Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday,National napping day

 I am very proud to say I got in a nap all be it late Monday. Hubs woke me at 8:30 in the evening to go check a couple more missionary apartments.

Today was productive with Lil sis coming over to help me hang a bunch of pictures I had been avoiding.  She is just much better at this than I.  Also I have been collecting frames for ages (well since we moved in).  Many are from thrift stores and other discount places.  I have tried to pick them up at least on sale.

This is my 2 year old Baby picture.  This hung in my mother's house along with pictures of my 4 siblings for over 42 years.  I found all 5 pictures after mom died packed in a box. It was painful to split them up and hang this alone. Below is a picture on my Dad's only sister.  My Aunt Anne.  I hung these in the spare bedroom.  Frames were from good will.

These are the Three girls when they graduated from High school. I picked up D#2's (dancer) frame for 90% off when Pier one went out of business. The other two were from Hobby lobby 50% off. 

Here I am going to display the girls engagement photos.  I have ordered photos for the two empty frames and they are not in yet.  The orange frame is also from Pier one 90% off and the other two I ordered on line,  The family room is decorated in blue and salmon.

Wedding pictures, waiting for B's to show up.  Orange colored frames from Pier One 90% off and blue from Amazon.

My five grandchildren. Three of these frames came from Ross or TJ MAXX and two from thrift stores.  And there is room for more frames if possible.

It was so nice to get these things hung along with other pictures in the house.  I have just been waiting and waiting.  It is time we have moved in.

I still have pictures to get matted and framed in the bedroom, but that will be a while.

I had two more bridesmaid dresses come in today.

I need to sew and get some banking done today.  I cooked pork chops and made a large salad for dinner last night and we will eat leftovers from that tonight. 

Hubs is out fishing today with a buddy.  I hope he has fun.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You have been very busy collection frames cheaply. I love to get pictures on the wall after I move.

  2. Love all the frames. I have a lot of collages hanging and none of the frame match. I like that look.
    Hope your hubs has a great day.

  3. Pictures do feel like home. I have the kids grad pictures and 2 month old pictures hung. We need a refresh.

    1. I did hang old 2 year old pictures and then realized it was a 2 year a one year and the youngest never had a two year but a three year. I was a mess when they were younger, just too busy.

  4. Pictures on the walls keeps the house from looking sterile and unlived in. I have all the pictures of me that were at Mom's, but I have no idea what to do with them.

    1. I did put one of my twin and I in the front room and then one of her in the bed room, and one of myself other than that it is the kids. It is hard to go through all those photos.

  5. Everything looks so nice!
    And your baby picture!!!

  6. How did I miss National Napping Day????!?!?!?

    1. Well Napping day follows pie day which are both before St Patrick's day...