Thursday, March 25, 2021

Friday, Lovely birthday

 I had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks for all the well wishes.  Of course I got nothing done once the kids came down at 11 in the morning.  What was I thinking, when I was going to get some sewing done?  Those two babies kept us running all day.

It was a lovely day though.  Girls came and cooked a good dinner,and I had my favorite cake.  I received a gift card for plants, and 4 new blueberry bushes. I also got a 20$ gift card for diet cokes from Mc Donalds and some beautiful grape hyacinths from my Little sister who came over and put both the babies to sleep one after the other.  After the kids left I was so tired, I fell into bed about 8 p.m. and did not get back up.

I woke up this morning and thought boy I would love to have a birthday again today, yesterday was so nice.  But it was just a regular day of running and trying to finish up sewing things and getting everyone one to pick up before we leave.

I had to get laundry done, and set up a schedule for the person taking care of the chickens and cat.  Run and get my nails done, which should have been done 3 weeks ago and as I was trying to save money my cuticles are all raw and sore. I should never let them get this bad.  I did the first of the month banking and I paid off my bill of the month, but it looks like not much extra on the house.  I am not going to be disappointed.  I have now eliminated 3 debts and I only have 2 more to go, so I am very happy about that. I still do not know what we will owe in taxes.

I am packed and ready to  go except for last minute things.  Then we are off tomorrow sometime.  Hubs called his mom and she forgot we were coming.  She is forgetting things also.  I told her I would cook dinner when I got in and made arrangement with my oldest to meet us in Boise for lunch on Saturday, with mom and the grandsons.  Then we will take mom to Talbots for a new spring dress and Hubs can stay home with his dad.  Mom was really excited about that. She is such an itty bitty thing about a size 4 and Talbots petites look so good on her.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. added all my change to my pig bank

2. saved all my 5's now up to $650.00

3. saved my $1,$5,$10,$20 dollar bill challenge

4. filled on of my 100 envelope challenge

5. found 7 cents this week.  One penny and a nickle in the Wal mart parking lot, and a penny by the Jo anns register.

6. cooked all meals from scratch and ate at daughters once and had daughter cook a meal here so saved money on groceries.

7. made sure to use up what would go bad in fridge to avoid waste while we are gone.

8. used a coupon at Jo anns for a zipper

9. bought only loss leaders at store this week, 4 street taco packages.99, 2/2packs of Philadelphia cream cheese $2.99 limit 2, two free bottles of water, 5-16 oz packages of pasta, 2 were free, and one was buy 2 at .78 get one free, so I spent $1.56 plus tax for 5 boxes of pasta.  Nothing else as we will not be home.

10. split a 1/2 a pig with the kids, it was $1.78 cut and wrapped. They gave us both hams as they figure we would be cooking any ham dinner they attended. I love to get good meat this way.  I know I can buy it cheaper sometimes, when I can find it marked down, but I can never get bacon or sausage for that little. This will last us a good while.

11.  Had lil sis color and cut my hair, saved over $120.00

12. Picked bouquets of daffodils at Lil sis's to save money on fresh flowers. Also had hubs cut my some forsythia instead of fresh flowers.

13. Hubs needed another handle and hook and eye lock for the extra door on Chichken run, and I knew where we had one in box of screws and bolts I had gleaned when we moved.  So he did not have to go and buy any.

14. I was going to buy blueberry bushes to start a blueberry run and daughter bought them for me.

15. Rec'd a $20 gift card to Mc D's

16. youngest daughter called and asked if I was making her and Easter basket this year?  I said no, make one for your little boy and then eat all of his candy.

 What did you do last week to save money? Do you budget for groceries?  Do you just shop loss leaders? Have you ever bought home grown meat in bulk, like 1/2 a cow or a pig?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Wednesday, Happy BIrthday to my Twin sister!

 Finally completed chart #3 and onto # 4.  So far this has been a very slow, slow start to the year. But I do feel that I will make it as far as getting my bill for the month paid.  Again nothing paid extra on the house so that is a disappointment. But I have to be patient those days will come.

Slugs called me today for my birthday and it was nice to visit with her.  I plan on going back east sometime the end of April or first part of May. Sissie and I will get together with her.  So fun. By the way Happy birthday Sissie!  You are still older than me.

The girls and my sister are coming over tonight, for dinner and cake.  Yippy another meal I do not have to cook.  We area grilling meat (brats, chicken and steak bites). I will do a large skillet of fried cabbage.

Daughter will be down early with the babies so I had better get my sewing done in the morning as not much else will get done in the afternoon, but enjoying the grand kids. 

I did get 4 bridesmaid dresses done yesterday and I would like to get a couple of piles and at least 3 more dresses done today before the babies arrive. 

Hubs has the roof on the chicken run, but still need to reinforce it some.  I can't beleive that we will be leaving in a couple of days and then it will be the end of the month.  Where did March go?

I will have to get  a lot of book work done early before I leave so all the bills can be paid and I don't have to worry about that while we are gone. Then part of me says, "Why am I doing this?"  Oh yeah because Hubs parents need checked on and my daughter needs a sitter.  Really because I want to see my grandsons and my daughter.  Kids grow up too fast and I want to spend every minute I can with them. Financially these trips are not great for the bottom line, but then again priorities.  Family a big priority.  YE bills ye shall always have with you.

Do any of you put your family before most other things?  I mean if we were flat broke and behind I certainly would not be leaving for a week.  But we are not and this lock down is so long, getting out of here is a treat!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Tuesday, So Happy to be busy!


I am telling you, I was so happy to get into my shop and start pumping out work.  I had quite a few clients in today and that slowed me down a tad, but new clients mean more work!

I did not even get to the last 5 items on the list, as the Priest regalia was so much hand work and took longer than I thought it would.  But I feel so energized and bless to have work in the shop.

