Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, Happy Holloween!

     I have on my witch's outfit, I am sure most of my children at class will not notice as I usually dress in black.  We had a very bad experience here on Saturday evening.  Hubby and I went to a Wedding reception for the son of one of our good, long time friends.  I was talking to some old friends across the reception hall when my cell phone rang.  I almost ignored it, but it was my Husband and I thought that is odd, may be he can't find me.  His hearing aids can be very aggravating in a large crowd and he gets disoriented.  I answered the phone and told him where I was I even stood and waved my hand so he could see me.  No answer, well maybe he butt called be:) but then I heard odd choking noises.  I said his name and asked him where he was, I thought I heard men's room more choking, I asked if he was okay, NO, are you choking? sssssss..... crash.

     Now we are in a large church that I am not familiar with.  I know there will be at least 4 men's rooms. I hollered at the men in the tables around me that husband was choking in a bathroom and he had gone down, we all took off in every direction possible.  A friend found him and he was down but had passed the food beyond the wind pipe and it was stuck .  He could breath but was still choking and tears and shaking, it was awful.   Someone wanted to call 911, but husband did not want to upstage the bride.  He did tell me to take him to the emergency room.  Another friend offered to drive us, but we said no he is up and breathing we can go by ourselves.  Well what if they followed us in their car?  No we will be fine. So off we go.

    Men helped hubby into car and I started for the nearest hospital.  He starts to choke again, he can't breath, then he can, then he is throwing up, then he is fine for a few seconds and it starts all over.  It was the longest 10 minutes of my life.  It was dark, I was on a highway, I wanted to stop and help my husband breath and I knew I could not because  then next time his wind pipe was obstructed it might not pass.  I had to just drive. 
     We made it to the emergency room and I was honking at the entrance nurses were flying out in all directions (bless them).  Three hours later and a lot of muscle relaxing drugs, he finally passes the meat.  But now he has to have surgery.  He has been choking a lot lately and the opening of his stomach needs to be stretched.
    These are the important things we learned from this experience:

When you are choking, DO NOT GET UP AND LEAVE TO SAVE FACE.  Choke where people can help you.  If you go off by your self to a bathroom you will die.  (emergency room staff said this is common)

If someone is having any kind of problem involving breathing and needs to go to an emergency room, take someone with you to drive.  You need to take care of the choker.  It isn't pretty take a table cloth or bags as you run out the door.  Your hosts won't care.

Making a scene can save your life.

   So Hubby came home Sunday morning and slept most of the day.  He will make an appointment with a surgeon this week.  Fun!

     We did manage to get all of the things done we wanted done on Saturday before the great choke.  But I had these wonderful steaks planned for Sunday dinner.  Hubby did cook them, and they were so good, but I ate one bite and I was done with my meat, just couldn't face it after the night before.

     Out my Window:  We did clan the chicken coop on Saturday, and put in a warming light on a timer for them.  I think they are blowing out the sprinkling system as I am typing.  So that will be done.

     I have a busy day ahead, mucho, mucho sewing.  I wonder how many dancers we will have gone do to Trick-or-treat!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday, I think I fell off my wagon.

     I just need to catch up on a few things today.  My shop is full and a disaster right now.  I sewed hard all week but it just keeps coming in.  But now it is stacked and that starts to bug me.  I cannot think in too much chaos. We have purchased more food for our storage and it is sitting in piles as you enter the laundry room.  This has been going on for months.  So I want to organize that.  Also the laundry needs to be addressed.  I know it is not too bad, just looks awful.

     We have decided to mail out the same tuition letter and schedule to all of our students that we handed out, this week.  So I will do that today also.  100 mailers to the post office before 5.  We also need to put gas in the cars, get some milk, soda.  The kitchen is a wreck.  Wear do I start?

     Maybe I should get dressed!

     Out My Window:  I think it is going to be nice today.  The sun is already out.  So when it warms up maybe we can trim a little and the chicken coop will be cleaned.

     We also have to go to a Wedding reception at 5 p.m.  Yum, I love Wedding cake.  So I will not have to cook dinner.  I picked up 3 huge t-bone steaks on sale at Winco for 13.98.  We will have those for dinner tomorrow with baked potatoes.
 I actually think it was a miss mark package as all other packages were in the $30.00.  I will eat well.

     I also realize with my spending spree I only have $200.00 to save toward my new tires for truck):
I need to be very good in the next few weeks so I can get these paid for.  I need about $900.00.  No more spending, on anything we do not need.  I think I fell off my wagon.

Have a great and productive day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, this could only happen to me.

     I went to clean a bank tonight and the large wooden door to the teller line was closed and locked with a key pad.  I do not have the code to this pad.  I have 45 seconds from the time I enter the first floor to set an alarm system.  The alarm system is on the other side of the door.  So I quickly assess the situation and decide to scale the door.  Quickly I push a chair to the door and swing my leg over and realize that the drop is too far for me and my wrists are to arthritic to hold me as I go over the door.
     Alarm goes off.  I jump off chair and use the cell phone to call the police dept. to tell them that I have tripped the alarm and not to come with guns drawn because I am the janitor.  The police dispatchers all know me because I do the alterations for the city and have cleaned the station for over 10 years.
    Okay now I will scale the teller line because I think I can get over that without breaking my ankle.  As I clear the line which has two large granite counters the phones go off.  I know it is security calling to see if we are being robbed.  I answer just as I stand to clear the line and I hit my head hard on a hanging light I did not notice as I was paying more attention to the alarm system and lights flashing and noise, cell phone, my sore head.  The security man here this big crash,( light breaking), thud( me falling off the last counter), small crash(light hitting counter) glass tinkling (light breaking on marble) swearing( might have been me).

     He forbids me to clean behind line as they left the door shut with no code.  So I climb back over and he clears us for an hour.  Hubby comes upstairs just as I climb back over and had know idea what just happened.  He did not have his hearing aids in so has heard nothing.

     I left a note for manager, telling her I did not want this played at the Christmas party (Judy will get those honors) and I did not want this to show up on U-tube.

     But it was a fast clean!

Friday, I spent too much money!

     Well all the toilet paper and cleaning supplies at Costco cost $130.00 but should last through Christmas.  We wipe a lot of bums everyday with and average of 50 students a day coming through that place.  We spent $100.00 on Halloween candy.  I went to Moscow last night and spent the night with the youngest daughter.  We went to Wingers for ribs, yum!  We split a rack and still brought home over 1/2.  I took her grocery shopping, as I have not done that since hubby did this the first of Sept.  I spent $130.00 about $30.00 was for Thanksgiving stock up.  They have a Winco and it is so much cheaper than our stores here.  I also purchased her a new wool coat at Old Navy.  It is very warm where we live, but up the hill it averages about 20 degrees a day in the winter.  I could not beleive how cold it was.  We never really even have heavy coats here unless we are going out to ski.  I actually wear heavy Swedish Sweaters most of the winter.  Went for over ten years without a winter coat.  I also purchased 4 new sweat outfits for teaching for daughter and I.  They were expensive, but we sweat and wash these every day.  I would rather have an outfit last 2 years of washing rather that one month.  So we do buy high quality teaching clothes.  I have not had any new ones for two years. Total Old Navy $120.00 (earned $50.00 in christmas $ purchases) Sports Shop $385.00.

