Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday, mom's home and she is running the show.....

     I got home from the specialist yesterday ( the news was not good) and I expected mom to be in her room resting.  Oh no not her.  She had been confined to a bed for 48 hours and she was ready to go. 

     We had to make cupcakes for Hub's office (old office)  after all I had promised and Hub's was pouting.  So when has she ever cared when Hub's was unhappy?  Like NEVER!

     48 decorated cupcakes later, (she did the decorations just like a little kid), she was still not satisfied.  She loves bossing me from her thrown (stool) in the kitchen.

    So I had to whip up a double batch of sugar cookies to frost.  (There was frosting left over from when she made sister bake).  Okay now we can qui.......

     No we had better throw together those rice crispy treats for the boys.  She can mail packaged tomorrow.

So by 10 p.m.last night my kitchen was a frosted disaster, she went to bed.  I did a crappy cleaning job and went to the grocery store.

     I have company coming to dinner tonight and we were out of milk and butter salad things.

     I need to finish up a Halloween outfit and then start on my house.  It is a wreck.  I am a wreck.  Mother is doing great!

Kill me now.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Just fly back here to me instead.

  2. Oh, I so feel your pain! Hope things get a bit better and if not go back to Sluggy's house!

  3. I can understand "just kill me now." Frosting is sooo hard to clean up.

  4. Glad your mom is okay...but are you? Mailing rice crispy squares? Your mom is something else!