Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday, resting, decorating,

      We were finally able to get rid of all the Thanksgiving  leftovers yesterday when 6 missionaries showed up at lunch.  It was great other than the extra dishes. They were happy I was happy to see the food go.  Last night about 8:30 I did the last of the Thanksgiving dishes as in leftover dishes.  Dan's parents did the Thanksgiving dishes.  I still have to empty the dishwasher and I am going to find a few items to put away I am sure.  An odd piece of silver or some china that migrated.

     Hubs and I did some shopping yesterday and it was not nearly as busy as it has been in the past.  Most people in stores were masked as there is a mask mandate in town.  We finished all our local shopping and I just have things to order on line now.  I am happy to say I am almost done.  I hope to finish this evening and know that I can face December without that burden over my head.

     I was happy to be able to get the things on the list  in my house done.  I just was slow and steady at it.  Of course after I got all the fall deco down I found more I missed.   I was happy I had not taken the box to the garage so I can add the things that I neglected to put in the box.

     Hubs just brought in the Christmas tree and I hope to be able to get that decorated today.  I am going to make a roast later this afternoon which will be nice after 3 days of Turkey. Lil sis has been gone and comes home today so I am excited to hear how her Thanksgiving was.

     We went down to the Christmas Park lighting last night.  We met our 2nd daughter, and her husband and kids.  It was fun to see Schmills get so excited.  But the crowds were a little intense and many people were not masked.   We did not stay long and stayed on the periphery. I so hope there is not a huge covid spike after this holiday, but on seeing the behavior down at the park I am afraid for many.

     Well I am going to go and empty the dishwasher again.... and then set up my tree.  I am kind of excited about it.  New house and the first time I will set up Christmas.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday, Thanksgiving aftermath, I am tired!

      It has been a whirlwind busy last couple of days here.  Dinner went off without a hitch, but boy was I tired.  I started to get a migraine right before we sat down to eat and my vision was affected.  When I would look at things I had vertigo and shifting.  I was so embarrassed I did not want to say anything and ruin dinner.  I just gritted my teeth and hoped for the best.  Right after my son in law's parents left I went to my bedroom where my side of the bed was stacked with baby paraphernalia, I crawled on hubs side and slept for a couple of hours.  Felt better when I woke up.

     I kept telling myself to buck up and my mind kept asking, "Can you ever do this again?"  Was this an isolated incident or will I have to give up hosting gatherings?  My feet and legs hurt so bad it was really weird. Friday the kids stayed two nights and we had 3 dogs and three small kids in this little house plus the adults trying to coral said kids and dogs.  It was fun and we got in so many snuggles.  Oliver rolled over for the first time to a cheering crowd.  I think we scared him.  He might never roll over again!

    The girls and I were going to take down fall and put up Christmas on Thanksgiving day after dinner, but I could not had done one more thing.  I was too beat.  So we thought let's do it Friday and I could not.  I just needed to rest.  Although we did get out and get one gift. (daughter and I) Finally about 6:30 last night I put the last of the leftover eating dishes in the dish washer.  The turkey was boned out by my son in law's folks so that was ready to boil down. I froze two large containers of broth and and meat for enchiladas and then a large bag of broth for soup. I scrubbed the roaster and it is ready to go back to the garage.

     The kids took home large pans of leftovers and that helped eliminate the food clutter.  We will have a few missionaries over to clean up the rest. I am still very tired and achy and I am disgusted with myself as I feel like a wuss.

Things I would like to do today.

1. empty the dishwasher

2. get some laundry done

3. pack up Thanksgiving and fall decorations

4. do some shopping with hubs

5. put away good silver

6. put away crystal

7. swap good china with Christmas china

8. Haul in tree and set up This is in one of the sheds and it is dark it can wait!

I don't know if any of this will get done.  We will see.  Just what is wrong with me anyway?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wednesday, Babies, and busy both start with B

 They were only like this for maybe 30 seconds.  Two sleeping beans.  I was left with three dogs and three kids at 10 this morning as daughter taught and Hubs had to go measure a place for a wheel chair ramp.  Well Schmills wanted mac and cheese, (yes I do keep a few boxes in the storage) and both babies were screaming.  I had water boiling and I ended up calling my neighbor and hollering help! She came over and held Oliver, while I held Kelsa.  She stayed until Hubs got home and we had a nice visit.

So far I have not gotten anything done, just taking care of babies and waiting on clients.  I need to wrap some birthday and Christmas gifts.  I also want to get some things made.

1. Stuffing and Stuff bird ready for oven

2. sweet potatoes boiled Will reheat tomorrow

3. cheeseball made

4. cranberry salad needs to be made 24 hours early

So far Daughter got a 3 hour nap and Hubs and I have been busy switching babies.  It is not time get busy because I haven't done a darn thing all day!

Are you getting anything done early?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday, I made my pies today!

 Yesterday was crazy busy and I sewed all day.  Daughter brought Kelsa and Schmills down while she aught dance and watched them until about 8 p.m. Then hubs and I went to Wal mart for pet supplies and then to Winco for the last few things for Thanksgiving.  Both stores were very quiet which was nice.