     See what happens when Kim starts getting ahead?  I spend money.  Not to justify this but it has been a long time!  Please don't total all I spent I can't take it!  Although I will tell you I paid cash for everything.  How nice.  Two years ago I would have charged all but the groceries.  See how I have changed.  Just the fact that I had the money to pay cash is a miracle to me.
     I just realized that both cars will have to have gas tonight!  That will be at least $100.00.  Darn.  But I have several people picking up today so I will be fine.  Plus I have so much work to do.

     Out My Window:  The question is?  Will we get any trimming done this weekend?  I think I am avoiding it.  Can you imagine that?  Only 35 shrubs some the size of a small car that need to be cut down to knee level.  Why should I avoid that?

     Well I need to put away my groceries, and I have several customers that are due in today.  Also need to go to the Jr. High and get a printing order in, then go teach a dance class.  Oh don't forget the sewing.  Better get my butt in gear.  Oh I also had my nails done yesterday!  Have you ever listened to public radio?  I like it, but some times the nuts they have on there.  I listened to it on the way up the hill yesterday.  Did you know there is a man that has it on good authority that soy based products in our diets over the last 30 years, have caused men to be non-masculine?  I am a dance teacher, don't even get me started.  I get young men as young as three and raise them into the dance world.  Many have gone on professionally, and none of them was made non-masculine by diet, nor can a three year old make a choice!  I about stopped the truck to throw up.  Okay, done with my rant!

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, I cannot go back.

     I am sleepy and cold.  I think I just need to get moving.  I have done very well on not spending money this week.  I just cleaned out the fridge and there is still plenty of food.  We do have to go get a raft of cleaning supplies for the studio, also Halloween candy for the massive Trick-or-Treat the downtown puts on.  We are smack dab in the middle of it so we can't bail.  I also think it is good advertising.  We have to spend at least $100.00 on the cheapest candy but it does show parents where we are.  I can spend $125.00 on a small add in the paper and get maybe 250 people to read it.  We will get at least 2000 kids.  It only lasts for 2 hours but it is steady.
     We had 24 really good kids try out for the Jr. High Show.  So if we can keep the majority of them it should be good.  Daughter came to rehearsal and left, early so that was fine.  She has a working interview next Wednesday.  So I will have rehearsal by myself.  Damn!  See what I mean.  Now I can't let her miss a working interview.  She needs a job.  She wanted to take the Jr. High contract because she needed the money, but I will be stuck with a lot of  the work.  I told her she had to do the cast list and the schedule, choose the songs and perfect the script.  So if she does all that before next Wednesday, I will feel  somewhat vindicated.  Right now she is putting her large basket of laundry away.:)  Happy Mom.
     They did announce on the news last night the closure of the mill.  They are giving all employees a two month severance package, so we won't really see the monetary affects until January.  They will have a two week waiting period and then can collect unemployment for two weeks before going back to work, at reduced wages.  The hard part is most mill workers by a lot of toys.  Boats, snow mobiles, trailers, jet skis, 4 wheelers.  They ave no money and no savings.  They are one paycheck away from disaster.  And this will be one paycheck.  Hopefully they will use the severance pay carefully and get through and rethink.  But I cannot tell you the  toys that will be selling cheap here.  You will be able to pick up a nummy for peanuts come January.

  I am just so grateful I don't live like that any more.  Not that we ever had toys, we just did not budget and spent too much on unnecessary things.  I can never go back to that sick to my stomacher feeling of where I  was going to get $1,100.00 to pay the months bills.

Out My Window:  One of the chickens laid an egg yesterday the size of a duck egg.  It is three times the size of a normal egg.  We cannot put it in a carton and get it to close.  Poor chicken!

       I am off to Costco, this is dangerous for me, I call it the $200.00 store and only go there for toilet paper and cleaning things for the dance studio.  Need to get more sewing done, and make a deposit.

Have a great and productive day! 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Serendipity, Christmas exchange!

     What fun! A gift exchange with other bloggers, along the Secret Santa line.  So go to her blog (Serendipity) and sign up. Then post a few thoughts about yourself and send her your address.  I am so computer incompetent.  I don't know how to add addresses and I won't take the time to learn.  A few facts:

  1.  I love scarves, I am always cold.
  2.  I love candles, no pina colada smells  (I won't even tell you what I really call pina colada)
  3.  I love to read, but also hate romance novels.
  4.  Love chocolate and food
 I am a very busy person, almost all things interest me. I love news shows.  Don't ever watch TV unless it is  a DVD or a news program.  I just don't have time.  I also love to cook and bake. Despise scrapbooking, because my pages look so bad.  I am not artistic in that sense.  I do sew well, knit, crochet, spin.  I have two spinning wheels.  I wish I had more time for this.  Some day!  I cannot quilt, I cannot cut out anything square or sew a straight line.  Like a curtain or a place mat are beyond me.  I can however look at a People magazine academy award edition.  See a dress, cut the pattern out of paper, and duplicate it and you would never know it was not bought at a store.  I can sew from any picture after making the pattern.   Now how is it I cannot sew a quilt where the seams match up?  Go figure.

  I love to be outside, digging in the dirt is one of my favorite things.  I raise chickens, have a big garden and raise bees for honey.  I am proper, conservative, with a liberal streak( it irritates my mother-in-law) if I am not in teaching clothes (dance), I am most comfortable in bib overalls, but on Sunday I am always in a Jackie O suit with heels (low).  I have my nails done(although I hate the expense and time it takes) and I have a housekeeper that comes in once a week to do the heavy scrubbing and protect my arthritic hands.  Married to same bum for 33 years:)  Have had 5 daughters, have raised 3 (two deceased), one grand son.  I am very pro advanced education.  I love financial blogs and am on track to be debt free with in the next 4 years.

Hooray!  I don't like Christmas because I am always so busy and I hope this will get me in the spirit.

Is that enough info?


Wednesday, trouble in the valley

   We have one huge employer in our Valley.  It is a paper plant and the wages and benefits are really good.  Well they are going to sell in the next two days.  The mills will close for 90 days to break the union and then open back up.  Severely reduced wages and very poor benefits.  This could and will affect the dance studio, my shop and my husbands job.  I am so grateful that we are trying to get out of debt.  I feel very sorry for the people this will hurt.  I remember this happening when I was in high school to all the mills in Montana.  The fall out was horrific.  They always choose to break unions in November, as it is before Christmas and people are more desperate to settle.  Scary.
     This is the first time since I have owned the studio (6 years) that we have almost $1000.00 worth of tuition collected before a month begins.  It is such a relief to know that I will be able to make payroll.  May this be a thing of the future.
     I was able to make real progress on my choreography last night.  I will be able to finish by the 19th of November.  I really like at least 4 lessons before a show to work on a finished product and I will just make that.  I have decided besides sending notes home with parents personally to mail the same note again at the end of this week.  It will cost in stamps and time, but I also think they need to realize how serious we are.  With what is coming to our valley, I must be diligent.

   Out My Window:  It really froze last night, I mean vines right down to mush, so now we can really close up shop in the yard.  Hubby is happy he won't have to mow again.

