Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday,Cookie Cutters?

I  spent the morning getting tax crap done, wandering all over town gathering things for taxes.  Still have three more things to do.  Two items I can pull on line but alas no computer, yet. Blah!

Mom needed the heart shaped cookie cutters to get her dough done and we could not find them.  She had a cutter collection and so did I, so when she moved in it was pretty obvious that we needed to downsize.  So we divided every cookie cutter up in piles and gave away several sets to the kids and I thought let's put each holiday into a bag so we can just gather a bag when we do a holiday.  Now do you think we can find the heart bag?  I have seen this gallon size storage bag full of red, copper, pink, white, stainless, cookies cutters at least 100 times over the past month.  But they are GONE.  We went to Sis's thinking mom had taken them there and sis had bags of cutters but they were all Christmas.  So now we have to go buy a damn heart cutter when we have every size and shape in a bag somewhere in this house.  I do not have a messy house. Who's dumb idea was it to put the holidays in separate bags?

SO off we go to get a cutter, it was .99 but it is the principle of the thing.  Mom can no longer cut out cookies, she just gets too tired and cannot see well enough to see where she has cut.  I cut out 11 dozen cookies while I was making and waiting for my shepherds pie to be done.

I have a lot of sewing to do if I can be left alone, but I need to get mom something to eat, finish cleaning up the kitchen, put a stew in the crockpot before I can get to the shop.

My shepherds pie recipe 

When ever I make mashed potatoes I always make extra and then make this casserole. It is an easy comfort food.

1lb ground beef and on small onion
1 can of tomato soup
1 can of veggies, corn, green beans,peas, or frozen  as you wish or combine
mashed potatoes
shredded cheese any kind

brown diced onion in a little olive oil add ground beef and cook until brown, transfer to a casserole and add tomato soup.  Do not dilute soup

Drain and put veggies on top

spread mashed potatoes on top

shred some cheese on top and salt and pepper

cover and bake at 350 for and hour.

Onions here are picked free and so are potatoes most of the year.

so this meal cost .66 for two cans of veggies bought at3/1 and one can of soup 2/1 then ground beef was purchased 2 lbs for 4.17 so I used 1/2 making this 2.06

Made 6 good size servings and this heats up well as a left over.

$2.06 plus .66 plus .50 cheese maybe .50 good meal for under 4.00 and and it makes two meals for us.  Try it!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday,Monday Madness Savings/ Computer down

Wouldn't you know that the minute I started doing my taxes I picked up a whopping bad virus on  the computer and had to take it in, dang it!  So even though I got the taxes done I was not able to down load many of the forms I needed.  Lucky for me it will be done late this afternoon and other than a bill I can pick it up.
Got into the accountant this morning with half the things I needed.  Oh well the hard part is done. I am typing on my lap top and I really need to learn how to use this, but it is frustrating.

Picked up some Burger on sale this morning to make shepherds pie for dinner.  Mom made some cookie dough I have to roll out for her, but only a single batch so she is in trouble.  I could have had my valentines cookies done  and in the freezer.  

As I am getting bored with my writing and blog and I keep reminding myself this is a personal finance blog, I have decided to make Mondays, my day of the week to report that things I have done to save money in the past wee.  I really like the blogs that do that, because you can get some good inspiration from them.

So these are the things I did last week to save.

Cooked every meal we had at home out of storage, and freezer storage.
Made a homemade treat for a funeral using mealy old apples and it was great!
Purchased goods at Joanns on a great sale with an additional 20% off coupon
Used coupons for cat food and litter
Tried to do a Sluggy and failed but did save a ton
 of money at rite-aid on razors, will be getting 2/$15.00 gift cards.
Purchased stocking stuffers for .50 and.10 at riteaid.  Kleenex packs and mittens,
Saved all table scraps for chickens to supplement their food.
Touched up my own roots with a box I was able to get for practically nothing at Rite Aid by watching sales and clipping coupons.

I think cooking from scratch and buying loss leaders and having a pantry is such a good savings.

Have a great and productive day!

I am going to roll out mom's cookies


Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday, What is my normal day?