     I came home a took a hot bath I was tired. This morning started off with a bang.  Up and dressed and off to pickup sister missionaries to bring then back to the house to make pies.  Had another bride in this morning.  We made three pumpkin pies, two chocolate creme (one went home with them) one coconut creme pie,and this apple pie.  I know that is a lot of pies but with the missionaries coming over on Friday for leftovers, so I wanted plenty.

I had the girls mix up two double batches of pie crusts.  Only one of them had ever made piecrust and they did a great job.  By the time they had rolled out a couple of crusts they were less afraid of the process.

We were able to get all 7 either in the fridge or in the oven in two hours, then I took them to Taco bell for lunch and then home. My pumpkin pies and  apple pie were in the oven.

Hubs was up at daughters all day with babies and he just got home.  He asked what was for dinner and I said pumpkin pie and cheese and crackers. He  didn't gripe.  Great because that was it.

I am wiped out after cleaning the kitchen.  I had not done the floors which are horrid, but I want to get my stuffing and cheeseball, sweet potatoes, and cranberry salad done tomorrow and then I will thoroughly clean the house.  

D#2 will be down in the morning with babies as she teaches a private lesson tomorrow morning.  She is staying the night with kids and she will help me with everything else.

My favorite pie , below chocolate cream.  Well I like almost all pie.  It is kind of like donuts, one piece is never enough.


Have you started any of your cooking yet?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 23, 2020

 Doesn't all this food look good.  I don't know what is better the Thanksgiving meal coming up or the anticipation of the meal?

It has been a busy morning as I had several clients in already and more are to come.  I had to get military patches on uniforms, and a couple of zippers done this morning for pickup.  Just found out people who were picking up jackets with new zippers are snowed in up on White bird pass.  But that is okay they will be waiting for them next week. No one wants people traveling that mess right now.

Three missionaries just came buy to borrow  leaf rakes.  They left with a bag of candy and three chocolate protein drinks.  It is very cold outside to be raking, but I guess when you work hard you will warm up. Hubs just left to get toilet parts for the jury rigged job we did the other night on the sister's toilet.  He is also mailing some thank you notes and sympathy cards for me.

Yesterday was a quiet Sunday.  We had left over pizza and I did not cook a roast.  Tonight we are having brinner.  I am just going to keep things simple. I was able to get enough squares done to finish a quilt top.  I still have to square up the squares before I sew them together. Might get that done this afternoon.  I still have a few things I need to get done in the shop.

I am waiting for more clients to come this afternoon and then Hubs and I will go to the store for all the last minute things I need for Thanksgiving.  I thought I had everything, but I keep adding to the list. Also need to run to Joanns later.

I am Thankful for this group of people.  My two sisters and my cousin Gene and his wife.  This was taken at B's wedding and they had all worked themselves to death.  We never would have been able to pull it off without them, so if they look a little ragged around the edges,  well?  My cousin Gene is loved by my girls.  B even named Oliver after Gene.  Oliver Gene. I am blessed to have such a great family. I am blessed to have a twin.  I am blessed to have this little (much taller than me) sister who lives so close and brings me so much joy.

Well I need to get busy as this sewing is not going to do itself.  Plus the laundry and the cleaning and.....

What are you particularly Thankful for today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday, Plans for Thanksgiving!

 I have written out my Thanksgiving menu and assigned dishes to the kids.  We will have a small group of 5 adults and 3 little ones, 2 who are babies.  This is the smallest group I have cooked for, but will make the usual large meal as we have any missionary in the area coming over for leftovers on Friday. I might have to make more mashed potatoes on Friday but we will see.

Last night I went to Lil sis's as she had stopped by to hold Kelsa and knew that we were ordering pizza for dinner.  I do try and order out at least once a month and we had not had anything out since daughters birthday on Oct.19th.  Lil sis texted me a recipe for my mom's cranberry salad and asked me to bring her some pizza.  I ran down with a couple of slices and we watched a movie together.  Actually I think we both dozed through most of it.  She had been working in her yard all day and I was still very head achy and tired, I am assuming from the flue shot.  Hubs called about 8:30 and said that one of the sister missionary apartments had their toilet not flushing so we needed to get over there. We ran up and fixed the toilet and I invited the three girls to come over and make pies on Tuesday.

I worked on my quilt yesterday and was able to get 12 more blocks done.  I hope to do 12-24 more today.  I have a mess everywhere from quilting because  I cannot or have not learned to contain a project.😛 Anyway I am a work in progress.

Menu for Thanksgiving is as follows:

Turkey with dressing  and a small side of oyster dressing for hubs, gravy

potatoes both russet mashed and sweet

green bean casserole (Signe')

cranberry jello salad and cranberry sauce

Martha Stewart squash

relish tray (Braunwyn)

Homemade rolls

Pies: Pumpkin, Dutch apple, chocolate cream and coconut cream

Pumpkin roll.

 There will be plenty of leftovers I am sure.  Girls have been assigned what they are to contribute and they will be down early on Thursday to help cook.  I will do some things early, like pies and turkey stuffing also sweet potatoes can heated up in micro wave.  I used to have a double oven and I don't have that any more so I will have to jungle again.  

