Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, This is what happens....

     You know what happens when you are a grouch and have negative thoughts, then you sit around feeling sorry for yourself?  Well you (or I) quit paying attention and then you are really in a pickle.

     So yesterday after my post, I kicked myself in the rear and made myself go upstairs and get a few things done so I could at least feel that I had accomplished something.  After drying my chia pet hair and putting on my face, I made the bed, put away some laundry and then hit the kitchen.  Well hit the kitchen is a small small way of saying I made a big mess.

     I wanted mom to make a chicken pie with leftover chicken and gravy she had made but I knew I would have to make the crusts.  There is no use in making crust for one pie.  If you are making the mess, just make a whole bunch.  So 6 crusts later I am still waiting for her to come upstairs.  I cubes potatoes, carrots, onions, realized that I was out of frozen peas.  Sent Hub's to store for two small bags of peas.  He came home with to extra large bags of peas.  I was just finishing the chicken filling when mom finally came upstairs.  I had two large chicken pies ready for the freezer and two crusts to fill.  So mom chopped up ham, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and cheese and we made two quiches as we always have extra eggs if I don't give them away.  We were going to have oyster stew for dinner, but the half/half was turning so I used it in the quiche.  We froze one and had the other for dinner. 

     Hub's comes up in the middle of this disaster and says, "Don't you need to be in your shop?"  Hub's is now sporting several burns across his body from my lazer vision.  Okay so the kitchen was a mess.  Mom and I cleaned it up in about 15 minutes(we work at about the same speed) then I mopped the floor.  I was some what out of my doldrums having given Hub's a good lashing and I went downstairs while the quiches cooked to finish a wedding dress.

     Hey I was getting my shi% together and I was starting to feel like maybe I could make it through the day. Then I get a phone call at about 2 p.m. from my accountant.  Don't forget my tax appointment.  Yeah I know it is Tuesday afternoon.  I'll be there.  No it is Monday morning at 10 a.m.  Hell's bells. I planned to do taxes all day Monday.  In the past I have left them scattered all over the dining room and taken a week to do them and then realized I just need to kick my butt and get them done in one day.  So now I have to really get the old A$$ in gear.  So after I had a panic attack, I went downstairs and hemmed a few more pairs of  pants and then started to organize the desk.

     I taught my dance classes, and came home and paid the bills for the month and started on the tax monster.  Now the shop looks like it took a hit from a tornado.  I have a meeting at 11:00 to story board the spring show and it has been on the books for a month so I don't dare cancel.

     I am in for one he)) of a weekend.  At least I am not depressed:)

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday, Catching up on ?

     Mom chewed on her lip after she wet to the dentist and when I arrived home yesterday from the studio she looked like a boxer caught in a bad fight.  I think Sis is right she cannot be left alone.  We have a few good laughs at her expense.

     It is raining really hard so Hub's will be inside doing nothing today.  Oh joy.  I have too much to do.  Don't want to do any of it.  I just want a nap.

     Okay I need to get out of this slump.  Thanks to all who wished the grandson better.  He is doing well and went to school today with his grandma as a helper in the background in case he has to go home.  His mom called me and she sounded more chipper.  Now daughter #2 who is due in 5 weeks is melting down.  She is going to call me between patients so I don't know what she needs at this point.

     I am just happy it is Thursday after I teach tonight I will have three days off and I need time to regroup this old head of mine.  I am just in a funk and I need to get myself out of this crappy mood I have been in for the last few weeks.  Work and serving others a is a great way to get one self out of a dull mood.  But I feel that is all I do.  Work and wait on people.  What do I need.  I just want to slap myself.

Okay.  Get up, dry my hair, put on some make-up, make my bed, put away some laundry, get butt into shop.  Usually earning money makes me happy but I don't even care about that right now.

     On my mark, get set, Go!

Still sitting here.  Still wet.  Still crabby.

Okay will report tomorrow in a better mood I hope.

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday, kid worries

     Grandson has been very sick for a week and in the emergency room last night. My daughter who is 7 months pregnant is exhausted.  But he seems to be better today and his father is home with him.  So daughter back to the court house.  It is just hard to hear your daughter's voice when you know she is so tired and you can't be there to help.  Not that I could do anything.  Just moral support.