  As you all know I truly believe normal is a setting on the dryer,  I really strive to have a normal day.  I start out with plans for normal and then the  mouse gets a cookie and I am off into crazy land and sometimes am not allowed back into normal.

     Yesterday I
hemmed a pair of levis
finished replacing a zipper in some Kevlar pants
let down a hem and faced some pants
replaced 3 police patches
hemmed 2 pairs of police trousers
hemmed three pairs of men Dockers pants
mended and replaced the bottom cuff on a tribal jacket that a dog had chewed  (this was a fun one)
put 16 buttons on outdoor pants for suspender use

I still had a bridesmaid dress to hem, and two wedding dress alterations not hard ones but they are due out today if possible.

I was to run to the store with my sister after dinner and then come home and finish up, but Lil Sis was in a complete melt down over something that was happening with her divorce.  So I had to stay with her and keep her steady.  I am a pragmatist, I always have been.  Okay tell me your problem, alright now how do we fix said problem.  No I don't want to hear about the problem again, we need to move forward with a solution.  I understand you are upset and that things did not go as planned, but now that this happened, what are we going to do to fix it?  Okay once again plan A did not happen, we need a plan B, I know your are upset, but you need to do this and this and this to protect yourself, How can I help?

     This went on until I forced her into bed and spent the night with her, jumped up early this morning to get home and greet customers and finish what should have been done yesterday.  Also had to run a cake to a funeral and finally get the few things that I needed. Now I am home to start sewing again. Yesterday was not normal and neither is today.  Balderdash!

     I have a terrible headache, due to not taking meds at proper times as I was at sisters.

Good News, Lil Sis took mom:)

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, Mom getting better!

     Mom does not like to be left home, so when it was time for me to go to the doctor, I knew I also had to go to Jo-ann for zippers.  I knew Mom would love to go there, so I asked if she wanted to go along and sit in the waiting room and then go to Jo-Anns.  She then asked if we could drop cards and little loaves of banana bread off at two shut in from her church!  Of course I said yes and I almost danced a jig.  Doing something for others, thinking outside of yourself is the first sign that depression is getting better!

     When we got to Jo-anns she wanted to get some Valentine fabric to make napkins for a friend of hers in Missoula that just lost her husband.  So again a win.  She does have a bad cold right now and Hub's seems to have come down with it also.  I am handing out cough drops and vitamin c's, don't forget Kleenex.

     My SED rates had no gone down and were actually a little more elevated.  The doctors main concern is inflammation causing internal damage.  I have always been an anomaly.  I have heard this before.  "From your blood work I would expect you to come crawling in here. "  I do have some pain and I am stiff in the mornings, I have to careful sitting to long or I stove up, but I just keep moving, I really don't feel that there is another choice.  So he wants to get me into remission as far as my blood work goes and is adding another med. I can handle that.

      My right hip, well actually both hips have bursitis in them, but they can be treated with shots that will last about a year.  So far the pain is not so bad I feel I need them.  We talked about a high pain tolerance.  Dancers are in pain all the time.  Your life is pain.  This is one of the reasons most athletes and dancers retire, they are tired of the pain.  The constant work outs, long hours of practice and the constant never ending pain and for me and most dancers the starvation.  Never being able to eat.  I was done at 27 and funny so was my daughter.  She did her last Nutcracker weighing about 105 lbs, starving and so sore.  She was 27 and said I will never but my body through this again.  So the fact that we don't see stiffness and pain the same way may be a blessing, as it keeps us moving, which is the key for any arthritis.

     The shop is super busy and I am so happy, mom is sewing on her napkins and seems to be happy.

We had penne pasta last night and will have left overs tonight.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday, The shop was busy!

    My oh my, was I busy yesterday.    The shop had never ending customers.  So nice and I now have plenty to do.  I am so grateful and excited about having some cash again.

     Mom did make more banana bread yesterday and she also made me a beautiful Kirstin cake for the funeral this Friday.  It is made on a spring form pan with a beautifully swirled apple top, served with whip cream.  Great so now I don't have to do anything but deliver and look awesome.  Okay I will let them know mom made it, because I am a good daughter.

