Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday, Ten things!

 As I was sitting in my chair this morning in my pajamas thinking of all the things I have left to do and not really wanting to do any of them, I looked around at my mess and thought this is over whelming.  I am overwhelmed, spiritually,emotionally, physically.  I can just sit here and stare off into space and drink my cold diet coke.  (the diet coke was so nice)  I have so much to do today, as we have to leave early tomorrow in order to meet with the pastor to arrange the funeral.

We lose an hour and the road we travel is a winding goat trial of a highway.  It will take 5 hours to get to Missoula.  At least it is warm and we won't have to worry about snow on the pass.  Thanks for that blessing. I did get the sewing done and it is picked up, I also finished B's birthday curtains and chair pads and delivered them last night. But I still have to get other things done in order to leave.

Talked to Sissie on the phone and her plane if it is on time should get her to the church on time.  If we are late she can take over for us. 

SO as I was sipping my soda and allowing myself to go into fog brain I thought, Kim just get up and do 10 things to this room to improve it.  After you do that you can sit a stare some more.  Just ten things, you can do that.  You can count to ten  You can.  

So I:

1. picked up the garbage in the room and threw it away, just a handful of things on the tables and floor

2. I picked up the dirty dishes just a few and took them to the kitchen

3. I folded the two blankets that were mussed.

4. I picked up baby stuff and put it all back in the baby basket.

5. I dusted crumbs off the tables and sofa and chair

6. I shook out the dogs bed

7. I swept the floor in the family room

8.  I rearranged all the pillows

9. I lit a candle

10.  I got out the vacuum and vacuumed the rug.

This took less than 10 minutes. Now I am going to try this in the other rooms of the house.

I am also going to do it with the ironing and the bills.

I have to unhook my computer and take it in after this post.

If you find yourself in a funk, try this 10 thing challenge.  It worked for me.

Thanks again for all your sustaining prayers for me and my family.  You have no idea how much they help.  When I start to despair, I think of this army of readers behind me, praying and lifting me up. This means so much right now.

Well I am going to sign off and go find 10 things to get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday, climb out Kim!

 Imagine this is me, only my butt is cuter. This is how I feel.  I don't know if I want to come out, but I know I have to.

Lil sis and I and Sissie will all be in Missoula by Wednesday afternoon.  Lil sis and I will drive over Wednesday morning and Sis is flying in that afternoon.  So the Three witches of Endor will be together again.  Happy that Sissie decided to come after all.

We will meet with our nephew and help plan the funeral.  I really don't want to go.  I dread it, but I know it is the right thing. Having my sisters there will make it easier.  Hubs will drive over later in the week and take me home on Sunday. He might have to play the piano for the service.

Thanks to all of you for your sustaining prayers at this time.  I have felt better and we had a nice Thanksgiving and a birthday celebration for our youngest daughter. I went up to youngest daughter's house on Friday and worked all day trying to redo things in her kitchen.  They have been in this apartment for 4 years and will be there for a few more with the housing market the way it is.

We painted existing furniture and I brought up 5 chairs that came from Sweden to add to her two at her old second hand table.  I will take some pictures when I am done, but right now I need to take my computer in to be fixed which I will do late tomorrow and it can be picked up by hubs while I am gone.  I cannot download anything from my phone.  The jack input is loose.  I ordered peel and stick wallpaper and some fabric to match and I am making new curtains as the ones that are there are very sad.  We are just sprucing the place up and trying to use what we have. It was a fun long day and I was sore Saturday, but it was nice to be able to just have a project and to not be dwelling on other things.

We had Kelsa and Schmills with us Saturday night and they are such a joy.  We took them to church with us on Sunday morning and then home for pancakes. I love having the grandkids around. I took a very long nap Sunday afternoon and I needed it.

I know many of you are curious about the details of our tragedy and here they are as far as I know.  Many details have not been revealed and I don't want to know them.  I might not be right on everything.  

