Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, We have sun!

     Mom was a little better yesterday.  She actually seemed cheerful.  I took her with to pick up my tax forms and to get my blood work done.  She likes to get out.  But I forgot how far the lab was from the parking lot at the hospital. I took mom in with me as I did not know how long it would take to get the blood work done.  We had to walk the length of the hospital and I realized she just could not walk that far.  When we go out we always have a store with a cart she can lean on.  She is okay with something to lean on, but she cannot endure walking any length of time without.  When did she become so weak?

     When we got home she allowed and actually encouraged me to get some sewing done.  Wow!  She seemed happy.  It was wonderful.  We had leftovers for dinner and I made mom a chicken sandwich.  Then we went to Sis's last night and played dice and had a visit.

     I got mom home and she said her stomach was on fire so I went up to make her a sugar free milkshake and when I came down she had gotten sick all over her bathroom sink.  What a mess.  She is such a hoarder and a crap collector.  So every thing was a mess.  She can't see to clean it up.  She needed to go lay down and let me do this.  It took forever, as I had to empty containers and wash and wipe every little thing down.  I even threw a few things away.  SHHHHHHHH.

  She is okay this morning.  As soon as I got down stairs this morning she wanted cottage cheese and peaches. But she is still very unsteady on her feet.  I just always wonder what is going to happen next?

     I woke up to sunshine today and I will take it!  So nice to sit down at my dressing table and actually look outside and be blinded by the sunlight.  It is melting fast here and now we have potholes everywhere from the freezing.  Hub's has to work at the high school tonight so I think mom and I will go over to Sis's with some dinner.  Then I will help Sis put away some of her Christmas.

     Right now I need to go finish putting blood stripes down a pair of marine dress blues.  Yippee!  The laundry is also calling and I need to mop the basement floors especially mom's bath and also vacuum the family room.  See when mom feels better, I feel better.  Or I should say when mom's attitude is better I am better.  I am starting to come to the realization mom is going down hill.  I just don't know where I came up with this idea that I could make her better.  Or if I got her here I could reverse the aging process.  This is a process that does not reverse.  Why am I shocked?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. So glad today was better for you. When you figure how to help reverse or even stall the aging process let me know. And as someone going through this at the same time, it is shocking and scary and frustrating all at the same time.

  2. When Hubs is finished with his walker you should come get it for your mom. Aging is inevitable and usually not fun. 8-(

    1. A walker huh? How fun for him. How fun for you. You mean he is mobile? Put him to work.

  3. You might not be able to make her better or reverse the again process, however, you can and have kept her from getting worse faster or aging faster and have made her quality of life better. Getting all her meds probably helps lots, and you were the one to get her on the med schedule.

    I feel for you as I cannot do throw up. Only for my children would I do that and then I had two buckets. One was for me to throw up. Poopy diarrhea is not a problem for me even for an adult.

    1. You have to love spell heck and auto correct. Trust me I ran out of the room several times gagging.