Monday, December 18, 2023

Monday, More sewing, trying to stay calm.

 I need this on a t-shirt. It could be my motto.

I have Kelsa here today and she has been with me for the last two nights.  She has had a snotty cold but was much better yesterday. Seems to be over it today.

I have sewing to do all day today and tomorrow and then onto cookie baking.  

Lil sis and I got hers done on Friday, but lefsa took almost her whole day.  Next year we will just have a lefsa day.

I do not plan on doing any sewing after tomorrow.  Everything can wait until after the New Year.

Only one more present needs to arrive for gift giving and I am done. Amazon is a game changer I tell you.

I am not sleeping well.  I can't get to sleep no matter how tired I am.  Once I am asleep, I am fine.  But I watch the clock until 3 in the morning and I need to find a way to break this cycle.  I am so tired all the time.  I cannot take a nap every day.

I am sure it is just stress, and grief.  Trying really hard to mitigate this, but so far nothing has helped.  It is just time.

I am missing Slugs really bad and she is going to see Sissie after Christmas and I want to be there, but no go.  THEY HAD BETTER NOT HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME.....


Thursday, December 14, 2023

Thursday, more to do.

 I sewed all day yesterday and I still have a whole lot left to do.  I don't want to do it.  I want a nap.

Lil sis is coming over tomorrow to Christmas bake with me and that should be fun.

I must get my bag of creations ready to fit on a woman and a pair of pants hemmed and altered.  I also need to take up sleeves in a jacket and hem two pairs of jeans by tomorrow.

That will leave a couple of projects that will take all day for next week.

I swear this stuff multiplies in the night.

Took car in as the oil light keeps coming on and I just had that expensive oil changed a few months ago. I had the records and they saw the low miles and thought maybe they had not put enough in.  Oh great!  This is why you keep records.

Really want a nap, I mean really, really .


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Wednesday, Lots to do, dang it!

 Kim is spazing out.  Whatever that means.  I think I need Sissie here pronto.  But if she was here, I would be in so much trouble.

Book club went well last night.  I had treats, krumkakke, peppakakkor, almond cake, and coco casse, and lemon citron casse.  Everyone loved the goodies. 

I have so much sewing to do in the shop.  I don't know where it all came from, as I thought I was caught up last week.

So (sew) today I will be in the shop until the cows come home.

And by the way I am surrounded by cows on two sides.

Here is the list!

1. hem a pair of jeans

2. mend a skirt

3. alter a pile of tops maybe 6

4. sew buttons on pants

5. make a bed spread smaller

6. mend a couple of items

7. do three custom projects

8. get a bag of mending done

9. make two large pillow covers with zippers.

Now let's see what I can get done.


Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tuesday, 2 days in a row, Wow!


Took my saved coins into bank today and I had $267.57 saved for Christmas mad money.  Yippee!

Book club is here tonight, and I still have two batches of cookies to do and the kitchen to clean. 

I did run a bunch of errands this morning and just realized 3 things I forgot.  That is my brain these days.

But I am feeling so much better about Christmas right now.  Just more positive, or maybe I just don't really care.  I am not sure which.

There is more to do in the shop right now than I realized, so I will have to hit that hard tomorrow, but I might have two kids here so who knows?

Anyway, off to get my chores done.  What about you guys?


Monday, December 11, 2023

Monday, Christmas panic!

 Here it is the 11th and I have hardly done any Christmas shopping.  I mean I am usually done before Thanksgiving, and I have just been in a blur.

But I think this morning I was able to get on Amazon and get most of it done.  Thanks goodness.  Still have a couple of grandkid gifts, that I can get elsewhere, and I hope to do that tonight after Kelsa gets picked up.

I am proud to say I spent 3 hours in my shop on Friday afternoon and was able to get 19 pairs of pants hemmed and few other things mended.  Still have a way to go, but not feeling so overwhelmed.

Then Saturday I really got the house cleaned up (not that you can tell after Kelsa has been here) But underneath the mess it is clean. 

Sunday after church I started on some baking.  But have much more to do.  Lil sis will come over on Friday I think to bake, but now I am not sure. better txt her.  I can't remember anything I swear.

I have not cashed in my coin bank yet and I have always done that on Dec. 7th. I need to go do that. I also need to pay $48.00 more dollars in property tax.  I paid it early, and they did not have the figure out yet. I also did not save my penny a day this year.  I started but my brain would just not cooperate. Maybe the new year will be better.

I do have $1285.00 saved in my $5.00 bill savings for my trip to Hawaii in the spring.

There is a small pile of things to get done in the shop plus some custom work, so I do have things to do, just don't want to do them, but I will make myself.

Book club is here tomorrow night, so I need to reclean the house, and get a few more cookies done up.

Trying really hard to stay busy and positive.  Grandkids help a lot!


Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday, In trouble with Sissie!

 This is Kim. Kim is in a frump.  She is really trying.  Well not really since Kim played on her cell phone watching videos, for 9 straight hours yesterday, in the dark in her bedroom. 

The holidays hit much harder than I thought they would. Just terribly depressed.  Having a hard time getting things done.  Losing things, can't keep my mind straight on anything.  But I am determined to get my act together.

I had a good time at Jessies (D#1).  I recovered her dining chairs bottoms and then also a chair in her front room.  Sewed some costume pieces for the upcoming nutcracker.  It was fun and I love to do projects so just what I needed.

I finally got the house decorated, but it has taken me forever.  I just can't seem to finish anything.  And I pride myself on being a finisher.  So, my whole psyche is disturbed by my slump.  What is happening to me?

The first Christmas box I opened, had Joel's Christmas stocking right on top.  I about went through the roof.  My daughter came over and snatched it away.  It was so funny. Now what are the chances?

I am so determined to turn over a new leaf come the new year.  But if the leaf doesn't get turned over, will you still love me?  Will I still love me, now that is the question.

Kim Nine years ago as Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker. What happened to that crazy, whirlwind?

Kelsa got a hold of a marker. See Canadian Maple leaf on forehead.  Those roots run deep in the family. This kid keeps me hopping.

Anyway, just wanted you guys to know, that I am okay, not being okay. I have a busy week ahead and I am in no way ready for it.  So much to do and I keep putting it off, but that ends today.  I think?

I have at least 20 pairs of pants to hem and my shop is a disaster, so that is the first thing on the agenda.  I am going to hem pants and then clean the shop.  I hope...