     I helped youngest get herself enrolled on her new jobs health plan.  She is growing up.  These kids that are covered by their parents never seem to realize that they do have to pay for benefits and that insurance doesn't pay for everything.  Now she can make the decisions.

     Both Hub's and mom have dentist appointments today.  I have wedding dresses plus a boat load of alterations to work on.  I also have two more wedding dresses coming in today sometime.  At least my headache is gone.

     Mom made a boat load of chicken pieces and gravy, way more than we can eat, so I think I will throw together some crusts for her to put together some chicken pies and we will put them in the freezer.  I have to keep that woman busy.

     I don't like to wish time away, but January is getting old.  I need sunshine and to be outside for awhile.  The weather report does not look good for the weekend.  Dang.

     Need to count my blessings and quit this negative attitude.  I mean really Kim.  "Just Stop!"

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, I have a headache.

     I thought I would just title the post right away as a whiny one so you don't have to bother to read it, if you don't want to listen to me.  I have a bad headache. I did not get any sewing done yesterday.  I was with mom the whole day.  That was her plan.  I think Hub's was a little annoyed.

     We waited at the SS office for 1.5 hours.  She did not need to be there.  Her letter told her that but she would not listen to me.  So we sat in the waiting room with very interesting characters, some that did not smell very good.  Every 5 minutes she would ask what her # was .  69 mom.  Still 69 mom.  Yep 69.  It was so much fun.  Then we went and bought groceries.  I went to the high school and picked up a load of costumes to alter and take measurements of boys.  Then onto studio.

     Today I have to stay in the shop.  Just much to do.  Plus I need to earn money.  Drat the earning part.  I also have to clean my desk and pay bills today.  I also have a bad headache, just in case I did not get that across.

     Sluggy has a new give away and it is worth the trying just for the pepper relish.  Sis and I and our husbands ate an entire jar in one sitting one evening as we played cards.

     UPS picked the damaged crib yesterday so now I have to wait for the refund to show.  At least Amazon Prime is good about their word.  Well except for the chair that I am still waiting on, need to check on that.

     I am going to make mom some breakfast, maybe I can get her out of bed.Hmmmm....

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday, Don't want to get up..

    I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to face the week.  Not that there is anything I am avoiding.  Well maybe the fact that the taxes are due in next week.  I am just depressed and don't want to do anything.  I want to sleep and be left alone.  Am I going to get to do that?  No. Am I going to be left alone?  No.

     We had a nice trip to Daughters place.  It is about 2.5 hours away.  The roads were not bad at all. Actually it is an easy trip.  She is getting so big.  The baby is over 6 lbs now and this tiny little dancer body is stretched to the max.  I don't know how she is going to get bigger.  The entire nursery was ordered online from Amazon and of course shipped to us instead of her first debacle.  Then we put everything in the truck and took it over hauled it up the stairs, which should have been done by the delivery drivers.

     We opened the first box, the crib and it was smashed.  A forklift had obviously gone through the box. How can people be so careless?  So now on the phone with Amazon and we have to take crib back home to get them to pick it up.  In the mean time we have no crib.  So hub's and I take off to find a crib in town. Anyway to make a long story short we were able to set up a really cute nursery for the coming baby.  I cleaned out every closet in the whole apartment and reorganized everything. As daughter is still living 2.5 hours away and commuting back to this apartment on the weekends, her things are just scattered randomly and he has every closet full of man stuff.  So let's get rid of unwanted things and consolidate man things.

     I cooked a nice dinner, comment ( mmmmm mom food).  Hub's and I were home in time for church yesterday.  I have been in a funk since.  House is fine, mom is fine.  She is a little cranky don't know what to do about that.  Maybe my mood is affecting her mood.

     Need energy, need sunlight.  I have to go to high school this afternoon and pick up Hub's music and check on costumes for upcoming show. Then onto the studio.  Need to meet with teachers to story board spring recital and assign parts. Need to go out to coffee/diet coke with my best buddy.  I just think I need love right now. Whine, sniff.

I NEED to be productive today.  Help........splat!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday,Here we go...

     I need to go to the banks, I need to pack, I need to help hub's load truck, I need to clean up, I need to check on mom.

     This week has been a blur.  I was able to get much of my sewing done yesterday, still have wedding dresses to do. So next week will be busy and I have to get taxes  ready next week.  Blah!  But I don't have to do the FAFSA.  Thankful for some small blessings.

