Monday, October 16, 2023

Monday, I must pack!

 Kelsa was here today, and we went to the park, and we went on a long stroller walk, and we did not clean or get anything done to leave because we were playing.  I did finally just check into the airport, and I do have my meds packed.  But I have not brought my suitcase out of the garage yet.

I have to get the dogs stuff packed up and still figure out a ride to the airport.  I will call my girlfriend. The neighbor came by who is taking care of the cat.  So that is worked out.

I think once I get the suitcase in and opened, I will get some motivation. I think my biggest problem is that I am tired.  I took a very long nap yesterday and could not sleep last night.  SO my fault.

I hope I am doing the right thing with this trip.  Going back to the place where I lost Joel. Walking the same paths and the memories.  I am a big girl, but this might be really hard.  Signe" and Nate are flying in also for about 5 days so that will be fun and then Sissie bought Auntie a ticket to come in later.  It will be party central, I think.  Not much time for feeling sorry for myself.

I will be back on the 31st, just in time to go trick or treating with the grand kids. And then bring them home for a sleep over.  Yippee!!!

There is a lone wedding dress hanging in the shop.  It is so weird as there were about 12 there a month ago.  So happy the season is over!

I need to bring in my lemon trees tomorrow just in case we have a really hard frost while I am gone.  I did not get the geraniums in like I wanted so I hope those last until I get back. Just called a secured a ride to the airport from my bestest buddy.  So, I guess I really am leaving.

Take care and don't have too much fun while I am gone.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Wednesday, I cleaned!!!!

 I know most of you probably think I am really weird that I am so excited that I cleaned the house. Not just a pickup but cleaned.  I scrubbed bathrooms, did windowsills, all the mirrors, got the dust bunnies under al the furniture.  This is no joke when you have hardwood and a corgi.

I have been so bad about not finishing things and I am a finisher.  At least I used to be. Now I will pull out the steam mop and leave it in the hall for two weeks and then put it away without mopping. I just have a tendency to do half of what needs to be done and then start over.  I don't know if it is a grief thing.  A lack of energy, or a lack of caring?  It is weird.  I don't like it. I want it to go away.

Today I got up to a very clean house, and I got myself ready to greet my public (also something I have a hard time doing now).  I had made a list the night before, and I hurried out the door, with my list and stopped at 7 different locations to pay bills and pick things up, returning home to blog and answer emails.

Other than taking Kelsa to dance lessons this evening I am free to sew and get everything shop oriented done. I have a couple of easy wedding dresses and then piles.  But I am sure I can get through everything before I go. 

Slugs had her surgery this morning and I have been praying for her.  Got news that it is done and went well, now for the recovery, which I know from helping several people go through this, can be brutal.  I will continue to pray for her pain relief. I just really wish either Sissie or I could be there for a couple of weeks to help her and her hubby. But I will drop all and get a ticket if needed. I just want my Sluggy back, so we can travel and eat carrot cake. She has lost so much weight; I am afraid she will disappear. Can't wait to see her again.

Well, here is my list for today:

1. bustle, take up straps, and put hooks up the back of a wedding dress

2. hem and bustle a wedding dress

3. hem two pairs of pants and 4 curtain panels

4. hem 4 pairs of pants

5. hem 3 pairs of pants and fix the waist on a pair

6. hem a pair of dress slacks

7. go to Joanns and get a zipper

8. Take Kelsa to dance

Here I go!


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Tuesday, I will get something done today

 I am telling you I cannot get anything done... Probably because I have two three-year-olds here for the past 48 hours.  I am determined today to finish something besides a can of diet coke.

Slug goes in for her knee surgery in the morning, so we all need to be praying for a good outcome. Like they don't do the wrong knee, or something like that.

My computer is grinding at the slowest rate I have ever seen. Driving me crazy. 

I made a list of things to get done and one of them was blogging so while I am sitting here complaining I am actually completing a list! 

I think this is the last time I will have the kids before I leave so I want the house really clean.  Oh, who am I kidding? Something will blow the whole thing up.  How is that for a positive outlook?

I did get the spare room cleaned and vacuumed as the kids have been sleeping in there.  All of the laundry is done. I am going to get the floors done today if it kills me. As in all vacuumed and mopped.  Also get the bathrooms deep cleaned they are in desperate need. I hate coming home to a dirty house.

Signe's (daughter #2) office is blowing up and that just makes things hard, not only on her, but on me as I am the sitter.  The schedule is constantly changing, I am ready to go down there and start working as an assistant just to keep things on even keel but hold it I am the sitter. Drats, that brilliant plan won't work.  Let's think of another.

You know slow and steady; I just keep moving toward the goal.  My next task is to pick up all the toys again.  Because I have only done that 10 times in the last 24 hours.  Okay that is an exaggeration it has been 11 Times. But I cannot vacuum with toys all over.

I need to find my rubber gloves to clean the bathrooms and I think they might be outside.  Great! But I will not let that throw me.  Those bathrooms will be cleaned, I am determined.