     I have to go to my specialist this afternoon and then take mom to a couple of places.  Lot's of sewing on my agenda for today.  I so hope that I get better news at the doctor.  I don't want my meds switched and I don't want anything added.  If I have another appointment with a SED rate of over 700 I am afraid I will be at the Oncologist instead of the Rheumatologist.  I try not to dwell but this worry is always in the back of my mind.

     I am going to make spaghetti for dinner, pasta just sounds good.

     Our chickens are staring to lay again, as the days get a little longer.  It is funny how a few more minutes of sunlight can affect an animal.  Then again how many of us are depressed because of the crappy, dark gloomy, rainy, cold, snowy winter weather.  I can think of a few more adjectives.

     Well I am off to set the world on fire!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday, The list is up

    I have things that need to be done this week and the shop is starting to get busier, FINALLY.  It has been really hard going here with no cash flow.  I am grateful for a well stocked pantry as I have spent very little on groceries so far this month and we have been eating down the freezer. Since Hubs is retired, our need to fill up the cars is also way, way down.  We can get by on very little in these areas.  Now the bills are a different story.  Those are scary, I will just keep on keeping on, so to speak.

     Mom woke up with a head cold this morning.  She was up making banana bread yesterday, but could not get her dinner last night.  Just worn out.  She was all ready to make more bread and I said "go back to bed."  She is sneezing and dripping and the sneezing puts her off balance.  Maybe in an hour she can get up and get around.

     As you will maybe notice, I have a new list of to dos, and I am dreading the taxes.  I just hate getting everything tallied and put together.  Now it is all in separate files and somewhat organized, but it is still so much mental work and it must be done.  Let's see how long I can put it off, because I am so good at procrastinating and my appointment is next Monday.  I can see myself up all Sunday night.  Trying to make myself pull them out tomorrow.

   I really have to sew today.  That is such a great thing to say and write.  No dread in that department.  I actually have piles again and wedding dresses are coming in left and right.  I am saved!  I might not think this by next week.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, plans for the week

     Here it is Monday again I feel like I should make some plans.  What needs to be done?  What should I be doing that I am putting off?  I am always putting something off.

     I was very proud of myself on Saturday.  I cleaned my whole house with a little help from Hubs on certain jobs.  I have not done that for at least a year I think.  I either had a housekeeper or help.  I think I have just gotten really lazy or have been slowly falling into this depression that I am trying to climb out of in a desperate way.  It was such a nice feeling to have Sunday with a really nice house and laundry all done.

     Hubs and Mom and I went to the movie Hidden Figures Saturday night and it was very good.  Hubs and I laughed at the large IBM data computer that was just installed.  It ran on cards and tapes which were both obsolete but heard of when we were studying at the U of I in the 70's.  I highly recommend the show.

     Mom was grouchy and unreasonable on Saturday but I suspect it was due to meds, or lack of meds.  She was okay yesterday.  Lil sis came to get her in the afternoon because I insisted on a nap.  Then Lil sis came home and as I had put in a Roast we had French dip sandwiches, tots, ( something I never have, but mom had them frozen for a long time)  We also had chips, and apple crisp that had been in the freezer.  So it was a good meal but not a hard one and there are plenty of leftovers for today.  She made sure to thank Lil sis for her lovely afternoon.  She has yet to thank me for anything.  But Lil sis does anything for her and she falls all over herself.  I am too old to be jealous but it does hurt a little.

     I purchased one of those already made Boboli pizza crust packages, because it was marked down to under a dollar.  I am not much one for convenience foods, but as mom will be at Lil sis's tomorrow night I will throw together a pizza for Hubs and a salad for dinner. There I have just managed to cook or not cook for the next two nights.  I like that plan.

     Well I am off to solve the problems of the world.... yeah like right.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, clean house

     I slept in today, just got mom her breakfast and I am going to clean house today at least for a while.  I have three dirty bathrooms (toilets), moms bath needs love and floors through out the whole house need a wipe down.  The laundry is crying out for help and I think every trash can is full or needs a liner.  I am trying not to look at this as drudgery but as exercise.

