Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday, getting ready to trek!

     Mom left this morning so I am sad.  She really needs to live with one of her daughters, but we cannot get her to give up her independence.  I love it when she is here.  She is a lot of work but I don't even care.  Actually it is more stressful for me to have her living on her own that the stress of having her here.

     I need to get down to the bank and pay a bill that is due tomorrow.  But I am not sure if I have enough money.  Will have to take some out of savings.  Drat!

     I am down to one wedding dress in the shop.  Well actually 2 but one is finished except for steaming.  It is weird as I have had 8-10 at a time here.  I will have so much to do next week as many, many things have come into the shop in the last 2 days.

     I am slowly packing up for the trek as we are taking all of our gear to someones house to be put on a trailer.    I need to complete a blister/medical kit and a sewing kit.  I am almost done.

     I stayed up late last night to get all my paper work done for a mass mailing at the studio.  Lucky for me, I have a parent that will complete the work.  I need to run and get paper in different colors and take it to her house.  Also need to run to the paper and put an add in for new registration.  Like I have that money.....

     I will be off the grid until next week, I hope I survive!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday, dogs got into the chickens!

     We had stray dogs get into our chickens.  Only one has survived and we are not so sure how happy she is right now.  Poor thing.  If our dog had been home this would not have happened.  It was just a fluke.  Animal control came.  We can press charges.  But in reality dogs kill chickens.  Yes the dogs were out of their yard, but our dog has been seen across the street also, she just won't kill chickens.  Owner of dogs was very unhappy, but how do you fight instinct?

     I was very busy yesterday in the shop.  I also have a great deal to do today.  Mom and I spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon shopping for food and fruit.  The fruit is coming on here and it is so good.  She is very slow moving.  What would have taken me and hour took 3 hours, oh well!

     I have a new face book page set up for the shop and already have a 1st customer.  But I have never been on face book.  My web site guy has all the comments forwarded to my e-mail.  I will have to learn this new gig.

     Ballet Mistress is coming over to complete schedule and we will do a mailing tomorrow.  It will be nice to get that out of the way!  I am raising tuition so we will see how that goes over!

     I need to go check all my print outs for studio, yuck I hate that kind of work.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, back for a few days!

     The house is so quite.  Grandson and kids are gone, we also had the younger girls take the dog home for a week so we would not have to pay a sitter.  My mom is still here.  I really enjoy her company.  She is not feeling very good this morning.  Poor darling. 

     I have already had 3 phone calls today and I have a great deal to do in the shop.  Thanks goodness as we are broke!  

     I was able to get the desk cleaned off and the bills paid, but I had to hold $286.00 until the 1st.  I will need that much to cover by the 1st.  I should be able to do it.  I was able to get $500.00 last week and I used $300.00 for bills and the other for gas and groceries.  We ran up to Couer d'Alene on Friday just for the day.  Mom had her teeth looked at by daughter #2.  Much cheaper to have the work done here with her discount.  It was a nice weekend, grandson is so funny and busy!

     My arthritis meds do not seem to be a working as well as I think they should.  I am still very stiff and in so much pain.  I just hate it.  My wrists and shoulders are so inflamed.  My feet and hands are so swollen.  Actually I am swollen.  All I can do is work and try to keep moving and control the pain.  Very frustrating.  I was late for church yesterday as I could find no shoes that I could get on my feet.  Hubby came home to shoes all over the bedroom. He just loves that.....

     We are getting ready to go on a trek with our church and hubby keeps eying me as he knows I can hardly move.  I will be fine I keep saying, like I can convince myself.

     Well I can hear mom puttering around upstairs so I had better go check on her.

Out My Window:  I live in a jungle, hot hot, but I love it!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, so much to do!

Studio $3.00
Personal $903.34

     My oldest daughter and her husband and my grandson will be here late Wednesday!  I am so excited.  But I have a lot of deep cleaning to do and weeding, and grocery shopping.  Money has been so tight here I have not added anything to extra food storage.  So meat is very low in freezer.  If not non existent.  I also think my mom is coming.  So I need to strip all the beds and clean and dust unused bedrooms.  Take stock of food items on top of sewing.

     Then my fabulous husband called a meeting of several couples from our church for an upcoming event.  Not a big deal but it will be here tomorrow night at 6:30.  Gee thanks dear.  Who is going to get the spider web and dust bunnies out from under the baby grand?  How about getting all the dog hair off the sofa?  Who will make the dessert to be served.  The only thing that makes this acceptable is that he will have to help me tonight and that will make getting ready for family easier.