Will return and report, I think...


Monday, November 20, 2023

Monday, Flying Out

 Leaving for Eldest daughter's house for Thanksgiving. Who knew when this picture was taken it would be the last Thanksgiving with Joel.  I am so happy we had it at his Mother's place.  She has that good memory to look back on.

I thought I was going to sale through the Holidays, but the grief is starting to come strong and fast.  i hope I can beat it back.

I will be in Twin Falls until the 29th and then home to get ready and decorate for Christmas.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Turkey Holiday. 


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Tuesday, Heat is on!

 I about cried last night when I turned on the kitchen sink and I had hot water.  After 6 days this is a real gift.

Both kids are here today, and I am going to work outside if the weather holds.

Heat glorious heat!  You never know how good you got it until you don't got it.

No kids tomorrow.  Stay tuned I might get some work done!


Monday, November 13, 2023

Monday, the no heat addition!

 Here she is smoking her bink.  I want to work outside a little today and this is how she dresses herself.  Notice the two different shoes and one is on backwards.

We have been without heat or natural gas here since last Wednesday. A major gas line was hit and 36,000 of us in this part of Idaho and Washington have been without heat.  Yes, that is the University Dorms and all.

The house gets down to about 61 at night and then I run a space heater I can get it up to 67.  I am hoping to get mine turned back on today.  Lil sis just txt. and she just got hers restored.

But they have to go home by home.  It is such a mess.  Businesses without the ability to cook or keep warm.  It has been a real adventure here.

Someone from our church went to Seattle with a trailer to buy as many space heaters as they could get.  Our small town was out in about an hour. I bought several Thursday when they got into town, and then went up to Braunwyn's at the U of I.  The 6 story dorms were without heat, and it is below freezing there at night. Since dorm rooms are small a space heater can heat them up in no time, plus if you run 30 heaters on a floor you blow fuses all over the place.  THE THINGS YOU FIND OUT, when you enter the twilight zone. The person in charge of the dorm floor was in charge of the heaters and they worked out a way to keep as many warm as possible.

B has electric heat, so I was able to bathe and then stayed the night and we did some work on her place, and I passed out heaters and blankets to very grateful recipients. Told the kids to heat up their room and then pass the heater to the next room and keep a round robin going so as many can get their rooms warmed up as possible. I think the University has been restored. 

People down here are fussing but you have to restore power where it is freezing first. We are not below freezing here. So suck it up. 

It is a beautiful day here today and I hope to get some yardwork done at least a little.  Also have plenty of housework, as I did nothing here this weekend.  B is bringing Oliver down to stay for a couple of days, and I am making a big dinner of buttered chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans as the babies love mashed potatoes and green beans.

I pulled all the pillows from the lawn furniture, and they are drying in the front room ready to be put away for the winter. After I get the house pulled together, I will get some sewing done hopefully during nap time.

Kelsa just brought me a wooden banana on a plate with a fork for a snack.  I am well cared for. I have to go make the bed in the master bedroom.

Stay warm!


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Wednesday, The kill me now addition!


To all out-of-control wingnuts out there please join me in prayer.

Why, why, why does the sunshine beautifully on the day I have so much to do in the shop?  I mean the last 4 days were very rainy and dismal.  I had the kids, and we were stuck inside getting very little done. They would have loved to be outside working in the yard.  But no, now it is beautiful and sunny.  

Just saying I am a little disgusted with the weather man. He better not show up here to get his pants hemmed.


1. replace a zipper
2. hem two pairs of Levis
3. hand hem 4 pairs of dress pants
4. hem two pairs of jeans
5. hem 5 pairs of pants
6. hem a pair of jeans
7. hem 3 pairs of pants

I can't remember the rest and I really don't want to go looking as I am sure I will discover more work!

Here is to burying your head in the sand...


Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Tuesday, Chasing grand kids

 Where my mind is most of the time. I got my meatballs made and mashed potatoes and salad and the kids came for dinner last night.  I even did the dishes before I went to bed, that was a biggie for me with all the bad habits I have developed during this grieving thing.

The kids have destroyed the family room, but it will easily be picked up when they leave.

We played with sticker books and then I was much more fun to stick things on than the book.  Yes, I forgot and answered the door like this.  I might even go vote this way.

Isn't this the sweetest picture of William and Kelsa.  Just to show you they don't fight all the time.

I have plenty of small swing piles to keep me busy. I hope to be able to give a good report tomorrow that Kim got something done.

I tried yesterday but Kelsa was a bearcat. I wonder who spoiled her so bad? I will have to talk to them.

In the meantime, thanks for all the support, you have no idea how much I need it.


Monday, November 6, 2023

Monday, Where to begin

Hey, do you recognize anyone in the picture?  (Kim, Kay, Slugs, Anne to name a few) 

I think DC was good for me.  I had to go back to the place where Hubs passed and face that and then home again to an empty house.  Both were hard.  But I did it.

I will never have my old life back.  I can only move forward.  So, I want to move forward in a positive way. I will still grieve.  Heck I will grieve forever, but I don't want it to take over my life like it has been.  Not that I won't have days of relapse.

I am trying to get up and get dresses and put on some makeup to face the public.  I feel better when I do this, and I have been very slack.  I am trying to get things done on a daily basis, so I am not staring off into space doing nothing for hours.

There is so much yard work to do here and the rain this weekend is not helping me complete anything, but it has to stop sometime.

Nathan's schedule has changed so I will have Kelsa more and that is okay as it is a slower time of year for me.  I will also get Oliver tonight so two grandbabies that will keep me busy.

I took meat out for Swedish meatballs and my recipe makes 12 dozen.  We have had babies born in the church including a set of twins, so I want to get some things in the freezer for the new mothers. I will also send some home with the girls.

I have some sewing I want to get done today that is due out tomorrow.  I will do that before I make meat balls first and then while they cook, I will sew.

I will be flying to Jethelyn's on the 20th of the month and back on the 29th.  She has a trial on the Wednesday before and one on the Friday after. So, I will be cooking dinner.  I am excited to go and see the boys.

The piano piece I have for choir is very hard.  As in faster than I want to play it, and I will really need to practice but I have over a month.  Eee gads.

I am starting to realize I just need to begin again.  It is hard, but I have no choice.  The only place to begin is now, today.  Please help me.