     We went out to eat last night mostly because mom and Hub's wanted too.  Hub's and I had pizza and mom pasta.  It was nice to get out but I hated to spend the money.  Of course mom could have opened her wallet, but that is another issue all together.

     My grandson needs new sleep sacks as he has outgrown the ones I made in September.  I know I have a couple more cut out but they will be too small so I have to enlarge the pattern.  Maybe if I can get my house work done I can throw together a couple of these.  I need to get another apron done and hem some pants for my daughter and then mail the package.

     I cannot help myself, I feel a list coming on... Does this mean I am better?

1. go check laundry
2. feed cats
3. clean cat box
4. change sheets on our bed
5. empty all trash cans up stairs and new liners if needed
6. scrub our bathroom fixtures
7. Scrub spare bath fixtures
8. vacuum hall and sweep
9. clean kitchen
10. do upstairs hard wood floors
11. vacuum downstairs
12. empty all trash cans and reline downstairs
13 clean moms bath fixtures
14. do downstairs floors
15. finish up laundry as I go.
16. pull out sleep sack things and see what I need

     If I can get to here I will add on later to day.  On your mark get set GO!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, We have sun!

     Mom was a little better yesterday.  She actually seemed cheerful.  I took her with to pick up my tax forms and to get my blood work done.  She likes to get out.  But I forgot how far the lab was from the parking lot at the hospital. I took mom in with me as I did not know how long it would take to get the blood work done.  We had to walk the length of the hospital and I realized she just could not walk that far.  When we go out we always have a store with a cart she can lean on.  She is okay with something to lean on, but she cannot endure walking any length of time without.  When did she become so weak?

     When we got home she allowed and actually encouraged me to get some sewing done.  Wow!  She seemed happy.  It was wonderful.  We had leftovers for dinner and I made mom a chicken sandwich.  Then we went to Sis's last night and played dice and had a visit.

     I got mom home and she said her stomach was on fire so I went up to make her a sugar free milkshake and when I came down she had gotten sick all over her bathroom sink.  What a mess.  She is such a hoarder and a crap collector.  So every thing was a mess.  She can't see to clean it up.  She needed to go lay down and let me do this.  It took forever, as I had to empty containers and wash and wipe every little thing down.  I even threw a few things away.  SHHHHHHHH.

  She is okay this morning.  As soon as I got down stairs this morning she wanted cottage cheese and peaches. But she is still very unsteady on her feet.  I just always wonder what is going to happen next?

     I woke up to sunshine today and I will take it!  So nice to sit down at my dressing table and actually look outside and be blinded by the sunlight.  It is melting fast here and now we have potholes everywhere from the freezing.  Hub's has to work at the high school tonight so I think mom and I will go over to Sis's with some dinner.  Then I will help Sis put away some of her Christmas.

     Right now I need to go finish putting blood stripes down a pair of marine dress blues.  Yippee!  The laundry is also calling and I need to mop the basement floors especially mom's bath and also vacuum the family room.  See when mom feels better, I feel better.  Or I should say when mom's attitude is better I am better.  I am starting to come to the realization mom is going down hill.  I just don't know where I came up with this idea that I could make her better.  Or if I got her here I could reverse the aging process.  This is a process that does not reverse.  Why am I shocked?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday, getting a grip

     I did nothing yesterday of any importance except entertain mother.  I realize I am using her as an excuse to not get anything done.  I can just sit around and sniff ( I do have a cold) and have a little pity party.

     I will make myself do something today.  I will return to this blog and report something that I did that was useful.  It is so easy to feel that I am not accomplishing anything to move forward.  Then I think well what did you do yesterday?

     I took mother to her bank and watched her fumble around for at least 10 minutes trying to find her check book and her wallet.  It was painful and also embarrassing.  I finally went over to help her which she did not appreciate.

     Then I took her to Costco for her medications even though I knew most of them would not be in.  They were not, but she was able to buy one of her precious chickens.  I swear she is addicted to these.  Costco injects those birds with something that makes me ill.  They taste good but within an hour I am in the bathroom.  My whole body ejects this smell of chicken.  So after wasting and hour in Costco we get up to the checkout and she can't find her card.  A big long line of people all impatient are behind us and she is totally oblivious to the fact that she is holding up the line again.  I run back to the pharmacy to see if she left her card there and no, by the time I returned to the checkout she had found her card.  I was in tears.  She just wastes my time.