     I need to sit down and pay small bills and there are a lot of them.  I was going to wait until the 25th mail them as we get paid from the cleaning job on the 25th.  The desk is a mess and I have not even printed out a budget for July.  I have just been barely scraping by on the large bills.  But I need to pull my head out and figure out what is left.

     I was so low in the shop last week and I hope to do better this week.  I have $81.00 left from last week after groceries.  So I do at least have gas money for hubby for the week.  Now I need to concentrate on theater bill.  Come on at least $500.00.

     Things I need to do today:

1. Call mom
2. change sheets on all three beds
3. do laundry 2 loads plus sheets
4. catch up on ironing (yeah like that is going to happen)
5. clean out small freezer in basement fridge take stock
6. clean out freezer in upstairs fridge and take stock
7. clean out food cupboards in kitchen  (2 of them)
8. Clean refrigerator it is disgusting
9. figure out what kind of treat to make for meeting tomorrow!
10.  clean off desk and organize!
11. Sew, 2 zippers, hem 3 pairs of pants, alter a suit, alter a bridesmaid dress, finish altering and steam a wedding dress.

     I think that is enough for the day don't you?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, I had fun yesterday

Studio $3.00
personal $13.12

     I had so much fun yesterday.  I had two little girls over to play.  One is a dance student from a large family.  The other is the next door neighbor girl.  I know that both can be a handful as they are smart and busy.  Parents just appreciate an afternoon off from an all knowing kid.  (I was an all knowing kid and there were two of us).  So we baked cookies, started dinner, fed the chickens, watered the plants.  I let them get out my ribbon bag and into my sequin and hair piece drawer( dance costumes).  They sat on the shop floor for 1.5 hours totally engrossed with headbands and hair clips and stuff.  Made their own fashionable hair do dads.  I altered three bridesmaid dresses.  Their conversations were so funny.  Then we wax dipped our hands and painted our nails.  We completed the afternoon by learning how to play Chinese checkers! It was a day of fun.  I sent home the cookies with them and just kept a few for us.

     I am really down on my money goal this week.  Even though I have been busy, some work has not been picked up and bridal dresses require more than one fitting.  So far my take for the week has been $200.00 not even close to $500.00.  I will have to get some groceries as we are almost out of meat.  I will also need money for gas.  But I will keep plugging along.  Don't have much choice.  Hubby got paid last night so I need to sit down and figure out what bills I will pay and which ones I will hold.

     Out My Window: Hot, but beautiful.  I actually weeded a little last night.  Hope to get more done this evening and weekend.  It just never ends.

     My two younger daughters are driving down tonight and treating me to a spa day on Saturday!  Boy do I need it. Personally I think they want to see how my medication is working.  Not fast enough..... okay I am going to be positive:)

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday, I get to play today!

Studio $ 3.00
Personal $13.12

     I'm going to hurt my husband.  I had cash for him to put gas in the car.  I noticed on the way to the bank the tank was full.  He had written a check for gas in our account that had $7.07 in it!  I said there is no money to cover that check and you don't get paid until tomorrow!  I swear that man will derail any plan I have.

     I had a really bad headache most of the day yesterday and I slept in 3 beds last night.  Bed hopping is what I do when I don't feel good.  So now I have three beds to make this morning.  At least I don't have to vacuum or sweep.

     I have two little girls coming over this afternoon to play with me.  Yes play!  We are going to bake cookies, paint our nails, make barrettes, plant some flowers and do arts and crafts.  Really I am giving their Mom's a break. So I had better get busy this morning and get all my work done as I will probably be supervising most of the afternoon.

     Pork chops and sweet potatoes for dinner, along with salad.  I will send left over cookies to Hubby's office tomorrow.  I need to get my butt in gear. I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I wanted to because I felt punk.  Just remodeled 2 bridesmaid dresses.

So this morning I need to:

Clean up (as in brush my teeth and put on some makeup!)
Do two loads of laundry
Make the three above mentioned beds.
Empty several trash cans
clean up the kitchen
alter a Wedding dress
Hem 3 pairs of pants
steam a bridesmaid dress
alter a bridesmaid dress

   I had better get busy!

Out My Window:  Hot, and going to get hotter.  Still no weeding......

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, hey I am making progress!