One thing this virus has taught me is to be very thankful for family.  They are a great comfort to me. I am so grateful to my children and loved ones. I am grateful to be able to have access to this menu of food and to have enough to share with others.

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

 I am thankful for my precious third daughter  and her sweet Kelsa; she is sleeping in her swing in the other room while her mommy shops. Grandpa is out fishing today so I am alone with the baby.  So far have staved off any flu shot symptoms other than a bad headache.  But that could be from my meds, so shoulder shrug.

I started to work on a car quilt last night and I was able to complete 12 blocks and I still need to square them up.  I also was able to cut enough smaller blocks to make another 12.  I need 49 blocks to complete a quilt top.

As Kelsa sleeps I will work on more blocks.  I took out a big box of jeans ends and scraps that I have been savings.  Every time I cut off more than 4 inches of a pair of jeans I save the ends.  I do this a lot.  Sometimes I make shorts out of new jeans and I can get 12 squares from a jean leg and 3 or 4 squares from leg ends.  

I also pick up any nice flannel remnants I find for 50% off or more out of the remnant section and save them.  These make nice gifts and I think I have enough to make at least 4 quilts.  But it depends on my time.

Here is Kelsa on her 3rd month birthday in a dress that here mother wore for her 3 month picture.  I just want to pick her up and kiss her.  Such good memories.

Our eldest called me last night and I got to talk to my oldest grandson, whom I love to death.  He is getting so grownup and reminds me so much of his mom. I am blessed to have such fine daughters, each of them means so much to me.

Today in addition to quilt blocking, I am going to make a Thanksgiving day menu.  I will share it with daughters and assign out what they are to bring. I also need to do some cleaning in my kitchen.  Hubs is going to buy me a pizza tonight and I am going to make a nice roast dinner tomorrow and then no real cooking until Thanksgiving.  I will be doing a few pre Thanksgiving dishes and with left over roast and potatoes I can get through the week.

All of the appliances in the kitchen need to be polished and the counters need a deep clean.  Also all the floors need to be done again.  But as I am cutting out quilt blocks I might wait until I am done to do the floors. Sewing is messy.

What is your Thanksgiving menu going to be? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday, Flu shot time and Thanksgiving

      I went in this morning for my flu shot, which I have been putting off as hubs got so sick with his and he rarely gets sick.  But I have nothing planned this weekend and I wanted it done before Thanksgiving. I still need my second shingles shot but will have that in a couple of weeks. I received the shot at the pharmacy and picked up a few more cans of veggies with coupons for .25.

     Yesterday we spent the day with Oliver who was not as cranky.  But we fed him his Aunties breast milk for his first two bottles and then I let him suck on a peppermint stick for a bit. Kelsa had a check up yesterday and shots.  We brought her home with us while daughter taught dance. She only weighed 8.11 at her three month check up so doctor wants her to gain weight.  I told daughter that she only weighed 14 pounds at a year old and I thought Kelsa was fine.  She is a little floppy but so was Schmills at 3 months. It was nice to spend the day with the babies.  I cleaned house for daughter and we tried to get a few more things hung in the house.

     We have been encouraged by the President of our church to be more grateful and thankful during this time of world wide crisis.  And I am ashamed to say that I knew all along that this was the answer to the blah sad feelings I have been having.  Rather than seeing all the bad things that are happening and all the things we cannot do, we need to look at what we can do. We will always have sadness and problems in our lives, it is harder when you know everyone is having these problems and there is nothing you can do about it. So for the next while I will be focusing on things I am grateful for in my life.

     I am thankful for my children who bring me so much joy and laughter.  I am thankful for my grandchildren, they are so much fun and when they are not I can give them back.😀 I am thankful for having enough food in my pantry and the ability to go to the store and get what I need.  Many cannot do this.

      I took pork steaks and applesauce out of the freezer for dinner which I will serve with a salad and sweet potatoes.  The shop has been rather busy today and I need to get in there and organize.  I am thankful for the work that is coming in as it has been rather slow.

    Lil sis just popped in on her lunch hour to have me hem a long sweater that she was wearing.  It had been given to her by a co worker as it was too long for her.  So she wanted to go meet said co-worker with the sweater shortened.  So she could brag about her on the spot alterations.  What a nut.  We laughed the whole time I was fixing the sweater. Lil sis is going with boy friend for the Holiday and I will watch her dog and go down and feed her cats.  Rosco loves to have company.  We will have 4 dogs here Thanksgiving day. Yippee!

     I need to call my Sissie and I hope she answers.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

What are some things you are thankful for?


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, another chart!


I completed another chart and will be lucky if I get one more filled by the end of the year.  Last year I was able to fill 24 of these charts, so covid and the move have really affected my savings goals.  Hopefully next year will be better.  But I am happy that I have done this much.