     Now we get home and I am so frustrated I go take a nap.  She proceeds to debone the chicken and put the carcass on to boil which she then forgets and burns.  I get up to help a bride and to smoky burned chicken.  Took the pot out to the deck.

     Pounded pork steaks thin and flash fried them in breads crumbs, made mashed potatoes and corn also gravy.  Of course mom loved the meal, it was fried and full of starch.

     At about 9:30 I decided to make a pan of cinnamon rolls.  They were done by 11:00.  Stupid I know , but that is what I wanted.  Mom was happy to wake up to fresh rolls.

     Maybe today I can do something useful.  I need my butt kicked.  Pasta for dinner.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday, back to bed?

     Well mom did it again. She over drew her checking account by not transferring money, not letting us in to look at it, changing her passwords, just being plain old stubborn.  Now she is having a heart attack.  Well not really but rolling around on her bed moaning and groaning.

     I sign on mom's accounts but have refused to get into her money issues as she lives here and I don't want any blame for her stupidity.  Also she doesn't trust anyone and we are all stealing her things I don't need to be stealing her money.  But it looks like I will have to do this also.  It may be for the best as I can get everything on line.

     I was able to get quite a bit of choreography done last night, but boy does my back hurt this morning.  I don't know if it is my cold or I did too much hopping around.

     I have already had two customers hear today so the warming tread that is melting the streets is working.  It did get to 37 yesterday and did not freeze all night long.  Now if we could just have some SUN!

I need to go get blood work done for my specialists appointment next week and also need to pick up my 10-99's from accountant and get those in the mail.  Then sew, sew, sew!

  Have no idea what I am going to have for dinner so I am going to go upstairs and figure that out right now.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017


     I have less sniffles this morning. Last night I was miserable.  Hub's and I have a funeral this morning and I had not planned  to go unless I felt better.

     I was in a real funk yesterday, just terribly down.  It might have been the cold.  It was supposed to warm up to at least 35 and it did not so no melting and I was so counting on the sun.  We did get Alice in Wonderland story boarded, but that just added to my anxiety.  I still have a Celtic show to choreograph so adding a new creative process under the influence of cold meds just seemed overwhelming.

     Lil Sis and I got together and did mom's meds.  Well what do you know?  She had run out of anxiety medication and was not taking it.  She also had not started her anti depressant.  She doesn't need those medications. She is so manipulative.  She will refuse to take meds that can help her feel better and she would rather make me miserable.  Last night I laid out her meds and 3 times went into her room and she had not taken them.  So at 1:30 last night I went in and woke her up and made her take all of them.  You would have thought I had killed her.  Standing over her force feeding her like a child.  She is gasping ad groaning.  But this is the way it will have to be I guess.

     Lil Sis was in a foul mood.  I think she is also blue about the weather and her kids just left.  She always wants everything done at her place.  She will rarely come here for any length of time.  Or so it feels like that.  She has much better control over mom than I do because she gets mean with her.  Mom would never have let me do her meds.  Sis wanted to do them at her house away from Mom.  Like that was going to happen.  When we were doing them mom had medications all over her room and counters.  I had to make about 5 trips downstairs to find everything.  Can you imagine me going back and forth to mom's house?  I always let Sis take over because I know Mom will allow this, but then she treats me like I am stupid and should have been able to do this myself.

     Mom and I threw together 3 Swedish almond logs last night.  I have to take 2 to the Funeral.  I will stop by the store for some ship cream and berries to put on them. She will go over to Sis's this evening while I teach.  I will pick up hamburger buns at the store for dinner as I have hamburgers out.

     I hope I can get these blues to leave, just so tired of feeling down.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, sniffy

     I am developing a sniffy runny nose cold.  Great!  I love these.

Got together with teachers from studio to story board Alice in Wonderland.  Mom has book club today and I need to balance checking accounts.  We have a funeral tomorrow and I need to make a dessert for this.  Have no idea what I will make.