Tomorrow I will be lucky to get through the 5 dresses I had planned on getting done today.  Ya'll know I always over schedule.  It is just my nature.

Went through the fridge and decided what I need to use up before we leave.  Made homemade chicken fingers, cooked up the rest of the broccoli and cauliflower, and made a tossed salad.  There is plenty left for lunches tomorrow.  We can have chicken salads.

I still have enough salad fixings to make some nice BLT and avocado salads for dinner on Wednesday. I probably won't do any shopping on Wednesday, unless there is some unbelievable as a loss leaders and then I will just go and get that or those items.

Today, I will hem and alter at least those 5 dresses I did not get to today. Then maybe clean up the shop a little.  I got in another wedding dress and two more formal dresses today. Plus there are at least 6 more formals in the shop and 5 more wedding dresses. I am just so over the moon to be busy.  Remind me of this when I am complaining later about being behind and that I will never catch up and woe is me.  Because you know I will.  I am very good at whining, a skill I have perfected over the years.

Hubs is still working on the outer chicken run, he is a slow worker but it will come out nice.  I did ask him to put an extra door on it, so I can get at the run from both ends, so some of the slow down is my fault. Today he is going to go up to daughter's and help watch Oliver and Kelsa.   I will have the day to myself  and hope to get a lot done.

Here is a very fast way to cook, chicken breasts that even your kids will love.  Slice breasts in 1/2 in thick strips.  Pat dry and then dredge in egg mixture and then in panko or bread crumbs with some salt and pepper.  Fry in oil of your choosing, it only takes a couple of minutes a side.  Serve with a salad and a vegetable.  My mom loved these with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I would peel the potatoes and start them cooking and by the time I had the chicken done and a gravy packet made up, I could quickly mash the potatoes.  I usually served with frozen vegetable.  I swear this does not take 1/2 an hour.  Left over chicken can be reheated and served in a sandwich or in a salad. Honestly you should be able to get a salad tossed as all of this cooks.  It's timing. If you can get chicken breasts on sale (my last were $1.49 a pound) three breasts makes more than enough for hubs and I to have two good meals.Remember cooking from scratch saves so much money. Potatoes are cheap at least here they are, but you could also do a pot of rice with this.

Do you have any fast go to meals that you use frequently that your family loves?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Monday, New week, much to do!


Yesterday was a busy day with Kelsa. My nose was drippy and when I cough Kelsa does not like it. The kids were over for a good bit and it was fun to have them.  Hubs went out and looked at 4 wheelers with son in law.  Nothing was found that they were two excited about.Kids went home for a good nights sleep and we got to keep the princess, who like the one with the pea did not sleep well.  

Mom and Dad returned about noon and they were well rested.  Grandma and Pa took naps in the afternoon and then went up the hill for dinner.  Grandma was happy, no cooking and no clean up.

     Today I think Hubs wants to get some major work done on the chicken coop.  We will be leaving Friday for Nampa so must get things organized here. I have some major goals for sewing.  Now that the cold has dropped to my throat and chest I am not dripping like a faucet.  I was actually very pleased at my reaction to the last shot.  I thought it would really do me in, but other than this cold, I am fine.

Today I need to:

1. go to the bank

2. fill my savings envelopes

3. sew 5 patches on a leather vest

4. back 5 patches with velcro

5.  patch a pair of jeans

6. hem two pairs of slacks

7.fix pockets on another

8. finish priests robe

9.patch a pair of pants and hem a pair

10. hem turquoise dress

11. hem bridesmaid dress and alter ring bearer outfit

12. hem Nines dress

13. fix and steam mauve dress 

14. hem pink bridesmaid dress and fix straps.

I hope I can climb through this as I have a whole load for Tuesday and want the shop caught up before I go.  I also have more appointments today for things to come in.  Oh Goody.  I am so happy to have a really busy week.  It has been so long outwith one.  I am blessed with work and very grateful.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 19, 2021

Saturday,New fruit trees, I have a cold

 Hubs asked me what I wanted for my birthday next week and I do not need anything, but I did want to add two more fruit trees to our small orchard.

We have a pear tree and an apple tree that produce well.  We also have a good bit of concord grape vine.  I was so pleased that hubs went and purchased an apricot tree and a peach tree for me.  He came back with them in the truck.

We planted them on either side of the apple and pear and then we built up around the trees with bricks to form a soil and water well. It is so dry here and hot so you need to deep water trees when they are young. Hubs now needs to wrap them in chicken wire, as the deer come in and eat down the bark.  There is damage on the apple and pear tree trunks from animals.

I will make applesauce and freeze sliced apples for pies.  I also love apricots fresh and apricot jam which I will make every year.  I slice and dry our pears for snacks, and I will can and freeze peaches.  If I want cherries, or plums I can pick those at friends houses, I do not need the mess in the yard.

Hub's is coming right along with the chicken run and I think he will finish it today.  Our son-in-law is coming to help him.  But then again it might rain.

I had fever, sweats and chills last night and today I am coming down with a bad head cold.  I actually think it was starting before I got my shot. Kelsa has had a runny nose the last couple of times she visited.  This could just be allergies, but I usually don't get a deep cough with allergies.   I noticed when I woke up I had a lot of sinus drainage.  Today it is a steady drippy nose and sneezing, coughing, fuzzy brain.  I cannot sew when I have a really running nose, it is just impossible.  Plus I have a hard time thinking, when I am so stuffed up.  I have had some arthritic joint pain, but really other than the cold symptoms I am fine.  Not 100% but I don't think it is the vaccines that is causing this.

I made way too much corned beef and cabbage.  We ate on it for a third night and it is finally gone.  Hubs was getting tired of it as he has eaten it for three dinners and two lunches.  I think I will pull out some chicken today.  Chicken fajitas just sound good to me.