Thursday, November 2, 2023

Thursday: November is here!


Home and Happy to be here.  Had a good time with Sissie and Aunty.  Really had fun when kids were there, and we did a lot of sites seeing in DC. Walked our feet off. Nate had not been to the area, so we did all the normal things. but you need to be able to put about 10 miles a day on your feet.

Lots of shopping, got a new suit for church and replaced a couple of pairs of shoes, also bought really good running shoes, as my knees were feeling a little loose in the joints.  Not sore but wonky.

Home to the grandkids and Kelsa has been my entertainment for the last two days.

I have a lot of yard work to do, but my goal today is bills, ironing and just catching up. I have two piano pieces I am working on, and I hate one of them.  Changes keys 4 times and timing and has me becoming the entire orchestra.  But that will soon be behind me.

All my plants are frozen as I did not get them in and that was disappointing but my own fault, as I dilly dallied and did not get them pulled.  So, I guess I start over in January. Lucky me.

My sister in laws cancer is back and spread all over so she is entering a drug trial in Texas.  I am hoping they can do something for her.  Joel's mom continues to have heart pain at night.  I don't think she will be with us much longer but then you never know. So those are two things I pray and worry about. I can do nothing.  Just hope and pray.

SO many things on my mind, that I need to dump.  Need to pay bills and take money to the bank to pay for the fun I had in DC. Lots of errands to run. Hoping daughter gets off early enough for me to hit the banks before they close.

I want to catch up with everyone as I feel so out of the loop.


Monday, October 16, 2023

Monday, I must pack!

 Kelsa was here today, and we went to the park, and we went on a long stroller walk, and we did not clean or get anything done to leave because we were playing.  I did finally just check into the airport, and I do have my meds packed.  But I have not brought my suitcase out of the garage yet.

I have to get the dogs stuff packed up and still figure out a ride to the airport.  I will call my girlfriend. The neighbor came by who is taking care of the cat.  So that is worked out.

I think once I get the suitcase in and opened, I will get some motivation. I think my biggest problem is that I am tired.  I took a very long nap yesterday and could not sleep last night.  SO my fault.

I hope I am doing the right thing with this trip.  Going back to the place where I lost Joel. Walking the same paths and the memories.  I am a big girl, but this might be really hard.  Signe" and Nate are flying in also for about 5 days so that will be fun and then Sissie bought Auntie a ticket to come in later.  It will be party central, I think.  Not much time for feeling sorry for myself.

I will be back on the 31st, just in time to go trick or treating with the grand kids. And then bring them home for a sleep over.  Yippee!!!

There is a lone wedding dress hanging in the shop.  It is so weird as there were about 12 there a month ago.  So happy the season is over!

I need to bring in my lemon trees tomorrow just in case we have a really hard frost while I am gone.  I did not get the geraniums in like I wanted so I hope those last until I get back. Just called a secured a ride to the airport from my bestest buddy.  So, I guess I really am leaving.

Take care and don't have too much fun while I am gone.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Wednesday, I cleaned!!!!

 I know most of you probably think I am really weird that I am so excited that I cleaned the house. Not just a pickup but cleaned.  I scrubbed bathrooms, did windowsills, all the mirrors, got the dust bunnies under al the furniture.  This is no joke when you have hardwood and a corgi.

I have been so bad about not finishing things and I am a finisher.  At least I used to be. Now I will pull out the steam mop and leave it in the hall for two weeks and then put it away without mopping. I just have a tendency to do half of what needs to be done and then start over.  I don't know if it is a grief thing.  A lack of energy, or a lack of caring?  It is weird.  I don't like it. I want it to go away.

Today I got up to a very clean house, and I got myself ready to greet my public (also something I have a hard time doing now).  I had made a list the night before, and I hurried out the door, with my list and stopped at 7 different locations to pay bills and pick things up, returning home to blog and answer emails.

Other than taking Kelsa to dance lessons this evening I am free to sew and get everything shop oriented done. I have a couple of easy wedding dresses and then piles.  But I am sure I can get through everything before I go. 

Slugs had her surgery this morning and I have been praying for her.  Got news that it is done and went well, now for the recovery, which I know from helping several people go through this, can be brutal.  I will continue to pray for her pain relief. I just really wish either Sissie or I could be there for a couple of weeks to help her and her hubby. But I will drop all and get a ticket if needed. I just want my Sluggy back, so we can travel and eat carrot cake. She has lost so much weight; I am afraid she will disappear. Can't wait to see her again.

Well, here is my list for today:

1. bustle, take up straps, and put hooks up the back of a wedding dress

2. hem and bustle a wedding dress

3. hem two pairs of pants and 4 curtain panels

4. hem 4 pairs of pants

5. hem 3 pairs of pants and fix the waist on a pair

6. hem a pair of dress slacks

7. go to Joanns and get a zipper

8. Take Kelsa to dance

Here I go!


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Tuesday, I will get something done today

 I am telling you I cannot get anything done... Probably because I have two three-year-olds here for the past 48 hours.  I am determined today to finish something besides a can of diet coke.

Slug goes in for her knee surgery in the morning, so we all need to be praying for a good outcome. Like they don't do the wrong knee, or something like that.

My computer is grinding at the slowest rate I have ever seen. Driving me crazy. 

I made a list of things to get done and one of them was blogging so while I am sitting here complaining I am actually completing a list! 

I think this is the last time I will have the kids before I leave so I want the house really clean.  Oh, who am I kidding? Something will blow the whole thing up.  How is that for a positive outlook?

I did get the spare room cleaned and vacuumed as the kids have been sleeping in there.  All of the laundry is done. I am going to get the floors done today if it kills me. As in all vacuumed and mopped.  Also get the bathrooms deep cleaned they are in desperate need. I hate coming home to a dirty house.

Signe's (daughter #2) office is blowing up and that just makes things hard, not only on her, but on me as I am the sitter.  The schedule is constantly changing, I am ready to go down there and start working as an assistant just to keep things on even keel but hold it I am the sitter. Drats, that brilliant plan won't work.  Let's think of another.

You know slow and steady; I just keep moving toward the goal.  My next task is to pick up all the toys again.  Because I have only done that 10 times in the last 24 hours.  Okay that is an exaggeration it has been 11 Times. But I cannot vacuum with toys all over.

I need to find my rubber gloves to clean the bathrooms and I think they might be outside.  Great! But I will not let that throw me.  Those bathrooms will be cleaned, I am determined.