Studio $103.00
Personal $7.07

     I just noticed that my truck is under $10,000.  Yippee, this mentally is such a big deal to me.  For some reason when a debt is under $10,000 it seems easier to payoff.  Dumb I know but a mind thing.  Also the house is three payments away from dropping under $100,000.  So although I am very broke right now I am positive I am heading in the right direction.

     I did take money out to pay the rest of the studio rent so that is taken care of for the month.  I am now concentrating on the theater and I want to be able to pay at least $500.00 of that myself before the end of next week.  Money is not coming into the shop as fast as I would like.  I have a great deal of work, but weddings come in large sums spaced farther apart.

     Trying to get the house work done when it is cool upstairs, so I mopped the floor at 10 last night.  I am going up after this blog to sweep and mop and vacuum the upstairs rugs.  No easy feat as it is 1500 sq.ft. and I have 16 area rugs.  But the fur balls are accumulating under the tables and ready to take over.  We also had a fly hatching that went into the dining room window and I have dead carcasses all over.  Gross!

     Hubby is so hot when he comes home.  Last night I just did BLT's for dinner with cantaloupe, radishes, and cottage cheese.  Used my own bread, tomatoes, and lettuce and radishes from garden.  Tonight I am having, green salad, egg salad sandwiches, sugar free jello and cottage cheese, radishes, and cucumbers with vinegar.  I hate to make sandwiches every night but it is so hot and we do not run an air conditioner.  This way the house does not get heated up.  I boiled the eggs last night when I was cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor.

     Lot's of sewing to do today!  I have three bridesmaid dresses, to alter and two zippers to put into items.  At least 3 pairs of pants to hem.  Two Wedding dresses to look over and start.  One I must run to Jo-anns to match the satin.  So my work is cut out for me. " Work is cut out for me" makes more sense when you are a shoemaker or a tailor. :)

     Out My Window:  Hot, Hot, no weeding done in front yet, did get the watering done last night.  Chickens love me and love people food.  They are so cute.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday, staying true to not spending!

Studio $113.00
Personal $7.07

See how I stored my wheat?  Remember the ugly Ziggy's bucket by the back door?  Well it is gone.  Back into the garage with the rest of the buckets.  One of the girls gave me these large jars for Christmas 3 years ago.  I felt guilty never using them and they sat in the bedroom kind of looking out of place and stupid, but remember the guilt.  Well I filled them with wheat and they are convenient for me to get to when I need to grind fresh flour and they are cute and did not cost  me a thing.   Which is a triple win as far as I am concerned!

     I puttered yesterday away.  It was fun.  Got the laundry finished.  But not the ironing....  Cleaned the kitchen.  Did a few projects. As seen above! Sewed the bare minimum. ($100.00)  Had much more business come into the shop.  Did not get any weeding done, :( but did take a long walk with hubby after we cleaned the bank.
     I turned the collar on one of Hubby's shirts.  It was an Eddy Bauer and only worn on the top part of the collar.  So I took a seam ripper and pulled it off, then put an iron on patch on the holes and sewed it back on with the good side on top.  I swear it took 5 minutes.
Here is patch ironed on (I made my own with wonderunder and old denim)

 Good as new you really can't see threads at all!

  I also lengthened a pair of very expensive outdoor hiking pants of his that had shrunk from washing.

  Shortened 2 pairs of hiking pants for myself, and lengthened a very expensive Talbot's skirt that was a little too short for my comfort.
The hem old hem line does not show from the other side as this is heavy linen and a very busy print.

 So I got a few things off the to do list.  Actually the mending pile.
     I made dinner, with the shrimp I had thawed out for Sunday and did not cook.  Also salad from garden, lettuce, radishes, tomato and cucumber.  Left over strawberries, and blueberries, ww hard bread with butter.  So trying to deal with food waste in a timely manner.  I also took out all the scraps to the chickens.

     I paid the truck payment, but still have to figure out the rent for the studio

.  If I wait until Thursday I will not have to take money out of savings.  So right now I have $440.00 for rent.  I did take in $35.00 this morning but that will have to go into the gas envelope for hubby. Robbing Peter to pay Paul around here and so far it is working.

     I actually set up a bill pay on-line this morning.  I am so proud of me.  I have never done that before as I am a little scared of the process.  We will see how this works.

     Out My Window:  Getting very hot here, need to go water the flowers.  Maybe weed tonight?  Yeah like that is going to happen.

     Well  need to go get the sewing done.  Bridesmaid dresses coming out my ears.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday, here we go....