Friday the 19th of November my nephews exwife had the children for 24 hour visitation. They had been with her the night before and were to be returned that day at 5. This act happened in the early morning of the 19th. She stabbed the babies repeatedly as they had defense wounds on their hands.  She bathed them and put them in clean pjs and put them back to bed. I am not sure if she took an overdose of something that she thought would kill her as she left a note to the fact of a suicide.  She must have a woke later in the day and called her mother and told her that she had made sure the kids were safe.  Her mother's reply was, "did you kill your kids." or something to the affect.  So the grandmother knew that she had threatened something of this nature I am assuming.  She then called 911 and told the dispatcher, "I was supposed to die today."  Travis waited for the children to be returned, but instead was greeted by the police and the coroner.

That is all I know and I may have some facts wrong. I do know that Travis had begged the judge not to let her have unsupervised visits as she had threatened to hurt them to get to him. A law firm in Missoula has been engaged to take this case in hopes that something like this will not happen again. I personally think if you make threats of this nature they need to be taken at face value.  You don't go up to a TSA agent and joke or say you have a gun. You don't threaten to kill your children to seek vengeance on an ex spouse.  Those things need to be taken seriously. 

We are all still very sad, and Travis is holding it together better than he was, we just have to get through the week and get the babies a place to rest, then go on with our lives as we can.

Saying this, I have to get my ducks in a row. Things I need to accomplish today or at least before we leave Wednesday morning.

1. finish up a few sewing things

2. make curtains and chair pads for B (if I have time)

3. pack (I hate packing)

4. pay all the bills

5. alter a few costumes for daughter

6. get some ironing done

7. perhaps put up a little Christmas as it is all in boxes in the front room.

I did get fall and Thanksgiving decos down and put away so that is something.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

 So thankful, for my family.  What a strength they are to me.

Thankful for all of you and your prayers and your willingness to be my sounding board, even when it is not something you or I want to hear.

My food is cooked, my rolls are made and raising, I have my Oliver here and he is a joy.  I can cuddle and hug on this baby and much of the pain goes away.

I have to run baking soda over to Lil sis's, gosh I hope she did not start a fire:) I also need milk and juice for Oliver as I did not think to get those things.

I also want to run to Rite aid for a few Black Friday specials. Tomorrow I hope to take down Fall and start putting up Christmas.

I need to focus on something that brings me joy.  I love Christmas decorating, and I love the reason for the season.  I need to center my thoughts on the Savior.  His redeeming love and the comfort that the Holy Ghost brings in times of trouble.

It is hard to believe in a loving God when such terrible things happen.  It is hard to have faith and to see blessings and all the good in the world.  We are the good, you are the good remember that.  It is with each other that we weather this storm.

Love you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Wednesday, trying to come up for air

      I give up, I have had nothing but problems with this computer today and I am so behind. I do have a few items to sew but nothing that will take too much time and they are for family.

We get Oliver tonight and tomorrow as both his parents have to work and we will have dinner at 5 at Lil sis's.  

I have done nothing as far as cooking is concerned.  I say I am going to do it and then just find myself staring off into space.  I am not crying any more, so that helps some.  It has been a very hard last few days here.

Travis was able to see the children yesterday and he said they had done a good job, but it was obvious the cause of death.  

Our eldest who is a criminal prosecutor, says that this was a freak event on two counts.  First the motherhood protection instinct is the the strongest bond we have in animals and humans.  To ignore that is rare.  Secondly women don't like mess, they use poison, drowning, smothering, not guns, knives or bloody deaths. To have such a violent act for vengeance sake is just very rare, in women.

We know now that the memorial will take place at mom's church.  The women's league will not be able to help us due to covid restrictions, but we can use the kitchens and the hall after the funeral.  So Lil sis and I will leave here next Wednesday and go to Missoula to get things ready and make plans.  The babies are to be cremated. 

Thank you to all who have said or are praying on our families behalf.  There is great strength in prayer and I know we have been sustained by this.

Life is moving on, and we have to move on with it. My daughter hit the nail on the head when she said, It was in my mind every minute, now it is every 10 minutes. The horror is all consuming, and I want it to go away. I want to hug my grandbabies, and enjoy my loved ones and have a nice dinner.

I don't want to think about funeral plans, but I know the burden of this will fall on us three girls.  Travis does not have parents to rely on and my folks are deceased. The Aunts  (us)(bossy ) will move in and set the world to rights as much as possible. It is a lousy, big task.  If Travis had his way we would have been there yesterday. But we will do our best.  Calling on family and close friends to help with this burden. So many questions, none which I can answer.