My poor niece that is my eldest daughter's age broke her ankle and had to have surgery yesterday.  She lives out in the toolies of Idaho, so you can't even send a meal or get to her to help.  She does have sister in laws on the ranch and I hope they step up.  Her two oldest daughters are away, and it is just boys, and I know harvest is not over. 

I am loving running, it has really helped my mood, even if it has not helped my get things done button.  But I don't feel so discouraged.  Went to dinner with my bestie and she said I was glowing.  Maybe good lighting? Time for my closeup Mister Demille.

I have a funeral on Saturday.  Good friend of ours, he had dementia.  He was at Joel's funeral in a wheelchair.  It is a blessing, but still sad.  I am taking in funeral potatoes. I have to laugh because Joel despised funeral potatoes and told me he did not want them at his funeral. 

Well, I had better go find something to cover my hands so I can scrub the bathrooms, I think my gloves are out by the garden. 


Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday, Running!


I'm running!  Not up to speed yet, but I am telling you I think this might be my answer to the depression I have been in for the last few months. I just feel so positive. I hope it lasts.

I do have to say that there is not a schedule yet, as Signe' has had breaks in her work schedule and we have run during the day, and in the morning.  But I do have to get some kind of schedule that works with the shop.

The shop has slowed down enough that I feel like I can take off for an hour, but I still think I will just have to do mornings like I used to years ago. 

I ran 2 miles today and want to work up to a 3-mile run 5 days a week. Also, I think I fell asleep faster, and I slept better. Or maybe this is all just illusion.

Anyway, spent the last two days forcing myself to read, The Night Circus, which I hated. It is one thing to read a book you hate for a class, but for a book club it is painful.  I did it, that is all I can say.  But the time wasted, when I could have been doing something more meaningful. But then again it does open you to different genres, and you get to see what other people like. It gives you a look inside their minds. Like I want someone looking inside my mind......

I have so much to do before I leave for Sissies.  And I just found out I am going away for a week over Thanksgiving. I will go to my eldest daughter's house.  I am excited.

Going out to dinner with my friend tonight, as I have not eaten a meal since I got back from my trip last week.  Cereal, yogurt, candy, chips, diet coke, apples, plums, just general grazing.  So, if I go out, I will eat a meal.

I am thinking of cooking dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday, as those are the days that Kelsa and Will take lessons. They are here in town, and it would save the kids from trying to work and cook. It is an idea.

I am giving Will piano lessons and that is interesting. He is very musical. Got the new choir piece for November and it changes key 4 times, plus timing three times, so I have to really pay attention. When I play for the children's group that is the hardest thing for me is to change keys from one song to the next. I will start the new song in the key that the previous song was in, and it is not good.  ADHD at its finest.

Well, I need to get some sewing done today as I did not get anything done yesterday. I did get another wedding dress in, but it is for December. I will not get to it until I get back from Sissie's.

Well, I am off! In more ways than one.


Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday, I'm back!

 I just loved this meme.  If you own or have ever owned a cat you will understand.  I love cats.  If I did not own a sewing shop, I would have lots of cats.

It was a very long drive to the funeral and back. But the scenery was gorgeous. I understand why the Olympic peninsula has the best tree growth status in the US. The timber I saw was incredible. Just an absolutely beautiful drive.

It was a lovely funeral, and such a great family. The friend I took, was an aunt, or a great aunt to most of the people there and they were so happy to see her.

But it was hard on both of us.  She is still morning her husband, and it was my first funeral since Joel passed. The cemetery was beautiful, and it was perfect weather. We could not have asked for better.

I did not feel at all well driving home.  Terrible sinus pressure and a cough. Every time I coughed; I thought my head would explode. About three hours out I thought I was going to have to stop and get a hotel.  But I took some Aleve and mustered through.  Felt better yesterday, and today even a little better.

I got some good news from my new rheumatologist, that I met last Thursday morning before we left town.  I really liked her.  My cholesterol is outrageous, and they keep trying to put me on a statin. Well come to find out it is caused by my meds.  Good to know! Also, she said I could start running again!!!!!!

Seven Years ago, my doctor wanted me to stop running because of my arthritis. I had been a runner all my life.  I really, really miss it. So, I am going to start slowly and see what happens. Running was more of a mental thing for me, and I could really eat anything I wanted when I ran. Did someone say donut?

It was so nice to be able to come home to a clean shop with only one dress in it! In a little more than 2 weeks I will be at Sissies.  I am very excited! But there is a lot to do to get ready to go.  I need to get all the geraniums I want to winter over out of the ground and into the garage.  The yard tools must be emptied of gas and stored. Toys and cushions put away and stored in the sheds.

Today I am just doing a few piles, I have a bride picking up this afternoon. But there is still plenty to do here, just not the extreme pressure which is so nice.

The neighbor just brought me some frost plums. I love them and have to be careful not to eat too many.

Off to work.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday, Still trying to ....

 I hemmed 18 pairs of pants yesterday among other things. By the way there are still pants to be hemmed here.  They are lurking unseen in various places in the shop.

It is homecoming weekend, and I am getting calls for dresses.  I took two in from very old clients but turned all others away.  Sorry. I don't need the money or the stress.

I have a short list of things I want to get done before I take off on Thursday.  I will not add to the list, I will not add to the list, I will not add......

I am trying to have a mantra in my head.   I also will need to clean the house and clean the car before I leave.  But those things are a given.

Getting my nails done tomorrow and I have a specialist appt. early on Thursday before I leave. I could cancel, but this is the new specialist and I have not seen an actual person for over a year.  It has all been via zoom.  I will be put off several months if I cancel. 

It is rainy and chilly here, so I turned off the air conditioner but no heat yet. I am actually excited about the rain as it means I do not have to water. 

I purchased several packages of bulbs for the garden that need to be planted, but I will do that next week.  I also have to winter over about 40 geraniums, and I will need to get that done before I leave for Kays. I will get missionaries to help me with the outdoor work. Last year Joel and I left everything in the gardens and pots, thinking we would come home in January and get them cleaned out.  Not what happened.  It is much easier to get it done now, I found this out after it was too late.