Because I was so stuffy and brain dead I took down the St Paddy's day things and put out the Easter things.  They won't be up long and we are not even going to be here, but I thought, "Oh what the he!!".  I could putz around doing this and not think much.

Kids are due in later today and I think Kelsa will spend the night if I am not too drippy.  

Have a any of you decorated for Easter?  If you do, what do you put out?  Most of my things in fact all are from my mother.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Friday, I am immunized!

Got my shot, the shop was busy, as in I had 6 more bridesmaid dresses come in today.  Almost done with the Priests robes.

Kids came over to eat left over corned beef  and cabbage.  They finished off the soda bread, salad and key lime pie.

I am a little achy and have had intestinal issues just like the last shot.  I have a diet coke and it does not taste good, proof I am not feeling well.  But still grateful.  Going to bed soon.

Friday, I hope to get some sewing done, but we will see how I feel.  I did get the things done that were due out. 

We will see how Friday plays out.  I mean really diet coke nice and cold and I don't want it? Yikes...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I thought you might want to see a picture of the little leprechaun that visited our house.  Her T-shirt says I'm mommies lucky charm. Her eyes get bluer and her hair gets darker, just like grandma ordered. Hubs really sunburned his face yesterday while he was fishing.

We had a lovely time with our friends and the food was good.  Key lime pie was made with 2 dozen small key limes.  I thought I would never get done juicing them.  You must get about 1/2 teaspoon out of each I swear. But it was delicious.  There are enough left overs for the next two days.  Yippee!  Now that is the luck of the Irish.

We finally had some really good meat sales in the paper this week, so Hubs and I went out and did some stocking up. Our weekly food budget was basically spent on meat and a few loss leaders for the pantry.

Thrifty Thursday:

1.saved all my spare change

2. Saved all $5.00 bills up to $600.00

3. saved  weekly $1,$5,$10,$20  bill challenge.

4. saved money in one of my 100 envelope challenge

3. cooked all meals from scratch at home

4. made pies with crusts and pumpkin previously frozen.  Pumpkin was from Halloween pumpkins.

5. bought good ground beef for $1.99 a pound, bought 12 lbs, the limit

6. tip roasts were $2.99 a pound, bought 4

5. 2 lb bags of cheese were $4.99 limit 2

6. eggs were .99 a doz limit 2

7. Limit 1 10 pound bag flour, $1.49, 10 pound sugar limit1 $3.49, baking soda free with purchase of baking powder with $1.50 coupon so only .50 limit 1 offer.

8. thick cut center bacon 3 lb package $9.99 limit 1

9. boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.49 bought 10 lbs.

10. used coupons on dog food and cat food saved $3.50

11.Paid most bills on line and dropped off local bills when in the location to save on stamps.

12. reused and washed some plastic bags from freezer.

13. saved pork chop bones for Roscoe

14. found raw silk and home made lace scraps to fix regalia for Catholic Diocese 


 I have not sewn all week and really must get things done today.  But I don't have to cook dinner and the house is very clean.  Hubs is going up to daughters to help with the babies as she is watching Oliver today, so I will have no distractions other than clients. I have many appointments booked for today.

I also have my second covid shot this morning at 8:30.  Yeah!

Have any of you gotten your vaccines yet?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Wednesday, Happy St.Patrick's Day!

 A year ago today was the last time we had friends over.  It was a Tuesday evening and we had corned beef,cabbage,red potatoes, soda bread, and a pistachio dessert.  We played games and wore silly St Patrick's day hats.  By Friday the state went into lock down and we were not allowed to go to church.

Now we did get to have people at Thanksgiving and New Years, but this was our close circle of family, and even as careful and isolated as we were, someone always ended up with covid. You just could not be too careful.

I contacted this older couple who came last year and asked if they had their  shots and they both had them and so does Hubs.  I will get my second one on Thursday morning.  So we are getting together for dinner.tonight.  I am so excited.  I pulled out the Irish head gear and my Lil sis had ordered me a new game which she was going to gift me next Christmas, but I went over and reminded her that my Birthday was next week and she gave me the game, so we will have a new game to play.

I am serving, corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, soda bread and Key lime pie.  I bought some coconut flour as this friend is gluten free and I will make the crust with coconut flour, pecans, sugar and butter which blends well with key limes. I cannot beleive it has been a year and this mess still continues.  But I am so grateful for the vaccine.

Then I hear on the news Italy and Germany are locking down for a third time and Paris has 4,000 people in ICU. I just shake my head and pray for deliverance from this pandemic. We all need to pray for these countries that did not get orders placed for vaccines before they were approved and are now in the waiting lines for vaccines.

Sluggy has managed to get her first vaccine and she should be fully immunized by the time I get to go visit my Sissie.  I can hardly wait as we will have such fun. I am sure we will drive up to her place to accost her for a few days.

I need to get a little housework done, like dusting and stuff.

Do any of you celebrate St Paddy's Day?  Do you cook any traditional food? Do you decorate a little? We always have, which seems silly to me now as my parents were SO SWEDISH.  It must have started as a church function for fun and they just continued it. I know we always wore green so we were not pinched and Mom always made green frosted shamrock cookies.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday,National napping day

 I am very proud to say I got in a nap all be it late Monday. Hubs woke me at 8:30 in the evening to go check a couple more missionary apartments.

Today was productive with Lil sis coming over to help me hang a bunch of pictures I had been avoiding.  She is just much better at this than I.  Also I have been collecting frames for ages (well since we moved in).  Many are from thrift stores and other discount places.  I have tried to pick them up at least on sale.

This is my 2 year old Baby picture.  This hung in my mother's house along with pictures of my 4 siblings for over 42 years.  I found all 5 pictures after mom died packed in a box. It was painful to split them up and hang this alone. Below is a picture on my Dad's only sister.  My Aunt Anne.  I hung these in the spare bedroom.  Frames were from good will.

