Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I am so tired, and I will love going to bed tonight.  The little's wee so excited to see us and it was so fun to have them here.  They have grown up so much in a year.   She will be 5 and he will be 4 soon.  They are 11.5 months apart.  But so grownup now.  They just emptied the toy chest all over the house and played and played.  Much easier to take care of, as they are beyond the getting into things age.

I was able to sew quite a bit today even with the kids here and the shop was quite busy.  I did not have to worry about the kids coming into the shop and getting hurt or messing anything up.

D#2 called in a fluster as she had Oliver there today and he was in a royal mood. (Bawliver) She had to take cupcakes to Schmills school and she was running behind Bawliver would not quit crying so I sent Hubs up there about 11:00.  I had a client in the shop when she called and I told her I would call her back.  When I did get back to her I told her Dad is n his way, much to her relief.  So hubs took Oliver for a long walk in his stroller and he slept and then Hubs took a nap with him and daughter was able to make her cupcakes, deliver and get Schmills party ready.  

Schmills was so cute at his party and so excited that his cousins were there.  They ran and screamed and the babies were passed around.  Hubs and I left after a couple of hours. We went to get the few groceries we needed.  Now we are home and I am ready for bed.

Thrifty Thursday:

1.If you are saving a penny a day you will need $24.16 for the month of March

2. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $520.00 (someone paid a $60.00 bill in all $5's)

3. saved $1,$5,$10,$20 challenge

4. saved all my spare change

5. save money in two of my 100 envelope challenge

3.  my power bill for February was only $116.00 in the old house it would have been over $200.00 Score!

4. Only spent $26.00 on groceries.  $10.48 on two large bags of shredded cheese at loss leader price. Bought milk, bread, tortilla chips, mushrooms, sausage.  Will need no other groceries for at least a week.

5. Made 29 pints of homemade jam with picked berries.

6. cooked all meals from scratch using pantry and freezer items

7. downloaded receipts to fetch

8. downloaded coupons for some grocery items

9. went to rite aid to pickup some Easter candy and use up points about to expire.

10. reused jam jars from years back, as I ask people to return them and they often do.  So I did not have to buy any!

11.  Sister sent me some new clothes, two heavy sweaters and two new blouses.  Yippee!

12. hubs sprayed the fruit trees as he has an applicator license and keeps it current, saved us the cost of having a professional spray them.

What did you do this week to save money?  Anything unusual?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.




  1. #2--That person probably saved all her $5 bills to pay you.

    When I gave someone jelly, they were very grateful and happy. I asked for the jar back so I could use it again. I always laughed and said people who did not return jars received no more jelly. Sometimes, that worked.

    1. Well since most of it goes to family members, I usually get them back!

  2. WOOHOO - you had a great week. Good going.

  3. Oh, how neat that your DH took care of Oliver so dd could do the cupcakes.

    I love when the electric bill is lower.

    1. I know getting a house half the size of the old one is paying off!

  4. Sounds like a busy but fun week. I'm glad your shop is busy again Kim.

    I have been using $20 bills when shopping, just so I could get $1 & $5s to I'm not doing nearly as well as you, cause I always need to use the smaller bills for Marketplace purchases.

    1. Well it seems like every time I cash a $20.00 I get three 5's back. Drat!

  5. Saving smaller bills doesn't work for me since I use the credit card for almost everything(pay if off in full each month but use it for the points)I buy(or free gift cards). The only exceptions are if I go to McDonalds(rarely), the one Chinese restaurant that doesn't take c/c or I go to CVS and have a very low OOP. I rarely use my WAM either so I suppose I could get that in smaller bills but I already save nah!
    You keep doing you and I'll do me. 8-)))

    1. My dream is to someday use the CC to pay for everything and just pay it off, but I do not have that kind of will power right now. As in don't buy what I don't need. Or pay off everything when I feel scared.

  6. Great work!! Lots of thrifty things happening at your place.

    God bless.

  7. It is so nice that you live close enough to lend a hand when needed for a crying baby.
    I have been saving my 5's. I don't rack up what you do, because I use credit cards for most purchases, but I will still have a couple of hundred by the end of the year.v I only use cash for things I don't want to leave a paper trail for___like chocolate!