I still need to get into the shop and clean it, but so far have not talked myself into the job😀

Today both hubs and I are going up to daughters to help with Oliver who seems to have a bad case of colic.  I guess he cried most of the morning after he ate.  They have tried different formulas and tomorrow we are going to try gripe water.  I let my youngest B suck on a peppermint stick when she was a baby as she was colicky. B has had him to the doctor and they can find nothing wrong.  My eldest daughter's second son was very colicky for months.

We finally had some decent grocery prices this week and I did some stocking.  This is how I keep my grocery budget as low as I do. I am always looking for ways to save money.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Made all meals from scratch and ate at home.

2. Put all my loose change in my pig bank.

3. Used coupons at Joanns passed savings on to me and charged the client.

4. Added $50.00 to my $5 dollar bill savings up to $365.00

5. Cut up my Halloween pumpkin and roasted it and then froze for pie later.

6. Found coupons in Sunday paper that corresponded with in store coupons to get canned vegetables for .25 a can.

7. bought peas, corn and green beans  for lowest season price so bought 12 cans of each

8. Stocking butter at $1.47 a pound this week will go everyday as limit to one a purchace

9. earned a Turkey for only $3.50 out of pocket  gave to Bishop as I had no room and we already have our Turkey in the freezer.

10. Onions and potatoes are super cheap right now so bought  enough to get through Christmas. Usually we go down to Southern Idaho and pick these up for little to nothing, but with covid not going.

11.Went to rite aid and bought a few things I really needed and earned 9.00 in bonus cash I will use before Christmas, probably on black Friday.

12. I went to 5 different stores today to get the lowest prices on many items.  We live in a very small town so gas is not an issue.

13. Bought some groceries in Washington to save on tax.

14. Used a $10.00 of $50.00 or more at Winco lowering my bill on the canned veggies I bought.

What did you do this last week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, Thanks for all the support, stocking up!

           Thanks for all the comments about my Covid depression.  It helps to know that I am not the only one.  These feeling make me less productive and I get guilt feelings about not being as grateful as I should be. As I am used to doing and doing, when I get nothing done I am racked with guilt.  I know this is somewhat a mental condition and there are worse ones to have....:)

     Anyway it helps to write about it and get things off my chest so to speak. 

     Yesterday D#2 came down to have her car looked at and Hubs picked her up at 9 a.m. along with Kelsa.  Daughter went for a long run and then came back and took a long hot bath and cleaned up.  We got to have Kelsa cuddles.  Then she and I did a little shopping.  I was able to get a few gifts off my list.  Her husband (Nathan) was coming down with Schmills so they could go to Costco.  I made a large pot of lentil, ham, vegetable soup.  They brought back bread  and salad and we had a nice easy meal.  So Kelsa was with us all day and I go nothing really done.  Well a little cleaning, a little laundry no sewing.

      Hubs is up with D#2 today as Oliver is there and she needs help.  We actually should call him Bawliver as he is a bit cranky.  Hubs is not home yest to report. I do have to get some sewing done today and it is getting late.

     I spent the morning shopping and matching coupons and going to 5 stores in the area to stock up on things.  I will report all my savings tomorrow.  This is my normal time of year to restock my food storage. The car is full and I am waiting for hubs to get home and help me organize and put it all away.

     Tomorrow I am going up to daughters to watch Oliver as Kelsa has a Dr. appointment.  So I really need to get some things done around here as I won't be sewing at all tomorrow.

Things I need to get done:

1. put away groceries

2. vacuum up mess in pantry

3. finish laundry

4. vacuum all the carpets

5. finish native dress

6. clean and vacuum shop

7. organize sewing that needs to be done

It is almost 4 p.m. and I am happy that there is left over soup salad and bread for dinner.  I need to get busy

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday, Okay let's be honest....

      I am suffering from depression.  I believe it is brought on by covid and the limitations it has put on my life.  It is fear, not so much for myself but for the world.  I worry about another lockdown and what it will do to people who live in cities.  I worry about what it will do to people who work retail and restaurants.I feel helpless.  I am not suffering in anyway.  I have enough, way more than enough, but I am just blue.

     I have been fighting this by trying to stay as busy as possible.  It is hard because I just want to curl up in a ball and go to bed.  I am lonely and I don't know why?  I feel like I am on a never ending tread mill yet my life has not really changed that much.  I miss traveling to see people I love. (as in flying)

     Lilsis's office is back to work from home, which I am grateful for as she suffers from an auto immune disorder and is on some really strong medicine that lowers her immune system.  Because almost all of our shopping is across the river in Washington we are back to some pretty severe restrictions. Here in Idaho it is not so bad but we could be back there soon.

     I find myself trying to stay busy but not really getting much done.

Yesterday we took dinner up to our youngest daughter and when middle daughter found out she came over with Schmills and Kelsa.  It was nice to have all of us together.  I had to laugh as Swedish meatballs were the glue.  Nathan who had to work made sure to tell daughter he wanted leftovers and a piece of pie.  I planned to come home with enough to have a meal today and that did not happen.  Mom's cooking is still a thing for this family.

I did take small red potatoes to daughters house and showed her how easy garlic mash was to make.  It is not a secret.  You boil your cut up spuds, add a tablespoon or two of finely minced garlic, a cube of butter and a little milk for the right consistency.  Mash all together salt/pepper.  I did 5 lbs of potatoes and all were gone. What can I say this is Idaho?