These are the Three girls when they graduated from High school. I picked up D#2's (dancer) frame for 90% off when Pier one went out of business. The other two were from Hobby lobby 50% off. 

Here I am going to display the girls engagement photos.  I have ordered photos for the two empty frames and they are not in yet.  The orange frame is also from Pier one 90% off and the other two I ordered on line,  The family room is decorated in blue and salmon.

Wedding pictures, waiting for B's to show up.  Orange colored frames from Pier One 90% off and blue from Amazon.

My five grandchildren. Three of these frames came from Ross or TJ MAXX and two from thrift stores.  And there is room for more frames if possible.

It was so nice to get these things hung along with other pictures in the house.  I have just been waiting and waiting.  It is time we have moved in.

I still have pictures to get matted and framed in the bedroom, but that will be a while.

I had two more bridesmaid dresses come in today.

I need to sew and get some banking done today.  I cooked pork chops and made a large salad for dinner last night and we will eat leftovers from that tonight. 

Hubs is out fishing today with a buddy.  I hope he has fun.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Monday, New week, new plan

 I used to dread Mondays when I was coaching and getting up at 5 a.m. but now I like Mondays.  IT is like a whole new start.

This Sunday was warm and beautiful.  It was up to 67 here, really warm.  I had on my usual turtleneck and down vest, and corduroys and I was too warm.

After we listened to conference we rushed up to look at a house with kids. Then we ran back down to Lil sis's to make sure all was well with the sandwiches.  She did great, just like I told her she would.

Hubs came home and quickly made missionary appointments to looks at the apartments in our outlying areas. We took off on the 5 hour loop and hit all three places.  I told hubs he had to drive as I was going to sleep.  I was able to get in a long nap and it was lovely.

We stopped by Lil sis's on the way into town to eat leftovers so I did not have to cook.  As we had Stake conference here for our church all the missionaries in our area had meetings in town.  We had 6 out of town elders come by and eat the rest of our pumpkin pie with ice cream.  Nice to get it out of the house or hubs and I would have eaten all of it.

I hope I am not as tired this week as  I was last week.  But I am going to take your suggestions, and just rest more.   Although yesterday, even though we were busy I did not feel that bone crushing weariness I had felt the last few days.

We will see what the week brings.  Hopefully it will be good!

Do any of you have plans for this week?  I would like to get my seedling started that is for sure.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Sunday, trying really hard

 No matter what I do, I can't seem to get ahead of my exhaustion.  I am trying.  I actually skipped blogging last night because I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open. 

Friday I worked hard on a wedding dress and had a try on and we are on the right track so that was good.  I found my self laying down right after the 5:30 fitting and taking a nap.

Saturday I was up fairly early and down to Lil sis's as she was going to do my hair and give me a trim.  While I was waiting for the dye to set I helped her make a shrimp salad and the fillings for two kinds of sandwiches.  She is hosting a tea party for a mother of one of her friends.    We did all the cooking and will assemble the sandwiches before the party.

The first time Lil sis did my hair it did not take.  In fact it was worse than when we started. This has never happened before.  We think the developer was old .  So we had to redo the whole top of my head.  Then she trimmed my mangy mane.  My hair grows so fast it is crazy.  But it looks really nice now.

I came home and threw together a pumpkin pie and a pumpkin custard.  I had a pie shell and some frozen pumpkin and acorn squash I wanted to get out of the freezer.  After I got that out of the oven I crashed and took a four hour nap.  I had put chicken legs in the oven and told hubs to take them out and make a salad.  Of course he did not make a salad.  For some reason the man has forgotten how to chop.  But boy he will let me do it.

When I woke, we went to wal mart as I had failed to buy eggs when we went on Wednesday, and we were down to two.  Also had to get dog food. as we were out. On the way home (it was dark) we saw a skunk running across the road.  I just missed running it over and it sprayed the car.  So I am parking it outside as it smelled so bad and I don't want it is the garage. I wonder how long it is going to take to have that abate?

We may have to take it in for a wash tomorrow.

We have conference today, but will listen on our phones.  We are also going to look at a house with our youngest daughter. I think it is very over priced. Then back down to help Lil sis make her tea sandwiches.  I really need to take along walk, but I bet I get in a long nap.  I am just so flippin tired.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

 Kim is so tired.  She pushed through a pile of cheer leading uniforms for the school district, there is a tournament on Saturday  and many uniforms did not fit. Then I altered a woman's suit and picked up mesh for a wedding dress I worked on. I am very tired.  Just weary.

The housekeeper for the Catholic Diocese brought in some Vestments that are rotting and I have to figure out a way to reline them.  They are very old and very beautiful.  I worked picking those apart tonight and my eyes are tired.

We had shrimp tacos with salad for dinner.  Hubs worked all day with a group of volunteers from the city on a wheel chair ramp for an older woman.  It took the 4 of them all day to finish and he was bushed when he got home.  He normally cleans the kitchen but I did it as I knew he was just to fatigued.

Daughter came down to teach and we got in a short walk before she left to teach and then I had Kelsa until 8:30.  She is such a joy, and is starting to do patty cake by herself.  So funny.

Today I have to get a wedding dress enlarged for a fitting at 5:00 and I want to finish up those vestments.  I also need to cut off a long Jr Miss dress for a fitting.  I did get another bridesmaid dress in yesterday so that was good.

I am just so bloomin tired.  I don't know why?  Although I have been really trying to take a good walk every day.  I think not having enough work for so long I forgot what it was like to really have to produce and I am not used to it. I finally got the tax crap cleaned up and a load of laundry put away.

I fold my laundry coming out of the dryer and always have.  We went to a laundry mat for the first 6 years of our marriage and when I finally got a washer and dryer after I graduated from college I just made that a habit.  I remember my mom always having baskets of unfolded laundry that got really wrinkled.  If it is folded right as it comes out it saves on ironing.  And ironing season is coming soon.