     Right now I am going to get my butt in gear and go see my middle baby. I can hardly wait to see her.
Daughter #3 will come down from job at University to take care of Mom.  They will have fun together.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday, A little worried.

     Mom was very sick again last night.  I slept in her room the night before, but felt I needed to get more shut eye, therefore slept up stairs.  Big mistake.  Mom sick again last night.  She could not find the bathroom which is 2 feet from her bed.  She knocked over her lamp (this is the second time) made a big mess and was so embarrassed.  This is really the third time in a week that this scenario has played out.  The first time she got up and cleaned up her own mess.

     After I took her to the dentist yesterday I came straight home and I had a client(a Doctor) come by with three suits.  My customers change in mom's over crowded bathroom, which I try to keep neat.  ( it is an ongoing project of defeat).  I opened the door from my shop into the bathroom and realized that after I cleaned up mom I had not cleaned up the toilet area really well.  ( I know too much info).  I about died of embarrassment.  How could I have missed this?  I mean at 3 in the morning when you are bleary eyed and gagging do you really over look that much mess?

     I explained to the customer that I had been up with mom and had just arrived back from the dentist and had no time to deep clean as I was frantically pulling disinfectant and wipes out from under the sink. He took the items from me and cleaned the whole toilet area.  I was so shocked.  Then he washed his hands and carried on.  Can you believe that?  What a nice man.

     Mom had two small cavities and I had NONE!  My teeth were great, good bones, good gums no signs of any gum disease.  With my sjogren's this is great news.

     I have three wedding dresses in the shop right now and several suits, so I have plenty to do.

   Mom made Swedish meatballs yesterday and we froze most of them.  She is at her church group this morning and I hope she has a good time.  I know she is lonely.  As much as I try I cannot replace all the friends she had in her old neighborhood.

     Well I had better get busy. Need to put on some make-up so I quit scaring people.

It is Sluggy's birthday today so go wish her a Happy Birthday!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday, have to get moving...

    Mom and I have dentist appointments this morning.  So I have to really move.  Mom was also very sick last night.  Not much sleep for either of us.  My back is better this morning, it really gave me a run for my money yesterday.

     Not as much done in the shop as I like, mostly due to my back.  I hope to be able to hit the machines after I get home from my appointment. 

    I feel like this will be another wasted day just because of mom's health.  Actually I need to be a little kinder. So I don't conquer the world today and I spend it with my Mom I will be so grateful someday when she is gone.

Have to run.

Have a great and productive day because I don't think I will.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday,close to home today

  Mom is in a funk and I will be watching her closely.  I think she is lonely and I don't know what to do.  Hub's and I will be leaving and I want her to go with but she does not want to and that is a worry.  Maybe I can get B to come down for the day.

     I was a wreck yesterday in the shop.  I kept making stupid mistakes.  I still have one I have to fix.  Three mistakes on the same dress.  This is not like me.  I finally quit and went out and trimmed a few bushes with hub's.  I think I needed to get outside in the weather.

     There are three wedding dresses in the shop that all need work so I have a great deal to do.  I finally was able to get the 5 bridesmaid dresses hemmed and steamed. Hopefully they will be picked up today.

     So far I have done really well on my goal of writing things down in the shop.  I will pay bills and have written out everything so I can keep track.

    The back door has a pile of things by it that need to find homes.  I will work on this today.  As you enter the shop it should look neat and it is kind of sloppy.  Some of this is mom's need to pile crap around.  You should see her bathroom.  Not an inch of space left.  Every surface covered with things she thinks she needs out.  Put the crap away already.  Okay I am getting testy and this is not good.

     I had better get up and get moving or I am going to be cranky like mom:)

have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday,Martin Luther King Day.

        He was a great man for a great time in our history and I am happy we commemorate him.  I remember clearly the day he was killed.  It seemed to me as a young girl too many times the schools would be closed and we would be sent home by crying faculty.  Home to our parents, where we would quietly turn on the TV to break the silence of our personal thoughts.  No one really talked about the tragedies.  They were too close, too far, too personal.  The television was our soul.  It remained a talking buzz in the back of our brains long into the evening.  I don't know if growing up in this era had a profound affect on me.  I did learn that life was fragile, that to be a public figure may require the ultimate sacrifice,  and that I did not want to become famous.