Today I am going to work on another Native American dress and clean my shop.  I have chicken breasts out to cook and I think I will do up a pan of enchiladas and chicken fingers tonight. I do have some work in the shop but nothing that is pressing.  I think I need to be pressed.

Are any of you sufferer from covid depression? What are you doing to fight it?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday, Thank goodness for kids


  This is what happens when you rip open a huge bag of frozen apples at my house.  Hubs is in heaven.

Yesterday I was lonely and did not want to work around the house. I called my sissie, she was lonely too.  We all are just so isolated by this virus.  Not that we can't or don't get out, but we do not get to socialize in the same way we used too.

I called D#2 and Nathan was still sleeping from his shift and she desperately needed a bath  and a nap.  So I happily drove up there and saw Nathan off to work, then held Kelsa for I think about 5 hours.  Mom bathed and so did the Schmills then everyone napped.  I came home about 8 p.m.

Hubs had been out most of the day building wheel chair ramps.  He had made his own dinner.  I started on Swedish meatballs and made up about 5 dozen so about 1/2 what I normally do.  I froze three dozen and I am taking dinner up to my youngest daughter.  We will have meatballs, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and pie. I can't wait to see Oliver.  He will be 4 months old next Friday.  That seems hard to believe.

I really need to dust and clean this house, but that can wait until later.  Can't decide if I am going to decorate for Christ mas as we will not be here.  Part of me says no and the other part says do it, as I have way too much Christmas stuff for this small house and I need to downsize so much of it.  So tell me what would you do?

I am still going to do my traditional baking as I can bring people joy with that along with about 10 pounds on my a$$.  Also Sluggy will need her box o'crumbs.  She will need to explain.

Have a peaceful Sabbath my friends.  I am going to snuggle my grandson.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Saturday, No one to move?

  Here it is a Saturday and I have no one to move or to help with moving things.  Don't quite know what to do with myself.  I am still in p.j.s and it is almost 1 o'clock. I am like a ship without a rudder.

     Daughter came down yesterday afternoon and she helped me organize the food storage.  Hubs split this already existing shelf unit that had three large /tall /deep shelves into a seven shelf unit.  So I am able to store my canned goods and misc. items.  Now I can see what I need to buy and rotate things accordingly.

 I was able to clean out freezer and I found 4 applesauce from last year and I thought we were out. So I placed those on top to use asap. Daughter went to dollar store and bought me 5 small bins that hold my chicken, pork, beef, veggies and butter.  So I just have to remove turkey and pull out bin.  Much better than digging through this deep freeze.

Still have no idea what I am going to do today, other than I have to make up a batch of Swedish meatballs and a dutch apple pie.  I found three packages of ground beef that were not double wrapped so I want to get this made up into something.  Also when hubs peeled,sliced and froze large bags of apples he did not use freezer bags and the regular bags just tear after time.  I have a large torn bag in the fridge and I will need to do something with them.  That is okay the pie can cook while I cook meatballs. Trust me hubs won't complain.

So I had better get dressed and do something with myself. I mean really no one is moving?  I find this hard to believe.

Have a great and productive e day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday, Negative tests on all!

      Well we dodged that bullet for now!  All family members are negative for covid.  As my kids live in Idaho and Washington the rules for returning to work are different. Eldest is back to office and youngest is home until next Wednesday. Middle daughter is bringing Schmills and Kelsa down this afternoon for a few hours and I can't wait to snuggle.

     Nate came down frantic last night as his unit was working the Governors detail and all had to be in like uniforms.  He could not find the navy blue dickie that went with his dress uniform.  It was misplaced in the move.  So he called me from Wal mart and I told him to buy a t-shirt the color of the dickie.  Then he came by and I whipped one up in about 5 minutes. Total cost $5.40 for the t-shirt.  I got to be the hero.

     I took in a mock up to the Native store and the owner loved it so much she sold it immediately while I was standing there.  I was going to go home and make few adjustments.  But oh well, I am going to knock out two more skirts today and another dress if I can.  I will take pictures.

    Hubs is going out to build wheel chair ramps tomorrow.  They want to put him in charge of a crew as the community action agency is far behind on ramps.  Hubs looked at general plans and thinks he can actually make ramps in parts here in our garage and then put them on the trailer and do the final fitting at the houses.  This would be so nice as our garage is large and heated.  Right now the crew has to work in the rain, wind and cold. But as they are behind with covid they have to get at least 8 of these done asap. The community has metal ramps that can be borrowed but they are all out on loan.  Wooden ones have to be built and soon.

    Hubs also built shelves within an existing unit in our garage for the food storage.  I am excited to go out and start arranging the new space.  I think it will be great and I will take before and after pictures.  So excited to get this done.  I worry about Hubs with power tools, but he seems determined to use them. 

