Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday, I think I fell off my wagon.

     I just need to catch up on a few things today.  My shop is full and a disaster right now.  I sewed hard all week but it just keeps coming in.  But now it is stacked and that starts to bug me.  I cannot think in too much chaos. We have purchased more food for our storage and it is sitting in piles as you enter the laundry room.  This has been going on for months.  So I want to organize that.  Also the laundry needs to be addressed.  I know it is not too bad, just looks awful.

     We have decided to mail out the same tuition letter and schedule to all of our students that we handed out, this week.  So I will do that today also.  100 mailers to the post office before 5.  We also need to put gas in the cars, get some milk, soda.  The kitchen is a wreck.  Wear do I start?

     Maybe I should get dressed!

     Out My Window:  I think it is going to be nice today.  The sun is already out.  So when it warms up maybe we can trim a little and the chicken coop will be cleaned.

     We also have to go to a Wedding reception at 5 p.m.  Yum, I love Wedding cake.  So I will not have to cook dinner.  I picked up 3 huge t-bone steaks on sale at Winco for 13.98.  We will have those for dinner tomorrow with baked potatoes.
 I actually think it was a miss mark package as all other packages were in the $30.00.  I will eat well.

     I also realize with my spending spree I only have $200.00 to save toward my new tires for truck):
I need to be very good in the next few weeks so I can get these paid for.  I need about $900.00.  No more spending, on anything we do not need.  I think I fell off my wagon.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I don't think you fell off the wagon. You needed a few things and you purchased them. It's part of life. You are doing awesome. I can't believe your bank story. I was laughing because that sounds like something I would try to pull off. Hopefully you got some help with the chores today!!! If not, we gots some butt to kick!

  2. Sounds like a mismarked package to me too - around these parts I'd pay more than that just for ONE t-bone. But they are just the best steaks aren't they? YUM! Wow tires are expensive - I just shelled out $650 for tires but I have a small car.