Lil sis and I will get together tonight to do mom's meds.  We are going to take over and make sure she takes her meds as she leaves pills all over and we don't know what they are.  She keeps saying she can take care of herself, but she really can't and this might be part of her behavior problem; the fact that she hasn't taken the right meds.  She as so many stomach problems and takes many supplements.  These might not be necessary and might also be contributing to her stomach upset.  She does not want to take an anti depressant so we think she is purposely skipping these.  Anything she can do to keep herself miserable and punish us is okay in her books.

The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow and get above freezing.  We have now had snow on the ground for over 6 weeks, I don't remember this ever happening in Lewiston.  It has been a killer for my business. A couple of  days of warm weather and melting need to happen and soon.

I am taking Benedryl and it is making me groggy.  But I need to keep my sinuses open to prevent infection. Why does every bug and ism have to attack me?    I am also treating myself for a fungal infection I recently developed.  I am susceptible to these from the auto immune drugs I take. Life is so fun.  I thought I had been bitten my something on my right Butt cheek, no welt or indication of a bite was evident.  On Saturday night when I was getting ready for bed I felt a raised indentation on my bottom.  So as I cannot see my butt I asked Hub's to look at it.  Actually I said, " Will you look at my butt and don't get any ideas."  After all this is what husbands are for as long as they don't get ideas.  Well it was pretty obvious to him that I had an infection.  TMI right?

So what to make?  I have a ton of cake mixes so I think I will do a bundt cake as it is easy.

Have a great and productive day!



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday, quiet

  The house is so quiet, no grandson crawling around screeching.  He is fun but a lot of work. Here he sits in my 60 year old baby rocker.

I did not realize so many others suffered from the get up and get something done blues.  Or the put off morning blues.  Sounds like a bad country western song, complete with cheating spouse and the death of the dog.

 I did get my tax things done and to the accountant, then paid the house payment, the water bill, picked up a zipper and some rip stop, replaced the batteries in the remote (very important in my life right now) took back a pile of crap to Wal-Mart. 

I picked up 10 packages of Wilton cupcake decos for .18 a piece or all 10 were under the price of one.  These last forever and we decorate so many cookies and things at Christmas.  I only buy these when they are marked way, way down.  That is my score  and I am trying to beat Sluggy.  I have a ways to go but a girl has to dream.  I had to go to Staples to pick up a picture my Sis had done for me to match a picture of me at my daughters Wedding.  Read the caption about sewing it is hysterical.

Lil sis had us come over for dinner last night as her girls were leaving this morning.  She had Christmas in January for them.  I was going to have tacos and she appeared a house about 2 in the afternoon and collapsed exhausted on my sofa.  Her girls wanted a taco night and we had planned to go over to her house in the evening.  She needed to go to the store for some more meat, and onion, and some tomatoes all which I then gave her.  We had a nice dinner and then I cleaned up her kitchen, while she helped her girls pack up. She still has all her Christmas out and I can tell the mess is getting to her.  So I found her silver chest and put away her good silver, and then packed up all her Christmas china in boxes and took them to her basement.  She still has days of work ahead of her, but I may go over help later this afternoon.
I am off!
Have a great and productive day!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, getting UP!

     I am having a hard time getting UP!  I mean just feeling positive and happy.  I know some of it is the weather, some of it, is mom, some of it is the lack of work in the shop, some of it is bills, but really it boils down to my attitude.  Soooooo......

     I have started to make myself (and I hope it lasts)get up a 1/2 an hour earlier every week until I am up by 8:00.  If I can start getting up earlier I can get more done while mom is sleeping.  I hope this will help me get to bed earlier.

I also am trying not to leave my room in the morning until it is neat, bed made, dirty clothes gathered, and I am put together.  I have to greet customers at 10:00 and I am tired of doing this in my jammies.  Not that it happened often but it has the potential to happen more and more.  Just a bad habit due to depression.  When I finally get up I have to rush and leave myself a mess and the room a mess.  I have nothing ready for dinner, I have no meal plan.

