Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, bill paying day,ugh!

      Well made it through the weekend.  Friday I finished a Halloween costume and spent the rest of the day cleaning house.  Sissie helped me, she did the kitchen and set my table for guests.

    We had a couple over for dinner and it was so fun. Retired professors, so many things to talk about and lot's of laughs.  Then for after dinner fun we carved pumpkins.  Quite the contest.

     Saturday B came home and I took her out to by tennis shoes.  I actually slept until 11:30 and then came home at 3:30 and slept until 7 p.m.  Hub's woke me and we went to Wal-mart for a few things.

     Came home made a big batch of Swedish meat balls and two pumpkin pies.  We had 12 people for supper on Sunday and I wanted to get most of it done before I went to bed.  So I set tables and had everything done except the rolls which I made up right before church and mom finished for me.

     She was so nervous about the rolls.  Finally I said, "Mom I did not come out of the womb this way, someone taught me to do this.  Hmmm?  I wonder who?"  (heavy sarcasm)  She finally rose to the occasion. It is like she has become helpless and remembers nothing. 

     But get this, although I have to sew and teach for Amanda as it is Halloween.  Mom has me scheduled to do krumkake today, go to the post office, find her a basket,....... but she can't bake a roll.

     Some one come and rescue me please.

Also take note:  I did several things in my master bedroom list last Friday so all is not lost.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday, mom's home and she is running the show.....

     I got home from the specialist yesterday ( the news was not good) and I expected mom to be in her room resting.  Oh no not her.  She had been confined to a bed for 48 hours and she was ready to go. 

     We had to make cupcakes for Hub's office (old office)  after all I had promised and Hub's was pouting.  So when has she ever cared when Hub's was unhappy?  Like NEVER!

     48 decorated cupcakes later, (she did the decorations just like a little kid), she was still not satisfied.  She loves bossing me from her thrown (stool) in the kitchen.

    So I had to whip up a double batch of sugar cookies to frost.  (There was frosting left over from when she made sister bake).  Okay now we can qui.......

     No we had better throw together those rice crispy treats for the boys.  She can mail packaged tomorrow.

So by 10 p.m.last night my kitchen was a frosted disaster, she went to bed.  I did a crappy cleaning job and went to the grocery store.

     I have company coming to dinner tonight and we were out of milk and butter salad things.

     I need to finish up a Halloween outfit and then start on my house.  It is a wreck.  I am a wreck.  Mother is doing great!

Kill me now.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday, Sleep I love thee

     Okay having slept I have a better perspective on my situation.  Mom is coming home, today.  I have a specialist appointment this afternoon.  I will catch up eventually.  Thanks for the well wishers.

    My week has been so messed up I don't know where to start, still so grateful mom is okay.

I just want to make frosted sugar cookies for some reason.  Or maybe empty the garbage cans? Can't put a cohesive thought together.

stay tuned....

kim will return as soon as I find her

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday, late post , mom in hospital

     I can't get my email to work to go to my sister and I email her almost every day.  So frustrating.  No time to fix anything.  Mom came out of her room about 10:30 last night and she could not tell me what was wrong with her.  Finally I got heart out of her and I immediately got dressed and rushed her to St. Joes.  Her heart was in A-fib.  I had left my cell phone at home so had Hub's call Sister.  We were both at hospital until 3:15 and they admitted her.  Finally got her heart rate down to normal later today but she has to stay until tomorrow.  Totally screwed the schedule and I am so tired I am dropping.  Also very behind now.  I feel like life is just one big aggravation.  But so grateful she is okay.

     Sis and I spent several hours today in her room making a general nuisance of ourselves, but we laughed so much mostly at her expense.  We played dice and had most of the staff in and out laughing with us.  That's just how we roll.

     I am going to bed.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday, It takes fortitude

     Coming home from a trip is not for sissies.  My brain was obviously still in vacation mode yesterday because the day that I planned was not the day that I had.  I was going to be a whirl wind of activity and accomplish so much.  Instead I found myself sewing at 11:00 last night to get my quota done.

     We had no groceries to speak off, which really set Hub's off.  The truck battery was dead.  The chickens were out of food and we had no dog food.  It is one thing to deal with a hungry husband, when the animals start giving you the guilt trip well not so easy to ignore.

     We had a power outage while we were gone so the Internet was down, and it took me an hour to reboot and find the problem.  The netflix is not working in either room to mom's she grin.

     I could not complete one order in the shop without going to Joanns. So everything was on hold until I could get there.  I had to turn around twice as I left my samples to match at home TWICE!!!!  How does one do that?  I am telling you I make stupid look so easy.

     The dishwasher had not been run when we left and the dishes were all well let's just say disgusting.  When I went to bed last night here was the master bedroom still in the same shape I left it in earlier.  At least I got unpacked and the the suitcases down stairs.

     I went to Sister's last night and packed all mom's crap home.  Bags and bags of stuff, she is a bag lady.  I did not help her unpack, I just fed her and she went to bed.