My poor niece that is my eldest daughter's age broke her ankle and had to have surgery yesterday.  She lives out in the toolies of Idaho, so you can't even send a meal or get to her to help.  She does have sister in laws on the ranch and I hope they step up.  Her two oldest daughters are away, and it is just boys, and I know harvest is not over. 

I am loving running, it has really helped my mood, even if it has not helped my get things done button.  But I don't feel so discouraged.  Went to dinner with my bestie and she said I was glowing.  Maybe good lighting? Time for my closeup Mister Demille.

I have a funeral on Saturday.  Good friend of ours, he had dementia.  He was at Joel's funeral in a wheelchair.  It is a blessing, but still sad.  I am taking in funeral potatoes. I have to laugh because Joel despised funeral potatoes and told me he did not want them at his funeral. 

Well, I had better go find something to cover my hands so I can scrub the bathrooms, I think my gloves are out by the garden. 


Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday, Running!


I'm running!  Not up to speed yet, but I am telling you I think this might be my answer to the depression I have been in for the last few months. I just feel so positive. I hope it lasts.

I do have to say that there is not a schedule yet, as Signe' has had breaks in her work schedule and we have run during the day, and in the morning.  But I do have to get some kind of schedule that works with the shop.

The shop has slowed down enough that I feel like I can take off for an hour, but I still think I will just have to do mornings like I used to years ago. 

I ran 2 miles today and want to work up to a 3-mile run 5 days a week. Also, I think I fell asleep faster, and I slept better. Or maybe this is all just illusion.

Anyway, spent the last two days forcing myself to read, The Night Circus, which I hated. It is one thing to read a book you hate for a class, but for a book club it is painful.  I did it, that is all I can say.  But the time wasted, when I could have been doing something more meaningful. But then again it does open you to different genres, and you get to see what other people like. It gives you a look inside their minds. Like I want someone looking inside my mind......

I have so much to do before I leave for Sissies.  And I just found out I am going away for a week over Thanksgiving. I will go to my eldest daughter's house.  I am excited.

Going out to dinner with my friend tonight, as I have not eaten a meal since I got back from my trip last week.  Cereal, yogurt, candy, chips, diet coke, apples, plums, just general grazing.  So, if I go out, I will eat a meal.

I am thinking of cooking dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday, as those are the days that Kelsa and Will take lessons. They are here in town, and it would save the kids from trying to work and cook. It is an idea.

I am giving Will piano lessons and that is interesting. He is very musical. Got the new choir piece for November and it changes key 4 times, plus timing three times, so I have to really pay attention. When I play for the children's group that is the hardest thing for me is to change keys from one song to the next. I will start the new song in the key that the previous song was in, and it is not good.  ADHD at its finest.

Well, I need to get some sewing done today as I did not get anything done yesterday. I did get another wedding dress in, but it is for December. I will not get to it until I get back from Sissie's.

Well, I am off! In more ways than one.


Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday, I'm back!

 I just loved this meme.  If you own or have ever owned a cat you will understand.  I love cats.  If I did not own a sewing shop, I would have lots of cats.

It was a very long drive to the funeral and back. But the scenery was gorgeous. I understand why the Olympic peninsula has the best tree growth status in the US. The timber I saw was incredible. Just an absolutely beautiful drive.

It was a lovely funeral, and such a great family. The friend I took, was an aunt, or a great aunt to most of the people there and they were so happy to see her.

But it was hard on both of us.  She is still morning her husband, and it was my first funeral since Joel passed. The cemetery was beautiful, and it was perfect weather. We could not have asked for better.

I did not feel at all well driving home.  Terrible sinus pressure and a cough. Every time I coughed; I thought my head would explode. About three hours out I thought I was going to have to stop and get a hotel.  But I took some Aleve and mustered through.  Felt better yesterday, and today even a little better.

I got some good news from my new rheumatologist, that I met last Thursday morning before we left town.  I really liked her.  My cholesterol is outrageous, and they keep trying to put me on a statin. Well come to find out it is caused by my meds.  Good to know! Also, she said I could start running again!!!!!!

Seven Years ago, my doctor wanted me to stop running because of my arthritis. I had been a runner all my life.  I really, really miss it. So, I am going to start slowly and see what happens. Running was more of a mental thing for me, and I could really eat anything I wanted when I ran. Did someone say donut?

It was so nice to be able to come home to a clean shop with only one dress in it! In a little more than 2 weeks I will be at Sissies.  I am very excited! But there is a lot to do to get ready to go.  I need to get all the geraniums I want to winter over out of the ground and into the garage.  The yard tools must be emptied of gas and stored. Toys and cushions put away and stored in the sheds.

Today I am just doing a few piles, I have a bride picking up this afternoon. But there is still plenty to do here, just not the extreme pressure which is so nice.

The neighbor just brought me some frost plums. I love them and have to be careful not to eat too many.

Off to work.