Studio $498.12
Personal  $7.07

       Over the weekend I had $75.00 more come in, so after I clean up and do a little house work ( and believe me there is a lot to do) I am going to check the tuition box at the studio and then go pay the truck payment and the studio rent.  I will have to take money out I think but that is okay.

     My goal for this week is an additional $500.00, but it is going to be hard as I have very little small stuff in the shop.  Although I was busy sewing last week it was all bridal.  I am praying for little things to come in that turn over money.  So far today I have had 3 phone calls and I tell myself that is $40.00.  Keep it up.

     Because of fire season Hubby is not commuting so gas goes up to at least $70.00 a week.  We have plenty of groceries we will be fine until next week.  I think I will try to clean a few cupboards in the kitchen today, we will see.  I don't want my ADD self to get out of control.  I must keep the beast within.

     I know I am feeling better but progress is slow.  I just want to be pain free.  Now I see signs that I am getting better in my movements, but I also have major pain issues.  I just need to be patient.  I am not good at patient.  I just talked to my sister and she said as she remembers, I start to really feel better in about 2 weeks.  So week one is down.

     Out My window:  Beautiful, getting hotter.  Weeded in the front on Saturday.  I want to put a load in the truck to take to the dump and weed the front flower beds this week. 

     Well I am off to clean up, do a little house work and bookwork and hit the shop.

What are your plans for the day?

Have A great and productive day.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday, I made the weekly goal!

Studio $498.12

Personal $7.07

     I wanted to make  $500.00 this week and I did exactly $500.00.  I knew I would need to get groceries and fill Hubbies car with gas, get chicken food and some cleaning supplies.  If I had $500.00 in cash I could do this and still have a lay over of $300.00 or more for next week. This way I can pay another bill.

     I was so busy in the shop yesterday.  I took in 2 more Wedding dresses.  I have not made a goal for next week but I know I will need at least $400.00 to pay for gas and groceries and to add to pay the Truck payment.

So on Monday I will pay the studio rent $700.00

When I get an additional $200.00 I will pay for the truck.  $500.00

Then I must work on the theater bill $924.00.  This is my next big goal.  I want to do this before the end of the month.

     I am going to do some yard work today.  Hubby gave away our rooster and one chicken so we have a more manageable number.   I don't have to worry about the neighbors complaining.

     I feel a little better today but last night was hell.  I am not very patient about waiting for this medicine to work.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, I am proud of me...

Studio  $ 498.12
personal $7.07  

      I am proud of me!  Why?  Because yesterday I sat down and in 1/2 hour did two very important things I have been putting off that are financially important.  I am a terrible procrastinator on certain things.

     I received a notice last week that I had not updated the FAFSA with new tax records.  Now I was afraid this would take forever and I would get stuck and infinite phone calls, frustration. But no as I have a card with all the codes and pins and daughters SS# and drivers # it took about 10 minutes.  So why have I been dreading this and letting it keep me up at night?

     I needed a form to get the last of our Cobra money out to pay a dental bill.  $707.11.  Now I have already paid the bill and I could use this money but without a form I cannot send it in to the company.  Well I googled the website and looked for forms and low and be hold up it came! I copied it and mailed everything.

     Other than those two things I did nothing but sew yesterday.  The shop was crazy with the first customer at 8:15.  I also took in 3 dresses that have to go out today.  Bridesmaids that are flying out on Monday and the dresses arrived yesterday.  I was doing a great deal of hand work last night to finish up a bridal alteration.  Hubby wanted to go on a walk around the levy but I had too much to finish.

     I am very stiff and sore this morning.  I thought I was getting better.  But maybe I am just impatient and forgetting how crippled I had become.  I had a bride show up at 9 to borrow the steamer.  Then another bridesmaid at 9:15.  I was so stiff I had a hard time pushing pins through the dress.  So I told myself to get busy.  Emptied 3 over flowing trash cans and put new liners in them.  Anything to get the large muscles moving and force me to use my hands.

     I think I will do a quick run through the house too help loosen me up and then get busy in the shop.  I would love to be done with my sewing by 4:30.  I have many pick ups today after 5 but I just want to be done before the crowd gets here.

     Paid the house payment yesterday, so one of my goals this week is complete.  Now I need to get the rent paid at the studio $700.00, get the truck payment made $500.00 and the theater bill $925.00 by next week and I am sure I will have to hit the savings for at least one of those.  DARN!  I really dislike being broke.

