room school house with only 3 months of college.  She never went back home until her parents were divorced and she had 4 little kids.  Her mother owned restaurants and she worked in those everyday.  Mom knew how to work and how to clean.  She just did not want to.  She had 4 kids in three years and and alcoholic husband.  She was angry and she just did not want the responsibility.  Grandma took us in when she saw mom's situation, but when neither of the parents did anything to make it better we were out and the great descent began.We girls got a good work ethic and the drive to go with it, but some damage was done.

I struggle with being enough.  Although I know I am enough, I have always been enough. Just like an alcoholic I am a work a holic.  When I don't have a hundred irons in the fire I feel diminished.  I fight this every day. Covid has not been easy.  I like to be busy, I just have a hard time not being too busy. I have perfectionist syndrome, which served me well teaching and directing, but not so much in life. 

I knew daughter would be down tonight with the kids and the dogs so I ignored the floors which I will conquer tomorrow.  I might have to use my trusty timer again.  Son- in -law is back at the capitol in Olympia  tomorrow , until next Thursday.  He will not get a day off until the unrest is over.  Say prayers for your State police they are all overworked right now.  It is hard on the families. I see how tired my daughter is with two small kids and also watching her little sisters baby all day while she works at her very essential job. Teaching is her release and joy and we love having the grand kids.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I did not get one thing done on my list for Wednesday.  Not one thing.  Although I was busy most of the day.  Did get some awful curtains done that I was dreading and also got another batch of curtains ready for tomorrow morning, so the whole day was not a complete waste. I also had a pile of Valentine napkins and table runner that I needed to iron, so I did get that off the board.

As the sale papers come out on Wednesday, we usually do our major grocery shop that day.  This is a small town and shelves of specials can be emptied if you don't get right on it.

Again there were no real stellar sales on things at Albertsons.  But they did have really good burger $1.99 a pound limit 2-6 pound packages.   So I picked that up.

The rest was bought at Winco and I really should not take hubs as he buys some things I would not, but then he has lost 45 lbs and keeping it off is important to me. SO when he puts a $5.00 bag of nuts and a $6.00 package of dry salami in the cart I have to turn a blind eye. We just barely kept it in budget, I would have seriously been below if not for hubs.

I had a weird experience.  I have a little cash box that I used to use in the shop, but gave up using in after my purse was stolen out of our garage.  The police that came to our house just said with a business in a home it is a bad idea and not to have it out on display.  So I put it away in a drawer and have not used it since.  I pulled it out the other day to use as a bank for one of my saving challenges and it was jammed.  I had hubs help me un jam the drawer.  When it finally let loose, three checks fell out, that were behind the jammed drawer.  They totaled $85.00.  I did not think I could cash them any more as they were over a year old.  But I looked on the internet and it said unless marked with an expire date most banks would not take them after 6 months.  But there was no hard and fast law on this and to see if my credit union would take them.  They did!   I did contact the person with the larger check to make sure it would not overdraw the account.

Although I know I have had checks that I have written that have been cashed after a year.  Have any of you had any experience with this? 

I really do have to get my but in gear today. I hope I can find some motivation.

Thrifty Thursday

1. saved all my coins

2. filled my $36.00 weekly envelope challenge

3. saved all y $5.00 bills up to $120.00 for the year

4. filled two of my 100 envelope challenge

5. cooked all meals from scratch at home

6. picked up $7.44 from some consignment items

7. Found $85.00 worth of checks I did not know I had!

8. Filled gas tank at reservation saving .30 a gallon

9. used ibotta to save $6.80 at the grocery store, on raisins,crackers,chicken broth, tortilla chips

10. used coupons at grocer for triscut and salad dressing.

11. use a $4.00 off coupon for nice razors for Hubs who has sensitive skin and breaks out from cheap razors.

12. Bought 7 zippers at Jo anns, used one 50% off coupon  and a $5 off $35.00 coupon to lower bill from $35.16 to $20.79

13. pulled a carhartt zipper head off a zipper I was replacing and put it on a coat that had lost its pull.  Made $5.00 how easy was that?

14. Using face lotion,perfume, and make up that were all gifts. I rarely have to buy anything in this category.  I ask my girls what they are not using and they give me stuff they have bought and don't like.  Plus Sluggy keeps me in beauty.

15. made a conscience effort to turn off lights

16. tried to double cook so I save on time and utilities. 

What have you done this week to save? Do you have any reagular savings challenges, if so what are they?

Sam at  Sam, coffee, money and Thyme wrote about using more beans and she had a picture of navy bean soup.  I love navy bean soup and I just found a package of ham in the freezer so that is on for the weekend.  Yum! Don't you just love finding something you didn't know you had in the freezer (like ice cream?) like a bag of ham slices?  It is like a buried treasure.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, Christmas is down!

      So believe it or not, I have actually downsized Christmas by about three bins so I am pretty proud of myself.  I just packed everything much more carefully and then I am taking some things to good will.  The front room is not put back together or cleaned, as I didn't finish until after dark  and I wanted more light through the window to see dust and dog hair.

     I worked very hard getting everything down and put away. Now I have to get these things into the garage and have  my son in law or the missionaries put them up on the high shelves.  I still have a pile of Valentines linens to iron as I took them out of storage and they are very wrinkled,but I ran out of energy.

