Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday, New Years Eve

     Really no plans for tonight  we will see how it all works out.  We had dance people over last night to watch the cut video and it was very good.  I had planned to serve pizza and at the last minute got lazy and went to a local pizza place.  They had $8.00/ 3 topping pizzas large size.  Now large is really the small we grew up with as everything keeps shrinking.  So I ordered 3 my final total should have been around $24.00 plus tax.  When I got the bill it was $54.00.  Why?  The reasons given were so incredibly stupid I can't even write them down.  Needless to say I left and went to the restaurant supply as I needed a large bag of yeast, and I also wanted to get some soda.  There I bought enough pizza toppings for anywhere from 4 to 10 pizzas.  Enough meats for at least 10.  Total with soda and large package of yeast, $42.56.  Came home threw together my dough let it knead in the mixer and divided up the toppings, some to freeze for later.  Anyway 2 extra large pizzas and many more to come.  I just have to get mad to get motivated.

     I was able to get most of my due sewing done, and only have 4 shirts to complete today.  I also have to make a trip to the bank to pay a bill and that is it!  Hooray, I am looking forward to the New Year.

     My Sissie's mother-in-law is in the final stages of Alzheimer's and we will soon be going to Missoula for a funeral.  So my plans to take over the dressers has been delayed. I am not making two trips in bad weather.  I feel bad for brother in law, it is hard to lose a parent, even when they have lost their memory of you.

     Gas is $2.15 here, can you believe that?  What a blessing and I will take it for as long as it stands.  I have many plans for the New Year along with ideas to make my life easier and better and I will post all about them tomorrow, so stay tuned and have a Happy New Year's eve.

     Out My Window:  It is very cold here but sunny and clear.  We are big babies and don't like it below 40.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, terrible headache day

     I do not know what caused it, but I had a bad teeth clenching headache for over 24 hours.  I am hoping for a better day.  The shop however was busy and I do have to get several things done today.

     Took down all Christmas yesterday and it is in boxes in the shop.  The car was in the garage last night making it impossible for me to pass with boxes and put away.  I want to do some rearranging in the garage and it will only take a few minutes to put away. The upstairs seems so large and bare without all the Christmas stuff. I need to do a quick run through and mop the Kitchen floor and it is really clean up there.  I was able to move all the rugs and sweep and clean all the floors even with my headache it just took all day into the night.

     All of the girls laundry is out of the laundry room and it is so nice.  I am taking a huge overflowing basket to the resale shop today out of my bedroom.  I just love the fact that I am getting rid of things.  It frees my soul.  I have several closets to tackle and hubs and I need to really cull our books.  We are such readers and lovers of books and they start to take over.  Maybe I can get him to do a thorough look at that on New Years Day. Our bedroom bookshelves are overflowing.

     Tonight I have our board President coming over with the official video copy of the Nutcracker and we will go over books and see what is needed for set up.  I know my books will not be closed out until the end of January, but that is okay.  We are having Pizza tonight and I have not decided if it is cheaper to make it or buy it ready made.  We have some really good specials going on.  I would need to buy cheese and meat.  I will probably make it, now that I think of it, it will taste better and I will have left overs.  So I must fit a trip to the grocer into my day.

     Desperately need to get my roots done but don't have the money as of yet.  I need to get to work earning money and quit put-zing around this house. At least one of my big goals is complete, as in put away Christmas!

     Tomorrow I am going to post about my New Years Plans as far as debt is concerned.  We will have many serious changes in the coming year and I hope they are for the good.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, plans changed.

     Well I was supposed to go to daughters last night but d#2 wanted to go apply for jobs in another area and needed to drive there, so we cancelled.  Don't worry the mess will still be there.  In the mean time I have plenty to do at home, like sew and put away Christmas.

     I have gained so much weight it is not funny, so I am on a diet of throwing away all Christmas goodies.  Well except the caramels, and the good chocolates and the rosettes and.... you get the drift.  I am going to try to get moving today as I have been a sloth  (I used to say slug but I just can't any more,"sniff") for a while and it has given me a bad headache.

     So this morning I have thrown away a plate of dried hardened fudge with about 5 pieces left as I found myself eating one last night.  I also rid myself of a plate of stale cookies and a dead poinsettia.  I might have found myself eating the  dead poinsettia last night:).   All the other Christmas goodies will be re plated for hub's office.  They have a big hearts game with all the old retiree's on New Years Eve and I will send left overs to them.  Can I ignore these for the next two days?  We will see.

     I have been getting inspired by blogs talking about goals for the New Year. Our talks at church yesterday were about goals.  I guess the Bishop must want us to set some.  I know I have some somewhere, at least I think about them and then go and eat stale fudge.  My usual goal is to survive the day:)

     The stew I made for dinner yesterday will suffice for dinner, so my day is complete.

I really have a very bad headache.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday, Lazy life is nice....

     Living the lazy life is so nice, but I could not do it forever.  I slept until 10 yesterday and then by 1:30 was back underneath a blanket dozing on a bed.  Hub's cleaned all the gutters on this huge house and raked up 10 bags of leaves and cleaned the garage floor and driveway of leaves, no easy job.  I was napping.  He came by the bedroom on his way to wash out his gloves and said, "Kim, are you okay?"  Obviously not used to me laying around.  I cleaned a little and puttered on the computer. 

     I am going to put a stew in my Judy for dinner.  To night I am going up to University to be with girls as the youngest one is still sick and needs her mommy.  I really think she needs a clean apartment.  But I will go because I am her mom.

     In the next week I have major sewing to be done, I have to take all these dressers to Missoula and come back that will take at least a day.  I have to take down all of Christmas and put it away.  I also have to get down to the studio, which I have pretended didn't exist and get it organized and cleaned up.  Ugh.  No more laying around for me.  I have hit my 3 day limit of lazy.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday, Yeah I mean all these things!

     Yesterday I took a huge load of old non working items (should have put spouse in there :) ) and garbage to the dump.  Just trying to free up space around here.  I think it is working.  Every drawer and nook in our master bedroom has been done. I must ruthlessly continue on the rest of the house.  Just too much stuff. 

     I had $160.00 arrive in the mail that I had forgotten about, that will go to the next house payment.  I have to remember that I will need at least $550.00 in a few weeks and must get to sewing.  This puttering around the house for fun must stop and real work must commence. Yeah I type that like I mean it.

     I have piles of paper garbage in the shop and computer room to clean up and must go through food in fridge and cull out the leftovers, downsize the trays of cookies.  I have gained so much weight and will need to do something about it after the See's chocolates and all the pecan caramels are eaten.  No use starting early.

     I just walk around and make plans and then it is too much work or effort so I go get a plate of goodies and watch netflicks.  I could get used to this life.  But I would have to buy new larger clothes and as I am not buying anything but necessities in 2015 will have to stay in old ones.  There is always a foil in my evil plan.
   Sitting in jammies,
drinking diet coke
on a Saturday,
during the Christmas season.

      My Christmas poem.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 26, 2014

Monday, On the 13th day of Christmas......

         Sing with me it will make you feel better.  On the 13th day of Christmas my daughter brought to me, 8 loads of laundry!  Yes only eight.  This is why she received 2 sets of twin sheets for Christmas because I do believe her old ones incinerated themselves from not being washed for a semester.  For a micro-bio /chemistry major she sure is a slob!

     Yesterday evening, I asked the two girls when they planned to leave back for the university, I did it sweetly like I was going to really miss them.....

     Hub's and I went to "Unbroken" last night it was very good. I am going to tool around my house and shop and get a few odd and ends done today, then just rest and read and have a long talk with my Sissie.
This is what Christmas break is all about.

     No after Christmas sales for me, no adding paper or tape or ornaments.  We are trying to use up what we have. I have no tags or bows,or ribbon and that is okay with me.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday, Merry Christmas!

     I have eaten three huge orange rolls and I may have another.  I always make orange rolls Christmas morning. We have opened our gifts and everyone is in a Christmas coma.  I rec'd a new wallet which I desperately needed as mine is falling apart, also 6 shirts and a new pair of dankso clogs which I did not need but are a nice addition.  The girls are happy and we cut back again this year.  They each got a nice gift and then a few small things, like socks, a book, cheap costume jewelry, B needed new bed sheets, and S wanted a new blanket.  So things they needed.  It is so nice not to have the sick to my stomach feeling of not being able to deliver at Christmas or delivering and getting stuck trying to pay for it years later.

     We all ate our selves silly on sea food last night.  Girls opened their jammies and we watched TV together.  The best thing is that we have so many left overs from last night I will not have to cook for a couple of days.  It will be a lazy relaxing day of reading new books and talking to family.  I think S and I will walk the bridges later as it is about 50 degrees and we could use the 5 mile walk to work off the additional orange rolls I am going to eat.

     Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, Christmas eve!