So today I have to get these things done, I can't beleive I am this far behind.

1. make stuffing and stuff bird put in fridge for tomorrow

2. make small oyster stuffing for hubs

3. cut up sweet potables and get those ready for reheat tomorrow

4. figure out relish tray and get things ready for tomorrow

5. make pie crusts ( no still have not done this)

6. make 4 pies, apple, 2 pumpkin,1 something else

7. make cheese ball

8. Make rolls tomorrow

9. replace zipper in a pair of pants and take in two pairs of pants for Kelsa (the bean)

I am and will get this done, what to do first is the only thing.  Probably get the giblets started and do the pie crusts.

Thanks so much for everything, your support means everything to me.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday, still trying to cope

I am telling you the more I know the less I want to, and the more painful this gets.

Thanks for all your well meaning responses it helps, but is also hurts so bad.

There is a go fund me set up under the name Chayla-Zinn Sandberg, to help with the burial of the babies.

My nephew is so bitter and angry right now and who can blame him?

I think the anger is easier  for him to deal with than the death right now and that is a coping mechanism.

Anyway I don't beleive Travis will be able to go back to work for a while and although the funeral expenses have been met could probably use more help.

That is just my feeling.  He is teetering on a very thin edge.

I just can't believe that our family will have 4 graves in the baby cemetery in Missoula.  I am so glad my mother is on the other side because she could not have handled this.

Anyway, what a rotten Thanksgiving week post and I am sorry.  But I am grateful for strong family and love.  It is what is sustaining us right now.

Prayers are powerful things and we need then right now especially for my nephew.  The bodies were to be released yesterday, but the coroner would not let Travis see them yet, then and I do not want him to see them.  But he is insisting and I think it will just make his anger worse.  Please pray for him that he can get through this.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday, Covid booster, very sad right now

Hubs and I went to the pharmacy on Friday evening because we thought it would be less busy and I received my booster of the Moderna vaccine.  The pharmacist insisted on giving me a full dose rather than the 1/2 doses most are getting as a booster due to the drugs I take that suppress my immune system.  I almost asked her not to and now I wish I had as I have run a low grade fever for more than 48 hours.  Very tired and slept most of the day yesterday.

We received some horrible news Saturday.  Daughter and I were out doing some Christmas shopping and as we were headed to the car she said "Mom get in the car I just got a txt from Sarah ( her cousin)and this is bad.  As she was reading the txt I looked and my phone and it was blowing up.

This is so awful I can hardly write about it.  Our family is reeling right now and we really need your prayers.

My nephew, (who was raised by my parents due to my brother and his wife's drug addiction) has two small children who had been removed from their mother's home because of her drug addiction.  My nephew had custody of these children and begged the judge not to return them to his ex wife unsupervised as she hates him and he feared for the children.  He was afraid that she would harm them in order to get to him.  He is remarried.  She was finally given 24 hour visitation unsupervised against my nephew's wishes.  He was expecting them to be returned at 5 p.m. on Thursday past.  Instead he got a visit from the police and the coroner.

This woman killed those two babies.  His only son who was 5 and his little girl who was 3. I cannot go into the details as they are too horrific, but I am in a state of shock,anger,and extreme sadness.

Of course the family is rallying, and this is just so hard. I expect the funeral will be at Mom's church after Thanksgiving. 

We are all in a state of blur, just going through the motions of life right now. My poor nephew has tried so hard and has worked so hard to give those children a better life and he and they did not deserve this.

Lil sis and Sis and I are just holding it together the best we can.  We know we need to be strong for our nephew.


Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday, New hair cut!

 Ran over to Lil sis's last night and she cut and colored my hair.  My hair was getting very long down past the middle of my back.  It needed cut and I don't think I have had a full color for over 6 months.  Anyway she cut off about 6 inches and it looks and feels so much better.  I would show you a picture but I figured out my input port on my computer is damaged some how, probably grandkids, so I will have to take my computer in to be fixed.  Drat!

I Finally got some sewing some yesterday and plan on spending the rest of the day sewing.  Dinner is taken care of, as I made a large bean and hamburger dish with cornbread yesterday and we have plenty of salad.