So now onto today's list:

1. hem bridesmaid dress

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. take in brides maid dress

4. hem homecoming dress

5. alter homecoming dress

6. let out three pairs of pants

7. call clients

8. clean house

9. clean and vacuum car, get car cooler ready

10. hem a choir formal

Okay I am off ( Sluggy and Anne I know what you are thinking) to get some work done. But only what is on the list nothing else.


Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday, Crap weekend

 I have many friends that are in this category, and I am grateful for all of them.

I was exposed to COVID by a doctor client last week and of course had a runny nose and a dull headache, my eyes were burning, but this could be any time for me as I often have headaches, and my eyes burn and constant sinus, so should I really worry? Well yes as COVID is rampant here and many still going into hospital.

So, I had tests at home, but they kept coming out with the faintest positive line.  So, aggravating.  I asked for help from Lil sis as she has had a lot more experience with the tests and has also had COVID twice.  She was less than helpful. So, I finally went to the clinic on Sunday late afternoon.  Doctor said he was glad I came in as people are not taking it seriously and hospitalizations are on the rise again. Anyway, after all the worry the test was negative, so it is just Wheat smut allergy which the whole family suffers from this time of year.

But this ruined my weekend. I did however get some work done!  I am down to one wedding dress in the shop, and it is due out in November.  Still have three bridesmaids to get done today, and OH MY GOODNESS the piles.  Where did they come from?

I am suffering from some pretty major depression related to Joel's death and I am trying so hard to work through it.  I am not a person to feel lonely.  I really don't mind being alone. But I have noticed the longer this period of grief is lasting, I am feeling lost and unfriended.  Which is silly.  But everyone else around me has a life that is moving on and all I have is my loss. Don't really know how to deal with this, but I have to, as no one can do it for me. I notice I don't handle stress or disappointment well. As in a little disruption can send me into a crying jag.  I really hate that and keep telling myself to get a grip.  I mean really?

I think things will be easier when Sissie gets out here. I am looking forward to taking my buddy to a funeral at the end of the week.  Not that a funeral is fun, but it involves getting out of town, with a long drive and good company.  Then when I get home, I only have a couple of weeks before I leave for Sissies. 

Well, I better get busy I swear there are at least 11 black items on the ironing board that all need hems, before I start on the bridesmaid dresses.  I do believe that things have sex in this shop and multiply. 

Onward and upward....


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday, Making progress!

 Makes you wonder Huh? 

I was a very busy girl yesterday and was able to get three wedding dress ready for fittings!  Two have already been picked up!!!

The other one will be tried on tomorrow and then I only have two left. The last one is due out for Nov 7th but I will get that done before I leave for my sisters.

I have 6 bridesmaid dresses to get done along with the one wedding dress before I leave next week, but that is all doable.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!  It is getting brighter and brighter.

There are still so many piles but those will get done as soon as the dresses are done. 

I get Kelsa tonight and tomorrow. 

Working on trying to be a little more joyful.  I seem to go around in a haze of sadness. I don't think people really notice but I just operate on sad.  I want to stop this.

There is joy and happiness everywhere. EVEN IN THE SMALLEST THINGS!

Work in progress here.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday, Up and Attem

 Not that I don't like people from California, but they just seem to be the ones that have lately been gored. 

What is it with people?  Buffalo do not like to be petted.  Did you see Sluggy and out trying to Pet buffalo?  No!  But then we did follow Ty out onto the high prairie in and open vehicle.  So maybe....

I swear every day we have a report of a buffalo accident.  And no, we don't euthanize the buffalo.  Most of the time we euthanize the tourist.  All I can do is shake my head.

I was not good yesterday, but I did get some very needed housework done.

Today I will sew as I have a wedding dress to be picked up this afternoon and I haven't finished it!

My best buddy has a funeral next week about 8 hours away.  I am going to drive her, and we are going to take a little girl trip.  Not for a great reason, but we will make it an adventure. So, I have to finish up 4 dresses before I leave.  That will put some fire under my saddle.  Actually, I need the fire. This has been going on way too long.  I swear I can make a Tolstoy novel out of a few dresses.  Let's get it done and quit stressing and whining.

I am sick of the whining; I can hear myself on auto play.  Just get the darn things done.  Get on with your life. 

Missionaries are coming over to borrow my scale as they are both going home and need to weigh their suitcases. I would think they would want to throw most of their clothes away. You would be so sick of them by now.

So today I will be busy, and I hope to be able to report to you tomorrow how much I accomplished.

Missing my Slug.  Missing carrot cake.  Missing cruising. 


Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday, Day off, NOT!

 Thought I would post J's bio at her studio.  Most of the time she scares me.  Scared by my own daughter?  Why yes, yes, I am.

I ended up with Kelsa today so not much done but having fun.  She is down for a nap, so I plan on sewing. I slept really late this morning and I so needed to sleep as the last two night were dismal.

Last night about 8:30 the missionaries stopped by with a couple of easy mending projects.  I had eaten Lucky charms for dinner, and they had a bowl.  Then one of them needed feminine hygiene, and yes, I had some even thought I have not used it in 15 years.  But I do have daughters that stop by regularly. (I should add sister missionaries)

They are only allowed to go to the store once a week, although I would think this would count as an emergency, but I ran and got a box of things and dropped them off at their apartment this morning, because that is what a mom's do.

Signe' wanted me to keep the kids Saturday night so her and Nate could sleep-in, but I have to play for choir, so that was out. Those two have awful schedules. I don't think either one of them get enough sleep. Shift work is always hard on people.  Now all the football games have started at the colleges and Nate is overtime all over the place.

I have a baby shower in the morning and then I think I will spend the rest of the day at Lil sis's pool. She will be closing it up in a few weeks and it is supposed to be 93 tomorrow.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thursday, First dance class!

 Grandma and Kelsa going to her first dance class, and I don't know who was more excited. She was 1/2 the size of most of the three-year-olds and one mother came up and asked point blank if she was three yet. Oh, great enemies right off the bat. Because we all know who is the cutest right?  RIGHT?

This is a religious dance studio, and they play Christian music. I am not apposed but it does get redundant. They ended her class by shouting Praise Jesus!  My daughter said the look on my face was priceless.  Not that I don't praise Jesus, I just do it more privately......

Both kids are here today so the house is a wreck, but it will clean up fast when they leave.

Did not get much sewing done yesterday, so will try today. 