     I have one more large group dance for my youngest Celtic dancers to work on tonight.  I also have at least 12 hems to do today.  Work coming into the shop has been slow this week, but I still have plenty to keep me busy.  We have our Jr. High tryout today at 3 p.m.  DD#2 has a job interview tonight in another town, but I told her she had to go to this play try out as she agreed to do it.  Last year she did this and did not help at all.  She always wants to do things and then has conflicts I can't argue with.  Like a job interview.  Well tough squeeze it in, that is what I have to do.  No you cannot call and cancel at the last minute. She likes the money but mom does the work.  Now don't get me wrong she is a hard worker, but she also will dump on me at any given moment, because I am her mom and she can.  Well Mom is busy and goes not want to do this.  I am so mean.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, The notes are out!

    Well we mailed the late payment notes last week and we also made 150 copies to hand directly to parents as they came in.  Not much was said.  I noticed a few parents left a little huffy but I don't care if we lose enrollment.  Our classes are too large anyway.  We actually had 2 parents pay immediately for this month and next month with the late charge added.  Also another paid with the late charge added.  So so far I have rec'd $80.00 in late charges.  We only have two others that have not paid.   Hopefully this works.

     Classes were a nightmare last night.  Just too many kids and too much confusion.  We moved a class to the college to free up studio space.  Hopefully this will help. It was a Jazz class that I see as unprofitable. So if it tumbles so be it.  Next Monday is Halloween and the downtown does a trick or treat, so we will not accomplish much that night either. Just frustrating.  If I can get things done tonight I will feel better.  I just want my #'s done so we can practice and rehearse.  I have 9 show numbers that are not finished and it is driving me crazy. The constant bombardment at the studio of parents is also a little over whelming.  Well we wanted to be successful now we get to pay the price!

     Enough whining, now what am I going to do about it?  Get a note book and write down all the choreography so you are sure it will work and get in there and teach, no distraction.  Some times I have to take the Pippi Longstocking approach to life.  Just get in there and do it!

  I gave hubby $40.00 for gas last night, so that should be the last money he needs until Saturday.  I am trying not to spend all week.  We have plenty of food and plenty of gas in cars.  I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I wished. But we did get costumes ordered and things figured out for studio.  We will need to order more costumes tomorrow.  Still have to make a few things, but I will divvy those out to parents and helpers.

     Out My Window:  It froze last night.  Frost all over garden and deck.  Chickens huddled up.  I think I will turn on their light tonight.  I am a softy.

     Another day of work, work, work!  Laundry, dishes, beds, sewing, dancing,cleaning.  Got to love my life as I am the one who has made it.  I hope I feel differently when the debt is paid off.  But right now it is a little overwhelming (I use that word too often) and some what exciting.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, end of the month melt down!

     I just realized that I have a whole week to go, maybe up to two weeks before anymore money comes into the studio.  Scary!  I get paid from my cleaning job tomorrow, and Hubby gets paid on Friday so that is more than enough to pay house payment for November.  All other bills are paid.  I do have the studio debt loan on the 5th of November, if money does not come in on time I can pay from emergency fund and pay back.  I will be okay.  Why do I worry and panic like this?  Because for years I had no plan and no way out!  I can't get over that feeling at times.  But as Judy from We may be poor, but we are happy wrote, she will never go back to those days.  Neither will I.  That alone should give me some confidence.

     I have $75.00 in my wallet that will fill Hubbies car.  I also have several hundred dollars worth of work in the shop.  We have plenty of groceries.  I will be fine.  Several people have posted that they are disappointed in their progress on their debt.  Well guess what it is progress.  We are going in the right direction.  Let's all look at what we have done and not what we could have done faster, because well we didn't do it faster, we can't go back and change anything.  We can only move forward.  My Mother always said onward and upward.  Good rule to live by.

     Out My Window:  It is very cold here this morning, the furnace is running full blast, I have been waiting for the garden to freeze, but it is up close to the house and protected by a long rock wall.

     I need to finish some choreography tonight and get at least 10 pairs of pants hemmed today.  Actually I would like to do more.  We also need to order costumes.  But I will take measurement tonight and order in the morning.  Keep up the good work all of you!  Keep me going.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, I will not cook!

     Hubby and I ran a few errands yesterday morning, I bought some new bread pans, and we needed to get my serger looked at.  Well the only sewing machine store in this tiny town was closed.  Love the traffic hate the service.  My daughter text us and asked if she could move her B-day dinner to Saturday at 5 instead of Sunday at 5, as youngest daughter had to work.  She also wanted Korean bul-go gee and Kimba (Korean Sushie), pumpkin pie.  Hubby and I had also agreed that we would clean chicken coop, (I did this last time by myself) it is very easy and takes about 15 minutes.  I also have a window that I cannot shut and I would need his help.So I told hubby that I would go home a start cooking, as these are vary time consuming dishes.  Cooked all afternoon and meal was great.  Had a fun time and many laughs with the girls.  Finally at 9 last night I did all the dishes, by myself.  Hubby took long naps and watched TV, dabbled on the net.  Chicken coop not clean, window still open.

  He goes to church early as he is a clerk.  When I joined him I asked him what he got done yesterday, besides eat and sleep?  I reminded him that those things had not been done. He looked somewhat abashed but his excuse was that I should have reminded him yesterday.  He will do no work on the Sabbath.  (Which I call a holy mans way to be lazy)  No I needed to do them with him as in stand over him and hound him.  So today I will not do a &&^^%$$&* thing.  I always work like a hind on Sunday, not in my shop or at my studio, but at home. I also dumped two big baskets of clothes that I had folded on his bed.  I put my things away but his are still there.  He can eat cold food and I hid the second pie.  I can be a little vindictive when he is so lazy.  He is really lazy by nature, but sometimes he is over the top. Honestly two easy chores and when I am not there to actually take his hand and stand outside with him they do not get done. 

   Out My Window:  Driving around town yesterday was so pretty.  The fall colors are just exploding.  We have a small strip mall that has red maples all around it and these were stunning.  How can something that is going through a cycle of death be so beautiful.

     Well I am off to take a nap, because I need one as I am grouchy.  Have you noticed?

Have a peaceful Sabbath,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, Low key and liking it.

     I have absolutely nothing that I have to do today!  How often does that happen?  It will not happen again for a long time.  I am going to take one of my sergers into have it looked at as it will not work correctly.  I usually have three going at once.  I am going to do a little fixing up in the shop today.  Try to streamline things a little.  I have been very, very busy and still have 29 pairs of pants left to hem next week, not counting a ton of other projects.  So I am going to see what I can do to make my life easier.

Out My Window:  May or may not trim bushes today, we will see.  Will definitely clean out the chicken coop.

     Minting Nickels had a good post yesterday or today, I have a hard time keeping track of what I read.  Anyway stop by I liked it.  As we climb further and further out of debt our need to push ourselves decreases.  But the rush and guilt of the push does not decrease.  I think you saw me go through that this last week, or month.  There is a time when you can relax a little and say this is good enough.  I am worth a vacation, I am worth a day off, I do not have to be earning all the time.  I will still get out. It will be okay.

 Have a great and productive day!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, How much do you need?