Hubs did not get anything hunting yesterday.  But he has managed to lose his pocket tool knife. He actually went out to where he was hunting and looked for it.  Because he cannot hear, he does not hear when things drop. The problem is that the tool and the leather case together are expensive. He uses this almost daily,at the school theaters. He needs this, so I told him to go replace it.  He is fussing about the cost and I told him dang the cost, you need it you need it. It is an aggravation, but so is running back to the office every time you need to get a hand tool to fix or adjust something. We will see what he does.  I might just have to force the issue.

Things to sew today:

1. hem a pair of pants

2. hem a pair of jeans

3. alter the necks of two tops

4. run to joanns for white elastic thread

5. let out the waist on 4 pairs of slacks

6. take in the waist on four pairs of slacks and hem a pair of pants

7. fix a blouse and take down a neck line in another

8. alter waist on two pairs of pants

9. hem a blouse and replace a zipper

10fix a hole in a sweater

That is enough I think, I will be lucky to get this done.

I want to make my piecrusts this weekend and also make sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving, which I think I do.  Daughter is coming in tomorrow and we are taking our dogs in for grooming.  I can't beleive that Thanksgiving is next week.  It seems it came so fast!

What tricks do you use to motivate yourself when yourself when you don't want to get things done?

I need some new strategies I think.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, hot spots

I know there are food shortages on some things.  But this idea that we all were going to be going without Turkey was nonsense.

Since I watch food prices closely, I had noticed and complained about the prices of fixings this year for Thanksgiving.  I am particularly jealous of Linda and her ability(Practical Parsimony) to get sweet potatoes in bulk at good prices.  Here fresh are $1.69 a pound and that may be just one sweet potato.  I refuse to pay that much and I bought a can of them as there are only a few of us that eat them.  

Well all the turkey shortage crap is for naught as there are plenty of turkeys and at good prices now. In fact I bet it is like pumpkins and they will be trying to give them away after the holiday.  I went into Wal mart where in the past we have gotten sweet potatoes for .10 a pound after Thanksgiving every year.  That is when I stock up. So after seeing them for $1.69 everywhere I saw them marked down to .65 a pound the week before the holiday.  All of those who panicked and bought them for the outrageous price or bought a can like me now could have bought them at a somewhat reasonable price.  I bought 4 and will go back after the holiday for the real marked down ones.

I guess what I am saying is be careful of all the naysayers and shortage screamers, as they may be wrong. Buying your things for the holidays with the idea that they are going to run out and paying top dollar is not necessary.  Wait a while and you will see those prices go down the closer we get not up the closer we get.

For some reason my phone will not download pictures to the computer today.  I wanted to show you all my clean surfaces.  By the way it did not take long for me to get them straightened out.  Fly Lady called these places our hot spots. It is just that every flat surface for me is a hot spot.  Last night as i was watching TV late and enjoying the clean surfaces, I woke this morning to several things on counters where Hubs had made breakfast.  It just took a few minutes to put everything away and now it is clean again. I think this is why she was always having you stop and do a ten minute hot spot clean.

I had hubs eat leftover salad and hashbrowns and chicken for lunch and then made him a large chicken salad for dinner and boned out the rest of the chicken for sandwiches.  I had a sandwich and will have another today.  I also took some chicken skin and giblets I had frozen from the last two batches of chicken thighs and added it to the bones of this chicken and boiled in down into a nice quart of yummy broth which I froze for my dressing. Tonight I am going to make my bean hot dish for dinner.  Hubs is out hunting (please lord don't let him get anything) and he will like a hot meal.  I will also whip up some corn bread and a salad. I am sure this will take us through tomorrow for meals.

I have found out that if I pull out three kinds of meat I can usually get through 6 days and then do something special on Sunday.  I still have not made up my piecrusts so I can make a quiche with that ham I pulled, but we have been nibbling on the slices.  Will probably do that tomorrow.

Today I sew, sew,sew.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank  18 more days until I open it!

2. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $2415.00 in fives with $60.00 saved this last week A lot of clients paid in 5's drat which means I have to save them.

3. cooked all meals from home scratch, with foods from pantry

4. did quite a bit of Ibotta shopping with a savings of things I needed or use of about 30%.

5. earned a free butterball turkey from Ibotta

6. received a dozen large delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies from church.

