Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I did not get one thing done on my list for Wednesday.  Not one thing.  Although I was busy most of the day.  Did get some awful curtains done that I was dreading and also got another batch of curtains ready for tomorrow morning, so the whole day was not a complete waste. I also had a pile of Valentine napkins and table runner that I needed to iron, so I did get that off the board.

As the sale papers come out on Wednesday, we usually do our major grocery shop that day.  This is a small town and shelves of specials can be emptied if you don't get right on it.

Again there were no real stellar sales on things at Albertsons.  But they did have really good burger $1.99 a pound limit 2-6 pound packages.   So I picked that up.

The rest was bought at Winco and I really should not take hubs as he buys some things I would not, but then he has lost 45 lbs and keeping it off is important to me. SO when he puts a $5.00 bag of nuts and a $6.00 package of dry salami in the cart I have to turn a blind eye. We just barely kept it in budget, I would have seriously been below if not for hubs.

I had a weird experience.  I have a little cash box that I used to use in the shop, but gave up using in after my purse was stolen out of our garage.  The police that came to our house just said with a business in a home it is a bad idea and not to have it out on display.  So I put it away in a drawer and have not used it since.  I pulled it out the other day to use as a bank for one of my saving challenges and it was jammed.  I had hubs help me un jam the drawer.  When it finally let loose, three checks fell out, that were behind the jammed drawer.  They totaled $85.00.  I did not think I could cash them any more as they were over a year old.  But I looked on the internet and it said unless marked with an expire date most banks would not take them after 6 months.  But there was no hard and fast law on this and to see if my credit union would take them.  They did!   I did contact the person with the larger check to make sure it would not overdraw the account.

Although I know I have had checks that I have written that have been cashed after a year.  Have any of you had any experience with this? 

I really do have to get my but in gear today. I hope I can find some motivation.

Thrifty Thursday

1. saved all my coins

2. filled my $36.00 weekly envelope challenge

3. saved all y $5.00 bills up to $120.00 for the year

4. filled two of my 100 envelope challenge

5. cooked all meals from scratch at home

6. picked up $7.44 from some consignment items

7. Found $85.00 worth of checks I did not know I had!

8. Filled gas tank at reservation saving .30 a gallon

9. used ibotta to save $6.80 at the grocery store, on raisins,crackers,chicken broth, tortilla chips

10. used coupons at grocer for triscut and salad dressing.

11. use a $4.00 off coupon for nice razors for Hubs who has sensitive skin and breaks out from cheap razors.

12. Bought 7 zippers at Jo anns, used one 50% off coupon  and a $5 off $35.00 coupon to lower bill from $35.16 to $20.79

13. pulled a carhartt zipper head off a zipper I was replacing and put it on a coat that had lost its pull.  Made $5.00 how easy was that?

14. Using face lotion,perfume, and make up that were all gifts. I rarely have to buy anything in this category.  I ask my girls what they are not using and they give me stuff they have bought and don't like.  Plus Sluggy keeps me in beauty.

15. made a conscience effort to turn off lights

16. tried to double cook so I save on time and utilities. 

What have you done this week to save? Do you have any reagular savings challenges, if so what are they?

Sam at  Sam, coffee, money and Thyme wrote about using more beans and she had a picture of navy bean soup.  I love navy bean soup and I just found a package of ham in the freezer so that is on for the weekend.  Yum! Don't you just love finding something you didn't know you had in the freezer (like ice cream?) like a bag of ham slices?  It is like a buried treasure.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I found an ice cream sandwich and was thrilled beyond belief. I offered Tommy half and he took it!

    Do you pull off the little tab on zippers that we use to pull the zipper up and down? Or do you pull off the whole mechanism that runs on the zipper teeth?

    1. I use the whole mechanism. I have zipper top stops to add on after that I order.

  2. Sounds like a good thrifty week.

  3. I also found meat at a big mark down. Ground beef was $1.99/lb, and I had store rewards, so got it for even less. I bought 15 lbs, which was the limit. I need to get it all packaged for the freezer today.

    1. That is when you buy my friend. I have a great bulgogi recipe you make with ground beef.

  4. Well done on finding the checks!
    There are no wonderful grocery buys here this week either. I'm glad I don't really need anything.
    Found food in the freezer is always a fun thing, unless it is really gross things I find sometimes, that I wonder why I even saved it to begin with.
    Though no one here needs it, I am making some Nanaimo bars just to use up leftover ingredients from last week when I made them. I think I will freeze them and then when I find the later on I will be thrilled ( I won't need them then either)

    1. Well from someone that ate almost 1/2 of a 1/2 gallon of strawberry ice cream last night... yes and I hid the carton from hubs just like the sugar drunk that I am:)

  5. Happy for you about the checks. I am big supporter about turning off the lights. I have a few on timers to help keep the house cozy.

    1. Hubs can be terrible at it. When I cam home tonight after an errand every light in the house was on, but then grandson was over so I imagine he was more than half the battle.

  6. I didn't know there was a choice on checks-good to know. I hope your soup is delicious.

    1. It will be I have know doubt. That reminds me I need to go soak the beans.

  7. I hope your purse being stolen did not happen at your new house.Cindy in the South

  8. No it was at our old place. We had a policeman living across the street and his radio would trip our old garage door opener. It opened the door in the middle of the night and my purse was in the car. We had a rash of robberies and I was one of them. They used my checkbook and my CC;s at Walmart with in hours, but I was on them and had police at my house and they pulled pictures off the cameras and got the guys. I knew just what to do to catchem quick.