Do any of you just throw loads in baskets and let it sit?  I know when you have many kids this is easy to do.  But I always just folded  it and put it away, so the kids didn't let it sit around, then fall on the floor and then it ended up back in the laundry. A mother's frustration.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Thursday, Lots of sewing done, Thrifty Thursday

 Well I managed to get into the shop and get a good pile of sewing done and start on one of the wedding dresses. Also two Jr. Miss dresses were dropped off and a woman's suit.  So I felt like it was the first good day in a long, long time.

Hubs and son in law worked hard on the new chicken run and got a great deal of work done on it.  So he is happy about that. 

Hubs and I went on our weekly grocery trip and it was and eye opener. We went to 4 stores, (we live in a very small town)   Three of these stores are on the same strip and the 4th just off the strip, so you can get to then within minutes.

We bought no meat.  I did stock up on cabbage as it was .38 and I got 6 large heads.  Then onto a discount store, for radishes, mushrooms, lemons, limes,olive oil, gravy mixes 4/1, cilantro,a large jar of salsa,and some onion powder.  This store has really good prices.Then we hit Albertsons which is my favorite store for loss leaders although the most expensive store in general so I am careful what I get there. I picked up a dozen eggs free with points, then two gallons of  sugar free icecream for 1.99 limit 2. Triscuit was 1.49 a box limit 2 and I had a .75 coupon on two. They had brand x flour 10 lbs for 2.00, and pasta limit 4 for .49 cents.  That was all I bought.  Onto Winco. Hubs wanted mandarins,nuts, some dry salami all for his low carb diet. Then I bought milk, bread and some avacados and the total was $31.03 at Winco.  Hubs nuts and salami was 17.00 of this total.  We spent $73.26 total and no meat or cheese.  I raised our grocery budget by $10.00 to $60.00 a week this year and it looks like it will be $70.00 and then something.  We do try and eat many salads, but my word, food is not cheap.

This should hold us for another week and I can pull meat from the freezers.  I still have, shrimp, ground beef,chicken and pork chops. We ate the quiche I made yesterday for both of our meals.  I think I will have shrimp tacos again tonight as they were so good.

I have to alter a suit today and get a wedding dress ready for a fitting and one Jr. miss dress ready for a fitting.  It is a long dress which has to come up to the knees and I always cut them longer then let them hang and the remeasure and cut again.  When you are cutting off that much it is easy to get the dress crooked.  This makes sure that you are getting an even cut all the way around.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my $5 bills saving up to $565.00

2. saved all my spare change

3. put $1,$5,$10,$20 in a savings envelope

4. put money into one of my 100 saving envelopes I usually do two but wanted to pay on a CC.

5. Paid $300.00 to my debt for the month leaving me with just under a $1000

6. Used a coupon for a zipper at Joanns

7. shopped at a new restaurant supply store to check prices.  Picked up a few loss leaders, but doubt I will shop there much.

8. Bought loss leaders at Albertsons for the pantry

9.Made all meals from scratch out of pantry staples

10. found .8 cents this week in various places

11.downloaded receipts to fetch

12. sister brought me two larger jars of pure vanilla from Mexico. I bake a lot so this is a win.

What did you do to save money this week?  Anything unusual? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Wednesday, Taxes are done!

 Yeah!  That pain is over and I have no idea how much we are going to owe.  I just know we are going to owe. The mess can now be cleaned up in the dining room and I am mentally beat. That is one thing off my list for the week.

I have to sew today as I have many things due out Thursday.  I also got three more calls on Jr Miss dresses for upcoming pageants.  That is so good. I need that kind of work.

Hubs is going to work with Son-in-law on chicken run today, and I hope they can get it done.  Those baby chicks are growing fast.

I made quiche for dinner and salad.  I found a green pepper and 1/2 an onion in the fridge that needed to be used.  There was also a good two cups of egg whites I had frozen that I needed to get out of the freezer.  I combined those with 6 eggs, and some chopped ham, green pepper, onion and some chopped broccoli and cheese.  It made two nice quiches.  Daughter and her family came down and helped us eat one.  We took a long walk and they went to Costco and brought us back some Romaine lettuce, apples and Roma tomatoes.  They also took some of the potatoes we bought on Saturday, for themselves and for our younger daughter.

Now that the grocery challenge is over I find that we are out of so many things.  We need olive oil, bread, milk, salsa,eggs,nuts,radishes, but are otherwise pretty well stocked for other veggies.  I put the meaty ham bone in the freezer for soup.  Just a little tired of ham after eating it for 4 days.  It will be good later.

I hope the sale papers are good today at the grocery stores, they have been dismal lately. That just might be a sign of the times.  Have you found that the sale adds are much worse since the virus hit?  I know gas has gone up, but what have you noticed that has gone up in your area?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 8, 2021

Tuesday, Watch those repeat charges!

 Monday was well... a Monday.  I had such good intentions and I did get the taxes started, but realized I had not been sent all the forms by the accountant and had to run and pick up copies. So hopefully I can finish tomorrow.  The dining room table is covered with the mess.

Daughter came down with the kids and we took a long walk and then she went teaching.  I made cob salad for dinner and it was so good.  

I was able to pay $300.00 on my bill for the month.  I pulled up the card and noticed two charges one was not mine and the other was a subscription that I had cancelled a long time ago.  I even called the card company and told them not to accept it.  Well they waited a few months and then put the charges back on.  

The young man I talked to said many of these services started doing that during covid.  Now they put a 4 year stop on these companies so they can not turn around and charge you again when a charge has been stopped.  How dishonest is that?  Of course this charge was only $9.00 a month but still I did not notice it, so the card company is researching it and I will get a refund for the months they charged me.  You really need to pay attention and I often don't.  This is something I need to work on.