7. received many items of fresh food from daughter from her food bank that they were going to throw away.

8. finally found a good price on sweet potatoes.

9. used a 20% off promo code for some gifts for my daughters that about paid for the shipping a tax on two items.

10. used Amazon prime for some Christmas gifts for free shipping

11. Made up 8 bags of pumpkin from two free pumpkins and one I bought for pies and muffins and things for the year.

12. Cooked, scones and rolls, and  a large salad all with what I had on hand while company was here.

13. gas is sometimes .45 cheaper at some stations here so we always use gas buddy to check before we fill up.

14. finally found hubs a used 4 wheeler that he wanted for a good price.  It pays to wait and look.

15. picked up butter for 1.77 a pound limit 2. I will need a lot more for Christmas.

What did you do this week to save money? Have you noticed price gouging on holiday things and then seen the prices go down?  DO you beleive the media scares us into thinking we are in a shortage situation to help retailers make more money off our fear?

I have to get into the shop.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

 This is my life right now, including the soda and chips, and you need to add 5 large chocolate chip cookies, as my lack of will power is totally in control of my brain right now.

I have 4 more items to buy to get my turkey bonus from Ibotta and then no shopping for food stuffs unless there is a super buy on say butter.  I am going to try and not buy any groceries until just before Christmas.  I think I have everything I need here.

D #2 came by for lunch on her break and I got her family done for Christmas, Yeah!  I got daughter #3 birthday done. Eldest is done and I know what her kids want so will send that via Amazon, I think Paul will get a gift card. Then it is just the youngest.

Every surface of my home right now is covered with crap. If it is a flat surface it has stuff all over it. I have stocked up on so much food that I have no room in any freezer or my fridge.  My goal is to eat what we have and we have a lot let me tell you.

Did I do any sewing yesterday? Yes one pair of pants.  It was a rip roaring day I tell you.  But I did put in several hours at the food bank last night along with hubs and also got tithing settlement done with bishop, so that is out of the way.Ran over and paid the kids that watched the chickens while both Hub's and I were gone, so that is off my mind.

Now if I could just get sewing and cleaning on my mind that would be great.  I know I can do this.... but will I? That is the million dollar question.

Side table mess, IS that a jacket in the bed?
Kim does not do well when there is stuff all over.  I really hate things all over my counters and surfaces as it triggers my ADHD.  Then I freeze and get nothing done.  Well I DO GET CHIPS AND COOKIES EATEN. You know priorities.
Put all this crap away!!!!


Where does all the stuff piled on this dresser go?

My purse, my side table, hub's side table, baskets messes everywhere messes can be.

Find a home for this stuff please.

Must put things away and wipe off counters...

Oh and I think these cookie sheets and tray were used on Sunday to make rolls and it is now Wednesday.  Maybe we could wash them and put them away?  Maybe.....

I swear tomorrow's blog will be a post about how Kim gets several piles of sewing done and cleans off all her flat surfaces.

Now where did I put those cookies?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuesday, Thinking about Thanksgiving


Both Sis and Slug are remodeling their kitchens right now and I wonder if things will be cleaned up and ready for Turkey day. Remodeling anything in the kitchen is not for the faint hearted.

Hubs is running the lawn mower outside my window and then I heard him talking on the phone to a client saying he would be over to put up a hand rail on her stairs, and I could not figure out how he could be out mowing the lawn and in the house talking on the phone at the same time.  He is magical. Then he came in a told me he was running out of gas for the winter.

We are going up to pick up his 4 wheeler this afternoon and then going to work at the food bank tonight for a couple of hours.

I have my assignments (the usual) for Thanksgiving.  I will do the rolls, the pies,the relish tray and a small oyster stuffing as that is hubs favorite. Pies will be pumpkin, pecan,and apple, maybe a cream also but that depends on how many are actually showing up.  Although I can send pie home with the kids.  We are only have our youngest this year and possible her in laws, as the other two are with family. But at least I know my duties.