     So new rule, Up and clean myself and bedroom done and have dinner planned. Since the laundry room is right off the shop I can do laundry with ease when I am sewing.

     I was able to get some sewing done yesterday.  Police patches, hemmed 3 pairs of pants, shortened some coat sleeves and fixed a sweater.  I will need to go to JoAnns later for a zipper and some fabric to fix a coat.

     Today I have to scrape enough money together to make the house payment and then I have to also pull records to get my 10-99's to accountant.  Blah!

So I had better get busy

     I made a great stew on Wednesday and we had that again last night for dinner, tonight I will make tacos.  D#2 has been here with her baby who has really brightened Hub's and my day.  She also deep cleaned the upstairs for me as she knew I was suffering a little from depression.  I have great kids! 

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, Updates

    Question #1 will it ever quit snowing?  Answer:  NO!

     Our weather here has been something else.  It is treacherous to drive.  My driveway is horrid and I swear all Hub's does is go outside and shovel snow.  Poor guy he has a lot to take care off.  It is hard to get mom out as she cannot manage the driveway.

    We had a nice time with our daughter and grandsons.  Baby is a little fatty and so cute.  I loved their new house and really liked the lay out.  All the bedrooms are up on the upper level.  It is a much more functional house for them.  Son-in-laws mom has her own suite and that makes it really nice for her.  They are a lucky couple to have her.

     The weather was dangerous and awful when we went down.  We arrived at Hub's parents house and you guessed it, mom had squash, baked potatoes, and she had pulled steaks out to boil. ( not broil)  Hub's and I had eaten something at our last stop so we could avoid the food trap.  Now it was not healthy food, gas station food.  But any thing is better than mother-in-laws cooking.  The weather was so bad that daughter text us and said not to continue, they were shutting down her county.  So now we had to at in-laws house.  I insisted on broiling the steaks but did not want to eat.  I WAS NOT HUNGRY.  This woman's life depends on force feeding everyone around her.  So finally we sit down to dinner, I cut a miniscule piece of steak and a small cube of squash, the baked potatoes are old mealy shrunken and cold.   I cut the steak into the smallest pieces possible and tried to eat, but I was so full.  Now she brings out ice cream and my stomach is upset and I thought a couple of tablespoons of ice cream might settle this, well wrong move.  I no sooner had the spoon in my mouth than I had to run for the bathroom and I swear lost every bit of food I had eaten since Christmas.  Dry heaved for over an hour.  Collapsed on the bed.  I was fine the next day but on the way back we stopped at this station and found out they had recalled the icing they used on their baked goods, it was making people sick.  Lucky me!

     The next morning she had this huge breakfast that I refused to eat.  What about I just puked my guts out do you not get?  When we were coming home we stopped to make sure they did not need anything and of course mom wants us to stay and eat. NO NO NO NO.  But she has a roast in the crock pot.  (You mean a piece of shoe leather with no flavor) She insists on making us sandwiches on her homemade cardboard ww bread.  Also old broccoli starting to turn yellow and bittered is put in a bag and 4 oranges.  Hub's is throwing oranges out as we go down the highway.  I swear her while life centers around food.  I love to eat but this is ridiculous.

      My mother-in-law also informed Hub's that when Dad goes she would like to live with Hub's and I.  She has three daughters, but the youngest has schizophrenia and is heavily medicated.  Her older two have 6 kids apiece and each of those kids has 4-5 children and they all live very close.  Which means the houses are full of many, many young kids.  If the daughters even watch the children of two of the kids that can mean 8-10 kids at a time.  Their houses are always filled with grandkids.  Hub's mom can't handle the noise for very long and I can't blame her.  It is one thing to be in your 60's and have many little ones but in you late 80's she really needs peace and quite.  Great!  I will have bitch wicked in the basement and a woman force feeding me un edible food on the main floor.  That's it!  Sluggy and I are taking off, Don't know where we are going but we are going some where.