     It will be a busy week.  Mom has several appointments.  Hub's and I are leaving for the Tri-cities for the weekend to set up the nursery for our grandson.  I have major sewing to do.

       Saturday I cooked a dinner for one of our good friends birthday.  I tried to do all low carb or sugar free.  He is diabetic.  It was fun, but I really did not like the black bean chocolate cake.  I would have liked it if I could have poured hot fudge on it but that kind of defeats the purpose.  It was a fun evening, until I fell asleep.

     Okay I am suffering from exhaustion.  I could sleep 20 hours a day and still be tired.  I think this phase of the illness is the worse.  Pain is one thing but the tiredness is wearing.  I hope I can snap out of it.  I will blame it on January.  Dark, cold, rainy,very little sun. All I can do is push through, it will get better.

     I paid the one bill under the studio as I did not want any more interest and it is gone.  Sissie will be next!
This might just be the high light of my week!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, If I am good...

          If I am good and stick to my plans on my debt pay off I get to remodel my Kitchen!

     Hooray.  You have no idea how much of an incentive this is for me.  I just do better if I can see a prize for my behavior.  Paying off the truck and the car gives me an extra $855.00 a month.  Of course then all hell breaks loose.  Doctor bills, car repairs, I need glasses, dental work you name it.  I swear there is a gremlin out there that knows when extra money shows up.  So I have to pay the gremlin before I get to start remodel.

     Studio debt, is paid by the studio.  Even thought it is mine by law it does not come out of my earnings or our household earnings.

     My race with Sarah will be slower until these debts are paid.  There have been months where Sarah has not made significant progress and then times when she shoots ahead.  That is part of the fun.  How can I do this and still keep up with Sarah?  The wheels are turning.  Debt is disappearing.

  My first $1000.00 pay off is in the bank as of this afternoon.  Where will I put that money?  Hmm.....

     Mom and I ran errands yesterday and it took almost the whole day.  I need to get out into town without her today to do a few things.  She sticks to me like glue.

     I also need to make a stir fry today as every one had to fend for them selves last night and I am in trouble.

Not as much sewing took place as needed the last two days I will be busy today.  It just never ends, but the good note is that I feel great today.  NO HEADACHE.  I SLEPT WELL.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday, Lot's to do today!

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I would have liked.  Mostly due to customers coming to pick up and the fact that I slept so poorly the night before.  Last night was better, but have a chemo headache this morning.  It is always something.

     Today will be busy.  I have to take mom and do several errands.  Go to bank, pay house payment and pay water bill.  We need to go to Joann's.  My iron is kaput and they are on sale today.  I also have some housework to do.  That is never ending. By the way what is for dinner?  I know mom will be asking before too long.

     I think Hub's is going stir crazy.  We will see how long this retirement free time will last.  Poor darling.  Poor Kim.  I am still working like a mad man.  But he is spending so much time in the yard and that will be so nice come spring.  I really love yard work, I just have a hard time fitting it into the schedule.  I know I will always have to do the fine work, but not have to do the heavy is great!

     I need to fix up this blog to track my pay offs of the little creeping bills.  So a major revamp is on the way. Now to find the time to be left alone to do the changes.

     See totals on the side for pay-off amounts that I have to make before I can.......

Mom wants breakfast.  Sigh......

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday, sleep and sweat, blah!

     Last night was a sweaty sleep night.  Kept waking soaked and then cold.  Up several times.  Don't like those nights.  Will up arthritis med to see if that will help.  Usually when this is happening I am having a flare.  Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.  My sing my happy, happy, joy, joy song when I am frustrated.

     So enough about that little rant.  I have to brag a little.  Mom uses an excessive amount of expensive eye drops.  She was running low and last night I could tell she was blue and bored so I asked her if she wanted to go do a Rite-Aid shop with me.  Rite-aid had a really good special on diapers that I could get for under 2.00 for a large package.  I thought I could do a little stocking up for grand baby.  Since mom has seen me use coupons and is skeptical she came to me with a $3.00 off coupon on the brand of eye drops she uses.  I then went to the brand web site and pulled another $3.00 coupon.  Off we went, with my coupon notebook.