I picked up my free turkey yesterday that I got on the Ibotta app and I actually got it into the freezer, with a lot of shoving and shuffling. Pulled out a whole chicken, and some ham slices and a pound of ground beef.  I am going to make a huge batch of pie crusts to freeze either tonight or some time tomorrow and then do up  quiche with the ham and some peppers I need to use in the fridge. The chicken will be roasted and I will make a few things with it this week, the burger I have not decided but probably something with beans, maybe chili. That should get us through the week I think. I will do a turkey and stuffing here at my house even though we will eat at Lil sis's.  I like having my own leftovers.  So does hubs, plus if we get sick of it all I can feed the missionaries, they are good at clean up

There are at least 12 pairs of pants in the shop to hem along with a bridesmaid dress, so that is my goal for today, before I leave with hubs to pick up his new toy.  I am going to put the chicken in the oven when we leave.

Youngest daughter has a birthday on the 28th and we will celebrate on Thanksgiving. Then I need to concentrate on Christmas. I really hope to have my Christmas shopping done before the end of the month.  Yeah we will see how that goes.

Does Christmas shopping stress you out? It does me.  I think it is all the years of never having enough money, and the debt, and feeling like I would not meet the kids expectations. I actually dreaded Christmas for years, and I think I have a little PTSD over it. But I really do love the season and the music and the decorations, the cooking.  I just have this little angst this time of year and I wish I could get over it.  Any thoughts?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, November 15, 2021

Monday, Back in the saddle!

 It was a busy weekend and I continue to have cold symptoms, but not horrible, just the lingering crap....

I made a double batch of scones Saturday night, both blueberry, and cranberry, so we could have a quick breakfast Sunday morning.  Company could just grab orange juice out of the fridge and warm up a scone before church.

Our guests had not seen the new Dune movie and I had signed up for HBO Max for 30 days, so we could watch it, for $9.99 skipping the theater and also much cheaper.  So Saturday night they watched Dune here.

Hub's was very busy this weekend with the two high school theaters.  He actually texted me about 4 in the afternoon Saturday and told me to get out his black clothes as his time schedule, would be tight for the next performance.  He raced home and I had everything pressed and ready including some cold chicken, and a candy bar for his dinner that he ate on the way to the next theater. Then he also had a performance Sunday afternoon to play for.

I got home from church and made a large acini de pepi salad and a triple batch of homemade rolls.  We had dinner with Hub's cousins family.  I was hungry and tried to eat, the roast was horribly over seasoned.   I had a hard time eating it and it also upset my stomach and then we had dessert, pumpkin pie and pecan and I so wanted to enjoy them, but had to force myself to eat two small slivers. Yes force when normally I could have gone back for seconds. I love roast and potatoes and carrots, but not with too much sage.  Never had roast seasoned with sage before. Everyone has different tastes.

I also cut up the two pumpkins I obtained free and managed to stab myself twice.  Note to self: pumpkin is slippery.  The third pumpkin I just stabbed the knife into it and waited for hubs cousin to come and cut it up.  I figured he could stab himself instead of me. I actually boiled the first two and baked the third.  I liked the boiled consistency better, but both will do.  I still have two more pumpkins to do this with.  It made enough to freeze 7 bags of pumpkin.  Not hard to do at all unless you repeatedly stab yourself.

I also had Hub's cousin's wife download the ibotta app using my cods and earned a free turkey. SO THAT WAS A BONUS.

Hub's just went up the hill to get the kids and daughter will pick them up tonight after 6. I need to run to Jo Anns and Wal mart.  We need some dog supplies.  I also need to stop at the bank. I have been worried about not having enough work in the shop to fill my saving envelopes , but I have had plenty of work come in last Friday and today.  Be careful what you pray for:)

Now I have to get back into the swing of things, blah.... Also need to get my COVID booster and a flu shot but must get rid of this drippy nose first.

Do any of you reuse or use fresh pumpkins after Halloween? If so how do you process it? Have you ever prayed for something and then thought twice about why?  I am blessed I tell you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday, Feeling better, cleaning done

 Here is a picture of us at a Tongan village at the Polynesian cultural center. It was a very spiritual experience here although expensive. The food was delicious.

To answer all of you, Hubs made the arrangements to host our relatives without consulting me.  Said relatives were already exposed to me in Boise.  If I had been running fever I would certainly have told them to find a hotel.  I did get a covid test and I am not positive.

I was able to get the rest of the cleaning done today, but I slept until 11:30 this morning.  Headache is gone and not so drippy today, which is lovely, just congested in my chest and nose.