     Have I complained enough yet?  Because I have more.

     Anyway the good news is I was able to finally pay the computer guy and I picked up my ring from the jewelers.  It is a little big, but as I had to work and scrap the meat off my finger to get it off last time I had x-rays, I will wear it  this way.  Don't worry my hands will swell again.

     And Drum roll it looks like I have enough money to pay off the counter tops.  God is good, and I have been really trying to watch what I spend and save everything I can around here and from the shop.  SO look at those totals, and don't despair I have more debts to add when these are paid.  I hate to disappoint.

Have a great and  productive day!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday,back from the East, with a goal for the week

     We had a wonderful time.  Taking 6 people touring over part of the east coast, had its ups and down.  But mainly ups.  As hubs and I have been there many times we were the guides.  I love D.C. and the surrounding area and could hike and tour forever.

     I was a little tired as I was fighting my cold, but I made it through.  By the 8th day I was about to collapse.  It was like a forced march every day.  And I did not want to be a party pooper.  We laughed so much but Hub's and I realized if we had gone by ourselves we would have seen so much more.  When you involve more people you have to consider their needs and time frame.  Would I do it again? You betcha!

         My favorite day was spent in Scranton at the coal mines and Steam Town museum.  The Poconos were at full color for fall leaves.  It was more beautiful than I could imagine.  I also was able to see Sluggy!  She looked great and I wish I had been able to spend more time with her but that will come someday.  She and her hubby took us out to breakfast which was unnecessary , they are very generous.  My family loved them,  who wouldn't?  Sluggy's husband has dreamy brown eyes.  All of us women agreed, the best... watch him close Sluggy.

     Now I am home and I have to face the music.  Yikes!  As in pay some bills and take a very realistic look at our finances.  I also need to get to work and turn over some money.  I needs the dough.

     My sister is an awesome hostess.  So coming home to my own meals and laundry is a bummer.  I am unpacked but need to do a mountain of laundry.

My goal for the week is to deep clean and purge our master bedroom and bath.  I need to swap our winter and summer clothes.  I am going to be ruthless.  I just have way too much and it is ridiculous.  I will blame my sister, who buys me so much stuff.

    My chickens and dog missed me!
Sending Hub's out for chicken food.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, How do you spel pnuemonia?

     I have a ton of very heavy meds now and I do actually feel better than I did yesterday which was such a drag.  As in dragging my butt around getting things done.

So much sewing, lot's of heavy work at studio, bill to pay and balance.  Could not get prescriptions until about 9 last night. The pharmacy was crazy.

Antibiotics are miracles.  Still short of breath but feel like I will live.

Have to get busy.  I am in my pjs.  It is 11:21

I'm trying to get everything done in the next two hours and then home for a nap!

have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, definately the doctor today

  I have a appointment at 11:25.  I could hardly breath yesterday for a couple of hours.  I slept so much.  It is the sleeping that is telling me something is really wrong.  I am just so tired and exhausted.  Not enough oxygen or something.  Maybe my brain cells are giving up, all two of them.

We took moms and dad and sis to "Oliver" on Friday.  Hub's did a great job.  I had dance students in it.  They were cute and looked like they had fun.  Then we got ice cream, yum.

Saturday morning Sis and I were up early to take mom and dad home.  I was to drive them home Sat. stay the night and then drive home by my self Sunday.  I had asked sis to drive with me in a day but she has driven sooooo much back and forth from St Louis 3 times in the last few months that she was not too keen on the idea and then out of guilt changed her mind.  Isn't guilt wonderful?

    We took her car and had such a fun time.  It is onion season in southern Idaho.  I always told her we did not buy onions or potatoes here.  We waited and picked them up off the side of the road.  Onion and potato trucks are overloaded and they fall in soft dirt.  We stop and pick them up.  Red and yellow.  So here we are on the highway stopping every quarter mile to pick onions.  Next month is potato harvest.  You can easily get 100 lbs of potatoes if you will stop and pick them up.

I should really keep track of all the food we get for free down here just by gleaning.  It is pretty amazing. Sluggy said she was out of onions. I would bring her some if I could get then through the airport.

     Sent home 2 large and one small pumpkin with mom and dad.  Even though I did not grow pumpkins. 

     I have a so much to do today and I feel like crap.  Some sewing, some laundry, some packing, have to help new owner of studio take some stuff to the dump.  Have to pay bills before we leave.

I feel crazed!  So what is new with you?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday,heading to doctor I think?

     Well I am truly going to make time for the doctor today if I can get in.  I do have an appointment set for Monday.  If I go today it will be to the doc in the box.

     Sewed hard yesterday and I have a load to do today.  Made a big pot of bean soup which I love.

We are going to Oliver tonight to see Hub's play.

Tomorrow I will be driving the folks home, it will take 5-6 hours.  I will stay the night and drive back Sunday.