     After we cleaned the bank last night my husband told me he needed to go and get his prescriptions filled.  I took him to the grocery store that houses our pharmacy and gave him $40.00 as he had 3 prescriptions and that would cost $30.00 with co-pays.  I picked up a few sale items and he did not meet me up front.  I went to look for him and he was at the pharmacy, because his bill was for $70.00.  What?  Well if they fill a three month prescription we can save $20.00.  But it is an aggravation to pay more for pills than for food.  A sign we are getting old.
     I really get tired of grocery stores and their promo cards.  They want your phone # they want your e-mail address.  They want to trick you out of your money.  They have reward points, but only on food I would not eat. Mostly convenience crap.  If I want to eat crap I go to McDonalds.  But with the new program at our very expensive grocery store we get 500 bonus points a month per prescription.  With the 10 we purchase a month we will get two $5.00 grocery off coupons.  Not bad, we also get gas rewards for the value of our prescriptions.  Right now I have .20 off a gallon just for the prescriptions we purchased last night.  So maybe this will be worth it.  Remember one of mine is over $2000.00 a month.  I might just be able to fill up for free.  But they will figure out a way to top it, so we can't use that much.
     I did get a great deal of sewing done yesterday.  DD#2 helped me.  I have to get in and hem 3 bridesmaids dresses and get a couple of other piles done.  But right now I am broke because of said drugs, a few groceries, laundry detergents, bleach, and I got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. I was starting to look like a Wookie. 

Out My Window:  It is very cold today.  I am in my winter clothes.  I was hoping to get some trimming done tomorrow, but my hands won't work if it is too cold.  I also turned off the outside water.  The sprinkler company will come and blow out the line some time this next week.  I realize that we really have not spent a lot on water this past summer.  We had such a late spring and we had no real hot weather until late August.  I will be interested to gt our next water bill and compare it to last years.

     I am going down to my shop, after I do a little housework and get the laundry started.  I will also start a couple of loaves of bread.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, a very birdy post!

          We had the photographer into the studio to do the 12 Days of Christmas shoot. It was a zoo, down there.  Calling Birds, French Hens, don't forget the Partridge!  Anyway costumes pulled, I now have a list of what needs to be done, a long list! But forget that I don't want to think about it.  That crisis is for another day.

     I have good news.  I was able to write a check to the CC company for $3500.00 or 1/2 the balance. So I met my months goals.  All of my bills are paid and 1/2 the CC gone.  Next month I will pay the other 1/2 and that will be  another debt down.  Then I will have the Truck loan, the car loan and the house.  Remember the truck loan is really studio debt that I paid off to get out from under US Bank.  Next month I open a checking account at the local CU.  All my banking will be out of US Bank.  Yippee!    So the plan is to put $3500.00 a month on the truck loan starting in December. That should more than pay off the truck and save some money for the summer bills. I am looking at a pay off in April.  I will save May and not try to do any significant debt pay off in the summer, because as you can see that is moot.  My goal is just not to go backwards.(which I did this last summer, because of debt and not enough savings).  If I could get the car paid off by next Christmas then I would only have the mortgage.  Oh I am counting my chickens!  Don't you just love to count chickens?     
     I love to dream about getting out of debt and plan, it may sound crazy but it keeps me going.  I remember running everyday at noon in college and I would imagine graduating.  I had a baby and an unemployed husband another baby, an unemployed husband, a funeral for a baby, an unemployed husband.  It was the imagining that I would some day graduate that got me through.  I think the scriptures warn us about vain imaginings, or to not spend time in this pursuit.  But I can say I never imagined myself a super hero, just a college graduate with and employed husband.:)

Out My Window: Speaking of chickens, I will have to put a light on in the coop this weekend and I will go out an get a timer so that it will turn off and on at a certain time.  Egg production is directly related to light.

     Well I think I have at least $5-600.00 worth of work in the shop and I am behind, I can't figure out why (heavy sarcasm) so I'd best get my but in gear.  I only have to teach one class today, then it is sew,sew,sew.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, Happy B-Day S you are 24?

     Yes one of my babies turns 24 today!  She is a beautiful auburn haired, tiny little dancer.  She always was.  When she was born the doctor said she's a red head.  I had lost two other daughters to birth defects and her older sister was 8 and desperately waiting for a sibling and here she was.  I had prayed for a girl with a particularly unusual color of red hair.  A copper penny dark red, my prayers were answered and her hair was even curly!  She has been turning heads ever since.  Happy Birthday Baby.  A gift? you ask?  Well Little Miss set the world on fire, you took the studio check book and spent $287.00 on things I did not know about, that is one very fine gift, so I will bring cupcakes to a dance class today and we will have a family dinner on Sunday.  (I am really getting ready for Halloween, by practicing my witch act) :)

     Thanks for all your responses to yesterdays post.  When Hubby got home yesterday I told him I had turned down the job and he was surprised.  He asked why and I told him it was too much for me and I had enough to do.  He said he had felt it was too much but knew I would figure it out because I always do.  Yeah like right.  So why am I still working for the school district?  I have told them for the past 10 years I want out!  Daughter has agreed to rehearse this show.  I even called a pianist for try outs next week.  Usually I play for try outs and rehearsals and bring in a professional for hell week and the show, but no more.  They can pay someone in addition to me.  I get taken advantage of because can direct, play, sew, costume, choreograph.  They pay one person to do it all.  I am done.  They can pay more than one professional. ( my witch shoes are uncurling, oh my toes feel so good)
     If you have not read Judy's post at "We may be poor, but we are happy" you need to do this now.  It is so funny and will put a spring in your step today!  This is a woman with guts.  I so admire her. 

     Out My Window:  Chickens are laying like crazy, if you live close and need eggs bring a carton.  I have been cleaning up around the fruit trees, by grabbing a few pears or apples off the ground ad taking with me to the coop.  They love the fruit.  I will not have to throw all that away.  Great!

     I am $76.00 away from making my goal payment on debt to my credit card.  I hope I can get a check in today that will pay it.  That means we will have one more large payment and we will payoff that card!  We still have $665.00 worth of tuition to collect this month.  Just enough to pay the insurance and leave a couple of hundred in the account for misc.   Get ready to party.

     I need to get busy, sewing shop is bombed.  I have a photo shoot for the 12 Days of Christmas this afternoon, I pulled all the costumes yesterday and need to press several of them.  We have to order a few, drat kids keep growing.  After this evening I will be able to breath a little easier.  So tired right now, I am sure it is because of stress I caused myself, but I am feeling like a deflating balloon, slowly going down and soon I will be flat and at nice:)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, rethinking my plan, a confession,

     Well I just got off the phone with the cleaning company I work for and I had a talk with the big boss and I am not going to take the job as supervisor.  I realize that this will impact me financially but I have to be realistic.  Something I have a hard time doing. (have you noticed?)  My daughter really had a long talk at me not with me yesterday.  I did not get a weekend.  I cleaned hard and I mean scrubbed and climbed ladders for over 8 hours and it showed in my ability to get around yesterday.  She listed my jobs and she said Mom you are going to kill yourself or have a stroke.