     Merry Christmas every one.  We Swedes actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve.  Christmas day is just a calm day of relaxing.  I will make orange rolls for breakfast and that is it.  Very quiet family time, with phone calls and naps. 

     The dresser was delivered last night and it is lovely.  Now I have two empty dressers and clothes all over the place.  Hub's dejunked a huge bag of stuff and I have been decluttering as I go and with what was taken out of renters room and our room I think we will have to make a dump run.  Definitely going to good will and the second hand resale store is in the plan.  So in essence we are getting rid of 5 large pieces of furniture and getting one dresser.  It is all about downsizing.

     Girlfriend and I made two batches of caramel yesterday.  One with pecans and one without.  We also did two batches of almond roca.   Then we made a batch of rosettes.   I had another girlfriend come over and I made 5 aprons and several pot holders with her for Christmas presents.  She ironed and cut all threads and I never left my machine.  It was like a factory and so fun to just work and yak with my friends.  I then ran to store to get holiday dinner fixings which are still in the truck.  Hub's helped me wrap presents last night so that is almost done.  We really cut back this year and that is wonderful.

     My hands and wrists are so bad today and I am a little worried I won't be able to get things done around here.  Everything left to do involves moving and lifting and I think my mover lifter parts are screaming.  Why today?  Still have not done the bills which is so stupid.  Well I did go to the bank yesterday and paid the rest of the payments for the month.  Will update later.  Right now trying to figure my game plan for today.  Where do I start and I am a little overwhelmed.

     Have a a wonderful Christmas eve my friends, may the light of Christ be ever in your homes and lives.



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday, I am an elf today!

     Did not get list done yesterday, surprise, surprise!  My new vacuum broke (it just quit working) while I was cleaning the last carpet in the basement, so the family room is not done.  I also did not pay the bills or wrap the presents.  Still need to call Sluggy but forgot the time difference here.  So will add those things to list today.

     I am wearing my elf outfit, of a red and white stripped where is Waldo shirt( think short Waldo)a green fleece vest, bright blue socks, and red shiny clogs with blue jeans.  Boy am I cute!  I am baking today with a girlfriend.

     Hub's went with me last night to exchange vacuum.  Then he put it together when we got home.  I think he knew I was at the end of my rope.  I stayed up way too late last night sewing, but it was fun sewing.  I was making aprons and I still have one to finish and then I have potholders to do.  I love creative sewing where I just get to mess around.

     After the vacuum went down yesterday, I went into the shop frustrated and started to tear into drawers.  I do not know why I do this.  It is my inner twin who is very organized.  I actually cleaned every drawer in my shop out and threw away over two large bags of crap.  I am giving my younger brother two large night stand/dressers that Hub's and I have had for over 25 years.  They were full of stuff and I cleaned them out and consolidated down to other drawers.  So these are ready to truck over to Missoula.

     The  man who has custom made all of our bedroom furniture called and our large bedroom dresser (which will replace 2 smaller dressers) will be delivered tonight.  I am excited.  It is Hub's and my Christmas present.  This will actually get rid of three pieces of furniture in our room and allow for a chair for hub's to sit on while he dresses.  So I will be cleaning more drawers this evening.  Fun.  We will take the two dressers and the large rattan chest over to brother also.  We purchased unfinished pine furniture 25 years ago and it is still in perfect condition although smaller than I would like.  We just take care of things, or maybe we are not hard on things.

     The lady who owns the dogs that killed the chickens came over with 8 dozen eggs yesterday.  So I have a stock pile of eggs!  It was sweet of her, she is still so upset.  I have moved on.  I still giggle when I remember those animals locked in the coop.

     I have a very busy day ahead of me but I am happy as I love the days I can just do things I really love.  I love to cook with friends.  I love to sew at whimsy, I love to purge my life of clutter, I love a simple Christmas season.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday,making a list and it is too long!

     I know you all get sick and tired of my busy schedule, because I get sick and tired of it.  I feel like I am a hamster on a wheel.Christmas eve is 2.5 days away and I am not even close to ready.  Really don't care if I get ready.  Well I do care but can't seem to get off the wheel.

     After the dog incident yesterday, I bathed for church and the girls came in at the last second making Hub's and my blood pressure boil.  Hubs was to meet pianist at church at 20 to 1 with daughter #2 in tow.  They had to run through a piano, violin, vocal trio of a French Christmas carol.  Of course the beauty queen (daughter #2) skated into church at 15 till.  I could see hubs trying to do breathing exercises to relax.  Too funny, but not funny at the same time.  Why can't kids just be a little early?

     Anyway it went off beautifully, hubs played great and daughter was her movie star self.  Three verses in French and one in English.  We all ran home to get hubs birthday dinner going.  It was lovely.  I threatened both girls with severe harm if they did not go through all the clean laundry in the laundry room and take it up to college.  Also daughter #2 who spends a lot of time in town and stays here some nights, is a slob.  She lives I swear out of her car and bags and laundry baskets.  They are creeping through every room in my house and I can't stand it!  I made her go through everyone of them in every room,(yes I followed her like a baba yaga) Consolidate, put away and take away or else.  The washing machine did not stop until 2 a.m. last night.  Her dance bag, which is huge was disgusting, she had two theater laundry baskets full of (who knows what?)  Then shoes, and bags, and bags, and bags, of overnight crap.  It really drives me nuts.  She is like a hamster that poops in very room.  She was headed for the bedroom we have been renting and had already pooped in the bathroom (i.e. left her Sunday clothes all over and makeup and a huge bag of toiletries).  I stopped her with my magic mother super powers and banished her to Moscow.

    The renter's room has to be cleaned and refurbished as in washed down and made ready.  All I have left to do in there is vacuum. I have a to sweep and scrub the floor in renters bath.  So today I have a long list of to do's to get ready for Christmas baking with a girl friend(tomorrow)and Christmas with my family.  That is Wednesday eve right?

     1. Run through up stairs and finish vacuuming.
     2. Vacuum downstairs bedroom ad assemble.
     3.Clean floor and assemble downstairs bath.
     4. Take all gifts to be wrapped upstairs to master.
     5.  Dust and clean family room. Brand new vacuum died as I was cleaning!
     6. sew all the things left in shop and pray no new comes in before Christmas.
     7.  Pay  all bills for the rest of the month
     8. Wrap presents
     9.  Get organized for tomorrow (baking)
     10. plan Christmas eve dinner and make shopping list for Tuesday.
     11. CALL SLUGGY!
     12.  Get dressed

These are not necessarily in order:)    Really need to get a nap in there some where.

Out My Window:  It is a beautiful sunny, cold winter day.

Have a great and productive day!




Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday, woke up by local police!

     I was up last night because I could not sleep.  You know how I love my insomnia.  Finally at 5:15 ,yes 5:15 I was able to sleep.  I woke at a little after 10:00 to the front doorbell.  We are farmers by nature and don't use the front door except for company that does not know us.  There was Ian our local policeman and a young woman with two dog leashes.  She was crying.  Her dogs had gotten into our chicken coop and killed our chickens.  I was somewhat confused as to why she had leashes and no dogs.  Well the dogs were locked in the coop surrounded by dead chickens.

     They had managed to find small break in the wire and forced it open.  Quite tenacious dogs as the break was about at my waste and very small.  These were large beautiful pure bred Husky's.  They looked at us like ,"well see what we did it was so fun!  But now can we please get out? " The owner was told that the dogs could  at our request be taken and put down as they were proven killers.  She was hysterical as I would have been.  Hubs and I tried to calm her down.  DOGS kill CHICKENS.  It is their natural instinct unless they are trained otherwise.  We assured her  that we were not going to press charges, we felt bad about the chickens but we felt more bad for her distress.  You can replace chickens for about .96 cents apiece in the spring.  One of the chickens was almost 2 so she was coming to the end of her laying cycle.  One of them did not ever lay past the first dozen eggs.  They were kind of a lame batch.  They were pets and we do know someone who would give us chickens if we really needed them.  I just felt so bad for this woman.  Her dogs were really far away from her house she had been driving all morning looking for them.  I told her they were safe as they were locked up.

    As this next year is our year of not buying anything we do not need, we will not replace them.  We are seriously talking of downsizing, if not the house at least our lives. The chickens do not pay for themselves they are just unique pets.  We would have had to find them homes in about a year or so.

     What an exciting way to start a Sunday.  I am going to go up and bake Hubs a birthday cake.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday, Drum Roll please!!!!!!!!

     I am below $100,000.  I did it!  Before the end of the year!  As the studio is going non-profit they will have to assume the CC debt and any other debt I do not have listed.  I am not sure how this will all work out but I am feeling pretty positive.  I have not posted the car payment or the sewer payment yet so this will go down further.  I also have more money to apply to debt but at this time I want to see where all bills fall.  I do not want to pay-off Studio lock only to turn around and borrow from it again. 