 I have Indian regalia waiting for me and I needs the money.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday, Covid is winning here. Thrifty Thursday

      Both my second daughter's children have been tested for Covid.  Schmills and the baby have colds and Schmills goes to a school where the priest that teaches in his class came down with covid. Daughter is also sick with cold and body aches so she went to be tested last night. Just heard from Eldest daughter that her secretary just tested positive so she is on her way home from the courthouse. Now I don't have to have any contact with these two, but I will miss my Kelsa cuddles.  I may have been exposed.  I always have a slight cough and sinus due to my meds, and body aches are a norm so,??????

     All I can do is be careful.  I wear a mask and stay away from people.  Although it is our turn to go to church this Sunday we will not because of the huge # in our area.  Little Sis's office is getting inundated with covid so she might be working from home again soon and I wish she would.

     I have a few things to get out today.  Some ref pants and a set of army clothes.  One thing I do is not get near my clients with out masks.  But the fact that so many people are now testing positive means I may have to shut down for a while.

     I started on an new American Indian dress yesterday and I am anxious to keep working on it.  I love one of a kind design.

 Today is thrifty Thursday, where I list the things I did this week to save money:

1. Made all meals from home and from scratch.

2. bought gas out at the reservation saving .29 cents a gallon worth the 4 mile drive out and back

3. found .26 one quarter and one penny put it in my pig bank

4. Added $50.00 to my $5 bill savings  so up to $315.00

5. Daughter needed more storage in her bathroom and I bought her an over the toilet nice wooden storage unit that is normally over $100 for $25 on facebook marketplace. It was part of her birthday gift

6. Purchased a very expensive baby swing for $60.00 on facebook market place.  We needed someplace for the babies when they come and I can sell this when they outgrow.  This normally retailed for over $200.00 I swear it has so many options it could fly to the moon and back.

7. Purchased our loss leaders at grocery store in Washington to avoid grocery tax. this averages about 5-6 dollars a week, but hey $20.00 a month adds up. 

8. waited to get our Turkey for .49 a pound by purchasing $50.00 worth of loss leaders for the storage.  You could get  a Turkey free by spending $150.00 but I did not need that much, nor did I want to spend that much.

9. Saved a 10% off coupon from getting Hubs flu shot for my Thanksgiving shopping trip as I knew it would be higher that usual. Took off $7.68.

10. used coupons on every item purchased at Joanns and will pass on savings to myself (smile)

11. Had Lil sis color and cut my hair (she has a beauty license) this saves me over $100.00 every time

12.Did curb side dog shots at vet saving 10%.  They take dog out of car and return them to your car. Saves them time and they might just stay this way after covid.

  Just got word from daughter #2 that Schmills and baby and her family are Covid free! 


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wednesday, Veterans Day

 Thanks to all those who serve or have served this great country. To you we owe much and you will never be forgotten.

     I do miss not getting a poppy.

     I did sew on some jobs I had been procrastinating. Like new pockets and buttons and lining on a leather coat.  It was a hard job.  Then I relined another large wool coat and gave it new pockets another big job.  But they are done and out of my hair.  I had a military uniform come in that is needed by tomorrow, and I have a couple more pairs of pants to fix.  Then I will start working on another project for the Native American store.

     Our cat whom we have had for 4 years, really did a number on me last night.  She stays out most of the time and her littler box is in the garage.  When she is in she sleeps at the foot of a bed.  Last night she was having a fit about 5 in the morning and I refused to get up with her.  She had never done this before.  We have had cats that would have us get up with them at all hours to let them out or in so I was not going to start that.  Well I stretched out in bed and my feet were wet.  That little vixen had peed on my bed! I had to get up strip the bed and let the cat out.  This will not happen again.  She has this one chance.  I will get up from now on. But if this happens again she will have to stay out or in the garage at night.  I told Hubs if he wets the bed the same goes for him. Gross, disgusting, I am still horrified.  I love animals to a certain point and my point is reached. I really blame myself as she obviously was telling me she needed to go out.  So I have been doing laundry all day.

     Several customers have picked up today and I put a small stew in the oven for dinner.  Hubs just got in from raking up the neighbors leaves  and he has to be at the high school at 5.  Lil sis is going to do my hair tonight.  It needs to be done badly. I have the house torn up as I vacuumed and now I need to mop all the floors.  But I am going to do a little sewing first.

     Grocery adds usually come out today, and they did not so I wonder what is going on?  I need to find a good deal on a Turkey and some fixen's. This is the time of year to stock up on a few things.

     Do you stock up this time of year? If so what do you stock?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday, Busy with family

      My goodness has it been three days since my last post? Where has time gone? It is all a blur these last three days.  What I do know is that I need to get busy and sew, as I have been very lazy in that department.


     Friday daughter and I went all over with masks on to find things and we found very little as we have really no shopping here to speak of.  But we did get quite a bit of things done to her house and it is almost complete.  Thank goodness!  She is busy with baby and trying to get used to a new place.  I spent the night with her Friday night and we had a slumber party as her Hubby had taken the kids up to their  other grandmothers.  We slept in and had a nice visit.  I came home and made a double batch of homemade egg noodles for my large stock pot of chicken soup.