  •  I run a sewing shop that is open out of my basement 5 days a week.  It is 10:28 and I have already had 3 customers and 5 phone calls.
  • I own and operate a dance studio that puts on 3 major productions a year,  I teach 5 nights a week.
  • I help run a college program for dance 8 hours a week.
  • I clean a large bank six days a week and sub extra hours when needed.
  • I choreograph and costume and direct 4 musicals a year for local schools.
     Often times these duties all occur on the same day.  I will have back to back performances.  It was fine and fun when I was 35 but I am not as young as I used to be.  My daughter can see it.  My husband will not argue with me but he sees it also.  He was just letting me figure it out.
     We were hopelessly in debt and working this hard has really paid off.  We have a long way to go.  I think the plan I set up was so stringent and over zealous that my mind set twisted and I just keep taking on more and more work.  I realize that I will never truly slow down until I have to,but I am over doing it on a daily basis.  As long as we don't add new debt, this plan will work, it will just take longer and that is okay.
     I have been really trying to help B our youngest with college expenses, we did not allow her to take out very many school loans.  So now I am trying to work extra to keep my budget the same as last year and I can't do it.  She may have to borrow another $2000.00  a year or figure a way to earn more money, but I can't work any more.

     Out My Window:  I think we will try to get out and trim some bushes this weekend,  fall is so beautiful, I think it is my favorite season.

     My confession:  I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago and he has known me for 15 years personally and been my specialist in the valley for 5 years.  He told me that the lab work is coming back indicating full disability within 5 years.  He wants me to start disability papers.  I knew it was coming, I can feel it in my joints and my exhaustion levels.  I just did not want to admit it.  I am in constant pain, some times quite severe, but because I am a dancer I ignore it.  To dance is pain.  Scary, I just can't see myself disabled.  He told me to quit running 10 years ago.  I quit last year, so maybe I can ignore this diagnosis for another 9 years.  But I do know this it is taking it's tole.  I am not fooling any one but myself.  Work is my life.  So I will continue for as long as I can, and I will get out of debt.  But I am not going to take on any new large projects.  Daughter has agreed to shoulder most of the Jr. High Play.
     I am trying not to feel like a failure, I am just slowing down.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, I need to get busy on the shows,

     Okay we are in the third week of October and I have not pulled costumes, set up a photo shoot, met with the Jr High Principal, for their show.  Just generally been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.   So my goals by the end of the week are to:

  • Pull Costumes and count for 12 days of Christmas
  • Size and list kids with costumes
  • order what is needed
  • set mom's to make what can't be ordered
  • set a photo shoot for Friday
  • Put bulletin in Jr. High for Christmas Show
    Now when am I going to do this? I don't know but it must be done!  It always looks more daunting than it is.  The costumes are all boxed and just have to be pulled and tried on.  Usually the kids parents will press and fix.  We will have to order some things but this will be fine.  But it must be done.  Because it won't happen by itself, know matter how much I wish it.  See I just did one!

     Out My Window:  Getting colder, darker, wetter, foggier.  Heading into Winter.  We still have beautiful blues afternoons in the 60's.  I need to start trimming the bushes in the back.  Maybe next weekend.

     Of the 23 people who owe us tuition 13 of them are Monday students.  Using last weeks Holiday to pay late.  So that will be addressed at the studio.  We are making progress.  If I can take in enough to bring the check book up to $3500.00 I will be able to pay a large chunk to the credit card!  That is another goal for the week!  I have to catch up on laundry and go clean the kitchen, get dressed, balance the check book, pay a few bills, get some sewing done, go teach, clean a few buildings.......maybe go back to bed

      Okay I would like to eliminate something from the above list but do you know why I can't?  Because I am in debt up to my eyeballs!  So I must work like a whirling dervish to pay it off.  Don't really like me right now.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, I over did it!

     Can you beleive that I over worked my self today?  Started at 9 by doing a walk through of the local sheriff's department as a new girl will be cleaning it and I had to train her.  Then my boss called and the largest local CU has rented a new building that had not been used for about 5 years.  I walked through that building with boss at 10  and then called a crew in to meet me at noon. Went to get a few groceries, and get the oil changed in the car.  Met the crew cleaned until 4 p.m. came home and made three pies, 2 loaves of bread, ground wheat for the next baking, went back to store to stock up on peanut butter, I was also running out of cinnamon and vinegar.  Can't have that, daughter called and wanted help moving final stuff out of her apartment.  I sent her father.  Now I am going to bed!  My feet are killing me.

Have a good night!


Friday, October 14, 2011


  I am living for Fridays this year, by Thursday night I am beat!  I have to go teach a class this morning and I don't want to.  It is on Provident living for my church.  I don't know how many will be there and I will not put a lot of work, money and effort into a subject I think is dumb!  Making inexpensive Holloween costumes for your kids.  If you don't have any money you don't get a costume.  Or how about, buy the costumes the year before out of the $1 bin at Wal-mart.  Or go to the $1 store.  End of subject.  It is not that I don't have a ton of ideas but they all cost money and most of these young women don't have it!  I also have to realize that my kids are raised and I am not so into Holloween,  do like the candy:)

      When I went grocery shopping with B the other night I was so shocked.  I know that food prices are up, but I really don't buy many groceries.  We eat out of the garden, which is at an end.  I make almost everything from scratch and have a huge pantry that I rotate.  For instance we were getting low on canned veggies and beans.  But a store had a case sale two weeks ago and I bought 2 cases of corn, peas, french green beans and several cases of different beans,  This was about $80.00 of last months grocery budget. I do buy cake mixes when they are on sale.  The cost of a scratch cake to a mix is almost triple.  But I wait until they are under $1.
     Where was I going with this?  A loaf of bread......( and this was the least expensive store in the valley) was just under $3.00.  They were small loaves.  I will only eat heavy 100% whole wheat bread.  I mean when did this happen?  I guess I am so busy with my life that I don't pay attention.  So today after I finish my class I am going to make 2 large loaves of bread.  I will do this every week.  My kids love home made bread and will eat anything I make instantly with their friends in tow.  But they are no longer here so I might actually be able to make a couple of loaves last more than a day.  I have wheat and a very nice grinder.  It only takes about 10 minutes to whip it up, the mixer does the kneading, I let is rest and come back in 1.5 hours, put it in pans let it rest again and bake.  I can sew in between steps.  We go through about 3 loaves of bread a week.  This is not much of a saving but even $7.00 adds up and it is so much better for you.  No preservatives tastes wonderful.  I can really see how food is such an issue with many families.  I just have lived broke for so long that food was the only area where I could cut back and learned to do without a large grocery budget.  That has never changed even as things became better.

Out My Window:  Hubby finally has the yard mowed.  He actually finished in the dark last night so I wonder what it looks like?  I will go harvest the rest of the brussel sprouts today and pull the stems.  We are still getting a few tomatoes, and we will leave the potatoes to dig as needed.