     I really have concentrated on the house as it is our largest debt with a monthly payment of $1450.00.  Our next largest was the truck which was studio debt but in my name it was a $500.00 a month debt.  So that will free up money for other debts and help me pay them off faster.  So nice.  Now I am going to look at that total below $100,00 and concentrate on that.  I would like to see it go down this year by at least $3000.00 a month and I think that is doable.  Maybe concentrate on my car (that I never get to drive) as it is a $350.00 payment and that would be nice to get rid off.  Maybe by next Christmas 2015 we will have no vehicle payments.  How nice would that be?

     I only have one more present to buy to finish Christmas.  We are celebrating Hub's 64th Birthday tomorrow, as he turned 64 yesterday.  They sang to him at the Wedding reception.  We drove all day today to get home.  About 5.5 hours.  Roads were a little snowy and foggy so we took it careful.

     Our boarder is out of the house and I will miss him.  We are seriously thinking of taking another to help pay down debt.  We will see.  We have the room, we just need the right person.

     My house is a wreck!  Every room but the formal front room is a disaster.  Laundry,dust crap, beds need changed, vacuuming needs to be done.  Packages need to be wrapped.  The shop is a pig-sty and I have too much to do.  I want to sleep and rest but don't see that happening before Christmas.

Out My Window :  I had better go check on my chickens and where is my dog?  Oh there she is asleep at my feet almost stepped on her!

Have a great evening, I think I will be cleaning.....yuck


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday, In Nampa at in-laws

     We drove to Nampa which is 15 miles from Boise today.  Arrived about 5 their time and we did a little Christmas shopping.  I got B done and have to find at least 2 gifts for S.  Then I am Done!  It will be a really cut back Christmas but the girls don't care they are happy to just be together.  Hubs turns 64 tomorrow so I told his niece if she wanted our wedding gift she had better have a cake for him at the reception.  I didn't care if it was a hostess cupcake.

     The Wedding is at 11:00 tomorrow and then the reception is at 6:30.  So between I will finish up Christmas at the Boise Mall.  This is great as we have no shopping in Lewiston to speak of and when I get home I can wrap packages and sew and rest.

     By the way, just for a small drum roll I paid off the truck today!  I will not update things until I get home, but I will have more pay off results when I can get the figures together.  Trying so hard to pass up Sarah and I could only to spiral right back into more debt so I must be cautious and be satisfied with what I can do.  Remember this year was about not over paying my debt and failing to keep enough to live on and be somewhat comfortable,  I really wanted the truck paid off as this years goal and I made that for sure.  I am making progress that is what counts.  Perhaps when all the dust settles I can pay off something else.  We will see.

     I am so excited!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday, on my way to Mothers.

     We are up and packed and waiting for daughter to arrive to come with me to Missoula.  I dread the long drive but it must be done. Must gas the car up on the way out of town, by the way gas is $2.39 here.  What is it in your neck of the woods?

     I should be home early evening and I hope to be able to rest in the car on the way to Boise.  It is finals week and I have not heard from the youngest,  No melt downs.  Is that a sign she is growing up?  Really too tired to think, but will check on her today.  I will call sissie when I get to mother's.

     The only really good thing about having to go to Boise is that I have done no Christmas shopping and I will have some time to hit the Mall there, so I should be able to complete what I need to do.

     I paid the teachers last night for December as we have a two week vacation.  So that means that all monies that come into the studio in January will not have payroll out and I should be able to get some money in savings for taxes.  Or maybe apply it to some debt?  How nice would that be.

     I can't wait to post when I get home and report on my finances.  I did not update last month so you are all going to see a big change.  I am so tired it is hard to be excited.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, things are going to change so stay tuned....

     Well I settled with the theater last night and I held them to their contract which they breached at least 15 times in the first dress rehearsal.  As we are used to running our own shows we were able to pull together and make things successful.  I did not post a lot about it as it was too aggravating and confusing, complaining to you guys would just have made the wound bigger.  I was more interested in making the show a success and harping about things I could not control or people I could not control would not change the outcome. 

     However working hard on the things I could do led us to 6 out of 8 sold out performances, and the biggest money maker for our theater this year.  They were thrilled and they were also embarrassed about their staff and volunteers and how we were treated. We were supposed to walk into a fully staffed theater that was clean and ready for us.  We had several meetings and stated specifically what we needed from them.  Nothing was ready or done.  It was a nightmare, so as parents and teachers we banded together and made it work.  A community is a powerful thing.

     Our split was 30/70 us taking the 30.  I renegotiated after showing them how much more money I had to spend compared to them because they did not have their people in the right spots.  We then split 50/50.  Go Kim!

     So you will soon see come changes to my bottom line. Right now I am very behind in my shop and I have to take mom home tomorrow.  Another all day drive.  Then Thursday we have to take off for a Wedding in Boise and will be home on Saturday afternoon.  I am so looking forward to just staying home and enjoying my family.  I want some quiet afternoon naps and to get a few projects done.

     Jane has inspired me to declutter and go through my house as we really want to downsize or rent the house out in about a year and all of our things will need to go into storage.  Less is more in my book right now, except for money of course:)

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, I'm free, yippee!

     Well not really, but I am free of the Nutcracker for about 48 hours!  Exhausted, and happy it is over.  I actually slept really well last night and went to bed about 11.  Now I get to deal with a torn up house and a really torn up studio.  But I don't even care.  I feel free and I can do what I want when I want.  (We all so know that that isn't true, but let me dream my fantasy for a little while) 

     Okay that is over.  I have a few hours today to get some housework done before I have to meet with the theater President to go over books, which we will do at 3'oclock, then daughter and I are going to help decorate the stage for a Christmas concert that will be held next weekend for a charity organization.  They are desperate and behind on oleo acts and even though we cannot help with the onstage performances as we will be out of town at a wedding, we can get them up and running, by doing all the things they need to get the show off the ground.  It is our Christmas act of charity (or stupidity I haven't figured it out yet)

     The mom that owed me money paid me $400.00 so I was able to pay my house payment.  God is good and I consider this a true miracle and blessing. Money I was going to have to scramble to get just appeared when I needed it and I am grateful.

     It was so fun to be with our grandson and daughter this weekend.  We bought him a police car that makes all sorts of sounds and he was thrilled.  He loved the Nutcracker and stayed awake until the coda at the very end.

     I have not really thought at all about Christmas, and I need to get busy and get a few things done in that respect.  But right now, today, I am going to enjoy the fact that I have a big load gone out of my schedule and just be happy about my life, I am blessed and I am a blessing to others.  I have a dirty house, but it is mine and it is beautiful.  I have a very sick demanding mother upstairs, but I also have the love of my family who are a great support to me. I am in debt, but I have paid my bills up through today.  Today, just for today I am okay and deserve to be happy.  Problems will come, things will go wrong, but I deserve to be happy.

Out My Window:  Oh my goodness I need to go check on my chickens!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, late afternoon

     The show was a huge success last night.  We had the stage manager play Mother Ginger which is typically played by a male dancer on stilts because the costume is so heavy.  I was up about 3 1/2 feet on a roller cart, but my neck was just too sore to stand the weight of the harness.  It was hysterical and about brought down the house.  We did not tell the kids under the skirt that I was not playing the part.  They enter the skirt in the dark so had no idea it was a grown man with a beard.  Too funny the little girls would dance and then look up at him like,"What the heck?"

     Got to bed too late last night and slept in this morning also too late.  Daughter and I were to meet a man at the studio at 10:30 to tear down a wall on the back of the costume loft.  This would free up another whole area for sets and costumes we have not been able to utilize. Dirty messy work, but it was down and loaded into a truck in about 1.5 hours and then we took scrap to the dump.  This will make it so much easier to tear down set and move it home as we will have places to put everything and a lot more storage.

     My eldest daughter and her mother-in-law and grandson are here for the show.  It will be so fun to watch Danny at the performance.  I am excited.

     I had a mom that owes me several hundred dollars call and she wants to pay up.  What a blessing, now if she just does it!  Paid almost all bills and I am flat broke.  Oh no I just got $10.00 in the shop:)  I can go a long way on that.

     Well I have 1.5 before I have to be at the theater, here we go again.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday, Pain in my neck!

     I am not talking about my mother, but I have a pain in my neck!  Running down the right back side. It hurts to turn and to swallow sometimes.  Last night was miserable as I could hardly sleep.  But this morning is better.  I will not be doing Mother Ginger tonight because of it and have refitted the costume for another.

     Ten hours in the car yesterday probably did not help.  Long day and mom was asleep in bed when I got home from the theater. She is so thin, it is like she is wasting away, but she seems happy and she was ready to go when I got to her place.  This means she flew home on Tuesday and got in at 10 p.m. and did not unpack her suitcase was up and ready for me to pick her up the next afternoon.  Pretty good for a sick old lady!  Now you know where I get my stamina.