     I work so hard and make all this money and it just goes to bills.  Okay I am whining as I did take a nice 4 day trip to see my girls and did several fun things just last weekend.  It is so easy to forget how blessed I am.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful and not too hot.   I hope to work in the yard a bit later this evening.

     I need to go clean myself up, get a few household chores done and hit the shop.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, scattered mind..

Studio $80.12
Personal $7.72

     I was just scattered yesterday probably because I was trying to do too much at once.  One of my many bad habits.  I did get some of the things done and I am happy about it but several important things got way laid.
Here is the medicine, measuring cup, and Tupperware cupboard before I cleaned it out.

 Here it is clean.  I threw away 1/2 of a 13 gallon trash can of expired medicine.  I mean things from 2009. Now I have extra room and I also have room for my cooking bowls.

My dish cupboard which is a china cabinet to the dining room and a pass through vanity.

Now I put all the extra glasses in the china cabinet and put my small appliances that I use all the time, Rice cooker and crock pot up where they belong. I also have room for something else.

 My corner of shame. Appliances that I had not put away mostly because I could not lift my arms at all for the last month.  

 Everything put away!  I have not cleaned the floors yet.   

Another view into living room.  There is a pocket door here.  This little cabinet used to hold the telephone.  The basket still holds the phone books, address books, paper and pens.  This cupboard used to hold a days bread baking for our family when they lived in Sweden.  Three shelves with net over the openings to keep out vermin and let the bread breath.  I now store all my cook books here. The butter Churn also is from the old homestead.

These two cabinets hold all the cake/pie pans, cookie racks and other appliances not used very often.  I also have every Swedish cooking apparatus you can imagine.  25 rosette irons (why?) Several huskavarna cake pans of various sizes and styles.  A potatoes ricer for lefsa, cookie press, krumkake iron both electric and over the stove model.  Swedish almond cake pan and boards, you name it I got it. Norwegian wedding cake molds.

Add I also cleaned out the china cabinet drawers.  Napkins and Chinese food, nori mats.  Paper plates and party supplies, garbage bags and dog and cat things.  I wish I had taken before pictures.

I moved the ice tongs to behind the potato basket as they stuck out under the china cabinet like a dead limb.  I need to get a better container for my upstairs wheat storage.  This Ziggy's bucket is so attractive.
      As I was cleaning I made 48 cupcakes, 1/2 cherry, 1/2 yellow and frosted them with vanilla butter cream and chocolate butter cream.  I put red,white, and blue, M&M's on them with little flags.  I picked up cupcake wrappers with flags, and little cupcake flags for 10 cents a package after the 4th.  Large bags of M&M's were $2.00 a piece.  So I figured let's celebrate all month long.  I also made 6 dozen cookies.  All of these were sent to Hubby's office for the fire crews.

     The problem was I made such a mess upstairs that I in full ADD mode did not take a very important medication, I did not go pay the house payment or make a deposit. I did not pick up my prescriptions which I needed last night,  I did not get the 2 bridesmaid dresses that were due first thing this morning done until after we cleaned the bank.  So I was up until midnight sewing.

     Result, I am very sore and stiff today and behind in the shop. Because I was out of meds I did not fall asleep until 2 a.m. and the first fitting was at 8 a.m. and I had to shower so I was up at 7.a.m. I have a headache and I am sleepy.  One of the bridesmaid dresses still does not fit in the shoulders and I have to redo it. &&^%$#.  So today no cleaning.  But I will go run those errands.  I also started the laundry which I can do while I sew.

     Out My Window:  We are giving away one of our chickens and our rooster.  It is beautiful and perfect today.  I hope to get sewing done and get some time in the yard this evening.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday, staying positive

Studio $80.12
Personal $7.72

    If you want to start with a laugh go to Sonya Ann's blog (a mom, money and more) and have a good chuckle!

     Still trying to figure out how to pay all these bills.  I decided I had to make at least $500.00 this week so we will see what I do.  On a good note  I received $418.00 in summer ballet fees so that is a help and I for some reason I was not expecting any money.  So today when I have the cleaning check arrive I will go pay the house payment and deposit these checks.  I hope more turn up on Thursday and I can pay the rent for the studio without touching my savings.

     I balanced the checking accounts yesterday and I had made a huge mistake in the personal account.  I failed to deduct a $400.00 check.  So panic and called hubby.  I told him not to write a check for gas and he reminded me that I had given him an envelope with about $130.00 in it when we were on vacation.  So he has enough to fill the car up at least twice. Thank goodness for my poor memory.

