Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, I will make it

     Well yesterday I sure appreciated your words of encouragement.  Your thoughts were fulfilled in my ability to see the abundance in my life.  We cleaned the chicken coop and it did not take nearly as long as I thought.  The way Hubby designed this coop makes it very easy to clean. Chickens are so funny because they like humans crave a clean environment.  They were so cute softly clucking and checking out the new straw nests and clean floors.  I also got the laundry caught up and the IRONING done.  Yes the blanket trick I learned from Judy works well but I finally peaked under neath and there were 4 pillow slips and 12 shirts.  DONE! We vacuumed and cleaned the to vehicles and then enjoyed the day.

    On a sad note daughter #2 did not get the job, I was very sad, but she told me she had prayed about it Thursday night when she had arrived home.  She said she had the distinct feeling after her prayer that she did not want that job, something better was coming along.  She said she went right to sleep and was comforted so I will try to understand and go with her gut.
     Daughter #3 came home for a few hours, we went and got her some groceries and filled her car with gas. I had to get a few things at Wal-mart, hair dye (root touch-up), eye make-up remover and a few things that I have been avoiding buying, I spent $67.00.  Then I had to fill  my truck with gas $67.00 also but the last time I filled the truck was Sept.6th.  So that was good.  Hubbies car was also empty and I thought here goes.  We do not have enough to do this without spending into savings or e-fund.  Well I had a $20.00 bill I had forgot about in the shop and Hubby had a $50.00 bill in his wallet he had, had there for months.  I also had a $35.00 check for a homecoming dress alteration that had not been cashed.  Way more than enough to fill his car.  So I took his $50.00( hee, hee!)  filled his car and I still have over $50.00 for anything that could happen this coming week.  I will make it.

     Out My Window: Beautiful 72 degree day, sunny we had breakfast out on the deck and I looked around my table to see the bounty we have to eat.  We had garbage omelets, home made ww bread.  Everything on the table was provided by us except the cheese, butter, and ham.  Eggs, bread, (I ground the wheat) peppers, onions, tomatoes, home made jam all done by us.  I will  make it.

     I beleive daughter #2 will be moving home until she can find work which is okay with me.  It will make her more available to move when she does find a job.  I am making a big batch of Swedish Meatballs today.  I will freeze most of these. Great to pull out for a fast meal and it uses the cheapest hamburger and sausage.  Actually the fatter the burger the better the meatball and they are cooked over a grid so the fat slews off.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


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