     I have a bout $100.00 to get me through the weekend and I have to get an oil change in the car, no I don't let H do this, I could write you books on his attempts to be a mechanic and all are tragedies.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, silly kids

     Our youngest daughter came home last night, she is getting her hair cut and colored this morning early and did not want to wake up early to drive down.  She brought 4 loads of laundry (lucky mom).  We trade dance lessons with a local hair dresser and it is so nice.  This woman does not do my hair just the girls, but I never have to pay for those expensive weaves or razor cuts that need to be redone constantly.  Anyway she had dinner with some old high school friends and their parents.  When I was done teaching dance she helped us clean the bank then I bought her a few groceries (a few).  I was very strict as she needs gas money also.
    We arrived home from the grocery store about 11:30 last night and her little Volkswagon had been covered by saran wrap.  I mean it looked like a shiny cocoon.  She says , "I knew they were up to something! They were out doing shenanigans tonight and I could not go with them and when you can't go with them the joke is pulled on you." Yes the car pictures are all over facebook.  Too funny.  This is how the kids in rural Idaho that don't drink entertain themselves.  The practical jokes they pull on each other are so funny.  Yes cow tipping is a sport.
     I have been doing well with my cash budget, but Tuesday hubby needed $55.00 for gas.  Last nights groceries (I bought a few things) and with B's gas money and I am broke again.  I am so grateful for the shop as it keeps me in cash, but it would be nice just to be able to keep some of it.
     Out My Window:  Rainy, cold and overcast, but it will clear off this afternoon and then a lovely Indian Summer day.
      I loved B-Kats picture today.  I sure feel sorry for the kids that have so many school loans.  Like my 2 oldest daughters.  Now the oldest has a Doctorate and a very good high paying job she still has a hard time getting those loans paid.  The second one can't find a job and has many school loans.  She will make terrific money but nothing is available.  We are only allowing B to take out $3000.00 a year or $1500.00 a semester.  She has to work and we will help her, but she must live frugally.  No living it high on school loans.
I am truly concerned for this generation of kids.

     Well I must go take B to her appointment and get to work, the shop is full, I have no cash and I need me some money!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, enter grizzley bear mother

     When we rented an apartment for our youngest daughter up at the U of I we were fortunate to get her into a complex where our oldest daughter had rented for the 7 years she was in school.  We knew the company, it was close to campus, and they took good care of the complex.  When we moved B in, there were older neighbors; a couple, and they seemed very nice.  But after a few days I felt the woman might have drug problems.  Well she does.  The husband seems nice but he puts up with a lot.  Anyway to make a long story short B has endured screaming, crying, fighting, at all hours of the night.  Many people have called in to report them, all students living around them.  The police have been called several times in the 2 months B has been there.
     Come to find out this couple lived in this complex over three years because we met another girl who moved out because of their behavior.  We also met a young man who was shocked to find out they were still there and he lived in the complex 2 years ago.  Now this woman continually beats on B's door and asks for money for cigarettes and alcohol.  Monday when we were in Twin Falls this woman beat on B's door loudly for several minutes and then demanded that B take her by car (B's) to a pawn shop so she could get money for a dvd player she was hawking.  B said she was scared and intimidated the woman is very large and athletic.  I could not believe it but B took her.  Then B found out later she was very high on pain killers.  I was so angry.  Especially at B.  But these people are probably in their late 40's she sees them as adults.
     I called the complex and gave them the ultimatum, allow us to move B to a different location within the unit away from these people or evict them immediately.  I had B go around to all 12 units and ask if any one in the unit had ever called in a complaint or had reason to want then out. Armed with this list of information and the names and dates of the other two people I had talked to, I called and asked to get a police report on calls to this unit.  It was too thick to scan and send to me I would have to go to Moscow and photo copy it myself.
So armed with this info I told the company.
1. My child's life in in danger and being seriuosly comprimised.
2.  Every ones life in the complex is being compromised.
3. There is a long police file on these folks
4. The woman has admitted drug abuse.
5.  I can prove a history of bad behavior with witness's and dates and people that would testify against the rental company dating back three years  (this was the most damning)

    I told the woman I talked to she had 30 minutes to talk to the powers that be and call me with a solution, I had a lawyer and was ready to fight.  Well she called B back within 20 minutes and the people will be removed within 48 hours.  Can you imagine one of your children being coerced by a large drunk woman to take them almost forcibly to a pawn shop?  I asked B why she didn't call the police?  She said I was scared and she wouldn't let me.  Great! I have raised a wimp. We had a long talk.  She is not to open the door to anyone unless she knows them and has to call us and make a cell phone contact upon leaving or entering her complex, that way we can call for her.  Although I don't think it will come to this.  I just believe the couple have severe drug and alcohol issues.
     I would have loved to see Judy handle this:)! (I see a movie script)
     Out My Window:  The lawn is so long and green with all the rain!  It needs to be cut badly, but it won't quit raining.  I need some sheep!

     I really enjoyed $12 dollars a Days post yesterday.  It gave me a lot to think about.  So many of our attitudes toward money come from the way we were taught as children.  Sometimes we have to unlearn very bad behaviors.  We have to break a cycle of debting just like some people have to break out of alcoholic homes, or generations of poverty.  There can be generational debting.

     I need to get dressed, finish up the laundry, make a deposit and sew.  Daughter # 2 is going to help me send out a mass mailing and late charges today!

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, I have the cutest grandson!

     I know there are several out there that will call me on this, but my grand son is the cutest!
We spent 4 days in rapture with him.  He is just shy of 8 months and we had not seen him since he was 5 months.  He is pulling himself up to is feet, and sitting up and chugging all over the place.  Great funny personality just like his mom.  I  am told his dad was also an easy happy baby.  My son-in-laws mother lives with them and watches the baby.  He is certainly well cared for and loved.  I am jealous of her but also eternally grateful that my grandson has this kind of care.  She is also loving and very supportive to my daughter, a true friend.

    Before I left on my trip I totaled the studio receipts.  We had collected less than 1/2 the tuition and 41 families had not paid.  My daughter wanted me to wait to send a letter out until this evening, as there was no dance Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and no way for a parent to come down and pay.  When your house payment is due on a Sunday do you get to  pay it late?  Hey, Rhitter, how about Cap One do they forgive weekends and holidays? But she was right in the fact that when we came home and checked the mail 5 more payment had come in and we may get a raft of people tonight.  A letter will go out tomorrow(drafted by my daughter) clearly stating the new (old) policy and it will be strictly enforced.  Do you realize that if every family that paid late paid the $20.00 late charge we would get and extra $800.00 a month?  I could use that money. I would feel like it was blood money. 
      I will fully admit that I will pay a bill late if they  don't make me pay it on time. This studio has made me a lot more aware of my own behavior. I will never pay a bill late that would show up on my credit report.  But a doctor or a utility, every time.  Now that I am coming out from under the fog I really try to pay bills as they come in.  Even that little 2 or 3 dollar charge from the phone company adds up.
     I hope to have  more positive news to report on this subject and finally never have to post about it again.  I am sick of it and I am sure you are also!

     Out My Window:  It is very rainy and cold here.  We had to turn on the heat.):  October 10th, it was 59 degrees in the front room.  It is much cooler and also much warmer in the basement where my shop is.  I also run a space heater in the shop when it is very cold, there by keeping the rest of the house at 68.  We actually like a cool bedroom.

     I have been unpacking all morning and doing laundry, catching up on the chickens, cleaning house, organizing the shop.  I have a lot of work to do in the shop and today is a long teaching day, so I had better go get some make-up on so I don't scare my students and get to work.  I missed all of you and could not wait to get back to the blog world.

     I did not stay on budget on my trip, I went over!  I bought daughter #1 a new 3 piece suit at Ann Taylor for Christmas. It was Navy blue, hard color to find.  It was on sale and then 40% more off the last price.  My daughter is busty she wears a size 8-10 skirt, a 12 jacket, and I found a size 10 fully lined wool pant, a 12 blazer and a 14 skirt.  I will alter the skirt to fit.  The clerk wanted a business card, I told her I did not live in the area, I mean it girls you  all need to sew!  DON'T open a dance studio! Budget over with gas by $180.00 now I have to make it up!