I did not get one call for the shop today or one client in, although I stayed busy all day. No sewing got done but if I can get the taxes turned in tomorrow, I should be able to get into the shop.

I had terrible chills last night for about two hours.  I am afraid to go to bed tonight for fear of it happening again.  I have extra blankets on the bed. Just in case. I swear the worst thing about RA is the night sweats and the chills.  My heater/cooler does not work right.  I say that now, but as soon as I have a set of joints flair the heat/cool thing won't be what I complain about. I took a really  hot bath and I hope that helps keep my body temp up.

My baby chicks are growing so fast, I swear they have doubled in size.  They are getting longer necks and will soon loose that little chick look and become small birds.  Well they are birds so?

I was able to get rid of two plastic containers of taxes which is so nice to free up space. After this mess is done I really need to get some pictures hung and photos framed that I have been putting off since we moved in.  It is time.

DO you ever put things off for months?  What do you do to fight procrastination? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, Goals this week

 Goals this week:  

1.  Kim will get taxes turned into the accountant and this is what she will look like doing said taxes.

2.  Kim will get her seedlings planted in starter trays

3. Kim will get at least two wedding dresses started and fitted.

Sunday was such a nice quiet day.  We had Kelsa until about 2 p.m. and she is such a joy.  Then I took a nap and my Lil sis is home so I went to visit her for a couple of hours.  She had a lovely time, so I am happy for her. She brought me back two bottles of vanilla, one dark and one clear.  I am almost out of my clear bottle I purchased when we went to Cancun about 18 months ago.

It was rainy and over cast all day Sunday so I could not get in a long walk but I did get in a long exercise video. I did not have to cook as we just ate leftovers and that was nice.  There is still enough to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I know that daughter will come down with Kelsa today and I hope it is nice enough to take a long walk before she has to teach dance.  I also want Lil sis to color my hair it is long over due.Also have not done my nails for a month and then are trashed. Note to self, get seedlings planted before I do the nails.

I hope my week picks up with sewing.  I have a few things to do but not much other than wedding dresses.  However had my first Jr. Miss dress call so it looks like they are doing that pageant. But I am not holding my breath for the Proms in the area.

We are back to school here with social distancing and masks, but I am worried about the variants taking hold as restrictions are lifted. Idaho is a little more liberal, but as we border Washington and they are much stricter it makes it hard for our community to lighten up.  In some ways I am grateful for that.

How are things in your neck of the woods as far as restrictions go?  Do you feel things should be lightened or are you okay with an extended lock down?  This has really hurt my business and Hub's hours at the High School and I hope we do not have to go through another spring and summer like the last one.  I just can't beleive it has been a year.  A YEAR!!!!!

Have a great and Productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday, Busy day

 I am so glad that it is Sunday.  I am bushed.  I think I spent the entire day yesterday on my feet either, cooking, cleaning or taking a long walk.

We had 5 missionaries here for a ham dinner.  I needed to get this ham out of the freezer.  There is plenty left to use and to make up a big pot of soup.  We had mashed potatoes, ham gravy, biscuits, corn, peas, salad, and I made a three layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  The missionaries asked to take home the rest of the biscuits.  

It was a lot of work and so many dishes, but all is cleaned up now and put away.

Daughter came down with Kelsa and Schmills and we took a long walk again between cooking and dinner.  Yesterday we did 6 miles and today because of time constraints only 3.  My hips are barking.

The back of D#2's dress.  Dancing with dad at her wedding.  You can blow it up by clicking on it to see wing detail.

Our  good friend married the kids ( although already married by the justice of the peace months before) and he brought up his Model T and drove them from the ceremony.  It was a memorable day.

Hubs and I went to a new restaurant supply store that opened in Clarkston next to Wal mart.  They had some good prices that were opening specials, but I think most things will be cheaper at stores as loss leaders.  One nice thing about Washington is it has no grocery tax.  I might be adding it to my list of stores.  Their tortillas were cheaper and so was yeast, and baking staples.  But the Christmas specials still beat them.  One thing I did pick up was 50lbs of baking potatoes.  These were the huge Idaho bakers we can never buy here and the bag was $9.00.  We will give some to the each of the kids.  I suppose if one bought in bulk this would be a great store.  Kind of like a Costco.  But we can't eat things that fast.  Some of their produce was cheaper, but again too large a quantity to make it worth us buying.  I suppose we could split with kids.  Do any of you go into bulk stores and split the cost with others? 

I am hoping for a restful Sabbath.  Church on the internet, leftovers, a nice walk and a nap.  And Lil sis will be home today!  I have missed her.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday, Picture Jumble, Signe's Wedding

I found the zip drive with D#2's wedding pictures!  Her dress was an Andy Warhol design, that I made up of several wedding dresses I had purchased for $1.00 during dollar days at Good will.  She is wearing my Lil sis's wedding veil, my mother's pearls.  All that lace was cut  and hand embroidered onto the dress.  It has wings embroidered in lace down the back, because her name in Swedish means little swan.  She also was a professional ballet dancer and Swan lake has the dance of the 4 Cygnets. She was aptly named.  I will try to get pictures of the back, but things are downloading so slowly, and I need to identify more pictures off the drive.


Here are Hub's folks, dancing at the wedding.  They were really good dancers , it is hard to believe that this was just a little over 5 years ago.

The wedding was held at an old grange hall outside of Spokane Washington in October.

Daughter with a flower girl.  It was a little chilly outside.

My three girls.  Eldest is pregnant with James here.  We had a string quartet from the Washington Idaho Symphony play at the Wedding and Eldest daughter sang.