     I have a lot to do today before I hit the theater.  Mostly sewing, laundry and general cleaning up.  Where does the laundry come from?  I mean I feel like that is all I do.  I guess two sweaty dance bodies a day?  I don't know and maybe the clothes are heavier as it is cold outside.  I also did all the bedding on two beds so that will contribute,  Blah!

     I must pay a few bills today, money is so tight that I am paying as I go what has to be paid. I am so afraid of not having enough when something crucial arises.

     I am going to get mom busy cooking or I should say baking some Christmas things. I have all the ingredients so that won't be a problem.  I am just so happy she is here.

The bathtub is calling and I have already had two customers here.  I am in my pink stripped jammies and I am not cute.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday,company coming

     Yesterday was a blur as I felt like I was in between worlds.  My Nutcracker theater world and my real world.  I did make sure that both my checking accounts were balanced as I have been really sloppy and costly there lately.  I also cleaned off my desk and caught up on show expenses to turn over to theater.

     I really did not do much yesterday, a little sewing, a little cleaning, a little book work.  It was a nice pleasant day of putzing.  I don't get many of those.  I was able to talk to my Sissie with out too many interruptions.

     Today I am going to clean the upstairs and the downstairs a little.  Get some sewing done as I need the money to make the house payment.  I need to get my nails done, haven't done that for a month.  I actually woke up this morning with very little stiffness so that was a positive.

     I have to go pick up my mother tomorrow in Missoula.  Not looking forward to a 10 hour drive but oh well.  Daughter #2 will go with me.  I hope the roads are good.  We will leave here about eight or nine and then get there about noon to turn around and come back as we want to be here at about 5 in the afternoon for rehearsal.  Fun, fun, fun!

     So I had better get then house ready for company as after mom comes, Eldest daughter, her mother-in-law and grandson come.  It will be a full house.  Everyone is coming in for the Nutcracker.  So let's get ready for company.  How does one do that?

      I guess I do have to clean!  Darn I was hoping for another lazy day.  Maybe bake bread, and a little something, something.  As my Sissie would say.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, $507.13 in my pig!

     Yes that was the grand total!  This is my Christmas money.  I could hardly carry the money down to the bank it was so heavy.  It is my best year yet and now I have started all over with new change in the pig.

     The show is going great, I am very, very, tired.  Grateful for a few days off  so I can catch up around here.  I also have a house payment due and I have no money saved toward it so I need to get busy.

     We sold out at the the theater on Saturday and Sunday and the shows are selling fast for next week.  Looks like a good run.  Board director and I decided not to do a Celtic show this year but to take the kids to schools and do assembly performances.  I don't make any money on the show and it is so much stress we will take a year off and just do community service and concentrate on our spring production.

     Bad news is my arthritis is blowing big time.  I have a call into the doctor and am going in for blood work.  Wrists and one ankle very affected. So that means the other ankle will go soon.  Night sweats are awful, waking up soaking wet and freezing.  I would like to blame the weather but we all know that is not the reason.

     Hub's and I got up Saturday morning and he cleaned the chicken coop and he and I took a load of yard and chicken waste to the landfill and then went to the city dump to drop off an old microwave and some large garbage.  When we got home all covered in yuck, we decided to pull the 7 boxes of Christmas decos out of the garage.  The boxes were covered with dirt and spider webs as we did not completely clean the garage this year.  So now we were doubly dirty.  Our plan was to just pull the boxes and then rest before going to the theater at 5.  I did not want to leave filthy boxes all over the upstairs so we emptied said boxes and took them back down to the garage.  Now Christmas had thrown up all over the front room.   So hubs put the tree together and I started to put things where they belonged and 3 hours later our house was done except the tree was not decorated.  Daughter and I came home from the theater at 10 p.m. and decorated the tree.  The house is ready for Christmas!  I downsized 2 whole boxes of Christmas ornaments and things and will do more after we pack them up.  I just want to be down to a few boxes.

     I put a big roast and veggies in my Judy on Sunday and had a nice dinner after the show.  It was so nice to sit down to the table and have a meal.  I feel like all we have done since Thanksgiving is eat on the run.  We have a lots of leftovers for tonight.

     I am going to get into a hot tub and see if I can get my joints to loosen up and then run through the house and set down and look at my books.  Pay as many studio bills as I can and then try to figure out where I am financially for Christmas.  It is going to be a light one and I don't even care.  The kids are old enough to understand money and that I don't have any extra for extravagance.  But we will have a nice Christmas all the same.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday, We are open!

     We are open and not soon enough.  I am beat and just want to sleep.  So happy show is up and running it takes off a lot of stress.  It was a small house last night but enough to give the dancers a sense of an audience which is what they needed.  We had a bunch of memorable snafu's, but all in all everyone was laughing most of the time.   We of course had to make a few last minute changes that added to the drama.  Our stage manager has obviously not run a dance production before and was having some trouble, but she will get the hang of things I think.  If not she will get voted off the island I am afraid.

     Parents were very helpful and we had lots of help, mostly because daughter had a meltdown fit on stage during dress rehearsal.  Oh living and working with artists, is not always pretty.  Mother Ginger about killed me, my legs were shaking when I was lifted of my platform.  You know how your muscles start to shake when you have done way too much?.  And of course the stage is 2 flights of stairs up from the dressing rooms, then the theater entrance is 2 floors down from that.  If you want to get up to the  back stage dressing room it is up a flight of stairs.  So if I was to get from the theater audience level up to say the ballet Mistress dressing room I was running 5 flights of stairs. Yikes I am not sore today but my mouth is covered with cold sores inside, so I must have been pretty stressed last night.

     I have a dental appointment this morning to get my teeth cleaned, fun.  I must come home and finish my list from yesterday.  Then I am open my pig bank.  So today's list is shorter but I am also a little more worn out.

1. straighten upstairs
2. start a stew in my Judy  (why does that always sound so bad?)
3. Clean, dust and vacuum downstairs.
4. clean shop
5. Make snow Queens, arm ruffles (she don't tell I forgot these no one noticed)
6. Clean and straighten fridge
7. Continue with laundry started yesterday
8. Open my PIG!

On your mark get set....... snore


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, show opens!

     Well dress rehearsal was a complete disaster, which is good as it means we will have a great opening night.  I am too tired to really care right now.  I am sitting here typing in my night gown, I have already been to Mc Donalds in my night gown for a soda as we are out of Diet coke I and I needed a pick me up.  Customers will show up and I will be here wild haired and smelly.  At least I took off my Mother Ginger makeup from last night.

     Needless to say I just want this over.

     On a good note I have no costume mending or fixing today.  I mean I left the theater with nothing.  I do have an order coming in today and have to run buy some back up tights but that is it.  This almost never happens.  On a bad note, I am a stinky mess and my house is a disaster.  I think there might be laundry molding in the washer.  We have been out of bread and milk since Sunday.  Papers everywhere and I am sure there is a mouse living around the computer from all the dropped popcorn and chocolate I have been nibbling the last few week.  I still have Halloween and Thanksgiving decos all over.

     So my goal today, is to of course clean up and then gut the upstairs and the family room, my shop and the laundry.  My reward if I complete my tasks in a timely manner is that I get to open my Pig bank I have been saving my change in all year!  Yeah what a fun reward, but my list is ominous......

1. bathe, dress, get ready to meet my public
2. clean master bedroom and bathroom
3. clean spare room
4. clean spare bath
5 clean kitchen
6. clean out fridge and organize
7. take program to theater whenever the call comes in.
8. go pick up spare tights at stores.
9. clean and dust family room
10. put away all Halloween and Thanksgiving crap.
11.  All this has to be done while I am working on laundry
12. Dust and clean living room
13. clean off front porch
14. check on chickens
15. open Pig bank!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay on your mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, dress rehearsal

     Tech on the second night went better, but I am dreading tonight as the crew is so lame.  The dancers are fine we have rehearsed to death, but moving all the set pieces is scary.  I have so many costumes to tweak I don't know if I will get them done.  But I will work like a demon.

     Daughter was called into work at an office the next three days.  She has worked so hard at the theater and was afraid I could not finish up.  I have to laugh at her as I think she forgets, I have
 done this on my own for years.  As I let go of the reigns my staff begins to think I can't do things anymore.

     Last night the Spanish dance couple were having trouble coming out of a double spin lift and I told the male dancer to drop his partner a 1/4 sooner so she could continue to spin coming out as the momentum would keep her going.  Oh that is how you do it?  How did I know?  Not my first rodeo guys.  Many, many moments like that.    Makes me smile.