     Worked really hard on a Wedding dress I will finish to day.  Lace over tulle that had to be picked out and then the under satin skirt taken in at hips and now lace has to be restored.  Very hard pain staking work, I also have to finish the veil.  I always offer to make the veils as they take a few minutes and the shops charge so much for them.  Had 3 more calls and appointments set up for Bridesmaids and Brides.  So work is coming in every day.  I am so blessed.

     Pharmacy just called and my prescriptions are ready, oh goody where am I going to get the money for those?   I am going to make cookies and cupcakes for Hubby's office this morning as I bought all this cookie dough from dance kids and it is in the fridge and needs to be cooked up.  I need to do this while it is still cool outside.  While the dough is cooking I will clean the kitchen and start something for dinner.

     Hubby and I worked in the garden and yard last night for a couple of hours.  Of course I over did it and could hardly move last night when we went to the bank.  He worked in the garden and I worked at weeding the patios and french drains.  I told him I wanted that garden to be absolutely weed free like it would look if I had done the weeding.  Yeah, like that is going to happen.

     So I am very happy about work in the shop, extra money at studio, hubby having money stashed for gas, and I am feeling a little better!

Out My Window:  It will be very hot today and then cool down.  Chickens are huge!

     I am headed for the kitchen and maybe I will clean out a drawer or two while I make cookies.  I need to do laundry and a little house work.  Blah!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     I was just so lazy yesterday.  Read my blogs but none of my comments went through.  I do not know what is wrong.  Went and took care of cell phones on this end, so both girls are off my plan.  I did have to pay a little but I do not care, they are gone!  Hubby and I would like to get smart phones someday but not for a while.  I want to get caught up around here on bills.  I went and got a few groceries as we had no bread or milk or fruit, etc.  I also weeded a little last night and plan to do a little more today although it is supposed to be 98 by this afternoon so that may curtail the weeding.

1. I need to pay the house payment and I can do this today with money I brought back from vacation and money I have saved I think :)

2. Next I have to pay a studio bill for rent of $700.00

3. I also have a $945.00 bill for the studio which I have to earn.  I do have more money coming in and I don't want to touch the savings until August.  So I guess I had better get to work.

     We are very low right now in all of our accounts and need to be very careful or we will overdraw.  I love summer, but I hate it financially.  Really it is far better than it used to be I just hate living so close to the edge.

     Feeling a little better in the joints.  Still very stiff but the pain is abating some.  I slept better last night.  I opened a pop bottle yesterday by myself! Just small things that make a difference.  Was able to get out of bed with more ease this morning.  I heard the phone ring and I tried to get to it, I just did not let it ring knowing it was no use I would never make it. Just about did as it was going into voice mail when I got to the phone.

  So I am going to get to work in the shop and earn some money to pay these bills!

Out My Window: Beautiful and HOT!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, home again, home again...

     I was afraid to come home after the 4th, as the last several years we have come home to chaos.  But everything was fine.  Thank goodness and prayer.  We had a great time and I would have loved it to be longer.

     We arrived at Daughter #2's home about 10:30 4th of July morning.  We met her boyfriends parents for the first time and then went to Cabela's to look around.  They have great fudge!  Did not buy much as I think they are very over priced.  Hubby did buy daughter #3 a fishing license.  We went and did a little grocery shopping and then home for steaks on the grill.  About 7 we headed for the boat docks and took an evening fireworks cruise.  It was great.  We were able to see the fireworks display from out in the center of lake CourdeAlene.  Beautiful!

     Friday morning Hubby and I got up early and went into Spokane for my load dose.  It took about 2 hours and it was so cold in there.  They had hot water bottles and three blankets on me and I was still shivering.  They keep the chemo cold and inject it into your arm on a slow drip.  Freezing inside and out.  My girls were upset that they put the IV in the top of my hand.  It always hurts the worst there, but I said I did not care.  I was in so much pain they could have cut my arm of and I would have taken it just to feel better.  We went home and puttered about, had dinner at the Pub where daughter #3 works, we also took the girls to get new cell phones!

