Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday, It takes fortitude

     Coming home from a trip is not for sissies.  My brain was obviously still in vacation mode yesterday because the day that I planned was not the day that I had.  I was going to be a whirl wind of activity and accomplish so much.  Instead I found myself sewing at 11:00 last night to get my quota done.

     We had no groceries to speak off, which really set Hub's off.  The truck battery was dead.  The chickens were out of food and we had no dog food.  It is one thing to deal with a hungry husband, when the animals start giving you the guilt trip well not so easy to ignore.

     We had a power outage while we were gone so the Internet was down, and it took me an hour to reboot and find the problem.  The netflix is not working in either room to mom's she grin.

     I could not complete one order in the shop without going to Joanns. So everything was on hold until I could get there.  I had to turn around twice as I left my samples to match at home TWICE!!!!  How does one do that?  I am telling you I make stupid look so easy.

     The dishwasher had not been run when we left and the dishes were all well let's just say disgusting.  When I went to bed last night here was the master bedroom still in the same shape I left it in earlier.  At least I got unpacked and the the suitcases down stairs.

     I went to Sister's last night and packed all mom's crap home.  Bags and bags of stuff, she is a bag lady.  I did not help her unpack, I just fed her and she went to bed.

     Have I complained enough yet?  Because I have more.

     Anyway the good news is I was able to finally pay the computer guy and I picked up my ring from the jewelers.  It is a little big, but as I had to work and scrap the meat off my finger to get it off last time I had x-rays, I will wear it  this way.  Don't worry my hands will swell again.

     And Drum roll it looks like I have enough money to pay off the counter tops.  God is good, and I have been really trying to watch what I spend and save everything I can around here and from the shop.  SO look at those totals, and don't despair I have more debts to add when these are paid.  I hate to disappoint.

Have a great and  productive day!



  1. I'm jealous that you got sluggy time!!!
    It is always so hard to come back form a vacation. I'm lost for a few days. You will get back in the swing of things soon.

  2. yay for the counter tops!!!! I am so jealous of the sluggy time too!
    But she did come see me a couple years ago, so there's that...