We purchased:

2 bottles of eye drops  $11.99
2pckg razors                $7.99
2 large packages           $7.99 on sale
of New Born diapers    $7.99 on sale
2 lip sticks                     $8.99
Christmas can                $2.50

     After coupons and points we owed $2.43 I made mom pay.  I still ended up with $22.00 in future points.  Yes essentially free eye drops and the neat thing is the boxes have coupons for the next boxes.  This really works.  I realize I am no Sluggy but someone has to be the teacher.  I am a student of her expertise.

     I did another secret shop with mom in tow yesterday.  It will pay $18.36 back to me.  I essentially stopped and got mom a pretzel and a diet coke.

     Okay my new plan ( and I will have you note that Sarah is  till ahead of me and not letting us know when she posts more money because she is a sneak) I don't have many major debts left.  I have many smaller ones and most of those have to do with the studio which I do not have on the blog.  They are however still my debts. I just keep them in a different set of monies and have the studio pay for itself.  Well things can change now that B is out of school and Hub's is retired.  I will start to pay down these down along with our personal debt.
Every time I am able to get $1000.00 squirreled away I can put it toward a debt.  But it has to be an increment of $1000.00.  Now why this amount you ask?   Because it is a big old hunk of money that is why.  Well wouldn't it be smarter to apply the money immediately?  Yes but with the way our budget has changed  I should be able to do this once a month if I am careful and work hard.  So I am not going to get penury with my funds and start looking at pennies or days of interest.  I am just going to look at paying off debts or applying funds after regular payments in lumps of $1000.00.

     Sarah don't panic.  I have many small bills that are due in the next few months.  Some are medical, some are car bills, home maintenance bills.  But all have to be paid and I will do this in the next few months and keep within a bows site of Sarah!

     I think this will work.  See how fast Kim can get $1000.00 together.  Here we go.....

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, Goals....

     I think I have an idea or an idea for a goal I would like to try.  My relationship with money is not an easy one.  I really don't like money, yet it is necessary.   I really like money as it is necessary.  If I was really wealthy I would probably be giving money away right and left.  I have always wanted a trust named after myself.  Hum... that isn't going to happen.  But a girl can dream. 

     There are so many things I need to do concerning money and the one I have been working on forever is getting out of debt.  That is happening slowly.  In the mean time life goes on and I am living that life.  So saying that what is my wild plan this year to keep at the same thing I have been working on FOREVER?

     I really liked last year how I put extra monies from secret shopping and unexpected money onto the car loan and paid it off early.  That was fun and we all know how Kim likes her fun.  I will continue that idea this year.  I have to pick a debt to put said monies toward.  Oh Gordie I get to pick a debt!  Like I love doing this because there are so many to choose from.  Well not as many as there used to be, but life can snag you in a moment and create debt where there was none.

     I am going to do another secret shop today.  Mom needs to go to Wal mart so it is an easy shop.  Kind of silly, but look at the blog it does add up.  If you are consistent it adds up quite quickly. I have many small bills right now mostly medical or repair bills that need to be paid.  I need to tick these off so I can get to the big stuff.  The big stuff meaning the house.  It will happen.  I just keep telling myself. 

     I need to spend time cleaning up the blog, so stay tuned  and I will reveal my new strategy for debt pay off.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday/Monday, starting to baby

     Well D#2 due in this weekend and have not seen hide nor hair nor belly of her.  She stopped at her younger sister's up at University and I do believe they are having fun without me.  That will last only until the money runs out.  Ha!

     Mom and I sewed for the babies yesterday.  Mom made 3 receiving blankets and I did a wall hanging.  Then we made 2 blankets for D#1.  D#1 has everything for a little boy and she will use the same nursery things.

     I love that D#1 has always made over 6 figures and still lives a students life style.  Her little boys room has my old dresser from when I was born that has been rebuilt.  She dumpster dove the headboard, and her side table is from goodwill and painted to match the room.  She has the old toy box  my grandfather made me.  She is her mother's daughter.  She will reuse everything and then pass it on to others.

     D#1 is a start from the beginning. Her dad and I will help with nursery set up.  Not because we have to but because we want to do this.  I only had one really nice nursery set up and I know babies don't care, they will sleep in a dresser drawer.  I had a beautiful nursery for Franka and it all had to be dismantled and returned before I arrived home from the hospital. So I have this thing about nurseries.   I would never allow myself to have one.  Not so much as a diaper or a t-shirt ready.  I am reliving my spawning years:)


     I am staying up too late at night and I need to do something about that habit.  Mom made apples pies yesterday and they are delicious.  I regained the weight I lost last week:(  I am bad.  Well fed but bad.