     Daughter#3's phone had been dead for almost a month and Daughter #2 needs to be off our plan.  Hubby and I agreed to get #3 a phone as she is still in college and we help support them until they have there under graduate degree.  #2 had the studio main # and we could not let that phone go until now.  But the true excitement is that my phone bill will go down buy over $100.00 a month!  #3 has to pay #2's family plan.  It is about time, now when we get #2 off our car insurance in October and off our health insurance in October we will see another $100.00 savings at least.  Yeah!  But as Hubby said he really wanted to bell the cat (daughter #3's cell phone, oh by the way she just broke up with her AWFUL boyfriend that we hate, I just can't stand all this good news)  After lunch and the cell phones we went and helped #3 find an old dresser at an antique shop for her bedroom.  We brought the truck up with an extra set of lawn furniture we had in the shed.  So we were able to move the dresser into her house.

     Saturday hubby and #3 and myself drove to the Montana border and rented bikes and road the Hiawatha trail.   I have not ridden a bike for over 20 years.  I was a runner until 2 years ago, now I just sit and eat chips.   So we have these three bikes and the first 2 miles of the trail is an old railroad tunnel.  I am wobbling all over on this bike like a drunk, think Carol Burnett.  (Sissie think Kelly Sue with the ironing board).  Hubby keeps saying Kim are you okay?  When we got in the tunnel it was dark of course and about 45 degrees.  You cannot pedal to keep warm as you are on a downward grade and you would run into other riders in the dark.  I was so cold and scared.  What am I doing?  I just had poison pumped into my veins yesterday and I took another shot this morning, I am stiff as a board.  My shoulders and wrists have really not born my weight for over 6 weeks.  I am in the dark and the cold on a BIKE, what was I thinking?  Well you know me I was not going to turn back.  Hubby and #3 were out of the tunnel first.  They said I was as white as a sheet and my hands were frozen stiff to the brakes.  Oh yeah I was funny.  But I will have you know I made it to the end of that 27 mile trail before they did and it was so beautiful.  I want to do it again.  The worst part was getting off the bike and back on.  Hubby wanted to stop at every picture on the side of the road, but I would stiffen up on the bike and have a hard time pushing myself back up onto it, so when I feel better we will ride it again.  So much fun (pain).  We took a shuttle back to the ski lodge where we had rented the bikes.  I threw up all the way back.  Yeah meds had finally hit the old intestines.  I was a lovely passenger, the tour guides thought I was nuts, brave, but nuts.  So they will have a story about the chia pet hair women.

     Sunday we went to church and exactly almost to the minute in church I got what is called an chemo headache.  They usually happen about 48 hours after the drug.  It is the most common side affect which means every one gets it.  I have become really good at reading those placebo charts on meds.   I actually had tears coming out of my eyes and running down my cheeks my head hurt so much.  Like someone had put a rubber band on my skull and was trying to pop out my eyes. This is a morbid post. ( shots, vomit, freezing, popping eyes, good stuff)  I went home and slept for 3 hours and I was fine.  I helped #3 put her room together with her new dresser and we drove home.

     I have much to do in the shop so I had better get busy, I also want to choose a room to work on and clean.  I think I will do the kitchen first as it is the worst.  One cupboard at a time.  Still have not found my camera.  Never mind I just found it.....

Out My Window: It is much cooler in the 80's and I will try to do some weeding tonight.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday, Anyone for cleaning next week?

     I am so proud of me, I was able to get my few sewing projects done and clean the house ( yes I actually vacuumed).  I also did all the ironing.  It is easier if I take my board into the family room and watch TV while I do this.  But in the summer it is never ending as all we wear is cotton.  Still it is nice to have a day to get ready to go see the girls without a long list of to do's.

     We have a party we will attend tonight for a director who is moving with his wife to a new college.  I have worked closely for 22 years with this man and we have done over 50 musicals.  Amazing that the number is so high.  I will miss him dreadfully but I am happy he has the opportunity to move on.

     I was thinking of trying to go through my house room by room and clean each drawer and closet.  I mean really purge like I did last year.  I used to do this every year and it makes such a difference in how your life and home feels.  I think  that many people with money problems also have stuff problems.  Cleaning out and purging things that are in the way and don't bring you happiness or help your life can really clear up financial problems.  Look at the pictures people post, if you see  stuff all over in the back shoved on shelves and counters they likely have bills shoved under sofas.  This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I have become better at it every year.

     Now I am not criticizing clutter bugs it is just that having clean closets drawers and surfaces makes me happy. I do have a hard time getting rid of books.  My kitchen really needs a go through and so does the front room.  Why are these cupboards so full of things I never use?

     Anyway it is a thought for July when I get back.  I am counting the days until Friday.  In 48 hours I will be getting my load dose and I will feel so much better!  Looking forward to next week. SO if anyone wants to set up a challenge with me to de clutter in July let me know!