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday, I think I figured it out.

     I had a long talk with a parent of mine yesterday afternoon.  He is a fireman and professional photographer on the side.  Very talented and hard working.  He does a lot of sport and team pictures around the area.  He would like my studio contract but some one else has it and I have no problem with my current photographer whom I really love.  Anyway Nate (the parent) told me that he has never shot a business where people buy more photos they cannot afford than dance studios.  He said Kim I can guarantee that 85% of the students you have right now have parents that cannot afford to pay for the lessons they are giving their children.  They do this because they think they have to.  They are compelled to do this.  This is why your tuition is such a mess. He then admitted that he and his wife have trouble meeting their tuition obligations to me.  Their daughter is one of my best young Irish dancers.  Their tuition is $75.00 a month.  I often trade with them for photographs.  Sr. pictures that would cost me $400.00 were traded for lessons last year.  This made me really stop and think.
     I remember I could not afford my own girls lessons.  My twin sister who has no children paid for the oldest daughters tuition when she was little as she got older and had to take more class I was always late.  I paid a $5.00 late fee every month.  I finally noticed that the University studio outreach program in our small town was very dirty.  Mirrors were filthy, no toilet paper or paper towels, dust bunnies every where. I asked the director if I could clean the studio in exchange for tuition.  I was not teaching dance for the University at this time I was coaching a dance team for the local high school and doing many, many shows for different theaters.  The University agreed.  One year when the oldest was about 10 we had a terrible snow year.  Remember we don't get snow here often and driving down the prairie on a small snowed in two lane goat trail is dangerous.  The dance director would call me and give me a list of all the students to call and cancel class.  This was before cell phones and a long distance call could be $1.00.  I did this for about 6 lessons in a row. I finally told the director that I felt that they were going to lose too much money canceling all of these classes.  I could go down and substitute. I had a very strong classical dance background.  She asked me to send up a resume' and I did.  Then I started subbing.  The rest is history.  But the truth is I could not afford to give my own children the quality of dance instruction I craved for them.  I found a way to do it, but most people do not have my skills.

    I also know that my mother never paid my tuition.  (Our father drank) My twin sister and I were very talented young dancers, we were tiny, cute and show stoppers, like little circus performers we sold tickets and brought our studio owner enrollment we were worth the scholarship whether she wanted to give it to us or not.  As I got older my twin left the dance world and entered the music world, she as an incredible voice and sang light opera for years after she pursued 3 degrees in music.  The dance studio became my home as our home started to fail due to my father's alcoholism and my mother's denial of all problems.  My teachers became my life line, they gave me confidence and skill.  The studio was my sanctuary.  In a nut-shell I feel guilty when I make people pay me.  I feel like these kids need me like I needed my teachers.  I did not pay for lessons. I really never thought my skills deserved payment.  The non profit dance program I worked for through the University kept me thinking this for 11 years until I was running their program at a huge profit to them and nothing for myself.  I woke up  I think getting sick did this, I realized I do have talent and people were going to pay for it.  But I still have that little voice that says you are not good enough to charge for this, you need to give your skills away. Now I have to be a grown up.  I can't let the past ruin my business.

  I am going into my 6th year of owning this business. Two years ago I was so in debt and going deeper, but now I have worked so hard and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe I will get out and be able to take home a salary.  Now that I can taste the freedom from debt in the air I am angry and no one is going to stiff me or make me borrow money to pay rent or payroll.  If they don't pay on time they will pay a service charge for my past sins.  Does this make sense?

     There now you have it.  What do you think?

A letter is being drafted by my attorney (hee, hee) that will go out to all parents, that will state the new plan.  Pay by the 10th or add a $20.00 fee strictly enforced  by my attorney.  Yes I will lose some enrollment but I do not care.  It used to be 10% of people paid late now it is over 50% and it is steadily getting worse.  I realize I will always have people who pay late that is the nature of the business, any business.  But I am going to put on my big girl panties now and they are Pink!

Out My Window:  I went out to the chicken coop yesterday and found 5 eggs in one nest tried to pick them up all at once and oops!  Note to self, take out an egg carton to coop and gather eggs.

Sorry for the diatribe, but I feel better now.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday, I am very tired

     I have cleaned at least 4 buildings a night for the last week and I am really beginning to feel it. I am very tired.
Tonight I only have to do my building and tomorrow one extra.  Then the subbing is over.  The woman we are taking this job from said that this is unusual, she has never seen this many people going out of town.  I know it won't happen again under my watch. It is hard to add extra hours of work after you have worked all day.  It is not like this is our only job.  My daughter who helped me clean a bottling plant last night said, cleaning is hard work and people need to pay for it.  I agree.
     I had many students out last night so it made choreography difficult but I persevered.  I want all of my pieces set in the next two weeks. By the end of October we are just rehearsing so everything is clean and perfected by Thanksgiving.  So much to do.
     I took in a little over $1000.00 in tuition.  So, so far less than one third, we will see how tonight goes, but it does not look good.  I beleive in my gut we will collect just 1/2 by the 10th and then *&&^%$ is going to hit the fan.  I was griping to my Mom and she said this is just part of doing business.  I will be firm. Enough said.
     I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and I will work hard in there today.  I still need about $200.00 for my trip.  There is $85.00 to be picked up and more to add so I think I will make it.
     There are some great buys at the grocery store this week and I would like to stock up but I have no extra money.  These sales will last until next Tuesday so if I come home with any extra from my trip I will take advantage.

     Out My Window:  It was rainy and cold yesterday and everyone was sleepy.  First real day of fall weather, but it is so nice.

     I am going to get dressed and clean up the kitchen a little, then hit the shop, make a deposit. Go teach, go clean........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I am really tired.  I need to perk up and my diet coke is not working.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, bank mess up!

     As you will remember over a month ago I went to my CU and had them cut two checks for me to pay off a large CC balance at US Bank and a Credit line at US Bank.  This would close these accounts and make it easier to leave them (which should happen soon).  I took the checks to a teller and told her to pay off these loans and close the accounts.  Well come to find out she put both of the payments on the CC causing us to have a credit of over $9,755.00.  Then she did not pay the credit line.  Well I did not pay the credit line either.  It was paid off.  So a payment was taken automatically out of the checking account and I am trying to get this account down to nothing so I can open an account at the CU. The payment that was not supposed to have been made because it should not have existed overdrew that account and....... what a mess.   I actually rec'd a call from a banker, as soon as my account overdrew she knew something was wrong.  We have never overdrawn.  Then she researched all accounts and saw the huge over payment on the CC.  As it came in two checks she realized that the exact amount of the 2nd check was the exact amount of the Credit line pay off.  So they were fixing all of this and removing fees as she was speaking to me.  She was so nice!  Not like the last time I spoke to her about the $10.00 she had charged us for our x-fer after we closed our home loan with them.  I think they can see the hand writing now and it is too late.  But I will have to make sure that no extra fees were charged to me and all interest is reimbursed.  Because, I would have paid at least $200.00 in interest last month on that loan, plus the overdraft fees, etc. What a mess!  At least they are taking blame.