     I put a mom on collecting money duty and she has done great.  I was able to pay a few bills yesterday and I will have enough to run payroll.  Still not out of the woods yet, but at least not panicking.  This is also a 3 paycheck month so we will be okay if I can just keep expenses down and we have no disasters.

Well I have to run.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, barely hangin on.....

     I was able to juggle around money yesterday and get the studio CC paid by the skin of my teeth.  That is how it is gong to be for the next few days.  Today I will go to the bank and pay 5 more smaller bills.  But those add up after a while.

     Tech run through of the first act was a nightmare.  But they always are.  I hope tonight goes better.  I think it will.  Trying to stay positive at this point.

 Too much work came into the shop yesterday, can you believe I said too much work?  My sissie called me and made me laugh, she is so annoying sometimes, I was too busy to stop and laugh, but I did.  The thoughtless wench.

     Much to do today, little things but a long list of little things. The father that is becoming my Board President is too funny.  His e-mail comments to me from last nights tech were too good.  Just the sarcasm alone was worth the read.  I love to get e-mails like that.  He told me he was going to sell his antique gun collection as his bucket list was getting too full.  What do you mean, and he said he has a bucket list inside his head of people he would like to take out to make his life easier.  I know this is crude with all that goes on in our country with guns, but I had to laugh at him..  As I have never seen him lose his temper or even swear. He is such a goody-goody.

     Well I am off to do errands and then return and sew until I have to be back at the theater.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, I hate it when my sissie is right!

     Financially my Sissie is always is always right.  How does she do it?  She knew my finances were going into the shi**er just by talking to me.  I did not realize it.  But my (soon to be) board President told me that I spent a lot this month on show materials that would be reimbursed and he was right.  I guess I just panicked and did not think of that.  All I saw was empty check books and no money to pay regular bills as I have never been able to replenish the saving this year.

     At least I know where the money is, so I will pay the bill that is due today, and then tomorrow, and then the next day!  I will work it out I think.  Must stay positive.

     Went to theater at 2:30 after church and cleaned and swept and moved crap that should have been put away by them.  Then had a music, tech, light rehearsal.  Video man set up his cameras.  Pulled costumes and tried to see what we still need from studio.  You think you have it all and you don't. Secured a professional ball room dancer for my daughter as her partner went south. Pressed the Mother Ginger skirt no small feet I can tell you.

     I must get milk and I am going to buy some bread (shhh don't tell) just do not have time to make it.  Need to pull something out for dinner, have no idea what. We will be lucky to have clean clothes this week.  I have a great deal of sewing in the shop and more coming in today.  I also have to do the books although I am so scared, but I will be strong.

Out My Window:  Freezing!  Which reminds me I have to check on the chickens.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, Here we go...

     I will attend church at 1 p.m. and then off to the theater for major tech rehearsal without any dancers.  Just lights and sets, and sound.  Still plenty to do, but the list of major things is shorter.

     Hubs and I started out very early from Boise yesterday, like 5:30 in the morning our time.  Ugh!  I wanted to kill him, but he could not sleep, so I made him drive the whole way and slept for about 4 hours of the drive. We arrived home about 10:30 and that was nice as I was able to unpack clean up, start some laundry and really clean up the shop, which daughter and teachers had been working in and it was a disaster.

      Daughter and teachers came home from rehearsal at studio where they had finished the birdcage, and we put together the tent that swings down to house the sugar plum fairy in one of the #'s.  I still have the ruffle to put on it.  I also covered a large box that hubs put on a piano dolly.  It is a bright tinseled Green and I glued sparkly snow flakes all over it, so that Drosselmier will not have to pull all the toys out of a bag.  We will just roll on the box and he can choose out of it.  So much easier, but again one more large prop piece.

     Now the shop is a wreck again!  That is okay all set pieces and costumes will be out of there this afternoon (I am sure more will come in), then I can at least greet customers in a clean environment.  I know I will be busy tomorrow, as I set up several appointments last week.  I did not receive too many calls last week for sewing and I usually don't.  But the ones I did get they were all very nice and will come in this week. I still plan on trying to sew even during the shows as I need the money.

     Speaking or I should say writing about money, I am so proud of Sarah.  She gives me hope.  I am really struggling right now.  I am not sure why as I have had so much work come in and I have done as much as possible.  But I am going backwards at the studio and it is scary.  I am still having the tuition problems, and enrollment is down and I cannot keep up on studio bills.  If things don't change and fast I will be be in big trouble. I will not borrow any more money to keep it afloat and that is what I have been doing in a nutshell.

     Yes I am making progress on debts but is has slowed to a crawl and this month has gone backwards.  I am hoping the Nutcracker can pull us out.  Then if we go non profit, I will still have to worry but I will have a board to help.  I am really ready to throw in the towel and add the studio debt to my own and call it good.  I hate to retrench but I don't know what else to do.  Parents are upset they don't want me to close, so they will have to step up to the plate and fund raise.

    In the mean time I am going to be happy about the upcoming Holidays and the performances.  The Nutcracker is Magic in itself.

Have a Peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday, Happy Birthday to our youngest!

     My baby is 22 I can hardly believe it.  We are still in Twin Falls and plan on leaving for Boise this evening.   I have been very busy with grandson, cooking and sewing.  Was able to get Clara's dress done, 3 pairs of bloomers with lace, and opera cape for Drosselmier, The Rat queens bloomers and top done, along with a satin blouse for under her fitted vest and pep plum.  Oldest daughter did all the trimming of costumes so that was nice as she has quite the eye and is so creative.  She also re trimmed a rather plain lilac fairy bodice and I did up a new table top tutu covers and then she be jeweled that so it will sparkle when the, lights hit.

     We were rather tired of the sewing machine in the kitchen and the church sent out an all call for some one to hem a pair of pants and two dresses for a blind lady in the ward.  So eldest text back that we could do it, well it turned out to be 11 pairs of pants and 5 skirts.  We were both so tired of sewing and now this big pile.  Ugh! So Thanksgivingtine(how my grandson says it) eve we were up at 10 :30 finishing the pile, but we will reap no blessings as we complained and moaned all through the process.

     Had a quite nice dinner with just the 5 of us.  I de boned the turkey and put the bones to boil.  Daughter has 2 nice bags of sandwich fixings and two huge batches of soup broths and meats in the freezer.  The kitchen is clean.  I feel like all I have done here is cooked, cleaned and sewed.  Not much different from home.  Except I make 3 beds everyday instead of 1 and chase a 3 year old when grandpa gets too tired.

     I have not been able to get to a rite aid as there isn't one in town and I have $38.00 in points I must use by Monday.  Then I have 22.00 worth of reward credits at Walgreens and enough points for a $50.00 gift card.  I will open my pig when I get home.

     I am anxious to get home but also really nervous as we go into hell week and open on Thursday.  It will be so busy.  In the mean time I must pay the remaining November bills. and get $500.00 ready for our December house payment.  I think that there will be about $200.00 waiting for me when I get home to help with that.

Out My Window:  It is flat here and windy.  I have a hard time telling my  directions with no mountains or land marks.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday, dreading the weekend.

    Tomorrow is the lighting of the Christmas park in our town.  Our dancers perform at this lighting.  We are in Nutcracker rehearsals all day with a lighting rehearsal thrown in between.  We finish at 3:30 and have to be back at the park in the dark and the cold at 5:30 and then we freeze the kids dance and I collapse.  I used to really enjoy this performance, it made me realize the holidays were here.  But now it is just cold nasty work.  When did the magic disappear? Hopefully I will get some joy out of my students faces as they perform.

     Sunday we will travel 9 hours to Twin Falls, at least I can get some hand work done in the car.  It is a long drive.  We will stop at Hub's parents for a short rest.  I am excited about seeing my grandson.

     Everything in the shop that needs to be done is done and I am just going to sew madly on costumes all day and all night.  I will take with me what I don't get done.

     The theater was a disaster yesterday as they are tearing down from young Frankenstein and rebooting for us, but it looks like everything is a go and we will be fine, I leave that to their hands. So nice to not have to worry about every little thing.  My daughter and one of my teachers have really worked hard down at the theater.  I think I am just coming to the realization that I don't want to run the studio any more and I need to find a way out or a way that I have less on my shoulders.  I also need to take a real good look at the house we live in and the neighborhood. 

     Changes need to be made.  Not today, but the future needs to be different.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday, my oh my

   Up and bathed and sitting with a wet head here typing.  Had a discouraging day yesterday mostly to do with the studio, but I will not bore you with that.  I am getting closer and closer to getting out.  I am sure the stress is the upcoming show.

     We had a parent volunteer meeting at the Theater last night and many showed up.  I was teaching but was told it went well.  We have enough help so that is good. Still working on costumes.  Drosselmier's(sp) fit great and am now working on Nutcracker itself.  The lady that is designing the head, text me yesterday and it is done so she is mailing that.  I hope to have nutcracker/prince done tonight.  Mother who is doing waltz of the flowers showed up and took all 12 of those.