     Mom has appointments today.  Hubs will take her to the later one as I will be teaching.  He by the way just took a load of yard waste to the dump, with out a threat or anything.  Wow!

     I loved Sluggies repeat post about organization.  I had a couple of boxes of Christmas that had things on top and I thought I need another container.  Then I stopped myself.  NO.  I remembered Sluggies post from last year and the year before.  I just stuffed that crap in the boxes I already had and called it good enough.  Actually mom has added, but no new boxes.  See how powerful Sluggies influence is in my life. Also Sis came and really had me declutter things.

    I need to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday, Mom's chicken salad...

     As you all have figured out by now I try to keep mom busy.  So I took 4 chicken breasts and put them in the crockpot with a can of broth.  Broth to be saved for soup.  Well mom spent the afternoon making chicken salad.  I toasted some almonds for her to put in this as I like the crunch.  But mom kept adding ingredients, like the leftover peanuts from Christmas.  Oh yes and some grapes okay not a bad decision.  Then she added some pickles.  Hmmm?  Grapes and pickles and peanuts.  She needs to be less creative.  She also made ALOT of it.

     All I did yesterday was sew with my back finally behaving about noon and the headache subsiding about 3.  I was supposed to take mom to the recycling to turn in the cans she insists on saving but the shop was very busy.  I could not get away.  Then  she wanted to go out to dinner at someplace cheap, she would pay.

     We went to Taco Time.  I paid by the way, Wipe the smile off your face Sis.  I did get out of eating the chicken Surprise salad!

Daughter #2 is coming today.  Mom and I are working on nursery things.  Mom is making three receiving blankets and I am making a wall hanging and a crib skirt and curtains, and bumper pads.  This is for our little William.  Sweet Will.  It is fun to sew something that is not for a customer.  We are using the Bambi Theme,  "Good night Sweet Prince".  The colors are browns, blues, taupe, grey, and white.

  Mom is ordering me around and loving every minute of it because I cannot do anything right.

I should be very humble by tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday, well wouldn't you know?

     Yesterday was great!  I was able to get almost everything done.  I had a ball at my Celtic class.  Love those kids.  Mom and Hub's swept and cleaned the kitchen floor for me.  I was dreading that job.  I caught up on all the laundry.  It was just a great get it done day and then........

     I came home to a text that I was overdrawn on studio account.  Impossible, well no not if you mixed up check books and wrote the wrong check out of the wrong account.  A $1400.00 check can overdraw you big time.  What a way to start the New Year.  Now a few years ago this would have devastated me.  But now it is just money.  I don't like screw ups on this level.  Who does?  Really it is an aggravation and I will fix it.

     I woke up this morning with a very bad headache and a very bad back ache.  Took Excedrin right away and still waiting for it to take affect.  I think the head is better, the lower back not so much.  It is Friday.  I had a great week.  I do have to admit that it was hard to get back into teaching every night.  I want to feel good for the weekend.  Crap....

Well other than sew and the usual I have no big plans for the day and that is nice as they might not get done.



Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday, Schedule anyone?

     Now that I am back to teaching I have to create some kind of schedule for housework and the like.  Sissie has not been here for over a week and you can tell.  Someone has to make the beds, vacuum, clean the floors, do the laundry, the dishes.  It is hard for me to schedule time to do these things when I am in the shop until right before I go to the studio.  I say I will come home and do the stuff but I get home and crash.

     You know really I am just whining.  I could get all of those things done or started (laundry if I would just set a timer and move!)  I will think about it as thinking is so much easier.

     I sewed hard yesterday, still have a lot to do today.  Was able to get a mother of the bride and two bridesmaids done, plus other various items.  Today will be the same.  I have 6 bridesmaids hanging and several suits to tailor.

      I did my roots this morning and dyed mom's hair,  She looks great I have not even dried my hair yet and I had better hurry before I look like a wookie.

     I keep thinking about goals for the year and did I complete any last year?

    Let's see......

     I did pay off the car early mostly with secret shopping and unexpected money.  So that is a big Hurrah!

     I did get mom to leave Missoula and finally have her here.  We have been working on that for years.  And it was so much work and time and money.  Do you think she paid me for the customers I messed or the gas back and forth.  NO!