Hubs has to play viola and violin at a Civic theater event tonight and tomorrow.  He will switch instruments according to songs. The theater pulled the top musicians so they would not have to practice and they could site read most of the pieces.

My pumpkins are starting to get soft spots, not surprising as they spent 8 days in the trunk of a car in colder weather.  So I am going to cut them up today and get them boiling.  I am sure my relative will help me.  I also want to make scones with blueberries I have in the freezer.  I need something quick for breakfast tomorrow as we all go out to church. 

I also need to make an Acini D pepe salad and homemade rolls, for a dinner tomorrow. I think for dinner tonight I will do my shrimp and mushroom pasta, with a salad, and then just go out a buy a good loaf of chewy bread.  Not up to making any today.  I  do need to make pie crusts soon and will do at least 8 if not 16 of them to freeze.  I just love being able to pull a crust out of the freezer and go with it.

I just had a neighbor call and he needs a pair of pants hemmed for tonight's Boys and girls club banquet so I am going to run in and do those and then get to the pumpkins.  Hubs has been so busy at theaters he has not had time to help.  Plus he was trying to help me get things cleaned up around here.

By the way Hub's has been saving his school money to buy a 4 wheeler.  We got word from our son in law that a used one (impossible to find right now, even new ones have a waiting list) was available from a farmer up in Uniontown. We were able to go and look at it.  It is an older model but in very good shape and we purchased it along with the plow attachments.  This way we can plow our big driveway instead of using the snow blower.  Hubs has been thinking of maybe doing this for money up in this very hilly neighborhood. He  always blew out neighbors at our old place, but up here it will be a lot more work. Just an idea.  He had more than enough in his savings account for this purchase and was very pleased.

Well I am going to cut up pumpkins.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday, Head cold, and slow moving...

 I told hubs I was tired of this sort of hanging on cold like crap I had, had the last 4 days in Hawaii, and if it was going to be a cold, I wished it would just break out and get over with.  Well I got my wish after the blog yesterday and now I want the hanging on symptoms back, if you please.

Such a headache with this bugger.  I am really miserable and I do have this company coming tomorrow.  I might be calling daughter to come down tonight and help me clean a little bit as I just am dragging.

 I did get the laundry done and things unpacked and put away very slowly.  I need to put clean sheets on the guest room bed and dust the room thoroughly. 

Let me just add a picture of Sluggy who followed me to Hawaii.

I had carpet cleaners come in this morning and do the high traffic areas in the two bedrooms where the grandkids have spilled things.  But I am replacing the carpets in the spare bedroom and shop after the holiday, so that will help with these old stains reappearing.

I really need to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen but I just don't feel very good. JUST TOOK SOME Aleve and I am going down for a nap after I make the spare bed up. Maybe that will give me the energy to get some things done.

Nothing like coming home from 8 days in Paradise to a bad cold, and then being overwhelmed. But I will survive.

Hubs is busy with the school district and will continue to be busy through the holidays. He keeps getting called in to fix lights and run interference.  There are now two High school theaters up and running and I knew this would cause problems as only he and one other person know the ropes.  Not enough coverage during the busy season.

 Here is James on a hand made quilt my daughter bought me for Christmas. I will put it in my guest room when I am done redoing it.  I was so surprised! 

She saw me eyeing it, and of course bought it when I ws not looking. I love it.

Things I need to do today:

1. get carpets cleaned

2. vacuum carpets to be cleaned

3. pick up shop

4. take pictures of all receipts and clean off tables in family room.

5. dust all ceiling fans

6. get laundry done

7. start dinner (chicken thighs, asparagus, apple salad to use up soft apples and limp celery)

8. vacuum rest of house

9. clean master bath

10. clean guest bath

11. clean kitchen

12. wipe down all appliances

13. clean window sill and windows in kitchen ( hubs splatters)

14. wipe out all hub's spills  in fridge

15. mop all floors

16. dust pictures and things in formal living room

17. straighten all hubs music in living room, viola, violin and piano music all over.

18. fix a pair of pants

19. clean sheets on guest room bed.

DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH OF THIS I will get done but I will go at it slowly, or maybe not at all.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thursday, Mom!Come back from Hawaii, Thrifty Thursday

 Here is my Jim Jams by a very interesting tree.