I will post more pictures later.  Today will be hectic, as I have missionaries to feed. They were supposed to come tomorrow for a ham dinner and only three of them can make it tomorrow and all 6 of them wanted a ham dinner to we switched it to today.  Also we will have Kelsa tonight as her mom and dad have to work at a fund raiser at Schmills school early Sunday morning.

I want to get my seedlings started, and I want to go to a new grocery that has opened that is supposed to be a restaurant supply,  I want to check out prices.

It will be a busy day.  So happy I did most of the housework yesterday.

It is fun to look back on good memories.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday, You can always do more

 It is very easy when one is trying to get out of debt, to get complacent and think you are doing everything you can.  But I have found out over the years, that I can always find ways to make money stretch farther.  I can cut more out of the budget when I try.  I can always save more money than I had planned.

Using the grocery challenge this last month has really pointed this out to me.  I really only spent $24.00 yesterday and we are set for the week.  In fact looking at our fresh veggies, I wonder if we are set for the next two weeks.  I am out of olive oil, but I can get by until next week.

Tonight Hubs and I cooked popcorn on the stove top.  This is not something we have done for years.  But we do enjoy a bag of popcorn every once in a while.  Those dang bags are expensive.  Now that we have tried it and it was successful, I don't think we will buy microwave anymore.  One more way to save.

Refusing to buy mixes for tacos, enchiladas, shake and bake, spaghetti, really saves when you are cooking.  Look up how to make those mixes and then store in a recycled jar.  You will always have it on hand and it is much cheaper than spend .89 to a $1 something on a powdered mix.  I do love a gravy mix, and I do buy them when they are 4/1.  Which only happens once a year here.  Then I stock up.

My hair needs to be colored, but I am waiting for Lil sis to get home to do it.  I can get by in order to save the money.  I can let my nails go one more week.  I can stretch that manicure to 5-6 weeks. I needed to buy some white bridal cording and I found a spool at Joanns for $4.99 for three yards, but you could buy it cut for $1.49 a yard and since it was a cut item get 50% off, so buy the yardage even though you have to stand in line.  Sometimes it costs time  and effort to save a little money, but it all adds up.

I purchased some things today to start my seedlings.  I actually had these trays that I had used for years and when we were moving they slipped off a stack of things and got stepped on.  I had to throw them out.  They are meant to be disposable, but I had reused mine for several years and I will do the same with these.  It costs $3.99 for a plant start and I can get seeds for .20 a package.  I always do 3 starts just in case some don't germinate.  The leftovers I give away.  I started all my beans, corn, herbs, squashes, peppers, pumpkins, lettuces last year and they all came up fine.  This will save money. I do buy onion sets, and tomato plants.  This year I am going to try and start eggplant, as I love it.

You can cut expenses if you try. Use less gas, use less water, use less power.  Be conscience of what you consume.( unless it is chocolate) For years I flew through life not really paying attention, but I do now and it helps so much.

Learn to enjoy cooking with basic ingredients.  My Sissie is a great cook.  But on the whole she uses basic ingredients. It is rather amazing. Just whipping up a batch of popovers, which are very basic is so impressive and so good.  Making up a batch of piecrusts, then a yummy cream filling is easy, just takes some time. Look at the great cookies SAM made recently.  They were vegan.  Can you imagine what those would have cost at a store?  Even if you cook in a specialized way you save money.  Anne in the Kitchen, usually has a Keto version in most of her menus. Cheryl can make a meal out of anything and she has shown us how.  Sluggy is also a good cook.  She made me collards. Bless her heart I did not like them, but I love her anyway. 

Learn to quickly chop up salad greens and veggies.  Those kits are covered in preservatives and are so expensive. Salad dressings are easy to  make.  I look up recipes for things on my phone all the time.  When I think I need a mix, I now look it up.

Have a you found over the years you have found ways to save more, cut more, stretch things more, by doing a little more?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I am so tired, and I will love going to bed tonight.  The little's wee so excited to see us and it was so fun to have them here.  They have grown up so much in a year.   She will be 5 and he will be 4 soon.  They are 11.5 months apart.  But so grownup now.  They just emptied the toy chest all over the house and played and played.  Much easier to take care of, as they are beyond the getting into things age.

I was able to sew quite a bit today even with the kids here and the shop was quite busy.  I did not have to worry about the kids coming into the shop and getting hurt or messing anything up.

D#2 called in a fluster as she had Oliver there today and he was in a royal mood. (Bawliver) She had to take cupcakes to Schmills school and she was running behind Bawliver would not quit crying so I sent Hubs up there about 11:00.  I had a client in the shop when she called and I told her I would call her back.  When I did get back to her I told her Dad is n his way, much to her relief.  So hubs took Oliver for a long walk in his stroller and he slept and then Hubs took a nap with him and daughter was able to make her cupcakes, deliver and get Schmills party ready.  

Schmills was so cute at his party and so excited that his cousins were there.  They ran and screamed and the babies were passed around.  Hubs and I left after a couple of hours. We went to get the few groceries we needed.  Now we are home and I am ready for bed.

Thrifty Thursday:

1.If you are saving a penny a day you will need $24.16 for the month of March

2. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $520.00 (someone paid a $60.00 bill in all $5's)

3. saved $1,$5,$10,$20 challenge

4. saved all my spare change

5. save money in two of my 100 envelope challenge

3.  my power bill for February was only $116.00 in the old house it would have been over $200.00 Score!

4. Only spent $26.00 on groceries.  $10.48 on two large bags of shredded cheese at loss leader price. Bought milk, bread, tortilla chips, mushrooms, sausage.  Will need no other groceries for at least a week.

5. Made 29 pints of homemade jam with picked berries.

6. cooked all meals from scratch using pantry and freezer items

7. downloaded receipts to fetch

8. downloaded coupons for some grocery items

9. went to rite aid to pickup some Easter candy and use up points about to expire.

10. reused jam jars from years back, as I ask people to return them and they often do.  So I did not have to buy any!