     Mom had a doctor's appointment last Monday and Lil sis took her as I was not home.  Both Lil sis and I had sent letters into the doctor about mom's condition and behavior.  He must have listened because he did a bunch of test and changed up her meds adding and anti depressant.  She was mad and of course it is our fault but I am making sure she takes her meds.  Lil sis and I are going to go through everything and help her with this.  She won't want the help and insist that she can take care of herself, but she cannot. Doctor told her under no circumstances was she to drive.  Her A-fib could knock her out at any time.  I hope this is a blessing.  I would love to get rid of her car.

     I am trying some new things to try and beat my depression.  The weather is not helping, but I have to do something.  More on this later.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monday Getting ready to leave

     Sissie left early this morning and I will miss her desperately.  My house is organized and very clean.  Every time she comes and helps me my life gets better.  Now if she could just take mother home for a while:)

     Lil Sis jumped mom's sh&t several times in the last few days.  Kind of like a gang up party.  It is sad.  I do not approve of this treatment but also see no other way around it.  I hate treating my mother like a naughty child.

     Last night we had a nice roast chicken dinner over at Lil Sis's then home to bed.  I was able to get the rest of the Nativity and boxes put away.  Now all that is left is Christmas linens and I can do that when we get home.

     We are leaving tomorrow for Twin Falls and of course the weather is horrid so we will see how far we get.  D#1 has moved into a new house and needs plenty of help unpacking and with the baby.  I will take the baby.  Mom is upset as she will have to depend on Lil Sis and Lil Sis is at work all day.  This is the first time we will actually be leaving her on her own for days at a time.  She says she can take care of herself and she can't so this will be the proving ground.  Don't worry  there will be many phone calls and checking in often, but mom will miss me and hopefully appreciate me more when I get back.

     I am posting money spent yesterday and boy is it easy to spend.  Crikey!

I need to clean up, take mom to get her drugs, sew, and go teach and pack oh also stop at bank!

So I am off.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday/Monday, A New Year!

     Wow!  How did we get here so quickly?  Most of the blogs that I have read are recounts of the year or new goals that are in the process of getting broken.  (Okay that was my blog)  But the New Year does in deed give us a chance to look and recap and plan and decide.  I love goals I am just not very good at keeping them.  I think I have goal fatigue.

     2016 was a very tough year for me.  Hub's retired, mom had moved in and was with us full time, we had some major upsets in remodeling the kitchen and the hot water heater went bust.  Lil sis moved here and although I am thrilled that brought with it other kinds of stress for many weeks.  I have had a very difficult time with depression off and on and have had to work very hard to stay up.  My health has been fragile and SED rates hard to control.  I sold the studio and it has been painful at times.  Like giving up a baby for adoption.  You know it is better for the baby but it still hurts.

    2016 was a very good year for me.  I had two new grandsons!  They have brought so much joy into my life.  Hub's and I got a few trips away and many visits with our new little ones. Mom has been here and when times are good they are GOOD.  My Lil sis moved here and she has taken a huge load off me when it comes to mom.  We finally got to remodel our 1958 kitchen and that has been so wonderful and I am so appreciative about this goal I actually achieved.  We went the whole year without a car payment which is the first in 38 years of marriage.  I was able to find a buyer for my studio and relieve myself of so much stress. 

     So many of the things that were bad were also good.  Life is a catch 22 sometimes. You have to roll with what comes.

     My only real goal for the new year is to pay attention.  I have a tendency to dis-engage when I am stressed.  I just shut down and don't pay attention to important things like bills and due dates and bank balances.  I have a terrible time getting book work done and procrastinate like no other.  I could be so much better if I would just pay attention.

      I know that mom's health and memory will not get better.  I have to find a way to deal with this and not let it affect me.  My sister's really notice this.  I just become very quiet and usually get a book or my phone and go off by myself.  So this year I am going to try and turn over a new leaf.

1. Keep accurate records of money spent on a daily basis and report it on the blog.
2. pay all house bills by the 5th of the month
3. get into my accounts every night before I go to bed to update.

If I can just do these things life will be much better.  My stress will go down and my guilt will subside a little.

BUT  I NEED HELP from my blogger pals.  Please help me be accountable.  When you notice that I am slacking beat me up.  I really need this.  I am weak and extremely undisciplined.

Have a great and productive New Year.