A purple bridesmaid dress is calling so I had better run.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday, I am so disorganized this week

     I just cannot get anything done.  I am a wreck.  What is wrong with me?  I can finish nothing.  Someone needs to come a be my keeper.

Mom soaked her cell phone in vinegar when she was making cucumber pickles.  Yes the phone was full of vinegar.  Which she adamantly denied at the phone store.  We also found one of her very expensive diamond necklaces, but not her tooth bridge.  So she goes to the dentist today for a new mold.

     I need to get into the doctor as the cold has settled in my chest. I don't really feel bad but the back of my throat is sore and my soft palette is sore to the touch.  My teeth ache and I have a dull headache so I know an infection is brewing.  Hard to breath and I am almost out of my inhaler.  Don't need to be in D.C. and have a full blown attack.  Problem is I don't want to take the time.  I hate going to the doctor.

I did get in the tub this morning so I am clean and wet, maybe I can motivate myself to get upstais and dry my hair.

      Will put on a pot of beans to soak for bean soup.  Need to use up that ham bone.  I love bean soup.

Have a to go mom have screwed up her sewing machine again..........

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, Im alwasy looking for something...

     Mom has killed her phone again, so I will be replacing that today.  Then She has lost two very expensive pieces of jewelry and her tooth.  I am always looking for something for her.  I feel bad for her I know she gets frustrated with herself.

     Mom and dad are taking us out to dinner tonight so I don't have to cook yeah!

I have plenty to do in the shop I just need to keep myself motivated.  As in not interrupted 20 times by others (i.e. mom, hubs, in-laws)

I will have to take mom to the phone store today at sometime.

So if you can see by my side bars I have a few bills to really attack and plan on doing this in the next month, then I will add new ones, as I have a great long list of stupidities.  Well not all are stupid but some are.  The main thing is to get them paid and quit adding new ones.

By the way the trip we are going on is paid for by long term savings.  So we will not add to the debt.

I had so much fun with my students last night, the older class is playing the 5 golden rings.  They have to dance with hula hoops that light up.  It is so funny and so hard for them.  Lot's of practise and lots of laughing.

Well I am off to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, teaching day!

     I am trying hard on my teaching days not to do too much running around to save my hip which has a tendency to inflame when I over do.Like I did not go on a 5 mile walk with Hub's.  I will be on my feet choreographing for 4 hours tonight.  These are all the things my mind tells me to do to play it safe.

This is what actually happens:  I tell hub's I am not walking with him and I get dressed and go downstairs get a diet coke(breakfast of champions) and go through the email.  I am called upstairs at least 4 times for various things hub's and in-laws can't find.  Finally they are out the door.  Now mom needs me to bring up her medicine.  Okay,  then her blood pressure cuff,  then her sugar monitor.  On the sugar monitor trip she says are you going to make me breakfast?  Well yes what do you want?  A poached egg and a muffin?  Peanut butter toast(I am having that),  Cottage cheese and fruit?  Yes she wants peaches.  So I get to run back down stairs to get peaches.  Now she wants me to check and see how many eggs are in the coop as she is trying to round out a dozen.  She has an obsession with having full dozens facilitating going out to cheer on the chickens and perhaps squeezing the eggs out to get the full dozen, so she will leave me alone.  I have now made at least 10 trips up and down the stairs and I might as well have gone on a walk.

I have a day a of sewing ahead of me, and will make scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner with a pan of corn bread and a spaghetti squash.  I will not be here for dinner.  But I just can't see 4 fools bumping into each other in the kitchen.  I will have less mess to clean up if I do it early.

I am going to clean up the blog today, but it is not finished, I have so many financial things to up date.

So stay tuned and don't touch that dial....

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday, Lot' happenin'

          I arrived home Saturday evening with the in laws in tow.  Hub's was playing for a wedding with a quartet and then went right to Oliver to play so we did not see him until late. I got them settled down and went a bought a few groceries.  I took mom and that was frustrating as she is so slow.  She also has lost her tooth. Which means I will have to deal with that drama.

     Yesterday was conference for our church so we stayed home and snuggled on the couch and watched  conference on a lap top.  I made a nice ham dinner and we should be able to eat on that for a week.

Hub's and I are taking off again to go back east to tour with his sister's and their husbands.  I am not anxious to be gone so much as I miss business and I need the money.  Unfortunate I don't always get to control the family.

     The shop was really slow the two weeks before I left and I only have 7 days for it to pick up before I leave again.  Then I want to stay home for a while.

     I was so worth going to sit with the grand kids.  It was fun.  Now I get to come home and face the music. Not so fun.  Many bills due so I need to get to the bank and get everything paid and budgeted.

     My blog is a wreck and no totals are correct.  I have to get this cleaned up and running right as I need my cheer leading squad behind me.  Or as my sister says you all need to kick my butt:)

Have a great and productive day I am going to run and hide from my in laws and my finances.