Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, slow going...

     I did not get any where near done what I wanted yesterday.  Very frustrated.  I had a ton of new work come into the shop however.  Just what I need more work.  I am hoping today will be better.  I think I am working on a good old chest cold and that has me moving a little slower and more groggy than I'd like.

     I did a rite- aid shop yesterday, just a few things really.  Hub's needed deodorant, so I bought two both had coupons on them for one dollar off each plus I had a 3.00 off when you buy two, they were on sale and with up's they cost nothing.

    Then I bought two packages of cough drops that were on sale.  I had two coupons making the 3.00 purchase 1.00 and that was paid with ups.

All told I rec'd 4.00 more in up rewards, so I still have $11.00 in ups to spend by next week.  I hope the adds are better.  You do have to pay your own tax here and I had .76 cents in tax.  Well I had left my wallet out in the car like an idiot, so the cashier offered to pay the tax for me.  (he was an old drama student and probably still scared of me)  So I paid nothing!!!!!!

( Sluggy beat that one)

     I did get everything ordered as far as costumes go yesterday.  I will still need to place a shoe order, but as we have to drive to Spokane to get the custom made Nutcracker head, I will get daughter to pick it up later this month.

     Right now, I have to run through the house, start a batch of bread, finish up some laundry, get myself beautified (that will be the hardest job)  and try to deal with hub's who is home for veterans day.

Out My Window:  Very cold here today, we have a cold front moving in and I am not ready for winter.

Have a great and productive day!


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