     Sunday was busy also as Hubs had made arrangements to do the missionary run and as it takes about 5 hours daughter agreed to go with him.  I stayed home and helped Lil sis empty the coal room.  We only had two hours and just as I suspected most of the contents were her things.  There was about 4 large boxes of pictures and things of moms.  I went through them and many were really moldy and had to be tossed, I kept anything I thought might be of interest  to Sissie or other family. Not much was saved.  Just old photos that were so badly faded and people we did not know.  Old school pictures of moms. I thought about my large bin of pictures and what my kids would do with them when I pass.

     I raced home at 3 so I could bake some bread and make a dessert as we had three female missionaries to feed.  We had homemade chicken noodle soup, hot fresh bread and I made up two apple strudel pies.  It is nice to have crusts ready in the freezer to just roll out and the apples already in the freezer to just dump into pie.  Great meal really not much work.  Hubs and I watched a Sunday School lesson while I did up all the dishes.

     Yesterday I was woke up by Lil sis early as she wanted my help at her old place and new place.  I got up and dressed and we were not done until almost 3 so no sewing or blogging.  We made two trips to the dump and several trips to her house, but I can officially say she is out of the old place.  The only things left are a trailer and some outdoor things attached to the patio which she and her boyfriend will get this weekend.  It is so nice to be done with that huge task.

     Now I can concentrate on Kim's life.  Like sewing and getting my food/freezer storage organized.  Hubs wanted to do it today but I said no I really have to get into my sewing room and get things done.  It is nuts. Again I have things to do but not easy things and I like easy things.  So I procrastinate and do nothing.  I am good at that.

     Do any of you procrastinate when you don't want to do something?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday, Really...." REALLY"?

      Our nation in a NUT shell.  What can I say?  Life goes on we just have to get along, I might have to divorce Hubs to get away from his crazy conspiracy theory family for the next four years.  But other than that I think things will be okay.

     I just have to grit my teeth and not say anything and I feel so sorry for my three well educated, well read girls, who cannot comment on anything or they get ripped apart by Hubs family. You cannot grow up in a very small town in Idaho (pop 504) graduate from high school,marry your sweetheart at 18 and have 4 kids by 23, and never open a book and then make accurate assumptions about our country.  Sorry you can't.  The internet is not a school.   Hubs folks had 5 children and from those 5 they had 21 granddaughters and 5 grandsons. Only one child went on to college (Hubs)  he was ridiculed for going.  Not that he was able to make a living after he graduated so that did not help.  Segue....

    Of those grandchildren less than half completed college, but we do have some very well educated  kids in that mix.  Those who went onto school are much more liberal and easy to get along with.  Those who did not will believe anything that is written against our soon to be President.  It is going to be a long four years.   I am not saying that you have to go to college to be intelligence or educated, but in this family the difference in their ability to see both sides is directly affected by education.  Lord help me and mine is all I can say.

     Daughter #2 is on her way down to get me and we are going to find some things for her house.  Tomorrow we are going to help Lil sis get the coal room cleaned out and go through mom's stuff. I am making a large pot of home made chicken soup.  As I was trying to clean out the freezer I found three small containers of chicken stock and and I added to those a large package of chicken thighs.  Tomorrow I will make homemade noodles to add to this stock.  Today it is all about carrots, onions,and garlic.

Well I gotta run.

Have a great and productive day staying posit iv e while you are in the negative.





Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thursday, Trying to be thrifty!

      Can you believe this election mess? I just have to stay busy so I don't get sucked into the drama. I think the news casters are having a ball, me not so much.

     I was frustrated with myself yesterday as I drove over to Joanns for zippers and coat lining and realized I had forgot my phone so no coupons, but I just did not go in and shopped at the Albertons in stead for a few loss leaders. 

     So this morning I ran to goodwill and took in some donations, cleaned a little in the garage.  Also ran to Indian store as I forgot yesterday, and then to Joanns with phone in hand. I swear that dang phone needs to be sewn to my butt.

     Hubs is at daughter#2's with the babies, and I am jealous.  I went to clean out our freezer in the house and it is such a sticky mess I gave up.  I will try and tackle it later this evening. I did get all the ironing done last night.  I love the new iron my Sissie bought me.  It made my ironing go so fast.  My old iron was broken and I kept limping along with it.  Just too cheap to replace it. I also went through my summer cotton blouses and shorts and made a goodwill pile.

     Not feeling my best today, can't really put my finger on what it is.  Last night I had pretty significant joint pain and chills.  No fever.  Arthritis is the pits, you just never know what will come next. I am going to ignore symptoms.....I think.

     Thrifty Thursday:

Things I did this week to save money.

1. added $45.00 to my $5.00 savings up to $265.00

2. added a few coins to the pig bank

3. traded Ibotta points for $75.00 in Amazon certificates I will use for Christmas

4. took clothes to a consignment shop had a $20.00 credit there so picked that up!

5. Bought sugar, flour, butter, powder sugar,canned soup for the lowest price of season.  Stocked up and this will keep my grocery bill down in the future.

6. Bought zippers one at a time so I could keep using a 50% off coupon.  This allows me to make $3-3.5 a zipper from clients

7. helped Lil sis  by remaking her curtains and saving her money

8.cooked from scratch  all meals.