     Hub's and I took a trip and rented a car and went to parts unknown at least to me.  It was so fun and we plan to do more of this.  We stayed at Sluggies, she is a great hostess and I can't wait for her and her hubbie to come out here on a long car trip.

     I think my problem with my goals is that every dam% day is a fricken goal.  Just to get through every day.  Blah!

     What is wrong with me? (Don't answer unless you are kind.)

So, dry hair, set hair, makeup

Move car for mom.

Make beds.

Clean toilets.

Sweep upstairs.

Clean kitchen and kitchen floor.

Start laundry.

Sew, zipper in pants, hem 3 pairs of pants, alter to large sweat shirts,  fix a rain coat, Alter two suits.

Make two important phone calls.  Insurance and accountant.

Move car for mom  (she is reminding me)

Go to studio.

Move car for mom....

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday, Sewing day

     I will be sewing today.  So much is in the shop right now it is crazy.  Like everyone has saved up for the New Year.  I remember January used to be a slow month.

     Mom made cookies yesterday for Hub's to take up to his old office for a thank you.  I am starving trying to lose the 12 pounds I have put on while mom has lived here.  She bakes cookies....

   I am getting new students today and that is always exciting.  Can't wait to see my Celtic kids.  I cannot start recovering my furniture until I am caught up in the shop.  That may be never at this rate.

     Went to pick up prescriptions last night and hit a Christmas sale.  Picked up $112.00 worth of items(really nice wrapping and bows) for 16.24 and had a 10.00 off coupon so paid $6.24.  I love deals like that.  All the fruit cake makings are in the freezer for next year.  Woo Hoo!

     I need to hit the sewing machines.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday, where does all my time go?

Arghhh!  I don't like this.  I am busy again. I need, I need, I want, I want.  Actually it is people who need, need, want, want.

     The house is getting sticky and I don't have time to dust or sweep.  Since mom can't see really well it is useless for her to try to help.  I need to vacuum her room.  Will try to get that done today.

     Shop is super loaded so I will spend my day in there.  I am trying to make my schedule so I don't have to go into studio on Tuesdays or Fridays unless needed.  But I will go in today as it is a new semester.  I just need the time in the shop.  I have customers that want to come in after work and it is hard.

     I took money into the bank yesterday and just put it in a savings account.  I am not sure what I want to pay off next.  Or where I am going to concentrate my money this next few months.

     I forgot to write down money taken in yesterday.  But I did fill my car with gas on the shop.  Yeah!

Mom is making a list of things she wants or needs to do and then asking me which ones I want to do.  Oh great!


Have a great and productive day.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday,Rush day!

     I have what seems to be too much to do today.  Mostly my fault and my feelings.  I think I am used to the long evenings with plenty of time to kill and those are gone.

     I must get myself and mom to the pharmacy today and then get a bill paid. go to the banks, get a few groceries, return some material samples, gas up the car.  That is the list of errands.

     Now the house is a different matter all together.  Mostly because I am a procrastinator.  So now I must rush around.  Blah!

     I have a plenty to do in the shop and have my work ready for me and waiting.

Still with all the added pressure I am excited to see my students.

Working on goals, just no time now to solidify them.

Running with scissors.......

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday, Jan 3rd, new church time.

     We have switched church times to afternoon.  I don't like afternoon church as I love to take a long Sunday afternoon nap.  Now I can sleep in and I love that.  I slept well last night.  I was asleep by mid-night and slept hard with deep dreams until 8.  It was great.

     Mom was sick last night about 11:30.  She is sleeping fine now, I think?  Just checked, yes she is breathing.:)

     Went out to dinner at a steak house with good friends last night it was fun.  Split with hub's and mom had shrimp.  Lovely.  I am cooking some kind of chicken for dinner today.

     Tomorrow the studio opens and I am excited.  I miss my kids and I will be glad to get back into a schedule, even if it means more work.

     Mom and I looked for chairs yesterday and found a few even brought home fabric swatches, but I am not sold yet.  My biggest problem is that I usually buy furniture I can recover.  I bought this Queen Ann set 17 years ago, but no longer have the hand strength to do the recovering.  At the prices they want I am tempted to give it a try, if hubs could help me some with the stretching.  My father-in law and I took a college course one semester years ago in furniture recovering.  Like 32 years ago to be exact and we recovered many pieces together.  It is a thought. I would certainly save money and have exactly what I want.
The frames are in great condition.  This would be a nice project for January.  Mom would enjoy being part of this process.