     I have a couple of pairs of pants to hem and two dresses to alter today and then I will get back into costumes.  So that will leave me, Clara's dress, robe, Peacock alteration, Queen Rat, Lilac fairy skirt, and a cape.  But I was hoping to find that at the civic closet.  Tuxes will be altered the week of the show.

   We took the growing tree to the theater to finish painting.  It was just too large even with the high ceilings at the studio.

     I have no idea what to cook for dinner tonight.  Blah....  Hub's came down last night and said there were no socks in his sock drawer.  Well most of the laundry is done, just not put away.  I am falling down on the job.  Well he can figure it out.  I think?

     I am really looking forward to next week with my grandson.  I will take a lot of hand work with but it will be nice to just get away.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, Lot's going on in blog land!

     Lena had her babies and they are beautiful and healthy and she is home! Send her a quick prayer and a well wish she is going to be one busy woman.

     Practical Parsimony needs help.  Go to Sluggy's blog and get the info as I am so blog challenged that I can't get the connecting done.  If we all help even a little it will go a long way.  I know everyone I blog with is struggling, but not as much as this  blogger right now.  Remember that is takes a village and if we all pitch together we can make a huge difference in this blogger's life. I truly believe that by giving we receive and I have seen the law of the harvest in my own life. So break out those purses or piggy banks ladies and gents and send a little gift her way.

     Sarah, has officially beat me, but that is okay.  I am still in the running with her to the end!  So two pieces of great news and one not so great, however together we will solve the problem.

     I made it through yesterday by the skin of my teeth.  I planned on coming home and sewing last night but I fell asleep on the sofa instead.  I have nothing crucial in the shop today so I can concentrate on costumes.  Hooray!  I will continue doing laundry as I am almost caught up.  I made a huge stew yesterday, that will do for dinner.  I am going to sew, sew, sew until I have to go to the studio and then I will try to come home and sew some more.

     I need to make a batch of bread, so after the housekeeper leaves, I will go start a batch, water the chickens and have the bread raising while I work.

Out My Window:  Very unseasonably cold here this last week.  It is supposed to warm up some by the weekend.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, sorry forgot to blog!

     I am too busy.  I am also so proud of Sarah, she has officially beat me to the under 100 thousand mark.  But I am so happy for her I don't even care.  However I do want you all to know that this is not over I will win in the end....... ( I always do.....)

     Can anyone drive to Lewiston to help me?  I feel like I am fading. The shop was so busy yesterday and a wedding that I thought was for April has moved to December 6th!  Add that to my schedule.  My house is falling down around me.  Laundry is backed up, the kitchen is a pig sty.  Garbage cans are all full.  It is just too much.  On top of everything my arthritis is flaring terribly.  So how is everyone else, as I am so jolly!

     Trying to stay positive, that this will all get done.  It will; but at what cost to me?  I keep asking myself that?  The board is in play so I will keep moving. Health first, I insist on trying to get enough sleep.  I could set my alarm and get up earlier, but I am such a night owl, I end up getting less and less sleep.  So I will sleep until 8 or 9 and then get to work.

     I did assign all the flower costumes to alter to a mom yesterday, so I am trying to delegate as much as possible and asking for help. Also on Saturday I am going to assign  Mom's to do other things and they will.

     Sunday I made a huge and I mean huge batch of chicken Parmesan to (freeze half).  I also made a huge pot of pasta with vegetables on the side.  It was gone yesterday?  How did 4 people eat so much?  I know daughter stopped over and I asked her if she wanted to join us and she said I ate but that looks delicious.  I do have two men in the house.  But really?

     So today I am up and laundry started, some things put away, I cleaned the sty kitchen, I have myself ready to go as in hair/makeup.  There are all the makings for a large stew upstairs along with my Judy and I was hoping daughter would stop by and I would send her up to peel the veggies.  If she is not here by noon I will go do that also.

     I have at least 10 pairs of pants to hem before I start on Nutcracker sewing.  Speaking of Nutcracker sewing it is slow going as I am so busy doing everything else.  Hub's is complaining of all the costumes and props blocking the doorways, but the studio is so full it is a fire hazard.  We can't move into the theater for at least a week.  Okay so there is a giant birdcage in the garage, but it needs to be decorated yet.  There is no room for it at the studio.  It will have to stay, sorry.

     Shop was cleaned up late Saturday night and it looks like a tornado hit in there.  How can one day of sewing do that?

     On a good note, I get to see my grandson in less than a week, I am getting my ducks in a row for the holidays. I am still in a positive mood.  What else can I ask?

  Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday, rehearsing, judging, sleeping..

     Started the morning with a three hour rehearsal for the Nutcracker, then drove to Moscow to judge and Irish Dance Competition.  Bought myself a new polar fleece vest and a couple of long sleeves t-shirts. Came home about 5 and took a short nap.

     Gas dropped to below $3 a gallon so I am one happy camper.  I still have no voice and the inflammation from this virus has affected my hands and jaw.  Eating a banana is painful.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday, have to get out of these PJ's

  I am still in the PJ's from Wednesday and they are getting a little Um.......  Too much information I think.  Definitely need to visit Mr. bathtub this morning and the family room needs to be disinfected.  My voice is totally trashed.  When I answer the phone people hang up as they think no one is there.

     I did manage to sew a little yesterday just sitting in front of the TV and doing hand work.  After my bath I may venture out, if I can convince myself to put on clothes.

     On a good financial note gas is down to $3.05 here and is below $3.00 a gallon in many surrounding areas.  Also our new Winco is open and I think we will see a significant grocery drop here.  Nice that these things are happening right before the Holidays.

     Speaking of holidays, I am going to get Hub's folks gifts done before we leave for Thanksgiving so I can take them wrapped with me.  I will get oldest daughter and her family done while I am in Twin Falls.  Then I will just have to worry about immediate family here.  Oh by the way my stockings are done except candy.  Yippee!

     I am also thinking that I am not going to do much Christmas baking this year.  The Nutcracker will be over as of the 15th but we have a Wedding to attend on the 19th down in Nampa.  Maybe I will do a few things when I get back.

     The bathtub is calling and I have a few things in the shop that need my attention.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday, Sick with bad cold.

     Sorry sick with cold.  Hard to type as wrists are frozen.  Did get my nieces wedding dress done yesterday.  She looked beautiful. They came in late Tuesday eve.  We started working and I got a lay out of what had to be done.  Went to bed.  Up at 8 and started working on dress at 9 worked all day through to teaching at 5 and then came back to do some beading.

     They left this morning.  There was still the beading to do around the neck, but her mom can finish that in a couple of hours.  I had to add lace sleeves, and a lining to the sheer bodice, we also built up the neck line with lace.  It is a long involved job, but it came out well. 

     I have a very sore throat. I also lost my wrist watch.  It is not on my wrist and I have no idea where it is.  Did I take it off in bed becsue3 my wrist was sore?  I am waiting for daughter to come over so I can get in a hot bath.  My Thursday teacher is also very sick.  As I have customers coming to the shop I cannot get in the tub until I have someone to answer the door.  I will shiver in jammies until she arrives.

     Very behind on costume stuff and I don't even care right now.

     Met with the pyro technician last night for the show and it looks like all of the fire stunts will be easy.  We have at least 8 per show.  Then sent daughter and Ballet Mistress down to  theater to meet with builder to reuse some set pieces and they came back with good news.  But the seamstress and executive director of this upcoming event is behind and has a very bad cold.  I wonder if she will pull it together?  Only time a will tell.

     I will probably have to go to the doc tomorrow.  I hate to waste the time but with the chemo I take they will want to do blood work.  Now I am going to shiver off to bed.  Take care.

Out My Window:   COLD, unseasonably cold for this part of the country.

Have a great and productive day, Do some work for me as I don't think I will accomplish anything.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, slow going...

     I did not get any where near done what I wanted yesterday.  Very frustrated.  I had a ton of new work come into the shop however.  Just what I need more work.  I am hoping today will be better.  I think I am working on a good old chest cold and that has me moving a little slower and more groggy than I'd like.

     I did a rite- aid shop yesterday, just a few things really.  Hub's needed deodorant, so I bought two both had coupons on them for one dollar off each plus I had a 3.00 off when you buy two, they were on sale and with up's they cost nothing.

    Then I bought two packages of cough drops that were on sale.  I had two coupons making the 3.00 purchase 1.00 and that was paid with ups.

All told I rec'd 4.00 more in up rewards, so I still have $11.00 in ups to spend by next week.  I hope the adds are better.  You do have to pay your own tax here and I had .76 cents in tax.  Well I had left my wallet out in the car like an idiot, so the cashier offered to pay the tax for me.  (he was an old drama student and probably still scared of me)  So I paid nothing!!!!!!