11.  Sister sent me some new clothes, two heavy sweaters and two new blouses.  Yippee!

12. hubs sprayed the fruit trees as he has an applicator license and keeps it current, saved us the cost of having a professional spray them.

What did you do this week to save money?  Anything unusual?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Wednesday, Crazy Day! Littles are back!

 Well they all set up, even with my disasters and spill overs.  I actually called a pipe fitter and he is coming to give me an estimate to run gas behind my stove tomorrow.  I will not do it right away, but I want to know what it will cost to have it done then I can plan.  Hubs is really wanting me to switch the stove out.  I think he can tell how frustrated I am.  But I can hold out.  After all I went without a dryer for 10 months before we moved and I can continue to deal with this stove.

No sewing got done again today as D#2 brought both babies down,she was watching Oliver along with Kelsa.  She and hubs had to get things for Schmills birthday which is today!  They also had to meet with the accountant.  So we had babies and were busy with that.  SO fun.

Hubs had to work at the high school this evening and I took a nap.  I should have been sewing:)  Oh well.  I got a package from my Sssie.  Two beautiful Talbots heavy coat sweaters.  One in navy and one in tan, two colors I wear a lot.  In fact the pants I was wearing today matched the tan sweater exactly.  She also sent two lovely non iron blouses, one light pink and the other light blue, which I will wear to death this spring and summer.  She really keeps me in clothes.  So grateful.

Today we will have the Littles for the first time since covid started.  I am so excited.  It is hard to believe that she will be 5 soon and he will be 4. Time went to fast.  I so remember having them for the first time and he was 3 weeks old and she was barely 1.  Mom so enjoyed that baby.  It was her favorite day of the week.  She would get up and rock that baby all day and tell me how to take care of them.  Because I knew nothing.

Hubs was a little sore and cranky from his second covid shot.  I could tell because he asked three different times for tylenol and was just cranky and he is usually so easy going.  But he went about his normal day.

It is Schmills birthday today so after we watch the Littles we are going up to daughters to celebrate his birthday.  His present came today through Amazon, thank goodness as I ordered it a little late. SO I don't know how much sewing I will get done, as the Little are older I can probably sew more.  I won't have to worry about them getting into things and they understand no.

By the way as frugal as I try to be, making jam is not frugal.  By the time you add the sugar, the pectin, the jar lids, the jars (although I do get many of mine back) the electricity or gas, even when you get the fruit free, it is still quite an expense.   You can buy a large quart jar of strawberry jam or grape jelly for a couple of bucks here.  Of course it is high fructose corn syrup, fake coloring and fake flavor and you can stick a knife in a jar straight up.  Is the flavor and texture of homemade worth it?  You better believe it is!

Chickens are another way that we really don't save money.  By the time you buy the feed you usually don't break even. We are going to start selling our leftover eggs this year. I like to have the fresh eggs, and I like to have something that eats all food scraps.  To me it is worth it.

Quilting, is another thing that really does not save money.  Even if you get all your material for the quilt top free, you still have to buy the batting, and then the backing.  You can buy a blanket much cheaper and a lot less work.  But I love to make something from nothing.  I love the skill that goes into it.  I think skills are important.

I like to be thrifty, some things that I do are not.  I get great joy making things and I think that is important.

Do you do anything that is more expensive than just buying something?  Like do you buy good yarn and knit mittens you could buy for less money? Do you sew, when you could buy the item for less?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, March 1, 2021

Tuesday, What a difference a day makes!


I have to say that I love March. Even though the days do get noticeably a little longer in February, they really start to become Sunny in March. I remember when I was coaching, our competition season was always around St. Patrick's day.  I would enter the gym at 5:30 in the morning in the dark and leave in the most glorious sunlight, by the time we were heading off to competition. I loved not driving home in the dark and the cold.

It was 60 degrees here today, but I was stuck in the house in the middle of jam hell.  I swear I hate my stove.  I want my gas stove back so bad.  You cannot cool down this stove top once it is hot.  It heats up instantly but with gas you have much more control.

My first batch managed to boil over just a little which has never happened to me before.  But the second batch was a disaster with a major boil over and then to get the damn thing clean I damaged the cook top.  So frustrating.  Even hubs is encouraging me to switch it out.  We have always used cast iron and we cannot get the cast iron not to cool down.  Anyway three batches of jam done.  29  various size jars.  20 of huckleberry and 9 of cherry, raspberry, huckleberry.  It is delicious. We had a little of the left over ( not enough for a jar)on sugar free ice cream. 

I made a large bag of home made shake and bake and put it in the freezer, to use for chicken and pork chops.  Hubs put out the portable green house, so now I have no excuses not to start my seedlings.  I will keep them in the house for a few more weeks or at least until they are up. But that is a project for another day. He also started the new enlarged chicken run.

No sewing was done today, but I had several people pick up and another wedding dress go out.  It is nice to start the month with some money.  Last month it was like pulling hens teeth to get any cash in this house. I was able to fill all my savings envelopes and still have money left over to apply to my monthly bill payoff.  Yesterday I was some what discouraged with the month and today I felt like, I can do this!  It was a wonderful feeling.

Schmills was over with Kelsa while his mom taught, and he loved the baby chicks.  He picked one out that is especially his. He named it Peepers. He wants me to bring them up to his school.  I told him to ask his teacher and I would. It was a long day yesterday and I am very tired.  I still have dishes to wash but they can wait until tomorrow.

Trying to decide, besides some sewing whether to concentrate on taxes and get it over with, or get my seedlings started?  And the age old question what will we have for dinner?  A freezer search is in my future.

Now that all the years fruit is out of the inside freezer, I really need to clean it.  It has spills, and melting.  Such a mess. I might have to get that done today as there is plenty of room now in the chest freezer in the garage. I am blessed with work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.