Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wednesday, Not quite the roaring adventure

 My brother-in-law Ty's tractor trailer, during grain harvest. Ty's grandson was driving and had just put 100 gallons of diesel fuel into tank, and somehow when driving tank got punctured, so as the flames were starting, he pulled over too quickly resulting in a spill over into the creek. This happened Sept. 1st.

So, upside down in a creek bed with a fire going the grandson calls Ty and says what do I do? Ty tells him there is a fire extinguisher under the seat and to bust out a window and get out. It took three tries before he could literally fall into the creek that was now covered in a film of diesel oil.  He swam under water to avoid flames. This is what was left of the truck cab. Other than very singed hair and a little sick from fumes and choking on diesel water the emergency room let him go home that day. It was a miracle he got out, so I do believe he is taking after his grandfather.

I know I have written about my brother in law's adventures before, he is well known in the family for his stupidity (or just raw luck).

So, Joel and I take Slug and Dan to the ranch in southern Idaho.  It is about 14 miles from Yellowstone. Ty is the fourth-generation farmer on this ranch. You always have to be careful with Ty because he loves to take people on his kind of adventure.  I don't know where Joel and were, but we were just pulling into the yard, when I saw 3 razors (4 wheelers with bed) lined up and Ty was showing Dan how to operate one of them.  I immediately told Joel this is a bad idea. 

First of all, Ty will drive like a maniac way too fast and expect us to keep up.  He will go over terrain that is dangerous and the more dangerous the better. He loves to take Rubes (city folk) out and show them just how tough (or stupid) he is and just how inexperienced they are. He has been doing this for years.  I was mad because all I was thinking is that poor Dan (Ivy league, white collar) spent all his years in an office and in no way could compete with Ty out in the high desert.

Now realize the weather was of no concern to me.  It was warm and beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. I was chipping and bitching at Joel the whole way out to the prairie.  This was a bad idea, Dan was going to be angry or hurt or....  But on we continued to off road.  You have to hold on as we were climbing very rough terrain and Slug and Dan were in the rear. 

I saw Ty and Cindy disappear over a berm and when we got to the top Ty was crossing a creek after a very steep decent and then he flipped his rig around in a sand dune to face us.  I was furious and we were just getting started.  I took a quick look back at Dan and Joel motioned for them to go around us.  Well Dan had the biggest grin on his face.  I was shocked he was actually having fun????!!!!!

I wanted to take up the rear just in case something happened to Slug and Dan.  We continued to tool around on the upper prairie looking at the watering sights created by Ty's great grandfather.  Ty made the comment that we should head back as it looked like a storm could be coming in and I totally forgot how fast bad storms could come up on the prairie. 

So, we start heading back and too late, that storm hit, and it poured rain, and then hailed and lightening was striking all around us. Joel instructed me not to touch anything metal and to stay inside the cage of the razor.  (The whole flipping thing is metal ya BOZO) You really could not see the rain and hail were so bad, plus you are soaking wet and freezing. 

Ty pulled under the only large bush/tree he could find on the trail to wait for us, and I could just hear Slugs thoughts (are we really supposed to be under a tree in a lightning storm?) I know then that Ty told Joel he was taking off for the house to go get the truck and we needed to limp along the best we could.

When Ty got back to get me off Joel's rig Slug and Dan were ahead of us.  I was peeing my pants from fear.  I mean like peeing and Ty was trying to pull me into the truck and I could not quit peeing I never knew I could hold so much liquid.  Funny but not, as we were pulling in, I could see Cindy helping Sluggy into the house and Slug's cotton dress was dragging the ground, she could hardly move.

They have a large bathroom right off the backdoor, used to bring in baby animals to wash and warm them during calving season.  The whole huge shower is rock lined with heads and also heaters.  It is a beautiful bathroom but also has a purpose.  Cindy just put Slug into the hot showers fully clothed to warm her up. In the meantime, Dan has the upstairs bath, and I am trying to get out of my wet shirt, and I get stuck and can't move. I am hollering for help; Slug is downstairs and can't get her wet dress off as it weighs a ton. 

Consequently, we all got showered and changed. Quite the adventure.  A few days later I was asking Dan what was the worst part of the trip he said the High prairie.  What was the best part of the trip?  The high prairie. All I can say is men...

Now truly if Ty had known a storm was coming in, he never would have taken us up there as they have had two sets of horses killed due to lightening. The last time Ty was on his way up to get them, and they were struck, and Ty was knocked cold.  He woke later to the smell of burnt horse flesh and his watch had quit working.  He said he just laid there and looked at the 4 horses who all had their hooves burnt and curled back.  He waited for an angel to come get him because he knew he was dead. Eventually it started to rain, and he got cold, so he got up and went home. Of course, other than the horse loss we all roared at this story so typically Ty. Only he would think an angel was coming to get him.

Lesson learned avoid high prairie even with escort service.

I got the wedding dress from hell done last night and today it is piles. Lots of piles.

Oliver and Kelsa are here, and they are having fun destroying the family room.



  1. Oh my that tractor!!!!! What a huge loss and glad no one was hurt.
    What a story. Doesn't sound like someone I want to 'party' with!!!! Good grief.

  2. Oh my word! The photos of that cab... thank God he got out when he did - and swimming under the water to avoid the flames - eek. Wow... just wow.

  3. I am so glad the kid survived that. That Ty of yours sounds like a daredevil of the worst kind. My heart goes out to Cindy.

  4. Never mind the wedding dress. Those were two spectacular stories. The first was so scary. I am glad the grandson survived. The second was unbelievable. Ty sounds like a daredevil, maybe unintentionally. I am glad you all survived. You never can tell about these white-collar men who maybe never got a chance to be daredevils.

  5. I read this post to Tommy. He said that was some story.

  6. Maybe you and slugs should write a book together…;). Hilogene in Az

    1. Yes Hilogene they should! Sissy here and I have met TY Many times and love him, but he can be a handful and then some!

  7. OMG on the grandson! Glad he is ok! My ex is always doing stupid sh$& and I have one son just like him so I feel for Cindy, Ty’s wife. Sounds like Dan had fun though in the High Desert! Sluggy, not so much and I don’t blame her! Sounds like it was hell for you. I would have been pissed also. Cindy in the South

  8. I showed hubby the pixs and started to read the story when he said that he saw it on the news! Incredible story.

  9. I honestly do not know if I like reading both of your posts on this or hearing both of you talk about it in person while laughing and recalling all the events of the day. Oh to have been a fly on the wall that day!
    Somebody was really lucky to escape that fire with minor issues___Anne

    1. I know, but boy the laughs at that adventure (once it was over)

  10. I remember Sluggy telling us about the adventure. Oh, wow- there's living on the edge, and then living on the edge of insanity.