( Sluggy beat that one)

     I did get everything ordered as far as costumes go yesterday.  I will still need to place a shoe order, but as we have to drive to Spokane to get the custom made Nutcracker head, I will get daughter to pick it up later this month.

     Right now, I have to run through the house, start a batch of bread, finish up some laundry, get myself beautified (that will be the hardest job)  and try to deal with hub's who is home for veterans day.

Out My Window:  Very cold here today, we have a cold front moving in and I am not ready for winter.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, whirlwind weekend!

  I do not like weekends where I feel like I ran all the time.  I just realized that the next 4 or 5 will be like that.  I will really need a Christmas break by the time is gets here.  I did however sneak in a nap between rehearsals on Saturday and a musical Saturday evening.  I also ate like a pig all weekend and my hands are so swollen, that now I have to be good.  Dang!

     I am sewing costumes all day today until 6 p.m.  I hope to get as much done as possible.  I am working on the Spanish Male dancer costume and then want to do the two maids.  If I can get those done today I will be thrilled. Tomorrow I want to do the toymaker.  Then I have Clara's dress and night cover.  I have a skirt for the lilac fairy  The Nutcrackers, uniform and a ton of alterations on core costumes.  One day at a time.  I also need to keep up in the shop.  Of boy what fun!

       Police man dropped off another jacket I will do that first and then get busy.  It is not like my life stops when I have a show to do.  But I do make people realize they may not get their things as quickly or not until after the show.  That is why I have worked so hard to get caught up.  Ha ha I just said caught up.

     I am going to make up some biscuits for dinner tonight and have leftovers from dinner last night.  I might make up a big old pot of clam chowder tomorrow.  I also need to make bread.  I will throw that into the mix of today.

Out My Window:  Sun is shining after a weekend of steady rain.  So nice.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday, dumb mistakes.

     I am starting to make dumb financial mistakes.  Mostly because I am too busy to do what I am supposed to do as in pay attention.  Nothing rash.  But enough to cost money that is unnecessary.  Is the fact that I can pay my bills really for the first time in my life making me careless?  I wonder some times.

     I do not like wasting money.  It is too hard to earn.  When ever I get really busy this happens.  I am busy a lot.  The next 6 weeks will be no exception.  So how am I going to confront this problem? Maybe I need to go back to my old way of book keeping.  Crossing off bills as paid and in a timely manner.  If you pay the electric bill late, you get dinged.  It is only a few dollars but is adds up. I just need to pay attention to due dates.  I never pay house payments or CC's late so why the light bill?

     I think it is the punishment factor.  The utility bills are unknown faces that don't exist in my mind, so it is okay.  Well it is not!  I am making very good progress on paying down my debt and I don't need bad habits creeping in to derail me.

     I have been sewing so hard this week to catch up that the house is in desperate need of attention.  I have just a couple more things to catch up on in the shop and I can start costumes.  It is going to be a busy weekend, with rehearsals and costuming.

     Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday, thou shall not kill thy neighbor....

     Okay I love my neighbor, he fixes our cars and I do all sorts of strange sewing crap for his antique car business, usually upholstery, which I hate, but I only do it for him, so I can some what control the flow.  This morning I have a large boat pull up in front and you have to get on a ladder to get into it.  The old guy is (too old) to remove said boat top and bring it in to have it fixed, so I am out there for an hour hand sewing with extra strong thread this old guys boat top.  My fingers are all poked and bleeding and I told Clem (neighbor) that he had better go hide.  He is not to give my name out the old coot.  Like I have time to do this kind of work.

     Still trying desperately to get caught up in the shop.  I just might make it if I can ever get in there. I had to run a edited commercial to the TV station this morning and then do a run to Walgreens for there crisco baking sticks.  They are outrageously expensive but so nice and convenient for pies.  They have them on sale 2 for 4 and coupons for 55 cents off each one making them $2.90 for 6 sticks, which is really a good price.  I am stocking up. 

     Customers have been in all morning and I just have to get busy.  I did go to bed at 8:30 last night and slept until midnight then was up until 2 and back to sleep until 8 so I got a good nights sleep even if I did wake up in the middle.  Hopefully will put the insomnia behind me for a while.

     Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday, Not sleeping!

     I really hate  (yes I said hate) it when I can't sleep.  I tossed and turned all night.  Finally got up at 5 and went back to bed at 6 to get up at 8.  I did not sleep well the night before.  Hopefully tonight I will be so exhausted I will finally sleep a little.  Too many details for the show and aggravations, mostly brought on by overzealous teachers.

     I am however catching up in the shop.  Not much has come in this week.  That is good.  I just need enough for my share of the house payment and gas and groceries. I have enough studio money so far to make payroll and that is always a worry.  I will do that this afternoon.

     I am really looking forward to making costumes.  I love to create one of a kind costumes.  Sewing is calming for me, believe it or not.  I have several kinds of meat thawed out and still have no idea what to make for dinner.

     Grocery adds came out today and nothing good is on sale.  I have one more right aid run before the week is out, or I may go get my Zantac at Walgreens and save the points until next week.

     Need to order a few things for the show this morning.  I am waiting for daughter to come over and prompt me.  I just cannot do it on my own.  Actually I will do it wrong and she needs to oversee my incompetence. After all she came out the womb with all of my skills and didn't even have to work at it.  (This is her story:)

     I am heading for the shop and the laundry room.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, staying focused

     I was able to cut through a real pile of sewing yesterday.  Not as much as I wanted of course.  I did get measurements taken for a few costumes, which is always a good sign.  I just ran like a raped ape yesterday and I don't want to do it again today. Just too many details yesterday.

     I am sitting here in a semi coma if there is such a thing.  What am I going to have for dinner?  I don't know.  Do I even care? Not really.  At least Hub's sort of cleaned the kitchen last night, so I can go up and figure something out.

     I did not have one customer in the shop yesterday, which was terrific, but I am afraid today will be different.  I also have to stay at the studio late tonight as we have adults coming in for the party scene and I will have to play a part to keep things going.  I am really getting spoiled being able to come home early most nights.  I usually sew a little.

Out My Window:  Cold and rainy today, but the leaves are glorious.  I wish I could stay outside and just ride my bike around and enjoy them.

Dinner, hmmm, dinner,  I hate that feeling.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, the pressure is mounting.

    As we getting closer to Thanksgiving the pressure mounts toward the Nutcracker!  Busy, busy am I.  I wish I could get my Sissie to fly out and help me for a month.  However she is as busy as I am with all the rain and now the snow and freeze back east.  No way she can leave her business at this time.  I am just trying to take deep breaths and do what I can to catch up and stay that way.  (like that is going to happen....)

     Sorry for not posting on your blogs lately just so busy and with the computer problems I have to give up something for a time.  I am pretty sure now that I created the virus input by trying to be Sluggy with coupons and as we all know, there is just know one who can match her, but a girl can try right?  So Sluggy come clean where do you get your coupons?  I cannot get them here in Sunday papers.

     Hub's and I had a great weekend visiting friends and doing some church work.  Made a roast, stuffed squash and potatoes for dinner.  Also made three large loaves of homemade bread.  That should last us the week and there is enough food left over from yesterday for today's dinner.

     I think I am getting a cold.  I hope not.  Doctor gave me a flu shot on Friday and I expect to be healthy forever.  I had a good doctor visit, will get test results soon.  I need to see primary doctor sometime this week.  Have to fit that into the schedule.  Today I am manning the phones at a political headquarters for three hours so I had better get into the shop and get busy.  Yes I get to call people during their dinner hours and bug them, I think I will call Sluggy, then Jane, then Lena, and.......

Out My window:  Fall is so beautiful.  The oak tree in the front yard is  burnt orange,orange, yellow and green.  All on one tree. Amazing, I could just sit and stare at it, well actually I did for a few minutes this morning.  Deep breaths.

Have a great and productive day.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday, I updated my totals!

     I don't know why I think I am going to have more money at the end of the month than I normally do, but I am always the eternal optimist until the #'s come in.  I am then grateful I have enough to pay the bills.  I just wish I had extra to plunk down, but that never seems the case.  Then I remember the beautiful trip we took a few weeks ago and realize that I am truly blessed and have a life full of enjoyment.  I am making progress and I will get there.

    I just so want to break below the 6 figure mark before Sarah.  I don't know where to get $3,500.00 with out selling my kidney.  Does anyone want to contribute to the Kim beats Sarah fund?  I am not hearing a roar of volunteers here.  That is okay it is still a race.  I will pass her in a couple of months I just know I will.

     As it is Halloween I am getting phone calls for last minute costume alterations.  I could have made some good money today.  Hub's will be home from the hearing aid place in a few minutes with his bill of what we owe......., then on top of that we will have a bill for our dresser that is coming to match the custom bed we ordered for Hub's a few years ago.  It will replace two dressers and free up space in the bedroom for a corner chair for hub's.