     Hubby has not been able to car pool since August when his car-pool mates went on fire duty.  Now they are back but every day it is a different excuse.  He is very discouraged.  It is costing us well over $300.00 again for him to get to work.  We bought a slightly bigger vehicle so everyone would be comfy.  We would have bought a really small Nissan Sentra for a commuter car if he was not in a car pool.  I told him not to be to upset, it would all come back when the driving got old again.  But it amazes me that some people just do not want to save money. They are not frugal, they have years ahead before retirement and don't see the need to try and live on less. We cannot make them.  Now if this doesn't change we may sell the Forestor and buy a used Sentra.

     I was able to collect a small fraction of tuition last night.  I am composing a letter to send to all parents that if they come next week with a check (after the 10th) they need to add a late charge.  They can mail or drop a check off when the studio is open in the evenings.  I am explaining that the company that does our books will use this $20.00 to pay their fee for keeping our books.  Actually it is in the companies favor that they pay late, the company can make more money.  Company being ME!  Do you think this will work?

Out My Window:  Rainy and cool, sprinkler men will be here soon to turn off and blow out the system.  Where did summer go?  It was short this year.

     On a more positive note!  I had over $100.00 worth of sewing picked up and I have much more to do.  I also received a $47.00 check in the mail from the eye doctor that I had forgotten about. So I am getting close to my goal for the weekend.  I have enough to pay my first big bill at the Studio and cover payroll so we are okay!  I need to get busy, get dressed it is late!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, out to lunch

     I am up and running around the house, almost done drying pears and I will soon be onto apples, but so many trees did not produce this year because of the cold spring so I may not be able to do these.
     I am taking an elderly client with Parkinson's disease out to lunch today.  I really enjoy her company, but it is a three hour ordeal to get her out of the nursing home, into a restaurant and back.  I try to do it every month or so.
     I will be interested to see how many people pay their tuition today.  I have signs up at the back and the front of the studio that tuition is due today and I will be charging a $20.00 late fee after the 10th.  I need to pay a $500.00 bill and payroll for last month by Wednesday, so let's hope it comes in soon.  Our rent is not due until the 13th and then everything that is left after, utilities and phone, insurance will go to my last CC.  I am hoping for a $3500.00 payment but will be thrilled with $3000.00.
     I also need to get more money to travel to my daughters house this weekend.  I need at least $400.00 and I only have 1/2 saved.  Money, money, money.  I live for the day that debt does not rule me!

     I really liked Mysti's analogy about my house payment will require me to save or cut expenses by $50.00 a week and I can do that.  So a new goal of mine is to have a little side account here at home and I will try to put $50.00 a week in it.  Then I will have the money next month to add to the payment and if I don't need it, it goes to the Christmas fund.  We are really blessed to live in an area where our taxes and insurance escrow are only $186.00 a month, almost $1000.00 of my payment goes to principle.

     Out My Window:  Very cool this morning and over cast.  I have on long pants for the first time in months.
   The fall colors out by the pond are so pretty.  I tried to landscape the yard so it would produce color all year long.  I even have yellow and red twig dog woods so that the twigs that come up out of the snow look great with the ever greens.

     I need to go put on some make up and fix my hair then hit the shop!  I need money!  People need their sewing, and I can't forget the extra hours I am putting in at my cleaning job, I need to call these into payroll.  Jane just reminded me!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, I will make it

     Well yesterday I sure appreciated your words of encouragement.  Your thoughts were fulfilled in my ability to see the abundance in my life.  We cleaned the chicken coop and it did not take nearly as long as I thought.  The way Hubby designed this coop makes it very easy to clean. Chickens are so funny because they like humans crave a clean environment.  They were so cute softly clucking and checking out the new straw nests and clean floors.  I also got the laundry caught up and the IRONING done.  Yes the blanket trick I learned from Judy works well but I finally peaked under neath and there were 4 pillow slips and 12 shirts.  DONE! We vacuumed and cleaned the to vehicles and then enjoyed the day.

    On a sad note daughter #2 did not get the job, I was very sad, but she told me she had prayed about it Thursday night when she had arrived home.  She said she had the distinct feeling after her prayer that she did not want that job, something better was coming along.  She said she went right to sleep and was comforted so I will try to understand and go with her gut.
     Daughter #3 came home for a few hours, we went and got her some groceries and filled her car with gas. I had to get a few things at Wal-mart, hair dye (root touch-up), eye make-up remover and a few things that I have been avoiding buying, I spent $67.00.  Then I had to fill  my truck with gas $67.00 also but the last time I filled the truck was Sept.6th.  So that was good.  Hubbies car was also empty and I thought here goes.  We do not have enough to do this without spending into savings or e-fund.  Well I had a $20.00 bill I had forgot about in the shop and Hubby had a $50.00 bill in his wallet he had, had there for months.  I also had a $35.00 check for a homecoming dress alteration that had not been cashed.  Way more than enough to fill his car.  So I took his $50.00( hee, hee!)  filled his car and I still have over $50.00 for anything that could happen this coming week.  I will make it.

     Out My Window: Beautiful 72 degree day, sunny we had breakfast out on the deck and I looked around my table to see the bounty we have to eat.  We had garbage omelets, home made ww bread.  Everything on the table was provided by us except the cheese, butter, and ham.  Eggs, bread, (I ground the wheat) peppers, onions, tomatoes, home made jam all done by us.  I will  make it.

     I beleive daughter #2 will be moving home until she can find work which is okay with me.  It will make her more available to move when she does find a job.  I am making a big batch of Swedish Meatballs today.  I will freeze most of these. Great to pull out for a fast meal and it uses the cheapest hamburger and sausage.  Actually the fatter the burger the better the meatball and they are cooked over a grid so the fat slews off.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday, okay now I am scared

     I paid my first new big house payment yesterday.  It was for $1400.00.  The old house payment was $950.00.  I also used to pay $250.00 -$300.00 a month to the Heloc which usually just covered the interest.  So this is at least $200.00 more.  This new payment forces me to pay off the heloc along with the house but I feel like I am not going to make it.  I have $12.69 in the checking account, until the 10th.  Now I do have cash in my purse and more will come in next week in the shop, but the new payment just looks so large and it took every thing to make it.  How long will it take me to adjust to this I wonder?
      I will make my first $500.00 payment on the 5th, for that new loan I took out to cover the US Bank evil debts a month ago.  This will not be so hard as it comes out of the studio account and I was always paying $500.00 to my Mom.  I will really see no difference.  I do keep my business (studio account) and my personal money separate. The studio is LLC and you cannot mix money or you breach the veil of trust or some such legal jargin. (daughter talking here) 

     I did get off my butt and get some sewing done yesterday, I only have two more full dryers worth of pears to do and I am still eying  the blanket  in the shop with caution!

     Out My Window:  I need to water the flowers, and clean the chicken coop today!  I am also going to wash both vehicles and vacuum the inside.  The  food bank is having a pickup for food so I had best get something out there.   The boy scouts who pick it up every year know where our storage is off the garage and will stand there until we come out.

     I feel broke and over whelmed and it is only the first of October!  Okay I need a change of attitude.....splat.

Hubby is fishing and just called me to say he hasn't eaten breakfast so when I call him he will come home.  I laughed and said promise.  He didn't think it was nearly as funny as I.

Have a great and productive day!