     I deep cleaned both bathrooms and the master bedroom and guestroom. I also cleaned and dusted the dining room.  As I was cutting back my plants I pulled all of them off the shelves to clean the shelves and realized that one of my larger plants had an ant colony in it!  I don't know how that happened , but it was positively swarming with ants.  I quickly took it outside and there it will stay.  They will freeze out as they were the smaller sugar ants.  I have never had that happen before.  I am still creeped out by it.

    I put up the valentine things as the bin was on the same shelf with some of the Christmas.  Taking down Christmas is sad ,so this made it a little more cheery.

I put out my mom's 5 angels for Valentines day. She bought one of these for each of us kids.  You see the twins, my younger sister and the two younger boys.  They are made by Llardo?  I cherish these. I am honestly looking at several of the things I have of mom's and getting ready to sell them or give them away.  Just too much stuff.  One of my goals is to sell stuff on Facebook marketplace. I have a huge pile of things on the washer and dryer in the laundry room.  I hope to get them listed tomorrow.

We have tons of candy canes left from the tree, I used to take these down to the studio every year, but I guess I will figure out some other way besides eating them. Look at the rain on the window.  It has rained all day here.

Today (Wednesday) I have to get some sewing done.  I took quite a bit of sewing in on Tuesday, plus what was already there. I sewed so hard on Monday, I decided to take Tuesday off to get Christmas down.

I have a list for today to complete:

1. get garage organized so Christmas can go out there

2. clean up the garage cat box area

3. list things on Facebook market place

4. get sewing quota done

5. deep clean front room

6. vacuum all floors

7. mop all floors

8. finish cleaning kitchen

Dinner was good.  I really like corned beef and the cabbage was so good.  We have enough for lunch and dinner today. The sale adds come out today, so I still need to check to see if there is anything worth buying. I will go  out later to get a few groceries.  I am not sure if son in law is home form Olympia yet and we may end up with the kids while daughter teaches.

It will be so nice to get everything put away and the house really cleaned. The house seems so big now that all the decorations are down.  Does your house seem larger when you take done Christmas?

Do any of you put out Valentines things?  I just love the cheer as it is very dark and dreary here in the winter. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative?


Monday, January 11, 2021

Tuesday, Saving with meal planning

 Do you meal plan?  I know some of you are very good at this.  I am very bad at it.  I have tried and I just can't make myself stick to a plan.  But what I have become good at is making sure I have some kind of protein thawed for the day. I just went out to the freezer and found a corned beef that needed to be cooked.  I know I have a head of cabbage and red potatoes to use up.  I also found 6 hot dogs that also need to be used, these will be good for Hubs lunches.  Then I pulled out a bag of frozen chicken parts.  Have no idea what I will do with them but I do have some peppers that need to be used so perhaps chicken fajitas in a couple of days?

If you are in a debt and trying to get out, you will find that most of your expenses are fixed.  You have to make your payments, so you will find as I did that one of the only areas where you can cut back is on groceries. If you want to cut back on groceries you will likely have to meal plan.

You have to know what your family likes to eat and then make those meals.  It will always be cheaper to cook from scratch or at home than to eat out.

I purchased the corned beef last summer on a close out so now I am going to cook it up.  It will be more than enough for two meals and a few  sandwiches. When I go to the store on Wednesday I will pick up some dark rye and make Ruebens as there is come sour kraut to use up in the fridge also.

I suggest shopping your cupboards first.  What do you have on hand and then build around that. I also think you need to have basic meal ingredients on hand at all times. Pantry staples that you replace weekly or monthly depending on your resources.

I just looked at Albertsons add for last week.  Loss leaders were  A dozen eggs for .69 limit one.  I already picked these up! They also had good heavy bread for 1.49 a loaf and gallons of milk for 1.79.  These would be great deals if you had a family.  Their only good meat deal was the thick sliced bacon which comes in 3 lb package.  I bought one to put in the freezer.  That was it,  Not very many good deals. 

Therefore most of my food budget was spent at Winco.  This week I will purchase, brown bread, lettuce, carrots 5 lbs., radishes, celery,triscut, tortillas. I can't think of anything else we need.  But as the new adds come out on Wednesday I will check to see what is a loss leader and buy that if I use it and need it.

Kim's refrigerator basics                                      Pantry staples

potatoes                                                                flour                                      peanut butter  

carrots                                                                  sugar/white/brown/powder   jellies

onions                                                                  corn meal                               pasta Assorted

celery                                                                   rice white/brown                    canned tomatoes  

salad fixings                                                        corn starch                             canned or frozen veggies

milk                                                                     crisco                                     broths/bullions

butter/ margarine                                                 cooking oil                            dried beans all kinds

eggs                                                                     baking powder/soda              canned soups   

cheese assorted                                                    salt/pepper and spices           tuna   

condiments                                                          yeast if you bake                   cake mixes

                                                                             cereal/oatmeal                      crackers/buns

In your freezer have a few packages of meats, burger, chicken, pork, Things you can choose from to make meals. With the above ingredients you should be able to put together any meal.

I picked up several cases of veggies right before Christmas as they were 3/1.  For now it will be the corned beef and then later in the week I will plan what to do with the chicken, but I am thinking tortillas as I need to use up the peppers in my fridge.  So I will cook up the chicken one night and serve it with potatoes and vegetable. The left over will be made into chicken fajitas.

This system works for me. If I am craving something I add it to my grocery list.  But by buying what is on sale and stocking up a few things a week you should be able to build a good pantry.

What dishes do you cook regularly for your family?  DO you have favorites?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.