     I just paid a $1200.00 dentist bill and I know we will owe at least another $1000.00 if not more on Hub's hearing aids.  Plus I just paid $348.00 to have his old ones fixed.  Know wonder I can't beat Sarah.  Even when we save in advance for things, life happens.

     Have you looked at Sarah's totals? She is so close to paying off another card and then they are going to fall like leaves.  This is truly the snowball effect at work and I am so proud of her.  She gives me hope.  We are so close to paying off the truck(studio loan).  That will make a huge difference in what we are able to pay on other bills.

     I work very hard, but I also try to enjoy my life.  I don't know if this is the smartest way to get out of debt and I know it is not the quickest, it is just working for me.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, dodged that bullet!

     Okay computer downloaded a bad virus (actually I downloaded it) and I was taken offline.  It really messed up my e-mail and blog.  I spent hours trying to get it off the machine.  So I emailed the Sluggster,because she is a worry wart, and I called in a better head than mine. My studio computer hack finally was able to get it done. I was seriously worried about the cost and loosing files.  What a mess.  A 24 hour crisis.

     I have been so busy on top of all this that I am rummy.  I also killed my 3 year old vacuum. I mean seriously killed it.  I took it all apart and fixed the hose suction and the belt only to find out the motor was going so new vacuum.  Crap.  I am a firm believer in things breaking in threes, just like death.  As long as they are cheap things!

     Still rite-aiding but nothing to brag like Sluggy.  Although I did buy over $80.00 worth of product, that I use all the time for under $9.00 so that is good and I still have $7.00 in up for later.  I also have $12.00 at Walgreens which I don't think is nearly as good as Rite-aid.  Then I had my card filled out at the local small A&B store which runs great weekly specials.  (I just buy the specials).  I received a $15.00 grocery card.  Great.  Kind of  fun and free money, who can say no to that?

   I only have three items that have to be done in the shop today.  After I get those done I am gong to clean the shop and pay bills.  I swear I am.  I have plenty more work to do in there but I am just going to do what is due out tomorrow and then break for a day.  My back has been giving me fits from too much sewing.  Time for a rest or it will go out completely.

     I have a specialists appointment in Spokane tomorrow so Hub's and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for the day or maybe the weekend if we can get a hold of friends to stay with, or we might just get a hotel for the night we will see.  Play it by ear.  How tired will I be after fasting and being poked and jabbed?

    So I am off to be some what productive today.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday, I am singing my Annie song!

     Yesterday was plain awful! You can say that again! YESTERDAY WAS PLAIN AWFUL!  not now, but then........

     I think I had over 100 phone calls yesterday.  I left the shop for and hour and 8 people came at that time.  Some were mad I was not in.  I cannot go to the bathroom or get  any down time.  So much sewing to do it is crazy and more coming in all the time.  I am 1/2 way done with the police coats and only have one more dress blue to complete.  I just kept sewing and sewing.  Then on to the studio to rehearse the Rats and soldier # which is so long and hard to choreograph.  It is starting to come together.

     Poster was approved yesterday and went to print, commercial is done and waiting on poster to go to TV station.  I have so many details in my head I feel like it is going to explode.  Then I get a call from hospital, two nursing students coming in today.  They sleep round robin shifts, but they will have to go upstairs into the guest bath and bedroom as the basement bed and bath are taken by our renter.  It will be fine only it is a lot smaller so I am am going to have to find some closet and space for them to spread out a little. Change sheets, etc.They will be here for about 5 days.  I could have turned them down but was on the schedule since last spring and I forgot.  It is just so hard to find housing in this town walking distance to hospital and campus.  So we will squeeze in.

     I quickly made home made shake and bake with a package of chickens legs and thighs I took out of the freezer, mashed some potatoes, opened a can of corn and one of the ladies from the church brought me a delicious loaf of home made white bread, added some gravy and left dinner and went to the studio.  Came home hub's had cleaned kitchen.  I think he knew how much stress I was under.  I actually broke down crying from stress yesterday.  That is not something I do often.

     It will pass, but I must catch up so I can start costumes. for the show.

I am going to clean house a little for the students coming and then pay the bills before I hit my machines.  I am waiting on some military braid to finish the last set of dress blues.  I( actually had to tell the officer he needed it.)  They have changed all the Army dress regulations and the men do not know them.  Well I do and I am constantly getting them to get the correct stuff.  (MEN)

  Sorry for my crankiness, just a bit overwhelmed.  My rite aid shop yesterday was fun, trying to get all the best deals.  I really saved money and stocked up.  But initially you have to spend to set up a stock pile.  However, every thing purchased was a need and  lower than I would have gotten it any where else.  So now I have at least $34.00 in Up's and I will use them as I continue my shopping!

I think I will do a shepherds pie with the left over mashed potatoes and some ground beef I have thawed.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, it is crazy time!

     Yes it is that time of the year.  Pre Holiday crazy time.  I have 20 police coats with up to 10 badges a piece to complete.  Army dress blues, holiday ball gowns plus all the rest of the mix.  Everyone wants there stuff yesterday!  I really need to get organized and pay bills.   Just not enough hours in the day.

    I am doing a Rite Aid shop this morning and hitting a few other places then hitting the machines.  I have meat out for dinner and the laundry is started.

     I have already had the  dance floor returned this morning (it was borrowed for a ball) downtown and I can't find my truck keys, the cat brought a live mouse in the house and I actually screamed and jumped on a near by chair just like in the cartoons.  It has already been a rollicking morning. By 10 a.m. I am done for the day mentally.

    Why when I have a good week financially do I have to change the oil in the car, get new wind shield wipers, the cat, dog and chickens are completely out of food and both cars are on empty?  Why, Why?
Because I thought I would have extra money, but no not for me.

     Complain, whine, sniff I have to get to work!

Have a great and productive day.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, little engine that could day!

     Well Mom decided that coming at this time would not work for her because of Doctor appts.  Which is good for me as I am so busy.  Although I would rather have her here than at home because I can control her a little better and I have less worry.  It is a catch 22 when your parents age.  My brother is back living with her and that has upset the whole family and the neighbors and her friends and her church, but we cannot convince her to give up on him.  I keep praying he will end up back in jail.

     I keep sewing and sewing and I don't seem to be catching up.  Just constant calls and drop offs.  I am trying to be grateful.

     The Center for Arts and Development is coming this evening to get the dance floor at the studio.  They are having a Pumpkin ball tomorrow evening.  They will return the floor Monday.  Also an ice cream store is opening next to us downtown and their gala is tonight.  So we will be going to that to support them although I think they are nuts.  Over priced ice cream in the Fall, hmmmmmm. 

     Laundry is backed up, the kitchen is a mess, but I just need to concentrate on sewing today, blah, double blah.  I can do this, I can do this.

Out My Window: Getting colder everyday.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, more sewing

     I am trying to catch up around here and no one is helping me.  Of course the work is nice but overwhelming.  The police brought me 15 coats yesterday to remove the patches.  Then new coats will come in to replace the patches.  I am trying to keep my head above water.  Last night hub's and I watched TV and he helped me remove patches so today they can pick them up.  They just take up too much room in the shop.

     My mom wants me to come get her in the next couple of days and I don't want to as she is not doing what is good for her, but I will probably cave as I can't stand to have her suffer even at her own hand.

     Last night I hit a good sale at Joanns and got a lot of the fabric for Nutcracker costumes. I have several one of a kinds to make.  Trying to get the poster and advertising out but I am getting too much help from daughter and teachers.  It pays to just do these things alone, because no one agrees. Getting a little frustrated.

    One day is running into the next and I am tired!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, still working

     The housekeeper woke me up, as I did not sleep well last night.  I was so cold.  I actually slept in winter pj's and a wool sweater all night.  Not a good sign.  I need to figure out something for dinner I am still thinking a stew. So I need to get that going in Judy.

     This is not a very big town.  You can get almost any where in less than 5 minutes from my place.  Now that I have somewhat figured out Sluggy's methods. I realize that before I spend any money on things that are not necessary like candy I need to check out Albertsons, Rite-aid and Walgreens.  Prices are so different.  You can save a lot more money when you know the lay out of the land.  I will do so from now on.

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I wanted, but will continue on today.  A ton of stuff came in yesterday.  Two dress blues uniforms and you all know how I love me a dress blue........  So I have plenty to keep me busy.

     We are starting to get the nutcracker costumes finalized and I have a lot of sewing to do.  I also have to order more things. So that is added to my list of to-dos.  I really enjoy making one of a kind costumes it is the multiples that I dislike.

     Today I am going to concentrate on bills, sewing and laundry.  If I can get those things done I will feel like I accomplished something.

What are you going to accomplish today?