9. daughter outgrew and really nice pair of snow boots and they fit me so win! I have dressy boots but no really good snow boots.

10. cut makeup wipes in fourths as I only use a small amount of the large cloth

11. Daughter does not have stainless appliances so gave me all her cleaners, I won't pay for them, but they are nice and do make things faster.

12. Did my loss leader shopping in Washington to avoid grocery tax.

13. went to Walmart for an item they were out of in a large size.  Talked to manager and he allowed me to buy two smaller items equal to the larger at same price.  

What did you do this last week to save money?

Well I had better get busy and get some work done, as I am so good at wasting time!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Wednesday, Just exactly what I didn't want....

      So here we are waiting and we have a close to call election.  The worse case scenario and the one I did not want.  Living in a democracy can have its handicaps but I still would not trade with anything else.  I just hope and pray for a peaceful outcome. 

     Daughter and I got so much done yesterday.  It was great.  They are still waiting for a desk to arrive so they can complete the office, but I think I could call her 90% moved in. I got in some Kelsa cuddles, and Schmills was home with a runny nose, so I got to take him a happy meal which he was so happy to get.

     Hubs has been at the High School all week and will be there through Saturday, due to a colleague contracting covid.  The numbers are way up here.  I am just being as careful as I have always been. 

     My shop is a nightmare pigsty and I have ignored it again for several days.  But no more, Today I will go in and organize the bombed out place and I may even vacuum.  Don't hold your breath!  The shop is full of zippers so I need to make a run to Joanns some time.  I have a bridal fitting later today. Another reason to clean up the shop.

     Our local grocers finally came out with some good sales with stock up prices. So I took my $50.00 weekly grocery money and spent it at one store.  I will also go to another and stock up spending next weeks money, but that is okay.  I try and keep food as low as possible so when a good sale comes along I don't feel bad buying extra.

     The only problem is that I have never organized the food storage from our move and I can't put what I bought away right now.  I need to organize both freezers so I can find all the butter I bought last spring and rotate it.  SO this will be a big job and I do believe that it will call for some garage reorganizing.  I am sure I will need another food storage shelf.  This must be done.  There is no way around it.  For right now it will stay in piles.

     I feel a list coming on:

1. hang up all sewing that is done

2. make sure sewing that is done is called

3. hang up sewing that needs to be done

4. take stock of zippers

5. vacuum the floor

6. go to joanns

7. go to Indian store

8. try and set up ironing tonight it is really taking over closet.

9. get at least 5 piles of sewing done Got three done

10.  At least empty chest freezer and organize

11. Go on walk with daughter before she teaches.

I think that about covers it!

Now I need to get busy

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

 Hey go Vote and then be nice about whatever happens, because let's face it we can't do much about it until 4 years from now.

I am on my way up the hill this morning to help daughter.  Tomorrow our youngest goes back to work and D#2 will be taking care of Oliver. So she will have a 2month old and a three month old most days. 

I am so grateful that the girls can help each other and watch each others children.  I am sure Hubs and I will be called into action and we are thrilled about it so far.....

Hubs is out taking his gun for a walk again today. Even thought I have many, many zippers to replace I am not going to miss the opportunity to spend time with my grandkids.  Those zippers can wait. They will be there tomorrow.

I just hope and pray that whatever comes in the next few days that our country will behave itself.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 2, 2020

Monday, Our check finally was applied!.

 Whew!  I thought it would never happen, but our check was finally applied to our retirement account.  It took so long and I was starting to panic.  I could not imagine the taxes we would owe if we could not pay this money back.  It still have not cleared the bank, but it will.  Now I feel like I can breathe and set a budget to help pay back as quickly as possible.  

     I sat down and paid all the bills this morning and am looking at how to best utilize my money for payback.  I can sens my Sissie her check and then pay at least $1000.00 more than the principle this month to get started.  I also really want to get the car paid off and was hoping to do this my Christmas, but that is not going to happen. Instead I will focus on bills with interest and we have a couple of them, due to the move.  The car is at 0% so that is a no brainer.

Spent the weekend working with lil sis and her house is down to just the coal room full of mom's stuff.  Everything else is out and at her place.  Hubs and I went to her house this morning with the truck and took a load to the dump, empty boxes and more things that were not usable.

Yesterday I had pork out to make a pork and sweet potato  dish  and the missionaries called and begged a dinner. It was the 1st of the month and they just got there new stipend but would not shop on the Sabbath, thus having very spare cupboards needed a meal.  So I pulled out porkchops, and home made apple sauce.  Cooked a huge amount of mashed apostates and pork gravy.  Hubs said they will never eat that many potatoes.  They must have been very hungry because the potatoes were gone.  Dinner was very quiet with just a lot of satisfied sounds.  I think the poor things were really, really hungry.I had purchased bags of m&m's on sale 70% off sent them home with large bags of candy and they were thrilled.

I still can't believe that loan is no longer a worry. I hate to have to pay the money back, but I also love having a larger nest egg for later.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.