     Out My Window:  Hot 103. Humid Chia pet hair!

I am so excited to go see the girls!

Have a great 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, facing the upstairs:(

     Trying not to get disappointed about my debt progress this year. I just keep telling myself you are saving money every month and the numbers are going down.  By Christmas your house will be under $100,000 and the vehicles under $10,000 each.  You can do this Kim.  Every month you go forward not backward.  Well this last month was backward but on a yearly lookout it is still good.  Just keep plugging along.  Considering my health this year which has been crap I have done well.

     Spent a great deal of time sewing yesterday.  It was nice really no pressure.  Just taking a pile at a time and taking a break when I wanted.  I  have a few sewing projects today.  Everything else can wait until I get back next week.  We broke a record on heat yesterday at 107.  So staying in the basement was a no brainer for me.  But I really do need to go upstairs today and get a little work done.  Like dust and vacuum the front room.  It is a sty up there.  I also need to really clean the kitchen and mop the floor.  I should do this before it gets too hot.  Now the clincher is can I make myself do this or not?

     The $#@%^ cat knocked over a big tub of cat food in the laundry room and made a big mess.  &^%$#$  so I have to clean that up. (segue:  I just went in and did that as I could hear the dog heading for the food, then because I am ADD to the max I went into the garage and picked up all the pop cans, took the last of the plants up the steep stairs, watered them and the front yard plants and swept the upper part of the driveway and garage.)  It is a one car garage but a 7 car driveway?  Makes sense right?  I was only gone 10 minutes and it loosened up my shoulders.

     I also have a pile of ironing the size of Mt. Olympus, okay that is an exaggeration the pillow case pile is the size of Mt. Olympus.  At least I can stay in the basement and do that.  (segue: bridesmaid in, cleaned out primary music briefcase while she was in dressing room)  Crap now I have to face the upstairs.  I think a dance recital would be easier.

     Out My Window:  Hot, but lovely.  Chickens are not too thrilled.  I would cool them off with a hose but they hate water.  Madder than a wet hen is no wives tale.

     By the way where did I put my camera?  Need to find it. Hmmmm........

Have a great and productive day,  okay I am going upstairs,     okay, maybe


Hee, Hee reprieve client just in : )


Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday July 1st, A month of me!

     I am so happy to be back to blogging.  Things are such a mess here financially I don't know where to begin, but just to be able to have the next 2 months to do what I want (within reason) is such a blessing I can hardly care about my finances.  I will care when I don't have any money to pay bills:)

     My arthritis is extremely bad right now and has been for the last month.  Every day is a challenge.  Mornings are especially hard, but I do loosen up throughout the day.  I am so happy to report that the insurance company has okayed me for a one time drip (again) on Friday the 5th.  I will be in the Spokane area as we are going up to see the two younger girls over the 4th.  Daughter #2 was upset that I did not get the drip on Wednesday so I could feel better, but that was the soonest they would approve it.  I am so looking forward to this.  I have now been 4 months without medications besides over the counter and antibiotics.  The result are not good let me tell you.

     The Harry Potter workshop although a bust financially was very well done and the kids were so cute.  They learned so much and had so much fun, I really enjoyed the group we had this year. We need to rethink time frames for next year.

     Between Hubby, daughter #3 and myself we have had over $2000.00 in dental out of pocket in the last 3 weeks.  Our savings is down to pennies.  Because the workshops were not a break even all of Junes bills came out of studio savings so I am way down. I do have enough money to get through July, but August will be tough.  I just am not going to worry right now.  I need a month of me and concentrating on getting my pain under control and relaxing, doing what I want to do and enjoying my life.  Bills will always be here.

     As for the shop it is very busy right now which is a blessing.  I actually had my best week ever last week and I was teaching full time!  Which let me tell you did nothing for my arthritis.  Teaching from 9-3 and then running home to greet client after client until 7:30 and then sewing until 11:00.  This went on all week!  Saturday I just laid around and vegged.  It was so nice.

     I do have to balance the check book for the house today and get a budget set up for July and transfer some money to pay the tithing check I wrote yesterday.  Then I can really see where I stand and start working to correct the problems.  Luckily I have money saved for our annual vacation to the coast so I do have money to have fun over the 4th, what ever is left will be put toward bills.

     Out My Window:  Have a lot of yard work to do, but who cares?  Getting really hot here, I love it!

Have a great and productive day!