I bit the inside of my front lip and now I can't seem to eat anything without biting it again.  So sore and swollen. Aggravating.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wednesday, Bride down


Had a bride come in yesterday for her final fitting and pick up.  I had tried the dress on her two weeks before and it fit great I just had to put in or on a net bolero, with lace embossing.  Pian in the A$$.  Anyway, I had a really hard time zipping the dress.  Like she had gained some weight, or something was off.  Like I said I did get her into it.

I was adjusting a few things and she started to get sweaty and was turning a funny shade of purple red. I asked if she was okay, and she said she had eaten a big lunch.  Soon she was swaying, and I told her I was unzipping her dress, I had just enough time to get the zipper down and I grabbed my computer chair behind me and slid it over with my foot and then practically shoved her ball gown dress, train and all into the chair. Kinda of like shoving a large tulle marshmallow.

She did not speak for about 30 seconds, and I grabbed a trash can just in case she got sick.  She was going down fast and not the first time I have had a bride pass out on me.  I made her sit there for a while and she was so afraid she was going to get sick in the dress. I had her take deep breaths in and out of her nose.  Took her about 30 minutes before I would let her get up and get the dress off. Kept wiping the sweat that was pouring off her with a cool wet cloth. Getting her to sip ice water and just sit.  The dress was just loosely hanging on her upper body. I was more worried about sweat stains, but I managed to keep the dress dry.

It was very hot yesterday and she had driven about 2 hours from out of town ate a big lunch and then came in and put on a very tight dress.  I think she will be fine.  She might have to watch what she eats for the next 2 weeks.  SO much excitement.  NOT!

I did get some mums and bulbs planted yesterday and started on another wedding dress.

 Finished it about midnight last night and today I will do another and then all the September dresses will be out.  Yippee!  Well not out but done as far as I can get them without a body to try them on. 

I have way too many piles, and I really don't want to do them.

Both Kelsa and Oliver will be here this afternoon and they will both stay the night and then all day tomorrow so it will be Grandma time.  But I will still be able to get some things done. I think?


Monday, September 11, 2023

Monday, Slept terrible


I usually don't set an alarm, but I did last night. I slept off and on most of the weekend, and I knew I would not sleep well last night.  So, I forced myself up so I would be able to sleep tonight.

I did get all the fall decos out this weekend, but still have some cleaning to do and some ironing of napkins and things. 

I am trying to live what was normal before but boy is it hard.

Played for choir on Sunday we sing next week. They are asking for people to sing in the stake Christmas choir, and I have not done that for almost 30 years.  Just too busy with kid's performances, and plays and the Nutcracker, etc.  But now maybe?  I do love to sing in choirs.  As I play for our ward choir, I don't get a chance to sing. I will think about it.

Today it is a pile and a few wedding dresses, whatever I can get done.  I have three wedding dresses left for the 30th and I want them done by the end of the week.  Then I will only have 4 more. I really can't wait until there is not a dress left in this dang shop.

Went out early today and paid the rest of the months bills so that is done and out of the way.

Well, I am off to sew.  What are you going to get done today?


Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday, Playing catch up

 What a screwball, she so takes after me.  I have been trying to poke out my eyes with my toes for years.

No kids today so I am going to finish a wedding dress and a couple of piles. I know it is Friday, but I must make up for lost time that I spent feeling sorry for myself this week.

Thank you so much for all the advice on my post yesterday, you guys are champions and make me feel so much better.  Love you all. 

I have to reattach 12 lace motifs to the hem of a wedding dress and then do some mending. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday considering my mood.

Lots of tears off and on.  But that is okay.  Went to Wally world last night for dog food/treats. Got a few sewing supplies and more weed killer, and I also picked up some bulbs for the garden.  I am excited to plant them.

Eldest daughter had a trip from hell home from Rehoboth beach with her two boys. Stuck in airports for 24 hours, finally just paid out the nose for a hotel and taxis to get there as the airlines did nothing. She was back in Boise when I last talked to her.  On her way back to Twin Falls.  What a trip!

I need to pay a few bills and get a little housework done and clean up my shop some.  So, after my sewing I am going to do those things.  I might even get some ironing done this weekend. Choke!

The sun is shining, and I am feeling pretty chipper today, I can't let this energy go to waste. Must use it to make my life better.

You know what really makes my life better?



Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thursday, I will get something done

Will I ever get my mojo back? The question I ask myself every day. Still trying though.  I just will not give up.

Yesterday was a bust for many reasons, but mostly grief, I think. But today I am determined to rectify yesterday's situation as in I will get some work done.

Maybe if I make a list.  Will that help?

1. mend hunting and work pants pile ($ pair)

2. hem two jeans

3. hem jeans

4. hem dress

5. take up straps in dress and press

6. hem a dress

7. hem a dress

8.get wedding dress ready for fitting

9. adjust waist on 6 pairs of pants

This all in no particular order just get it done.  Something, anything.

I did finish a book club book and not reading it the hour before the meeting is something knew.  It was dumb and less than inspiring.  So far, I have read 4 books and only one was any good.  But I do love the club and the get together so I will continue.  I am sorry I just read much deeper stuff.  Yeah, that is a deep word (STUFF).

All I want to do is be left alone to sleep. I think that might be depression.  But I will fight it.

How do you fight depression? Any ideas?


Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wednesday, Not quite the roaring adventure

 My brother-in-law Ty's tractor trailer, during grain harvest. Ty's grandson was driving and had just put 100 gallons of diesel fuel into tank, and somehow when driving tank got punctured, so as the flames were starting, he pulled over too quickly resulting in a spill over into the creek. This happened Sept. 1st.

So, upside down in a creek bed with a fire going the grandson calls Ty and says what do I do? Ty tells him there is a fire extinguisher under the seat and to bust out a window and get out. It took three tries before he could literally fall into the creek that was now covered in a film of diesel oil.  He swam under water to avoid flames. This is what was left of the truck cab. Other than very singed hair and a little sick from fumes and choking on diesel water the emergency room let him go home that day. It was a miracle he got out, so I do believe he is taking after his grandfather.

I know I have written about my brother in law's adventures before, he is well known in the family for his stupidity (or just raw luck).

So, Joel and I take Slug and Dan to the ranch in southern Idaho.  It is about 14 miles from Yellowstone. Ty is the fourth-generation farmer on this ranch. You always have to be careful with Ty because he loves to take people on his kind of adventure.  I don't know where Joel and were, but we were just pulling into the yard, when I saw 3 razors (4 wheelers with bed) lined up and Ty was showing Dan how to operate one of them.  I immediately told Joel this is a bad idea. 