     Last year our goal was to down size and we did quite well at it, until we realized mom was moving in to our house.  That flew out the window.  Just trying to keep her from adding crap ( and I mean crap) to her room and bath is a full time job.

     One goal I have for the year is to really keep track of shop money's and expenses.  I used to write everything down in a note book but that went out the door a few years ago.  I also had a budget written down for monthly expenses, studio and home.  I checked off bills as they were paid.  I really need to do that again.  Don't know why I stopped.  So that will be something I do to make my life easier.  It night even keep my desk a little neater.....

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.




Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jan. 2nd 2016, and she will be the death of me......

     I finally got the mother to sleep last night but I was up all night.  I talked to the pharmacist about her cold and yes Rite-Aid had pharmacist on New Years Day.  He suggested Mucinex and it works.  She slept much better.  No gagging or getting up to try and breath.  I just could not sleep.  I feel foggy.

     Today she is feeling much better and in rare form.  She is out here in long johns and her rooster hair, no tooth demanding breakfast.  Not a pretty picture.

     We are going out to dinner tonight with friends, I hope she is dressed by then.

Okay segue to make mother poached eggs and toast.  Make the bed, do up the dishes, start the laundry and put on my face.

     I love reading the goals people have for 2016.  I have a few, but right now today my goal is keeping up with my mother's shenanigans.  We are going to look at furniture today.  I need to replace the wing backs but I doubt we will find any in town.

Still thinking......  Goals...... Hmmm....... Not sure where to start.  Our lives have changed so much and they are about to change drastically in the financial front so until I have a month living on Hub's SS and his retirement and get all the medical straightened out I am not sure where to begin.  D#3 will also be off the dole by the end of the month.

     Have a great and productive day!



Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1st 2016, Sissie has gone home:(

     The beginning of a new year, how exciting.  Sissie is on a plane on her way home and I will miss her.  The one nice thing about having mom here is that the girls will have to visit here more often.  Yeah!  Sissie as usual was a whirl wind.  She really helped me with the house so I feel that I can start the new year with a fresh face.

     The front room is together.  Now I do need to replace the sofa and chairs but I will find them in time.  It is just that the arrangement is done and I like it very much.  She also helped and motivated me to redo my organization in the shop.  I love it and I am sure it will help a great deal.

     When I look at all that has happened in the  last year I am overwhelmed.  It was a very busy year, with major changes.  I picked mom up at the end of March and from there on it was dead run.  I made 12 round trips to Missoula which is 4 hours each way over the worst road in America.  Her situation had been grim for several years but it had gone beyond anything she could control.  Trying to get her convinced that she could no longer live where my brother resided was so difficult.  I hope I am never faced with the choice of having to give up on one of my children.  We had to get her out of Missoula and it took all three of us girls to do  the job.  I got to deal with the resentment.  It was not fun.  Sometimes it is still not fun.

     D#2 called June 1st to say she was engaged. Wedding  planned for October.
     I had the busiest Wedding summer ever.
     Found out D#2 was pregnant to her surprise in late July, she married immediately and went on a honeymoon.  I was very upset and an emotional wreck.  She was not raised like this and her older sister had been trying to get pregnant for the last few years after losing a set of twins.  As a mother I did not know how to handle this situation. Then at the end of July we find out Daughter #1 is pregnant.  We were not going to give D#2 a Wedding, but Hub's parents said that was wrong and holding a grudge, so the Wedding was back on.
     I organized and did a Wedding for a dance student in August, 7 dresses.
     I sewed 5 dresses and helped with another dance student in September.
     Mom moved in the end on September.
     D#2 married in ceremony in October.
     Nutcracker opened the first week in December.
     D#3 graduated big party!
     Hub's retired big party!

My life has changed significantly.  My mother is living with me and my husband is home full time.  I am gong to have two more grandsons this spring. 

     What has not changed is that I am still working as much as I can within the limits of my arthritis.  I feel that I spend a great deal of time managing the disease. I still have the studio, but with a great deal of help and I love my students.

     Did I have goals for the year?  yes.  Do I feel like I completed them?  To a point.  More on this tomorrow.

Have a great New Years day!