Here is Danny climbing a coconut tree. He is fearless.
Danny and James playing in the surf.

Here I am with a few of the kids and of course we found a Mcd's so I could have my $1.00 diet coke the only thing that was the same price as it is on the continent

. We visited the Arizona memorial so we could show James who he was named after.  His grandpa's great uncle who went down with the ship.  James William Haverfield.  Both SCHMILLS AND James were named after this Uncle.

You must get a pineapple when in Hawaii!  I came home very jet lagged and with a bad head cold.  But I am home and I had a most wonderful time. Lots of time on the beach and site seeing. It is very expensive in Hawaii, but now that I have been there I could do it much cheaper next time. I have lots of tips to keep the costs down. Slugs you are going, I mean it.....

I am happy to be home, and I miss the sun it is drizzle overcast and rainy, but praise the lord for the rain. It rained almost every day while I was gone so we are catching up on the drought status here in Idaho.

Poor hubs missed me dreadfully. Especially cooking, and he did not know how to use the dryer so had to call daughter to come show him how.  He is truly a taken care of man and is like a ship without at rudder when I am gone.

He picks up but does not clean.  IF SOMETHING FALLS OF THE FLOOR IT STAYS THERE. Nothing is wiped off, he just doesn't see that kind of dirt. SO this place is pretty scuzzy and we have relatives coming to stay on Saturday and I need to unpack and do laundry.  Then the cat is mad because I was gone so he retaliates by wetting Hubs side of the bed on purpose. ( hubs side, hee hee)  SO cat is now outside and I had to spend almost $10.00 washing and drying the bedspread this morning at a laundry mat.

I missed you guys and was wondering how things were going with everyone.  I will try and catch up if I can.   But right now it is wipe my drippy nose, and try to catch up around here.

In the mean time Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change on my trip and added to my pig bank Only 26 more days until I get to open this.

2. saved all my $5.00 bills while traveling now have $2355.00 had. $55.00 for the trip in 5's

3. found over $2 in change at varies locations on trip.  Las Vegas airport is a great place to find money found over a dollar there mostly pennies. We had a 6 hour layover and I walked the airport.

4. They were giving away free pumpkins that had not sold at Winco in Twin Falls on November 1st  and both daughter and I got one.  I stored them in daughter's car at airport  and with the two I have here I will have plenty of pumpkin to freeze for pies.That is on tomorrows agenda, hopefully hubs will clean and cut them up for me.

5. We ate at hole in the wall mm pa places in Hawaii where it was much cheaper than regular restaurants.

6. Daughter and I usually split meals and split the boys so never bought more than two entrees'

7. We did stop at a grocer to buy some food stuffs to save money.  But I am telling you groceries are very expensive. We bought bread,butter, jams and eggs , peanut butter for quick breakfasts.  Also bought water bottles and some fruit and snacks. We used up almost everything we bought and left the rest for the maid and she was grateful for our leftovers.

8. We tried to use only cash at ma pa places and to buy souvenirs from locals so the money would stay in the hands of local people. I only used the CC for things that would go to business off shore

9. Came home and got all of my free Abotta things for Thanksgiving

10. downloaded all receipts to fetch. 

11. received a $25.00 refund from LOREAL Paris for hair dye that came out the wrong color.  I had pictures and proof. I contacted the # on the can and they refunded my money.

12. finally was able to use the rain check for the .88 a pound chickens they finally got in from a month ago.

13. stopped and bought onions for .25 a pound at road side stands outside of Nampa.  Both white and yellow. We could have picked them from the side of road but husband does not like to stop and says the Mexican women who run the stands need our money and I agreed.

14. Always used gas buddy for the cheapest gas.  Gas is .79 higher in the Boise area than it is here.

15.  Went to a large sale of vendors in Waikiki for all our gifts.  They meet once a week and it is called the swap meet.  Things were much cheaper there.

16. I was able to get  eldest daughter's Christmas gift there much less and better quality than ordering online here.  It was a pair of grey pearl studs.

My house is a wreck and I feel like I have been run over.  At least the bedding is clean and now I just have to take it one step at a time.


So happy to be home, but also sad and miss the sunshine.


I am so blessed I tell you.

Have a great and productive day staying positivist while you are in the negative.