First of all, Ty will drive like a maniac way too fast and expect us to keep up.  He will go over terrain that is dangerous and the more dangerous the better. He loves to take Rubes (city folk) out and show them just how tough (or stupid) he is and just how inexperienced they are. He has been doing this for years.  I was mad because all I was thinking is that poor Dan (Ivy league, white collar) spent all his years in an office and in no way could compete with Ty out in the high desert.

Now realize the weather was of no concern to me.  It was warm and beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. I was chipping and bitching at Joel the whole way out to the prairie.  This was a bad idea, Dan was going to be angry or hurt or....  But on we continued to off road.  You have to hold on as we were climbing very rough terrain and Slug and Dan were in the rear. 

I saw Ty and Cindy disappear over a berm and when we got to the top Ty was crossing a creek after a very steep decent and then he flipped his rig around in a sand dune to face us.  I was furious and we were just getting started.  I took a quick look back at Dan and Joel motioned for them to go around us.  Well Dan had the biggest grin on his face.  I was shocked he was actually having fun????!!!!!

I wanted to take up the rear just in case something happened to Slug and Dan.  We continued to tool around on the upper prairie looking at the watering sights created by Ty's great grandfather.  Ty made the comment that we should head back as it looked like a storm could be coming in and I totally forgot how fast bad storms could come up on the prairie. 

So, we start heading back and too late, that storm hit, and it poured rain, and then hailed and lightening was striking all around us. Joel instructed me not to touch anything metal and to stay inside the cage of the razor.  (The whole flipping thing is metal ya BOZO) You really could not see the rain and hail were so bad, plus you are soaking wet and freezing. 

Ty pulled under the only large bush/tree he could find on the trail to wait for us, and I could just hear Slugs thoughts (are we really supposed to be under a tree in a lightning storm?) I know then that Ty told Joel he was taking off for the house to go get the truck and we needed to limp along the best we could.

When Ty got back to get me off Joel's rig Slug and Dan were ahead of us.  I was peeing my pants from fear.  I mean like peeing and Ty was trying to pull me into the truck and I could not quit peeing I never knew I could hold so much liquid.  Funny but not, as we were pulling in, I could see Cindy helping Sluggy into the house and Slug's cotton dress was dragging the ground, she could hardly move.

They have a large bathroom right off the backdoor, used to bring in baby animals to wash and warm them during calving season.  The whole huge shower is rock lined with heads and also heaters.  It is a beautiful bathroom but also has a purpose.  Cindy just put Slug into the hot showers fully clothed to warm her up. In the meantime, Dan has the upstairs bath, and I am trying to get out of my wet shirt, and I get stuck and can't move. I am hollering for help; Slug is downstairs and can't get her wet dress off as it weighs a ton. 

Consequently, we all got showered and changed. Quite the adventure.  A few days later I was asking Dan what was the worst part of the trip he said the High prairie.  What was the best part of the trip?  The high prairie. All I can say is men...

Now truly if Ty had known a storm was coming in, he never would have taken us up there as they have had two sets of horses killed due to lightening. The last time Ty was on his way up to get them, and they were struck, and Ty was knocked cold.  He woke later to the smell of burnt horse flesh and his watch had quit working.  He said he just laid there and looked at the 4 horses who all had their hooves burnt and curled back.  He waited for an angel to come get him because he knew he was dead. Eventually it started to rain, and he got cold, so he got up and went home. Of course, other than the horse loss we all roared at this story so typically Ty. Only he would think an angel was coming to get him.

Lesson learned avoid high prairie even with escort service.

I got the wedding dress from hell done last night and today it is piles. Lots of piles.

Oliver and Kelsa are here, and they are having fun destroying the family room.


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tuesday, Relax weekend

 I have often been called Pollyanna by my family, but I do enjoy annoying them.

I rested all day Friday or as much as I could between the few clients, I permitted to pick up.  I knew I was going to drive up to Moscow and spend the night at Braunwyn's so I could watch Oliver Saturday morning.  Usually when I do this, I clean and cook up freezer meals, and B and I do some kind of project after she gets off work.  But I just came up and curled on the sofa watched a movie went to bed and sat like a slug and played playdough with Oliver.  Then I drove straight home to sleep again.

I did get the house cleaned up a little ( I mean a little) then Sunday morning went to church played for the children's groups and then played for choir and went home and slept all afternoon and just watched TV and really did nothing but rest the whole day.

Monday, I got up and got a deep chocolate cake in the oven (Lil sis's favorite).  I set a timer for 15 minutes and had 2 minutes left and that scratch cake was in the oven. Then I really cleaned house and changed linens on beds. Rested a while.  Made chocolate buttercream frosting and took cake to Lil sis's.  We played dice had dinner and cake and ice cream and then home to sleep again.

My cold is on the way out and I am so happy about it.  Not the worst I have ever had but I really made myself rest as I know how easy it is for me to not recover. Just praying I don't get my usual sinus infection. Hoping the resting will ward it off.

The sister missionaries wanted to make chocolate chip cookies at my house Saturday morning, and I told them I would be in Moscow, but they were welcome to the kitchen.  I left everything out for them to make cookies, and while they were there the Elders (boy missionaries) rang the bell as they were coming by to put the kayaks back up in the garage.  The shock of having the sister's answer the door and I was not home was quite a laugh. Hey Diet cokes all around and cookies.... Love these kids, so fun and very useful! They bring me joy.

So today it is wedding dresses and then some.  I will have kids the next couple of days but as there will be more than one it is easier to get sewing done as they play together.  Much less interrupting the grandma. 

Please go read Slug's post about our near-death experience on the high prairie in Idaho. Tomorrow I will tell my version and it was scary.  I am still mad at Ty about it. I was mad at him when we took off the the skies were bright blue. I am just shaking my head right now remembering.

Well off to the machines... oh fun!


Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thursday, Getting a cold, drats!


Yes, here it comes and drat I so do not want this right now or ever!

Day two with another day of coming and three days of there and three days gone. At least I don't have a full weekend, although Lil sis's birthday is the 5th and I know I will bake her a cake.

Right now, I just want to wrap up in a blanket and go back to bed.

I did get all 31 pairs of pants hemmed yesterday what a job. But I did not finish until 7:00.  Too long a day I tell you.

Today it is wedding dresses.  I want to get a couple done and maybe a third started.  We will see.

Then with it being the end of August I will need to pay bills also not my favorite chore. But it must be done. 

Kelsa is here today, and I think I will watch Oliver on Saturday depending on how I feel. Really don't want the grandkids to get this crap and then run it through the whole family.  But who knows maybe they gave it to me?

I am off to work.


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Wednesday, Will I ever return?

Enlarge and look at the pip squeak at the end of the line with the Buddha belly.  It is Kelsa Kay who is potty trained and started gymnastics!  She is so small she had to be helped up on every device.

Look at that flexibility, just like her grandma.  If I did that now I would need a block and tackle to get up.  But a girl can dream, right?

Both William and Kelsa at gymnastics.  Oh, I love these two and they make my life great.

Not to forget the cutest lil boy ever. My Oliver! He just got done with a haircut and he looks like the Campbell's kid. So fun.

I have been super busy catering a wedding (don't ask) and taking care of grandkids and of course sewing. I am still struggling with just wanting my old life back and that is not going to happen.  I want the schedule back.  Get up have a soda, look at phone messages for shop, get dressed and blog, then sew.  But I can't get any kind of consistent schedule.  Even with Sissie here I could not. It frustrates me to no end.  Really what is so different? Oh, so many things......

Talked to Sissie this morning and she was on me to blog more consistently.  It has been 8 months and I still feel upside down most of the time.

Kelsa celebrated her 3rd birthday, and she was so excited.  She actually understood what was happening and that it was just for her.

She has a new kitchen set at grandmas and food and pots and pans.  She just plays and plays.  Such a joy. I don't think I could have survived Joel's death without these little munchkins. They keep me busy and that helps so much.

I have 15 shirts to put patches on today and then 31 yes 31 pairs of pants to hem.  I would also like to get to a couple of wedding dresses if I can.  Yeah, right, let's just skip the wedding dresses, shall we? There are still 11 lurking behind me taunting me with their evil laughter.

I did get 5 dresses hemmed (bridesmaid) yesterday, and a wedding dress done plus a few piles, so it was a good day.

I have a headache and some sinus drainage today, it is very smokey out, so I am hoping it is just a reaction to the air quality.  I have been so healthy (well except for my eye) and I don't want to go back into the sinus infection crap. It seems like once it starts it last an entire season.

Oh, by the way I am going to DC the 17th to the 31st of October.  I will be joined by my middle daughter and her husband for part of that.  The fall girls' trip cannot take place as Slugs is having surgery.  But maybe Kay and I can get Anne to come up or drive down and harass her. Hey anyone want to join? We will laugh a lot. Bring extra panties (I don't have to explain do I) 

Well, the shop is awaiting. Thanks for your patience with me as I travel this awful, stony, slippery, dragon infested road of grief.  Well, all except Sissie who has no patience.

Uncle Jeff will recover, he is very ornery with the nursing staff, which bodes well for his recovery. For this I am grateful. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tuesday, Working hard

 I have been missing Joel more lately, possibly because Sissie is not here. All I can do is work through it and yesterday I was a workhorse. I was able to get through many piles in the shop.  I am very happy about that.  I also finished a wedding dress and got a good start on two others.  I am hoping to finish those two today and get to some dresses.

It was a long day. Today will be the same.  I dream of having no wedding dresses in the shop.  I can't wait.

We have had a steady drizzle of rain for two days now, which is nice.  It will really help knock down the fires. I wonder how long this will last.  I have a hard time believing that it is still from the hurricane.

Both my daughters had bad days at work yesterday and then my youngest called and I said please don't tell me you had a bad day, I have already listened to your sisters.  See what a supportive mom I am? Mom the sounding board for all grievances.

I sent Sissie home with an ambulance bill that I cannot get the company to bill correctly.  I have called 4 times and sent three letters with all the info.  She was going to talk directly to them. I called again this morning and low and behold they had not billed Medicare yet.  I pulled out the bill from the month before and in it was Joel's Medicare card and insurance info.  I knew I put it somewhere. Anyway 8 months later we might get this thing paid. They keep billing the wrong state and then added charges back on.  IT is such a mess.  But I don't think anyone follows through.  When I finally got through the phone tree and was able to speak to the person, she had all the right numbers.  So why? No just keep sending me bills.  Crazy!!! I have done my part and you will receive no funds until you do yours. Can you believe I am still dealing with this crap?

I wore white shorts yesterday and then went down to feed the menagerie.  That was a mistake. Came home filthy.  What was I thinking?  Obviously, I wasn't.

Well, I am off to get some things done around here!


Monday, August 21, 2023

Monday, Missing my Sissie

 Have not done much since Sissie left, mostly due to just an overly busy schedule.  But it is Monday and I need to saddle up and get things done.

I have piles upon piles that I want to attack today and a couple of wedding dresses. No kids today so that is a blessing.

We are back into smoke due to the wildfires in the area, but it is raining now so hopefully that will clear the air up a little. If it rains hard enough, I won't have to water always a plus.

Froze two-gallon bags of tomatoes this morning, for sauce later.  Lots of cucumbers and tomatoes here not much squash. Anyway, more than I can eat, so into the freezer they go until I can do something with them.

Taking care of the neighbor's place is way more than I should be doing.  I have done it for a weekend, and it is not bad, but this is overkill. I will say no next time. There are several huge water troughs and pools that need to be emptied and refilled and it takes forever. I am trying to do a couple a day so I can rotate.  My daughter has gone with me twice to help me.

I am missing Joel so much lately.  Sundays are hard for me, just so many memories. Kelsa asked to see pictures of Papa the other day, it was very hard.

I am looking forward to a rip-roaring week of sewing and I am anxious to see how I do without my bossy sister behind me. 

I had a friend come over and get a bunch of meat out of the freezer that was going to burn.  Just too much and I would never cook it up, so let it bless someone else.

Uncle Jeff is recovering.  He is a doctor, and they make the worst patients. He is true to form, which I love as it shows he has fight in him. So, I am very happy about that.

Still practicing the piano for choir which is good for me.  It gives me something to focus on that is hard. 

Well, I had better get busy, and thanks for sticking with me, even though I am inconsistent and not replying like I should.  But I am getting better little by little I think and then wham!!!! down I go.

This is hard.

Love you guys more than you know.